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Case 63: Catherine Holmes & Georgina Watmore

2017-10-14 | 🔗
On the evening of April 14 1987, 28-year-old Catherine Holmes hosted a small party at her home in the small New South Wales town of Cowra. When she failed to show up at work the following day, a friend went to Catherine’s home to check on her. There, they discovered Catherine’s badly beaten body, along with that of her friend and colleague, 24-year-old Georgina Watmore... --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-63-catherine-holmes-georgina-watmore
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Kara is a town in the central West region of me, south wiles, like headed about three hundred kilometers west of Sydney and two hundred and ninety kilometers north of strategies, capital camera pride. The european settlement. The area was people about strategies, indigenous were actually people and in the early eighteen hundreds as Europeans. I began sprawling out from the coastlines. The area, it was labeled unfit to settle, so military depot was billed instead. it became known as a place to pass through when gold was found West. But when the I'll start being dug up in the surrounding hills. The ten of Kara was built right on the banks of the Laughlin River despite the verdict from early european settlers that Kara was unfit to settle. Became an area known for its rich agriculture, the you'll cannery was built in nineteen, forty three, where local vegetable, we can't and central level, including two
I serving in the Second World war. He needs were lighter planted and by then. Night is Kara was famous for its shot. An I groped. In nineteen. Eighty seven kara was A very small country town, it was reaching history that had find a small community with less than ten thousand residents the town where everyone knew everyone and things that happened took no time to be whispered across the bar the pub or in the yard after the church, as far as violent crime goes Cara wooden rank at the top of any list. It was best known for being the scene of the largest prisoner of war breaking out in modern history, known as the care, a break you during world war. Two Kara was the sight of a prisoner of walking on August fifth, nineteen, forty for Japanese, His prisoners attempted a mass breakout by charging through machine gun posts.
Improvised weapons, lock wooden bats and sharpened mess mess whole, hundred and thirty one japanese soldiers and four australian soldiers were killed. Over one hundred japanese soldiers were wounded, despite that's, what I'm Incident Kara was in a place where the locals thought much about violence or violent crime, wasn't something that was of great concern within the community. Of course, there was trouble every community had its fair share. That, but it was very much a normal country. Town It wasn't unusual for many years in the eightys to lay their doors unlocked. It was just the way it was safe. People looked out for one another
But in the early hours of Wednesday April 15th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven, the simple peaceful country, ten of Tara, was faced with a crime so fallen and so shocking. It would be forever changed Catherine homes, also known as Catherine was born and raised in Kara, afterward in school at fifteen. She, the wine in search of work opportunities in other parts of New South Wales. During the last year of the seventies, We ve been working various places before returning to care when she was twenty one backing care
she settled into her old life, she was comfortable that it was familiar. There was a long before she met and fell in love with a local abattoir worker named Bruce HOMES and the two married in nineteen. Anyone. They moved to the New South while Central Coast North of Sydney and had two daughters together after just a couple of years. In nineteen eighty three day, marriage breakdown and Catherine returned to Kara. With their two daughters. There was a sad breakup. Does a couple remind amicable for the children Bruce remained on the central coast. He visited his girls, often the girls meeting your home on gingerly circuit. There was a doesn't commission home located in the north western part of town Catherine worked to jobs to support her girls, part time of the night. She worked as a barmaid at the Laughlin Hotel in the southern part of town,
but her main data was in a factory and Ngos. Cannery wish you worked on the production on caning locally grown vegetables. It was that edges factory which she met. Dodging a woman. Georgiana was also born and raised in Kara. Her father died when she was young, but she grew up in an exceptionally close family. With her mom and brother luck Foreign Georgina also left school at age fifteen. She became a shop assistant for a few years before she, too, moved out of the small town in search of other opportunities. She settled shouting camera wish. You worked various jobs for a few years, but just like Catherine, she moved back home to the comfort of the small town Kara, the TAN she knew well and where people knew her. Georgina wasn't married and didn't have children She lived alone in a unit on Broome Street, just a few blocks south of the Laughlin Hotel upon
Return to Kara she got a job at edges, cannery and almost immediately. Shane Kathryn struck up a close friendship. Catherine was four years older, but they were from friends and the Therefore, each other they often social laws together in Georgia, became very close to Catherine daughters, so close? In fact That Georgina would often work different shifts to Catherine at the factory, so she could babysit Catherine's girls. Catherine enjoy Gina were well known and well. Locked around here both were described is brought in friendly. There were good people and good friends. On Tuesday April 14th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven Catherine's goes well with a father Bruce on the central coast about a father with drive away. I was school holidays and the upcoming weekend was,
The Weeknd said I was spending time that why was their father just gave Catherine the chance to work more shifts and also have some time for yourself and relax a little They Catherine than age twenty eight enjoy during our age. Twenty four both worked: a shifted, Edgeler cannery finishing up at three thirty pan. after work, I thought they dont want and have a few drinks, so they visited. You have the local hotels in Kara. Catherine first returned time and got changed then went back here to make your genome. They socialized with a few different people throughout the evening saying many people than new town about seven p m. They headed the lock on hotel on Kindle shriek. This was the power, wait, Catherine work. The few nights awake, the Laughlin was busy lively, mainstream, pub and Catherine was very popular amongst the patrons. She knew pretty much everyone there and shame.
Georgiana Socialized, with a number of different people throughout the evening. There will be a happy ending, really good mood. when the Laughlin Hotel closed at midnight, Katherine Georgina and four other people that were with the sword to go back to Catherine's place in June, Delay Circuit and hang out and drink. Some more Georgina made a quick detour to her place on Broome street. She grabbed some clothes, so she could stay over at Kathryn's and also grabbed a small amount of marijuana before heading to de delay circuit to join the others The jingle a circuit is on the outskirts of town. Catherine lived in a corner here, sauntering away into the street, with greenfields and grazing cattle close bar, Catherine in Georgia were joined at the House Party by one other woman and three men, It wasn't a wild party by any stretch, it was simply a small casual gathering of friends.
I shed a few more drinks together before Catherine said. She was done about one hundred and forty five. I am she had to work that day, so she said goodnight and went to bed late in the others. To finish up. Children are wanted to get a slight too, but the others work quite ready to leave. So, instead of sleeping on the couch, she went and jumping to Catherine sped with her leaving the for others. To finish there. drinks too, of the remaining guests left shortly after about two thirty I am, and the final two guests left sometimes closer to three twenty. I am They left out the back door lading. It unlocked the back door. voice. Unlocked said this was not a big deal at three hundred and thirty. I am one of Katherine's neighbors was welcomed by the sand of a piecing scream. This was followed by four or five further screams. Another neighbor was also welcome boy scream, which he believed was followed by
the sound of a motor vehicle starting up and dropping off from Jindal a circuit, but he couldn't recall the time of the screen or the car. The third neighbour also heard screams, but couldn't recalled the time either the police were called in. Nobody investigated the neighbors didn't think too much of it at the time. Hmm, on the morning of Wednesday April, fifteenth Katherine, didn't report for her shift at Edulis cannery. When her neighbor Robin Motor came out of her house that and saw a Catherine's car. She thought it was unusual. She wasn't at work but rob I took it as an opportunity to catch up with Katherine for a cup of tea and a chat at nine forty five, a M Robin's husband, walked over to Catherine's house to invite her over to their place as he walked past the front bedroom window. He heard what he described as strange noises. He knocked in Korea,
I Catherine, but there was no answer he returned time and he and Robin thought that, although it seemed strange, there must have been an explanation the morning went on both Robin and her husband felt. Something was a little off. So by lunchtime when there was still no movement, Catherine Ass Robin went and got another neighbour Leslie Marsh, and they walked over to Catherine together they called out at the front door. But again, no one here, remembering her husband describing strange noises coming from the bedroom Robin decided to check their. She heard what she thought was snoring surprised. Katherine was still asleep Robin called out again and tried to wake her up chain wisely. Then looked through the window.
for a moment. Both Robin and Leslie thought Kathryn was playing a joke on them. It looked like there was blood everywhere, but it didn't seem real, so they continued to call out and then panic setting. They saw two blood soaked bodies, one lying on the bed and one on the floor. Blood covered the the furniture and the walls Robin and Leslie immediately ran through the back door and straight inside the house, the back door and the back floss Grendel were both what The screen door was actually propped Ivan using the pneumatic door closer. Someone had deliberately kept that door open, but Robin and Leslie discovered in the main bedroom for the bodies of Katherine Times and Georgina. What more
The noises that Robin's husband had heard earlier that morning were coming from Joe trainer. She was struck. Going to hold on the loft in the googly. MRS were her fighting to break through the blood she was alive, but barely Catherine was dead. They made it, we could enable ones. In the boys, Cara paramedics arrived and rushed Georgina to hospital, but she was dead on arrival. When police arrived at the house, a child's park was lying in the driveway. A crime scene was established and police cordoned off the home, putting up pilings around the edge of the property to hold up a barrier to keep. So it says away. The neighborhood had never seen anything like it. The crime scene was gruesome. One of the first offices on the saint said it was a sot that would leave in his memory. For a long time.
And even senior police officers commented that the crime scene was one of the most gruesome they had ever encountered. Catherine's house was placed on the police God for several days. As the crime scene, examination was carried out. They discovered partial fingerprints in the main bedroom. Those no match on the police's them no match to anyone in the house. they may have belonged to. The previous tenants may belong to the killer, whose on record was no way of knowing for sure the killer left a blood trail in the victim's blood. The blood trail led from the bedroom through the laundry out the back door and continued up to the front of the house where it ended up the road. There was no sign of forced entry at all police believe the key
I may have been aware. Catherine left her back door, unlocked the theory being that the killer entered through the unlocked the door then propped open the screen door, leading both those wide open to allow a quick escape. Partial footprints were also like I did, but I won't cause boy shoe police believe. After entering through the back door, the killer took off their shoes, allowing them to creep up on the bedroom more quietly. The signs were pointing to a level of planning and premeditation, but in the immediate aftermath of the murder there was no why anyone would want Katherine and Joe drain a debt. The fishes attacks in the dead of the night in a quiet inside TAN wrote a lot of nadir attend. Early reports said that there were hacked to death desert He had injuries thought to be caused by sharp heavy object with the early,
in being that it could have been an ax. So, from the very first day the crimes were referred to as the Kara acts motors. but other reports also suggested a mate Clave alpha, tomahawk or a machete could also have caused the injuries. But examinations showed otherwise due to the severity of the blows. The killer left indentations on the wooden bedframe, showing that the weapon was luckily a blunt hard, solid object, but Qatar, I'm not an ax. They were bludgeoned to death. the post mortem examinations determined that Catherine Endogenous died as a result of severe had injuries. Respiratory failure and blood loss, Catherine suffered loss rations to her forehead and scalp and defensive wounds to her hand, Georgina suffered severe loss relations to her mouth neck and right sort of her head, and she had more
defensive wounds to the back of her hands. The level of violence inflicted on Catherine was far greater than one Georgina Catherine was struck. Fifteen times, Georgina was struck. Five, the wounds Catherine suffered were far more horrific. It appeared she may have been the main target. Local detectives from Kara in the nearby towns of Forbes and young were joined in the investigation. forty six detectives from the states homicide squad, a large scale search, was immediately put into action. The main goal was to try to find the murder weapon and any dump clothing or other evidence from the killer officers from the technical response group according to assist in the search, and they check every house and every yards around. In Catherine's. They also went through drains and waterways and moved under properties and paddocks in the water surrounding area. Allay stores were called in to search
lock on river and other nearby waterways and damned the flow of carers. Entire water supply from the local dam was actually stopped. which allow the water level in the lock on river to make the search Asia, but it proved fruitless police search, the grounds of age or cannery, where Catherine enjoying a word. They also search the local abattoirs, including employ lockers. They searched the local tip and other known dumping grounds, but they found nothing. Catherine Ex husband, Bruce homes was cleared. He was at home on the central coast with their children. The murder of Catherine came as a huge shock and Bruce struggled to come to terms with it. He said Cathy didn't seem like a person to make too many enemies. I can't understand it: it's going to be hard for the children, they were pretty fond of Georgina too
Bruises mother, Filmer HOMES said Cathy could do no wrong by me. She was a lovely person. If anybody knows any more about what has happened, there should tell the police detectives began. Focusing on the community. A gas pipeline was undertaken, Action nearby and a large number of workers from outside the area where employed there, the criminal history of everyone working on the pipeline was examined. Detectives were particularly interested in anyone with a history of violence towards women, many of the workers were from overseas and this meant police were faced with a hard task of tracking criminal histories from all over the world. With no immediate suspect or even a clear motive, detectives had to consider the possibility it could be the work of a serial killer who would possibly struck in other areas. Kara lies at the intersection of three main highways. It's a t. Many have to pass through and stuff.
But on the way to other destinations in western yourself, wiles or northern dictatorial. So looking at this was important, but again nothing came up. Every way they looked, they seemed to come back to the feeling that the killer was ninety Catherine and Georgie. Now locally. Ninety lesser full of friends and a known to the local community detectives got to work in a viewing everyone they could find. They went toward the door and in neighbours. When I learnt of the screams and the car her driving off, they tracked down. Everyone who had been in the hotels drinking at the same time is Joe Dreamer and Catherine. There not a bit deaths those inquiries. Revealed it was a happy and carefree not that we're Is it all to Jane Eyre? Catherine, wearing good spirits and didn't have any running with anyone their work,
Legs at Edgeler, cannery wearing a viewed and police, also search employ lock. Is there but again now leads were found. They are dinner for the full people who had gone back to Catherine, yes for the party. After closing time, there were extensively interviewed, but all were eventually cleared of any involvement, though now wish using the hast between anyone that no one it was a completely drama fray event. Everyone was in good spirits and having fun being a small country, town room is started flow, I ran to the local community about what happened. There were even whispers that the small gathering at Catherine's place was actually an out of Control Wall Potty Joe Jane his brother David told the Sydney morning Herald Newspaper,
Quite we don't know what it's all about, but they weren't wall, girls and the knight of the killings. They just had a few friends over for drinks after the pub Georgina was a good person and she had a lot of good friends. The talk of a wild party is nonsense. His comments were supported by Catherine's neighbors. A lot of them didn't hear anything, but those that did described it as nothing more than a small off the pop gathering. Nothing walled or out of control or unusual at all. Within three weeks, detectives hidden viewed over five hundred people and as the investigation went on a few things did come up.
two friends of Catherine reported that they had been babysitting, Catherine's daughters, only a few weeks prior to the murders that were at her house babysitting when they heard someone into the house, walk through Catherine Bedroom and then leave when Catherine came home. The friends told her what had happened. Catherine told them. She knew who it was, but refused to elaborate any further than one of Catherine neighbours reported sing a suspicious. Meanwhile, cowboy hat sitting in the park across the road from Catherine's House police made a media appeal for him to come forward, but he was, Benchley eliminated from the investigation, one crucial witness who came forward with a fifteen year old boy on April for the afternoon before the murders he was walking home from school, round three body: he was walking along Victor Straight, which crosses gingerly circuit. He walked past Catherine saw a guy and he saw her arguing with a male person in the back yard
He said he saw the male person struck Catherine across the face during this argument. That is, good Tion from the boy was quite vague in the beginning, so arranged. since one may to place him under hypnosis. This resulted in more detail. He described the man is thirty years of age ground to dock medium like there with a distinctive served It is on these four on he was driving a medium sized, what seventies model for the rest, it in a comment. this description was also Saint outside Catherine's ass, light one nor in the week before the killings, detectives were but what then a fine man who match this description. It was known to Catherine. He was in a view. but the night. He was involved in any sort of argument or dispute with Catherine he was released. And remained on the list of persons of interest to spot the hours detectives worked around the clock, conducting interviews and entering Dada into a bar computer, which had been delivered from shipping
there were unable to establish many late and there was still no clean out. If it all detective inspected. Dont Nicholson said we have no red hot suspect at the moment. At this stage, There is no apparent motive, but we are looking into the woman's to. We can establish anything there. There is nothing to suggest that someone from outside. If you're a fan of case file than we think you'll love devils in the dark from The doom studios, it's a brand new podcast from Helen Anderson I saw her hilarious best friend, Danny Howard Dalby, explore some of the wildest and most shocking killers. The world has ever seen with the help of expert criminologists pathologists. And the journalists who were on, same they'll, learn about the killers origins, their crimes,
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With the level of violence inflicted on Catherine, considerably more severe than that on your genome police believes they kill my vainly being targeting Catherine. They felt that whoever was responsible may have gone to her house, knowing her two children were why, on the central coast with their father for ass, though there was no forced entry, now robbery, no sexual assault, and it was the middle of the night. The killer, appeared to have knowledge of the premises. I was a spur of the moment decision by Georgina to stay over Catherine's said the killer lawfully wouldn't have known she would be there. The ferocity of the attack and the white appeared to have been carried out in a frenzy led to take these two believed that it was driven by rage. It seemed full of emotion and NGO. It was personal. The killer wanted to inflict as much violence as possible long Catherine, and it was possible that Georgia was just in the wrong place at the wrong
I'm torn the town was stamped Kara had never experienced anything like this before, and people felt the immense loss of too much love women, neither of whom had caused any trouble One young woman just really beginning her at all and the other, a single mother working hard to support her two daughters. Of course had a hard time, even believing it was true. No one could make any sense of it. Kara became gripped with fee with no idea who the killer was some locals were scared. The killer, which struck again people
Wonder if they would be next, the community's reaction to the murders was the kind of shut down people couldn't sleep and kids weren't allowed out of the house. For the first time, a memory residents began, locking their doors and everybody watched everybody closely. The feeling in town is best described by those who were there. All of the following people spoke to the Sydney morning, Herald Newspaper now, Levin's disdained in public and at the Laughlin hotel. This is rocked us and we are still walking around stunt. Kathy was a very popular person friendly to everyone. She had no enemies, an unnamed patron in the Laughlin hotel. It could be anyone in town, I mean it could be anyone. He makes you think
never safe anywhere cab driver, Frank EDGAR. Everyone is just shocked and afraid on you, both girls, and you would never think it could happen. Georgina used to come into a shop. I used to own all the time when she was younger. She was a lovely girl. People in the town are scared, especially the women, with someone walking around who is capable of doing something like that. An unnamed resin, and in a small town like this, it puts everyone on edge. Everyone knew them that that sort of place people have said one after the other. If it happened in Sydney, you could understand it, but in Kara people are just shocked that something so vicious happened. I don't think that there's a soul that thinks anyone from Kara did it, but of course, Could be wrong, there was another reason: police were having trouble, getting answers to spot conducting,
Waterman of interviews, they felt, though Bang by an unwillingness to talk amongst the local community by police, believed there was a good chance to genuine Catherine, you they occur and in that small town that meant that their circle of friends and other townspeople also knew the killer. Then assistant, Commissioner Ross Nixon made the comment that people in the community could be protecting the killer, someone you something and thou keeping it to themselves. Detective sergeant, let me
dead, or have a gut feeling at someone in town. In fact, the murderer may have already been interviewed by police blocking any country town people here have grown up with each other and are afraid to put some on him. It took a great deal of work, but eventually police were able to break down the barriers. The local community were putting up that took weeks to gain their trust, but things started to change. Detective sergeant lemme explained quite when we first came to the town we had to bring people into the station to talk to It was real hard going, but now people are starting to come to us. People are coming into the station and talking about the goals, the personalities and people. By now Who are acting strange or who have changed their behaviour in anyway? It's all just little things: trivia, really
Look if a bloke that normally ways a jacket or a cap he's not wearing it anymore. He went on to say that a small piece of information like that could be the breakthrough that we're looking for. The room is around town, didn't stop and the room Typical Yang, at the characters of both women, were hard to establish this fact. There were rumors of infidelities, specifically speculation, that turn was involved with married men and men in relationships something that was looked at. especially since there was the thought in investigators minds that this could be a revenge killing. There was also talk of drug use, which led to whispers of drug supply, which But the rumors of a drug rebuff or drug depth in the motive for the marriage, but those absolutely no evidence to support these claims and those inquiries led nowhere. The first for months of nineteen. Eighty seven was a record time for homicides in the state of New South Wales, Kathy
enjoy JANUS mood, is brought the total to thirty six for the year. Twelve still remained unsolved and things only got worse just days following the motives in wonder. Well, go about two hundred kilometers chef from Kara Eighteen year. Old selling change was murdered after leaving a club in the early hours of the morning. On Sunday April nineteenth she was stabbed twenty times she was found after a jog discovered, drag marks and bloody boots, leading into a river the following Wednesday April. Twenty second Cheryl Ambrosial was stabbed and strangled in Newcastle about four hundred and seventy calamitous nor faced of care. She was also found, after a possible discovered, drag marks and bloodstains on the edge of a Craig Full motors inside awake, one two and a half hours south.
and one six year was nor faced with the mood is occurring within such a short space of time had had some people questioning if Thou wilt linked, but after a thorough study of the crimes, it was concluded that the mood is, if sallying giants, ensure Lambert. You were just two different to the killings of Catherine and Georgiana. They had quite different emphases, and it was quite some distance between the three Chrome saints Hello, spikes person said we cannot rule out a linked together, but they appear to be very different detectives on the case of you'd over twelve hundred Paypal as part of the investigation into the motives of Catherine Android. A number of persons of interest were identified as a result of diverging interviews. Some. Private about eliminating eliminated from the investigation, but others couldn't be they search.
the homes of people who are on this aspect waste and confiscated items protesting by blood analysis experts. In some cases they even ceased. Coming from people's laundries. Looking for traces of blood, despite the large scale and extensive investigation. No arrests were ever made and thirty people in total remained on the suspect list. unable to be eliminated by detectives when discussing the type of person who may have carried out the crimes, the acting head of the criminal investigation branch, detective superintendent Camper Times newspaper that the murders were so horrific. we had to have had an effect on the personality of the killer. Something would be off about them. That would be noticed by family or friends. Quite The public would notice the change of mood and behavior of a person whether they've not turned up for work. but whether they become morose, there are people out there.
Today, who know who committed these murders no matter how hard the police work, no matter how clever we are without the assistance of the public, we will file forensic expert, Dr Godfrey odour came from Sydney. Three weeks after the motors he's job was to re, examine the murder scene to safe. He could conclude anything further from it. after examining the case and post mortem results, he said he Couldn't Rula enraged. Woman is being responsible, given the bridge telling of the murders. Many assumed the killer was a man, especially with names like the Kara acts, murder of being printed in the papers, but that wasn't necessarily the case, The motive in profile of the killer couldn't be clearly established. Detection.
sergeant. Let me quite we just don't know it could be man, it could be a female, it could be a georgian lover or it could be a work by the Minister for police and ass. The fifty thousand dollar reward for information, leading to arrest and conviction for the mood is the minister also took the unusual step of signing the New South Wales. Governor might be advised to extend afraid, pardon to any accomplice who didn't take part in the actual killing, but this didn't have the desired effect, and the investigation eventually wound up the endless I was having a viewing and the countless experts brought in is not enough to catch the killer, with a hiding in plain sight or gone from care of a good. The killer was free and the case grew cold,
A coronial inquest was held in August nineteen. Ninety eight, before Coroner Jim Smith, around thirty witnesses entitled gave evidence, including the four people who attended the gathering at Catherine's house on the night of the murders at the conclusion of the inquest. The coroner believed that the killer must have been deeply and emotionally involved with one or both of the victims, and he dismissed the rumors that the motives were drug related. He stated that he was satisfied. There had been a title and complete investigation by police. His official finding was quite in Kara on April fifteenth nineteen. Ninety seven h of the deceased, the thought from the effects of severe head injuries inflicted on them by a person or
persons unknown. They found that just fought the case remaining unsolved. in due to a lack of effort or poor police work, the investigation was extremely thorough and I were impressed with the work done in nineteen. Ninety seven, but I knew I had new tools and new technology. a disposal they brought in the hope of the New South Wales, police, behavioral science team who went to lost behaviors and the capabilities and likely characteristics of the offender of, Thirty people who are unable to be
touched to the idea that the killer had to be on that list. It was just the case that those told people couldn't be eliminated, though still keeping an open mind Inspector John Layman till the following two jesting forward in her book. One piece of the puzzle: quite there was a one of talk around town that Catherine homes had been having affairs with married men or men in relationships, said the investigators at the look for any jealous partners seeking revenge who could have been suspects. We used psychologists and profile us to help us work out. What kind of person would do this and has an assisted us in finding the killer, but the profile does feeding. Without current persons of interest, someone who is motivated by jealousy or revenge into therapy, a number of women on our list of suspects. In two thousand and ten, the fifty thousand dollar reward was increased to two hundred thousand dollars. increased. But the potential in
maybe for any accomplice, was with drone. This rewarding cray, a rise in a man of information being called into crime, stoppers family members of care turning Georgina welcomed the new reward children. His brother David said So somebody out there who has information about my sister's death. Unfortunately their conscience has not been enough to get them to contact the police. I hope that this reward is enough to change their mind and to give my family and Catherine some answers as to what happened that night detective senior constable Matt Peckham from the solved. Homicide squad said the murder of Cathy homes enjoying a want. More remains, the subject of much speculation in your window and gossip within the township Kara Control, into the heartache and grief of the family and friends of the goals.
We will continue to knock on doors spake to Paypal, pursue persons of interest and launch of inquiry until this matter is resolved. The twenty five year anniversary in two thousand and twelve was used for renewed appeal for information. It was revealed that original witnesses who were interviewed backing nineteen. Ninety seven had been reign of by the unsolved homicide squad, resulting in my dinner following new people to speak to you about the Motors Detective chief inspector women were pretty confident, The small community that carries that somebody does know something were committed to solving the case and we're going to continue. Sometimes people's memories seemed to be joined by such anniversaries or more states. Sometimes there are paid Will there that, for whatever reason, may note a willing to come forward and assist us previously? We never close any unsolved homicide cases in
like the layman, confirmed the original investigate disbelief that this was not a random attack and further difficulties. Faced by the original investigators Barroso Review one officer, told the carrot on sinew newspaper quiet. and in some cases, when making inquiries about a suspect information was being passed on to the suspect, On a number of occasions, people who gave information to police about certain individuals for reasons best nine to themselves would then till the end visual that they had been to the police, one of them widely circulated room is related to the victims being involved in the sale of drugs marking the twenty seventh anniversary of their deaths. Family members right a memorial to Catherine, enjoy drain up. Two beautiful angels was taken from us twenty seven years ago,
and it changed their laws forever. But there's not a day. That goes by that. We don't have thoughts and memories of you. Both that time can never arise. Regarding the other two murders that occurred within a week of Catherine Endogenous Kenneth bury Cannon the Georgia who found the drag, marks and bloody boots of selling giants in water, water was charged and convicted with her murder. If you use a lighter confirming there was no linked to Catherine endogenous case, the murder. Surely, in Berkeley, Newcastle still remains unsolved. Detective inspector layman injustice forward book, one piece of the puzzle quite I think the case to keep an open mind about it, do not draw a conclusion so get trapped into thinking. It's one person nor one group, But the very nature of the environment: we talking about a small town where people know each other's miss and there are rumors about who's sleeping with who and their give us.
He's to believe that someone has knowledge of the current. It is likely that some, from the town was responsible, and There are people with no age who we still haven't heard from this case is definitely solvable but I to have been a lot of difficulties. Part of the race it has been so hard to solve is that we have possible motives but not clean Otis. Why were these two women made? A victim's ex husbands were certainly not responsible. And the winner custody issues, as is often the case. So we have to keep asking what made these two stand out as potential targets.
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