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Case 73: The Lady in the Barrel

2018-01-17 | 🔗
On September 15 1878, three teenage boys were tending to cattle in the woods near Silver Lake in Staten Island when they discovered a wooden barrel sticking out of the mud. Excited about the potential treasure that lay within, they frantically dug at the barrel with sticks. ---  Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched and written by Anna Priestland This episode's sponsor: The Alienist – New TV mystery drama based on a novel by Caleb Carr For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-73-lady-barrel
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into the mysterious lady in the barrel murder case for meeting seventy eight in Staten Island New York The air episodes deal with serious and often distressing. and if you feel at any time you need support. Please contact your local cross, a centre for suggested phone numbers for confidential support. Play they destroying nights for this episode on your app or on our website. This episode briefly mentioned incidence of death, mutilation and abortions. Nothing is covered extensively, but plays listen at your discretion.
One say saw grace but Christina residing on one full of the roses. Unmindful of the thought. I read that tired reposes among these gathered cool, so mine eye to the moon. Cod is the code. December is passed as the days that said, while Langley One remembers and all the rest forget, but one remembers yet.
September 15th one thousand eight hundred and seventy eight was a cooler than average died. New York, a New York so we brace blue as three young teenage boys tended cattle in the woods, nay, silver like just off the midday, a cow stride, one of the boys crossed the ravine after the grand muddy and so be under his feet before he reached the girl, his foot sank deep into the mud and ass. He looked down. He noticed this. We all had been freshly moved on closer inspection. He saw a large rock and the round unmistakable features of a wooden barrels. Sticking out from the earth washed away enough by rain and weather the barrel. now visible through the mud. The boy called to friends over and they all stood around excited. The seeming night found great treasure.
Digging madley at the battle with sticks. The three boys pride, the nod from around the barrel poaching and poking into a stick, hit an object that was not gold or treasure. Is that hope the barrelhead be newly sworn in half an hour to cross the siphoning and Todd with a blank. The drug was it swollen face of Brussels carpet which the boys prades Ali from the barrel, as I pulled it more of the carpet that we shoved inside something fell out a human arm Frightened the boys ran almost a mile to new brought in by thy track down, constables, William, shame and John Hope, Daniel Dempsey, was also informed As the coroner arrived at the same all of the earth, the barrel was removed, as was the fifty pants dying which had been placed on talk to conceal
by this time the crowd congregated and the officers did what they could to hold them back. Dr William Wowzer. A visit, From you brought in a raft and together, hey the car now and the police pulled the cop it out from the barrel entirely inside. I found the naked and partially decomposed body of a woman wrapped in a two one win and shake and knocking on and an empty salt back to being used is padding to tape a buddy in place. The rounds were folded across a chest and flattened against the shoulders. She was doubled up in an overextended fetal position bent forward between her knees. The flesh on her face was gone, as were her rivals, leaving a harrowing image in the minds of all who stood there doktor, William Wells, I didn't examination and he's observer Fission, whereas were as follows: female between twenty five and thirty years of age
Luxurious brown hair neatly brushed back in a long braid, no obvious marks of violence, floppy abdomen, as if she had died soon after childbirth, from a state of decomposition. It was believed she had been buried for several weeks carnage, Mc Dempsey, jewelry jury on the spot, presumably from the crowd that was standing around watching He then ordered the woman's body be taken to West bright and more to refer, nor Turkey as the autopsy started. Whispers circled, Staten Island of the beautiful woman found squeezed into a barrel with face almost completely decomposed. Her age was estimated from her bone source and other features. She was no jewelry and no clothing. Apart from the nightgown shoved into the barrel,
Her hair was in a mature condition, luckily brushed every day, implanted into a bright, almost too faint, long, It's alone was enough for them to believe she was not a poor unkempt woman, The only other identifiable feature was the two rows of perfect white takes If the woman lived and worked on the streets, they would have expected to say teeth. Much less cared for the northern and cloth found around her naked body with such righted, with chloride of lawn. Also name is chloroform. It was believed obeying placed with the body to keep the woman unconscious in case she was not dead and woke up inside the barrel. It was possible that the car
reform, could have certain into her air, which would make a hare appeared. Dhaka said I had to consider the possibility that the woman may have had lotta colored ground here to what they saw in death. Another mixture quicklime had been levied on her face to burn away her features and render her unrecognizable, whoever buried her was determined to conceal her identity and speed up the process of day composition. The one thing I kept going back to was the flabby skin on the woman's stomach that soon she had given birth shortly before her death, but upon further examination they discovered the truth. She was pregnant, but hadn't given birth. Yet there was a fetus approximately eight months old.
There had been a number of suspicious debts in the area in recent times, Judah botched unqualified abortions, Bain Cardio, Doktor Wells and Colonel Dempsey believed the woman in the barrel had followed the same path possibly dying from internal hemorrhaging. After an unsuccessful attempt at ending her pregnancy, a slight fracture, the temporal bone on the right side of the woman's head was discovered after further examination. However, doktor, William Rouser and his son, Dr William, was a junior concluded Heading Jerry, was inflicted after death. The final conclusion was that she was at the start. Prematurely delivering the baby and died from severe hemorrhaging, but the question remains: who was she there was no record of a missing woman in the area that matched her description. So steps were taken.
To identify her the best way they knew how in nineteen seventy eight they let people into the mall to view her body to see if they knew her. Unfortunately,. A lot of people went just out of sheer curiosity, not because they thought that would recognize her drives. People visited the morgue, but no identification was made Current Dempsey concluded that the woman couldn't have been a resident of Staten Island for any length of time. If she was a resident of Staten Island at all. She could have been from anywhere and made her way to Staten Island for the abortion of her almost full time baby, a practice which the coroner and the physicians new was risky at best The current Dempsey started to wonder if they would ever identify the woman. In the nineteenth century. Staten Island Silver Lake Park was a bustling recreational area.
at the time was a large fresh pond created from a natural underground spring, which had formed during the ice age advertised. It's the most desirable place for picnic, something I want. It was famous for fishing Voting in the mountain months and our skating in the winter there was To say no and saloon bar on the light shore, along with the rest in a hotel service. Holiday. Holidaymakers and local visitors who found the parks of Brooklyn and Manhattan too far to travel to boss was harvested during the winter and stored in a cool place until the summer when it would be sold back into the local community. This practice continued for a further thirty years past the summer of eighteen near the surrounding land was First hall and the farms were never showed. A border word spread quickly. If the woman in the barrel
from quiet whispered in the saloon bar on the shore Silverlake to the stores and street corners of west brought him to the West and Stapleton to the east. People could speak of nothing else. Word had broken out that the woman was of great physical beauty, which added fuel to the already burning gossip via a newspaper, ran stories of the discovery in gruesome data from the new terms to publications in Nashville Tennessee. Almost a thousand miles away. The mystery of the woman in the bureau in Trade, like few of the mysteries of the time As you spread, current Dempsey was contacted by numerous people, believing they knew who the mysterious woman was. What began was an open door to the dark corners of New York state where young women seem to have gone missing on the so many unusual circumstances that the authorities were unable to keep up.
It started when Mr Lewis, rake from Clifton arrived at current, is more tree and asked to say the body. The coroner blood. In eighteen. Seventy eight. If a person walked off the street And was willing to look at a body and there was hope it could help solve the case to a formal identification. It was allowed with minimum questions asked. Lewis Ray explained the current dempsey with much guilt that the year He had been intimate with a young woman named Murphy movie. To marry her the Delay Clifton in search of work in New York City, which was able to briefly returned Clifton a month earlier and he saw Ellen. she told him. She was seven months pregnant on September sixth, just nine days before discovery of the woman in the barrel Lewis.
And at the House where Elam was working as a servant to foreign she had disappeared, apparently because her pregnancy had progressed too far to work. Lewis searched everywhere for her. He managed to find her clothes trunk and some other personal items but not her. When he heard of the woman found in the barrel, his heart felt it had to be heard. He was worried. The being pregnant out of wedlock and with no income Ellen may have sorted doktor to interpret it see shading quiet about it before and being turned away. But maybe she had found a willing doctor and die during the procedure Louis said, Ellen had long light brown hair that she often wore in a long plat, and he confirmed she had perfect teeth. Carnea Dempsey, escorted Louis to the poorhouse cemetery. Those stood. side of the unmarked grave as a grave digger put a spade into the earth over and over until the box was brought up.
The woman's decomposing remains were laid out on the grass in broad daylight. The only thing to identify her was the to fade plot of hair and a perfect set of what teeth. That's her Louis, cried Dick until by her teeth, Louis broke down in a fit of tease, inconsolable. The Dempsey wasn't so sure. Two Louis's description Ellen had much logic, Than the woman in the barrel, Denton knew there was the chance that the chloroform had seeped into the victim's hair and darkened, but he wasn't convinced. The remains of the woman in the barrel were right, buried and Louis, it was ordered to testify at the inquest before the coroner's jury. After hearing Lewis's story, the jury Then heard four million Murphy's landlady to test that quit a job and left with a clothes trunk from the 30th of August saying she was
back to Ireland for two or three months but Louis and found her clothes trunk. So where was Ellen Massey was at her in the barrel still not convinced current Dempsey continued. His investigation, more and more people came forward each with their own twist. and sometimes scandal stories of missing daughters, loved ones and friends all requested to view what was left of the mysterious woman's corpse. Most of them were unable to positively identify the woman in the barrel that some did. George Hummel of Saugerties New York visited the Poorhouse House cemetery. With his wife, they were convinced the woman the bureau was their daughter. Any humble. after hearing the humble story, colonel dent,
He ordered the woman's body to bake seemed once again. There was starting to become a common occurrence. George Humble explained that the prior eighteen, seventy seven at the age of thirteen, his daughter and went to work in the home of a wealthy couple in saugerties, the wife fell ill. Was moved to New York City for treatment with his wife out of the house on any and by the end of that got her pregnant. without the knowledge of unease, parents, the husband said Annie suffering with dropsy and sent her to New York City for treatment too, and he was never seen again. and when his parents heard about the mysterious woman in the barrel, there were convinced that was her doctor
Elsa had initially determined to the woman, was Ih twenty five to thirty, but that determination was far from an exact science. You, one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine Karna Dempsey was open to the possibility that the body could be certain you're out any Elmo. Once again, the little that remain, the woman's body was dug out from the earth. Upon his first glimpse of the bride of Hair George Hummel exclaimed, it was any contained his wife Barbicane. The current considered, it might have been any homer. But there was really no way to know for sure. Is that had now been two completely different, positive identifications so who was wrought or where they both wrong?. Shortly after Carnea Dempsey received a letter from animals, charred would physician the let us down. Did that any had suffered a fracture to the rest of her right arm at seven years of age, if the right,
John behalf of the corpse was able to show evidence of the fracture. There would be no doubt it was Annie and mystery would be solved. Current Dempsey, a great to seem the body again, George Hummel, his attorney and unease childhood physician wearing attendants and took the great big is about half an hour to bring the coffin to the surface, a roughly removed from that date. Pit and loosened The talk with the hatchet, it was only one way to check if there was a fracture one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight Madame sees instructions. The doctors cut off by farms, the times were taken to an outbuilding attached to the cemetery that was built for the purpose of removing flesh from bones.
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Eleven days after the woman in the barrel was found, the New York Times printed an article about the investigation that had hit a dead end quote. Although Coroner Dempsey, Staten Island has filed thus far to solve the mystery veiling new identity of the woman whose dead body was found in a barrel with silver like he has in the Investigation at least six They did in revealing greening skeletons in the closets of several households in a day into the stories of Ellen Murphy and Danny Hummel. The car has now in his possession nearly a dozen letters from Friends of young women who have left their homes under similar circumstances and have not been heard from again a local jobs was touched on. The sad state that had unfolded quite
is a terrible commentary upon law in and around the metropolis that it would almost feel a volume to tell of the missing goes by and low beautiful, implying, educated and done The involved in ruin sought by anxious friends and parents cases of awful mystery. Some of that sad interest. The terrible remains of crime. At the end of September, two weeks after the woman in the barrel was found, a local man named August came out, came forward. hey tell police that he saw a man in the woods near Silver Lake Staten Island on July 20th, one thousand eight hundred and seventy eight The man he saw was pushing a wheelbarrow with a barrel in it mean that all the soul Edward Reinhardt, just pointed Reinhard out to police after he heard about the woman in the barrel, but they didn't follow up
Braun. Hardly don't Broome Street lower Manhattan with his new was pulling. It MA married since July. having nothing from the police. Auguste came. I approached the coroner Dempsey and told him what he saw. Coroner Dempsey was hopeful that he had finally found a witness. on October third eighteen. Seventy eight, Dempsey and Olga's visited Reinhart House so August. Form of identification. That Reinhardt was the man he saw with a barrel, but Silverlake STAT, Norman Braun had let them inside and acknowledge that he had lived. tat. No one can talk of law. You'd running It is thought on, go straight now, broad straight in stable. But he moved to lower Manhattan when he married his wife pulling in July. Current a dempsey was direct
and asked Reinhardt whether he had buried a barrel, what Silverlake Bernhard emphatically denied it He said the only Barrow he moved around. That time was the day he moved out of the candy July. Twenty ass. He moved a barrel full of crockery in a wheelbarrow to assist this house. After further questioning, current Dempsey learned that Reinhardt was in a relationship with a woman named Marian Kagan before he met his wife boy. Braun had said he was doing touch with marrying and he gave the car addresses for where she might be the in the coroner went to find her. There was no price of anyone bought that name the car. turned and arrested on suspicion of complicity
was told he would be appearing at the inquest next duration and was transported back to that Non Bernhard was pulling. Did my was shocked by her husband arrest and wondered what was going on. Pulling had met Reinhard at his mother's house earlier that you in New York, New Jersey living nearby pulling had got to know his mother. Well change. Reinhard company and accepted is offered to take out all Braun had been so of previous relationships and pulling didn't ask when he asked her to marry him pulling, didn't hesitate. They married on July thirteen eighteen, seventy eight and moved, right into Broome Street lower Manhattan the week after they marriage Braun. How toppling he needed to go and settle some things back on step Norman,
Calling went to visit him on Staten Island later that week, but she couldn't locate him. A few days after Reinhardt arrest pulling was visited by Coroner Dempsey into police officers. Another family had come forward to current Dempsey and claimed that the woman in the barrel was their daughter. Marianne Dignan Marian Dignan had been missing, since law. What court Dempsey attention immediately was the name Marryin Dignan Bron Hoddan call Dempsey that, before he's managed to pull lane, he was a woman named Marianne, Teigen Dempsey, sensors. We're on how I love it. Don't listen to this. Marianne Degnan parents gave a description of her that bore a chilling resemblance to the mysterious woman. In the barrel they told Dempsey. Marianne was from Newark New Jersey and she was married
married to a man who ran a candy store in Stapleton Staten Island. They the local Marion's husband to safe. He knew anything about her disappearance, but he had packed up and moved. I couldn't find him anyway, his name. It would run out. Marion Dignan became Marian Reinhard at Saint Paul church. He knew on November twenty four. I think. Seventy seven they lived with landlords, his tenants in a house Marion's parents had not seen or heard from her since early July, only awake before Reinhard married Kuwait. When current Dempsey broke the news to Paul, she allowed him to bring Mary Ann's mother to her house for a meeting was alarmed at the allegation and she real There was little she really knew about her husband. She was willing, They help Marian smother anyway. She could.
the story of Edward RON and Maryann RON Kautz well heard the story, she retrieved her own marriage certificate and there was Little annoying that Edward Reinhart had married her, while he married to Marianne, Play ninety four juice: some of the belongings that RON Tata transported from Staten Island, including a salted oil cost table cover. when MRS Degnan saw the autumn, she described the patent that would be found on when I opened it. She knew this because it was her daughter's tablecloth. The same thing happened when Lane brought out an actual and other items, but it was. until the office is prompted pulleyn with their own questions that the true horror of the situation became apparent.
When asked, if Edward Reinhart had ever given Paul Lane in a jury, pool Lane produced a small gold ring with two love hearts, something he had given her after they wed misses, degnan gasp, that's my Mary Anne's wedding ring On I type in northern I, seventy eight, the coroner's jury said again. Cited whispers and rumours of pleasure, had swept walk, wildfire and word was there that there could be an outcome that day an almost deathlike When has provided the crowded corridors of Liberty Hall in New Brighton Staten Island as current Dempsey to be safe, the coroner had side stories, eleven New York State and that day his face was more downcast than before
as if the white of a check summation of the body set heavily on his mind when Edward on her, was brought in and say that neither jury the crowds. Angrily in his direction, and some people had b score today out before order could be restored after his arrest police had uncovered information that Edward Reinhardt had spent a year and a half in the New Jersey State prison for stealing two thousand dollars. Whether of furs from his former employer. and soon after being released, he was improve and again on another stealing charge. The coroner's jury Jerry her that around the third wake of September eighteen, seventy eight awake after them in the borough, was found Edward Reinhardt paid a visit to his mother in law, Marion's mother, MRS Dignan, and asked the borrowing money. Braun had told Missus Dignan that adored Marryin was expecting a child and I needed some cash to help them alone.
Mrs Dignan asked him how Marianne was and he said she was tip top. The first person to be called to the stand was MRS Pauline Reinhard. She was dressed in old black as if in mourning she cast. The reproachful look in her husband's direction before moving her eyes down and appearing visibly up said she could find the way in which he met her husband and the strange weight that followed wedding. She explained how she had traveled to Staten Island to saying that wake, but he was nowhere to be found. Lean described to the core hell off the coroner Dempsey First visit just before her husband's arrest She saw her husband, roll up a pace of Brussels carpet that they had lying on the floor. He put the face of carpeting to a basket and walked out the door when he returned. He didn't have the carpet with him and she never saw it again. Brussels carpet is what was found in the barrel with the body,
when asked if she knew any woman, but the name is marrying taken him Reinhard. said he was with pride. Marrying her pulling such never heard of nor met anyone of that night. She also tell the court that the first she heard of her husband stay in prison for stealing. Was that day. It was much she didn't know about him Edward and Marion Reinhardt, Staten Island Landlords, MR and MRS Holborn then took the stand. Edward and Marianne were a volatile couple. The landlords, often overheard arguments were merry and would say: Reinhardt had ruined her and he would risk in vision pursed until her. He was tired of her and she was nothing but a on more than one occasion, her husband, The evening of July nineteen was the last time the landlord saw or heard for Marian.
The following morning I heard Reinhardt cooling out to his wife that you needed to get up and get going to her mother's, but I didn't hear her respond later that died, throwing up again moving property from the house. He told the landlord her mother's place an old, so Reinhardt willing at a barrel that was covered with a piece of carbon. others also saw Reinhardt, pushing a barrel and a wheelbarrow and when it broke under the white, he borrowed another and continued his journey. This was the same day that the first witness who came forward Auguste Tina, said he so Reinhardt with the barrow in the woods by silver, like. upon Reinhardt returned to the house. The landlords thought he seemed to know simply com, relaxed and happy. When he was asked to Spain
It would run hard insisted that he was married while living on Staten Island he still claimed, but he had lived with a girl by the name of marrying taking Braun had claimed. The marrying Kagan was also pregnant and was very much alive living in Manhattan, and he could get her to come before the court is Jerry whenever you wished on how to explain. She left him and move to the city on July 20t cuz of his refusal to marry her, but there were many witnesses who could prove Reinhardt was lying and decide when enough is marriage certificate. the marriage certificate was produced for all to see Edward Reinhard, married Marian Dignan, they became Marianne run out there was Such person is marrying Kagan, going out with a hopeless lie. try and explain away the barrel and wheelbarrows Reinhardt said he often
wheelbarrows for the candy store and was pushing two silver light that day to collect firewood. The physician, Doktor, William Wowzer, took a stand and confirmed the manner in which he found the body as well as his autopsy findings. What current Dempsey wanted to know was if Mary in Reinhardt died in the act of childbirth, as was the initial conclusion. Bored on at the hands of abortionists or natural, premature labor, How did the landlords? Not? He won sound, no screams of agony, nothing. The doctors shocked the court room by explaining that yes he still believed that death occurred during childbirth, but He no longer accepted the theory that her skull fracture had a code off to this. Nor did he accept that she thought of hemorrhaging, as he originally determined duck to wells. Auto quote
The compression of the nerves at the base of the skull undoubtedly caused death within fifteen minutes and prevented the Went from making any outcry or struggle, there was the only cause of death. The defence loudly objected stating that doctor must have examined a completely different skull to the one found in the barrel and silver, like both the wealth of replied, but soon to myself that here my fate as such or set on the floor, leaning against these chair. At that moment, the entire court Wednesday. the back, knowing that you saw it, was the skull of the mysterious woman in the barrel. Do everyone nail the legs with Mary Ann Rinehart died in
the court. What remained of Marianne Rinehart once again assumed was presented for the final Tom to a family wishing to claim her for their own misses Degnan staring at a braid of hair and a few tattered pieces of knock down confirm for the court that they belonged to her daughter and with that current Dempsey was set Sport, that the mystery was solved. A man tide of one was killed her and their unborne charm and attempted to slide silently into a new off the following day. Edward Reinhardt was put before the judge where he pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder. His criminal trawl, initially set for that December was postponed until my Itunes. Seventy, nor, at the request of the district attorney,
on hot, was refused by all and kept in jail that die while Reinhardt was facing the judge. The jail caper entity cell to conduct an inspection, and he instantly knew something was amiss, not for Reinhardt had removed. The spark shaped piece of iron that held the foot of the bunk to the wall. They'd also taken out the nails that held it in place. This allowed the bunk to be moved away from the wall. It became evident very quickly that Reinhart was planning to pick a hole through the wall into the adjoining cell, which was not only empty, but the door was white It was also discovered the pulling Reinhardt had been climbing up on a barrel outside Edward Reinhardt, so window, and I were we're doing gauging whispered conversations without detection runner was put on extra watch. In my eighteen, seventy nine the case was presented to a grand jury, Edward
Going out was represented by defence lawyer, William Power. funded other accused murderers in many a sensational trawl at the time. The jury were advised by the judge to decide by the Marines death was of natural causes during childbirth. Bore issue was killed at the hands of her husband. Edward Reinhardt change the story. The criminal trial put Mary and RON Howard on the morning ferry to Manhattan, that an unnamed doktor to obtain medicine. In order to aboard her baby Marian returned tat evening. The following day,
Edward Reinhardt said, Marianne fell ill with terrible stomach pains after taking medicine. He said she thought between eleven p M in MID, knowing that knowing Braun HOT claimed that he panic and thought he would be held responsible for her death and possibly charged with criminal malpractice. So we tried to hide her by bearing her in the woods of silver. Like he said, the fracture on her skull occurred when he was taking on a silver like. According to him, she fell from the barrel and her head struck a rock. When all the evidence was heard, the judge proposed the following questions to the jury had Reinhardt beside his affections on another woman. Did he have to watch any change and was they motive to rid himself of the first? With these predicament motive for the Crow What's was a desirable on his part to get rid of his first wife, you, the jury shall decide.
The jury retired at nine thirty. I am and took just forty minutes to reach a verdict. Reinhardt was brought back into the court and passed one of the jurors standing in a single lawn facing the bar and the judge, the shit the sudden. Just forty minutes prior when you walk you point by another jury, Pennell ready to sit on another case, the candy clerk. I roll call of the and a change individual. Wait today night. was Austin Ross before the jury. He was asked to look upon them and now upon him, many jurors struggled and kept their eyes facing down the cliff. Said Kelce you, gentlemen, is the prisoner at the bar,
guilty or not guilty of the crime of murder charged in the indictment. There was a painful pause as no jury. Member knew who had been elected foreman. They all looked at one another uncomfortably before someone finally spoke up. We find him guilty of murder. In the first degree, the verdict was unanimous. The district attorney called for immediate sentencing, the judge directed Reinhardt, who had fallen in his chair to stand before him. Here. Jim, if he had any reason why sentencing should not be pass that day, Reinhardt stood holding his chair three times. He went the spake, but nothing came here. I finally was able to speak. He continued a long monologue of his innocence, the judge, let him speak with no interruption. The entire court was completely
Fallen, except for the monitoring words of Edward Reinhardt. At the conclusion of his speech, the judge didn't hesitate for a single second before delivering sentence be hanged on July Eleven 11th this year? Seventy nine between non and two clock, Reinhardt was taken down to the job, so he called for his wife pulling, but she refused to go to him. A year and a half out to hit buddy was found at Silver Lake in buried in an unmarked grave Marianne's family. Where I am finally lay her rest in peace at the Holy cross. Cemetery in Brooklyn in the main
ron how to get lucky. When the judge granted a writ of era and a stay of proceedings, the case would go to the court of appeals. The stage dragged on until December, one thousand eight hundred and ninety when Reinhardt face Diesel fuel, the court of appeal sustained his conviction, and he was again sentenced to death by hanging, his execution was ordered to take place on January. Fourteen and ninety one. as Richmond County, waited with anticipation for reinharts execution. The prison prepared the gallows the gallows where the wooden scaffolding or frame used for execution by hanging these gallows were erected in a purpose built thirty square foot enclosure on the eastern side of the jowly out. The hanging was closed to the general public. Only ticket holders were granted If you were born January 14th, one thousand eight hundred and ninety one twenty six year old
Drawn hard faced is followed by the day famous source of huge celebration across Staten Island cabins. the celebrated from the early hours. People fought for tickets to see the hanging that Marianne's family made no effort to attend the night before Reinhardt had stayed up until five am conversing with prison guards and reporters. He seemed cheery and joked with them, as if the day was not the base. Last rain fell hard. That money deterring many of the matting crowd from attending has Tom drew nearer Reinhart, although born Catholic refused a visit from a catholic priest instead accepting a baptist clergyman to remain with him until his moment of death, the clergyman stood at the gallows and pride in hushed. Slow tones as the heavy in Bedelia
I would fell hard on onto all those in the yard, as Edward Reinhardt was brought out with the black cap on his head, the rain drenched him as he looked upon the crowd with barely and expression. He didn't say a word as the praise of the clergyman came to an end and the cloth was drawn down ivory spice. The offices beside him shook his hand and for beneath the cap it could be heard the site goodbye immediately. The trap was sprung and Reinhardt dropped down about forfeit. He swayed a few moments as if lifeless then tried to raise his hands. He pressed his nails into his palms struggled a little and died.
The story you just told, was inspired by the alienist
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It's why Dave's killer bread, they proudly practice. Second chance employment, hiring the best person for the job, regardless of criminal background and by the taste of it. Things have worked out rather well, Dave's killer, bread, bread amplified, there's only one place to find the most recognized brand and carpet stainmaster, and that's it. Loews right now get free basic installation with the purchase of stainmaster carpet and pad for ninety nine or more loaves home to any budget home. To any possibility. Install available in store only requires non refundable site assessment. Fee is credited in the final project price about three loaves. More charges may apply not available in all areas: the lowes dot com for details, exclusions and licensure, valid to nineteenth for thirteen us only
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