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2023-07-18 | 🔗
Step inside the shadowy world of the 90s music industry with Casefile Presents. We go behind the velvet ropes to explore the dark side of the Hollywood club scene and the nightlife king and queen pins who ruled it. In this world, secrets trade hands like currency; among the most compelling is who murdered Brett Cantor. The tragic death of Brett Cantor sent shockwaves throughout the entertainment industry. At just 25, Cantor had built an impressive career as an A&R executive at Chrysalis Music Group and was instrumental in helping discover bands like Rage Against the Machine. Brett was at the top of his game, dating actress Rose McGowan and signing on as a partner in a popular Hollywood nightclub called Dragonfly. However, on July 30, 1993, his life in the fast lane took a tragic turn, and the music executive was murdered in his West Hollywood apartment. Today, nearly 30 years later, the case remains unsolved. Join us as we reveal the findings of our 3-year cold case investigation of Brett’s final days, murder, and haunting aftermath documented by his family and friends. This is one rock 'n' roll true crime story you will never forget.
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just twenty five years old music label executive, bright, can't all had already built an impressive career at chrysalis music good. He was governmental. In helping discover bands like rage against the machine, I made a ninety. Ninety three bread was at the top of these game dating actress rosen, gallon and signing on as a partner in a popular hollywood, nightclub called dragonfly, but then, on July thirty of that year, Brett was killed in his west hollywood apartment. The murder, sent shock waves throughout the entertainment industry. Today, nearly thirty years later. The case remains unsolved. True crime rider and podcast producer, jason Nova has spent three years investigating bright candles, life and tragic death in dragonfly. Right, cancel, murder, mystery. She reveals
her team has discovered and shares the haunting aftermath documented by breads, family and friends. This is one rock n roll, true crime story. You will never forget dragonfly brett candle. Mystery is out now, wherever you get. Your upon costs now stay tuned to hear the trailer. Step inside the shadowy world of the nineties music industry with case file presence, We take you behind the velvet robes to explore the dark side of the hollywood clubs. and the night life king and queen pins, who ruled out we're secrets trade hands like currency among of the most compelling mysteries is whom murdered pride, Kantos Kan
entire was rising star in the music industry in nineteen. Ninety two, as an an ar executive at christmas, music, invert discovering and like rage against the machine by the age of twenty five breaths, was hitting all the right notes. He was that promoter and hollywood, a partner infamous nightclub dragonfly and was dating actor. throws Mc Gowan, but his fate would have it unexpected events were brought down a dangerous path on jobs, I thirtieth nineteen. Ninety three brats life in the Ass lane took a tragic turn when you found murdered in his way hollywood apartment. His He's remains unsolved to this day. Join us as we reveal the findings of our three year called case investigation into bread can't Where's final days, murder.
And the haunting aftermath documented by his family and friends. Last time I saw bread alive who is weird, he cut off hair off. In his look, any active different new sometime reserve. If it goes on Doubtless this house and heidi through it, everyone reserve from jack Nicole centre. When some madonna was just insane my mind was in such a daze that Got home, I got a message saying: meet us at the homicide. Department. To tell you our partner, bread, Cantor and then he said was murdered. Last night, I saw this picture of bread. flash on screen and they were talking about odious him sent I'll call braun Wait, wait! I know what it's like power, people the hide and have many many technical going
I'd and they took power during this session I he knew the killers were thousands revenge. The sounds like a certain measures me This is one Rock'N'Roll, true crime story. You will never forget fly, the bret can murder mystery premier on July eighteen, twenty two, three.
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