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Case 58: Shannon Matthews

2017-08-12 | 🔗
Nine-year-old Shannon Matthews lived with her family at the Moorside Council Estate in West Yorkshire, England. On February 19 2008, she said goodbye to her mother Karen before setting off on the half-mile walk to school. --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched and written by Anna Priestland For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-58-shannon-matthews
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today's episode deals with violence towards children and child neglect. It might be Suitable for all listeners. Nine year old, Shannon Matthews woke up on Tuesday February nineteenth two thousand and eight on the top. If the bed she shared with her two year old half sister, with school morning, and for once, she really had something to look forward to perform. The class had their first swimming lesson that day and she had been For what for ages. Despite the phrasing freezing room, she crawled out and sleepily calm down the ladder to get ready. They didn't take Shannon long to remember the argument she'd had with her mother Karen Matthews and her step that Craig Man, the night before They got into it, and shining sworn Craig. afterwards. Shannon ran down the road in tee to her uncle mountains. Martin was amongst brother and Shannon was good friends with his children, her cousins,
Shannon crowd and ass Martin you she could stay with them. Martin had heard this before and he was reluctant to say no, but he did Contained if he after those day he asked these ten year old, daughter to walk, shut him back home shining, cried the hallway, Wanting shining got dressed in her west, more junior school black jumper, what international and black trousers he pulled on her favorite rain boots that were brought pink. with grateful around the edges. She picked Swimming bag and a blue striped tail and then what Out of her room. Bedroom lights? Sky blue four covered in half peeled, pink wallpaper, Her room was a safe haven that held her favorite possessions for brats Porcelain, dolls all lined up in a row No one had really cared or paid attention to her scribbling on the part of the wall where the wallpaper had ripped in market.
she had recently scrolled. I want to live with my dad. But it's on Shannon was ready to leave at eight. I am the mother. Karen was up into the eye. started again, Karen shouted at Shannon as she left the school get out of the house and don't come back. School mornings were busy on the more so I estate in West Yorkshire, England, with many the two hundred and twenty estate homes having kids rushing at the door, and I am The temperature was barely ever freezing as Shannon started. Her half mile walk to school when she till her cousins, further down more solid road. She told them about what her Mamma said when she was leaving there was nothing new. that morning would be the last time Shannon Matthews, whatever walk out of her home on the Moorside estate, Would be the last time she would ever attend west more junior
And it would be the last time that any of friends sore the. The town of Dewsbury is almost halfway between Huddersfield and Leeds in North Yorkshire, on the If town is an area code juice, Moor Dewsbury, more is dotted with council states, including more sort of state wish and lived. This it was built in the nineteen thirties, when the homes for heroes Project was in place, the The project was to give working class veterans from World WAR, one an opportunity to live comfortably away from the stressful inner insidious estates
a better life for the working class who would serve their country, two story, semi detached red brick causes were built along the hillside, overlooking spend valley in one direction and do Screen the other. I Cano, I would have no trouble spotting. The foothills of the penguins in the distance. Dewsbury had once been known as the hub of Yorkshire's heavy wool industry, mainly heavy duty, will text all items for ropes, blankets and wool uniforms. And the whole area, including nor sort of state benefits it from the seemingly endless factory work new workers and those placed in the available government passing Mossad was like a dream, come true many people who had come from the cities or nearby towns where their homes were old and current filled, the immense space and safety of more saw. It. From its early days. The community was strong and supportive of each other. Struggled together through the closing of the Mills World war, two
the hard times that followed. The decades that followed were tough and bother. Nineteen seventeen is the only working mills left were bedding and biscuit manufacturers. Buses on the east. I took fewer and fewer workers in the town and what forced the fond, whatever work they could to feed their families. Some and the crime. but the nineteen eighties things were grim. Criminal and social difficulties were serious problem to the youth, saw their parents unemployed and, in turn, grew up without a trade or a reason to work Dewsbury got on with revamping disused buildings and factories into apartments and retail. More I continued to become known as the rough area, the Oda, We especially stop feeling safe and burglary constant. By the time Karen Matthews, moved to more saw it in the early two. Thousands Shannon was four years old The government was about to revamp the area the House
states up on juice be more including more saw it had a burglary right, double the national average Something needed to be done: a new strategy for robust policing was enforced and planes to up right. The area were approved. four million pants with spin on the regeneration of the estate. Emphasis placed on slowing down traffic and making the streets safer and more enjoyable for kids by adding features such as park, benches tables and play equipment. The government hope to encourage community interaction with the help of some local kids. They came up with fresh ideas for their anti joy, ballade. These ballade started around the estate would build in the shape of penguins while Replicated fossils of these features were designed to calm the area. Money was also spent on upgrading dilapidated homes with new fences, roofs and windows. But two thousand and eight more so
state was highly sought after on the council House Register, but the they hadn't changed over. Nor mostly, we're still getting on one income, which was usually minimum wage. Many then said pride in their homes and the newly upgraded surroundings, but others too continued to dump rubbish and furniture in the yard. One house on the estate was made available as a community house run by the tenants and residents association The idea was that it by a hub for the community the association was run by long term resident Julie, bushmeat. I'm Shannon Matthews mother, Karen Matthews had grown up in Dewsbury. Karen I've school sixteen and had her first baby at seventeen by the time she met, Shannon's Father Leon rose, she had a son from a previous relationship. Klingon. She was pregnant in the back, sun together.
with the demands of the children put on a couple. Their relationship became strained, but Karen for pregnant again and at the end If twenty three she gave birth to her third child and first daughter, Shannon Matthews. Shannon was taken to the home of currents, parents June and Gordon straight from the hospital It was known that Karen wasn't coping and she had already shown signs of child neglect with her sons. June and Gordon were strong. Parents haven't gotten through tough working class life to bring up seven children themselves, determined to be there for their grandchildren June and Gordon had recently recovered from falling out with current. They focused to make sure that grandchildren were okay. Karen and Shannon stayed with doing a Gordon for the first few months of Shannon's loss. There was talk to return home to lie on current, had no intention of keeping up the care China in the same way June of Golden Head.
Karen refused to buy daughters instead using paces of curtain tell a raven plastic bags. He spent her child benefit money on cigarettes, crisps and be Wench and it was to use out her father- lay on left and took challenge brother with him moving ten miles away to Huddersfield. Chanin, with Karen at Karen's request. Within a few months, Karen had taken up with someone else and was pregnant again. When that relationship ended, she screamed at her ex to take their son with him Taco continued and a new pot Nebora baby go who would follow the same path and be taken away? It turns request to live with the father by the time current had moved to more sawdust day, she had six children to five different fathers. She moved today with only three other kids, though, one of whom was Shannon. When she met Craig Man on the Moorside estate, she was twenty eight and Craig was eighteen within
except getting together Craig moved into her three Bedroom Council house, which happened to be next door to Craig's sister Amanda and her husband, Neil. Craig's. Mother Alice also lived just a stone's throw away, did another one of his sisters. Caroline Things seemed fairly settled and Karen soon fell pregnant with baby number seven baby sister. Karen and Craig will close with a major and Neil Closer than Karen was with her own sister Julie. Julie and her husband John had no time for current and worry constantly about her children. over the years. Julie had grown tired of the arguments with Karen about not buying go up his or real food for her kids. And many times when Julie gave current money. She would spend it on beer and cigarettes. Social services were informed by family, neighbors and the school, like two thousand and two early, two thousand and three Shannon
Her brothers and sister were placed on the council's at risk register. Social, Work is shared concern Karen and Craig what leaving their children alone or not. On occasions, and but there was serious alcohol abuse going on in the house. They can. You did that currency ability to protect their children was compromised by her inability to successfully place her children's night. Above her. It was determined that Karen would require constant monitoring and support throughout the lives of children, the Shannon and her siblings were taken off the at risk register. Only a year later, in two thousand and four despots, another allegation of serious neglect social work, is advised that the children were not at risk of any serious harm. at that stage. Social services had type of dna visits and all It's called ahead, Karen a chance to make sure the house was taught it, so she could, profanely being well looked after. according to June Karen's, mom quote,
social services. For me, asked what it was for. She would say, At the bar food to fill the cupboards, the social worker is coming. It was only time she filled the cupboards with proper food. Shannon's teaches worried about her level of concentration as she was unable to focus on reading and writing for long periods of time head teacher notified social services again when I started noticing the man of the Shannon had kept on her body and fate clothing, never seemed washed. Until six months prior Shannon had enjoyed regular visits to her dad Leones placing how this field she loves spending time with her brother and she got along well with Leon Swash. The Karen Orleans Philly out over money Karen cut him off, and wouldn't shut in same anymore, Shannon start at the dream of living with her father.
by February nineteenth two thousand and eight Nine she was living with her older half half brother, who was twelve her younger half brother, who was five and her he to your own half system Father was shown in step, then Craig. Craig worked at the fish counter, the local Morrison Supermarket and Karen stayed home. She read I cooked a meal. Most is what frozen or take a wise. We spend her days watching date on tv and king cigarettes. So that morning, when Shannon left school running their more sort road towards her cousins, she had expired Todd ship greater than many other kids, her age. She was a resuming kid always I would if it get things easily and snap out of it, which is it exactly what I cousin said she did on their way to school. Shannon was good natured and other kids water. She got taste a little, but according to her friends, she never really let it bother her too much
She was often sure, but also had the ability to be really outgoing, given the right situation that more Shannon sat with her best friend Megan, who noticed that she was a little more withdrawn than usual. Megan knew how much Shannon was looking forward to swimming that day and filled it with strange when she didn't pick up on the box on the way to use response centre. Usually, if Shannon had a quiet morning, she was He bought the afternoon Megan quite Shannon was quiet on the way to swimming, instead of talking over the taunt. What she would normally put in Ask her why but one got to the lesson and had to ambiance an age. We started giggling and splashing. It was funny is a better swimmer than me. Shannon had mentioned running away to some of her friends. In recent weeks, lots of its talk about what I would do if I ran away, but None Discussions have a saint serious into the. The quickly turn to something else.
Swimming finished around three p dot m and on the bus time, Shannon went back to being quiet. Who'd up yet sorted waste, more junior, whom church why one of the tape- it's, MRS Tingle, when standing outside the gate play she Shane Megan, remembered which Direction Shannon Walk when she got off the bus. The time three ten p m. When Shannon wasn't home for current, I knocked door asking if she had seen her. Kara was worried as it was unusual, Shannon wasn't home, but there were plenty of he's here ass if she might have stopped that on the way, maybe her cousin time. Karen went to the shops with Craig sister Amanda who live lived next door? Karen thought, Shannon would be back by the time she got back from the shops, but when I returned just before seven still no sign of Shannon CARE. Called no, no nine
Imagine our russian from nine. When did you last fair morning reveal any argument for failing to deliver friends or anybody I could think of no better information or where she can lay difficult stolen from normal them right. He forgot about mobile phone away like clearing out the window, the primary didn't you took over to the new era for evil look relating to school. They confirm whether she was able to be nothing to intimate watch.
police were at current, though about seven. Fifty Craig, the other three kids genes, the door is iron, was out searching for Shannon when the officers went inside, they saw the house was filthy with rubbish. Shoes and clouds were scattered around and title Containers were piled up in the kitchen, The house had little ventilation and the stench of cigarettes which strong. Shortly after Karen returned and was visibly upset That down and began to answering the offices, questions. I asked her if there was any reason to believe Shannon had to run a white explained that shines out abroad. I had just gotten a computer from school and she was jealous and angry about that. And kept saying over and over, I just know she's out there somewhere. The officers then asked if they could search the house at this Craig you wash their saying: what are you accusing us of.
I explained that was just routine procedure and that they might find something to help them locate. Shannon Craig, black stool little after hearing that. it's not unusual for parents to lose their temper at police during the different stages of their child, going missing some he'll questioning by police is directed at them Others feel the police are wasting precious time that should be spent looking for they trawl. family name is started, arriving wondering what was going on soon, People from the estate we're out looking for Shannon. Police went to how does feel decision and Father Leon I thought she might have gotten there, but she hadn't was destroyed. The he's daughter was missing and drive straight to, but more to add in the search. a search team was dispatched and teams of office is completed, lawn searches in the neighbouring fields. Others retraced Shannon steps from school. Neighbors from the estate families
School and others in the community came out to help in the search people search through the entire. I calling out Shannon's name as they walked the streets and crossed the fields but she was nowhere to be found. But the only hours of the morning, searches had checked and re checked every place that a child might hard police new, the grim reality of a young girl outside overnight. For the early hours of the morning. The temperature had dropped to modest four degrees celsius. What twenty five degrees Fahrenheit If China was outside and I didn't find her, She would surely suffer from hypothermia. The following morning, Shannon's uncle Neil said quote:. searched everywhere, driving around the hallway area. Until four am we looked in, is gardens and checked all the places she would normally be. It came up with nothing. We're extremely worried,
wherein limbo NEO. I don't know what to do. completely out of character and unexpected for her to just go off. It's a horrible feeling that she might not even being you'll share anymore, it could be a million miles away binding. Always someone has her. he's a choir girl and very sure He might even say she's timid, If she had a problem, she was not the kind of kid who would go running for help straight away. She scared of the dark. That's why it's all a mystery. New had said what everyone was thinking and what everyone was too scared to say out loud What is Shannon was a million miles away, and someone had her as Sharp frost, cracked across Dewsbury Moor that morning, It's considered. This was not a runaway case at all. To accept that there was a chance. The Shannon might have been adopted.
the Deuce Community House opened its doors and Julie. Bushmeat ran the tenants Association stood up immediately to help coordinate these states residents to continue searching fishermen. Karen was a mess. She was cooped up, and with Craig and the kids waiting for news that next winning the major inquiry in homicide teams were called in. Please continue to visit Karen and Craig hoping that any new piece of information might help. I have little. I took items from the house, they thought might be helpful, including with Karen and Craig's computers. Every available police department, aided in the search as the morning unfolded officers continued door, knocking asking every household whether they had seen Shannon or anything this is in the lead up to her disappearance. The new bought town of Whitefield held the Districts Police Academy. They closed the door.
that day in sent every available cadet to the street surrounding Jewish, promote do the Bush. We continue to lead the civilian search. No one was Asked to come, there were none the Italians people, just turned up in droves to help the community put together, Shannon could have been made Oda many residents walk the streets in tease, determined to do everything they could to help find her that afternoon and emergency press conference was called by chief superintendent, Barry South Commander. The area. It had been nearly twenty four hours since anyone had seen Shannon the press France was packed it and they re not months since three year, old english girl, Madeleine Mccain, had gone missing well on holiday in Portugal, cheese the bank found Safe superintendent south was mournful, but the country was still reeling from that and he wanted to be very
careful with these butts All the press and talk over them the king case there would be few people who hadn't heard the following statistic: Two six percent of abducted children are killed within the first twenty four hours. chief superintendent shelf, confirmed that their priority was locating Shannon safe and well and that every available resource was being utilized in the search. But then Two hundred police officers were searching within this day, or so I didn't hundred homes had been torn out. That number would eventually grow to over three thousand helicopter with hate taking technology was despatched and constantly drawing overhead. The police search, the more and drawing hills and guns nearby, some the scrub was thick and overgrown, but they left no stone unturned Mission of Kronus Park was cordoned off where the like was offices.
Like the US, which sat mark a shade across the top and sent thought his down. I came up with nothing. Julie, Bush being the residents of the estate gathered around Karen? I printed hundreds of posters with Shannon's Fido saying: have you seen Go they also printed hundreds of patients and the sale of residents wore them is thy taped posters to every fence and Paul in the area. newspaper put up a twenty thousand pound reward for any information leading to her safe return. Another five thousand was donated by business in how this field and in the news type of wood lighting, like the total reward, fifty thousand pounds. Turn spoke to the media outside her home. It was easy to mistake: the black circles around her eyes, black eyes. She looked like a deer in the headlights.
so, I'm to see how that plays moment, love it to bits from the show so much, but a few. So Mote, please Not only are there have heard anything at all from a hooker banal. How does one most belongs with the family if anybody's gum Sherman, please return a safe, please. begging, baby. The feeling of helplessness was now besieging the country and the public. I felt desperate for Karen and her family Karen Words are wasting them. A hopeful sign that she often Said she thought Shannon was out there somewhere and hope It would be home soon. The press didn't move. The events remained camped on more side road in the estate. After one, the search was continuing, but there was still no clues. The police were under immense pressure. The
When Mccain case being in the forefront of people's minds, meant that West Yorkshire police wanted to avoid the criticisms of the portuguese investigation. In the background active were looking into everything and everyone they could do. The Bush be continued to rally the local community. She became the pillar for the estate and the pillar. The current, who crept deeper and deeper into herself at home. turn planted flowers for shining in the front garden with local children from the estate. Our group gathered to release balloons, enchantments Zona and candles let us not along the road Two weeks after Shannon went missing, police set up another press conference to appeal for help wearing a help, find Shannon T shirt and clutching one of Shannon's small Teddy bears Karen posed for pitches appeared a lot commenting in her frantic tv plays in the early days of the search. Rings around her eyes were fighting Karen was flat,
all emotion, gone Jenyns dad lay on rose also spoke at this press conference, Lewis CASS Office to miss out. There we've got Shannon he's. Broken the founder that we all depart. the farmer don't feel safe anymore. So the present ask him throughout time is crying the time, I cry myself to sleep step, Put Sis Craig Ky's yourself sleeping I've been up to go back Well got Shannon, please Lugger. the families Messina. All the friends in the center at school have been looking all over. The visit. I'll drive and about Lee undeniably floats just by foul anyone soon all. You know, I mean any little littlest detail could mean a great thing:
the great big deal. As will just outdoors. What's moment, Shannon step that Craig Man told the Sun Newspaper quote I know people stop pointing fingers at family and friends when things like this happen, but I had nothing to do with Shannon's disappearance. Karen continued to share her belief that somebody out there had Shannon quite I think that somebody out there who knows Shannon probably know may as well, I just her home freely It makes me think now that I can't trust people who are really close to me anymore. I just can't trust them. She got abducted, that's all I can say when asked if she thought it was someone she knew who took her. She said quote It seems that way, because there's no trace of her at all there's no trace of her swimming costume, hotel or anything like that. But she's, taken with her
Order pressing Karen further asked Watson: on closer. Her would do it Karen said. Just to hurt me really. Karen and told the press that the lasting thing Shannon said to her when she left the house that morning was quiet so you at eight on mom love. You but this stage wish your AAA, said, questioned fifteen hundred motorists and searched over three thousand houses More than two hundred and fifty offices and sixty detectives were involved in the investigation. Around ten percent of the entire operational strength of West Yorkshire police. At the time of their recovery dogs in the UK we utilise and they d. for used to search more than five hundred times long and Shannon's react to school. I found nothing. The sex offenders register with scrutinised and eight hundred cctv types and computer hard drugs, which act
search for Shannon became the largest police search for a missing person since the Yorkshire Ripper investigation, thirty years old, Since January, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one when Peter Sutcliffe was charged with the Yorkshire Ripper Mudders at Jews, It had such a high profile police event west police created a website called help us find Shannon at held information for the missing, Shannon Matthews appeal Police also use the launch to relate in your photographs of Shannon No, no, no call made by Karen. as meteor interviews, route on questions put to Karen and Craig got tougher at one point. Craig was all stiff. The room is headbang fallen to watch Kannan. What true is defended by Leon, Shannon's father. Current said, there was no way Craig was involved in Shannon's disappearance. Its wide currents, belief that Shannon was still alive quite
wherever she is she's going to be frightened and it's just breaking everybody's hard on the street. Just let her go. Current and Craig remained home. Dealing with the influx of friends, police and report is constantly at the door they still have three children at home. The two boys from Karen's previous relationships and all the current Craig's baby go Police were interested in everyone in Shannon's family countless hours, drawing up Shannon's family tree, which body stage had over three hundred and fifty names on it. to everyone that compiled a list of significant individuals who were persons of interest, they were prioritizing. Everyone who was spiking to guide as much information as I could, twenty Shannon to be found. As part of the investigation. Karen
Craig and shining siblings, gave their dna. Karen also handed over several autumn's belonging to Shannon. With this offices where I would have pace together a full set of Shannon's fingerprints and her day and night profile discarded item of clothing or if a body was found It would be better for police to already have had dna on fall, asleep If they needed to match something in a hurry, When I got the results in police, had sit down with Karen and Craig and inform them. but their youngest daughter, the baby Oh Karen had fallen pregnant with shortly after mating, Craig wasn't actually crags. On Friday, the 14th of March, two thousand and eight twenty four days since Shannon's last seen Many of the residents of the estate woke up with hangovers the previous night. We pushed me and other locals, had organised the disco up at the cricket club. That was it
Things to raise money for the missing, Shannon Matthews appeal. Didn't seem to be going anyway and all so a chance to relax for many of those who are dedicated not indict a finding Shannon. Karen and cried were in attendance and seemed to be having a fairly good taunt. All that nice, kept to themselves prior to the disco, police received some information. One of Craig's. Relatives had spoken to Craig's uncle Marco Donovan and dimensions that police were building a family tree and wanted at Nato's strange thing was that neither Craig Karen had given Michael Donovan's name to the police as part of the family tree You don't have an only lived close by less than a mile. While down the road on the morning of March, fourteenth police plane, You spoke to Marco Donovan, with hundreds of names on Shannon's family tree, impossible that he had just been forgotten. Stranger, It happened.
During one major interview, kind, Matthews but she had seven children. Finally, remembering at the time that she had six. said the chance that Craigs Uncle Mako Donovan had simply been forgotten from the family tree was very possible. Although summoning of note was more Donovan hadn't, turned up to take part in any of the searches vision in but only living close by the tail. If constables Nick tens end and pull KEDO well, what especially visit Donovan and getting state house, I spent the last three weeks speaking to all relatives and people who had toys to Shannon completed over seven hundred door knocks and nothing of any significance had come up. then lived in legal gardens, a large state full of two story for new lebrecht flats in bodily cop, less than one from Shannon Time the tens ending Quetta well arrived at Donovan's, stating the light morning. They were
got the communal stairs to unanimity. For on the first floor they knocked, but no one answered said Nor can the neighbors door. the neighbour told them Donovan should be home, has its cause fuck, the outside And he never went anywhere without it. The officers then checked with the Downstairs neighbors, the woman. We lived in a flat directly underneath Donovan, said she was sure that she had heard him upstairs that morning, after more questions the woman said that in the last few weeks she had heard the sound of a child's fate shuffling around Upstairs Donovan's its went there any more, but he did. new girlfriend and then authorities. Girlfriend must have had a child. But Townsend and Kettlewell thought on the wars they found for backup. the operational search time arrived and the group met at this day as to discuss the plan, They decided that if Donovan within and happiness suddenly not heard them knocking and nothing else,
Lord was found, then that was a risk worth taking Burke Donovan's door down after going small flight of stairs to the living area. I realized the flat was in code of sorts But then one of the officers tried a bedroom door and it was locked, he opened it with one kick The smell of cigarette smoke was fresh. One The office is put his hand down on the bed and the shade felt warm at that moment, but the small cry of a chart. Stop it. You frightening me. It was my fault. and it was coming from under the bed. They took a look in the bed to have solid thought. two of the officers attempted to lift it from its base it was so heavy that could barely get it off the ground. There was, movement from the other side and before the office, is even had a chance to look at each other, a small go. they are from a drawer underneath the bed. She try,
stand, but she was confused and dazed Quetta well picked. Her up and left the room with her safely in his arms he asked we're gonna win was where I was under the bed. The other offices bent down and peered through the hall for the Drool Uncle Donovan Craig's uncle, was kill under the bed in the fetal position no man of yelling at him to come here. Dude, any good, placed him under arrest on suspicion of his. Donovan was lying under the bed with six hundred pounds in cash, a prescription for a as in a box of travel, sickness medication, and the Sun newspaper the headline about Shannon's new fifty thousand pound reward. from the moment the office is trying to caffeine and while trying to getting me out of the flat into the police car Donovan kicked, yelled in trying to break free from their grasp.
This had downstairs. They were shocked when they, if constable Polecat Kettlewell walked out of the stairwell holding a girl in his arms one day but whispered to the officer. Is it Shannon? Yes, she's? Ok, Kettlewell replied. As Michael Donovan was dragged on his knees, refusing to walk to the police, car Navy's shouted abuse at him. He yelled back, don't hate me. I'm a poorly man. Shannon set safely in the back of the other police car towns? Incredible Kettlewell took a moment to shake each other's hands, but- I d say anything that both knew it. do how the other felt I Shannon that everything was going to be ok. She was safe, Neil. Detective superintendent, the body had been found. He had to double check. Shannon was alive.
The first thing Shannon was given when she arrived back at Dewsbury Police station was a coloring book and some pencils. The there's only one place to find the most recognized brand and carpet stainmaster, and that's it. Loews right now get free basic installation with the purchase of stainmaster carpet and pad for ninety nine or more loaves home to any budget home. To any possibility. Install available in store only requires non refundable side assessment fee is credited in the final project price about three loaves. More charges may apply not available in all areas. The lowes dot com for details, exclusions and licensure, valid to nineteenth for thirteen us on A tent was set up at the entrance to the communal stairs and flat with search by crime, saying officers who took fingerprints and swaps the day, and I. They found a long fabric strip coming from the main hall in the hallway When I followed up, they saw was attached to a beam in the roof.
it had been used to toy around Shannon's waste. When Donovan had to go, she could the the bathroom in the bed internet to be. They also found a handwritten list of rules that Red Let's not make any noise obeying your fate Not go near the windows he must I'll get anything or do anything without me being here. The tv volume low only up to eight or lower. He can play the Super Mario Games and can play complacent David days and you can. They say they music. and then with the letters. While I pay you which stood for, I promise you. Among some of the things Shannon had been playing within the flat they found. A We have a children's magazine called arrive alive. it was a colorful book for kids on traveling safely. The book the children to make sure people know where they are going and record
that I always choose the safest wrap in the bedroom police found to pack have clothes by the door with packed close the cash and the trouble sickness medication. It was. Hey that Donovan was about to flee, to check it out police record show that he had been arrested for ducking his own door, not just over a year before the case was withdrawn, one from the court's after social services got involve believed that Donovan was preparing to leave as the hate around Shannon's disappearance, hadn't gone away, They believed he was intending to take shape with him and if he did the law We heard of her ever being found. A love would have been very slim. Shannon's Father Leon rose was informed, Shannon had been found pages. Grab the moment his feeling like he had won the lottery, Thank everyone that helped in the search saying he was just so thankful. She was home,
The bushmeat was that the community center, when she got the call We started yelling that Shannon had been found. The cheering could be heard down. The road and people came, rushing the events hugged each other as they cried and shook their heads in disbelief. No one could believe it. were yet to be any questions. Everyone was just. Why did he Shannon? Was ok, weekly, spread and soon text messages and calls with flying all live that Shannon had been found current neighbours, ran to the house and screamed up in use. aren't stared frozen and then burst in the teeth, as did Craig. Back at Dewsbury Police station. They were also celebrated. Detective To pretend an Anti Brennan described, it does look nothing he had ever seen quite everyone was in teas. I've never seen an incident room lock it It was a very emotional time
vast majority of staff and officers were parents or grandparents themselves. need anyone to remind them that the consequences of not finding Shannon. News footage of current and cry, I guess I d have showed them show shocked. Current clutch Craig and turned her face away from our cameras in the way she hadn't done in the twenty four days before One point: during the long news broadcasts Julie, bushy, who was inside the house, was yelling small woman. Why isn't she smiling. some of her other friends also joined in the God site. Current small. Karen turned back to the camera in small at that moment, you could hear the crowd inside the house. Cheering Then just more solid, celebrating who came from all over the area, where the missing posters and danced around the streets there are felt by the community was undeniable.
People found it hard to control their emotions. They felt prayer The way they community had pulled together and show their strength in total The search for Shannon Matthews cost three point: two million pounds and involved over three hundred police officers currents. Ass was full of people when police arrived, and I. cast everyone to give them some privacy. When this is confirmed. The details of Shannon's rescue Craig's was filled and he cried Karen turned her face away, hiding her emotion, the office. Is offered the draw of Karen and cried down to the station, to say, Shannon. as Karen gathered her things, the officers waited for a barrage of questions from a worried mother about her daughter, but they never came. Detective Constable Christine Freeman, who was also the family liaison officer during the search was asked to meet it. First person to speak to Shannon They had never met
Framing you a lot about her ass. She had spent hundreds of hours with her parents and family in the previous wakes. Freeman This reaction, when she saw Shannon, was to help her but she rang the din and think I smiled at the bewildered nine year old saying: am I glad To say you, was calm and a little confused by all the fuss. She didn't really understand what was going on. When current arrived at juice, be police station choose informed that both her and Craig wouldn't be application and face to face that were told. Was to preserve forensic evidence, as I watched her daughter, whom she hadn't seen for twenty four days through a two way shade of glass in cry or call out Stood facing the glass and Blankly said: she's got new clothes before. Being a from the room. Shannon was taken into emergency care by social services and placed under police protection.
police exercise palace under section forty six of the children act, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, which The child to remain subject to police protection, for seventy two hours in Im into the press that day, police can and Shannon wouldn't be going home until they fully completed their investigation. Karen and Craig were put up in a hotel for the not to give them a break from the press. A party had erupted on the more so in People were embracing each other as they waited for their kids to come home from school. In school and assembly was held with, the children were told, Shannon had been found. Cipher many of the kids burst. the ts uncontrollably. The effect His appearance had on her friends was evident in those few minutes, as walked arm in arm back to more road. Many then cried the hallway, Kelly clutched. Twenty two letters that had been written, Shannon from my friends, state party into the night, people wit,
works and people drank all the boost that could find shops. Neither champaign and one resident set up, stray and had music pumping from his house. Bed sheet hung from a window with the words welcome home, painted in huge letters. News whose filmed drunken locals chain and fishermen and cried with happiness that she had been found alive. Hell. Halifax police station Marco Donovan had initially refused to speak After a law, he prepared statement with his lawyer his statement implicated Matthews, Donovan said Karen had approached him with a plan I the Shannon pretend she's missing. They wait for the reward to go up. and then they share the money.
When the reward race. Twenty five thousand pounds can rang gonna win and said she would bring him again when it reached fifty telling what to do. It had reached fifty, but she hadn't, given him any further instructions before he was arrested. Donovan said that he couldn't get out of it, because Karen had threatened to send three men to hurt him if he didn't do what she said, He didn't know where the men were, but he guessed one of them was a man he knew of who would kill someone he said he didn't hurt, Shannon at all and had even gone and bought her toys and clothes Local Donovan was born, pull Drake and was the youngest of noise. He grew up on an estate not far from the flat Wish Adam was found. He started getting in trouble with the Lord I Jus Levin. His first offences were arson and shoplifting. When you are Sixteen he was convicted of causing criminal damage. Which he ran away from home and never return
at nineteen, he changed his name by day power to market Donovan. After he's, here of the same name from his favorite tv show, they have work is a labourer and delivery drove up with an engineering fan were hidden. when traded little common sense, no was described as a man who kept mostly to himself Donovan had met Karen Matthews, the previous November at the White for Craigs Father. Karen and Donovan heated off drinking bees in the kitchen after the service member of the family, walking when Karen was sitting on Donovan's apparent like falling all over him rumors were flying around that Karen had been having an affair with Donovan the following day. Police confirmed that Shannon was doing well to a trained offices, had been gently questioning, Shannon to establish what had happened.
I several waste that followed. She would have daily ten minute sessions at a special children's swayed resembling a classroom When Shannon says to be held in police protection, she remained in the care of Kirklees family services. She was then moved from the Dewsbury area On March. Seventeenth, two thousand and eight three days after Shannon was found I'll Donovan was formally charged with kidnapping and false imprisonment. He was remanded in custody. it at Leeds Crown Court far, video link from his prison cell enter the trolls it was fixed for November. Eleventh, eight months light in the estate, friends and neighbors were discussing some of the strange behaviors of Karen. She When asking when Shannon would be home- and she was kicking and screaming angry that it was her boyfriend's uncle who had have her daughter. People started to look back over the previous wakes and some of the erratic things cairn had done.
She would laugh and knock a in the living room with Craig, but then when the cameras started recording for an interview. She would quickly change to a grieving mother. Oblivious, scrutinizing how many times Karen broke down crying. Police informed Karen and Craig that Shannon was unable to return home while they were still interviewing urban and running medical tests for signs of abuse can simply said: okay, she didn't asked after Shannon. Ass to give her a message Please relate the statement to the press to Rachel R. Everyone that came away from home was for the best quote This may be a long process, but through This inquiry, how main focus has been and continues to be, Shannon's welfare we have for taking the decision that, for now it is in Shannon's best interests that should be made subject of an emergency police protection order. This will
nine in place until we have had time to establish the full facts of what happened in the time since her disappearance. The real reason, Shannon was unaware at home was because of Marco Donovan's accusation that Karen was involved. But there was also another reason when proof. Second shun. Instead, Father Craig man was arrested on suspicion of possessing child pornography. These I just came off. The police examined these computer during the search for Shannon. Craig was remanded in custody and the following day, formerly charged with eleven offences of possessing indecent images of children. The next day Craig's sister Amanda, who lived next door, was arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender. Craig smother Alice, who was Michael Donovan sister, was arrested on suspicion of attempting to prefer the course of justice they were. I released on stumble. Some of Karen's friends had had enough there.
asking questions of Karen, but that would continuing to get vague answers. No one knew what to believe, and the Craig was arrested. People were scared. Julie Bush and another friend Natalie decided to confront Karen Donovan has made against Karen suspicions. Julian Natalie got in touch with the police liaison officer, Christine Freeman, and told her that I plan to get Karen to talk for Great to help them free picked Karen up in her car, current setting the front passenger site until then I up Joey and Natalie. Julie immediately told caring about the room. Is that had been going around the estate that pay starting to believe Karen? You wish Shannon was being tight on Ass, the flagging out, if she was involved Karen started sobbing uncontrollably. It's true.
Aren't cried hysterically with more emotion than she had shown. You know the weeks before it's true. Karen was immediately arrested. On the sixth of April, two thousand and eight forty seven days off to shun and disappeared. the Karen Matthews, was arrested on suspicion of attempting to pervert the course of justice and child neglect. Step dad Craig Man was not charged in relation to her disappearance, The came out that detective suspected Karen Norman from the start, That's the geisha into the role social services. Plied was also commenced. Looking at whether or not they could have done more to protect Karen's children. The day car was charged police in the US that they were also investigating approaches that had been made by current family to the meadow and Mccain Fund. Asking for money to assist in the search for Shannon.
Kate and Jerry Mccain had received phone calls and models from Shannon's family asking if I would die night to the function and appeal to make, in spokesmen, Clarence Mitchell said quote: there were club want saying things: locked Meadowlands family has got loads of money in the way. The Shannon. The Mccain set up the fond metal and fund after the three year old daughter, vanished on their holiday in Portugal. In May, two thousand and seven Norma it's before. Shannon vanished, detectives I Karen was inspired to stage her own daughter's abduction by the Mccains plot and how captured public Commotion And felt the stress that Shannon's disappearance and, according to their spokesman, Clarence Mitchell we're on the verge of giving Shannon's family twenty four thousand pounds But before any money was handed over to Mccain and advice from the police. The police, informed them that certain things have come to light during the investigation, and it would be best if they
It didn't donate. Marco Donovan, told police. The plan was for him to relation shine in Dewsbury market and then pretend to find her by chance, Plan to do this. In view of cctv cameras said I had proved to climb the reward. Donovan and Karen by both told their own separate and conflicting accounts of the day. The plan was hatched butt pacing. Together parts of both of their stories. Police conclude, the following. In a small local cafe current arranged to make with Marco Donovan. She arrived with her youngest daughter, strapped into her buggy and over a mug of tea. Karen presented her plan. Initially, she asked Donovan to look after her eldest son and what would be a staged kidnapping. When Donovan said no and explained that he didn't even know her oldest son Cara, Hang on She decided that the Shannon was a much better option
that the reward to help locate her would probably be much higher than her sons. Anyway, Aaron explained that she would report Shannon missing. The reward got to fifty thousand pounds. She would contact him with what to do next. it was likely that Karen didn't realize it would take three weeks to reach that amount. It seems that in her plan she thought it would be just a matter of days and push the knife or shade of paper across the table to Donovan detailing the plan. The piper listed the date and time he was supposed to whitefish Annan and contain instructions about what he was to do with her. After learning his instructions by heart he was told to dispose of the paper down the toilet. Donovan claimed to police that he didn't want to be known, currents, game and that it was only when she threatened him and told him she get her heavy friends on doing. If you didn't do it that he agreed going to Donovan Current said: you'd be dead. If you didn't help her.
Karen never admitted her involvement in the crime. after the arrests police had to go door to door on the estate with the anti vigilante leaflets the locals. I felt huge betrayal and summit begun attacking Karen's house. inside, the children have been taken into care. I said empty it to be boarded up and have metal screens placed against the windows to stop any further damage. the elation of Shannon being fanned was marred by the deep sadness. Everyone felt that a mother could do this to her and talk. Shannon's friends felt like I had lost the roll over again and I had It was hard for anyone to comprehend. When it was clear that Shannon would never be going back to Judy's, be more and would never say her loved ones, again, people grave total loss. Cried men pleaded not guilty, but was conveyed It of eleven counts of possessing child pornography,
It is with fans stored on his computer, which police had taken from the house during the investigation. He was sentenced to twenty weeks imprisonment. Because he had already spent longer on remained than that, he was released that day. Michael Donovan and Karen Matthews together at crown on November, eleventh two thousand and eight the trawl After just over three weeks, Neither of them showed any emotion, is thou and letting the court. prosecutor Julian Goose Q present. It Karen. As a quote, proven consummate Four and convincing loyal the plan was as dishonest as it was wicked by, then stood by and watched the very large police investigation and assistance by many people in the search that was Based on a lie, a trick And a deliberately false compliant.
the court heard that Shannon knew nothing about what was happening and had been tricked into accepting a lift from Donovan on her way home from school. That day, with a promised it I go to affair instead He imprisoned her less than one mile from her own house. Donovan strongly. The Nord Shannon telling them port. He had taken her shopping and for evening walks in a local park, with her pink jackets who'd hiding her face, But it was reported in the media that he had taught her with a strap told being in the ceiling which lead to him being attacked in prison while on remand. As he sat in court, he nursed a broken jaw. Of her insect toxicologist, told the court that tests on Shannon's hair indicated she had been given to measure pan as well as travel sickness medication to subdue her while being held captive. But further Tests also revealed that these drugs had been fed the Shannon for up to twenty months prior to the disappearance experts.
Believed that she would have constantly felt the effects of the drugs, and this would being a contributing factor to her lack of concentration at school. She was, likely to obtain confused, slow and a little fuzzy being so young. She may not have identified these feelings as being unusual I have been all she knew. On November, twenty seventh, when Karen gave evidence she constantly salt, while the gnawing having anything to do with adored. His disappearance shaken To that Craig told her to take the blame for what had happened and that she was scared of him. the prosecutor told the jury that Karen had given the police, five different versions of the story. Stating she was quote. telling lie after lie after lie.
Karen Matthews, Found guilty of kidnapping false imprisonment and provo in the course of justice. The I e sentences. After it was all over Julie. Bush, be said, quote: I personally don't think it was for the reward. I don't know it was for I don't know it could have been attention. during Karen's prison sentence, Julie, Bush, be, was her only visit up every mom. She would travel to the prison in late, in the hope that Karen my reveal why she did it He asked her often and she away Got the same response in one way or another that she didn't do it. Julie said Karen was often paid up and you We greeted her with a black eye.
Surely right down the details of their conversations religiously and every visit Karen, story was different. In June, two thousand and ten social services released the statement after completing their report they stated that there was no way they could have predicted or prevented what happened to Shannon quite We are sorry that any child should go through this traumatic experience. It's even harder to comprehend that it was shown in mother who was the want to let down the most. The current Matthews and Baku Donovan were framed in March two thousand and twelve after serving half their sentence for ease. off the carriage was frayed. She was taken to a woman's hostile in the home counties in the private car. She was gone, make over and a new identity. first, the adding with staff should recognise the mediately with a normal stating quote the Full of preparation and Tom, given over to Karen Matthews and her rehabilitation, is frankly
extraordinary in fact, You would think she was a victim of an abduction, not the perpetrator,. She had to serve only half his sentence in the US it has been rewarded with a America and a shopping trip. It's insane. Shannon Matthews was given a new identity, as were his siblings him. She lived with. There were all place. With other families,. Shannon never saw any of her friends, family or neighbors ever again. It's not known publicly why custody wasn't granted the Shannon's father lay on rose. Cannons grandparents, who had always provided a safe haven for her she grew up world I, the custody channel would never say them again. Challenge Grandfather Gordon spoke of his heart ache at losing his granddaughter twice and how he longed for her to get in touch hey in June, occasionally get updates from social services, but otherwise,
Have no contact with her Recently I saw a picture of her. Decade. On from when I last saw her and said she looked beautiful, Gordon quote,. My one wish is that when she is old enough to understand what happened, probably she will come. Knock on that door, here. It will be to light and a white be here to see her. I will be up there in Heaven looking down on her. Easter is here, and the Easter baskets are out, they are and they're filled to the brim with goodies from marshals GEN got at a fantastic price. The Easter bunnies outdone herself this year, there's gourmet chocolate, lush choice, Bunny ears, books hauled up bubbles
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