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Episode 102: Who “Won” the Singapore Summit?

2018-06-12 | 🔗


  • Everything given by both sides so far…can be easily taken away
    • Is that good?
    • Building trust
    • It’s missing the point to ask “Who’s ahead?”
  • Punchy De Niro


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bump bump bump bump bum bum bum bum bum bum bum hey everybody combining here i know you've been watching a lot of coverage about events with n korea but you haven't heard everything i have to say and that mean you're not done yet so as thousand people i'm going to i'm going to tell you how i score this singapore summit the thrilla in singapore um and so here are the variables we have kim getting a meeting with president trump seems like good for kim we have president trump agreeing to postpone at least war games again good for kim that we have kim blowing up
the entrances to the mountains or at least a little bit of there test facility got blown up and that seems good for us and then the key was agreed to know missile tests and also released some prisoners but let's score the because they're not all equal rights some things are bigger than others they're not all the same thing where's the frame i want to put on this everything i listed can be taken away easily all right so just listen to this list these are all the things that have already been traded it essentially but they can you take it away and pretty easily so first of all german about legitimacy and a meeting on the big stage with president trump so he has respect he has legitimacy is there anything that president trump is better
at removing from another person then their dignity he is the best the best operator you've ever seen on the world stage for taking back the respect of had been given if you don't believe me just ask punchy punchy dinheiro i think your daughter referring to so the president had tweet about dinero in which he nicknamed him punchy janeiro launch e oh my god that's some of his best work anyway i go up so the legitimacy the kim got is it is real he got the meeting he got the legitimacy but it's the sort thing that this press then we can remove should that for the necessary we hope it is never necessary president
promise no war games now correct me if i'm wrong but did we just finished war games how when we do or gives it wouldn't wouldn't today the very best time to promise that we're going to suspend our war games 'cause i'm pretty sure it was going to be a little while until we did one anyway you know under our normal situation so first of all nothing is being given because we probably didn't have any war scheduled today and we could always change our mind should things go in the wrong direction like why this kim blew up parts of his mountain or maybe the so the mountain but realistically if they put their minds to it they could rebuild their test facility it's possible they under the missile test but they could just you know
they could just as subordinate missiles the you know it this is permanent of course they've released some captives feels like a winner until you realize that they could capture or people these are all the most most reversible other ways on both sides so bolsa says done absolutely nothing they can't be taken back now i'm not saying that's bad my next point is that is good and so indeed when the score was let's see i've got the score here so if you look at what kim you know what at least the pundits are saying gave away he blew up his now and he stopped testing missiles they released him so it's like three things then kim got some legitimacy for the meeting and promise for no war games at least for the moment and that feels like two things
so people say a looks like it's three to two but in this particular context this isn't really negotiating this first part is trying to gain credibility so all sides are trying to your credibility with the other and so they should they make an agreement they feel like oh i'm dealing with somebody who can keep in agreement 'cause you so i think that kim is going to give away anything important until he is quite confident that has somebody who can work with and that you give something up they give something up so this first phase everybody is just giving up you know air i mean really nothing everything is being given up could be taken back in so it's not really real in the sense of changing the the in the situation of the ground it is very real in terms of
two leaders trying to trust each other trying to show in public look if i got if i have back in public do you have my back in public and you getting that dance right now you see the resume praising chairman kim on and river levels i would expect it won't be long before you see some kind of a comment coming from chair given that the he had a productive time thanks president trump or something along those lines that's that's friendly so in that context where the only thing that both sides are trying to accomplish has now thing to do with these little nothings that they're giving each other because there all they're all nothing's it has everything to do with figuring out that they have each other's backs so they go into a pub discussion and
i say i'm going to give you something are you gonna say you gonna give me something you know can we at least get that going so they can pace themselves of that level and understand that you know there's there's a sign the logical element to this they have to convince our own publics that they have to present a certain face to the public they both have come out good yeah you want all the players to come out with a win on this and you're just i the the warm up rounds so when you see the the the haters of still criticize that trump gave up more than he got the upper frame is a nobody gave up anything there there is so far no giving up there the people who have said you know also spend this i will do this i might not do that but it's all stuff they could take back in and a half a second
so the real stuff and the only person will matter will be investments which are pretty long term hoping we can get to that point the nuclear rising which is relatively long long term if you do it right so these are all the short term give ways that you shouldn't see is real but they really do set the tone and they get people in the right mindset and they move things forward and so they're all doing exactly the right stuff right now but the people who are not quite understanding where they are in the new negotiation if their scoring at the he's got to this is the schedule three that's very much missing the point of this first phase all right i'm just looking at your comments so i've seen several of you mentioned one
ibm's i was watching him on the five as well and some of you probably recognize that my comments are are fairly directly after after watching him and i had said before to prior periscope that you're going to see people get hostile in a way that you haven't seen since the election and the hostility will be i'm trying to deal with the fact that things are going well and they don't believe that they have a president that should make things go well and so one i did not read it and trying to how to read his mind so i'm talking about one williams he's on a show called the five on fox news and he seemed he seemed pretty worked up about this but i don't think his reasons our persuasive
all right us so look for trump haters trump critics to get a little bit meaner than you've seen before and i think i think we saw that first with punchy dinero g that was the first time you heard the or or read the tweet i hope you read it by now when you see the word punchy because he got punched too many times by professional fighters that's what the we says i don't know how you could i don't know how you can stop laughing at that i could laughing all afternoon punchy that is the you've ever heard your life oh my god point you
anyway i've also been tell you that the president seems less mean lately he seems like he's he's getting friendlier and his critics are turning into whatever punchy dinero s yeah a raving you know sort of drooling manic maniac at the as the president of course punches back i run a play so of course he counterpunches but it was such a it was such a uh i don't know it was more of a humorous put down that it was hard to see the taken seriously at all
he says dinero was a like a low iq individual i think he said he's been punched too many times by pike in the movies by professional boxers punched in the head too many times k can have what we call it anger management problems let me google this while you're here don't go anywhere okay i just have to answer this
uh and so i'm just going to google just talk among yourselves here for a moment um let's say boxer box your brain injury anger management i want to see how many hits i get for uh yeah looks like anger management is one of the symptoms which is not funny uh but both what is what is funny is that now you have to wonder if you have to wonder if punchy dinero actually does have some anger management issues
so yeah i just went through the entire cycle of experience right in front of you which is first i thought this is just funny and then or i thought about it i thought oh brain in these are not funny at all in fact the brain injury is just about the opposite most opposite of funny you could get and then i thought or wait a minute dinero was in movies where he got punched and then i thought eight am maybe this is a serious problem may maybe maybe his anger actually is about being punched him you can't rule it out at all and so who knows very that's true but it's interesting that we went through this cycle anyway i got to go that's all for now i will talk to you all in the morning
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