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Episode 1064 Scott Adams: Kamala’s New Face, Kanye’s Campaign, How Trump is Doing on Coronavirus

2020-07-20 | 🔗

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  • Kamala Harris face
  • The “Cancel-Fly” buzzing around me, seeking stink
  • Chuck Todd, intentional HOAX promoter
  • Coronavirus results and leadership quality
  • Rob Smith: 5 Words to win the black vote
  • Kanye’s Harriet Tubman comment

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Bump bump bump bump bump into further, but not about from Funchal company. Everybody wanted just because this Monday, that doesn't mean you need to be slow, now jump up and read the day. It's time for coffee was got atoms and the simultaneous some of the best times of your life. Now I take it back, it's the best of your life. There's nothing close and all you need doesn't pay. Much really it is a government, a glass? A dagger geologists die the candidature of Lascaux vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid. I like coffee.
Enjoy me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the double meaning of the day? The thing that makes everything better, including growth, a virus in the be in racism, are those things now And now for those of you watching the sun replay, he, you know exactly where too fast forward to yield. Mrs, I will tell you said: then you'll be worse off for it, but you are another difference. You'll never know Let's talk about all the news number one, did you all see Camel Harris's face. What You haven't seen it also. Apparently this is speculation based on sport or people than me telling me what
The speculation as she had some fairly extensive facial cosmetic surgery, the summer same boat, But, according to my smartest person, who tells me things about this field, it looks like it wasn't: Botox, because you can. She can still mover forehead psyche was probably- and I lift very high likelihood of an Lyft. And maybe some general face lifting and neck timing. So, I think, is a neck face. I left kind of thing according to the smartest person I know now, if you saw the pictures, you are probably kind horrified because it doesn't even look like a human being It looks like there's something terribly terribly wrong, but
the only thing wrong. As far as I can tell us it's just early, meaning that what you're saying is the after the aftermath with swelling of somebody was nerves, are not all quite the functioning at two and just had some facial facial cosmetic surgery. So if it makes you feel better, should you whinever three weeks by my export, tells me this she's gonna, look really good serve your judging your now, which apparently is to close from the time that she had some surgery. I think, you're saying just the recovery look sooner looks well, then she can't move things yet, but, according to my best, information is probably going about great job. Will rally just like ten years
my elbow out. I think it was a very unusual choice to get this done when she did very unusual choice because it does put right in the middle of the summer when the nominations happen, that so it almost feels like she's not going to be nominated anytime soon, and maybe not at all, because I just kiss here getting that surgery now, here's the interesting part do you think she got the surgery only because it would make her look younger than would be the normal reason that one would do that or was it a change of features to also make her look more attractive and also younger, which is the other recently anybody does such things or use the phone part.
Is there any kind of a twig that is specifically political, doubt and unjust speculate, because there's no evidence, no evidence that anything I got out of bed. I didn't tell you that when she dropped out of the the race for the top spot, the when the primary did tell you that I predicted she would disappear for awhile and come back, reworked and improved. Now I was thinking in terms of our technique, which I think actually did get improved and she doesn't do this I'll, just giggling as much etc, but the other thing she had working answer issue. What sort of eastern face. Can I say: RPF: do you know what that means rest wrestling be face?
and when she smiled she replace would really come alive. But if she were looking stern, it was sort of his praise turn. Is it possible? I'm just gonna just go asked the question: is it possible that somebody would get a cosmetic surgery? There was optimized for getting rid of your rpf, so He would just look more approachable, more electable. Could you change somebody's perceived personality by changing the physical look? I think maybe ass a thing Will you could? Actually? I don't know if that was an objective or anything. This can happen with carbon errors, but a thing is possible.
It's a bold, bold move. I think it's both because of the timing of it, but if it works and there's a good reason to think that in three weeks, she's gonna, look, terrific and maybe younger than she looked before. Maybe your We'll say there was a riot in Seattle, oversight of apple storms, yes adjacent blocks and less, let's go check, see them to see the coverage of the riot in Seattle. Click. Click, click, click! Nothing there! Nothing like it didn't even happened. Now you could see it on fire, is, but even that is not a headline. It's one of the lower lower little mention stories below were usually don't school to. So even Fox NEWS is downplaying it, but it seems like exactly the sort of thing that would be news: Stolen, what's going on there,
yesterday, I said that the allegations against Roger Stone, they used the say an offence over racial word on a radio interview Nevertheless, you actually heard the audio, though automatically assume that that that actually happened now we further rio of you're, the audio. You sure sounds like it happened. I think I think Roger stones Is that the audio was distorted caught by the the Dj Southern Heaven but basically says it didn't happen. Here is my take on Roger Stone. I was one of the more active blue checks. If you could say that who were providing for him to get pardoned or have, as I have his centres commuted.
And so I was very happy to see that that happened. However, Rogers though you're, totally on your own. Now, what Haven't. Steel, Roger Stone from this point. You're on your own. I do not have your back. Sorry, sorry, because if I put my reputation on the line to be new part, many people trying to essentially lobby the president to let this guy out one week out of danger, legal jeopardy and Roger Stone drops a big old turned on the president's head. Indirectly, I mean the present parties as guy than he uses. This language, which should have known, would be better. these others out. How can it now? Can I support that our backyard?
splain apologize for other issues. I was out of sight, this avail, myself from all things Roger Stone, but I am glad he got his part is commutation. I got a little cancel fly after me today. I think that's a new word only use the council flies a fly like her. I know about this. Eyes around? Are the people who try. Buzz around people and social media just to see. If there is a weakness they're just to see if they can attracts of other flies, maybe if I may be, if I say there, some steam career, I guess the more flies. If I get enough lies-
cancel the sky, so this columnist for Chicago sometimes have. I ever mention their professional writers. Those who, like me, if you're following the Fun Twitter, is just one percent right after another or artist, artists and writers just come after me like crazy. They always have the worst arguments So this guy Neil Steinberg columnist for Chicago too sometimes comes after me, and I had that that people try to say what the president did wrong, that the responses sound funny. This is what I said: to tell you how it misinterpreted me, Anne and just for a laugh to see how badly it was.
So what I said is funny to hear people criticise the president, because they they don't do it in rational way as other the way they do. It is funny he turn that into. He tweets me a hundred and forty thousand dead Americans. Thanks to the response he bungled meeting, the president is funny to you what at what point today say a hundred and forty thousand dead people was funny to me. That's not even close to what I said, but by here's a profession.
You can put that in the tweet and somebody reset and they're gonna think my God was the cartoonist laughing at the death of a hundred and forty thousand people now know. I wasn't even talking about the deaths of under forty thousand people outside of our peoples, response to the present a completely different object. So, what's funny about this, besides the fact that right, There is our insanely bad analyzing anything is anybody thinks they can tell how well the president did uncrown of ours. So I've told you the high ground Maneuver world persuasion, it's just the name. I give it but then I grow maneuver is when there is a debate going on, doesn't matter what's invaders and if you can find the high ground point in the end,
meaning that the sudanese people here your point, they think I just have to pretend, among the same side down that such a strong point is called the high ground, because that takes you enter the weeds of the thing you're debating, in which nobody is going to change their mind up to a higher point where there is no debate, and it goes like this. Do you like science who, like science raise your hands. Oh, I see the olive nobody dislikes. Science now, there's lots of complaints about science being inaccurate, uncertain topics, and but I think I can make this statement fairly confidently, there's nobody like science right so sciences, the ultimate high ground, at least in our society. So if you can take
Conversation over the weeds and bringing up to a I like science, you like science, why we be scientific, Nobody can resist that, so you immediately look like an area for being anti science. You just can't stay in the weeds if somebody says science, so here's what I did both humorously and desert, maybe as a lesson about ITALY situations, so there's lots of our debate. I lied about how President Trump handled the corona virus. Now most people have an opinion. The President John did a good job handling the krona virus into. His leadership or he did a bad job right and you in the debate. I live in the news and that's the way it did. He do a good job. Did he do bad job uncrown virus, good badger? Could job pageant
there can never be resolved because it's all just opinion. These stuff very opinion me So what I did was, I took it up to the high ground and I tweeted this- and this is the fun Barford today. So I tweeted the example of unscientific thinking lately is that one can their leadership across countries by looking at the corona virus outcomes that isn't even close to being a thing. So that's my high ground move. It is not scientific thinking to believe that you can compare how leaders did in this cruel virus situation. We from
the country to another, if you think you can do that or that is so obvious- you don't need Scots gas got it so obvious. You don't need a controlled study. Just look at the graph United States graph looks like this. South Korea looks like this. Do the it's obvious just look at the outcomes, different leadership, different outcomes, people who did similar all kinds of things, good outcomes, Scott don't do this is obvious, as it could be right. But it's not. You can compare leaders across different countries, thus that a thing be done. There is no science in the world that can do that. The smartest scientists in the world, could get together and try to study this, And they would even have the right data, they were just look out and say well face
providing this year, but we don't really have the kind of data that would be able to sort this out. Don't believe me, yet let me run through some examples So, just this morning, while you so years, there's a big problem you have different leaders, but they all have different countries. You they asked me later, but wait. What about some of the scandinavian countries are similar s right, we'll get to that hold that thought, not forgetting it will get to it, number one, how many other countries have fake news like we? Evidently those states are now do you know,
how many countries have free markets and fake news. If I go to South Korea, will I see two very different versions of the news I know actually know the answer that question do any of you. If I go to South Korea slipping through the news generals first of all, is the more than one matter. You know. Do you? If I go to Sweden, or some other country of living through the channels am I going to find an entire major news network? This is making stuff up, because we have that. We have an entire major news network that literally is making shut up.
You dont Europe will either Europe believe that are fake news, literally just make stuff up well. Did you watch meet the press in which Chuck Todd after the Kelly Machination quote, had been completely devout where she and allegedly said that, while we're we wanted to send kids back, even if the science and otherwise, but really she said we want to send because back to school, because the science says it's safe. Everybody knows that. That's why she said. Everybody knows that the initial story was just grossly take Context to literally reverses meaning from we want to be compatible with science. Do we're going to ignore sites days have passed since then
became, was devolved and went away and even yesterday, NBC Chuck dad brought their story out like it was true as if it were true. Days. Effort has been tabled on all the networks, except, I guess is so you don't think that he knew what he was doing. You don't think that check tired and all the people involved to their production. You don't think they knew that they just made something about nothing. Well, I used to think well, maybe they're just fused. Maybe there's some cognitive dissonance going up, but this is one of those cases where you just can't believe that you just look at it. You go check. A pretty sure charter watches the news I'm pretty sure you notice that even on CNN got debarked even Jake Tapir debunked do not see, then still did it as if it had never
went about, there's no way, that is anything but just intentionally pulling on fake news. There's no way. I can see it any other way. Now. Is that the case of other stories- and why does it matter. Well, what did our news? Tell us told us that I we will kill you. Who told you that your presidency wanted to inject disinfectant or drink bleach or some damn thing now, isn't it So we have a fake news which has been completely discrediting our leadership, in ways that are almost unbelievable. Do other other countries have the same situation due to their that same situation. So if I went to South Korea where they get a better result,. Because their leadership was so good, you think television- I want you to get completely fake science- maybe
but about euro. So if you compare in those countries that are really big variable in well, your leader could even get people to do things. How about face masks? Do you think that the United States would have had was a better results if President Trumbo had been more aggressive about face masks earlier, maybe so But what advice was he following? He was following medical advice. The says face worse than work turns That was a big old lie, even felt she now visit. But it wasn't at the World Health Organization, the surgeon I'll always experts were telling US mass didn't work, and then they just reversed and said they do work. What did that due to the population of this country
if you're a citizen in this country- and you you knew your news was completely unreliable, clearly lying to you about big medical staff. I mean life and death, stuff Lydia, and then they say Mass, don't work, and then they completely resident and say mass do work. If you were in South Korea, what did you make of the whole situation? If you were in South Korea was there ever one moment You, as a citizen of South Korea, were seriously considering that masks. Don't work about nobody in I was in nobody, but about the population of South Korea started out. Thinking masks work because there is more of a culture of wearing them routine
and I think they stay that way. Only under that way, no, they didn't have faint news and they didn't have medical experts lying to them was that because their leader was so good, was it because President Moon in South Korea was such a good leader? Or was it because they don't have a fake news and you don't have an anti mask situation, They have this divide between the left and the right, whereas the left says breathing is good. I will say well we're not gonna break down and then all die does that exist in South Korea. Its apples and oranges. Part of the argument of wine leadership has made such a difference is you'll, see the graph the says United States. Curve looks like this, and here these other countries in which their curve looks like this.
And so, based on the outcome of one of them had better better leadership and some looking at the graph and saying her it's a two dimensional graph. How did they put high drugs a clerk we use in there with all the leadership they did so hijacks, a clerk we use, which you see another charge to show that their highly correlated with our country, not least those other, sexual or not. You I catch or savings this point, but there are certainly indication that is a major factor and that's just ignore now, why is it that drugs are clear? Agreement would be so ignored in this country? Well again, the thing news right as soon as it became survey Trump pill. Do you think this country was going to use it as a grass of leaders of their countries know?
also didn't have a supply. Do you know who did have a supply? Germany, Germany, over supply deserve accompanying bear that makes it so if your country had a supply of high drugs, they use that. Are we comparing leadership from one country to the other or you could bearing that one country had fake news and wondering because if we didn't have fake news- and we did have a factor that data drugs, the clerk, we probably what are used more. And maybe we have better result about You be vaccinations. Is that on your chart, when you're, seeing how each other leaders is doing based on the outcomes of the corona virus, where on the chart, do you see tuberculosis vaccinations because a new study just came in
Said that there is a very high correlation between the countries that routinely gives these vaccinations and ones the doubt, because there are some thought that the vaccination that I think it may be a combo vaccination uttered or, as is the beasts e g vaccination, but different countries have different policies about whether you universally get those were not in the United States. It is not the policy to universally get this vaccination, apparently because we do have a problem, I guess with tuberculosis or something and as a high correlation. If you dont have the vaccination, you have much worse problems so, where exactly. Where exactly that chart of colonel virus? Do we see the vaccination information you don't
so and the studies said they found that the number of vaccinations of this type, the Beseech tee, reduce the number of reported cases of the country. No, no, that would not be fixed up. Let me ask you this: if all Burma had been president when the cruel reverse kick in this vicious just make you laugh Let me ask you this: if Obama had been president when the crew of ours kicked in this vicious just make you laugh, I don't mean that decision Do you think Obama would have been better getting Republicans to wear face, masks. Raise your hand if you think Obama would have been more successful in getting Republicans to wear face, masks. Not now Obama would be the worst choice, forgetting republic
to where face masks, because the moment that Obama said where a face Basque Republicans was storytelling. The Sharia law? Sharia LAW is making is where a scarf, because the very next step is worthy of muslim country. There isn't any way that Obama could have gotten more compliance from Republicans wherein faceless now do. I think the Trump has done a good job in getting people to wear face masks. No, I don't. I do not think did a good job there, but I dont know there's somebody else would have done better job. If you know what I mean, there's something about the character of the american public that is not comparable to Sweden. Let me ask you this: when we compare ourselves to other countries, do you
take into account the let's see the the independence of the american voter and how very indifferent. We are a mean. We are a melting pot, not just an ethnically but in political belief in every other country, to believe we have the most near diverse public. You can imagine, can you get a diverse public to all comply to anything sort? And now it's really hard. Can you get a public that is very uniform to agree to something a lot easier? Do you think it's easier to get the japanese public worthy south korean public to do something? The swedish public
probably other Sweden's, a little more multicultural lately. So that's not a factor. Let me ask you this. If you just took one of these great leaders will say President Moon from South Korea or Angela Merkel, whose being mentioned as a good leader in this regard, if you just took one of those dinner's endless, imagine that they spoke flew in English and they could run for president in the United States. Could you just take that leader from that other countries did so? Well, the United States, and they would also do well. What do you think how in the world would you know, and if you don't know that data when either, here's. How are you comparing the? U S, leadership to the other leadership. If you don't know the answer to this question, if I take it
the good leaders from the other country. You ve got a good result and just pluck of into the United States. Would they have gotten a better result? You dont know here's the other thing you don't know in. In nineteen, there was a stock picker financial manager who had the best results of all the people who were professional stockbrokers in twenty nineteen. Just was the best of the best we're talking about tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of stock pickers and one of them being everybody else. So you should put money in their own right if there was one stock picker who did pick better stocks last year.
And this is the most recent air- so that's the most reliable right. What what's happened recently and they kill all the other people, so you should put your money without one right now now, if you think that that's true, then you don't understand how to analyze anything somebody was gonna, be the number one stock picture of twenty nineteen. Somebody was going today because lots of people were guessing and somebody was gonna guess better than other people, There was guarantee the somebody will be at the top and somebody would be at the bottom just because there were lots of people doing lots of different things. Some guessed right some, a strong. The only thing you know if you're lucky one year, which is what this whole corona virus situation is you'll, hear months really not even here. You're here. One point in time and you looking at the result? You don't know anything. You don't know
you only know that in this of war, They give you a better picture five different wars that break out in different places. At the same time, and in each of those cases, the country being attacked is incomplete, fog and they don't even know which way the enemy is now, if you're being attacked and you're complete, you don't know where the enemy is. You started a fire back but you don't know your fire, so the people, Sweden, that, where fire but I'll fire this way, Bang Bang Bang bang another. You set out under the enemy is but I'll fire this way by Mugabe and one of them hits the enemy. Them just by complete luck, fired into the fog and hit the enemy. Are they the good leadership on
no they're the ones you fired into the fog and got lucky in the beginning. The virus situation, all of data was wrong. Oliver assumptions will run pretty much every we know we didn't really now it was changing. The experts were disagreeing. Why was the good leadership thing to do in this situation?. Well. What is all done, because we're done well look at who had the best result based on whatever metric we decide to look at to say that one was the good leader. It won't be true, it won't even be close the true. It will be the leader who fired into the fog and got lucky. Because nobody knew what to do. Everybody knew what to do. You would have seen people do in largely the same stuff, and it was pretty big variation in what people did.
The other thing that people say is Scots got Scott. You can look in Sweden. You can see that their having higher infections, because they didn't do a full closed down. It was, moreover, just be smart disorders. Croatian, whereas similar scandinavian countries, they didn't do as Sweden did and they have lower infection. Therefore, there, the better leadership right right, that's pretty clear cause the skin Countries are somewhat comparable and a lot of ways One went one way and got a bad result and everybody told them: everybody told Sweden, his wind, Sweden, were all smart. You you're! Not! So if you do that approach, you gonna have high infections and thus, luckily, for you and then Sweden went into it and they guy infections, just like it
but he said everybody told them. You're gonna get high infections. If you do it the way you're doing it, and they did so Sweden's a bad one right now, If you think you can conclude that you don't know how they realise that, because, That's all. We have time. Were literally at the half over the game. You don't now Sweden's gonna turn now do. In your might have you set out Sweden's making a mistake because the year worldwide? we're gonna get to the end of the corona virus, at the same time that when we get there, Sweden, we have more Bess cause under. That is all over and will all be over well done and will cover up or DAS villages have more of them. So that's a bad job for Sweden right! No, we don't know, that's what's good. Open we don't know that it will be an effective vaccination. We It be a number of acceleration in some work better and others. We don't know when that's gonna happen.
And we don't know as much as we'd like to know about her to be your date, for example, as soon as it's some people have some kind of nacho naturally enters the some evidence that some people who have just been exposed to other corona viruses might just not get it now. If it's true that exposure to other corona viruses gives you a measure of protection, how much how many people need to get the crowd of ours to reach heard immunity? You dont know! Dear here's. Here's the years that take the pants. Is it true that these other corona viruses give you some protection against this grown virus? They they heard immunity happens at closer to twenty percent infection, because there are still less than forty percent of the public,
Has the other cruel virus protection if he had the forty percent, as is natural protection to the twenty percent who gain gained immunity by getting it suddenly you're a sixty percent immunity, and if Sweden guess there first did they lose or dead. They win, because the way as looking everybody's gonna get too about the same level of infection for what for whatever their country, is going to hold an illegal curs we're not going to stop international travel? Do you think New Zealand, Smart, one, New Zealand, pretty smart, cause a they wipe it out under other island, while it's kind of easy, if you're an island, you good luck, New Zealand and. Luck, Hawaii and good luck. Taiwan, they all came out pretty well right because its harder to get there by traveled so
here's here's my bottom line and that Sweden could there is still a possibility, I'm not predicting this I'm just saying that one of the outcomes is as will look like the smartest one when it's all done now you're saying to yourself. Every expert disagrees with Scott Khazars Doings a poorly in the middle of it. How in the world could they ever end up being the best one? And I just told you we don't know, but if it turns out that part of the public is immune, Sweden is gonna get to herd of unity first, with an economy that still relatively functional. That's not a bad result So if you think you can compare you can't when he saw the the the graphs of which, Countries are doing better or worse, gratifiers we're
was the variable of vitamin d? Where was out of the junk? Do all the countries have to save another vitamin d to all the citizens have the same amount, a supportive invariable. We think so if you don't know about vitamin d, don't know about drugs, a clerk queen. You don't know about the differences in how states have power of the United States, because we now have a dictator. The states have to have their their say. The governor very involved. If you dont know that you don't know about referred immunity, AEGIS capability leaders, you just can't So I would say that the only thing we can measure right now in the United States is if our hospitals to live capacity, the only thing That seems like a reliable indicator to me is that you kept your hospital in healthcare, says
open, so I would say that if we get to the end of this, every country they kept their healthcare systems alive did well in every country that did not if they lost their healthcare system. To the point where other people were dying because I just couldn't get healthcare, then I say those failures. A short of that? I dont know if there's any other measure, this gonna be as useful as you thing for assessing over the good leaders are and then I would say, I saw on Fox NEWS one of their commentators saying that the way for Trump to win the black vote, which of course would be a lot, would be five words and the forget to set a time. I would like to name the.
Others, because I like it, but on Fox NEWS and the five words were school choice for black Americans now. I think you would have to be school choice for all Americans or sent racist it's hard to tell anymore, but I agree with that and here tell Trump could win, despite all the George Lighting and black lives matter and protests in all this It is the high ground, maneuver trump could say. For example, we should do everything we can to decrease the number of times the citizen has a bad encounter. The police, so Trump can certainly agree with the general statement that police should not be killing people nation not be killed eyes as easy to agree with such a generic thing.
But then he could also say, as I've said, hey black american issues, smallest problem as if he says it's, your smallest problem, a sort of forces everywhere you look at the data again, which would prove that its literally the smallest problem, the biggest problem, is everything else. Thank you. Rob Smith is the commentator Fox NEWS who said that trouble with the black by five words: school choice for black Americans. He is so exactly right, because school choice is the lover the makes everything else happened. If you get the school choice right Then overtired. You can get a good education and the people who could giving out do get out really should ever a pathway for that to happen. I would argue that black Americans do not have the same opportunity.
As a lot of other people, because their early schools, the situation, is so bad. Now, you're gonna throw on top of that. What about the family situation and here's? My taken that you just can't fix that? The family decisions decisions to have a nuclear family with a mom and dad and not get divorced. Naples take care, the kids and all that you can't change now, so you can want that to be differently. But it's irrelevant for policy decisions, because it's neck and change. There's no lever that you can push from government. This going change those kinds of personal choices.
So we have to build a system in which you can. You can succeed anyway, and the the best you can do is cool choice, because you can have a kind of a bad homes situation and still have an escape hatch. There wouldn't work for everybody. Does every situation is different. But we should have an escape hatch. You know the kids who really really really wanted to get out. You just pay attention in school and they would have a pretty clear battle. I things president could make their claim and say: stop. Looking at your love, priority republicans are working on your highest priority and the Democrats are distracted EU with shiny objects which are important and we're not minimizing the need to decrease of police violence and he's opened.
These suggestions about somebody piloting something if somebody was so try a different way of policing. Just try small, don't try it in New York City, maybe not worry one experimental. So I think the president has like the strongest strongest arguments, which is still working on your smallest priority. Education is your biggest priority and Republicans are the only ones who offers school choice and there's no other plan. Together the Democrats are or offering the alternate planned they're not. There are offering no plan, because, if they're not fixing the school situation. They're ignoring the the base problem that affects all the other problems, Are you gonna have as many black motorists start by police and ultimately the number killed if blue
income away then come were similar right, not as much because as incomes go up, crime presumably will go down, Eddie any amount of racism or by us at the police may have would be reduced because american Lookin say ok this. This is a low cry and population and in their biased pattern, recognition brains are you say they should go well and then it does so unison. We are questions of the commons. Somebody says
her parents didn't teach kids common sense either uttered off its common sense. I have a question that I've wondered for some time. I feel that the most useful thing happened to me as a kid was being forced to work from the moment I could so from age, eleven years old or something if you could do anything, useful, you're clean something most something shovel something. If you can do anything you get paid for it, and you learn this help of working working equals getting stuff? So my internal code, my operating system, just says: if I want something, that's a function of the work, I do that's it. That's why we're model of life is ass. Ours rate
now, imagine you're a kid who doesn't work and never gets paid for it, and then you go into the world and the first time you are introduced to the idea of working for money. Could you need it is one you're twenty one? How does that turn out? or were eighteen, if you're not going to college, I think you'd be really handicapped and by my observation is their kids today are far less likely to grow, give job and those they haven't done that are deeply deeply disadvantaged in open sky grew up in Indonesia in New York now know. Tat means I grew up in abstaining York. If that's what you meant like here, artists think clearly.
Well, some of them, I think, is self sorting. So the people decide to become artists were living proof, We also know again. This is just the generality, doesn't apply to every person but don't you think they generally know they're not gonna make it in stem the then, however their mind is not organise like an engineer or a scientist if it were maybe they'll be attracted to those things, because that's just naturally with their good at, but if your naturally gonna creativity and art, it makes sense to say well, maybe I'll be an artist for a living and then those people just still have minds that are optimized for decision making. Likewise, the people who have minds option as for decision making, probably you're not gonna be able to create great art per you're not gonna, make it so.
We got to write the double the Uribe, Sir. We have different peoples who some of it is just the people were not good and analyzing have chosen. The professional optimize is what they are good at just like everyone else, so they could be that their simple. But on top of that, if you take a certain path and life you're also not exposed to have any decisions, it is not common sense to know to overlook sunk cos. It is not common sense to know that you can't tell how a leader is doing by looking at the result is not common sense, because your so called common sense was, well. Obviously I can look into president against What the hell problem is. Then. I know if it was a good precedent, Dar an artist could do that. It's just obvious there is. There is a result.
Says fault, but if you learned even a little bit about decision making, you know that the only way you can know if your leader was doing a good job is to have multiple tests with multiple different leaders. Identical situations were unaware of the other leaders and are independently making decisions some of them are better than others, and then you have to repeat every year after year, defined elephants, luck or if one person can repeat good decisions, you're so far away from having any data that would tell you a leader is doing a good or a bad job, then it's you can't even walk. There is so far away.
Somebody says my friends were artisan musicians of ultra liberal. I think they're also is a tendency to be liberal, know exactly what's behind that balloon, they give you a list of high partners, so I don't think this explains in all but remain explain. Some of my my observation is that conservatives and engineers and scientists have something in common. Which is they see the world in terms of systems, and some people, though, see systems they say goals, a goal would be. Everybody is happy in April. That would be a goal. A system would be democracy. A system would be capitalism, but they are very imperfect systems
they give you a lot of unequal results, but nobody has a better system than either one of those. So it's just the best system we have. So what are you so? I think a scientist, an engineer and- serve. Would all look at the whole system. Likewise, when you looking at their quota virus situation, do you not correct me if I'm wrong But is it not, the conservatives were looking at the whole system. There say: hey is not just health, the, How can we use part of health? The economy is part of defence. You gave a strong defence with a weak economy, so I think conservatives are seeing the whole system. The saying you need free markets need democracy. You need better news and fake news. If you have those things in place, that's the best she could do if somebody.
Comes up with a better system open to hearing who would want to hear about a better system? Of course, would you be willing to test a different system to see if it works, if you're a conservative? Why wouldn't you me if it's a small test, sure, let's just say if it works, if the system works, artists tend to be a little bit more focused on outcomes. Little less feeling that the system as a machine and looking more at the individual, I think and individual situation. Somebody says Jordan Petersen- sees it as different temperaments opened were closed, could be YAP. I see it as, moreover, you like systems or you don't. I would say that the people who
like systems and are being on the same side and it doesn't matter what else is true. If you can appreciate a system, you probably on the same side with all the other people, do no matter what their professions take. A look at Collyer, which we need to talk about which somehow I forgot to talk about Conny. How is that possible start work out? You so My guess is: this is without knowing anything about. Is this process? My guess is that he's gotta systems that allow him to do all the different thinks he's doing, which looks overwhelming. If you look at the the airport in whose creativity and then he's running your businesses with, is this clothing stuff it centre he's doing desire, is building experimental shelters means all over the place, but he seems to make it work. Don't you think he has a system or
We have a series of systems, I guarantee it. He has systems now that's what makes him not just an artist but an artist whose commercially successful as the system part. I think that makes a difference now Don't you knows the colony is a little more open to the republican worldview. He is ass because in the system What is currently introducing into the political process assessed, Now, if you don't see that you're missing the best part Canyon It is trying to run as a policy a christian system candidate,
The words he's not just bring himself he's brain system. His system is some form of Christianity, which I think you would probably want to open the definition to something spiritual, so that is not limited to a specific religious belief or other. A god believe I believes Collyer is trying to bring a new system which is reinvigorating the religious. The religious model, because it's a good system now. I of course have a problem with that. As a major platform, because I do like the idea of separating church and state. But as soon as I say that in the same sentence, without stopping for her
or a period. I must say that our current system, even though it looks like we're separating church and state that sort of a trick, the United States is just a christian country, with a bunch of laws that are compatible with Christianity. For the most part, you can argue about abortion, but mostly babble and anything that was not compatible with Christianity is gonna, have a hard time becoming along over country so a general, not natural, every single way, Vanessa generality, we ve always been a christian country. We just don't try to play So much so is economies is curfews, approach of bringing the entire belief system into government good as a healing isn't unit,
mighty religion is one of the few things that does unify in our country and black white Brown. Everything in between tend to be more religious than that. So I don't I don't know the carrier is going to win in twenty twenty seems like he's. Gonna have some problems with get got all the balusters videos, but in terms of wages bringing to the conversation is bigger than you think I and other people have speculated. This thing is perfectly safe and true and fair to say, which is, I dont think him? He cares if he wins, meaning that he has a system in which he can win, or he can
lose and he will come on ahead. If current runs for president and does not win, does he come out ahead? Does number one? he's immediately in the conversation for twenty twenty four, which would be a far more of far more potential for him to win. So this is just part of the system for twenty twenty four put yourself and then in the see? What see if you like, is you people say that just for the next one, so so that smart one happy run for president doesn't win and also doesn't run in twenty twenty four still smart, because he's promoting a new elbow he has a new Albemarle, so the worst case scenario. Does everybody finds out, cardiac do elbowed out and it becomes another number one elbow which is likely to happen so he's gonna be,
is spiritual, let's say unifying message, which I am all for. I think he is I think you will be taking a d motion to be president of the United States, obviously, because he's already bigger than that, I just don't know if he knows it yet, as big as Canada is ego is, which is one of the things I like about him. He doesn't hide the fact that when things are going well for him, he Egon pop up his ego two enormous standards, but at the same time we can bring it down and say: hey people were making fun of me for my weight site. You gotta get some surgery, so you get an eagle expand leaking contract like crazy, so uses it as a tool, which is what I advise you you should do. There are times when you will expand your ego, so they can bring your performance up to it than that.
I'm sorry, it's just socially grows to have your ego out their seed, it a shriek down just to get along with other people. I see him doing that so candies bring something valuable and important, can't lose. He d I have a loss vector of this. I suppose you could say such things very area. Tubman the people don't like little be interpreted, let it. Let me tell you how I think he was misinterpreted yesterday. So Kennedy said at a gathering that was described as one of a campaign stop, but maybe it wasn't in South Carolina they need this weird statement, weird according to most people, but not me that Harriet Tubman free the slaves, but she only free them to go work for a white people And everybody said about about current using incorrect things about history and slavery. We ve been
here before you do your homework, don't you They Harriet Tubman did fact risk your life multiple times too, to save hundreds of slaves. There's no question about it. But that has nothing to do with what idea said. Let me tell you out. I interpret why he said when I heard him say, was a Harriet Tubman free the slaves but what are they gonna, do you're afraid slave? What do you do get a job with a white person? And then you have the beginning of waste supremacy
And racial was a racial inequality. There was, there will just go through the generations, because the person who owns a completely wipers new ones- the company- can ever richer richer white kids because he owes accompany the person who works for that. Guy is the labour that That kid's their persons, kids, you're gonna, be a big disadvantage. So what I heard kindly I say ending slavery, excellent, but all I did was bring you to the next level, a problem which is your bad jobs, working for white people and, if you're fast for that a few hundred years, the future may still look like that. May still look like that. A few years later, that's where we are so was kindly even say anything. There was outside of the most basic belief that pretty much everybody has now now
you said in my mind, was perfectly historically accurate and was important and fit the moment and read the room correctly, and then he was taken out of context like an idiot, because that's what happens so the left is gonna cardio because he might take votes away from by them, and I think the right appreciative told him many times that communication only works. If people understand Europe, pensions if they think your intentions are wrong. It doesn't matter what words come any your mouth. They can't nobody can hear it thoroughly, hearing your intentions and then reinterpreting you words too. To shatter the resumption of everyone.
Intentions, the one thing everybody is sure of with Kanye. What's the one thing you're sure of he's doing it for the right reason? Why were there a Democrats, all scheurer, that Trump was running for president for the right reasons? Now they weren't that they felt that baby troubles. Do that some personal agenda when you see Biden running if you're republican, do you think Biden is running for the right reasons. I don't enough is making its own decisions. It seems like there's some kind of the coup planners in the deep state. The people war power. It just feels like us.
Power and he sort of a puppet. It just feels unclean does there's something, above all by the situation that doesn't feel right now, compare how you feel about by an I don't even know. If he's making decisions could bear, I feel about trump if you're on the left. Anyway, it's people the right, though this is ridiculous. The worst financial thing that job could have ever done is run for president. I think we know that and the right, because it's bad for all of us financially, it seems, but.
Now compare that two colleagues, what is commonly is intention and less positive. I dont think colonies as any negative intentions. I don't think anybody owns it. I don't think he's beholden to anybody. I think he does a genuine completely pure love for the country and a desire to make things better and maybe a little bit of a God complex that he's the one who's gonna make it happen. But you know if you get a leader who doesn't have a little bit of a complex. I don't know how far they're going to go really don't have a little bit of a God complex. Prairie highly correlated with effective leadership. So the part I kind of like about Congo and its zionist than is out there
They'll be lots of conversations better. Mental health is admitted, bipolar situation, etc, and those are good conversation staff. I think that's very healthy diet that somebody says, can I be your colleague pundit give a lot of them as you can. All the abundance? Somebody says euro interest in its policies because he's not conservative I would wager that I don't if you're ever gonna hear in the current EU policies, it may be that you'll never hear it. It would not surprise me because this is where I would run for president if our economy.
And I think I think in this one way I feel like I can anticipate not not in general, because he's he's so creative that you just don't know where he's gonna go at any moment, but in this this one way I think I can into Spain and that probably, if he is pushed on policies, he's good describe a system instead. So I think he will tell you the system you used to make decisions as opposed to what that decision will be. If he does that, then you have a real system. Thinking person, that's ten especial so I'd want to see that, as I have now and I'll talk to you later.
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