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Case 66: The Black Widow

2017-11-11 | 🔗
North Carolina residents James Napoleon Taylor and Raymond Reid died 13 years apart from seemingly natural causes, and doctors felt there was nothing suspicious about their deaths. --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched and written by Anna Priestland For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-66-black-widow
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In nineteen. Forty two at nor knees own Blanche, Tyler, more born Blanche, Causa left, the small town of talk you North Carolina with a family in search of opportunity in the growing city of Boeing Burlington, had sprung almost a century before when, in the mediating hundreds and became a small village built around the office for the North, Carolina Railroad, the small community of simple shops, servicing the comings and goings of the train. Never but the nineteen hundreds, the royal offices, had moved elsewhere in Birmingham in order to prosper, move with the Times small textile mills, I've been done and they statuary strew more people to Boeing ten as workers scarce through the great depression. as the Second World WAR approached, the army started a military tank rebuilding programme in bowing to him, and the federal government purchased lane to constructing across factory with I built military points.
After the war, the company western Electric arrived adding electronics to the growing military industry. They built radar equipment and garden and systems for missiles with the addition of those new jobs, the years between one thousand nine hundred and forty and one thousand nine hundred and fifty. So the city's population double from around twelve thousand people to a ram twenty five days in fable Billing tin had shown its ability to adapt and prosper through economic change. Its people were hard work is who bet on through the ups and downs, postwar the flat land and rolling hills with dotted with large dairy grain and tobacco farms, which would become a source of huge income for the area. Many families from outer areas moved bowing to a neighbouring towns in search of work in the textile meals or on the farms. That's exactly what the cause of Hamley moved to buildings in search of opportunity.
start a new life. The. Plain style: more was born on February, seventeenth, nineteen thirty three, she was the first I seven children, when the family arrived in Burlington in nineteen forty two appearance, pocket, Davis, Karza and funny Blanche Causa Budge game. Appointment in the local news, we poor, but I was everyone else in town. The kids felt no different to anyone else. We'd leave the same way that I side by side in sawed off you. when he wasn't working in the local saw mill, wages. Father Paca was a self taught, Minister, a gambler
And alcoholic planchet mother funny work full time in the mills as a yawn spinner bringing forty dollars per week, She handed over half of his salary to Parker, who she knew would go out and spend it on gambling and other women. Parker was strict and often abusive. He didn't allow his children any law, fair side of the house. Apart from school and church, he often Talk to the pulpit at local churches and community meetings to preaching stall, Hame self that called primitive. His yoga hallways? I'm had stemmed from the great depression and, of course, these family defeat. He was known to be physically abusive and there are also reports that he sexually abused. These DORA wage. on top of that party began. Using Blanche is a means to gain money from around the town. Blanche turned noise.
Disordered out a man, so he could replace gambling dense began to design dog on over the pitfalls. This went on willing to branches trainees, its understood that her mother Fleming knew what was going on, but didn't into vein Blanche found solace her christian church, the gospel music gave her sense of pacing comfort throughout her traumatic childhood. When Blanche was a teenager, she became aware that her father was living a double life. He had completely separate family with four other children. Funny knew but did nothing. There was no change to their family situation and Parker remained in the house. It didn't change much for Blanche. She already resented her father. That said, have have sprouted long before.
Blanches escape from her abusive home came in nineteen fifty two when at age, nineteen she met and married twenty four year old, James Napoleon Tyler. James was a furniture maker and restore by trade and return time off. The fighting in the korean WAR, he was stopped and had a short fees, attract Blanche knew well. we had a new lease of life after she married James. She was known for her outgoing personality and was often described as the loss of the party She was also known to have a quick he sighed. She could. From quieting Bible scripture, the talking about sexually explicit topics in the one conversation you're after they married nineteen, twenty three, the first, What if Vanessa was born. that would be another Fabio before their second daughter. Cynthia arrived. in October nineteen fifty three, the Superman the chain, Craig its in Burlington.
Light. Nineteen forty said saying the rise of consolidated grocery Stores railway out across Amerika and when Craig is opened on South Church straight With it a new era of sophistication and prestige, It's new way of shopping West I continued the friendly local feel of the old fashioned grocery store, but on a much Scale The new wave of supermarkets sets up off thought to the bowling. Alleys and dawn is if it. When began working at Kroger's as a cashier in nineteen, fifty four Twenty one. with her long black hair and also doc. They almost think black Blanche was well known and well liked it's going mother with a bright smile. She was energetic and had a fun sought. The spot had troubled younger needs and her home life which was already starting to show cracks. Her husband James had taken up the drink after the war and much What plans his father Parker, he would disappear.
wait for sometimes weeks on end without explanation. I too was a gambler and just His Blanchard witnessed her mother do use before she also Her husband part of her paycheck, so we could pay off his gambling debts. In nineteen. Fifty six point, his father Parker left funny and moved in with these other family flooding funny almost three years to fall. The divorce papers on which she wrote Hocker had left her to take up with the younger women. She didn't mention the second family, even though she knew that was the real reason he left. nineteen. Fifty nine planes worked work so up to head cashier, which was the highest It's possible for a female employee at Kroger's. At the time, She had high self esteem and flourished in role. She even had use of the company car, which was an unheard of privilege at the time. Rumours started a circle that use trading on her husband gangs, with a few other coworkers, and even some customers, but glanced in autumn,
she had just given birth to her second daughter, Cynthia and being a new mother and spending more time at home. She joined the top aware cries which had burned during the fifties. Point put on top of a parties which enabled her to have a social loss in some songs, Tupperware parties would become a cover story for when she was trading on James, it turned out the rumors were true Branch, James, is sex. Life had become non existent Gwen cities, alcoholism, gambling and impotence carved awaiting their marriage, which that would never recover from there were men, physical altercations between them and not all what behind closed doors. On one occasion, change, confronted Blanche in plain view of onlookers, about having an affair with one of their customers and on and on occasion. People looked his James, drag brains behind their car. During an argument. in nineteen. Sixty two Kroger's got a new assistant manager,
twenty seven year old Raymond Raid, he was married. Two boys blanched An instant liking to Raymond pursued him Never hiding her flirtations from anyone else. even though she was still married to James. Eventually, After three years of assistance, Raymond the Blanche the began, an intense affair. in September, nineteen sixty six blame decided to reconcile her relationship with her father, Parker Good age sixty two was still with the second wife and four other children. blind reconciled with him just in time as Hisself Health quickly, again deteriorating. He became gravely ill. Blanche remained at his bedside and acted as his nurse. Throughout He became delirious and suffered excruciating pain with stomach cramps, diarrhea and vomiting a few after becoming ill. He turned to The blue, before suffering a heart attack which killed him.
Brains, husband, James Taylor, also suffered a heart attack around this time, but hey survived actually turned his life around. He gave drinking and became heavily involved in the church and focused on his family and spent more time with his daughters. Spare time was spent at the Glen Hope back this church, hoping to edit recordings of the sermons to send overseas to missionary work is as he started, to get he's lost back on track, his mother All my Tyler became ill, I plan continued her long running affair with her assistant manager, Raymond raid. She remained at home as a mother to her children James and two chainz. to her mother in law, as her health A righted nurse dollar when she became bedridden just Actually had nursed sick father. Blanche hadn't been that close to Allah, but in those money she became the dirty nice b
she called for all and often spoon FED her elder. We mother in law to give strength, but it didn't help. and all my god. Shortly after. in early nineteen. Seventy one after a five year fair Raymond found it impossible to keep hiding their relationship and he left his wife and family Blanche, remained at home with James and her goals and it didn't night, Neither he nor old Blanche stayed faithful to each other during their fit. The. The end of Raymond's. First marriage became official in nineteen. Seventy three when he divorced His wife. In September of that year Tyler became you had debilitating flu like symptoms and deteriorated quickly. These hair and suffered bloody stools in urine. He got painful blisters on his hands and face The Tommy was on his deathbed. He had such bad
stomach issues that he could no longer eight. The meal was his wife Blanche had carefully prepared for him. Was experienced in nursing. Someone so will James was the third person on their deathbed. She had cared for. She knew exactly what someone feeling so willful nature He brought him my screen she had to feed it to him because he was so awake and a few hours later he took his last breath. It was October. Second, nineteen and seventy one James was we these out? Blanche, a widow at forty, was surprised when the doctor who came explained he had suffered a heart attack. She all the same bleat to his face, shooting on her father before his death James left her with little money even small amount they had received. After all, a dog was gone barely enough cash to pay for his burial. After selling their house Blanche had
Have to buy better place in Burlington and, as she was officially widowed, there was none to hide her relationship with Raymond read anymore,. According to Blanche, his daughters, Vanessa, Cynthia Raymond It was a good father figure and a good man may, painted become Natasha. Craig is not because of our high level position and remit dalliances but she was always smartly dressed and had something about her that drew the men in turn some women away, she said I had the ability to flirt and frightened in the same book. Any use: nineteen, seventy, nine and ninety nine Raymond was transferred several times around. The greater area. Whether he's in his relationship was the catalyst is unknown but Raymond eventually settled on a position as the manager of a story nearby Winston Salem it was hot
gossip amongst Kroger employees. That Blanche had begun a relationship with Craig is regional manager, Kevin Denton. We talk about this. She was saying as well by that She had lost her affection for Raymond she'd been improved decade and off Straying into the arms of her regional manager Kevin, she got a taste for life beyond Raymond. on January, twenty third nineteen, nine, five and ninety in Burlington burnt down. Fire brigade confirmed it was likely awesome. She told them. There had been a strange man loitering around her property. She called him a perv. And insinuated he had been watching her. We were unable to identify him. Insurance check shortly after in purchase the trailer she said it was. The work of the same man is before the perfect,
she received another insurance check but relied heavily on Raymond for financial support. the spot, her other relationships Raymond still in the pitcher- and he always does after at age, fifty two Blanche was thought of by many as friendly and kind and Men's accounts. She was very attractive She seemed to always have someone interested in it. The love love so far had been a long stretch of men. Often one in current fibre and someone else say the fighting in or fighting here. She was still saying Raymond and, if gossip They believed she was still saying her regional manager, Kevin Denton as well. But she didn't want to be taught down with either of them. Glinted been very involved in church, her whole life, but she was said to have lost their fight after before. Defies that last long night. just two months later on Easter sunday-
Where's went with a relative to the sunrise service at the Carolina United Church across the small. Community church with just a sewing Burlington and was one she had never attended before this This was delivered by hand, some recently divorced pasta, the reverend. What more do Had two children and was very popular within his community. He noticed plant in the congregation and The conclusion of the service went into it: The self to the Reverend blanks left. Having made a strong impression on him. She started visiting him regularly at the church and they began meeting for meals Norwood CALL Blanche, often and stop by her house. Unannounced If she wasn't home, it would lay cards on the doorstep. Blanche enjoyed the courtship beset don't never physical. During this time The reverend, never heed his affections, but Blanche kept him at a distance to his interests.
But she didn't want anyone else to know. One of the reverend most letters written on his. Personal stationery was filled with the word Blanche. Good, written her name over fifty times before Finishing off with the following message, you are the question. The most caring giving thoughtful considerate tender, hearted, loving, selfless, responsible, charitable, benevolent merciful, patient just virtuous. sincere, trustworthy and decent person. I have ever known you are I quite attractive and lucky by you time. Planted worked at krogers for over thirty years in the community, knew her by name and many admired. Many customers picked check out lawn just said, I could chat to her but something was going on behind the scenes at Kroger's.
not everyone who worked with Blanche locked it. There was another more disingenuous saw, some have been addictive and two faced. The affairs with other staff members and customers were also becoming a problem it wasn't a sacred. Even Blanche would have liked. In October nineteen eighty five point twenty, work an evening shift at Kroger's. during her shift. She was called upstairs for a chat by Roger J Hutton, the Midland take marketing areas I manage She said that hot and grabbed her from behind when she walked into the room, and he was no. from the wise down. He said the Blanche: are you ready for this At the desk and saw happens, clothes founded neatly in Nepal. She picked up his clothes we'll out of the room and then ran from store waiting? Cotton walking out in a butcher's apron plans, never returned to Kroger's. Things with Raymond became difficult after this
because she was saying Reverend Moore. It's the seemed that Raymond knew that already but because of Ramon's role within the carpet company and he's a law. He do his job. Turned to reverend more for comfort and three, Slider she followed a thirteen point: eight million dollar lawsuit against Roger Hutton and Kroger's the sexual harassment on the job and Pedro legal bills planes Claimed that this wasn't the first attack she had suffered She said hot and often made suggested comments, and it also made numerous attempts to fund all her and other female clerks on one occasion he reached up her skirt and exposed himself. The lawsuit cited for cancer basalt, three counts of inflicting emotional distress, and one can and of invasion of privacy she sued for negligence, alleging that company officials were aware of Hutton's harassment, as they had received numerous complaints from other female employees, but I failed to do thing about it.
Forced to resign. Gwen saw a psychiatrist whose nights described the woman, angry and resentful of men. One night red she could no longer stand. The sort of men has, and men of man needs to go away With Goodman the candidates, the circle Interest was able to illustrate the huge impact the harassment had on her love. The lawsuit, had worn Blanche down and contributed heavily to her becoming depressed and suicidal. Another note from her psychiatrist, red. Completely Ivan United, antagonistic toward men and I mean I maintain any meaningful social contacts with members of the opposite sex. Having a new romantic relationship with reference to want more was not the sort of thing Blanche wanted to be night, especially Since it was a happy one in order to win her lawsuit, she needed to maintain that she was suffering and unable to move on. So is nineteen. Ninety four drew to a close
to keep her relationship with Reverend more sacred. According to Reverand Amor sister, He wasn't aware that Blanche was still romantically involved with Raymond Rage at the tone. On these eight nineteen eighty five places Raymond rate at his home in nearby Winston Salem bleeding Potato soup? Is the pair celebrated the new year the following day, Raymond woke, with terrible stomach pains. They soon turned into civilian, nausea, vomiting and diary. Just as Raymond started to feel well again, the symptoms returned and it was unable to the work This continued on and off for the next few months and during at Saint Raymond's took for whites off work. Something he was not known to have ever done. by April, nineteen thousand six Raymond had gone. Completely downhill intended in hospital doctors,
wait was suffering from shingles blamed, who was still sharing had torn between Raymond and Reverend more reliant, that Raymond's help was getting worse and he needed her care, she went. after all, experienced in nursing, sick people. She knows nursed her father and mother in law and our first husband as they lie on their deathbeds. So she was well equipped the reverend understood the Blanche had to go to the aid of Raymond and gave these blessing. she nursed Raymond through his illness and he actually improved and was able to return to work. But the following month, Raymond got sick again. One night up the hay Blanche dinner he began, experiencing nausea, vomiting and diarrhea this time He was so violently ill. He was unable to recover he became severely day hydrated and on
Sidious one nineteen nine six. He was once again admitted to the Wesley Long Hospital. In long he was by Doktor Norman Garrick Junior. His admission diagnosis was acute, gastro, Enteritis, Blaine. Six like that that Raymond would make a full recovery luck before, but symptom, snowboard and DR Revise these diagnosis to multiple systems, failure rate you gotta a skin rash his blood, revealed he had bone marrow damage and blood cell abnormalities. It is also suffering from progressive shortness of breath, rest Tori value, fast, heartbeat, low blood pressure, Kidney malfunction and shut down and none this entangling in his hands and feet. He had also gotten infection, which meant he would require a circumcision but the doc. Felt all of these issues were tradable. now a proven riot within. Five days raining
condition stabilized in Doktor Garrett said he should only made up the fog more days in hospital and then be right together. The there's only one place to find the most recognized brand and carpet stainmaster, and that's it loaves right now get free basic installation with the purchase of stainmaster carpet and pad for ninety nine or more loaves home to any budget home. To any possibility. Install available in store only requires nonrefundable site assessment. Fee is credited in the final project price about three loaves. More charges may apply not available in all areas. The lowes dot com for details, exclusions and licensure, valid to nineteenth for thirteen us. With Raymond, improving and feeling like locating again It began making him home cooked meals, including jello, and paying up on a milkshakes. So we wouldn't have to eight the hospital food. after three days as the hospital staff Spending Raymond to be rapidly improving,
They were all shocked, disease condition worse and again,. His previous symptoms of nausea, formatting and Dorothy return so seriously the doktor It was unable to find a satisfactory diagnosis, arraignments multi system values and he's condition. It became a life threatening brain And was transferred to the North Carolina Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem there. Raymond and Blanche were seen by Dr Robert Hamilton, as In internal medicine, in the following The Hamilton noted that, upon admission, Raymond had a raspy voice to be swelling in his lower extremities. A rush over his lower extremities anemia low white blood cell count What hatches in his mouth very belle sans difficulty, breathing and so Kidney failure. His condition deteriorated so seriously that it resulted in a cardiac arrest code. Blue emergency doctors and nurses acted quickly and Raymond.
revived following resuscitation, he required mechanical, ventilated and over the days that followed, he became very power lost. Raymond was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome, also known as french poly aware, the tawn, it's an autoimmune disease, where the body's immune system begins to attack the peripheral nervous system, it can be, very difficult to darkness in its early stages, which is why it was initially missed by doctors. Raymond improved slightly after a procedure called plasma for racists where they removed the blood from his body, separated the red blood cells from the plasma and returned to the red blood cells back to his body. Kept in intensive care and to make sure His body was handling the procedure. Doctors kept up toxic Would you screening with blood in your own test summit, blood test results returned showing he was progressing well, but the Eu don't have sat on opened Those donating a respirator,
gradually recovered the use of his arms and legs and was able to breathe on his own the nurses? What plans was a site for her constant bedside vigils and her thoughtfulness to bring Raymond home cooked food thing? She knew He would be able to eat what banana putting us t praising yogurt, milkshakes and soups. Today, is lighter. Raymond fell once again into acute respiratory distress. Stephen Great Raymond son, was with Blanche at the hospital and became so bloated. His skin was splitting squinting desirable. We're boating was once again no longer able to breathe when he sign it was fed. By Failing to by this time, Raymond was only able to communicate on nodding and swaying people's hands. This helpful when Blanche realized it was time for Raymond will some would you hadn't done yet.
Blanche asked one of the nurses at the hospital where she wouldn't mind, hoping to take down some notes of what Raymond wanted. Today, I took these notes to a lawyer to draft up a will and power of attorney the lawyer help me to the hospital to say Raymond and have the will confirm inside. Raymond was unable to speak, but Ladys Head and squeezed the nurses hand, who then gave the boy arraignments answers. the lawyer was satisfied that Raymond understood everything returned the next day when the will and the power of attorney we're both sound Raymond state would be separated in the third between these two sons and he's lost. One friend Blanche princess I became the executor. Only days after this October, seventh, nineteen, ninety six Raymond DART from Locations of Guillain Barre Syndrome. It was devastated. Just my
softer. Raymond was pronounced dead. She said to the doctors. Quite we can. have an autopsy he's been through too much. He wouldn't be cut on like this. We just we cannot have one. Her two daughters and Raymond's, two sons, mourned unprepared prepared for the funeral, going Felt lucky she had the Reverend Dwight more to help her through losing Raymond Add bandwidth for twenty five years. The year following Raymond's death bland, Start diagnosed with breast cancer. she underwent radiation and chemotherapy and as a result, lost her hair and fingernails, and the feeling in her lower legs. she had to use a walking frame throughout her recovery, but through it all Reverend Moore. Was there forever supporting her. Blanche approached Raymond Son shortly following her treatment and told them she was undergoing reconstructive breast and she,
Get financial help requested, I support her with some of their own inheritance, which they both a great. When should reverend more went public with a relationship shortly after Raymond's death also around this time. Branches, lawsuit against crises, settled out of court and she received two two hundred and seventy five thousand dollars. Glaciers relationship with Reverend what more was moving fast, it wasn't long before the reverend was standing in front of Blanche with the dawn and Ruby engagement. Ring Blanche said yes,. play planned a small, intimate wedding just after Thanksgiving in nineteen, ninety eight It wouldn't be long after the one year anniversary of Raymond's death. Plan should always been a divided christian woman and was looking for went to her future. As a past wife. before their wedding. I decided it was time to explain to Blanche the reason why his first marriage had failed. He said
yeah and confess that he had stride in his first marriage. He had. Sixteen year affair with one of his parishioners and his wife? Enjoy handicap Blanche burst the ts and ran from his home. She confided in a family friend and said she wasn't sure if her engagement could continue, she was added by Reverend Moore's previous affair couldn't move on from it, but with Hope of mutual friends. Wench decide Try and make it work. when ahead. Just prior to the wedding day, Reverend became suddenly you he was vomiting had stomach and and was unable to perform his church duties. the reverend was so sick. He and Blanche had to postpone their wedding. Reverend Moore ended up in hospital we're unable to work out what was wrong with it. He recovered Shortly after it was violently ill again, He had two intestinal operations, after which he was
one off to get married. When April nineteenth nineteen, ninety nine wage and reverend. What more following married. There was a small gathering at his church, witness budget. two fellow parishioners Blanche wore cotton dress and the pair were being according to one of the witnesses,. Immediately following their wedding. They spend a long weekend in New Jersey before turning point to spend a relaxing white working around the small home that what had purchased for Hay Blanche, believing just five days into their marriage, to what was doing some work in the garden do sprang poison on some weight which had become over ground in the yard. We brought her new husband, a chicken sandwich smiling from eighty as he happily work on a new home, that afternoon.
Wasn't feeling well, his stomach was playing up again and he started formatting. Point cared for him thinking it would subside, but it didn't. He got worse and worse. She took her husband to the emergency room and he was admitted to Alamance County Hospital when the Prince Debbie. The hospital Blanche, her that was merely undergoing tests, stopping my job, and it was ninety eight, but I do at ten It wasn't true, the reverend, gravel you so, He was soon transferred to another hospital, then with the Carolina Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem, where it once been, and more started to improve a little and it really would be sought When he was well enough to eight, she brought him from home that he locked and good stomach the nurse I thought she was the most thoughtful caring woman before
Long Dwight became extremely ill again, he was transferred to intensive care. North Carolina Memorial Hospital in Chapel Hill is hot liver and kidneys were failing, and the doctors, didn't think it was going to make it His illness was baffling that went. Blanche explained that the day reverend more had become ill. He was sprang, wait poison and then tat you can see and which the doctors, maybe it we called for the hospital toxicologist paper, wait. He have had accidental herbicide poisoning. on my third ain't nothin. I deny at fifty six years of age which was faced. The possibility of having to say goodbye to her new husband of less than a month. That day. the doctors called the family in including the Reverend Sister Knowledge and daughter Debbie, Everyone gathered around, as the doctor explained, the results of the trace and toxic metals test with the look
in the doctor's face. They thought it must be true. Reverend Moore had been poisoned by the white killer, but they were wrong. The family listened, as the doctor explained, that it wasn't herbicide poisoning at all The reverend system showed something else. Twenty times the light dose of a sneak. How the reverend had survived the doctors didn't know, believing he must have had a seriously robots body. He's asked me bibles with FAA beyond anything night of a saying, you're, not living patient in the hospital's history, the bog. Now that I knew what was going on hold out, he would likely never regain the sensation he had lost in his hands and feet. blame confided in Reverend more system, knowledge that she was worried. She would be looked at but nowhere and Blanche went to their family pasta, reverie The James Russia to discuss their concerns, knowledge said
plain she's afraid they going to think she had something to do with it, to which the past the replied. And that's just crazy. No one would ever that about you. The hospital alerted police who arrived and questioned reverend more as you In bed, which The data earlier was looking like it was going to be deathbed. police or we knew they began to ask questions about his new broad and her past the print explained how her form a partner Raymond Rain had died in nineteen eighty six of gay on various interim immune. some disorder and thinking back, The symptoms Raymond had possessed were very similar to those hey. You just experienced the police, Continued questioning, family and friends, as well as medical staff, both hospitals at buys Hospital Raymond Reverend. I discovered a long list of similarities in that conditions.
when studying Raymond's medical fall police came across the euro. Toxicology test Raymond had almost three years earlier. They found it had been looked at by the new resident doctor at the time, but that doctor not aware significance, didn't The result of the chain of command. Raymond Rager on in the lead up to his death, try to high level of our sneak and no one knew about it. Investigators from the Alamance County, Sheriff's department notified the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation and iced Digging into branches history, The rain viewed the reverend and asked him about poisonous household products that contain ass Nick. He talk like that, before their engagement and possibly before Raymond became seriously. You plan should ask the purchase and a killer named antient anti. and contained arsenic
The police were yet to alert Blanche that she was a suspect in twice poisoning But she already knew people were looking at her and she was worried Reverend more was still in the hospital, and she arrived one morning to give him a haircut telling him be best if she cut it all off, when police arrived to take here. Samples from Dwight towards further testing by families here was all gone, something clearly anticipated, but what for didn't realize was that he's pubic it was just as good for testing. Asked. Why? If you would be innovative and share great, there were met with a friendly, demure grandmother. A devout Christian who knows the many seek lovers in her life is like lay on their death bed gasping for the last breath of life. There were particularly interested in Raymond Raid. investigators wanted to hear from Blanche how Raymond's illness came about and how it progressed. To the end,
When I was unaware of the medical file they had seen. They asked about Raymond's estate and weapon Oh, but the explanation of the humble inheritance she said she had received there Eddie spoken with Raymond Sons and what which was saying greatly differed from their story. Their investigation showed the Blanche had received around fifty thousand dollars from Raymond's estate, but also an extra forty six thousand dollars from his life insurance. The contents of a safety deposit box kept at the local bank was accessed and emptied shortly after Raymond's death and the person who visited the bank was a Thailand, in addition, there was another small site: Raymond kept at home when he access that I found my the contents gone with no explanation, top of all that police that is reverent. What more Lane Hospital Blanche and to get his pension changed social
would be the principal beneficiary question that was asked of Blanche. She had an answer for she was and her demeanour was cool she seemed unfazed she talked about both Raymond and Dwight thing depressed. She, that will be capable of taking us need to end their own lives. She said she adores also tried to tell the Reverend's daughter Debbie that her father was depressed and suicidal, but Debbie it to be untrue. Before he got sick? Reverend ball was on top of the world planning, his life with Blanche. Plain. His claims were dismissed by investigators and medical staff as the lead. The vast Nick wishing to rise throughout the torn the reverend was in hospital indicates Ongoing dosing of ask something That would be near impossible for him to do himself. Investigators couldn't shake the feeling that Blanche had something to do with the death of Raymond Rate, but then
did a to prove it So in June nineteen eighty nine they obtained a court order to achieve his body when news, the Elements County Sheriff's office was inundated with calls from people who knew Blanche. Many of them remembering the strange circumstances surrounding James Taylor Staff, the first husband. when you best thing I just looked into James is medical records, alarmed was rang out these death a heart attack. Time bed after violent, vomiting and nausea was too similar. To ignore and a It was granted for his body to be exhumed as well. Excavators arrived at Burlington's, Burlington Hill Cemetery and as media and some nosy locals watched on they dug up the two men. the press had a field day as locals whispered, the bodies were being dug out that quite plain. It landfill.
Raymond's body was exhumed. First. He was taken to the medical examiner's office in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and an autopsy was performed. The autopsy revealed a concentration of arsenic in Raymond's Raymond Letitia thirty times higher than normal. The concentration of arsenic in these brain tissue with sixty seven times higher than normal, state medical examiner concluded that Raymond died as a result of the complications of arsenic poisoning, not from Beyond baroque singer,. The arsenic levels indicated that Raymond was subjected to multiple injections of arsenic over a long period. The His wishes to have increased daily ass. He lay on his deathbed in hospital James Taylor results arrived, the medical examiner concluded that he did in fact suffered cardiac arrest, buddies, The echo rest was caused by him. Having levels of ass make any system sixty times higher than normal the.
It county sheriff's office in the north. Carolina bureau of Investigation concentrated on Raymond Rates case as they had. I doubt they had enough evidence to prove Blanche and poisoned. It Could prove Raymond case in court? There would be much easier to prove James Taylor was poisoned as well. Reverend thought. More found it impossible to believe that Blanche had anything to do with these poisoning and he can. I need to have her visit his bedside as traveled to regain the use of his hands and feet. He defended Blanche and was devastated by the rooms, But when investigators visited the reverend and told him the results of the explanations, it was no longer able to deny it. he knew then that his new broad was not the woman. He thought she was when next visit at the hospital. the marriage, was over. Bringing outside crying. on July, ninth, nineteen, ninety nine
if the right at the Mobile Home Blanche was living in with a daughter, she was arrested for the murder of Raymond rate in nineteen. Ninety six, the murder of Tyler in nineteen, seventy three and four, the attempted murder of reverend. What more all by asking poisoning. The crimes had occurred in two different counties: Raymond, he died in facade canny and James Silas Modem and the Reverend Moors attempted murder would both committed in our county. The county said the work together. But when it came to a live charges prosecutors, opted to only charge Blanche with murdering Raymond rate built their case regarding Raymond's poisoning was much stronger and issue, the James Taylor or reverend more cases at that time, when news broke Everyone was baffled, it was the town and many refuse to believe that could be true, Wages family didn't believe for one second, that she was capable of such a thing, but as the two,
spoke continued to discuss everything than you about Blanche who is now being called the black widow recalling things from her past that same strange. The Alameda County, Sheriff's department, in particular, received countless calls from members of the public and a family members of Blanche People wanted them to investigate other deaths of people who had been close to being chosen. The ease One officer said quite there was a good bit of hysteria going on at St like anyone had a family member dead who, at some point New Blanche, thought that Blanche had something to do with a death The soft canny district attorney Warrant Sparrow said that he would consider taking the death penalty branches, Ernie Mitchell Mcintyre said the blanched nor the allegations and she wanted the public to know that she was not guilty.
Following Blanche: his arrest investigators and the states chief medical examiner held a meeting where they poured over the medical records and reports of other people. We knew or were related to blame to endorse it. At the conclusion of this meeting. There was a long list upwards of thirty people whom the team concerned about. it was decided that exhumations would begin for the bodies of Blanche his father pocket cause. whom she reconciled. We finally weeks before his death Her mother in law, Tyler's mother. While I tell you he noticed and fed on her death bed and Joe Mitchell, who had worked, with Kroger's as a butcher and died under mysterious circumstances. The left her job rule that came up with was when someone excuse that didn't show signs of arsenic poisoning, they would stop The exclamations altogether. others on their way to investigate these were concerned about when they Well, Parsons, another microbes coworker fretful.
A salesman for american bakeries on events in a Craigslist customer and John Reed, a member of Reverend most church. They offer I wanted to investigate people who had become ill but survived too is being reverend more sons. Investigators got to work, investigate the bodies museum sites across the state of North Carolina brought back memories of when serial boys enough film about field. Nine is granny, so we sent the death of poisoning, her fiance as well as others purple. choice, was Ossining locution in nineteen. Ninety four made national news in nineteen, ninety nine. Carolina had a new poisoner, another suede my grandmother, another baby religious woman well thought of in the community a new black widow. according to Doktor Page Hudson, a forensic expert who worked on the case this
was where most of the poisoning cases in the? U S stemmed from at the time. In particular, points things with asked me. North Carolina was home to many of them. Dr Hudson believes this might be purely because there was public awareness about poisoning. There was a method that had caught the public's imagination as a way of killing someone. Go largely unnoticed. The press I join about Blanche and companies, cashed in on the hop surrounding the case, local chocolate Ts made insult branches homemade chocolate with the taglines. you're only one point away from Heaven and the taste you door for on the packaging was a sketch drawing of Blanche with the words It's that one secret ingredient that makes all my recipes special. Radio stations play the song called ballad of Blanche more The Blanche, his family and friends, and all the big in Spain that these were handed by the press. Meanwhile,
black widow setting jail awaiting news of the next body to be exhumed. when blinked his father Parker Causa, was achieved from Oakwood cemetery. There is It showed evidence of arsenic poisoning over sustained period of time, although snake was not database cause of death. It was a contributing factor of his heart failure just lucky, I was case all attire James's, mother and Blanche. Mother in law was not much different. arsenic was found, a contributing factor in her death as well the body of Joseph Mitchell. Your my coworker no signs of arsenic and at that point the exhumation ceased. even though there were other cases, investigators had concerns about. They believe to that. I had enough evidence to succeed at trial for the Motor of Raymond Rate, Case wasn't without its problems that affect Was requesting or discussions regarding any other alleged victims base, oppressed and with them
Context, the state's case would suffer The Judge William Freeman Road in a pre trial argument the prosecutors could discuss the Ossining poisonings of James Taylor. River what more and pocket causa in trial of Raymond raids, motor. That Judging by the foundation for the states case, they could now show a pattern of premeditated and ongoing poisonings raining ice was not an isolated incident or an accident. But the state had another problem, a big one. No one saw Blanche, Tyler, more poison, anyone there, ants was purely circumstantial. There was a man of it Nothing really tangible to prove it was her would be up to the jury to decide patrol life, ending Winston Salem Forsyth County on October 21st, one thousand nine hundred and ninety before
William Frame. The prosecution confirmed that was seeking the death penalty at the time. Most trials in the facade county courthouse were allowed to be video The courtroom was what was known as a pool camera. This any station could guy law from its fate each day. Survived every day of the six week, trawl immaculately dressed war combination of brightly coloured, tell it suits so blossoms and a string of poles She always won't, be grading glasses and had perfectly said here today, the entire trial. She barely showed any emotion. Buckling once or twice when talking about a childhood state, was represented by prosecuting attorneys, JANET Branch, Warren Sparrow and rival as JANET. French describe the victims. Doing is now a spoonful, their favorite foods by the woman. I believed loved them. She broke,
Mean tease, twas, JANET Bridge Court. Raymond raid Lane Baptist Hospital flat on his back bedsores on his back Lake Leon unable to move. teasing his eyes on the day that the woman who was killing him doesn't come Roy, because his murderer isn't coming to see him. can you imagine anything more pitiful in this whole world. And he loves her with all hot. But she's running around on him and she sleeping with What more. Atlanta's defense requested a the mistral Judah JANET's emotional lampposts, but it was denied. Second, prosecuting attorney, Vince Rival, said quote: A person who is loving caring trust being caught his exact the kind of person who would be able to give someone asked me glazed food brought from home because if they want that way let wouldn't dare ate it.
The prosecution said, Blanche had financial motive opportunity as The close relationship with age victim and made as she had knowledge of and access to Anti, which can fantastic. Medical evidence suggested that multiple doses of a sneak word ministered to the victims over a long of time as a It's the one large fatal does in each case, blades Frequently alone, with the victims often fading I'm food and drink. She had made herself many. Testimony also showed that a certain number of branches visits which she fed the victim correspondent perfect with the onset of symptoms characteristic of arsenic poisoning. The state star, witness was Reverend Dwight more it was slightly recovering, but was still unable to have full use of his hands and legs, and was aware that you smack never come back. testified that, during the summer of nineteen ninety five, it was while the Reverend Blanche recording and well
which was still in a relationship with Raymond rate. She one of the reverend to purchase an agent for her. The agreed It was for eradicating hands. Other witnesses. Also recanted times. Blanche had spoken about the killer, Wolf, a former coworker. Who now a small convenience store recall the day when Blanche came into went store in early April. Eighty nine asking if he had any anti to stalk this was is, during the time frame. Reverend was ill. Brenda Grain Am a coworker at record hearing Blanche recommend eighteen to a customer. Two inches defence attorney Mitchell Mcintyre prison Blanche is a typical southern grandmother. And divided to God. I pray His daughter, a preacher's wife, Pity epitome of wholesomeness.
He told the jury that she had nothing to do with any of the poisons starting. is absolutely no evidence to prove otherwise. The defense also had something up their sleeve your Mcintyre explained that went Blanche was in the elements, canny jail awaiting trial. She got support in the form of letters from the public. on May twenty ninth naughty naughty. She was sent a letter by a named Garvin Thomas in the letter. Thomas confessed to the murder of Raymond Ray and the attempted murder of Reverend mole he told her he would kill for her and claim he addressed up as a minister and entered the hospital rooms with the sole purpose of poisoning the victims. The letter itself ended with my darling I would like to hold you in my arms and kiss your lips, take off your clothes and lose actual content followed. back when the letter first arrived at the jail. The police were informed
investigators went to find into golf. Thomas Beyond that, the ex con drug addict had just days after letter was dated it couldn't be interviewed. He had severe diabetes and, at last, the use of eighty percent of his pancreas by the die. Carl and ensure a jailer with the Elements County Sheriffs Department testified that a man carrying a teddy bear and sorting his name is governed Thomas attempted to Is it Blanche in jail? He had done so much roaming, his wife and heard so many people that he wanted to start doing some good to write the wrongs. The me claiming to be governed. Thomas, went on to say that Blanche more had not done the thing she was accused of doing anything. if he had hurt her and her family and he was worry about all that the the commission question claims that govern Thomas had visited Blanche. Now could recall the severe speech impediment that Thomas had something Which is hard to ignore when you met him
his impediment meant that he's tongue hung at sight of his mouth and it made it difficult to understand his word. No one bike spoke to the man who is claiming to be God. Thomas could remember this at all. Carbon Thomas's, half sister Johnny stated that govern had told by fur and her husband. But he was writing letters to Blanche in jail, did meet to being in love with her and having an obsession with her for many years, even though we didn't know her and had never met her. He also developed an id. He thought he would write her love letters and hoped she would write, love letters back to him. He could then sell the letters to the newspapers. Joining, had evidence of her half brothers, handwriting and signature, and there was differences between he's writing and The confession might supposedly written by him Tom, examiner for the State Bureau of Investigation was called to the trial to testify on the confession letter, he believed Garvin Thomas, didn't The letter at all.
there were some very unique things, Fanny blinkers handwriting that also showed up on the confession: letter apparently written by governed Thomas. Billina had a habit of double crossing her taste and double during her eyes. These two, unique characteristics, appeared in the confession, letter out another thing. Blanche naturally did in her own handwriting was abbreviate. The word received To our say. Apostrophe day this so appeared in the confession. Butter. Tom Curren testified. There were enough similarities to suggest the Blanche right: the confession letter herself. Used gardens name as it had been sending her love letters in jail, And when she found out he had died, she decided he would make for the perfect scapegoat. Write the letter and sounded in his name. Bridge
the staying in her own defence. She was quiet and composed. She didn't hesitate on any question asked of her. She answered them as if she had heard them before when asked whether she poisoned Raymond Raid, her father, and both of her husbands, when said quote jail for sixteen months of cried myself to sleep every night, but did not kill Raymond Raid, but I know anything about auntie. I know there was arsenic in those men but I didn't put it then she did not having anything to do with the making of Raymond will contradicting statements of numerous witnesses. She also denied taking food or drink into hospital for Raymond. The hospital records and the witness testimonies of several nurses, who had been on duty contradicted Blanchett storing according to nice, is planned. making Raymond Food was a day. Occurrence HMM
the conclusion of the trial. The prosecution ended on the following words, but This is about a woman who white of the fruit from the tree of knowledge Of good and evil became as a God taking upon herself the power of deciding who shall live in. shall. When Blanche, his lawyer Mitchell Mcintyre, gave these closing statement. He remarked, the jury, quite The judge will tell you that good character A good name, that's built, but good character traits is to be considered by you. The more or less but a person with good trite and a good name is less way to engage in criminal conduct. after the six week draw on November 14th, one nineteen nine. The jury took six hours to reach a verdict. the court's pool camera rolling
pushing law with tv channels breaking from their regular schedules. The broadcasting, As the court was about to begin, the doors were locked, something It was always done during a death penalty case, twelve With guns flooring, the rows of seats in the doors as the unanimous guilty verdict for the first. The gray matter of Raymond rate was ready. Tyler more sad expressionless The jury gave their recommendation for sentencing and the judge agree with him. On January. I dont naughty naughty one. Tyler Moore was sentenced to death by lethal injection as the words echoed across the courtroom, the camera focused firmly on one person Blanche closed their eyes tilted her head back slightly in maths, to us off one state. It stated afterwards. Woods
but I see how anybody could have sat in that courtroom saw the evidence given heard the defense and not with anything different than weight. He's. What I care if it was us, twelve, the next twelve or one hundred and twelve people down the road. I think the decision would have been the same. Please never stood triumph for the deaths of a father pocket causa her first husband, James Tyler, her mother in law, littler offer the iter of Edmodo second husband, Reverend Dwight Mall already decided not to draw her, because I felt it wasn't worth the effort to win more ready to get someone already sentenced to death Well, she plight, if any in the deaths of several other speculated. Victims is unknown. brains were sent to the North Carolina Correctional institution for women She appeared numerous times.
she argued that the judge was wrong to allow evidence pertaining to the other cases to be heard in the trawl for Raymond's murder. It was also alleged that judge framing socialized inappropriately with tours She lost stage appeal, but the this process hold off her execution day. Almost Three decades later, still remains on death row when a Blanche, his brothers, same causa, stood by her during her arrest and trawl obesity, does guilt or innocence same said. Quite I know some people believe she's guilty and got what he deserved. the stand, how they feel We had a family member, it seemed to. It's easy to form opinions on what we re when all those bodies were being exceeded. I've told her. I want the truth. in natural experiences with her. She couldn't have done it. I've have never had her hesitate when I asked her. If she did, she told me if I did
and kept covering it up. That's seem too, and I won't get on that gurney with a line on my lips. in two thousand and ten interview with w x oil, twelve tv in Winston Salem Reverend What more who went on to Re Mary said he still suffered tremors in his hands and weakness in his legs. He also said he had no objection to his ex wife seeking to have a death sentence overturned reverend what more died of natural causes in two thousand and thirteen Blanche, Tyler Moore, is no way four years old. She still maintains her innocence. To this day, The people of Burlington were left wondering if there was more to blades Tyler more than I ever knew, of those other suspicious debts. Still whole family members Even old age is lighter.
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