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Episode 1037 Scott Adams PART1: Talking About Bubba’s Garage Door Pull, Free Speech Fighting Back, Facebook Bad Behavior, Biden’s Brain

2020-06-24 | 🔗

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  • Some Advice for Bubba Wallace
  • CarpeDonktum permanent Twitter ban
  • Matt Gaetz and freedom of speech
  • DeAnna Lorraine’s joke list technique 
  • Stephen Colbert’s cog-dis expression
  • Red Pill list

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump everybody got in its time for coffee was got Arabs. I tried to recreate from memory the simultaneous zip preamble. I think I got most right, but we can try to in a moment I hope, prepared. Why should it like you do it is a cupboard, bugger glass again to injure classic public jealous or stay in a vessel. Of any kind. It's not the same as the usual. So unworthy. Favorite liquid, like coffee, enjoy me now for the unparalleled pleasure. The dopamine head of the day
The thing that makes everything better, including systemic racism, is called the simultaneous happened it happens now go. Don't you feel better already know I do Let's talk about all the first news. There's lots. Here's a ears a little lad news bet that you probably completely missed, because the news likes to Focus on the important stuffs, such as what is the exact shape of the handle you use on your garage, important, like that. But one of the things you by the ministers that the Trumpet administration wanna Big Court victory about hospital price transparency, meaning
that the house will have to tell you what to staff costs before you go in so doing will sharpen. Oh, I forgot tankard, yes, taker jealous or side. I think that's right! So put these three things together. You ve got others victory and hospital price transparency, so the trump administrations will allow you to shop better. Or at least we hope that wars going shop, a better for price for hospitals. There should lower prices over time. The We also saw the change for Tela Health, where doctors can practice across state lines. In theory. If that becomes permanent, they think it will lose more. Well, then, I won't, I should lower the cost of a doctor visit both for the doktor and for the patient as well no, I think, there's something going on also with pharmaceutical cos,
up on that, but about if you will the November comes trumpet, can say the following: we got you tell a health, we got you hospital price transparency and were doing something drug pricing uttered. What that would be. That's a pretty story? That's that's very different from I didn't do anything about healthcare is very different, so Let's talk about bubble, Wallace of course. Of course, so we learned yesterday that the F b I looked into the of the noose hanging in Africa, driver about Wallace's garage Bay, Ed the additional story was that somebody, racist, but that news there as a racist sign to the EU
to the most famous I think, african American NASCAR driver. Here's the thing we just learned. First of all, the new said bed there for months before before any of that- Roger Base at about signed. So The FBI has concluded with certainty that it will not any kind of a racist acts against bubble. Walls. It is a loose or listen shaped like a news, they wrote the hangs down there. You pull the grudged or close with so yes a loose, but it's it was put there for a purpose. Now I have something to tell my black audience here's. Something might not know about white people. When we see a news. We don't think race When I see a news, I think a plenty
good and hang my eye. I always think of some kind of old western where, whereby why people are being so if he would say- and I think, maybe bubble wars, Might be wondering this because, as he said after you learn that it wasn't directed to him that he agrees You said there is still a news. I'm still straight up, it's a loose. Ed. I would only add to this: that's probably Exactly what it was. Meeting that whoever tied it for all I could tied in a variety of ways altogether the news, but the thing: you have to know anyway, person. Tying a rope into a news, it even process, thereby letters that any color Racial element that act. It just doesn't seem racial literally, seems like an old western, were
White guys are getting home, we just don't connect the dots, the way the African American everyone now. Maybe we should that's a different question saying we doubt. Have I personally ever tied ropes into into a nuisance? yes, yes, I have I I've spent. Quite a bit of my time as it a young kid teenager, one like in your time ropes near you just be practising different knots and stuff you're a twelve year old kid, of course, you're going to try to make a noose Of course, I learned how to do it properly, cuz. It was just something we saw on tv all the time again having nothing to do with race cuz. It was always bad criminal, white people or being hung on tv.
So? Here's what I say first of all bubble Wallis is completely cleared in my opinion from having done anything wrong, or being wrong? because it turns out, he never saw the news. It was reported to Steve shops, who's, the NASCAR president, who came to him crying I assume just assume that the oppressed, their scarves away guy, so the way guy can't the bubbles. As I gotta talk to you in person. The president asked is crying he's so disturbed by genuinely disturbed and he tells about this rope that look like a news, So a bubble Wallace never saw tat. He was he was taking from somebody who thought he had interpreted interpreted it correctly. So I see nothing in this story which we should hold against bubble. Wallace, everybody on board that bubble?
ask as a free. The absolute free pass, because you, acting on what he was told by very credible source. They just turned out to be wrong, but it was a credible source Can't hold it against them for believing a credible source you, although against them, for buying into way let's say a narrative than is suggested by current events. Could you nor buddies thinking and race terms. It wouldn't be a surprise. Would you be surprise one that, if some racist somewhere did array this thing in public or do some public figure. What a surprise you off, because the temperature of the country has been turned up some. So bubble Wallace. Together, they plus four? nothing wrong. You didn't do anything wrong in this case. In fact,.
But I will give you give them wanted. One piece of advice. The wave bubble seems to be treating this. Is that As you know, she's gonna be marked for a hoax. Although the hawks was not is doing, and certainly not the intention, but he knows he'll be marked for in his approach. At least his initial approach was due you act like doesn't bother him and in channel that energy into its competitiveness it's a good tv answer. Bobby or put it into by sport sounds good, you, like your athletes, essay stuff like that, but let me give some advice: this is the way I'd go with us, I would say totally my bad. So, firstly, it should do. He should do. It was my bad, even though I had formation that led me to this conclusion. I accept forest.
Also, this number one, Here's what he I would recommend a fire. Advising him for a public relations. I'd say. Let's look on the positive side. Look! What happened seriously! Look what happened! He had immediate complete support. Everybody in this car. I would say that the country was completely behind him and I don't think there is much in the way of racial division. There are lots Who thought the story was fake from the job, including me but we really will wouldn't. However,. They have a racial opinion about that, exactly where sort of waiting for the waiting for the information campaign We know there is some wrong but didn't feel necessary
only like a racist thing, maybe more like a mistake, like the Oakland alleged nooses turned out to be just the exercise: equipment put there by an african american math so Somebody says he saw a picture of it. I do see a picture of it eventually, but I dont know if he saw a picture of it at the time No, we didn't get a picture of it, so there is a serious point. I think you should look at the positive, which is that. The way people reacted was the way you want people to react. Had been real, so I dont use response was you could have been better, but he wasn't being advised by a public relations. Person, so he was just being a real person. Automatic do not hold that against him. You think he or they will apologize now adopt another.
I'm not saying that I think they will apologize tell you the way. I wouldn't let. If I wanted to come out of this with the best reputation. As I already directly totally wrong. I was totally wrong, but look at the reaction I mean you're missing. You're bearing the lead, the small The story is that I was wrong. That's the small part of the story big part of the story, Look how well people react to them. As I would have liked it. By the way I do think it was a noose and I do think it was tied to resemble a noose. Like I say this prize is done by somebody was just tying knots did I hear that one of the three presidential debates has been cancelled already because of the universe, and I ask you
is there any chance? There will be any presidential debates? What do you think, because, first one's cancelled, ensure that could be actually just legitimate health concerns. I mean why, wouldn't that be be be weird? If you didn't have health concerns about that, but don't you think all three are gonna get cancelled because the binding really needs to get cancelled. Am I wrong that if Joe Biden goes into a debate, is that's gonna pay bad situation for him? I think they have to At least extend the scare long enough to make the debates not happen. That's gotta be the key trajectory for release the lackey strategy. For, the grave by did you ever to see the God awful campaign? Add that by then just put out there, which is sitting in this looks like
he's behind some kind of business like it? like place where maybe there's some tables that perhaps the employees smoke cigarettes at whether or not didn't. Even look like it was a commercial place was look, look like using the back alley with like six people with masks and he and his men. Wrong. These fall asleep in his chair and saying a few generic things and I thought myself compare that because you never were advisers right that this is a video that age I want us to release that they felt ass. The Biden, the binding campaign itself, felt it chose to release it now, when you see, if you're going to say to yourself, are you telling me that professional profession. A campaign advisers thought it good idea to do with their the way it was done with just the sparse crowd in his dingy. You terrible optics
This was gonna, be in the first place that they felt that and then, after they saw it, they still thought it was good. I didn't make a commercial does that This feeling there right now compare If you well to what I told you in the best past month or so, Cobbler Harris seems to have improved her messaging and communication game extraordinarily, which is a strong tell for some kind of a world class adviser or more working with her cause. You can see transformation, and you don't get that from your sister, giving you advice, Whatever happened with cobblers? That's not from you know. Your friend gave you some tips that's from somebody operating at the highest level whose whose helping her transform and she's succeeding. Now I had predicted years
when people so now. It is not good enough, I said just watch. So what happens when you close to election time and watch your transform, does I I believe that she could she could learn skills quickly. That seems to be an indication that she can Should it so here's what we have. We have allegedly the world class advisers. Providing doing the worst job I've ever seen of campaign advisers, so bad that it almost looks intentional at the same time His presume, but not confirmed, could could change but presumably the vice presidential Peck, whom many of us believe would be there
real shadow president is getting the best advice you ve ever seen, zadig coincidence than all the good advice is going to the number to spot. Now, it's possible that binding, just doesn't take advice is who we don't know happily behind the scenes. But if you are looking for a scenario in which the number two back, which I'm still guessing will be a couple Harris becomes in voters binds the real number one peck. This is maybe what it would look like. Like the number to pick, is giving all the good advice. The number one pic is just sort of being pushed out there. So that's all foreshadowing. There's something happening with free speech, which is a fair state we should all agree with, but maybe not
you see what I'm saying so the first there is the surface obvious thing: they're free speech has been diminished because wont. Let me give you two simple, so copied out them got permanently banned from twitter is permanently bad. No carbon dunton does the means that President Trump likes to tweet, so so he's very strong in terms of messaging for the republic inside and he just he just got taken off the board. A few months before the election now. Is that a coincidence? Is it a coincidence that has been operating for years, but will we get close, somewhere before the election that he gets taken off the boar. Because he's not the only person being taken off the board right. These new things
people getting picked off, probably not a coincidence that I dont know about the details of why I think he added, with IE the racist baby beam they got taken down on the present. We did it is alleged to show a racist baby. You take your white baby chasing a black one, but then in its farmers, and you can see that there are best friends and hugging each other. So there was Will I get dmca violation? In other words, the original video was copyrighted, but its apparent obvious parity with an obvious parity usury. The worst you expect is baby. The tweet would have to be taken down a bit. Maybe the tweet would have to be taken down and that's and that's it.
So it seems like there's something will extreme. Also slate start codecs got taken out by the New York Times so Slate star codecs is a very influential blog, not political, but it may have had some content. There's somebody didn't like. Possibly out of maybe talked about tedious recently, so that are taken down. He had docks and he took it out of self. Basically, so he deleted the the suit suit and openness with sword. The blogger, who does not uses real name together, a blog Woodley near types descend, dioxin for no good reason, so that's happening So you know that, and you know that if you say the thing that somebody thinks is a racist dog whistle, even if it isn't that you'll you'll be cancelled. So that's the point. You know you know that
we're being cancelled and muffled in muted and a variety of ways, but here's the part that I'm seeing it as something to do with that. That has something to do with a black lives matter stuff for some people, and I seem to be one of them. I have increased my free speech and I don't think you saw that coming. For example, I'm gonna give you an example of my newly increased free speech. Black lives matter is a racist movement why privileges or racist statement and reparations is completely racist. Now could I have said that a month ago, maybe if I really couched it just carefully and set it just right,
Lad, but for some reason I can say that now that I feel like I couldn't say it a few weeks ago, the president heaps calling the growth of earth come flew. Now he of course knows that these being called erased from colleagues come flew because That's U suggestive of asian culture, therefore, as racist now, after you stole that, he keeps doing it feels to be that the president is very consciously making sure that the field of work. Free speech allows doesn't diminish now. I know his This is another: how he's just rising up the crowd with racist dog whistles? That's all there is to it
we'll get rid of the given arrest, Dude fellow Erika, put any misery, blocked and so It makes me wonder if the republic are about to discover a new form of free speech, or at least simply just taken just just take free speech, and as do it, I watch the speech by Matt Gates I guess he was made provision either speaking before or after the president that the same event, Leslie and maggots said directly. The way privilege is is a racist strategy to make way people shut up and- and The talk, and I thought to myself. I dont know if you can You said that a month ago could and did you know- I looked at
home pages of CNN and Fox NEWS, and I don't even because a headline can you imagine it? There was a real prominent national politician who said in public in a prepared speech. That the white privilege is a racist term, this just being used to yo, manipulate raised why people? Basically, I don't think you could have said that a month ago am I I like to see the commons whether you think something is changing. Changing in both directions at the same time, which is that something We're getting less free speech and being cancelled Walter People are saying our eye fuckers game on Which is what I'm saying I'm saying: ok Bastards game on, if, if, if you want to bring more attention to me, just just to bring it on
now. I think the poor of the divide is it. What is it then? If you ve been watching Maggie's Roma? What is it that met gates and I would have in common? I want to see if you can pick out what is different about the two of US from other situations now mostly we have things not in carbon. I would guess like if you make a list here is a list of all things about Maggie's Heres, a list about all things me. The mostly different, but there's one thing on those that list that were very similar. I would tell you why we have a little bit more free speech, I think, than other people waiting for the delay in the comments this. If anybody gets it, here's what we haven't we're unusually good communicators now
You are the side who trying to silence the other side. You dont want to give attention to their best communicators. In other words, if somebody goes after Maggie's and says, hey maggots, you said I can't believe you centres that way, privileges actually racist statement. Explain yourself, and then you know what you would do, a national television. He will explain himself so well, there are, however, thought they were trying to trap. Him would say: ah then, that didn't work that did not work. He would he would Take that accusation ball it up and shove. It so far back up their asses. That they would never want to talk to him again. Am I right if you watch
enough in public. You know these basically on trample on camera. His his camera skills urges unworldly. I mean I've, never seen. I guess I've never seen anything like it, but Who would you compare his camera verbal skills to now be tough is kind of all by himself at the moment. Now, I'm for different reasons. You I don't have the same type of or rhetorical skills. He does, but I'm also unusually persuasive, and if I get mad, I'm not gonna buy back down sort of vacant. My personality, I can change that So I would be the worst person to give attention to, and I think that that might be
why I have a little extra free speech. Maybe it'll come back and by being the ass later, I think you can see some kind of balance back effect where the president and other prominent people are going to say hey how about this how about we say, whatever the fuck we want and you shut up about it. Just listen, because we gave you free speech We listened to you with the thing. Let me say it if I had to speculate about why this is. It would be this what what word present tromp MAC Gates and I all having carbon specifically on the topic of George Floyd's, tragic death,. The one thing we all have in common and pretty much most of the world
is it will have the same reaction to it like this is horrible. This is this looks like a crime. We can have this in our country, so I think it helped there's someone people were at least mentally on the same side with with the people would. When will we be our critics? If you, if you imagine the desert political, take sides.
Wiser replacing Flynn Flynn get the writ of mandibles while I dont know what that is, but it sounds like something I need to look up right now. Fox news would have this right at as it takes them while to write that say, Flynn New Season Flynn, news dismiss criminal case against Michael Flynn, appeals court appeals, court orders judge to dismiss criminal case against Michael Flynn. The decision blocks yes above or below the Sullivan from holding a hearing to scrutinise the Justice Department decision will thank you why the world was justice, Sullivan
forming a new form of government to look at his own decisions that doesn't make sense. So judges block that, Do I understand what this means of blocks from to dismiss the criminal case does dismiss the true a case mean it's all gone. Is that was happening? Is that is the case completely dismissed, Well, let's say it is a state. Is let's say that the General Flynn cases dismissed? Does I call for simultaneously do any of you have any beverage left in your vessel grab it grab at yet your cup, your mug, your vessel? This will be a rare.
Secondary, simultaneous up this one to General Flynn and all people who fought for him all the people who advocated for him justice, drink tat feels good. That feels good services copied out them who got banned from Twitter should join locals. He isn't locals. So I'm on the locals platform, which also helps me to be a little bit less cancel above all, because I am the second place to go. It's a subscription subscription service. I hope to be talking to Kirby soon about his account locals And yet we will will make a little bit more noise about that. So you can see
the importance of having a platform for people who get the platform on the places. I well gosh that General Flynn Stuff, Have it out of the democratic process that, if your Democrat near Lucky a general Flynn, the case just got dropped for being a complete fabrication and its obvious is all part of this. The coup of democratic process? I just don't know. Here's among things go alone. You watch the year project very us undercover tape of facebook, employees admitting perfectly candidly and freely that they do illegally meaning not nodded. Now
compatible with companies standards that they violate their own companies, dangers to block Trop, supporting messages. They actually said it directly- they bragged about it. They laughed about it, it's lots of people, its widespread it. So it's so accepted. That the employees were evolved, saw no trouble at all speaking freely about it in front of other people. It wasn't even something like a dirty little secret that they kept themselves. They happily talked about. Suppressing conservative voices on Facebook now thanks
would be the end of Facebook in terms of an unregulated entity. Should it will see if that happens, so the necessity of locals is app were web based. The abbot just came out with a couple weeks ago, so it is both at web based anyway. So never let up our facebook, I think, is gonna get regulated. I think that twitter, that you have brains, work, we associate things even if they should not be associated talk about this all the time. The fact that there's undercover video of a social media platform in which the employees are things straight up, we screw the Republicans platform. People will assume its true at twitter is fair to say
So we do not have an undercover tape showing your twitter people saying exactly what the Facebook peoples I buy. Your common sense says: if it's happening in one place in is so widespread. It's gotta be happening in other places, this gotta got to be so I think the possibility of these social media platforms not being regulated. What does zero less congresses controlled by the Democrats, so free speech will end actually is free speech will end on November. Third, if and by the way, that's a really powerful state visit free speech. Will actually end on November. Third, if democratic Control Congress and the White House. Because now that we know with would no doubt have any
the uncertainty has been removed. That Facebook is suppressing speech on the right. Will you another Democrats regular change that, because that works for them? So if democrats are not going to change the social media from suppressing voices on the right, is it not fair to say that free speech will die in November? Third. Under the condition that the requests have enough control after them. That's a first statements, but also very persuasive, because it's true, if it were true, it wouldn't be pursued. There's a Rasmussen pole, the says a black Americans or the demographic group most concerned about assured you police officers so of all the demographic groups, the black black population of this country?
The most concerned about we will wait, will not have enough police. That of surprise shouldn't be. Should that be a surprise now nope, you should not be a surprise. I have a question for you. Why is it that only Republicans worry about mail in votes being rigged, I haven't tried to weigh on that question to March, because There are some sick details- and I dont know and if you'd be you'll, be easy to imagine that I understood this bill. Imbalance issued an adult.
Lasher anybody does living. Let me state that more emphatically, nobody understands the e mail about ballot issue is a whole bunch of confused stuff that we conflate together and we treat one thing like a different thing, and so I don't think there's anybody who actually understands the real risk. But the thing I don't understand is widely read chickens are worried about it, because our Republicans, under the impression that there are no local voting precincts and wish republican operatives, would also trying to cheat with balance. And yet it feels like the cheating could be about equal. Why would one cheat wharf The way another I don't know so, there's something about the whole issue. I don't understand
So let me say as clearly as possible that I'm not agreeing with the republican position on this, but also not disagree. I think, if you have certainty of this issue, either direction if your positive that mailed balance are safe, you're, not a credible person, if your positive that there are other safe, all the way to the point of cheap Election result. Think you're entirely credible there either. Unless I learned a lot more about this when I say credible and not be wrong that I always make the distinction. I'm saying if Europe, if you're in trying to be informed I that you just looking at what you know.
That's all you knows what you ve been told. I wouldn't believe either side, Republicans or Democrats on the topic of bail imbalance. One of them is right, but there is no doubt about that. One of those two sides is right: there, either a big problem, at least risk or they're. Not right, I don't know which one lives. I earnestly doubt if you sample both sides, the media you'll hear arguments that you have. If you don't have own knowledge about the field, and I don't I hear the arguments- Lego cells, restaurant, and then I ll hear the arguments from the other side, nosey sounds pretty strong. Somebody says: don't play dumb, don't you played with me. Well now I'll tell you what I do know. I do know that Should be a million ways that you could cheat with male imbalance? We'd all agreed,
right. There must be a billion ways you could try, but here's the argument on the other side. You could ordered them to know if there was an entirely so you could, for example, not enough unable to do this, but will say the thesis. Fact some cheating in some area they could say we're not gonna check every ballot too hard, but we can check every hundred or what Where's, the right number to get a sample will check every hundred we'll go to the actual voter say is this: you show me your license. Did you really cast about this way. This person says yes, say: ok, while we sample the lad and everything we sampled look good now sample and it doesn't look at you and you would have determined that there's voter fraud, absolutely so here's here's the question could voter fraud happen? I think obviously ass? Would it be detected if it happened? I would say
obviously it could be obviously could be now that doesn't mean that will have a process in place to do that, and that's the part. Where are your very quick hey, I didn't the areas where I dont understand like now. How many people are involved, often haven't we always had meal envelops. I thought we always had em what was really. Different about it. This is the fact that so many, but they do have a they ve got an identified at each one. Can can China print up a bunch of extra ones and if they did, how would China print up extra ones if they need a unique identifier for each person their bill to? How could they do that? So?
if you think you have a good firm opinion on this? I would suggest you probably shouldn't if I, if I had to no part of your intuition as it is for each eatable, I grew that might intuition it. It is also that its changeable and you could get away with it, but I dont know enough to confirm, but if your instinct, this is probably a bad idea, you might not be wrong, I hear is, I suppose I try teach you joke techniques. You know how to do humor better and I'm going to read a really funny tweet, but it's only because I want you to understand the technique. So the technique here at I've told you this before is putting things together that don't quite
So here is a list of things by Deanna, Lorraine. I guess she ran against policy at one point, lost, so I don't know anything about her, except that cheese, Republican and she treated this. And I'm not saying I agree with anything in the list again- somebody else's tweed, I'm just reading. But the wallaces victim shown king is in black Joe Biden. Winning see others CNN isn't news. Elizabeth warrant is an indian column. Kafir neck is a hero, better Orourke, isn't latino done, Levin, isn't a journalist, Gretta sunburnt? Isn't a scientist? Megan Merkel isn't the princess. Now I left for five minutes over that now others. I agree with her points, the way the organizers hilarious, especially with Megan Martin, isn't a princess at the end, because that would set
to throw away just nothing, but an insult that that that the whole thing makes sense, but it doesn't make sense There are too many things the individually you'd have to think about a little bit, but because they then fit together in a list it just Beiju, giggle He has certainly when I look at it now, because I agree with that the organization of the thoughts, so this this technique of putting a bunch of things together is Larry's. Now there there's also a persuasion technique baked into this and is a little different from the laundry list. Persuasion laundry list persuasion is where you don't have a strong, strong reason for your argument. So, instead of a strong argument, you you just list lots of weakens: that's the laundry list. Persuasion. There are lots of weak arguments. Ash
but add up to nothing because individually, they're all nothing. So, if you add a budget nothing's together should still be nothing but our brains. Don't hear that way If you hear a laundry list reasons you think you're so well, is that one of those things on that list is untrue. But there's somebody things on the list. There must be something less true what the other reindeer retweet, which was funny it's a different kind of list, all they show Hannity List what is surely list is, for example, will be five things on the list. Or are there, are things that you know to be true or year. It was a year of politically aligned with short additives. Are you sure their true, even if they're, not so that, before things you're pretty sure, true and the thing is sort of an opinion anything, and so, if he gives you for
The things that you know are true or you believe or two and then the second you're undecided. Send the list with all those other things you believe is very persuasive so So if you wanted to persuade somebody that some of these things were true to say there are some of them. You degree with right. We know now that a bubble walls isn't a victim, but then throws insured. King is in black. You know what you know she's talking about because he's criticized by the black community for that as well, but is that exactly true. I mean I've checked dna. So like job isn't winning wealthier republican need. Maybe you think that's Vienna's see then lose you agree, Elizabeth weren't isn't native american. You agree common cap, her neck, isn't a hero. If you republican, you agree that all barrel and then it gets, gets that last one Megan Mortal isn't
Princess by the time you get. There is your silly, but it's funny right is what is called the technique. You too, have to agree with any the boys. Did you see the Stephen Colbert Interview with John Bull? If you saw it, there's a very interesting phenomena that I can't determine yes or no. If this is true, but I will assert it as my strong professional opinion, so this is professional opinion. It would be hard to know if it's a fact it is this look at my tweet, in which I showed the picture of pull their at bottom side by side, and it's hard to show you things on the screen here, Sir Well being asked Lucy,
and what I want you see is coal bears expression compared to Bolton's. Now it this is still photograph and these those can be really misleading, because if they catch you had a bad moment. The still photograph doesn't look anything like the way you were if you were moving, but in this case the still photograph captured exactly what I did see. When I watch the life, india- and that is there's a look and pull bears face which, if you're a trained hypnotist and you ve seen if you ve, triggered lots of people into cognitive dissonance, there is a physical look and Colbert hasn't the whole wasted.
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