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Episode 10: Facebook gets the sh*##hole treatment from the media

2018-03-30 | 🔗

I talk about the leaked memo from a Facebook executive (Andrew “Boz” Bosworth) and how the media is taking it out of context.

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delta do do do blah blah blah if i've done everything right you are experiencing a good sound quality plus only for the first time but i'm sure you'll tell me all good morning everybody i've already been on once but i needed to double down on something so it turns the sound problem had to do with the timing of when i power up the ipod or ipad if i have the plug in and then i turn it on everything's fine but if it's already on and then i plug it in i get problems so it took a little experimenting to find that out so i already talked about this but i'm going to go in a harder on this point there's headlines now about a vice president at facebook
who wrote some things in an internal memo sound as though and this is the media spin on it that they've facebook values growth over safety this other reporting which is completely fake news both sides fox news you're guilty this time i'll cnn lee guilty you too or to this is the part on this one since facebook is the common enemy all the media conservative and liberal at the moment because of their revelations about privacy is something that bothers everybody but as part of the effort to poop on the facebook some of this is manufactured and this this is this is insanely bad like this bothers me at a personal level most things don't
so this vice president his name is andrew nickname boz bosworth vice president and in charge of where is been there a long time right this memo and here's the key part he wrote a memo for internal consumption then the news got ahold of this via a leak and it became an external story the meant that the media transform this from an internal memo we're ahead had the sort of meaning to too external communication which it was never meant to be they changed its meaning they did exactly the same thing to facebook that much of the media did to trump at his quote shithole meeting let me an example when i was a semi private meeting not private in the usual sense but in a in a
televised meeting and he used the phrase shithole countries people in that meeting presumably would have known the context which is he talking about if you're bringing in people from a low economic situation you're probably going to get people who need more help in this country if you're bringing them from a country that is already high economic growth situation and maybe you can come there already up and running all so anybody in the trump hole meeting probably understood that but they also understood that if you take that quote out of its original context put it in a general story is really easy for people to just just reinterpreted as why god it's a racist thing exactly the same play being used on this poor bastard have facebook so i'm going
defend him as hard as i can without knowing anything about him and and uh trying to side with facebook here what i'm making point is that this treatment of this individual who is other politician did not sign up for this yeah this is very very corrupt and uh i mean this is deeply unethical this is unethical as you can get and this is both fox susan cnn here i'm not going to play any favourites 'cause also doing the same thing to this bastard he wrote in memo that was meant internal consumption when it took an end of that framework they instance meaning not him alright what he said in his memo in all phrase it to make you sound the way it was meant to sound is
if you have a company whose intention is to connect people as much as possible some those connections are going to be the bad kind a bully find a victim a terror will find a way to make a bomb or find other terrorists to collude with that's the nature of communication if you if you prove connections you improve communication back people use it for bad things there is no news here there is nothing that this vice this advice president facebook said the you don't agree with alright you agree with that the telephone can be used to call your lover but the telephone can also be used by a terrorist all right everybody knows this so you queuing up a conversation about this how do you deal with this balance of being a company in which your basic core function of
people is unambiguously good but it does with some warts terrorist bullies etcetera that statement one hundred percent agreed by percent of people listening to this and listening to his message the media took that perfectly benign statement although said in a provocative way that made complete sense internally to facebook because facebook employee already understand that there king for a social good of connecting people as they see it and they already understand it comes with some problems but those problems they agree we everybody in the world agrees there's a bigger benefit which is vacation is a basic a human human need and it's beneficial
so when you see his statement being taken into context and turned into i just watched this on fox and friends just amazing they turn his simple statement of all good things have some problems into face book favors growth over safety all my god that's not what they said that's not what facebook's claim is that's not with poor guy said this this guy is not a politician right he can located in a way that probably work just fine within the company and if it didn't work just fine within the company well that's the company's business it's not our business the moment that was taken out of context it was morphed into hey facebook likes terrorists they must be on the side of the bullies they would rather you get killed if they don't you know
they would kill you if they could make a few clicks ok not like that happened here nothing like that happened people who are criticizing this poor bastard andrew bahs bosworth are criticizing a very capable person doing a lot to make the economy better yeah of privacy as some privacy issues with facebook and then you think to deal with them but that's a different topic this topic was about you know connecting people and some of them are bad people so for the media to be dumping on facebook by completely inventing the translation of this guy's innocent statement that a good service with some warts but we love works works are great we works better than we like people nothing like that happened and when you see the the major media attacking this guy without attack completely unethical alright that's all i had to say about
i i needed to get on here and be as as i can tell problem we literally the only person in public who is defending this guy and again i don't know him i don't have any stockton facebook except in index funds this doesn't help me in any way i'm just saying this is unethical immoral completely wrong way to treat a guy who just doing his job ok completely wrong so that's my take on it and that's all i have to say on that and i'll talk to you guys later
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