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Case 75: Graeme Thorne

2018-01-27 | 🔗
On June 1 1960, Sydney resident Bazil Thorne received a phone call informing that he’d just won one hundred thousand pounds in a Sydney Opera House Lottery. Bazil couldn’t believe his ears – he’d never won anything of significance before. ---  Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched and written by Anna Priestland Additional research by Bonnie Lavelle Robinson For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-75-graeme-thorne
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Today's episode deals with a crime committed against a child that won't be about four always needs. The on June. First, nineteen sixty thirty seven year old basil thorn was four hundred and fifty km from Sydney's Bondi Beach, where he rented a flat with his family. He was in the small town of Canada in the northeast of New South Wales,. Doesn't work on. The road is a traveling salesman in partnership with his father and was often away His wife Frida was at home with a three year old, daughter, Belinda and their right you're out some grain who attend school, Scots College in Bellevue Hill, just north of bundle. The thorns also had an older daughter, Cheryl, who was born with a disability and permanently cared for in an institution. It was an ordinary wait for the salt, with buzz along the road and freight or at home. Looking after the family
Basel was running orders in the storing Gonna die when a newspaper report a cold looking for him, he picked, the receiver, and within this the report told him he just won the lottery at first, basil didn't believe it. Though, when the man on the other end read out a number of the winning ticket and the name of the syndicate basil When cultural level, Friday's in his stomach the ability to speak. He struggled to finish writing the orders he was making and had to accept the help of a few people around him as of dawn had just one one hundred thousand pounds the currency of the time in nineteen sixty in two thousand and eighteen, that would equivalent to around two point, eight million a strongly endorse. Basel had only border through peons lottery ticket a few times before small wins five or ten pounds here and there the discord he looked down at his winning lottery ticket. He taught the grass
just how significantly he and his family's life was about to change. the. Initial projections for both built on and funding for the construction of the Sydney opera House were grossly underestimated. What had originally been thought to take four years to build at a total cost of around seven million pounds became Fourteen million lb, TAT, while state government realised that needed much more money to complete the project. After running several unsuccessful funding campaigns. They set up the opera, ass lottery First, lottery ticket was sold in November nineteen, fifty seven and
Destruction of the opera House began in March naughty Fifty nine. The opera house lottery was still running in nineteen sixty when Basil went frayed a thorn unexpectedly one in the process, gets at the time was three pounds in them: The prize was one hundred thousand pounds. We what weather front page news in Sydney Insta were also splashed across newspapers around the country. bustles flock came into Charles King, said Psmith Airport in Sydney. He was good They bought three report is ready to fight a graph him for the paper. Basil was humble and then use had yet the sinking he taught The report is that he wasn't going to get too excited. He spoke Putting the winnings fixed bank deposit until they got used to having so much money he vowed, he wouldn't get reckless and said quote. I believe in the saying charity, begins in the home and enjoying intend to make this more policy.
Basil had a lot to consider and was thinking about others. He was in a business partnership with his father and wasn't prepared to leave him in the lurch. Indeed, daughter Cheryl, who was in permanent care also had they considered. afraid. I didn't know that house this win, I could never afford one but they didn't want to make any rash decisions. As reporters is watched on thirty seven year old basil thorn got into a taxi at the airport and headed for. the following morning. The headlines read one Thousand pound win to you to retire and when results were printed. so too, were the street addresses of the winners. For family, who had just one big, the thorns continued law is normal in the waste that followed continued working on the road. eight year old, Graham went off to school and free. I stayed home with three year old Belinda.
The thorns wind was no secret, but for them things Remained the same. After applying to have a telephone line put into their flat back in March, they finally received the number two months later in may MID June. It still and connected So instead of report is finding the Thorn household There was an unusual for there to be a lot of knocks on. They do on June, Fourteenth nineteen sixty just after dinner, radio is standing in the kitchen when she heard a knock. She used to be a man. But it was unusual to get a visit at that light. Fraid. It was often home alone during the week with Basel on the road. But this not. She was glad. Buzzer was home. She answered the door to a man who introduced himself as a private investigator. He said he was looking for a man named Wagner
mighty spite of the door and, after a short discussion, the thorns we're confident he had the wrong address. they recommended, he go and see the lady in the upstairs flat who in the building for about twenty years. That the private investigator was adamant that it was the thorns flat he was looking for. He put it a small black notebook and asked the phone number he had recorded was theirs. Considering that phone was still awake away from being connected I thought it was unusual that he had got a new number correct. Asked how he had gotten their number. He said he had ways and means to do so. basil and freighter assumed the private investigator had just made a mistake nothing more of it after he left. Just you of one month later on July. Seventh, one seventh, nineteen sixty. Cup and go Graham ready for school.
Does it was on the road again this time working in Tennessee in country, new, South Wales,. Frida had arrangement with a friend of hers, Phyllis Smith, to take. The school age morning for said two young sons of her own. Its goes college. At eight thirty. I am M gray, Scots College Uniform holding me sixteen inch school case with his name on the corner in gold letters. Program kissed his mother goodbye and walked out of his or flat on Edward Straight wonder. He walked a few houses on that wood street before he turned on the Wellington street It was busy at that time of day with is hurrying in and out of under age morning. Phyllis me, picked grime up in her Holden Station wagon on the corner of Wellington and O'Brien Straight out, the front the corner store the Athens crime had the walk from home to the corner store was I about two hundred and seventy made its
Lot to get there a little early, so he could pop in and buy some potato chips and have a chat. caper enjoyed Grimes visits each morning and said the following:. Dilaudid comes in every morning and gets a package of chips saying. I'll have the same today. Mister. Will he comes in about quarter past? I will perhaps lighter He had been doing at every morning for the past couple of months as regular is clockwork. Sometimes he has a young with me and, if you to know anything, he asked me straight here. he's pretty out in the head for his age. After speaking to the shopkeeper grind, Well, go outside sit on top of the school case, and white for Phyllis Smith, the collecting, but on that day July, seventh, Crime never made it to the corner, store. when Phyllis Smith arrived, there was no sign of him.
She waited a few minutes, then pulled over a little up the road and sent her son to the corner store to look for him. When the sun came back without him, Phyllis the car around and drive to the thorns he has assumed he was running like when she knocked on the door, chicks the great, become rushing out, but instead a confused frayed ideas, And said, Graham had already left, Just went back to the corner store again in this town. She walked inside and spoke to the shopkeeper when this keep it told her Graham had never wrought for his usual visit that morning She seems he'd gone off to school. Without her She couldn't understand why it never done that before She thought it could be. The only explanation. let's go back into a car and drive to Scott College. The headmaster, help it look for Graham, but he im school later Phyllis drives.
Back to the Thorns house. when frayed a thorn heard. The Graham was not at the school. She picked up the funding which had just been connected and called the police. At nine thirty, I am sorry, Lario shy of police arrived at the flat. The discard grant to the sergeant. At eight and a half he was tall for his age, he had fair hair, which would darker and more brown as it was wet, loyal Was parted on the left and swept and back he had gaps between his teeth. it was always smiling. He was friendly chatty and was Fr, I didn't believe he would wander off on his own court. He would talk to anybody, but he would walk off with a stranger was wearing his Grey Scotch College, Uniform shorts
light blue shirt with a great pullover long socks, black shoes and Navy blue cap. Fraid and explaining to the sergeant. What had happened that morning and that she did so. The phone rang. is that you, MRS Stone, I'll call her than asked to speak to her husband Basil freedom that Basle wasn't home and ass. The call of what he wanted him for he replied. I have your son. Sergeant, I was standing next afraid, I'm so she passed him the phone alone. The sergeant said The male voice, with a clear foreign accent, said I have your boy. Twenty four thousand peanuts before five hundred this afternoon, I'm not fooling
The money before five o clock, afraid the boy to the shocks. Twenty five thousand pounds in nineteen sixty is clear. Seven hundred and fifty thousand australian dollars today you'd never said he would find back at four p m with further instructions. There was only when I shall hung up the fire, the fray. I told him about their recent lottery: win if they'd been inundated with letters from people asking for money, there were requests, from individuals and some from charities, but stage had they ever felt threatened until now. knowledge of the thorns watery wind caused serious alarm and the your police operation, kicked in from that moment. Without any hesitation, it would be the biggest searching new software police history and mark new territory for Australia, the first
one child kidnapping for ransom in the country. As basil thorn arrived home to Sydney Airport. He heard his name called over. The loudspeaker he was called. The inquiry desk. When he approached he was told there was a police matter, and I wanted to say him immediately. It was The battle was taught about, Grimes disappeared. But it wasn't until he walked through the front door of his home that he heard about the ransom. Office has stated the thorns vital die in case the kidnap, a call back and as they waited, Search operation grew to unprecedented levels. Least conducted a door knock of old houses and flattened in the area. They were back Tat, no one had seen or heard anything unusual. For someone to endorse a child into a car within such a short space of time on a busy road, the kidnapping the main well planned and perfectly executed.
Police believed that may have been committed by more than one person, possibly a group of people. I also thought a woman may have been involved, the theory being that a woman intercepted Graham Telling him that she was going to take him to school instead of Phyllis Smith. With the accent of the man who called that morning, in the knowledge that kidnappings were not commonplace in Austria police they dolly on that. The offender may have been someone who would only recently arrived in the country. as they waited anxiously for four pm to roll around doesn't want Frida confirmed without hesitation that they would pay the rent in demand and even more. Or if they had to, they just want to Graham home. But fought them came and went with no Franco. Why had to kidnap not call back what he said? It would.
Police were able to ascertain that the initial call made to the thorns that morning by the kidnapper was made from an unlisted number. Ex continued on that unlisted number senior members of the police were preparing to expand the search and go public with an appeal at eight p m families doktor arrived at the fact to trick Frida who by then was a native sedation issues. Intervene was in severe shock. At nine hundred and forty seven p dot m, during a moment of silence in the flat the phone started to three. An officer answer the phone and pretended to be basil. His job the stole the call for long enough, so the girl could be traced. The kidnappers got it to give you the instructions. The money was placed into two separate paper bags
before he went on to state where the money should be dropped, he hung up. After Frida was sedated by the doctor, a friend to take the younger daughter basil, refused to sleep and set up all night waiting Maybe the kidnapper would call back Police continue questioning neighbours lighting into the north. They showed photos of crime to all those living in the neighborhood. Tell him and stations shut grams pitcher and asked the public, to look out for him at three I am the thorns what was still glowing. Turkey should be non Judy. Four seven eight now I didn't want to rest until Graham was found, but they were forced to take a short right by that time. over four hundred courts had been found in with possible late and tips for them Friday July, eighth.
Cyber had received no further word from the kidnapping spot the enormous amount, of course, from the public Non, gotten any closer to finding g. wonder: I police station was set up as the search headquarters Active from the scientific bureau and all of the major squads from the criminal Investigation Branch joined the manner police stations in New South Wales were allotted. The search for both Graham and these kidnapper or kidnappers was, unlike. meeting ever carried out in the country before some refer to it as the greatest manhunt ever in Australia. police stood by the thorns flat twenty four hours a day, hoping for the contact from the kidnapper. Picasso's. I had to work out never had gotten the thorns phone number. The fine line was only recently connected, so there but wasn't even listed yet.
Police arranged for vessel thorn to speak at a press conference at the police station with a barrel. of marker finds television lots in cameras. In his face. He took a deep I then relayed a message for the kidnapper. to whoever is holding my son. My right to pay you the money, you are demanding free, safe return. I will pay doing cash at any place, and at any time you specify you may contact me at my home, you will not be betrayed if the person who has him as a father and has children of his own, Like in size, the God's sake, In back to me in one piece puzzle and broke down. Some of the reporters became visibly upset themselves and had to light the room. the police Commissioner Colin Delaney, and the New South Wales premier Bob Heaven then made
appeal for Grimes safe return. Delaney Wasted the bustles play be printed in the Sydney papers in three foreign languages, german, italian and break languages that were widely spoken in Australia at the time. The ladys idea was to distribute the appeal as far as possible and didn't have anything to do with the accent of the kidnapper. The premium Bob heifers called the kidnapping and appalling happening and that it was every citizen's duty to help the police club. Somehow we have never thought that kidnapping a child and holding him to ransom could occur in this country, but it has. emergency planes were installed at airports. Shipping docks in major roads. Phone lines were set up, the head of the influx of course being made regarding the case when it bundle a station when, at the right telecommunications center in Redfern, and the emergency switchboard
case was televised on every news bulletin around the country, the shah, to australian public wanted to help in any way they could. police received hundreds of offers of assistance and thousands of suggestions on where to look. By the end, The second died, the search for Graham had officially become the biggest manhunt in Australia's history. But the suggestions that were being found in from the public on way to look for, Graham with leading nowhere, If the police decided, they just had to search everywhere, they had the scale of every road every PA. And every waterway. They are members of the public to search day out and talk to their children through manpower. They hoped they would find him. One tip came in regarding the night of Graham's disappearance, of Thursday July, our seventh, a dark colored. with no front number play reported
Dodge was seen by the owners of a petrol station in pennant hills. Thirty two kilometers northwest of where Graham lift ten p dot m. With two men, a woman and a young boy on board. the men were around thirty years old and twenty years old and the woman was around. Fifty h witnessed hardest thing of Italian Omo Taste, the same young boy for Grimes Description, the grid ass for their tank to be filled as well as a third and gallant drum. When the drive off in a northerly direction, the owners The petrol station called the place the next morning the morning after Grimes kidnapping July Eighth and city, police officers, spotted a car matching the description two men and a woman, was saying on board. Looking suspicious, of Judah Office, a chase the car at high speed and road We're closed off to stop it, but eventually
the vehicle was lost in heavy traffic. after running the number plate, they disc the car was using plates issued to a different vehicle police units were placed on hold as to keep a kicker look out for later that day. Just over twenty four hours after the disappeared, Seventy five year old, Joseph Henry Bow was walking around in parkland North of Sydney harbour. He was Just off a major road in Bantry Bay, twenty two kilometers north of white grind disappeared, at least that the petrol station, where the two men and women whispered it with a young boy. Joseph Collecting bottles in dense Bush wrought near a creek in the area, just south of French's forest. Around noon, Ten metres from the road He came across a small school case, there was one open and empty Printed in gold, letters on the corner of the lid was the name
chase Thorn if he had the school case in a hollow, wonder a rock he knew the young boy was missing. There was for a person who didn't know by then, but he didn't The police, instead, went back to his house and why until around six p m. When he's son in law visited. Joseph son in called the police immediately when he heard the story. police sped to the location and retrieve the case confirming What's Grimes. Even though they were concerned over the delay from when the case was found to win our code, there was the first Oh a clue, thy head in the thirty four hours since grapes, kidnapping. police, sealed off a five kilometer strip of Bush where the case was found and how of official and unofficial volunteer searches began climbing the area in a shoulder to shoulder, search for more clues Wendy in this they set up,
Watson, concentrated on small areas of grassland, determined to not let the darkness stole by search Ass time went on and nothing further was found. Police. and consider that the school case was dumped as a false, laid possum. if from a car as it drove by The school case had been emptied and had no fingerprints on it But food rappings were found under a rock which police felt would have been from Grimes Lunch. Detectives believed that they were less than twenty four hours behind the kidnapper kidnappings and that focus Don't catching up, the tone in desperate recital grain as the. can begin. The main hunt strengthened and an unknown perimeter was set for the continued search design. extended over eighty kilometres north to Gosford naughty. of. Kilometers share the woman go and western
the blue mountains. Police believe The kidnapper rocky kidnappers were hiding out somewhere within that zone. All play slave was cancelled and every officer in New South Wales who was on life was asked to come back to work, no one Currently, upon the kidnapping of a child, so even hardened criminals, who had a long history of run ins with the law were coming with office to help police in the search, the state, what is with the child as a precaution and any car leaving New South Wales and entering Victoria will Queensland was checked. The green school case was found the acting too If the criminal Investigation Branch Inspector Windsor made a public play on radio and television inspector Windsor quote. Every moment you hold him makes your own position worse. taking me out into the street, leaving that until to approach the first person he says, then.
Go your own way You have done is dreadfully serious, but you can make it much worse than it is, but keeping the boy so far You have made yourself liable to a term of imprisonment. But not a long one if the boys not harm, if you hurt him. Your position becomes a terrible one indeed,. publishes from the city morning. Harrowed newspaper offered a ten thousand pound reward in this. Government added to that with both the thousand pounds basil, one was thankful for the reward and said he wouldn't hesitate for a moment to add to it. If you son was returned. The five thousand pounds reward of it by the government was five times more than any reward off had previously for the apprehension of a criminal. The result the quickest reward ever offered following a crime. the government added a free pardon to any accomplice that came forward with information leading to an arrest and grime,
in the. In nineteen sixty two. Thing for Ranson was saying by strategy and says something that I may happen: Divus he's it was too bad unheard of. He grabbed the moon was the first of a chart kidnapped for ransom, and they had only been one kidnapping for ransom of an ad in Sydney it occurred almost thirty years prior in nineteen. Thirty two At particular case, the plan was foiled when one of the kidnappers was arrested and the victim was, worried unharmed. Coincidentally, And only a few hundred metres from where prime someone disappeared from. As it was so rare, there was Special lure in New South Wales, which covered kidnapping for ransom, unlock the it states which already labelled kidnapping a federal offense where perpetrators face the death penalty. The fact is they didn't have a problem with the crime There was no reason for a lower cover.
the most relevant law was adoption. The unknown for possession of a person. This had a maximum sentence of ten years when the victim was a child under the age of twelve. as Premier Bob Heffernan wasn't happy with this and stated Kidnapping should rank alongside murder. And he would be suggesting changes to the law If new laws and punishments came into effect, as the premier was proposing Grimes case, wouldn't be covered by them. Unless there I replied retrospectively, which had never been before. Five thousand posters with Grimes Picture were printed and distributed across all metropolitan police stations. They were also displayed also town halls, supermarkets and businesses. The number Paypal people searching for grain and grew even further. The general secretary of the New South Scouts Association urged every single member of the state Scouts and Cubs to join the search, all thirty, eight thousand of them
believed they could use their scouting skills to help police search, isolated and far reaching spots. Two hundred army soldiers from the number two battalion of the Royal restraining regiment also joined the search by name Police had managed to trace the origin of the two phone calls made to the phones from the kidnapper the first one on the morning, The kidnapping was From a fine box on the northern side of the street bridge around thirty it's north of Graham's home. The second call Almost twelve hours later was made from a phone box, it's safer in area. Just a few minutes away from where the first Funko was made. He's x, through all the people connected to the phones they heard all the people that come into contact with in the recent months since their big win. While questioning Frida, she told me tech tips about the visit of shame. Paso had to that door. A few weeks before the kidnapping.
the private investigator who was searching for a man named Bognor. when she described the encounter became alarmed when they heard this apparent private investigator had none The thorns phone number, as had the kidnapper but the fact that was newly connected and wasn't yet listed. Free to discard the prophet investigators, thirty five to forty years old, with dark brown or black Slightly wavy hair tiktok eyebrows well spoken with a foreign appearance in it. and I became forward stating that she'd seen them in matching that description sitting on a park bench I saw the Thorn small block of flats for three mornings before G is kidnapped, The worker then came forward and discard the same man sitting on the same bench. for three mornings: the wait before the kidnapping each time
The man was seen between seven fifteen a am- and I am with a newspaper rich dad in front of his face. police- were sure this man, claiming to be a private investigator, was in often Grimes kidnapping. They just had to find him. If you ve been diagnosed with lung cancer pen medicine can help you breathe easier. We have the nations most advanced specialists, dedicated to treating only lung cancer with precision surgery. You know therapy in advanced radiation treatments. We are giving new hope to patients same day and virtual appointments, Abrams and Cancer Centre locations means you have the right time when and where you neither another reason why your life is worth pen, medicine schedule, your appointment at pen, cancer, dot, Org. the area where Grimes School case was banned, was continuously searched and patrolled. Over the weekend, Saturday July, ninth and Sunday July, tenth.
on that Sunday afternoon, one mall north, where the case was found on This sort of the road another Discovery was made the the fact that the area had been crawling with police and searches continuously since the school discovery. On Friday, it appeared at the kidnapper or an accomplice had come into the cordoned off of certain implanted sum, some of Grimes Clothing raising the police knew what was planted after. because when the discovery was made on Sunday afternoon, the you bone dry and right had fallen on Saturday In the morning. The items they found were a scotch collie, schoolboys cap. The top page of an exercise book with Grimes. He had written schoolwork a textbook. the plastic lunch bag appeal Apple, Rep, Plastic wrap with appeals. The code, a random just what freedom would do for Graham
and there was also a plastic raincoat draped over small kerosene drum. The thorns filled amends relief at the news of the items being found that will show this meant that Graham, would soon be returned home alive. An electrician named Cecil and his wife were the next witnesses to come forward. they lived on France's straight once from Grimes and they had information about a car they had seen the morning grain was kidnapped. on the morning of Thursday July seventh Drawing down their straight toward swelling constrain when they saw A blue Ford custom line parked at the intersection of Francis and Wellington streets. This Not was along the exact stretch of Wellington Straight, where Graham disappeared, Cecil and his noticed the car, because it was parked unnecessarily close to the street corner and its front was up on the curb blocking the footpath
Anyone walking along the footpath would have to go around it. It's friend, was hanging out on the road so much so that Cecil had to swerve to the rot. To me sit as I PAS They saw remain eggs exit the drop side of the forward in an overcoat and debris on felt hat got. The man is thirty. Five to forty years of age, five, with ten with a star your thickset build. He had skin and dark hair those was said she was sure she had seen the same men hanging around a few days earlier. The description matched the men who had been sitting outside at the thorns flat in the days leading up to the kidnapping and the men who knocked on the thorns door, claiming to be a private investigator. On July nineteenth, Twelve days off the ground was kidnapped. Police. we're still trying to identify the private investigator, but there were no. I side to any answers Search didn't slow down there in the third,
These remained dedicated to bringing Graham home safely. On August, sixteenth nineteen sixty almost six weeks after Graeme Thorne walked out of his home and around the corner, never to be seen again, Three children were playing in a cubby house built on a vacant block of lane, Ste Fourth, What was the location where the kidnap, his second phone call, was made to the thorns the vacant land was a place. They played all the time, as did all the local kids a few made us from the cubby. They noticed the roadmap rug they soon. That was just rubbish. The debate dumped, which was an unusual at all- one of the boys mentioned the road to his father when he got home and the father thought he had better go and inspected
He took a neighbour with it and with the neighbors torch, they searched the low scrub as the flashlights danced across. The grass lit up the unmistakable pattern of a check. Woollen rug, as the neighbour kept the flashlight on the bundle, the boys father onto a two knots of rope, keeping the rug together ass. He pulled back a fault, he saw what he thought was here and then, as you put it open, He saw a small body inside the possibly was the partially decomposed body of a young boy, the scarf wrapped around his neck and the road for fate and wrists. He was lying in thick undergrowth amongst rocks about thirty made from grain for growth and say forth the location where the second Funchal was made to the thorns. The not grain disappeared.
What it started as the largest man hunting you shall throughout history, was now set to become one of the most intensive murder investigations. The state had ever seen. a post mortem examination was carried out during which it was found that Grimes Coat was fully buttoned up in school, it was exactly as Frida had taught at that morning. The two Good chase he carried in his trouser pockets were unused and still folded. His body was in an advanced state of decomposition. There was a abrasions on the right side of his neck. There was a and to the back of the sort of his head with an underlying fracture at the back of his skull in some bruising of this scale. Nature of the century indicated the use of considerable force. There were scattered surface hemorrhages in the upper part of his air passages at the top of the lungs. it's below the larynx. This was indicative
This figure the cause of death, determined to be one slash, three ft Cr14 stroma or a combination of both. They were able to determine that Graeme had been killed within a twenty four hour period of being kidnapped and his body dumped at the vacant block of land. Shortly after this was established Scientific analysis considered pioneering for torn Taiwan. The shoes were examined by the school of agriculture at the University of Sydney. For going to fungi with the growing abundantly on both shoes, the fungal I had reached the stage of growth where participation boys had developed son Has discovered one specific top of fungi that would have taken a minimum period of three weeks for the development of the paraphernalia under the conditions that were in her was They discovered that the paraphernalia had begun to break away, and this Indicated a further period of another three weeks after their development days,
guy would not go with the usual being used and would not have up unless covered in a humid atmosphere locker up in. The presence of fly larvae also helped determine the period of time. Grimes body was likely to have been like the location around six weeks, the exact Talk Graham, had been missing for. Is pioneering scientific analysis, open doors between criminal investigators and scientific experts to work together in future investigations these turned their attention to the rug Graham is fanning. Though Were able to establish that the rug was produced by textile mill in South Australia and the blue I checked his on was a stall manufactured sometime between June Sixth, one thousand nine hundred and fifty five end of January 19th, one thousand nine hundred and fifty six. Three thousand units of the rug were produced and it was below.
The half of those were in New South Wales, retail stores. Ask of finding the owner seemed impossible unless a member of the public recognized that and could suggest to. The item might be play, the Criminal Investigation Branch said quite even the risk of getting many false clues. We will welcome any information about similar rocks if any recalls, having seen a similar rug in somebody's possession, the information Could be very important to place. following this announcement magazine, the great print colored images of the patent on the rug. the examination revealed foreign hairs on both sides of the rock. The here's where it makes of both animal and human and There were also found attached to the back of Grimes Code there with them. Debate from a small dog. more human heads, were found on the scarf around Grimes Neck.
also present inside the rub with various types of farming which no space these could be found in the vacant block where Grimes body was dumped, but they would. Whose specific species present which didn't exist at that location. These We have two different shrubs were found on Graham Scarf Code and pants. Some of the soil which had gathered in grams clothing was also tested. it showed minute fragments of a pink coloured, limestone, mortar. It was determined that the distribution of the mortar on the clothing and scarf meant that Graham, must have been lying on his back me and likely under a bridge building when the scarf was tied around his neck. Of the pink color of the mortar and the presence of fragments of garden trumps police I the location where the scarf was toyed around Graham's neck. Was Luckily, a residential dwelling.
five hundred people attended Graham's funeral at St Mark's church in darling point they had public night at night, but still the straight Rending Saint marks were packed with Paypal. By the time the service began. The him abide with me. It, was played at the service, Reverend life Goodwin the closed The thought again with the one word. We are gathered here this morning because a horrible crime, pretty We unknown in australian history. Has the life of an innocent boy. Caused untold suffering, nice family circle as well, the community for nearly seven which they have watched, waited and pride. The grain would be returned to his family circle unharmed. The desire of the nation is that the person responsible for the crime should receive the justice that the case demands Women and children wept openly. One hundred
Fifty Scots college pupils attended dressed smartly in the uniforms and as the muffled of the church bells rang out the Scots, its children formed a God of honor around grams coffin, as it was carried from the church. A small silver plaque on it, was engraved with Graham Frederick Thorn aged aid. Grimes funeral coincided with an announcement from the that the Permian, Priority would be given to new legislation providing drastic penalties for kidnapping taken send, it would night certainly count before the next session of parliament. Detectives kind has a vole one thousand nine hundred and fifty four blue Ford Customline vehicles God that was saying up on the curb. Looking the fool pot in the area of grant kidnapping. As they were going through, the records one owner came up. Who'd lived in the suburb of Clontarf.
This was of interest, as it was in close proximity to say forth by the state. And call from the kidnapper was made to the thorns and where grams it was found. when the directive saw the and his name Stephen Bradley, They thought it unlikely. He would be of foreign origin But there were in a viewing all loans said I had to take the box there, Tomato with you, man have a quick chat on August 24th, one thousand nine hundred and sixty. I came face to face with was a heavy. said man for Two years of age, with an always complexion, dark, wavy, hair and an accent. He matched the description of the man that were looking for. Stephen Bradley came across this friendly and saying helpful He told the offices that don't July seventh the day of Kidnapping he'd been home in Colombia for morning
It actually new tasks that day and was that time until the removal of the rocks put his wife and children into a taxi. At ten I am and head I'm gonna out when he met a solo trip to the shops. He said his father custom lawn never left the garage. When the removalists were interviewed. They said they didn't arrive to the house until eleven am that morning and there were there until three didn't go into the garage at all because and Bradley had already moved everything out of there. Thirty four year old, Stephen Leslie Bradley was born is thing J in Budapest, Hungary in nineteen, twenty six. when Bradley arrived in Melbourne in nineteen fifty been divorced from his first wife for two years. Worth several jobs and in nineteen fifty two. He married again to a less low together they had a child
One thousand four: five in a car, accident that many claim was suspicious. Eva died, Bradley received a substantial inheritance after her death. In nineteen fifty seven Bradley fraud charges placed against him, but they were later dropped. nineteen fifty eight he married for the third time his new wife Magda, Divorce divorced herself and had two children. they blended their family and again rising there, three children together man and a guest house in cartoon one thousand fifty nine the guest House burnt down. Luckily, for them It was substantially in. in nineteen sixty that were living in Sydney on the profits of insurance claims. According to New South, while senior crown prosecutor knocked the dusky who wanted the book kidnapped the crow shocked the nation With three children at home, the breathless
and soon dwindle, two desk- he said in an interview about his book, quote he was an unlikely kidnapper. He had three kids was a happy family man and To summarize his personality he had taping, a need to impress and be recognized as a man of consequence He had a sense of entitlement and he was a wheeler and dealer who was not afraid to cross the lawn of the law. he was also side window financial funny. The day off the police spoke to Bradley August twenty. one nineteen sixty his wife Magda Bradley put the ticket for herself and one son on a ship to London. four days later, Stephen Bradley Looked the same passage to London with their other two children. One month later September, twenty six Stephen and Magda Bradley, together with the three children, boarded the ship at him,
I am from Sidney. Every piece of furniture they owned had been sold and they severed all ties with Australia. They didn't inform anyone where they were going. Nor did I inform the real estate agent that I were not continuing with that lace The gas and electricity companies weren't aware they had left either. children attended to different schools and the headmasters withheld differing stories to one They said the family was moving to Victoria into the other. He said that were re like adding to coincide. Bought booking passage to London stated Bradley, never made it when this docked in Colombo, Sri Lanka, he disembarked and didn't get back on board, but his wife and continued on to London. It was starting to look like Bradley was hiding, but This was unbeknownst to police at the time.
during the time broadly was flying a country detectives were still building their case. In October, nineteen Sixty The thorns were asked to go to Bundle Calais Station and take a look at some photographs. Graphs, detective wanted to know. If I recognized anyone in a fight I wanna they had prepared in one of photos, puzzles the fleet to man's face. She recognized. Although he wasn't aware of his name as if you, the private investigator, who had knocked on his door a few weeks before Grimes Kidnapping, when Left the room, freedom in inseparably. She picked the exact same photograph. It was Stephen Bradley. The following Monday October 17th Sydney's central courts at fair hearing as police sought to establish a promise facie case against Stephen Bradley for G Owens MOTO Fly now we aware and his family had skip the country
and I wanted an extradition order to bring Bradley back from Sri Lanka in order to stand trial. well scientific expert. Detective constable, William Buchanan, told the court that aid fund woollen material, similar to a rug tussle after searching through rubbish at the house, formerly occupied by Stephen Bradley. There was a To the route that Graham's body was found in on the phone, day. Twenty one witnesses gave evidence and police expire, did the call a further forty witnesses over the following days. The courtroom was full and hundred stood outside waiting for an update. At the close of the hearing, the judge, But there was sufficient evidence for Stephen broadly to face a charge of murder but made it clear that the evidence would have to be taken to the court in Colombo. Sri Lanka and can authorities agreed, there was sufficient evidence against Bradley. They could approve extradition.
To astronomy, detectives border the plane for Colombo White there, the cases of evidence against Bradley. Bradley was easily located placed under arrest and give and legal counsel. As the australian detectives prepared to attend the Lincoln Court to present their case Italy was visibly upset at his arrest and proclaimed his innocence Of no use extradition was granted within days. Bradley was on a plane back to evening. Upon his arrival to Sydney, they provided an oral statement as well as a right. Explanation of what happened on the morning of July. Seventh, nineteen sixty he was don't get claiming. He was innocent. A statement read. Or in the newspaper that MR the won the first prize in the Upper House lottery by decided that I would not be some. I you the address from the newspaper and I got there.
But from the telephone exchange I went to the house to save them and I asked for someone but I cannot remember what name this what said she didn't know. Anyone by that name- and she told me inquiring the flight upstairs an upstairs and also the woman there. I've done this because I thought that the ones with Czech up I went out. watch the film boys, leaving the house and also for about three mornings, I've seen where he went and one morning I followed into the school at Bellevue Hill. One or two mornings, I've seen a woman, pick him up and take him to school On the day we moved from Clontarf. I went to Edward Straight a part of the car. In straight, I don't know the name of the straight, but it's off Wellington Straight, I out from the car and waited on the corner until the boy walked down to the car park. while the boy that I am to take him to the school. He said why where's, the lighting.
By said she sick and cannot come today. Then the boy got in the car and I drove him around for a while and over the harbor bridge. I to public phone box near the bridge and all The thorns are taught Missis Thornton and to a man who said he was the boys other either The twenty five thousand pounds from the boy's mother and father are told, but if I don't get the money, I feed him to the shocks and I have told them are ring lighter. I took the boy in the car home to Clontarf and I'll put the car in my garage The boy to get out of the car come and say another boy when he got out of the car, I put a scarf. his mouth and put him in the bit of the car and slammed the boot. I went to my house and the furniture removals came a few minutes later when No a dark, I went the car and found the boy was dead, that night
the boy up with string. And put him in my rug. The trial began on March 20th, nineteen sixty one on the first day, laws were on Basle on frayed, a thorn as Stephen Bradley was brought into the dark dressed neatly in a blue suit, white shirt and a great time he said, Quietly with his hands folded in front of him as he faced the judge, justice, clarity. The prosecution argued that Bradley was not revealing the full story and the death of grind. was intentional, and grime shoes which had scuffs and marks along the top indicating he had been dragged during a four hour address to the jury, Bradley's defense stated that his confession had been forced and for that reason the confession was false and was being withdrawn. He was now pleading not guilty. He claimed
He had nothing to do with the kidnapping or murder of Graeme Thorne, prosecution presented, the evidence of the rug Tessa were traded from the rubbish of the property with steak and Bradley leave. An analysis showed that it match the color and of a tassel missing from the rug. The grand thorn was found. Wrapping Roll of film was also found at the previous harm at the Bradleys and when film was developed. It showed a photograph of matter broadly with the same stall and design of the rug in question. when all of the evidence was presented, the judge his final instructions to the jury during which he said He is guilty of murder, not only when he intended to take a wife and took a laugh But also if he killed someone while acting with reckless indifference to life,.
After deliberating for three hours and twenty two minutes, the jury returned with a verdict. Bradley stood Resting both his hands on the rail in front of him solemnly. As the judge announced that the jury had found him guilty, the crowd, yelled and clapped. cheering and whistling in celebration as they were by the gods and science was restored freedom. could be heard waving as basil comforted her Magda bread, all, although with court earlier, that day was not present, the verdict against her husband. The judge then asked Bradley if he had anything to say to which he replied. Yes, I have a few things to say. I never. an opportunity before this trial to say anything, One thing I would like to say is on you before I came to this court, I would be convicted of a crime which I did not commit boy.
I was almost convinced because of a certain human emotion, you call prejudice prejudice, is the same, although dissimilar as jealousy It is a human emotion dangerous One, extremely so because, text. You a moment to such an extent that you are not able to judge things as the full facts: one of the main factors with the publicity in the newspapers, Everyone read it actually, Honor instructed the jury they had to forget about it. It's impossible. It's impossible. Anyway, I'm not saying the jury and not good citizens. They tried to be their best. being influenced by these very powerful nations as or a fact, the jury. as decided on a verdict and naturally it's your duty to pass sentence according to the law. That's all I have to say. When, broadly finish speaking, the crane
again yelling and screaming at him when Silence was once again restored. The Judge Sputnik. Stephen Leslie Bradley the centre. the court is that you were sentenced to paint or servitude for life with his head down Bradley returned to the dock before officers took him down to the cells below the court as he walked. A group of women screaming searched for in attack, but there Restrained by colleagues. outside the court the crowd of around four hundred men, women and children family succumbing drives to show their support for the and enter abuse in the hope that Steven Bradley would hear it when the verdict was made public. The crowd, cheered and hugged one another. Stephen Bradley launched an appeal against his conviction, but it was denied.
Never again did newspapers print the addresses of lottery winners without their consent, knowing the kidnapping for ransom Graham thought, the law was amended to reflect Kasza punishment. The law now states that those responsible for the training any person with intent to entice payment by way of ransom alone go to a maximum sentence of twenty five years. Bradley Divorce, Stephen Bradley nineteen, sixty fought and moved back to Europe. Stephen Bradley was incarcerated at long by giant in Galban, New South Wales, where prison employment as a hospital, orderly. In October, nineteen sixty eight while playing the Zhao Tennis competition Bradley for the current area collusion and died. the thorns moved away from one day Apple phone died in December, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight.
Afraid of Thorn died in two thousand and twelve at the age of eighty six, she like to rest along. So I g. him that was played at Grimes Funeral abroad. With me, was originally written as a poem in eighteen, forty, seven or hungry Francis Lot abide with me fast. Full Steven Todd the darkness deepens Lord with me: abide when other helpers fail and comforts flee, help the helpless- I abide with me. Swift two Close ebbs out life's little day, earth's ways, guardian dim it's he's pass away chain. In the case in all around I say there, If changes to non abide with me. Not a brief glance, I beg a passing but.
their dwellings withdraw the cycles. Lord familiar Condescending patient free. Come not to subject but abide with me. Come not in tears as the king of kings, but I'm good with healing in our wings. Teeth for all was a hot for every play, come friend of sinners and thus avoid with me. Now, in my head, in early use did small into them rebellious and perverse may walk down. If not, let me off this, I left the onto the clothes o Lord abide with me. I need the presents every passing hour what, but I can feel the tenth his power who, like myself my gun, Wednesday can be through clean
in sunshine. Our guide with me. I see no phone with they at hand to bless, yo, have no weight and tears. I've been in us. Where is Assisting where grave died, victory or triumphs do if thou abide with me, call Delnor Cross before my closing on us. Sean through the gloom and point me to the skies. Heaven's morning breaks and earth's shadows flee in life in death. Oh Lord, a with me.
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