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Case 96: The Toy Box (Part 2)

2018-09-29 | 🔗
[Part 2 of 3] As the investigation into David Parker Ray’s alleged crimes continued, an officer recalled a past encounter with a hitchhiker that he believed could be connected. When the woman finally comes forward to report her story, the true extent of Parker Ray’s crimes becomes clear. What’s more, it becomes apparent that he didn’t act alone. --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Episode researched and written by Victoria Dieffenbacher Additional editing by Milly Raso and Elsha McGill For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-96-the-toy-box-part-2
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just a phone numbers for confidential support. Please say the show nights for this episode on Europe or website. Stretching over one thousand miles north to south highway interstate twenty five serves as the main route through Wyoming Colorado and New Mexico Mexico portion of Interstate twenty five runs through arid desert, landscape. from looming mountain ranges to Saint, swept cracked plains of wild grass and draw to brush This desolate landscape doesn't offer much in terms of excitement and draw can be long and done eventful. Yet every so often bustling city Skype, emojis on the expensive horizon with a halo, providing a gateway to cities like Albuquerque and Santa FE at its southernmost point, the highway
It begins in the New Mexico City of LAS Cruces after Just over an hour's drive northward the road because a round the western edge of truth or consequences at this the city bordering the Rio Grande River truth, consequences, earned unique name after winning. Competition with a popular radio quiz show in nineteen fifty. the tourism brochures for triple consequences, tat the one road desert town as being only one hundred and twenty miles north of El Paso and one hundred fifty miles south of Albuquerque. In other words, it is quite literally in the middle of nowhere home to a year round population of around six thousand people truth or consequences. Tracks. Those who prefer the vast isolation of the surrounding desert to living in the shadows of skyscrapers, residents, leaving mismatched bungalows mobile homes.
stall houses on some back towards the small the anti an area of is the selection of restaurants lodging dive boss. Access to the ancient hot springs that the town is renowned for. Further the highway runs parallel to truth or consequences. Neighboring community Elephant Butte Fart noise separates the two townships with Elephant Butte, The smaller, quieter and less populated of the pair. Elephant view, residents travelling the truth or consequences when requiring services only available within the largest city, occasionally truth or consequences folk head up, the elephant view to visit alike, on February twenty one. Nineteen nineteen nine off Judy shares Kitty Gary labor was heading north along interstate, twenty five, as you
Yes, I'd trees or consequences labour court, so if a hitchhiker on the side of the road, young woman motioned for him to pull over is willing to offer rights to those in need labour round his car stop alongside her the heat Shocker introduced herself as Angela Montagnier and she wasted a ride. One hundred and fifty miles north to the city of Albuquerque who is heading in that direction. So he agree drop the woman off a destination the journey to Albuquerque would take about two hours as the past started cruising along. The highway. elixir initiated some small talk by casually remarking wouldn't believe what just happened to me did he labour asked her? What happened in Jellicoe replied always just kidnapped.
by a couple they held me in there has for a few days raped me, tortured me and then let me go just now on the highway In July, I went on to explain her encounter in more detail the story then with her abduction days prior and two descriptions of extreme sexual torture. The law back age in which an jellicoe recanted her or deal with surreal to deputy Gary Labour, it was ass, though she was casually rate telling a rather run eventful experience Despite the distressing content of her story in like a shout. No behaviour of sounds of trauma which struck. Labour result, cable these opinions to himself labour of it, take Angelica to a police station, so she could make a formal report on the matter. However, Angelica refused to go anywhere near a police station.
and showed no desire of reporting the incident given her relax, demeanor and refusal to speak to authorities lay begins whether the woman was lying, perhaps the car ride more interesting. He didn't press the matter and the topic was dropped. once they arrived in, have occurred. He labour led angelic around a bus, stop and bid her farewell. although noting may experience, is bizarre give it any more thought and soon data being, cannot completely slipped from his mind. Just over a month later, Cynthia veils, harrowing escaped from David Parker raise House of horrors, was dominating national media reports of eventually dozens of women being held captive on a suburban property within the sleepy Township of Elephant Butte was unlike any
Anyone had ever heard before, except for deputy Gary Labour. When he heard the news memories. returned the hitchhiker. He picked up on interstate twenty five from outside truth or consequences a month earlier. story of adoption and torture bore striking similarity to the one taught by Cynthia Value now convinced that he talk that had been telling the truth. Labour costs The the investigators who, wherever saying the David Parker Right case and reported his interactions with the woman investigate We're convinced labour had inadvertently crossed paths with another one of David Parker Ray Victims, yet
complicating the matter was labors inability to recall the woman's name. Despite this, the details of their suffering was something he could never forget. Around the same time, the Gary Labour came forward with a story about the hitchhiker investigators were contacted by a resident of hot springs, landing Two New David Paca raised best rode home, the man claimed to have important information related to the case. Ended to participate in a formal interview.
His name was John Brunner and he, To the police station accompanied boys was Jean Brunner The couple were acquaintances of Cindy Hendy, David Parker, Ray's, partner and co accused The brain is meant handy when she first arrived in town in the summer of ninety seven upon her arrival stayed in a motel managed by Jane Brunner, James Brenner, Candy under her wing women became friends and handy. Would we Did the brunt his house often The burning has lived, only eight blocks away from David Parker Ray so after Cindy Handy, moved in with Ray. The Brenner saw her more frequently during these visits. Hindi revealed a lot of intimate details about her relationship with Ray, some of which, So shocking that were hard to believe During one of her recent visits to John and James House,.
the kid handy divulge the disturbing story about her boyfriend Hendy revealed David Parker Ray, had abducted and sexually tortured, a woman in his trailer holding her captive, several days. Bryce deal with these prisoner to release her on one condition that she never spoke of. What happened. Ray in handy, dropped her off on the side of highway into state twenty five just outside the Eu bring city of truth or consequences. Handiwork to the woman as Angela the Brenner brushed off Andy's drunken story is just that a story. Cindy had a reputation for saying outrageous things purely for the shop value. Consequence The brunt has never considered speaking to police about what handy had told them it wasn't until they heard news of Cynthia Vale was escape from David Parker raise property
the couple suspected handy story about angel. I could in fact be true the brain is one actually the first to mention the story, after Cindy Hendy his arrest. She police about Angela, a victim right left on the side of a way back in February between deputy Gary Labour, the branches, and Cindy Hendy. It appeared, All of them were referring to the same woman. But pacing they stories together in the guide is gathered. That Ryan Indiana had abducted Angela. In February, and held her captive for several days, before releasing her on interstate twenty five, where she was picked up by deputy Harry Labour and lifting the turkey, then wider, Hindi drunkenly. confess to the brain is about what she and re had done in together with certain Angela, existed and could
they hold out, hoped she would come forward and make a report. but for Angola Montagnier, she read it we discussed the thought of going to the police since Ro Deal at the hands of David Parker Ray and Cindy handy in like I had been living in constant fee Considering herself lucky to have even survived in, Look. I made an abrupt move to Albuquerque on the day of her release, leaving her life in truth or consequences behind at creating distance between herself and her captors would stop them from coming. After her again in Jellicoe had already broken her promise to remain silent twice. First, she spoke of captivity to the man she hitched a ride from to Albuquerque and then again, so applies friend when she arrived in town, fearing what right would do to her if he found out she broke her part of the deal angel
I decided not to make matters worse by reporting the incident to authorities a month later Philip. His friend heard of the arrests of David Parker Ray and Cindy Hendy and convinced him Delica Kaliko was now for her to return to Elephant Butte and report her abduction to police. It was surely before three p m on March twenty seven winning to guide is coming David Paca Rise House noticed the car pull up to the right block outside a woman emerged producing herself as any elegant montagnier, in the early months of nineteen. Ninety nine, twenty seven year old Angelica Montagnier was living with her partner and young son. In truth, or consequences on be wary. Seventeen Angelica and a trip to the local shops to purchase ingredients to bake a cake for her boyfriend,
in July. I walked along the main strip of town, a motor, and pulled up beside her looking up at the vehicle She saw Cindy Hendy through the passenger side Window the two women already knew each other. They weren't close They moved in the same social circles and had crossed paths several times before as the air exchanged small talk? Indelicate mentioned she was lying ingredients for cake. Candy suddenly picked up? to give Angelica some spare kick me. She had her friend at David's place. In this moment Cindy introduced Angelica to David Parker Ray. watching the exchange from the driver's seat, Jellicoe eagerly accepted a rod to retrieve the cake mix and inclined to the motor home
After a short quiet drive, they pulled up to the front of Rice House on Bass, road and the trio went inside. Until it awaited expectantly for the Cape meets Hindi, had promised her out of nowhere gray, produced a large north and pointed towards him. Telecom threatening dick kill her. If she didn't do what she was told, Hendy stood beside Ray saying a word Angelica bust out laughing Couple were pulling some sort of twisted prank period she infuriated Bray. You punched ain't in the causing The photo when she regained her composure, Hindi was pointing a revolver at her Angelica then realised this was no jug brain handy wooded Angelica to strip naked terrified
she did ass. She was tall. They then restrained her hands and fate to bed in the living room before clamping a metal color around her neck, which re referred to as a dog color. Angelica was shackled right spread her an orange colored pill and made her wash it down with hardly go The pill was supposed to have a dizzying effect that would impact and challenges ability to later recall what was about to happen to her. However, the pill didn't have the desired reaction, and the angel ago remembered everything. Re walked over toward the set plan and pressed the player the sound of his voice, emanated from the audiotape. So inside completely. Restrained Angelica could do nothing. Ass bug listen
later recalled hearing quote You're scared and we're gonna play with you for a while. things only got worse from there over the next five days, Andy holding Jellicoe prisoner at the house on five one, three bass road, where she was repeatedly tortured and assaulted in a manner that striking similarity to the ordeal Cynthia Veil had enjoyed during this time in Jellicoe Record Bain, taking into Rice toy Box twice. At one stage in Jellicoe, heard rain handy debating over ways in which they could get rid of her right proposed two options. The first to inject angel ago with the solution of potent drugs that would blank out her memory says she would forget what happened is second option was to kill her?
when Angelica River heard her captors discussing ways to dispose of her body. The very real possibility that she might die soon. Propelled her into survival mode Restrained and exhausted, Angelica didn't have the strength to fight back. and a new doing so would only anger their captors, so she came up with a different planet with greater Angela, going to analyze all her rather roaming fear and anger masking it from her captives. She then tempted to befriend Ryan Handy hoping that by doing so bright, would be less likely to kill her as the couple can, new to torture and abuse Angelica. She pretended to be a willing participant, blighted telling investigators. The only way she thought she would survive was to quiet play along
Angela goes deception, work as well, in handy, were making the final decision about what to do with their prisoner and appeared to have had a change of heart, telling ray that it wouldn't feel right to kill her Upon realizing, she had successfully full grain handy and trusting her and Jellicoe persuaded them. let her go home to say her son gray, responded quote if I'd known you were this noise, I wouldn't have kidnapped you in the first place, Ray A to release Angelica as long as she promised not to speak to anyone about what had happened, desperate to get away from the property and her captives, Angelica agreed. on February, twenty one, nineteen, ninety nine five days after her abduction,
David Parker Ray and Cindy Hendy left Angelica Montano on the side of interstate twenty five. spot handy referring to the prisoner, Roseanne Georgia, it was clean, who is Miss naming ain't jellicoe as when deputy, Gary Labor was later shown a photograph of Angela Montagnier taken found. She she was the hitchhiker he had picked up and taken to Albuquerque. with the discovery of a second survivor disorder. Of David Parker RE became a meteor obsession and they since he never be quickly at the wound. The small town, They sought answers to the perplexing question of how such horrific crimes could have occurred right under the noses of the local community. Without anyone suspecting a thing Grace property on bass, road was not hidden in the wilderness. Naught isolated area rip the desert, etc
I figure suburban block with neighbours on all sides. Part at the rear of the property was raise infant. Toy box, trailer sitting in plain sight of passes by If eagles cut locals could often no answers the mayor of Elephant Butte, Bob Bonds with either express his shock at the situation. Speaking of the case it simply crashed in on them and left the town feeling violated, Two locals Ryan Hindi carried themselves like any normal couple and raised up the looting, no suspicions Parker RE was regarded as clean cut and intelligent a simple, man who lived a routine life wait days? He stopped by the same gas station to purchase die, not someone supplies with state pox coworkers during these visits stations manager would give right free coffee,
when you make of a handcuffed arriving being led away by police flashed across television screens, friends and neighbors felt that were looking at a monster. They didn't recognize Like her partner, Cindy Hendy also came across as ordinary, she was avid reader who enjoyed romance novels christian radio stations, daughter, small dog, named rat According to those who knew her Hindi. become noticeably happier since moving in which right which they attributed to love. One of the more candid insights into Cindy handier real character came from her long term acquaintance John Brunner, in an interview with have occurred. Television news station Kayo Bay TV, Brunner repeated many of the same stories about handy that he had tell police during previous interviews, including the
Hendy drunkenly confessed to him that David Parker Ray was responsible for hundreds of deaths. Andy allegedly stated quote. I have always been interested in serial killer magazines and now I'm living with one. Hindi admitted to John Brunner that she didn't have a problem with our partners crimes a shade. Self quite got off on the pain and he also bragged about her participation in the abduction and torture of rape victims, revealing that she did it. For the adrenaline rush, furthermore Brunner, both of the time Hindi complained of a blood stain on her. For that she couldn't scrub away. She said was the result of re shooting a man in the head: John Brunner concluded his interview with reported by reveal one last thing Cindy Hendy had once told him.
over the years David Parker Ray had Those developments have seven bodies. You know if and give like according to handy re, went to great to ensure the bodies wouldn't have any buoyancy, cutting them open, filling them with rocks and binding them back together with chicken wire this action. Guaranteed the body sunk into the watery depths and wouldn't float back up to the surface due to it's close proximity to raise property elephant Butte I was already an area of interest in the search for his potential victims, but the problem facing. Investigators was the she saw, the like it, so first spread over thirty six thousand acres and, at its deepest point, had a depth upwards of one hundred and sixty five fate without information to help them refine the search to a specific area
The only option was to clear the entire lake, which was overly ambitious ask far easier said than done: We passed a guide, his wooden completely rule out. A search of the like that were adamant that was I'm going to happen in the immediate future. Meanwhile Dixon and you ve search of David Parker, raise bass, road property, continued, yellow police take framed. The outskirts to Cape camping media by and blue tops were hung around the double. Why do my ball home to block the same from curious onlookers? Twin? New Mexico State Police offices in city of the agents in sterile jumpsuits and latex gloves sifted through the homestead two large veins with evidence taken from the scene. Items: confiscated from rice, property included, a range of weapons torture
Voices and objects related to bondage and dominance just of rice, Workplace Dodge RAM Work truck, revealed a variety of police related items. He allegedly used to conduct some of these abductions, including badges, affordable. Emergency light, a baton and a piece of paper listing numerous common laws. Investigators refused to publicly data the specifics of autumn's taken from raise probity after dark. Why from the Department of Public Safety visited the crime scene. They told reporters quote when we witnessed the first, and the evidence the same, literally made my stomach turn. This is very disturbing stuff, Why lighter added that the more info. malaysian authorities uncovered in relation to the case. The movie the became
A major breakthrough came on March, thirty in the form, A video cassette tape found in Ray's toy box type contained for each of a woman who was strapped to the Gonna collage equal sharing, rice trailer. Although the it was grainy, it appeared, the woman who was being held there against her will her face, was Lately in duct tape, she kept making attempts to cover up her naked body, and her movement was sluggish. His though she would drugged due to the poor quality of the film and back to the woman's face was covered. It was impossible to immediately identify her. One thing was clear: It was neither Cynthia Vale or Angelica Montagnier, But an unknown third woman, the runway distinguishing feature was a tattoo of a swan on her leg, which was done. no trouble design
having this woman could be yet another victim of David Parker re in guide instigators released an image of her distinctive swan tattoo through the media, hoping she would be identified and come forward in the meantime, little red flags were being erected throughout regime's bleeding leading media to speculate. They indicated areas of interest first soon to be conducted, dig for human remains propelling me. Evacuation was an anonymous tip off to the press, which confirmed that burns had date. Bank found on David Parker raise property and we're currently being examined. Yet tests were quick to determine that these bones belonged to a small animal. Luckily, food scraps Ray had given to his pet dog although no human remains had so far been discovered at the property or anywhere else report
is held little doubt that David Parker Ray was being viewed by investigators as a potential serial killer. During a news conference and FBI spokesperson, told reporters quiet We are not going to rule out more victims, we are not. Going to rule out the possibility that this case involves homicides, we have not done but any bodies. In this case we have reached information from people on the possibility of other victims, and we are following up that information right now. On March thirty, eight days. After their arrest, additional charges were fought against David Parker Ray and Cindy Hindi in relation to their second alleged victim in Jellicoe Montagnier. Both accused now faced twenty five charges in,
with Bio remaining at the insurmountable amount of one million dollars. Cash. Both attorneys for the accused publicly declared their clients innocent and stated that we're ready to go to trial that noise investigators held a town mating for locals and visiting media, which dispelled many widespread rumours circulating about the case, including one that claim to bodies had been retrieved from Elephant Butte. Like. An announcement was made revealing that forty more FBI agents would be joining the investigation bringing The total number of active law enforcement officials on the case up to one hundred percent, She was highly unusual as the suspects were already detained. Typically, The number of investigators decreased, one suspects were in custody. During the meeting locals, expressed their concerns, saying
vote as though that were living in a their department of public safety Secretary darn, what responded quote I married behind bars. This is a safe community. the ten. I am on March thirty one. The long awaited Dick had five one. Three best road commenced. Shovels and metal detectors were used along with brand penetrating equipment. The if any particular spot of earth had recently been disturbed. Although investigators wouldn't confirm to the press what that were digging for spectators issue, that could only be one thing: bodies. Digging, occurred in three main areas beside the house towards the middle of the lot and at the rear of the property. Neither chain link fence the surrounded A long dive digging failed to yield any significant discoveries
owing day David from the LOS Alamos Mountain Canine, Corp named Guinness, was brought to the crime scene. Guinness was placed in the yard for an extended period of time, but he too failed to detect any human remains, as this you should be wrapped up the F B. I announced they weren't ruling out the possibility of conducting a major excavation of the property in the future. However, based on the lack of funding so far that were confident, there were no bodies buried on David Parker, raise property. At the same time, the search inside rise home was also raging. Its conclusion, all up a total of one thousand pieces of evidence had been seized. This included David Parker raise Toy Box The twenty four foot long trailer, was carefully placed onto a flatbed truck secured
I can withhold other evidence to a crime lab in Albuquerque. At the invitation elixir sales event, we request the honor of your right foot experienced the kind of performance only Lexus can deliver at the invitation of Lexus sales event. Now, through March thirty first available, two point: four: nine percent APR financing on our two thousand and twenty two years. Three. Fifty for up to sixty months experience amazing at your Lexus dealer call one. Eight hundred USA Lexus for important ab are offering pricing details, sixty monthly payments of seventeen. Seventy four for every thousand finance at all customers will qualify, offer valid in the Lexus Eastern Area only and ends March. Thirty, first, two thousand and twenty two. Despite the hundreds of odd and seized from David popularize property. Investing still had no proof he was guilty of any alleged crimes they didn't can't given by Cynthia Veal or Angelica Montagnier, but to go to trial with only circumstantial evidence was a huge risk.
would each found in the toy box of the unknown woman with this one tattoo added validity to the two survivors climbs yet she was identified in her ordeal, was now raise. Defense check shaped the narrative. I knew she was a consenting party. Additionally, as search for human remains, had failed, so far, Cindy's These stories about rice, alleged motives were nothing more than he say with few remaining avenues left for investigation authorities were desperate hoping to get a more damning testimony from her on April six. The prosecution offered Cindy Hendy a plea deal in exchange information on David Parker Ray This would reduce to just five function. Conspiracy to commit kidnapping accessory to kidnapping, accessory to criminal sexual penetration.
this would more than half Andy's potential prison term of one hundred days handy accepted the play deal. During subsequent interrogations. She offered further details on David Parker rise alive in the nineties, several persons of interest one name immediately stuck out to investigate it, as it wasn't the first time he had mentioned it to them. Dennis Roy Yankee, she described the ante as a close friend of David Parker Ray as the two similar interests Twenty seven year old, Dennis Roy Yankee lived a train Jean laugh, hoping for one friends catch to the next one. friends. Had enough of him cheap those were the angels backup and. last resort. Was his parents place. Every so often Denis Roy Yancy was drawn back to his childhood town of truth or consequences
It was never good news when you auntie RAE appeared in town locals regarded him is a violent criminal. Protection need maintained since his teens, who was arrested, for the first time at age. Sixteen, when hey into others broke into a house install a computer and stereo, not long after the anti form, despite any color with friends The group terrorized the local residents Bobby into laws in gravestones and poisoning small pets when they threatened to stop killing. Children local officials cancelled all hell, waned festivals in town to pacify concerned parents easily, Yes, he served in the United States Navy for a brief period of time, but he service ended in a dishonorable discharge even yet his friends were wary of whose behaviour many fish. one hedge around him,
It was well known that unity at a temper and when he died. Alcohol, which was often his anger, worsened volunteer bursts, would follow where anyone could be a target. he's rep, shade, included convictions for domestic violence and a right a friend, also recorded. He saying he could kill somebody and not blinking on. Yeah she's interesting interest in Satanism wasn't just a passing phase during these troubled youth. He carries Endeavour, devil, worship into at all, love which led him at eighteen years old to form a friendship with a fellow believer David Parker Ray both Dennis Roy Yankee in David Paca re were followers of the church of Saint Mary, as recently as a positive aka time representing pride, liberty, enlightenment and individuality, although not supported by the church,
actionable acts such as worshipping, evil forces, animal or human sacrifice, cannibalism, torture and dark out. Something associated with some believers, David Parker, Ray's home was littered with satanic memorabilia, and he referred to his home as church of Satan, according is Cindy Hendy Right touted him. As a dungeon master of the local chapter of the church. looted that he used his position to manipulate control and torment others, including Dennis Roy Yankee FISH, described as a quote, hardcore, satanic follower of refrain. It wasn't just a mutual interest in sight, Newsome that drew Dennis Roy Yazzi and David Paca right to one another block. Re Yankee was a site Someone who derived pleasure from others pain or humiliation, a scoop,
Recording agencies vivid stories of his time as a naval officer stationed in the Philippines, where it pick up local sex workers and use, and to act out. He said one masochistic fantasies as their friendship blossoms. He ain't, he would stay raised bus ride home whenever he was in town. During one such visit, right, discovered hay in eighty shit, a sexual interest in bondage, Boston, the skimmed through a pornographic magazine, Ray pointed the pages featuring pictures of banning and gagged. Women bragging that he and an Ex wife had experimented with bondage, Rachid Ghannouchi photographs. He had taken of a completely restrained woman She had never met any of rice. Ex was therefore he. And confirm the identity of the woman in Rice, photography, collection, invest.
the guy is believed. She was more than likely one of rice captives as he was known to take pictures of the women he had abducted whilst they tortured them. This theory, with substantiated when investigating questioned, rise, ex wife of which he had several, who all the non participating inactive bondage with ray Knowing that unity was a fellow sadomasochist reggae the tour of the inside of his toilet acts block it takes eradicating, educating and eager he explained wait to be different devices and instruments worked include how to use nipple, clamps and administer electric shocks. soon Jansky and raise friendship involved entertaining there to mutual interests, Saint in ISM and decide ism. The pairing gauged the services of sex workers to participating consensual lacks involving bondage inside. I masochism some of these instances
occurred within Rice Toy Box. When Cindy Hendy came on the scene, the three would wood the painting such sex acts together. In describing Yankees over devotion to his master, Ray Cindy Hendy proceeded to make serious allegations. Implicating both men in a motor handy allege but Yancey Andrei once held Yancey's Ex wife captive at five hundred and thirteen bass road about two days at two bring in sexually assaulting the woman railroaded Yancey to kill her. as you can see, strangled his Ex wife to death. Re stood in a corner, taking photographs afterwards the men bundled the woman's body into rice car and drive out into the desert during the trip. Yes, he continued to violate these exports body
eventually they reached a suitably isolated location, where the pair disposed of the body taking extra to ensure that it wouldn't be found. in the following days. such a state of euphoria that right, who increasingly concerned that he's young accomplice would tell someone about what they had done or, worse still, reveal the location of the body on the nice treaty awake after the murder, re returned to the spot where they had left the body and moved it too different location will die right. Lighted, told Cindy Hindi of having re located. The body he didn't special exactly where Cindy Hendy claimed this murder. place used before she even met David Parker Ray And she only knew about it because he bragged about it to her.
Although incriminating, there was immediately clear the accusations made by Cindy handy against Dennis Roy Jansky for the murder of his Ex wife didn't hold up a quick background check points. The get his uncovered. The anti had never been divorced, and thus could have had an Ex wife He was currently married to a woman named Christina who investigated found alive and well the blow to Hindi story. Christina defended her husband, the noise claims. Yankee was a sexual scientist. She insisted. He had never shown an interest in what she described, as quote David in sexual behavior, Spain, it didn't deny her husband's friendship with David Parker RE, recalling several instances where Yancy took her to visit five hundred and thirteen bass road was on their wedding day in September nineteen. Ninety seven
We were heading to Elephant Butte like when he made a brief stop at right house on the way. During another visit, Christine is three year old. Child was playing in Ray's yard and one in the direction of a lodge. What trailer towards the rear of the property right quickly stopped the child in the womb, Christina that they could never go back. There Christina respected right the man but noted it as old. Christina further revealed that, during a brief separation without husband in nineteen, ninety eight gaiety had commenced Sexual relationship with Cindy Hendy, Christina Renee Yancey go back together. They confessed that the pleasure found in violent sex acts. It made him uncomfortable. Christina are also noticed. Her husband had developed an emotional drinking habit during this time.
investigators tracked Dennis Roy Yancy to an address in Williamsburg. A small village The western edge of truth or consequences. He was a fairly unremarkable man of lane, build with sharp, cheek bones and ahead with dark hair. He agreed to be interviewed about the David Parker Ray case Information gained amounted to very little. Did he participated and consensual sex acts with Ray and Cindy handy. Also revealed that re would occasionally invite sex workers who specialized in bondage insider masochism to join them in the toy box. During one trip to obtain the services of a sex worker, First, an interesting abducting an unwilling participant to truly fulfil their sight. O masochistic desires, but the anti assured investigators they never acted out on the idea.
Easy firmly denied the accusation that he had strangled a woman to death and raise toil box here system that all sex acts done inside the trailer involved, consenting and willing parties only rejected Cindy Andy's climbed. The murder had ever taken place. Undeterred by Yankees denial Hendy stood by her claim that he was a murderer. inquiries. Continued, though without evidence in to guide you couldn't even be sure. Murder had even taken place that would do, with two unreliable parties locked in a case of he said she said. On the afternoon of April. Ninth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine police held with danish Roy Anti in an interrogation room at the truth or consequences, state police office One thirty pm,
she was seated before FBI special agent, Gary broaden and so Casey Rogers from the New Mexico State Police. Roger had been on the David Parker Right case since the beginning. Here, Entered and search the infamous toy box torture chamber observed the confronting evidence collected from rice and listened the disturbing details about the heinous crimes he committed further reading to the sheer horror of the case. Was the knowledge Ray had accomplices, crimson, Couples were not unheard of, therefore Henderson. when the shocking was not unique. Was Dennis Roy Yankees alleged involvement that stuck out is particularly concerning if what he said was true right, hydro a completely outside our enemies, despicable acts, it was, you to be determined. If that wasn't in Dortmund on right or unity,
is desperately wanted justice for the victims, but every new breakthrough. In that case it so far it led to a massive roadblock Yankees third interview to go just line of questioning centred around a detail. Cindy Hindi had mentioned in one of her statements shield Edged but when the anti strangled the woman to death in the toy box, the victim. Lost, control of her bodily functions in to guide is totally anti. They intended to test the floor of the trial of the DNA to determine if what handy said was true She continued to deny any involvement sergeant Rogers, was nearly at his wit's end. He looked into straight in the eye and said that good Dna from all kinds of sources. Could block that point woman who lost control of her bodily functions and pissed on the floor. When you were sitting on a chest choking the life out of her
Rogers Blunt comment seemed to switch something inside of the Anti Mord he snapped back. Quite I was forced to do it They made me strangle her on the boy answered sudden confession: Bruges pressed for more information, but a panic, gaiety, just kept repeating club was forced into do. I didn't want to choke her. after coming down in Asia, for a lawyer. The quickly changed his mind and instead offered a full confession. Sergeant branches asked what We start with what it was that you had in David Parker, raise house who was it that you all killed without hesitation? He ain T, replied: Moray Parker,
Marie Parka was a twenty two year old single mother of two June in Dennis Roy Yankee had been a couple back in nineteen. Ninety three but their relationship wasn't healthy. At one point, Marie confided to a neighbor that gaiety had right. There, Marie tell others ever growing fee she had of her boyfriend. king, that she no longer felt safe being in the same room with him a lesson The person was present. the relationship ended after Moray, reported easy for domestic violence, a charge that led to a conviction lighter around the end of June nineteen. Ninety seven Marie was evicted from her apartment for failing to pay rent it since being living in a tent on the western shore line of Elephant Butte light behind this in a state of hot springs, landing
to ensure her two young daughters had a warm bed and a roof over their heads. Moray sent them to stay with Paypal. She trusted until she got back when I think. On the morning of July Fourth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven Maury took her daughter The local swimming pool and spent the day with her brother and and friend that that afternoon, she dropped her daughters off at a friend's house before heading back to her like Lakeside tent. At around four p M Murray left the camp in her nineteen. Ninety three GEO Metro, car and drove to the blue. saloon, Local watering hole in Elephant Butte been spent drinking and dancing with friends shortly before Midnight Marie mentioned, others that she had to go and check on her daughters, but would return at the bar later, yet by the time the bar had closed array was nowhere to be seen.
assuming the railways with her daughters. Her friends were startled, despite car in the saloons parking lot more it concerned about her whereabouts. The group driver aunt Jane looking for moray until two am but found no sign of her. by the following morning: Moray still I hadn't reappeared her brother Jack the campsite by Elephant Butte Lake and Our democracies belongings were gone the following days. The car remained in the parking lot of the blue water saloon and no and soon the ray come. Oh God, car doors were unlocked, and marine purse was left between the two friends sate a nice recent paycheck was unclear. Did the convenience store where she work when race do: hadn't China, but you lost seven. Her family reported missing.
a police officer, attempted to locate Marie. Their investigations. They learned she was nine to occasionally use an Alias angel Morrison. Moray also had a history of suffering from suicidal thoughts based on information police believed Moray Parker that her harangue life left him for would under her alias. Although the Estimation ended without evidence to prove a theory. Samaria park is missing, persons fall, remained open throughout the following weeks, months and years, marine family refused to give up and continued to search for her. During a telephone interview with the press. Raise mother stated quote: I've been searching and searching for two years: got her on almost every prayer chain. In the entire United States too
He is a hell of a long time to go without your friend, your daughter, your blood. On April nine naughty naughty doin. Almost two years he's after Marie Pocket disappeared. Dennis Roy Yankee finally revealed the truth about what really happened to his ex girlfriend. Living in working out the key at the time, the anti with surprise when he's estranged father Martin, contacted him and suggest that they take a road trip together to get re acquainted. Martin was a power play Jake Vietnam, war veterans who had since taken up painting he planned to fund their trip by selling he's our work, along the way feeling lucky was going nowhere and he's current job. He achieved great joy, his father on the road he had just one request that night.
I could detour and make a short stop off in Elephant Butte Gente explained he had some stuff. He wanted to pick up from a friend's house. And also wanted to stop by to wish wishy sister a happy birthday. Is she lived in the area Martin grade. After the one hundred and fifty mile, Dr South, eighty in the company of his father went to visit his old friend David Parker re as it was the fourth of July Waken Accommodation options with limited in elephant beer is the town was busy with tourists spending the holiday celebrating at the light, as such re. Happily, Why avoided these visitors to stay at his house? Dennis Roy Yancy spent Saturday July five drinking steadily at Ray's place until he felt buzzed glider that night
A visit arrived to five one: three bass road. It was David Parker raise thirty year old, daughter, Glinda, Jane RE, better known by her nickname Jesse. The drugs were a major problem in both Elephant Butte and it's neighboring town truth or consequences. due to their rural locations, the tens tended to attract drift is living fail of the war or there's wanting to around their own troubled past, local a deal is we're always ready and willing to make a quick bark of the most vulnerable members in the community. One such dealer was Jesse RE. She saw Crystal Meth cocaine and marijuana twenty one who Jesse was easily recognizable around town. Her presence was
in full warned by the grumble of her motorcycle. Was it cruised down the main street motorcycle didn't quite suit Jesse a thing long haired woman, with aviator stall rating glasses, describe this quiet and reserved in much the same way she stood out at her local. Adobe Rock n roll back a bar in town for those who knew her well, Jesse was far from the make young woman she appeared. She carried a powerful presence which hit a violent strike that would emerge when provoke Ex girlfriends had reported her for incidents of domestic violence, but no charges were ever laid in one incident. She attacked her ex pot and his new girlfriend with pepper spray after Jesse was asked to leave their house. Although she had deep roots in the Elephant Butte Community
It wasn't so much a home for Jesse RE. She moved around often and switched jobs constantly, while operating under different areas, Linda Brenda or city. Her employment history included stints as a cab driver pizza, delivery, driver and following in her father's footsteps and the county. she had a young daughter who was being raised in the way Sienna by Jesse's mother Glinda, David Parker raise third Ex wife. Jesse had a temperamental relationship with her father, David Parker Ray the two were close, but also prone to conflict back in nineteen. Eighty six Jesse was living with her father on his ranch fence lake, Mexico, they grew marijuana in a small greenhouse on their farm land, which Jesse would then sell to logos.
In June that Ye Jesse accused DR of withholding money owed and an altercation followed Seemingly spurred on. By this event, she contacted the FBI and volunteered information implicating David Parker re inactive of slavery according to have the courage, agent, Doug Belgian quote,. Jesse alleged that David Parker RE was adopting and torturing women and selling them to boys in Mexico throughout the following year. The f b I dug around to see if they could find anything substantial to support. Jesse rice claims, nonspecific that nothing surfaced. The F B, I were unable to determine who the alleged adapted victims were as Jesse offered no names agents. Is it a David Paca rise range where they questioned him directly, but he called
only denied the allegations open and up from with his answers, Ray gave authorities no impression he was hiding something soon after the scene of you, re moved back to Albuquerque and because he wasn't formally charged no one followed after him. with absolutely no evidence to support Jesse raise accusations. The F b I dropped the case. Suspect suspected that the whole situation was a lie. Concocted by Jesse, in spite of her father. this all occurred. Thirteen years prior to the arrest of David Parker Ray in relation to the abduction, captivity and torture of women in Elephant Butte, Did Parker right didn't know his daughter reported him to the FBI. He was told they had received an anonymous to have a Tom father and daughter patched up their relationship and became very close spending time
together, whenever Jesse Ray moved back to town. Jesse Ray also shared a close friendship with Dennis Roy Yankee when both were in town, they take time to catch up spending, most of their time together. Drinking dancing and playing pool at the local dive, bars or partying out. like when you hear arrived in town with his father on the fourth of July weekend, Jesse was eager to catch up with her old friend she drives, and I just talked a lot to five hundred and thirteen best road in a sweltering hot evening of July? Fourth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven, where Yancy was inside intoxicated talk to her. catch up Jesse asked her father. If she could borrow he's Dodge RAM truck to get around that evening, David Paca re agreed and handed the case over.
Jesse asked he answered to join her on a draft to the Blue Borders saloon. The ten minute draws Jesse told yet he now going to the bar to pick up his Ex girlfriend Marie Parker. easy and Marie hadn't maintained a friendship since they break up. But they had running, to which other party the previous day and got mall Bleriot pointed Yankee filled. Their interaction had been a positive one. S head Even Marie advice on how to overcome her current living situation, nor. Fallen by the time. Jesse Nancy pulled up at the blue water saloon on the corner of warm springs, boulevard and hallway one nine five, Country, music and joyful cheddar emanated from the building. Leaving Yancey alone in the truck Jesse is that the vehicle and disappeared into the bar inside the walls were.
One with American a date or not, I typical for a country, town watering hole patrons guzzle back, be whilst dancing to step in playing pool on another worked pool table. Tom later he and she caught sort of Jesse emerging from the bar with her was Maria Parker. Marie climbed into the passenger safety and Jesse got behind the wheel, sandwiches Nancy between the two women. Jesse tell them. She had to make a quick start to conduct a drug deal, but assured it wouldn't take long. The trio required is Jesse drove into the empty darkness of the town, That's good. Stopping a wall later in a secluded, hilltop shit. of the car, and
Looking around, she told the others that the deal I had no idea and I'd have to wait. Awhile hurrying eighty waited in the car, making small talk to pass the time Jesse paste around to the passenger side of the vehicle and opened the door I turned to her and was struck with terror when she noticed Jesse pointing a revolver at her Jesse used her free hand to pull out a pair of handcuffs frozen in fee moray, didn't resist as Jesse clipped the cuffs underwear wrists, pointing the gun into the car Jesse, demanded by the Ante and Murray to get out the pair, followed orders and Jesse who led them to the rear of the truck. After opening the back door, she ordered Yanji to get in and hold moray down, and he did, as he was told in sought the truck. He called
don't talk him array and accused her body with he's ensuring she was out of sight and unable to move the eighty recalled. The moray was so petrified that there was no need to put his hand over his mouth. She didn't make a sound before Jesse slammed the door shut behind them. She bought sit down, shut up and then move or I'll kill. Jesse resumed her position behind the wheel and drive the truck away from the area bogey ass. He continued to harbour rate down in the back after a short drove the car began to ratify. It was clear: Jesse had turned to the vehicle onto a gravel road, not long after Jesse pulled the car into a driveway and brought it to a stop Jesse exit at the car and easy soon followed. There were at first
thirteen best road to truck it being parked alongside the long. What trailer located at the rear of the property the trailer door swung open and David Parker right in there just right grabbed Marie Pocket from the rear of the truck and with Jessie's hope, drag the front woman into the toy box, closing the door behind them. During his confession, Yankee told investigators he didn't entered the toolbox for the duration of Marie Park is captivity, but knew exactly what would happen to her inside after my raise adoption, yet he wandered into rise house where he grabbed a beer and started drinking. He debated whether he should call the police but feed. What writing Jesse would do to him if he did. Instead, he put the situation to the back of his
one and went about his life as usual for the next few days, all the while he was staying at David, Parker s House, Ray was only a few fade away being put through one imaginable horror. He and his father Martin was also staying on the property, completely oblivious to anything that was going on in the sand. Proof, steel, rain, forced padlocked, trailer in the backyard David Parker Ray continued, his normal routine each day, he'd go to work for the State Parks department when he'd return home in the evening, he'd head straight to the toy box, where he'd spent most of the night around three nights later Jesse Ray returned to the best road property. She told Yancey that her father was quote done
And it was torn from a re Paca to go easy. Follow Jesse into the toy box. Moray was lying on a portable. Allow me stall caught with her eyes, closed and covered with cotton wool. She appeared to be sleeping. He and she was handed a rope and understood exactly what was expected of him. He did not. You will resist using two hands. He wrapped the rivalry and Marie S neck and turned it. Moray began to fight making it difficult for years you to hold still he put a NEO her chest and pressed down to hold her implies.
Completely restrained moray could do nothing to save us off. Jesse re watched on old, David Paca re hold up his camera photographing marine fauna moments when Moray dog he ain't, seen Jesse proceeded to rapid body in a green, blanket and place her into the back of David Paca raised no dream. Try During the not the tree, I drive out to an isolated stretch of the hallway where they dumped her body in a day Praveen in the middle of nowhere as they rolled in the rays. Buddy out of the blanket and into the ravine, David Baca right turns to Unc and warned him thanks, say anything or you'll join us. he is. He and his father man left raise property. A few days later, though, we're having a drink
Get a later in the week when Martin started RE living stories of his time is a soldier in the Vietnam WAR. During the conversation about the killings the Martin witnessed during that time, yet he interrupted his father and said pop I've done something terrible. I dont know how to tell you this. I killed somebody that didn't deserve to die, and always It was me that was dead after confessing to investigators to the murder of his Ex girlfriend Moray Parka Dennis Roy. Yes, he was charged with five counts, kidnapping, first degree: murder, conspiracy, to commit kidnapping conspiracy to commit murder and tampering with evidence if convicted. He faced a potential prison term forty, six and a half EAST
we went along with David Parker, Ray and Jesse Ray, fearing the consequences if he refused cooperating fully with the investigation Nancy led investigators to wear. The trio had left Marie Park, his body, an isolated out of the hallway about fifty miles West develop imbued wherever it he'll scape was surrounded by Bracken. The remote part of the hallway stretched on four miles with no distinguishing features: the Sparky AIDS. His memory is too, where exactly Moray had been dumped. Everything will The same with no landmarks or houses to differentiate one area from the next and he felt somewhat confident. He had directed authorities to the correct application of marine body. However, he couldn't be one hundred percent, certain the
the driven arrays body he and she spent the chip lying in the back of the truck. So we didn't get a proper look at the surroundings. All he could remember clearly was that the ravine was about twenty five feet from the edge of the road and there were large power lines nearby. This information wasn't much help. given that the road ravine and power lines stretched on for miles after an extensive search, authorities were unable to recover moray pockets body had the identified sought they suspected in the end, these part of the story was true that, in the wake after the motor Ray had returned to the same and moved to the body to a different, unknown location But investigators didn't give up the search. My skin long hallways, less traveled roads numerous areas in and around Elephant Butte, like Dennis Roy.
yes, he traveled them in handcuffs eyeing each location in an attempt to jog his memory, but it was fruitless The search area was simply too vast, covering the state Park PAR, wise caves, abandoned mines and desert plains, Cadaver dogs were used extensively, but they too found nothing over the following way,
Numerous calls came in from HAWK is in camp is having found a bones at the Elephant Butte State Park, however, testing revealed, none of the bones were human, with nobody discovered Dennis Roy Yankee, suddenly recanted everything he confessed and revealed he would now be pointing not guilty to Marie Park is murder on gene thirty. Nineteen nineteen nor a fisherman Adela imbue like spotted burlap sack floating across the surface of the water. He retrieved the bag and when he pulled up close, he noticed that MR creating a strange liquid looking inside, he was second to discover what appeared to be human remains, and he quickly find the place tests light
review of the fishermen suspicions wearing date, correct the burlap sack and fished out of Elephant Butte Lake contains human muscle tissue investigators didn't have any of my raypak. Is dna on file to test the tissue against the search through the rays. Medical records failed to provide anything of use. the only possible way of gaining Moraine DNA was to create a reconstruction of using samples provided by both of her biological parents. Maria mother, a great to provide a dna sample. However Moraine Father said he Couldn't one hundred percent confirm that Moray was these biological daughter, since my railways Young he toyed with the thought of having a paternity test on to be sure, but it had never gonna head. Without a reliable dna sample from a the Moray Parker herself or one reconstructed from the day,
and I have heard biological parents. Investigators could not confirm whether the human remains found in alike belonged to Marie Parker. To this day, there remains have never been positively identified and Marie Park is body has but they were covered. Marie Park is modal. Although a huge breakthrough had reached the same, abrupt and unresolved conclusion, as every other late in the day, with a right case, determined to find clues have evidence of David Potter, race crimes, the F B. I can't need to reach out to witnesses and potential victims through the media. News reports prominently. the image of this one tattoo belonging to the unknown woman who appeared restrained in the toy box in one of raise homemade videos Investigators with certain the woman in the footage had been held by re against her will
as investigators continued to search through falls for any unsolved missing persons, cases that could be linked to David Paca Ray a coal came in someone had recognized the woman with a swan tattoo to be continued in the third and final installment of the series. Next week, You live an electric life, we're here to keep it going. We're.
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