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Case 79: Rayna Rison

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16-year-old Rayna Rison was a devoted animal lover who dreamed of one day becoming a veterinarian. On March 26 1993, she arranged to meet her ex-boyfriend Matt Elser at the animal hospital where she worked part-time in the small Northern Indiana city of LaPorte. But when Matt arrived to pick Rayna up, the lights were off in the building and she was nowhere to be seen.  _ _ _  The Rayna Rison Memorial Scholarship c/o Director of Music 602 F Street La Porte, IN 46350 _ _ _  Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched and written by Anna Priestland For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-79-rayna-rison
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just a phone numbers for confidential support, placing the shine nights for this episode on your app or on our website. In ninety three breaking news in the Small Northern Indiana City of Laporte always seem to be from Chicago or south, bend Nothing shopping ever happened in the report. With twenty two thousand people, there was hardly a report of any serious crime that involved one of their own, the community, never worried about bad things happening not in there, why a picturesque corner of the world until at nineteen. Ninety three, not since the turn of the twentieth century. Had the city of Laporte talk so much about model back then
Local mother Doganer said skipped town after burning her own property down in staging a body and saw it to look like her own. It was believed that over a twenty year period, she killed both her husbands, all their children, numerous boyfriends, as well as all of the witnesses and the estimated forty people in title The apparent breaches of locking chances by March, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three gsat past since Belle Gunness, shocked the community of Laporte Indiana, but that spring that were about to experience something else. They would prepare full The.
the city of Laporte, is located in Laporte County in Northwest Indiana. An error and a half years of Chicago. That's it between the cities of Michigan, Gary and South Bend. unlock major cities. The port is one of those places where the population hasn't grown much in the last fifty or sixty years, hovering around twenty thousand residents since nineteen sixty nine hundred and sixty The passionate hunting and fishing community people are very friendly down to earth and caring. Indiana is the smallest of the twelve midwestern states. First. Most died and has more than twenty one thousand miles of fishable streams and rivets along. Four hundred and fifty two natural lakes in five hundred and ninety reservoirs, what city has a tie in Lodgewell nine likes. many prefer the solitude and pace of the more remote cons outside the city, quiet and peaceful locations where possible to see the line phish
day without saying another song. On the morning of Friday March 26th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three. Sixteen year old, Laporte High School freshman, Reyna Rawson Cutoff for school the clarinet, the flute and the oboe. And was a dedicated member of the Laporte High school marching band? It was naturally clever. Where are they surrounded worked hard for their grades seems to just up in act. It was a schools capturing a busy, she had three part time: jobs as well. the favourite one being at the local pawn like Veterinary Hospital, but she would clean the kennels and feed the animals it was the dream job for rhino, because that's what she wanted to do when she finished school, become a vet and work with animals every day. In the afternoon of March, twenty six nineteen ninety three Raina headed home from school to change for her for a clock shift at the Vet hospital, whichever
called the clinic. Brain. It was working just a short to our shift, and then she had a date with a boyfriend met. Ilsa. Brainer and man had been going out on and off since sixth grade, but they break Not recently realizing they couldn't play without each other. They had trade you and what is really excited for that day. Matt was locked, but writing his family. He was a good influence on that. When for work, she was wearing Blue jeans, sweatshirt black shoes and, with her high school Letterman Jacket, Upon the jacket with the surname also embroidered on the shoulders Matt had given it to her as a symbol that they were together and she was barely without it. At the back door of the House, Reina the to her youngest sister Wendy, who is going to the movies that night
Brain it then jumped in her trusty teen colored Forward L Tat Day and drive to work parking in the Vet clinics Car Park. a thick fog settled over Laporte as dusk fell. Sometime around seven p, DOT M also arrived at Rena's house to pick her up for that day Brain his mother, Karen and her father Benny, were there but Raina had neurotic time from work here. invited, met him so hard and off the whiting a Wall the define to call the vet clinic, after getting no answer, he drive down to save Raina was still there when he arrived. The clinic was locked up and there was no sign of Raina all her car. as the next day. Our road on both Benny started to worry
Brain it is not the sort of go to change. Plans are not tell anyone and she had been looking forward to the day with metal. Wake. Benny, cold rain assist a lorry who was ten years older than Raina and lived across him with her husband, re Mccurdy brain is a bit of Tom. That said that so she may have decided to visit for some reason, but Lori is right. Haven't heard from her Razo When rain. His youngest sister Wendy arrived home from the movies she walked into the living room and immediately knew something was wrong. The felt tents Everyone looked worried At ten thirty p M, Benny and Wendy, headed down to the Laporte City Police station Benny I considered just calling, but he want to talk face to face with the officers. Even though it was clear on his family at genuine concerns that was not the police could do.
It had only been a few hours since anyone had heard from Raina, and they said it was an unusual for sixteen year out to change their plans without letting others. Now if she still wasn't home after twenty four hours, then Benny return and fallen missing persons report. the following morning. Brandon's bed, Made from the day before the room said untouched the car wasn't in the driveway and One had heard from her. Benny called everyone he could think of and teams of family and friends were driving around ten to try and find a sign of rain or a car her marching being friends, got together and jumping cars with others who had volunteered to drive out on the candy roads flaws printed and taken around to local businesses. but they search, efforts came up with nothing with them. a man of people searching Laporte, Three realized that I needed to step in
It was looking likely that Raina hadn't just decided to go off on her own accord after putting an appeal out to the public. Some one called Someone believing they might have seen Rayner. around six p. On March twenty six, the Bernard of rain, his disappearance, a reported that heads in a car pulled into the parking lot at the upon like Veterinary hospital. There were two miles in the front and it seemed a lock. One was having a lovers' tiff with a young girl standing outside the car. The the go fit rain description. A second witness, then came forward with a similar account with that boyfriend Elsa driven down to the clinic to look for these immediately sorting out. He was the logical person to speak to. On Sunday morning March, twenty eight while Matt was. When questioned by Laporte Police, a call came in at the station.
Someone had seen attain colored Ford L today part on the side of a secluded road nor more It was northeast of Laporte. Timothy short of the Laporte County Sheriff's department was dispatched to county road, two hundred and eight east, but he founds a vehicle matching rain has a license. Plate check, confirmed it was hers, brain is car was pulled over on the side of the road, with a hood propped up as if it had broken down. The car was unlocked. The key we're in the ignition and her purse sitting on the passenger seat, the glove was open and its contents strewn under the passenger sought for. On the ground outside the driver's door was a broken hair clip But if scenarios going through the minds of investigators had broken down in someone's, stopped and offered to help, but then adopted her. when bypassing car and dragged
The thing concerning them, the most was her purse sitting in plain view in her unlocked car. If she had I condemn and accepted a lift who started walking to get help. Surely she would have taken her purse with her. police, look under the hood and could say nothing unusual. Then they turned the ignition the cost dot of on the first guy There was no indication that anything was wrong with the car at all and the calling of mechanical to make sure they face increased. The breakdown had been staged. The search of the surrounding area came up with nothing. There is no sign of a struggle and it was I fed the song of Rana his family insisted. She would never have driven there alone on a foggy night, It was an indirect route home from the vet clinic and was the usual way she would have gone. But if, for some reason she did she would
I have left her purse inside the car. when Larry Mitchell. The evidence technician for the city of Laporte Police Department examined drainage car. He found No blood and no other physical evidence. That pointed to fair play. In nineteen ninety three: if DNA, just found. It would be checked If it belonged to the victim, if it didn't it would be checked against those known to the victim was mostly used to row paper. The lodge Databases and systems in place today to check dna evidence didn't exist back then, but they I wasn't going to be a factor in this case. There was none. Evidence technician, Larry, Mitchell, found wet newspapers and plant debris on the floor on the front passenger seat Hey believe today's made beans soak for by wet towel being placed over them. There was no logical explanation for the papers in the debris to be there the like The car was not near any water source and all
it'd been a fog that it ain't no rain. in the glove compartment. Was a school signet ring that didn't look like it would fit a sixteen year old girl. The first person I approached about the ring was rain, is boyfriend meddlesome And found he had given Raina his class ring but the one that was showing him wasn't needs his ring he's naming name on it. After taking another look at the ring, the police were showing him Matt had a pretty Don T who might have found it, but it was poor. No, but how they had found it in rain is car. Jason tapes was a friend of rain. It she died. in briefly in the seventh grade, and although they hadn't been together for a few years, they'd remained friends. Even though Matt and others close to rain. I didn't approve. Antibes was a school dropout and had been in trouble with the law.
It was well known that Jason wanted to be more than just friends with Raina. He wanted to get back with her and was trying to get her to waive man for him. Matt didn't think he had anything to worry about that. Jason's ring had been found in rain glove compartment. Started to wonder if there was something going on, he was unaware of. With a lack of physical evidence. Place vote. This to my circumstances, lighting up terrain, his disappearance and the people she was close to, the other thing I had to consider whether to people may have worked together to harm rhino. There I had three separate eyewitness accounts the placed another car outside the vet clinic turann. The time reign, finished, work. All three witnesses saw two miles in the front seat of this car and they witnessed some kind of argument occurring. Had these If people followed rhino when she left work she gone with them. Willingly.
While tracing rainest steps that evening police Back to Rayna's work night, Cheryl no said the rain and made a comment that evening she thought was unusual. Brain said she didn't, need anyone and could take care of herself left work early that evening and she wasn't feeling well what an air she would have finished her shift. At the same time as Reina. six days had now passed and there was still no breakthroughs with echo community deeply concerned and many questions being asked of the place Laporte Please take Jane, Samuelson and police. Captain John Miller spoke to the press to ask for the public's help. Some using confirmed there had been no change in the status of the case and that all thy Raina was still only considered a missing person. Every day that past made, more and more unlikely that she would be found alive, but
several agencies had become involved, include the Laporte County Sheriff's office and the state police who brought in their helicopter If co had also been briefed. A reward was announced for any information leading to the safe return of rhino. the family had raised one thousand dollars and an anonymous no had increased the reward to six thousand dollars, hoping that typing. Cash Incentive would help draw some money out to give information. Awake after her disappearance grayness case, Whose faded? In a segment on America's most wanted and from that another Wade, was called in. An anonymous call led lead police to file road, a county Wait: two miles east of Laporte and six. Call south of where rain is car was found. In a tree about twenty feet from the road was a black leather jacket.
office officers approached and took a closer look. They found them also embroided across the shoulders. There was mad else's jacket, brain is boyfriend. there was hanging in the tree in a way that suggested it may have been thrown from a passing car. It was a wooded area and one that had already been searched the day before by state trooper, who confirmed the jacket. Wasn't there at that time. When police set for another press conference stopped at the public on the developments in their case, they also announced that a local bakery had added five thousand dollars to the reward fund and Charlie Funeral the former owner of the Oakland A's baseball team toy it. Just ass out of town had added twenty four thousand dollars the reward For information had now hit thirty six thousand dollars chief stated that it was his belief. People in the community were keeping information from them. He also confirmed that three persons of interest or from the port canny had pity
Painted in polygraph logic, The person police had in the spotlight was rain. Is high school sing. Your boyfriend, Madagascar,. Say it arrived at Rena's house around seven p dot m then why she disappeared It's an after she was last seen by the witnesses outside the clinic. After a robbing it rain is house met spent the rest. the evening with her family and had no significant amount of time unaccounted for to have gone back and done anything. If you responsible for rang his disappearance. It was a short window. He had the working, but it was possible. Detectives asked me if he was aware that Raina had been back in contact with Jason tubes. They will win, During whether that new and was may be angry about it, leading to an argument. Met said he was aware, Raina was in contact with Jason, but he was comfortable
his relationship- and it didn't worry him- It's a list of people spoken to was Jason Tibbs. And his family and friends knew him had they been together for six months back in the seventh grade and right had pretty much been with mad. Ever since most people new. That Jason was still in love with right now and he had made. Himself tat, he had seen her love letters since they bargain broken up. She knocking back down and said she was happy with Matt. Despite Jason's failed attempts to get back with Raina, they remained friends sometimes Raina would ass Jason to come to the vet clinic and keep her company. While she finished her shift Jake and had dropped out of school criminal, record and his family. He wasn't it. A guy they would choose, rang it to be friends with. when questioned about the ring found in the glove compartment of rain, is car didn't hesitating saying it was his.
he said. Raina had recently had problems with her cast area and asked him to fix it while there Taking a look, his ring got in the way We took it off and put it in her glove compartment, so it wouldn't get lost. He freely admitted to detect that he still had strong feelings for rhino and that he was devastated, I had disappearance. He had been one of the first friends to volunteer to go out looking for her. Was Jason, who drive out to search some of the county roads with a marching band friend of rank. Is Jason detectives, the not Rayner, went missing. He was out at the Mobile Home Park on file road northeast of Laporte. He was too two teenage sisters, Jamie and Misty in. some science, RO at six p, and he was picked up His friend chat between nine pm dot and one thirty p m.
that he played a game of, say they, radio foxhound with other local kids until midnight for Song is a game where one person would be nominated as the fox drawing to an undisclosed destination I was not allowed to move from that spot. The other guys would ride yards and every few minutes and the foxwood respond page play check the signal, strength of the call to gauge whether the signal was stronger awake at than the last call. This went on until Fox was found. A couple of things in Jason's AL stood out to detectives the trial. Park where he said he was tutoring during the two teenage sisters was in very close proximity to where rain is car was found, and on that note. I was a high school dropout with a criminal record, not known for his academic abilities, tutoring school students.
Detectives immediately got in contact with a teenage sisters to check his alibi and they confirmed he was there apparently mass and science what subjects that Jason was good at when he attended school. detectives then question the local kids who played the game Fox on that night and I confirmed Jason took part in the game, his alibi we're checking out. After the Fox Hunt Game, Jason's friend Scott took him to another friend's place where they watch tv and play darts until two or three a am M Saturday morning. When he got home, his parents and sister were waiting for him and he went to bed when he woke up His mother told him rain. His mother had called to say she was missing. Jason's Whereabout seemed to be accounted for, the entire nor the bullet. Did one foreign or check the question to you
since friend Chad to confirm he had picked Jason up from the mobile home park after his tutoring session. Initially Chad said no, but then he changed his confirming that he had picked up at night was a teenager who was worried. He was being implicated in the disappearance of rhino into the police were the hearing, the changing stories of kids that age. Everyone else also backed up Jason's alibi. That night cyclist didn't find it suspicious. given witnesses had seen two miles with a female outside the vet clinic police pondered possibility that it was not Elsa Jason tubes there together and the three They were all arguing with each other. the idea, didn't make much sense. Matin Jason White friends cellphone Luckily, they were traveling the same car together. Martin Jason. What K people in the investigation- and I bet the voluntary took polygraph test. There was a
the person who had taken a polygraph as well the police. reveal who that person was I had their suspicions. Another thing that wasn't revealed to the public was that at Those three polygraph tests, one showed signs of deception as the wakes went on right parents, let their porch light on every night, hoping that she would come home. They continued Searching for her every day refusing to rest till she was found. What use day April twenty seven a month terrain, his disappearance, her case. It appeared twice on America's most wanted, the city was dumbfounded to think there was literally no sign of her now sense at all to suggest where she was. Finally, free from the window frost. There was a mild and sunny spring Day school was out.
Fourteen year, old Tracy went fishing with a family at a pond near range road, two miles from Laporte, around four thirty p m Tracy wandered off along the edge of the pond. Little bored She saw what she thought was a turtle in the water and went to take a closer look. got Nero She realized it wasn't a total. It was a shoe on a day, composing buddy. Branches, the parents went for hope No one. One. two members of the police to obtain recovered the fully clothed body from the water, When they put her on the stretcher, they could say two rings, on her left hand, One engraved met Elsa into the other brain arising. The rice and family was notified, and although she would need to be formally identified, there was little dad was rhino.
Ass, her remains were transported for an autopsy at the memorial hospital in nearby self Bend, a cop. If is, dental records were ordered. The autopsy in dental records confirmed the body was rain, is the cause of death was asphyxia due to cervical compression strangulation. There were no wounds on her body, but they below she may have fought with her silent or silence, and they knocked unconscious prior to being strangled. Brain is death. was ruled a homicide and the instigation moved from being a missing persons case to a motor. Investigation. Ran his youngest sister Wendy was sitting in her bedroom talking with her cousin. They heard steps getting louder and louder into her on this Through the door, stopping their conversation in its tracks. Rain is out of system lorry arrived soon after, as the first
My fell apart at the news they spent last month, praying the Rayner would come walking through the door again, but that day, when I got the news They all knew their laws would never be the same again when Benny ranges. I spoke to the media. He said parents have your kids before You go out the door. Believe me, you don't know how much on this that. brain is room had been left untouched in the hope she would return. It was filled with the words and ribbons she had received going to music sallow and on simple competitions, one of her most prized. Wins was for her soul out what the stay calm. Music was just in her. brainy knew what she wanted from her was already opening the doors and paving the way to achieve her dreams, everyone who knew rhino loved. Her
No one could understand who would want to do this to such a kind and generous person. on my first nineteen. Ninety three brain arising was like the rest of the Rolling Prairie United Methodist Church, hundreds evil poured into the church and spilled out from her walk casket. Trimmed in pink with brushed nickel hardware and adorned with flowers, setting free the church has more still reeling from the shock. Looked on Italian, baby doll from her childhood, a teddy bear and a clown. Sent me boys a short one by one people, set up to the casket and placed an orange ribbon upon it as a sign of respect the Ross clearly set in the front rows, brain is paid it's in the grandparents unable to fathom burying their daughter and granddaughter pussy is Wendy and Lori brother in law, lorries, husband rye and her boy and Madalsa
At wrung out with emotions, the although allowing family and friends towing, Degrave what I've been there, watching everyone. Reports very during ninety ninety three areas. Twenty, five thousand homicides were reported in the United States and one of those whom were carried out upon people aged between fifteen and twenty four. The great majority of those were carried out in major cities Chicago, Just an hour away had a reputation for violent crime, there were eight hundred and fifty murders on record in the city that year, but not Laporte. Ask anyone from port how many murders occurred in their city in nineteen. Ninety three and you likely You're, a vitally one brain Murder took over the city president's that the motor could be anyone in their friendly neighborhood. There was constant.
spoken about in every cafe, store and home. Lace remained focused on solving the case. They were meant that rain. I knew her killer or cures believing He had gone willingly to the rural area where her car was feared that work Wouldn't that someone in Laporte knew something- and it was, Just a matter of time before they got their break. Savings are in bloom at acme. We're talking four times reward points with your acme for you and look for the specially marked tags on participating items throughout the store had redeemed your acme rewards for free grocery items or save up to a dollar per gallon on gas at participating, Exxon Mobil station. Look for your savings in Bloom bonus reward points only at Acme Valid now through April. Twenty eighth other restrictions and exclusions apply download the acme app or visit acme markets, dot com for more details, acme fresh foods, local flavors.
During the first week of May six weeks after rhino disappeared his brother in law, rain cardy, who was to rain, is out assistant. Lorry walked into the Laporte City, playstation. Two, these were not surprised. The same. when first investigating rain his disappearance. They visited Ryan lorries here to safe. They had any information that might help the investigation. What was unknown to the public was that the They ve had serious concerns over rise whereabouts. The not rhino went missing and he was. third person who had participated in a polygraph. Ray, was on probation at the time and although, His probation period was nearly over. The reason he was on probation had set off serious alarm bells at La City, police station. Just over two years earlier Ray had played. duty to the class they felony of child sexual molestation, and he had said. After three years suspended sentence.
He had sexually assaulted was rhino. when Reign was just eleven years out. Twenty four year old rain cardy, who is already married to rain, is out assistant lorry. At the time again. The ongoing sexual assault of Rayner until she turned thirty. in nineteen. Ninety one brain attended a clinic to terminate a pregnancy The father of her child was listed as right. Makati. Wright was sentenced to serve three years on probation and complete canceling record. He had not completed the allocated canceling sessions. Of further concern to investigators were the reports of the taunt that outlined a threat ray had made to rhino her appearance and glory if they, I told the police about the sexual assaults. He would kill Rayna. This body's crimes, lorry and re state together living on the other side of town His probation was nearly up and
trying to get their lives and their marriage back together. They were working on it. The whole Royce and family were working on it. Ray Mccurdy first spoke to detectives when Reiner went missing six weeks earlier is all about then, was that he was in the neighbouring city of Self Ben at a pig farms to collect some money. This concerned detectives, A band was northeast of Laporte and where rhinos was found was more or less along that route. But when right First guy that alibi brain his body, hadn't been found it so was discovered along that route. Detectives were extremely suspicious. During a second interview, I only days later on, to place that had not told them the full story he wanted to add that later that evening he had been distracted by picking up a female he charcoal, and instead of home he drives. To the state line.
He then allegedly called lorry from a motel on Indiana State right thirty, knowing lighter that noise. he said he didn't tell them about the heat Rock earlier, because he didn't want Lori to find out and they upset. On May seven, nineteen thousand ninety three It's warrant was issued for the home of Ryan Lawrie, both of them I was wearing and consent to be forensically tested A forty four Magnum handgun ammunition and a stun gun were taken from the house. On May 11th, as lab tests were being carried out. Right voluntarily walked into Laporte Police station and wanted It story again he confessed that he hadn't told them the entire truths about the not rain had disappeared. around four forty four p m that evening write admitted he stopped by the vet clinic to say rhino. He said he was looking at a house for sale across the street from the clinic he saw
in his car in the parking lot and thought she might know where Lori was so. We went Despite the brain, told to go home. Is she was about to finish her shift and go on a date with Matt Bryce said he left straight away into their conversation. Then we lost it half a minute. when right gave this third version to police Further the witness had come forward, who stated they saw Re Mccartney's car in the same area that rain his car was found the night she disappeared according to reports. What's during the placing of you with lorry, she said The following rain is disappearance re. What's the weather a vacuum, the back of his car, Although Laurie later retracted statement when report came back from the lab. After the search warrant was executed. It was revealed, the back of rice car showed evidence of blood, but any Hopes of a breakthrough were quickly squashed when further
lasting revealed it wasn t a blood right was a cane hunter. Despite raised changing stories of his whereabouts that night and all the circumstantial evidence they had Please didn't have enough for an arrest. Over you went by his police continue to try and gather enough evidence for an arrest. They felt now. Looking at the right people, there was just them or if the last puzzle base falling in the place. It looked like this, puzzle pace came in early November. Nineteen naughty for a year, it was murdered. They didn't have anything to do with the people. They were looking at. police in nearby Grant County had pulled over a. A man by the name of Larry Hole was being monitored by numerous jurisdictions.
Known to travel alive in the Midwest to civil war, rain, accents and police but the question him in relation to two attempted abductions in Georgetown Illinois. The young girls are given a license: plate number registered to Larry Hall, Police Grant county had spotted yeah they had him stopped. Along with the attempted abduction, there were also concerns that Larry Hole was involved in the murder of Illinois. Go Jessica, Roach, whose body and across state lines in Indiana. After pulling the van and confirming the driver was Larry Hall police, immediately arrested him on suspicion of attempted kidnapping. after his arrest report, police got a phone call. When the back of holes man was searched. found a newspaper clippings of several missing or murdered girls and women among the clippings with some about the disappearance of rain Roisin Rawson.
Then they found a bottle. The prescription birth control kills with rising, talked on the label. When questioned Larry Hall confessed. He had abducted and murdered right now,. if police had that breakthrough. Larry whole further confessed that he killed more women than he could possibly can study. That all look the same, it's hard to distinguish, one victim from the other he withdrew his confessions, this repeated several times whole confessed, then I entered his confessions that they had him in custody on the attempted kidnapping charges until I had to build their case on the other crimes he was suspected of committing. Cleaning the murders of Jessica right and rain rosson there were Actually, dozens of unsolved cases involving missing and murdered women across the Midwest and play
Discovered many of those cases taught in to when Larry Hall was in the area for civil war, reenactments. Tracing the civil war reenactments and plotting them against the countless murders, abductions and attempted abductions they had on fall police. A comprehensive picture of holes, habits and travels. but no matter how hard they tried. That wouldn't placing in Laporte Indiana in March nineteen. Ninety three- it just didn't up Brain of feed is preferred top of victim, but I cause others suspected victims. Brainer was not right, though sexually mutilated,. There was the evidence of the news, clippings third, candid confession and, of course the birth control pill bottle feeding holes fan but after investigating every pharmacy in the greater area, not one Mrs could verify the prescription being reigns no pharmacy had prescribed those pills to rhino
and many believed the label seemed to crudely taught to be authentic. They briefly entertained. The idea of the whole abducted rhino in a joint effort with Ray Mccarty just couldn't reconcile it. Larry whole went on to sign a confession for the abduction and murder of Jessica Roche and three other girls but he maintained his innocence. In Rhino Rawson's case. In June nineteen ninety five, who was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. admitted to killing Aynlee for That number could be well as a fifty, but the pace. Just didn't fit in rhino. In case they real was the old was using the newspaper clippings in the fights prescription, pill bottle and Ryne is named to fantasize about writing his case Claiming her as one of these victims, but she wasn't. Police could prove he wasn't in Laporte when she was murdered, afterward
Look like a significant breakthrough. Police were back to square one. Police continue to investigate and build a case against two dice felt was the prime suspect, gray, Makati. In May nineteen. Ninety eight five years after rain- is murder. It was fun, we agreed that there was enough evidence to take to agreeing to jury, brand of was tasked with determining whether there was enough evidence to indict try Makati for Reinas Moda. After reviewing all the evidence and witness testimonies and The issuing subpoenas for more evidence, documents and sworn testimony. And jury voted to indict right, re Makati for the murder of rhino. Finally, The breakthrough everyone had been waiting for re use. Formally charged and sent the jar awaiting trial, he entered play of not guilty.
After spending fifteen months in jail awaiting trial, newly elected the poor, canny prosecutor, Robert Beckmann reviewed the case in all not a ninety nine Beckman. You cited insufficient evidence to convict Ray. And all charges were dismissed, re was free to return home. It's a submitted by the prosecution. Read quote. At night time, as any witness presented the evidence that he was involved in the disappearance and the motor of Reina Rawson. Nor has anyone come forward with any admissions by Raymond Makati that he was involved in the disappearance or murder of Ryan or. Brain. His family has strongly asserted Mccartney's innocence since day one given his history, many was shocked, The fact the Ross and family didn't believe re was guilty. The port but devastated,
That was sure they had their man and he was about to walk out the door back to square one again. Consorting with the ten year anniversary of rain is murder in two thousand and three. The case was reinvigorated as part of ongoing reviews of cold cases, but nothing You came to light. Two two thousand and fifty he's after the murder and Into the investigation City police got a phone call. In May that an indian correctional facility who is in prison for an unrelated murder, one or two big to investigate it. In relation to the murder of rain Rawson Ricky originally from Laporte police. He wanted to clear his conscience of something he knew.
he had spent some time thinking about his niece and thought that if something ever happened to her and somebody knew anything about it, he hoped that someone would come forward. Detective Williamson of the Indiana State, police and detective vary from Laporte Police went to interview Ricky. Ricky stated he was giving this information because he believed it was the right thing to do want to trade. He didn't any benefit at all. The recorder was switched on as Ricky began talking about that evening. Fifteen years earlier. In nineteen, ninety three Ricky was only fourteen years old and was living on his parents farm in the port on the March twenty sixth March 26th in the barn on their property and climbed up into the rafters alone to smoke a joint, not long after He says that Jennifer's Silva Buick, backed into the barn it's real. the facing in period
ignores the sisters, boyfriend, Eric Frame and driving Eric with them on the farm. In the passenger say was a friend of Eric's Jason tubes. Ha school dropout, who had been desperately trying to get back with rhino. The two got out of the car arguing Ricky was sure he heard Eric yelling at Jason. What the hell happened at that point, Eric Okun trunk of the car where Ricky saw the body of a girl, he didn't recognize, boring face up to no color in her face that she wasn't moving actually covered with a dark, colored jacket or blanket. during the argument Jason said to Eric, I know, to do with her. he kept hidden in the rafters, is Jason and Derek got back in seized, sister's car and left the bomb. It wasn't until Ricky, so the newspaper and a photo of rhino id record
I was too he in the trunk of the car. He said that he never confronted a that Eric Freeman or Jason tips about the incident Though we're both older than him- and he was scared, that would kill him if he said anything he The secret for fifteen years, he hadn't Out another soul: until now, police truck Eric Fremont to surf Carlotta and detectives area. Williamson went to speak to him. They not when his door and asked if you would like to answer a few questions, Eric nodded curious to say what I wanted to speak to him about, but as the detectives mentioned, Reiner Rawson, Derek's demeanor changed and you are used the talk to It's a cuter at the Tom felt that with no confession or concrete evidence, there simply wasn't enough for an arrest The statement of Ricky happens, but in
statements when notoriously unreliable. There was MR wise and ulterior motive, but they detect Kept pushing prosecutor, If Ricky Hammond was telling the truth, then it appears that Eric Freeman wasn't responsible for rain as murder, Ricky said Eric seemed to be arguing with Jason about it. They believe If they could bring Eric and confirm, he wasn't actively involved in the actual killing. Then they might be able to offer him immunity if he gave them the full story of what happened. That night Prosecutor caved and aware, detectives to bring arrogant for questioning Eric was uncooperative. He did not having any knowledge about the murder of rain He claimed he had never even heard of it before the detail I made it clear to areas that I had information which contradict what he was saying they put immunity on the table,
It continued to claim he knew nothing. He was. released and allowed to return home, but the detective, kept working on him for it. After several months of pressure, Eric Freeman caved in to give a statement: inaction, for immunity, but there was a problem: the detectives didn't, have formal approval to offer Eric Freeman immunity. petition Todd to get immunity granted, but the I was not going to make any rash decisions. They had been huge swings in rain his case over the preceding fifteen years. had been what looked like two thing, prime suspects, one: b serial killer, one A team of rain is who and assaulted her and threatened her in the past and gave three. from versions of his whereabouts. The night she disappeared, the state
wasn't about to get excited over a housing phone and claiming to know who was responsible. If anything, this was the play at this rate scenarios. To bet on considering this new twist in the case before making a decision on immunity. They really took their time. I spent five years deliberating on whether or not to grant Eric Freeman immunity. Finally, in July two thousand and thirteen immunity. Officially, granted and Eric Women gave his account of what happened on the night of March, twenty sixth nineteen. Ninety three. the investigators held their breath as the recorder was switched on this the information that had been waiting twenty years to hear the thing. Eric framing did was confirmed, may a can of Ricky Heavens. He then, he story.
On the day, rain or and disappeared, Jason T I contacted Eric in the afternoon and asked him to pick him up and drove him to the veterinary clinic, so we could say rhino. And had previously introduced right to Eric as his girlfriend. So Eric thought, nothing of it Jason told Eric they had stuff going on anyway. I try work things out so Turkey's girlfriend's car and went to pick up Jason. When Eric and Jason arrived at the clinic Jason went inside to speak with Raina and after. Short time on the two of them walk back outside together. That's when Eric I noticed they were arguing. Jason told Reiner how much you wanted to be with her, and he didn't want her debate with anybody else that right I didn't want to talk to him. She was looking Forward to her day with Matt, and begged her to get in the car. He told the them and I could just talk.
and she got into the backseat of Eric's girlfriend's car Eric drove off Jason continued pleading with Reiner that he wanted her back, but Reynard one a bar of it at one point but out of town on file road, a reiner row Jason asked Eric to pull over. He couldn't remember who it was Eric put off there, and Jason and rain. I got out of the car continuing their argument as they walked to the rear of the vehicle. Looked into his review, mirror and saw Jason Punch Rhino, causing her to fall to the ground Eric but out of the vehicle and saw Jason on top of rain. His hands around her neck strangling her Eric Yoda at Jason. To stop saying you're going to kill her. but it was too late. Raina wasn't moving.
Jason turned Eric and told him to pop the trunk. Jason, put Rayner in the trunk and told her, to drive to his girlfriend's farm, where Eric was living Woody's girlfriend he's gay, parents and he's girlfriends. Bravo, Ricky Hammett Airy. Drive into the barn- and they didn't know that Ricky Heavens was hiding up in the rafters. The argument between Eric and Jason in the barn Jason said. If I can have her, then no one can. When I left the Bonn Jason told her to draw back to the vet clinic. Jason drove off in rain. His car and Eric followed in his girlfriend Buick with rain, is born still in the trunk. And drive out to the pond way Ryan is Buddy would lie to be found and which, very well. In the water, Jason
Why no body down with logs, because she kept floating to the surface area? Groups of the dumping of rain, his body match details. The police had kept from the public in the home. One day, someone's Testimony would match those details. And now it had from their Eric. home and in Jason, when he's our way. Later that evening, lyrics found Black Letterman jacket belonging to rain is boyfriend, but also those Stealing his girlfriend's car about it tell Jason to come and get rid of it. When the tape recorder was switched off, the detective They had probable cause to arrest Jason tubes. On a bogus twenty third, two thousand third aim over twenty years after Reigners motor police, Approach, the house of Jason tubes.
the same house you lived in in Norte. Ninety three. He was now thirty, eight years of age and married with kids as he wore around the driveway. He was a boy offices restrained and polite, It's under arrest for the murder of Reyna Rawson. there was no damning dna evidence no sir above all, a fluid tested in cutting Edge Cromwell that got the breakthrough. That was, someone with information before finally decided to come forward in his parents, Benny and Karen Rawson were at home in other port house. They had lived in since Raina was alive. when the phone rang Benny answered Detective on the other end delivered the news. Benny had been waiting two decades to eat. brain his family knew you Jason was then, he was a friend of rain, is in middle school,
They were aware that had died at his youngsters and they knew Jason was involved in the search for right from the first morning. She was missing. It was Jason who had been one of the kids to volunteer to drive others around one of And is being made to driven out of town with Jason that morning, looking further the Jason The car ran before getting too close to the area where rain is caught, would light up be found. regarding Eric's immunity, brain his family agreed that the police needed to do whatever it took to solve their daughter's murder, and if that and giving immunity to an accomplice, then so be it. At least they would have answers and the ability to understand what actually happened. That night. The news of Jason Tibbs arrest spread like wildfire three hundred and four acid. I could never forgotten. Reyna. Rawson is now coming to terms with the fact that someone from their own community was responsible.
someone from Reina's world who had continued to live amongst them throughout the following two decades. Paper, we're glad to say some resolution and dances It had been a bizarre case from the beginning. In most cases, girl called there barely a suspect to point a finger at women He won. The police just can't find enough evidence to arrest setting In this case, this maybe be more suspects than the investigators knew what to do with all, seemingly with motive or means or both. The investigation had gone full circle back to Jason Tips, but they need I to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he was the one responsible. During the pre trial hearing evidence was produced, It's credited Jason tips original lullabies,
And his friend, who supported Jason's, alibi by stating that he had driven out to the Mobile home park to collecting that night after tutoring at did Jason, had told him to say that. Another friend of Jason so had told police. He was with Jason that night came forward and said he had actually lied. He was at work and No idea where Jason was. The two teenage girls who Jason said he was tutoring, were re rating and I and I had no recollection of Jason tutoring them that not clear what the defense strategy was from the beginning, David to try and paint re MC caully is the killer. The prosecution sought to have the evidence regarding Raymond Caddies, grand jury indictment excluded from Jason's trawl as well as evidence of these changing alibis and he's threat. To kill Raina.
According to law, such evidence can be excluded if it's value is that white boy on fear, prejudice, confusion of the issues or the potential to mislaid the jury. before evidence of a third party being responsible can be introduced, it's my show. Some connection between the third Party and the crime, after defence, the defense and the prosecution both made their submissions. The judge ruled that re Mccarty would be exempt from testifying about his arrest and charge for rain is murder, but he could be questioned over the sexual assault of right now and the threats to kill her. when the trial began thirty nine year old, Jason Tebbs was escorted into the court room at Laporte, Canny Circuit court brain is, family sat together, determined to say every moment of the trawl through determined, face the man who once said he loved trainer. Who can we need to live in their community in re,
is community. All daisies. There was a trial with no forensic evidence to dissect no sign if it proof just fathers full why witness statements both credible and not so credible. The prosecution case hinge on the testimony of Ricky happens and Eric Freeman too can, the criminals coming forward with, I witnessed testimony half the two decades. The fur words. The prosecutor said in his opening statement, were. If I can't have her, nobody can Quoting what Jason tubes was alleged to have set off the rain is murder. He And told the jury that they would, he have Jason tubes arrived. The rain is work that evening to tell her not to go back to my daughter, but today him instead. When Rayner refused. He told her to get into the back of their car under the pretence that they would just talk about it. Instead,
he took her to a remote location and murdered her. The defense stock. Today, strategy of taking the fight to self Jason and pudding Going to rain in. They also Hammett away at Ricky Hammond statement, a statement From a convicted murderer, who simply decided to come forward after fifteen years because he thought it was the right thing to do. Defense attorney John Tompkins mocked the state's case by saying quote. That was a good story problem. Is it's not true. Ray Mccarthy took the stand and degrade he'd changed his alibis for the know I trained it was murdered, but we could raisin. he also agreed great. He had sexually assaulted. Rayner is a child but denied We threatened to harm her or her family if they went to the police. As Jason's alibis were knocked down one by one, the jury,
began to say the picture of a teenage boy scrambling to get people to back him up. He said: was which hold up in northern ninety three no longer did. the game of Fox Hunt joined the list of Jason's faltering, alibis. The game It happened that night with many of the local Kids tuned into their say base, but now one actually saw Jason. They only heard his voice on the radio. He could have been anywhere. When Jason's alibis fell down the defense Quick to remind the jury, the rain Cati had lied about his whereabouts. That night, the fence continued to hammer the jury with details about the sexual assaults Reyna suffered from right. Her with pregnancy, to write and finally, as elastic that's why the jury. The defense held up the police statement made by Rainer against right. He nortenos you want quite.
Bryce said that, if I didn't do it, he asked of me he would hurt me and he said that if I ever told he would kill me. On November seventh, two thousand and fourteen The jury sat for the five hours to deliberate right there, the courtroom pack. the rice and family on one side and the team family on the other self, the way to becoming conclusion. two families from the same community, both forever changed. Add hurried back in to hear the verdict guilty. The Tipps family software to wear as the Ross In family cried quietly, hugging, Each other and hugging Prosecutor and police officers involved in the case one flight on December nineteenth two thousand and following Jason Tibbs, was sentenced.
One by one, each member of the rise in family, told Jason tubes face to face of the pain and angry she had brought upon their family brain. His father played a mix up of home. Video showing rain is vibrant, more from beginning to end by telling Jason that all he had left with the memories because of what he had done quite. Hopefully near my family can find some semblance of pace from what we ve been through for the last twenty years. Laurie rain is older, sister, look Jason tubes directly in the eye and said she would have no problem flipping the switch or pulling the trigger on him. The defense quickly objected to that state But the judge allowed. when it was rain, his youngest sister, when these turned to get up she asked tubes. If you loved her so much, why did you kill her. She said it was because of her faith in God that she could forgive him, but she would
forget. the prosecution requested a sentence of fifty five years. The judge gave a sentence of forty years with a minute period of twenty years Jason. Gibbs will be eligible for parole in twenty thirty four. The defense immediately lodged an appeal. They said that excluding Raymond COD is endorsement for the murder of Rayner, as well as other evidence against re was unfair. That Jason. they also alleged that Ricky Heavens had received the benefit in exchange for his testimony. Despite the prosecution, saying he had not the Hence claimed Ricky had received a reduced sentence. The court held an evidentiary hearing on the two motions and they denied both. The rise in family set up a music scholarship in rain, his name The rain Rawson Memorial Scholarship, the fund.
Gives one day and member a scholarship. Every year, the day Alice can be found in the show notes. In an interview with a local news station brain is father. Benny express the way what all those who loved Reina was thinking quote. It really hasn't changed that much We can hold her in her arms anymore. We can bring her back then, he will be put away. So we can't do this to some other family is relief, don't give up don't give up It's not often you have a case that twenty years old they get solved Tomorrow is a new day, and that could be the day. The their cases are solved
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