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Casefile Presents: Crime Interrupted

2022-02-03 | 🔗
Crime Interrupted explores some of the biggest and most challenging cases handled by the AFP, Australia’s national policing agency. Presented by Casefile’s host and featuring interviews with the AFP officers and personnel from other domestic and international partners who investigated these crimes, the six-episode series covers cases of human trafficking, counter-terrorism operations, international kidnappings and more.
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Hello listeners on key to announce that case file returns this weekend without first episode for twenty twenty two, the entire attain here is looking forward to what will be the seventh year of case file and we you are too, We also have some exciting needs now. Podcasting platform case all present and ceased launching a brand new show. Today: Crow interrupted delved into some of the biggest and most challenging cases that are being investigated by the australian federal police. Astray is national law enforcement agency for organised crime, terrorist threats, child exploitation and human trafficking. These are some of the most serious offences that a purse and can come in here and Australia days, crimes full the jurisdiction of the australian federal Police, so known as the yes paid crime into
up. There is a six episode series- that's no righted by me and features in depth interviews with the officers yourself. Today's crimes we ve been given exclusive access. to their case vote. So you can learn more about fighting crime in Australia at a national level. How that I have paid captured and online sex offender who was preying on children, the story of a human trafficking syndicate the agency successfully dropped it and many more complex and challenging operations. Crime interrupted The latest relates from case fall, presents the burst episode easy out now with new. Besides dropping wakening for free wherever you get your plug costs I am now going to play you the official trailer while you listening be sure to follow crimes. Europe did on your favorite podcast up, so you don't missed an episode.
The austrian federal police is Australia's national policing agency. Their work includes Hannah Terrorism, Syria, organised crime, saw the Koran, fraud choice exploitation and here in trafficking within humans. Thinking it's a taunt ripe to war between prosecuting someone for human trafficking. AIDS and looking after the victim colonels was bleeding profusely. They couldn't coal in business or police. Daniel, what's gonna happen, the money that she had Niger in that way was eighty two and a half thousand dollars, and that was her worst wake in ten years, the case All tat has been given exclusive access to the eye of pay case evolved to bring you stories of some of the most challenging operations, did buy me you here. In depth, interviews with I have pay federal agents and and how they investigated and interrupted the most serious of crimes, level of criminals
just then a level of small Mr people didn't she we need to work out. Jovius in cyber crime is to make it we do now about it, Jane and side into how the I have paid disrupted. A major human trafficking seemed again and arrested a sex offender who talk, the children on line by the number of victims at he talk it wasn't just one child or two children. It was hundreds of children. The threat was always there always present, like a dog clad hanging over their heads, the kind of marks one of the boys where he says you think I'll be cod. From investigating counter terrorism and disrupting major drug importation chains to international kidnappings. We Taken inside look at some of the biggest investigations and learn how the I've pay stayed a step ahead. Was led into the house and always met with the mother to go. one hand, my pistol mother, one
The machete dares sands aside, he's really in trouble, he doesn't standing. If you give them money like a Julia or should I give them money like a stupid When you are talking about a twenty one year old offender who still lives at home, it's a shock to your dad when the place, Only knocking at the door then breaking down. I'm interrupted is the latest relates from case file presence that first, at the side, will be available on February fool with new episodes, dropping weekly, listen for free wherever you get your plug costs and be sure to heed the follow button. So you dying Mason episode.
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