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Episode 1031 Scott Adams: News. Lots of it.

2020-06-18 | 🔗

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  • What is “systemic racism”?
  • John Bolton’s book
  • Matt Gaetz is linguistically gifted
  • Blue flu in Atlanta
  • Coronavirus death rate

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Pom pom pom pom pom pom pom, pom, pom pom everybody. It's a little over lip today, because I'm going to be reading off of my gigantic computer screen, which creates more light than the sun. True more light than the sun. But before we get going with all the news, have you note much news or is there is a lot to lose its all interesting today. Sack let's talk about about. First. Us prepare properly and all you need is a copper mugger glass, a tanker Charles who signed the canteen jirga flask of vessel of any kind fill it with a vehement liquid. I coffee and join me now for the Dope Romania the day the thing that makes. Everything better, it's called the simultaneous ep doesn't sound like
I was getting a lot of phone calls and two a m this morning and I didn't get enough sleep well. You're right, join me now. I'm so tired, I can barely remember my name, so this will be interesting. So I just published a tweet thread. My one week challenge for people to gimme examples of Systemic racism because, like most of you, I just didn't, know what it was Do the review? you knew what it was. Let me tell you what I found out, look at my own thread here to remind myself of all that goodness. So what I found out is everybody has different opinions of what it is.
There might be. Some people have the same opinions, but there are lots of different ones. So, yes to people hey described to me, what is systemic, racism, you can get a very different answers and Let me give you some of them and then you can see if you agree with these his I'll find it I'm so tired. I can find my own tweets. So here are some examples, I got I got lots of examples that would apply would apply to anybody poor. So let me ask you if you would call this systemic risk, serve. There's somebody who lives in a poor neighborhood because historically their conditions, they caused it to be a poor neighbourhood.
They have? Probably a school system is less funding because of a smaller tax base. And therefore a worse education, and that bad education will basically ripple into the future. So there will be one given example of systemic crisis, to which I say whenever I was born in a town with a low tax base, I went to a bad school relative to better funded schools. So how can you have systemic racism if it applies the least in this specific example of underfunded school? They will the same the white kids, who happened to go there underfunded school. What are they doing better? How does that example work? I give you more so I reject that because it up,
replied anybody who has poor and there are lots of people who are poor of all types I got lots of answers. There were outcome based, meaning that if the, if the outcomes for any group were different, that uses systemic racism, to which I say is it- Is it doing amateur science to know that? That's the one reason for different outcomes, and I think we have a kind of science There are now saying that Then I know what's going on because I doubt, but I would say The different outcomes is not even close The getting you a reason why you have the different outcomes, la breed after a lot of work you'd have to do to get through the? Why. Some people told me that a non racist system will see us.
That doesn't have any rules that are different by raise, let's say the legal system, so on paper the legal system is colorblind only on paper. In reality, a produces desperate l comes, and I think most people would agree that that is true, but is proof of this? migration them, if you dont know why you have different outcomes It has the. Why then looked into? I don't think so before I blocked TIM Pool ad to block him, because here. He did some bad mind. Reading public so ever rule that I block anybody who tributes an opinion to me. And then criticizes the opinion that they hallucinated, as if I was my opinion that I'm not even evolved in this at all. So ok that wasn't, my opinion.
I can't really speak to the criticism of your elucidation of it. So, Whenever I encountered such individuals, I blocked them, because it has been my experience that interacting with them just pause, as more of that, like anybody who does that once they are not good. Stop doing that they'll just come up with a new hallucination for what you're thinking. If you display, that will not come up with another hallucination. Were you thinking those things that would apply to improve. Specifically, I'm saying that as a a pattern. I've noticed in life by my experience of life is better just immediately get rid of people who are like that and see in the comments. Freedom pool, but let me say clearly it's nothing personal, there's, nothing personal and others. I think I see tee from him thought
he just mind rid. His is reaction to being blocked was to do more of worked out en bloc, which is to imagine. Those women thinking or why do anything and then saying it in public by the way services says please bring certain attention to it. Here's something that makes our average has never done. He has never is now assigned a motive or a thought to me in public and then criticized in public. I don't think he ever well, because, as the fact that like to do is completely fucked up, never never assigned somebody emotive that they have not that they have that set themselves and then criticized for it. You can ask them if their thinking that you can ask them to clarify their opinion.
Fine, but just coming up with an opinion about what I'm thinking and then saying it in public and it's wrong saving clothes and then criticising it. That creates a permanent record. There would confuse people about my opinion. I don't wanna confusing permanent record, so I just delete people do that you enter there are certain people will do it over and over again. That's all I'm saying backers topic of systemic So temples example is that lets say there's something small that happens the snowballs. Let's say you get a speeding ticket and you can't afford a bat. Next time you get stopped, maybe the cops says you didn't pay your tickets, maybe your license. Get licence gets taken basis, gonna work next thing, you know you here in jail, just just build them.
From that little infraction that you just care recover from. Maybe maybe you got put in jail something minor, but now you gotta jail record. So just accumulates. But I rejected that too. Tim got mad because he didn't see my post, in which I responded to show you but I didn't respond and they got extra mad for me not responded, but of course I had responded. He just didn't see it and what are, as one was, the third example I can tell would apply to everybody who is poor. How does a poor white person pair of us feeling tat? You do Poor white people just suddenly get money is the need to pay a speeding ticket. I think this is supplies to poor people. Now, there may be a version of this that doesn't apply to everybody- the boy, but in Europe.
I did say that unconvinced. I think all the data suggestions, we're says it pretty clearly there. Authority figures, be they teachers cops, are judges whatever I think they do. Trade a young african american males in particular differently on average. When you say that's probably true, but we don't know why right at the one reason, because I think it's true but you only have one reason that that authority figures are treating african American. Young males differently, but let me see if I associate watch me know that money survey nonstop path to try to get myself cancelled I dont want to be cancelled but, as I said before, you have to walk right up The line of cancellation. To be honest enough to say, Something useful
if you're, not right on the edge of giving cancelled Here also you're just not useful. You just now part of the conversation. Just curious way over? There are lying about stuff so that nobody will be mad at you. So if you care up to that line? Maybe just don't be part of the conversation, because it gives you can't possibly help. If you too afraid of saying there So let me say something that I think is sound Appropriate I'll get cancelled, see what you think. So you and I am Most- People- had been watching lots of coverage of the protests. So when I watch the protests and watching people get into a physical alteration, altercations I'm saying to myself: okay, what if I were in that position? Don't you do that automatically? If you see it, you see the tv scuffle and you put yourself in the position of somebody. Has a cop or you,
protester, maybe the back and forth, but just sort of normal you? U readers. The story exactly the way when the George Floyd video came out. What was so powerful about that. Is that no matter who you were The matter, your ethnicity, the rage, anything you put yourself in the George Floyd's world there just four nine minutes. The wish for me was just on my back. I wasn't the cop. I was George Floyd when I watch the video and I think that's why every way personal watches and are ok I get it like before. I knew what you are saying and intellectually I understood it but now I get it like a full body way like now. I feel like. Artificially I inhabited his life, at least in my imagination. During those last moments in life, it was horrible,
now you're, I'm emotionally sorted compatible with what you say so There are things we saw that you make us just automatically read our into this issue, listen, that's a long way of saying this. If you look at the two primary groups that were in the protest among the protesters themselves, you had the black lives matter. People. And you had love anti fellow looking people right. I watched the interval looking people getting into some kind of a scuffle. Here's what I said to myself? I could take that guy. Did you do that? If you have that feeling? Maybe it was the male feeling under no women Thank you in that way, but if you're a man. And you see any any two people fighting you automatically put yourself in the fight just the same way.
Video of tragedy just put yourself there and I put myself If I may say to myself, I could take that anti for guy you're fired. Not everyone? Some of them are pretty big. I couldn't eighty four guys six feet all year. History, maybe, but another them looked would say like they play sports. I'm just say, I'm just saying I didn't, do a survey right. I don't Data, this is purely subjective and unbiased, completely subjective and bite. But since what we're talking about is how we're persuaded by things- I'm not tell you was true- Just tell you. I felt this it just my impression. So I'm watching the anti for guys. Miles and miles of video footage, scuffle scuffle,
and every time I look at him unthinking yeah. I might be able to take that guy. Sixty three years old five feet. Eight, away under the fifty eight pounds and still just because just because I have muscle definition and if you put me in a situation like the myself, I thought to myself I could think most of those guys even me. No, I also saw many many miles of footage of black men. Young black men. Weren't scuffles or some latin scuffles. Yes, There were just protest and you know what I said. What I watched the black people in any kind of an altercation. Tell you what I said that guy would kick my fucking ass.
I would not want to get the fight with african guy. He looks like he could. Tear me fuckin part that Am I being racist, But now he watched the same videos me: do you think that the black people looked a soft and weaken the way people? I don't mean to me with like a pretty big difference. There was that there was a physicality difference. There was Hard not to notice now am I being racist to say. It was my impression that the black people in those protests were far more fit. Is that raises you watched it? What did you see if there's anybody- and I hope there is either black people on this periscope, who will just back me up on this-
Did it not look to you like most of the black people were far more fit and capable physically Kay? the most of the white people who look like that and playing video games in the basement for the last seven years now, if you're, a cop. And you pull over some. We looking anti white Guy was honoured and forty pounds. Anyone he's, never thrown a punch. Have you treat him? Are you worried. Probably that you're not really worried, not in the same way. Say you pull over a guy who's, your size. He's your size or is bigger, and he looks like he. Lady looks like he. Notices was a noses way around. Not an end is a guy looks like you could take care of, fight you, don't love is a fighter. You just look at
a museum it looks like you could take care of himself. The fight did Exactly the same as this skinny little punk, why kid? No country a bunch of if he didn't whenever you anyway. I don't think so. I don't think so now who studied that difference? This is one of maybe fifteen prince's that you would find if you started digging down into the wire things. The thing we continue, We ignore is- and I teach you this consistently- is one of the most important rules of persuasion. Again the way you act. When you- and I are together The way you act is up to me. You think it's the other way around the whole world is confusing and nothing will make sense to you now, of course, you have agency in you. You can also make your own decisions.
A part of the biggest part of what you do is gonna, be yourself, but Don't you understand how much I can change your actions? You're just lost you're just lost. Don't let me go moving closer to the line of getting cancelled Anybody who believes anybody, black anybody white, Anybody asian American is there. Anybody in any group believes this is untrue, that different groups respond differently to the police. Does anybody doubt that the different groups probably respond differently to authority figures in general? Does anybody believe that every group, responds the same average again? It's an average every individual's gonna be different right there's no? There is no general statements and applies to every person,
We agree on that world beyond that right. We the average is: don't mean anything for any one person. That's all point of racism that then we were confused about the average applying to the individual. But do you think that Average asian American who gets stop by police reacts exactly the same as the average white american ones were here. Zat, ignored or is, or the average african American. Why how many differences? Do you see number one? Is the average physical size, Of the average african american style, both please, if you are just too just to say, let's just way them, let's just take their height and their weight, wouldn't be the same. If you're a cop, do you treat somebody the same? If there are small
do you treat women the same men? You should write shouldn't women, the same man I mean, except for your searching them you, whenever woman, to do the surgeon stuff. So the special cases- yes, of course, would be different. But just interfered demeanor. How much you use. Do you think the same on. Do the please use the same force on women as they do, and then I doubted I doubt it. Do you think that the average asian American scares a police officer, the same way that the average african American they don't know anything about, do you think the police are are being having the same reaction programme That was our racism kind of kind of its kind of racism. But, on the other hand, is it? Is it
bad kind, if the thing you river thing- you react into- is the physical size and the and the extent of the threat to you personally is raised? because I'm not talking about an average on talking about there's two specific people. What is smallish? What is large feels like it be different. Let me ask you this: if you believed that, if you, if you're history, your personal history, the thing Andrew was a legacy of slavery and that that was like I'm just a big part of your mental. Your mental map was that slavery is was your origin story. How would you how would you naturally react to authority if that was a defining part of your personality? you would you react the same as I would.
When my defining story was the found The United States think about it. By my origins story, if he will be of the thing that your brainwashed with as a kid is that the people that I should relate to would be George Washington, Thomas Jefferson of forget about the slavery part four minute, we're just looking at their good parts. Because that's how I was brainwashed as a kid brainwashed literally ignore their bad parts and say look at these white People were leaders and inventors and revolution. He's in a good way, then did all these wonderful things all that's ignore the fact that our raping their slaves, Don't talk about that? No, my origins story is about authority. That I am part of authority. I'm part of.
Part of the of the ruling class, if he will, just by virtue of being a white guy. That wasn't born into a ruling class, but it is my origins story. Right now I encounter and authority figure what would be. Natural way that I would respond to an authority figure. If I had been train from birth that I am one. Right if you're dealing with somebody who's. Yes, you are the different age, your perfectly polite, if eight, if If I talk to see our teacher when I was a kid or a police officers, I saw them as part of the structure. This me stuff leadership you people in Control Authority fingers. Caesar what I'm already, if I'm older or what The kid I just assumed. I would be an authority figure Sunday. I always
But I would be an authority figure, so my feeling about authority with some more positive. Suppose you, origin story was that the authority figures were raping and killing you for generations. Do you act? The same did Bihar. If you're, a human being with normal O Brien be pretty hard to start with that he had to start that foreign. Well, then find your own went out with a lot of help right. Most of the still have a lot to help. So here is my point To imagine that everybody who has such a different urgent stories such different cultural influences. To imagine that everybody, as a group, risks arms in ways that are similar enough. That the only thing you need to know is what the cops did The only data you need to know is what the is, what the teacher did
the only data you need to know is what the authority figure did. I would say that's naive to the point of intentional stupidity Cause you're gonna need to know a lot more things to know what happened in any situation you need to know sizes age is you need to know expectations what their history? I just a million things I can do. I also else's news today of the fund's suffers. John Bonham Book One of the great the great stories and John Bolton, but which looks like just made up, after me. Now we see the number these tell all box and they are the same quality. The worst thing in the book doesn't have other witnesses. Have you noticed that all these tell all books have the same quality?
There are a few little bombshell things and there are like Oh man, you can't believe this happened Was the next thing you find out about it? No witnesses, except for the personal wrote? and if there were other people in the room remember happening, they didn't see it huh, what a coincidence so the the jolly boat and one which is hilarious, is he says that the president said the present to President she of China that Trump allegedly told them she that building concentration camps for weeks, it was fine and they should do more of it now. Do you think there's any chance that happened? No, there's no chance that happened. Road users. I read that, unlike ok start the timer
members running one too there it is the guy was in the room. I figures was lighthouse or something I was in the room I don't remember anything like that. Now, I think you remember, or something like that and, of course the story had translators involved. So there's Darwin there's a pretty obvious place where things could have gone wrong if there were translators involved. Now the other thing you don't know is what troms inner strategy So you don't know anything, you see a story of Trump dealing with Putin, Trump dealing with president. She trump dealing with kinda alone. The stories the the criticism historians will typically b of the form Trump gave them too much right. You see there for
Poland and the present shape the president Trump. Oh he's such a great negotiator easily. He gave them too much. And it'll be a specific point of something he gave him, three. The point was that you, let Kim do some short range rocket testing. The technically you know that he said was ok, the probably wasn't Was she, I guess, was something about the tariffs being reduced if she would buy more products which he never did more farm products which you didn't do and then, of course you all know the button stores? now all of these stores or the out of context type. If you look here, negotiation is, first of all, a long term affair. If you talking country to country and has lots of elements.
Those elements may not have anything to do with the thing you're talking about, so, in other words, you could be talking about a trade deal but what you really want is a nuclear missile deal and everything sort of connected right. If even Maybe you can give something away on a trade deal, but you get something back by the way. So all of these are out of context stories. The other thing you don't know is: if Trump gave up something with I hope that that would soften them up, maybe set the stage. That later, when you ask for something you could say luck, we gave you this show of goodwill. You got it now were asking you for this I'd like a similar show of goodwill because reciprocity, if I've taught you nothing, is very powerful. Now. Does reciprocity work in international deals?
Well, I think that's a real question, because if you do somebody uses themselves as your enemy doing something nice for them with nothing in return, might be just free money? Thanks for that, money, we're gonna kill you anyway, but if you do Let's say Great Britain, if you're dealing with France, unless there is a situation which the United States could do something that would benefit them and we didn't have any immediate thing that we would get back. Wasn't there tit for tat is just something we can do for France. We had the ability we had the opportunity, we could do it, they couldn't do for themselves, so we just do it because we are allies that a good play, yeah yeah, it's totally a good play,
with an ally. So because you use the allies are often gonna to be in a situation where we need to ask the small favour, sometimes even a big favor. But if you ve primed the situation with reciprocity, France Sunday will say you know it's like Lafayette, we're here the sort of situation. That even the military alliances, the recipe of a military alliance collapsed generations. So the fact that We fought on the same side as Great Britain, same scientists, France, in their country, in their area, not in their country, in the case of Greece, Urban, but those those feelings can last generations. So yeah reciprocity is very strong. So if you see the president
testing reciprocity and other words, giving something that clearly any objective person would say it looks like you gave a little bit, much there and didn't ask for something in return. You'd have to ask yourself testing waters they just testing to save and those just imagine if that work. Imagine if you would. Always somebody really do. I just want to have a deal that works for both sides. They were trying to destroy your country. They just wanted something that works now and will work in the future. Reciprocity worth testing now? If it doesn't work, you got a plan b plan D just got implemented. Plan B is where trumped just sign some document to hold the chinese authorities responsible for the weaker prison camps. That's what
Andy looks like ok now, when you treat somebody like you, the ally, but they're. Not one of two things can happen either you have just given them free Bobby thanks for their favorite. You're gonna get nothing in return and we're gonna destroy you that's bad, but. Persuasion wise. You can sometimes terms buddy into something by treating them like that thing, you wanted them to turn into. In other words, you could actually turn an enemy into a friend by acting like a friend, not every time. None of this persuasion stuff works every time, but it's a good play to simply act
like your friend and it will cause the other person do not know what to do well. I thought we were kind of friendly is, but it's persecutes, acting like an actual friend that is very persuasive. It's worth a try. I don't think your work in the case of China, I don't think you're. Right? There is worth drawing. What's the other thing about the saying, so he had a couple of crazy things out. I think he says it Trump claimed he didn't know if Great Britain was a nuclear power. Now is that true first? Nor is it true that Trump wasn't sure if Great Britain was a nuclear power, so I have a few different
Some number one is probably not true. The story. It's off is probably no more true than Trump telling China that use on board within building prison camps. It just on its surface is probably not true, but let's say was the same was true. How could you explain that without the explanation that president, is mentally incapable or under inform her. Something. Is there any other way to explain it? Let me offer you a few possibilities, one he may have asking if their bluffing. In other words, he may have yeah technically great Britain can make a bomb. Which can they really more one? I mean because they, obviously Do they really have as much as they would like you to believe or
are they using the belief that their nuclear power, which is a little more I personally than truth here, because they obviously have some some kind of nuclear capability but is it more like North Korea, where we're not sure if it works, does as a quite tested? or is it the kind where all yet solid, the great Britain Nuclear defence, just like the best countries in the world? Now what was the content, Was it just making sure that is real, because I would consider that a fair question? Wouldn't you because Israel says it's not a nuclear power, If you know there is at least one ally who lying completely about its nuclear capability? In this case Israel? What nukes? We got! No nukes.
Is it possible that another like could be lying in the other direction? Oh yeah, we got nukes Nixon best. Maybe it's not exactly true. It's worth asking So unless not that's what happened? I'm taking issue in imagination exercise sometimes when you say well, there's only one explanation for this sometimes are Let me give you another one. How at times and life, have you found yourself being the educated small? Personally, you are not knowing the fact there was just embarrassed.
That is so embarrassing that, for some reason you just an old skip in your brain and there was a fact that everybody knows and just for whatever reason you didn't all the time, all the time, all the time. Yesterday last night, I wish I could tell you the story, but again there was something that Christina said. And I said what seriously that's a thing ass. She looked at me like like we were. You all of your life. Yes, it's a thing of course. It is a thing. Just last night I had a very specific you experience where I think a mentally incapable
think, I'm stupid an overall away by sheer there sure enough. There was a little stupid thing that I did last night that even I think was stupid, like even I think it was like. Why didn't I how can I get my whole life and not know that everybody knows that so is a very common sort of the thing has: has the president lost the step because he's in the seventies, of course, of. That's why I say don't like President's in the seventies, if you have a choice, tell you something that you know what I want to hear this- this might go down too hard. If Democrats had run the candidate in his or her forty or fifty is, it would have been a hard for me not to support them. Honestly I mean I would have had to look at a pretty hard, because I do think it is a factor,
the big one and I don't think we should just keep ignoring it, and I wouldn't I wouldn't say a different thing for biting as it would for Trump. You know everybody's different and it's pretty clear that trumps in way better shape than vitamins. I mean I wouldn't compare them but nobody over. Seventy is operating the same. It's gonna ask that question the slogan or some other things I pulled up on my my computer here, the sea. Then homepage next to the Fox NEWS Old Age, to look at differences and. The important thing was a sort of come and go policies and other things that the CNN thinks of news. So you got the new,
is representatives Wall well, asking GEO P to state the black lies man and then I guess Maggie's said absolutely, and then he answered with all lives matter, so he's very good at provocation by an but the way he does it. This is so is so clever, because, instead of saying that the wrong, they do it is, do you believe black lives matter and if you just say all lives matter, then you falling into the trap and you're a racist, and why don't you care about black people? But if you look at this little. Once the gates added to it. So as well will ask, can you say say absolutely that black lives matter and he answered yes. Absolutely yes all lives matter. That's different If you, if you don't add the absolutely yes part and then and then you can
go with all lives matter, well, you're, sort of a racist, but if you They absolutely us. You have agreed with the statement and then you have extended it to all. People are valuable and then you than than if you're swore well- and you laid the trap, Then you think he fell into the trap, but he's hovering over the trap. You're thinking yourself I know I dug a big hole and I, he fell into it, but why gravity not taking him to the bottom of the whole wisely hovering above it is because gates is linguistically gifted in there's no other way for issues gifted in that way.
Every pole on everything about race is complete bullshit. Can we disagree on every pole about race and racism and whose racist and who tries to raise this at the moment it's just all bullshit, because I dont think people are in their permanent mines. I think people are in their temporary mines, meaning that are so influenced by the the images on tv thither therein mode, which is another ordinary mode to everything's attenuated and, of course, the reason for that is that the technology to do that is good. Let's talk about that Blue flew so last night I was on twitter quaintly. And I'm watching mostly MIKE Cernovich Twitter account and others, and no talking about
lots of reports, there were people getting individually from people. They knew in Atlanta that the police were calling in sick. So it was a call out, not a walk off so calling and sick to protest. The charges against the two police officers, one of whom killed the suspect, shot him in the back ass. He was running way. The gentlemen, where the stun gun. So so we got that go alone, and I'm watching twitter, this giant theme of how many People are many police are not going to work They open up the news because it was the biggest thing on Twitter. Let's say I am on CNN and see if they talk about the blue, flew Hashtag Blue Flu, Looking is going going going,
Going going going cute even see it is actually not even on the home page or I don't see it, called out anyway isolates the biggest story from people on the internet I am assuming that the reports are true. A really big deal. Why would it not be uneasy at least try Fox news now you expect to find a Europe where it is top left right, where you expect to find the multiple, as land officers have resigned, o actually talking about resigned. That is different. That's not the blue flues. Look you going lower on the page
they're, not there. So another Fox NEWS nor CNN have least prominently anything about this blue flew. Why? Why. Is it because it's not news well? the Czech away on us if we ve got? That is a headline, and I don't know where to find them that whoever website they only broadcast one number of gay
but you are ill in that it helps ok, one american news network when two suicides veteran going down the list on the front page, don't city its not being called out. So I believe you, when you say in the comments that was covered, maybe was covered broadcast but also Lepage, somebody You said it was on the Washington Post page. I must. Washington, Post nope does it. Maybe I'm missing it, but at the very least, is now being called end again so
The other thing that you didn't see the news is coverage of the protests. Why not. Here's what I think some of the comments of the order and away I'm sure, there's a story about that you promised. So. Is it? Would it be true that nothing bad happened in ITALY and that the police dinner a real problem, maybe a few people. Maybe a few people He says it's on Washington Post, I'm looking arena among the homepage, I'm looking at the homepage right now does it it might be a story somewhere deeper there, but does it feel to you that the news might be collectively under playing it? Do you think that the news industry
They all said to themselves: let's not make this story, because all the police everywhere will walk out. Do you think that the news has decided to manipulate the public both left? then the right into not making this, which could be you our and ladder problem, not making this a national problem, because It does seem to me that this could easily become all all police walking out recalling in sick. For a week, services have already talked about the blue flu, but you do see that is now under written news pages, their individual pundits. You can expect to talk about it, but it's not being treated as news.
Is it likewise were their protests last night? Does anybody know if there were any protest last night, because I don't see any evidence of it in the news? Were their giant protest last night that are just not being covered? If that's true Does look like that's true. Wouldn't you say that the news has advocated this responsibility for news at now accepted their role as manipulators of the public doesn't seem to you obvious that the news business is not trying to be news anymore. They are trying to manage your psychology. Directly because they're not covering the two biggest recently world, not the biggest source the world, but to the biggest stories in the country for today looks like there completely ignoring left and right.
Or or am I completely confused and those stories do exist, are there no protests? Maybe I would I know how about tat deaths from Verona virus? Can you think of a bigger story, the net? What what would be a bigger story than the number of people who have died of corona virus since people started going back to work? That's like big right, that's big! Something to look for. Death rate, not the number of people were infected right because if the deathrays going down doesn't, matter to anxiously infection rates going up. I mean it matters, but in a different level of maverick because it could be. There were just getting better retreating things. It could be That we have enough immunity that maybe the people who
could have it the worse already got it. I don't know, but something's going on, that those lines are disconnected now: more infections, more infections and not just because we're testing that's part of it, but not just because of that, while the death rates going down. So if the death rate is continue to go down, let's say it went down today and yesterday or a went up today and yesterday, which ever direction it went or even if it was flat when that be the biggest story right, the death rate from creative ourselves fight it. We'll go to see an end homepage, lessee stuff, I'm dark darker doc, Florida hasn't makings. Next episode, so will dig into that. There's no other story. Looks like the only one. So on CNN, they have a crowd of irish to reassess, should and has highlighted so
so so far we're good it's a big story and it is highlighted. Let's dig see how long it takes them to say the death rate. States or a record number of new cases infections. So we got lots of new infections. That's the first sentence. Should the death rate being the first sentence, would you be more concerned about getting poorer virus or fucking dying, which are those seems like news he's got the corona virus. Ninety eight percent of people are fine or He fucking died, which of those is news well according to see it in getting the viruses. The news, not the dinosaur, tons of Florida becoming a hot spots in other states, also have problems. Talk about
The president's saying Wednesday, and in the view that the viruses quota dying out, which, of course all the data says it's not true, but what about the death rate? If the president had noticed that the death rate was getting smaller every day? Would it be an accurate to say the viruses dying out? Yes, it would be an accurate, but it will look different one if you knew that the death rate was trending towards zero the death rate and your presidency? The viruses quote dying out. Is that like a hundred percent lie, or is that really focusing on the important part, the part where people die from it, it would be would violate the fact checking for sure so would not be true technically, but if you can ignore the death rate.
I don't think you're playing this right. Somebody says more tests because more more affections before because a more testing, apparently that's not the whole story. But if you think the only reason, there's more cases, is because we're testing- and more of that has been debunked- I'm pretty sure. That's not true test is part of it, but there's also just more of it. I believe the experts site
all right so now so now we ve got a whole list of how their trending. So surely the death rate will be in this is like a whole details about programmers. Point number one. No, no! It's all about infections and every one of the points is about infection and none of them or about death. Let's keep going them. Let me just cancel death search were knocked. The word death is not on the page and nowhere in the article.
Surely Fox NEWS will do better. Let's see Fox NEWS biggest story about John Bonham, one about police lot about racism and John Bolton's more in Dhaka, darker darker in protest outside Portland mayors, and so the only protests coverage Fox NEWS is outside the marital was at the only the only protest. Because I'm so neither Fox NEWS were seen in our highlighting the only thing I care about, which is the death rate from purifiers. Let me ask you: what would the stock market respond to and let me say the start.
As a proxy for the economy as a whole will be more important to the economy. As a whole, then the corona viruses death rate go. I'm not even get away for your fuckin answers, there's nothing more imports. Then the whole fucking world than the on a virus death rate and the news doesn't fucking cover it. Do you get what's happening it? What are they govern? gone boltons, obvious bullshit about the president being in favour of prison camps for wiggers? That's what they're fucking covering disgusting, Let me say this about the police officers who were charge in Atlanta I watch the video you watch the video, We all agree. The video lies right because
If you and I watch the video you said- oh that's, obviously, a crime committed by the police and somebody else watch this video. Let's not make me somebody else, watches and so much the same. Video and the police acted responsibly under the situate, Video lies Video did not lie. We would all look a video and be on the same page. We're not. Video lies every fucking time now. Sometimes, if you think that sometimes a video could be a little business, Now, by the time it's a headline story is misleading, does The whole story is wrong, but there are exceeded. We're waiting circumstances important details, things I would add context. The video is a lie let me suggest this, I built.
They should be illegal to show that kind of video now free speech, Otherwise we will never be illegal, but are there not plenty of videos that so media scrubs for various reasons that are good for society. Is it good for society to see less a brutal murder that didn't have any context now, as that good for society for society to keep alive the say: KKK is program or whatever the KKK is producing? No, that's not good for society, and so there are the. Special cases where you see that we do sell sensor, at least in the private in the private around the government, can tell you not to look at something like that. How about certain types of pornography, child born there's a good example child born generally considered her
and therefore, even though there's freedom of speech that Accept was carved out and we're okay with it, cuz of course, you're going to carve out that accept. So My question is society well served by show videos of specific police encounters, which you know with a hundred percent certainty, we'll be misleading. How do you know that it'll be misleading, because it's a video there? Obviously they don't know how not misleading. Now video can be true completely, but don't know by looking at you can't know that by looking at because videos in general are so mislead.
No matter how certain you are any specific video you shouldn't be. You should not be certain of any video forget about doctoring. Forget about deep fakes. That's bad enough. I mean in the future. You're certainly should go even lower, but you should know any sense of confidence by looking at a video of everything it wouldn't matter. If this situation have been reversed, doesn't matter who's who's, the black person who's the white person in the video. If it's a video, it's a lie. If you, if you can, if society could just look one thing: if it's a video, it's a lie. Because we believe the opposite On my own, I looked at it, all of my own eyes. That would be the lowest level of awareness about your reality. If that's what, if they? If you say that event
with my own eyes. Therefore I know everything if you dont know that that's not a thing yet. You ve got much taller. So I watch the video and here's my subjective opinion now, All of us are operating with incomplete information, so I tell you what my subjective opinion is at the same time, and without stopping for punctuation, I'm gonna say: could change completely as new information comes out. So this is my opinion that could change completely when new information comes, indefinitely will definitely well. We will learn things about this case that we didn't now, and those things will matter guarantee security
but because we're all operating than what we think and feel in our current understanding, I'll give you my Current understanding should serve the subject. Of what I saw and especially about how the police, department and prosecutors. It looks like a white linen to me today. It looks like black people are getting Lynch and yes amusing- that I'm using that word to be as provocative as ascended provocative for good purposes. I'm not just trying to control It looks like a lynching, I'm not going to use any other terms. You, because I think we agree that lynching doesn't specifically limited to a rope on a tree right that it lives more of a term of art. If you can call it that
in this realm of race relations. It would be a term that we all understand a black person being targeted and killed for race right now. In this case, these are two white cops that, in my opinion, this is what I see and feel doesn't mean is true. Right and always make that distinction is just what I what I saw in the video. That's what I know now could be completely different day from now, and I allow the tat can happen. But at the moment I registered as a white linen and when I heard that the police, we're doing this call out what was my reaction. My reaction was. You don't want to leave the city and all these innocent people in the city
you don't want to leave them helpless, because as soon as they bad people realize that the city is undefended is going to turn into something you a Joker situation right and it's going to Quickly, on the other hand, on the other hand, that's less of a problem, in my opinion, that a public lynching of any body, it wouldn't matter of its to wipe police officers, certainly Well, let me let me put it in the starkness terms if you are, They was worse, the police do call out and they allow some crime to be rampant in could affect the lot of people. People get die, probably multiple people could die just because there is less place, although they are really stop people from killing because they get there after the killing is done. So maybe it wouldn't be that much difference in in terms of killing, but there would certainly be a lot more property damage. I think that's fair to say.
So I say all their property damage and maybe extra violence etc of the police. It's not going to work and calling out. Compare that would that be worse than lynching, a black person in public with the list, the authority of the government of the United States, which ones worse no contest lynching. A black person a black under the authority of the United States in a way that is obvious to the viewer? That is an illegitimate any penalty. Would it be a legitimate and launching, of course, would be the most worst of the worst so If it were a black person being launched by the government, I think
We would all agree. Doesn't matter what color you are. We would all be like. Ok that that's my top priority that can happen like I'm gonna, stop everything for that. Do I care about climate change. If the government is publicly lynching, a black person. No care about climate change. I don't even care if I think climate change was gonna, destroy all freckled world at the moment. It's not my biggest problem at the moment. My biggest problem is that the government is lynching citizens based on theirs Color in public and they're, not even hiding it, that's my biggest Spock improbable. So do I care that the citizens of letter are unprotected? Yes, yes, the Carolina
an innocent people of any anytime anywhere to be victimized, who does right, but still as enormous as that problem is at least in our minds of lack of police in a city that has some crime potential as big as that is its nothing compared to lynching. Somebody with government approval in public clubs, so I support the police during the walk out. If that's what it takes to move forward there, their side of the debate do I think that the police should be innocent other crimes.
Behold my opinion on that, because I think that a lot more to find out- and it could be that there's something I don't know the changes, my opinion, but I will take what our colleague Jesse Waters view of that event: that when the when the two gentlemen who got killed. Aimed at the taser at the cops had. If that is already hit, the cop, the Cubs gun would abandon plan. We don't know necessarily would have dropped it. We don't know necessarily that the the personal data would pick them up with another Louis use if he did pick it up for you, don't need to know any that you just need to know that the risk has moved from smallish
holy hell. We could die as soon as that risk went to you just made a play for my gun. Well then, I then I say: let's let the legal system look at that and see what it does. I've talked enough for today renews that matters. There's something Dhaka happening, but I haven't read into that. Yet Roberts Cast swing, vote as a springboard upholds Obama, you're a doctor programme. Ok, so basically they simply as a ruling. The says: we're not gonna change anything in that regard. So this news, but. Its news that there isn't gonna be a news. I guess that's it for now and I'll talk to you later.
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