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Episode 1071 Scott Adams: Protests, Riots, Biden the HOAX Parrot, Coronavirus, Teacher Unions, Calculating How Much BLM

2020-07-26 | 🔗

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  • Kanye for Kingmaker
  • Teacher Unions and DSA list their demands
  • How many HOAXES does Joe Biden believe?
  • Black lives matter more than White lives
  • Capitalizing both Black and White 

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump everybody to modern it's time. It's time for a coffee was got atoms and best part of the day, possibly the best part of your weak until tomorrow, it's gonna be a burner. Oh yeah scrutiny of goodwill I don't know why yet, but I just feel it feel like everything's gonna start going right after today. Everything's look it up, I hope you're not worried about anything in the world because the world is going to be fine. It always is, but first we're going to have something I liked all the cycles. Said to make things even better and all you need to join in with the simultaneous is
cover bugger glass, attacker gels, restyle against each other flask of vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid. Like coffee, and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dopamine head of the day, the thing that makes everything better, including the quota virus, the economy, racism, you name it everything you are forced to that's correct, go. Speaking of Ufos, my prediction is there we do not have in our possession Eddie Material so I hope I am wrong because, wouldn't it be cool, if we did but I'm going to say that all of our looking for ufos will produce nothing but mysteries What we saw in the air there will not be Any discovery now or later that we have in our possession alien technology. As much as I would like that
Are you watching the limited coverage of these Seattle slashing Portland protest, slash riots. There's something I noticed in the last bunch of Videos you'll always see these videos for the most part, I think you're always seen them on the internet You're on Twitter, you ve, probably seen some coverage of the police trying to roll up the protesters and etc Fires being set, it doesn't look super bad food. Fires yesterday course be bad. If it's your places on fire but relatively small numbers here's what I noticed in all of the footage I saw from Portland in Seattle from last night's act. I didn't see any black people laugh into the black people. It's a black lives, better protest, allegedly
At least all the video I saw was just the police beating up anti far away. People did. Did the black people say we're done now? Where are they had a different? protest or they are not going to the ones that turn into riots, because it's the anti five people start the riots that why And what was going on here exactly but I don't know what these protest slash right. Are in Seattle and Portland if they don't include black people, because I thought black lives matter was sort of the point. The way you could be just the selective videos- and I saw ass well make too much let what about Collyer Khanate said what reasons use was run for president is. So Biden- will lose a scatter Frank here is where I think Kearny could do. I don't think he will do, but what he
could you imagine, if you will tell me ages, runs for president that in the normal way, even if it's as a right in weapons, while he just splits the vote and predictably, would allow Trump to be elected, but is that what he wants, because our, although we do is Enshiu wins with. Any leverage on who was in other words a wooden. It wouldn't really give any power to black people wanting to get anything done. Here's! What can I could do. If you want to run the whole country without without the bother being president because being present in this kind of thing, and I think you would be wasted in job there's mostly meetings. What kind of aid to be in a job those meetings? They can't get a good color ribbon, You gotta meet at estates.
No real reason, except we do it once in a while. It will be a complete waste of Cadiz talents, I think, but what he could do is start an endorsement. A party of people who simply say that they will look to candidate for to sort out who would vote for like basically endorse one of the candidates for president, not just this year, but in future racists, so you'd have a ll say a group of maybe, if you give five percent of the public are incurred, but as a company could give five will say, ten percent. Of the public to say I will. I will look to kindly gave were his endorsement.
And you could imagine that is endorsed move. Would it be based on who we thought could do the best job for not just about the black community, but for people in need in general, which would end up being the same cause if he took care of people in general, the neediest, you end up being a far bigger impact on those most need, so kindly it could be a king maker. He just has to know from president. Maybe maybe you could do that too, but here the other, the real win would be for Canada to say, look, Democrats. What are you got Republicans? What are you got. Just tell me what you got tell me what you're gonna do, and I will just look at Them- they'll say? Ok, this package looks better than those baggage. I think you should vote for this guy. You know you not obviously not bound to it. It would just be as an endorsement, but
given the closeness of our national elections and given that a five or ten percent of the swing, especially in the clothes states, is all the difference between winning and losing a third party endorsement Party would actually run the country and that it is completely practical, completely or career, would have to do is say, that's what he's doing and you'd say. Look I'm gonna be the birthday party and the birthday party is an endorsement party at the week before the election. I'll tell you, I think you should go for so he said the Colonel S, russian stooge. Somebody says you know that one of the great things about curly There are a lot of great things about it is that you don't have to wonder what his motivation is.
You don't really wonder what candies motivation. Is there seems like right out. There is not doing it for money. Obviously I don't think he's doing it for his reputation, because look at the trouble is causing. Nobody would do this just for the record. I don't think you does it because he's bipolar solely sake because he's insane now these doing it because he's bipolar- and I would I think I would take Kim carnations view of it- which I do, which is the thing that makes colony economy is inseparable from whatever the Bible. The thing is. I am not sure that this diagnose correctly users, Lot agrarian that world, but that's who he is he's being
completely transparent about it. I do think that may give him periods of your thinking. He can do things that other people can't do, but here's the thing what exactly is if the current nuclear do. You have listened mental condition that made you think you could fly, but then you flapped your arms and new flu. Are you still crazy. Right because our colonies, life, Hyrcania, LU, LU, give clear. What are you gonna be when you grow up? I think I'll be famous famous Hiphop musical artist in fashion designer And what would you say to twelve year old colleagues, you said: maybe we should have simply look at that causes says little bipolar to me, because you know you don't grow up to be yellow superstar
two different fields and then cannonade became a superstar in two different fields, at least probably more of you and up so Is it bipolar? If you can do it right as part of the bipolar things are you you get kind of full of yourself? If you think that everything's easier and possible- and then you go through phases- were a baby less so but if something goes wrong phase where they think the impossible is possible and then they go do it? Are they crazy feels like? Maybe that's just somebody you can see the future, the sort of sort of weird The coalition of ten teachers unions ended. Democratic, socialist American just put on the list of demands? According to a tweet, I saw
so here are some of the things that the teachers unions are demanding. They want to ban new charter schools and ban private school choice. Now what kind of a union gets a say. Words competition in what world do we want, a union to get to decide what their competition does. These are just different businesses. What does the public School Union have to do with a new charters? or a new private school. Why did they get any say about that? was that any of their business, that's just their competition. The fact They even have the balls to put out a statement about what the american public can do with its own money, meaning that if we want to be funding some of these private options,
I don't think that's the business of a union. What people when they are not doing something with your business. Oh that's way over the line and of course we want more money. Everybody wants more money and police free schools. Do you know how you can ever police free school, I would reckon and a charter school or a private school, because public schools probably you're not going to get there. So I would say again that until we get the point where we understand that the teachers unions are the source of all systemic races that. What I say the source I don't mean the cause is. I would agree that the cause is the legacy of slavery in all the ripple effect. But, as I said before, the schools is is the if you get the school system right, meaning that
everybody's got a fair shouted. A good education then use at least definitely said. Here's a path with the very least amount of racism that that you can experience. You just have to succeed. And then racism will still exist. You can't get rid of the way people think we're just two in that way, but you can make it a non issue in your life and I like to use open As by example, I doubt Oprah has a lot of racism problems in our daily life and if she does, she probably cries yourselves to sleep in a big bag of money and a dozen or so much. So you get my car, you promise go away, but can make them hurt less. So I was wondering if we should select their presence not based on votes but like some kind of scientific study, of how many hoaxes they believed. Do you realize how many hoaxes our politicians act like they believe what
We believe it's hard to work as they could be lie, but at the moment biting his bite, it is meeting, that President Trump ordered a slow down on testing for the corona virus. Now the president did joke about that in the context of while we were testing so much yeah, you wouldn't find so much of it than I would looks, bad. So maybe it's time to slow down now that was obviously a joke, and when his all the people who do the testing, of all the weather, whereas they said now nobody s slow down, testing, that's ridiculous, but Biden personnel there like Israel, he still puts out the fine people hoax, like he's the last person in the world who still thinks that's. True, though, allotted I'm a pencil do he's saying that President Trump on the corona virus quote ignored the experts from day one literally the opposite of even what his clinic say right, because Trump
Italy was right down the middle with the with the experts, all the way, the wait, I'm that I've claimed that he didn't follow the experts micro exclaim I'm wrong, that he followed the experts that time to which was closing China, so I'd I'd said because the president said the experts have advised against it. Other people who seem to have better information that I do claimed the opposite. The experts were not against it, so that would mean that the president was actually compatible with the experts from day one eye and still is right, because you do get to a point where it is not a question of the experts it'll all be gone. One side is more like nobody can tell. Is it better to open up the the businesses? Should we test? It should be tried in some states or not is this are not science questions as much as art guessing and having is,
this, the more you can adjust if you guessed wrong, which we have, we have a system of quickly monitoring and adjusting as working is working. So between the Russia collusion hopes are five people, oh slowdown, testing hoax, the ignored the x, It's from day, one hopes by the base Lee doesn't believe a single thing they actually happened is is living in a completely artificially constructed world. Speaking of that A provocative article in human events, I think by Jane Coleman, called the spectre of systemic racism and she compared to the sailor.
Its trials, meaning that in in her opinion, the sale in which trials were amass hysteria very much like, in her opinion, the systemic racism thou. Her argument is a systemic racism can't be observed or measured. You just go. Finally, so that it would be a hoax just like finding, which you think you see all the time, but when you actually dig down, there's, there's no, which there and there's no systemic races of. I would disagree with this point of view, and I would say this is I've evolved to this current position, which is that whether systemic racism exists or doesn't isn't Entirely a function of how you define it, so you can define it in a way that exists or you could define it in the way the dozen and the way it does exist for sure is that
at the people who have money are locked in and they they have a system. Makes a little bit harder for people at the bottom to get up to the top, so with most of the people at the top happened to me, a certain race. Let's call them white. The other would be some systemic things that keep the peace. Bull with the money, keeping the money and the power and it would matter who they were. They just happens to be mostly white people in the United States. But whatever is in power, is going to have a system that keeps up in power right. What's the point of having power, if you don't criticism, Keeps you there, so I think in that sense it does exist now, if you
Finally, that way, you also have to ask yourself if he should be fixed, because the way I do find it doesn't necessarily scream out. There needs to be fixed because those those limitations on black people rising up in this. The system is a little bit. Rigid is just as hard as wipers surfer Why person, who has no special advantages, the born into a poor world? They have as many are more problems. Different problems, listlessly scope, different problems. They are problems too.
Sir, to imagine there is a wider verses of black problem, of course, is just looking at it in the least effective way, but so I would say that you can say systemic recesses exists or doesn't exist, AEGIS defined anyway. You are basically but less asked this question here. The entire stuff were up to right now, Or what were into is the blacklist better protests, and so the question is: do black lives matter? That's the question everybody is being asked. Of course the answer is yes, black lives matter, but was less dig out a little bit. Let's say, was look at it with just a little bit more depth. This question of black lives matter. We start with the we start with a position. Yes, yes, but how should you answer
and and been doodling on answering it this way, because I I I role play in my mind. What would have If I were asked this on camera, it hasn't happened yet think of natives ass. We won't be recorded, which is weird because you Dixon it would have been better but here's the answer, I'm with do black lives matter. Yes, absolutely followed by. Far more than white lives, because, obviously the down, so my claim is that black lives matter and that at the moment they matter more than white lips there, that's not a complaint, that's not a political position, I'm just gonna! Be an economist just go look at its we're, gonna break it down. And say various levels:
what is the economic value of various people do think This'Ll be cancelled if I'll get cancelled for this I'm on. So where we're going deeper this time, we're going all the way to the bottom of the well be ready. Do are you brave enough to go with me? Come with me here comes about an economic calculation. Are black lives? more valuable again we'll get to a dimension Sophie releasing a part of this, make sure you see the rest of it, otherwise you'll see something out of context. You could get angered if you see a context, if you see them in contacts that body that much. From an economic perspective, is a black life worth more than a white life. I would say yes unambiguously so because accurate
in here. All the reasons that a black life is worth more than a white life on average does just that average we're not talk about every person compared to every other person, just that average. Here's why they say. You're a fortune. Five hundred company, you have two candidates: one is a qualified black candidate. One is a qualified wakening, both equally qualified who, Google sire, while the black into they will get hired almost every time because they have to benefits they can do the job. Remember my situation is this: to give it its equal proliferation, so you get a good candidates, can do the job plus they have more diversity in diversity, does have an economic value to the big corporations, who are trying to get more of it so in an economic sense from was a business which is putting
dollar value on a candidate the black, either as a higher dollar value. What everybody ruled that now this does not apply. I don't think too small business. I think when you get there too small business, people are watching them is carefully. You know, there's not much pressure on some. Company you never heard of that there is apple computer or that so small companies outside probably more likely to discriminate- probably I've, never seen any data there, but does not feel feels likely so, I would say that in these small business world maybe reversal, meaning that there may be Racism that the black list matter, a little bit less in the marketplace to various people who have the racist, a non racist reasons plus a big companies. Black lives are valued unambiguously are valued higher than other lives because they like diversely how about
in the media. Let's say: there's a big media platform could be induced platform. It entered platform never to options, one they could ever hit show with a White House store White CAT, or they could ever hit, show with a black host and a black cast which were they select? given that both of them given the same income so that both heads and they both make the same amount of money which is worth more to the platform. I would say the black content because they get up again benefit, they want or diversity that may bring more black. Yours to their network, which is good. So I would you that in the arts at the moment, content by black artists is worth more because society sort of value.
Now again, if you think that I'm putting value judgment suddenly this, like it's my opinion, shouldn't be universally anything like that. I'm just doing the man all I'm doing is telling you values and is subject to opinion. Of course, how about tax wise one way to know how much something's worth is by looking at how the public organizes its tax system, for example, would you say that the tax system, and therefore The government puts a high value on education. You would because we love money that gives taxed and pointed to education. So you'd say that that society values education We provide money into the defence, so society values defence, embarrassing that Chocolate Oliver based on my arm
and he would say, for example, that wherever money flows, that's where societies decided that the money is better suited hears. Others were We're bang for the buck now say that no world, the black list after more than why lives in the attacks situation. As I indicated, you'd have to defend check this, but I'll bet you would find the because of their economic disparity. That money flows largely from on average white people too, on average people of color and also from the Asian, can be re to others. This is why so, the ones that are doing the best economically or pay most taxes and dollar amount. You gave your argument about images, but in dollar mount the ones who have the money you're paying the most and their money. Is flowing away from them to another group.
So this means that this was not as clear as that means that one group is economically more valuable legacy that society has a very distinct preference for a transfer of wealth from white people to black people and that that's our system. Brings us now there were lots of Europe friends, why that make sense announcing it doesn't make sense, not arguing against arguing against it. Somebody says you're not embarrassed. I don't know what that, it all caps. You can't yell at me, you're not embarrassed in all caps, because you should be embarrassed barrel of here. Yellow european accounts are not even sure As for me, I have a socially our black people are black lives,
more valuable or less valuable than white people socially. Somebody says: you judge you just spewing bullshit. Well, you do ever adoption to disagree with me with reasons. There's enough, there's enough room and you will comment there. You text blocks, Where did make a cover? I see I am making everybody mad, somebody who can go about socially. I would argue that This is just an observation, so I wouldn't put any anyway behind this, but I be interested in European. In my observation. Black people will have very much social ability to to get into a white social groups. At least where I live. There would be no, no, no better.
You're too, that whatsoever no friction, but is it worth the same way? The other way, if you were if your white could easily break into an all black social situation and feel comfortable with it would be hard, but I think it's quite easy. It was just experience my experiences that any black person who wanted to break into any white social group could do a effortlessly. On top of that black people or one of the rare groups that have their own family. Category and porn now again can put a value judgment, not only this unjust describing just describing, if you add adoption being your own this category, meaning that you'd know there's some portion of the public. Really really wants to get with you? It's not the worst place today. There is no there's no fetish category for generic white people.
We know. We know have that little extra thing to be a little extra exotic there I get that people have their own preferences, For who they want to be with, but I would I knew that you could make a case again. This would be a little subjective that black people do have some social advantages, because they can kind of go everywhere and I've never seen any friction too. In my whole life Endeavours of me. I've never seen anybody say I want to be friends with somebody, because a black or anything I just never seen at once. So I would say the socially pretty good, released, even Do our black lives valued more than emigrants lives. I would say this is
the United States would say us, so the the system of immigration will say that immigration continues, that explicitly values black lives in the United States, the ones it here the other citizens: it explicitly values them higher than undocumented immigrants. That's what our system does, that puts everybody use of american citizen, a higher status and greater value than anyone. Who does not have that establish it again, you could argue that that's glitter bad, that's not my point today, I'm just explaining it. So black lives matter, certainly more than immigrants in terms of our system, not the way, we necessarily think about it, but the system- How about if the police kill a black man? Please stop verses, a white man which one has the most value here: values weird construct
but there are no protests about way people being killed by police. You could say, while there is good reason for their Scott, There are more white people killed by police than black people started in clubs. So you can say it's a question of percentages. I would hear that but I also say it is a truth that There is probably no amount of way people they can ever be killed by police. That would protest, so I believe that there is actually some spent, value, let's put on black lives, and I'm not saying this right or wrong? I'm just saying the amount of energy that the that even the white public? If you look at it and if I look at the character of the protesters, at least in the it looks like it's more weight than black, so I was
hey, that's a lot of white people who have put more value on black lives, at least more value in terms of what's going to fight for, for whatever reason. Now again, all of these are complicated. If, if it, if I made it, look as if the clean decisions. That would be incorrect is a really great overlapping, sorted decisions. But when you ask do black lives matter, I would say that, from the perspective of white people, the answers unambiguously ass is, Yes, it's hell, yes, is helping us can socially. Police wise, is highly us in every possible sense from why people perspective. So that's why the question I think especially strikes us as provocative in a bad way, meaning who are you trying to convince where you trying to talk me into thinking that black people have value? I didn't need
talked into it. I was there, there is no point conversion necessary and, I think, was at the hotel Jesus who said what I was talking to him on his part guest. I think it was he who said that the black lives matter is black people talking to themselves. Have you ever thought of it that way, because it is actually kind of perplexing why I would need to be convinced of something that I started out bleeding and then his theory that its black people convincing themselves that they matter, I think. Well, you know I can see that because you, I don't think that would be for me to say, but I put it out there, so you could decide if you want what you are doing, I had this weird situation this morning where I read something where I agreed with CNN
I thought I'd rather wrong. I had read the sentence three times to convince myself. I had read it correctly, just cause I had accidentally agreed with the other. Here is a situation. So I guess I'm some schoolbooks are going to use these standard of capitalizing. The bee in Black and the Associated Press near times have already said that they'll do it, but here's to see it in the stable see that made the same decision except there. Also capitalize white I read that we thought let it be right because near times and Associated Press, if they're gonna get away with just catalyzing being black, you would expect to see an end to go the same way. Wouldn't you? Wouldn't you expect and you go the same way and I did and then associate under the same decision, but will also capitalize white,
I was going to say hey, but you should also or wait a minute. That's exactly what they should do exactly what they should do and here is the standard I was going to suggest for myself. So I'm going to adopt, I don't think I'll be consistent with because it can take me while to make this a reflex, but I plan to adopt. Capitalizing, the being black. Whenever. There is no reference to anybody else, so if nobody else is reference and sentence, catalyze being black, but if, If you're also talking about why people in the same sentence, I would also capitalized w and white. Now what I need to capitalize, the w and white. If I only talked about white people. And there was nothing in whatever us talking about about black so there's more optional, but I never do a situation where I'd capitalize the b and not the w in the same document. I wouldn't do that
So I would agree with them on capitalizing. Both just gives a clean just keep a clean, but then you know don't we already correct me: if I'm wrong, don't we already catalyze hispanic? Why don't? I know the answer to that. Can somebody told of the earth do we already capitalized hispanic really. Why don't? I know? That's? Why don't? I know they're getting a picture of my mind as to whether it's always capitalist well you'll tell me I told you the other day, but the story about the Sinclair local. Networks is a whole bunch of local tv news network, they're right, leaving company. And they were gonna- run this programme
claiming, among other things, the doktor found she was behind the corona virus. He gave it to China. They gave us and of course, that this is a highly debunked thing and I guess the public outcry with sufficient that they decided to delay it now when they delayed its. That doesn't mean they're, not gonna, run it. Maybe they'll run it with some extra context or something that's not known. But it's interesting that conservative leaning entity was going to run a bunch of content that would have been terrible for Trump would have been terrible for John I'm. Seeing in the comments, people are saying that you
capitalist quotation and latino, or is it latin ex now? Is that preferred, indian and asian? Well? Indian, would be capitalized. Of course Egypt would be capital catalyze, because Asia is no it's kind of you now that one of the weather about your says: Scott, the cock Avons. Anybody who uses that the debates were incorrect is blocked forever, so good, bye to you, it's only big black for big uncreative. So there you have it so much going on. In summary, I would say this. Systemic racism is the teacher.
There's unions, the teachers unions are overwhelmingly white and they want less choice in school. And it is that less choice in schools that makes really every bad thing that happens, the black people, that you can fix, that education and in the year sort of a generation or problem, but you can make a big difference here in a generation, not are you so I would say if we're going to pretend the systemic racism is something we care about and pretend that black lives or something we care about. You shouldn't have to pretend about that anything that poor white lives or something the care about. It's all the same problem. It's just the teachers unions get rid of the teachers unions. You can save the next generation
You don't and complaining about how many people get killed by police. While we don't want to forget that problem, it's your smallest is really hard not to swear. Do you know how hard it denies were trying to do my best realised and relies on more raw, I don't get there all the time, but worrying about your smallest problem, which is the number of people killed by the police, is the smallest problem There is no problem smaller than that in the black community. I'll bet. Now, if you happen to be the direct victim other EU family, it's your biggest problem. But in terms of the larger systemic racism is just is just the teachers unions. You
except one thing and you find how powered would it be for a country to fix the this? Is this this sound crazy, but look how easy it would be hard. Would it be for a tiny to fix systemic racism in one general, she wouldn't be hard. He could actually do it right. In my view, the only person who could think of another person who could it's hard to properly by Cartier could sex it just by. Concentrating on working against these school unions think I usually is a guy who likes to oppose something, I think, is more about a positive image of things, which is why we love It is more about make things better and you look at the good side and now is not so much about looking backwards and blaming other people, s just not his deal. We don't want.
To be, but he does have the power and if he could simply define defined systemic racism, as whatever is wrong with the education system, I think we could do the rest. And you ve got me simply said. I'm good endorse, whereas the best plan for schools there we go there, we go, I'm sure glad you waited for the end. Here's. What can I do to fix more than anybody else, fixed, he could just say: I'm gettin doors endorse the party as the best plan for school. That's it just just the one thing, whichever ever party as the best plan for educating the kids who are otherwise well, Served, that's it. I'm gonna give my full endorsement full throated to that one thing, because the other stuff, it's trivial,
The one thing will just change the entire nature of the United States make us more competitive competitive. I mean your education system is drives. You economic system that drives your defence, and we were talking about. National defence is completely degraded by having a poor school system that educating people would have them and the option. So why isn't this idea go Enviro? It's a really good question and I think it has to do with this. There are so many teachers in the world. This is just a guess. By the way, this will be an example of how If your skills that includes more than one kind of feel that you studied, is easier to have ideas access James Elles has popularized that idea. But here's the idea in the field of corona virus and viral energy- you have this
heard immunity issue and you can get a herd in Munich. By? Maybe sixty percent of the people in the population having some immunity, so you don't have to have everybody knew and you just have to have a lot of them. That's enough to stop a virus. Likewise summit yes. Why isn't the idea of going viral going after the teachers? Unions I didn't make that operate in fact them one of the latest people to come to a probably because the entire conservative movement has been complaining about the teachers unions forever. So here is my Yes, my speculation about why it so obvious what the problem is. The teachers unions, reducing competition school is so obvious, and yet it it's not it's not the number one thing we're talking about everyday here's. Why? I believe that there are enough people who are teachers or have a teacher.
Their family that they don't want to rag on teachers? That's it. There are so many people connected to in some meaningful way? A working teacher that they don't want to be pushing. Something is bad for teachers, because the teachers union strange protect the teachers more than more than they're trying to do other things. Case in point, my own sister, who is probably wash, is right now I Cindy she's, very watching your right now and she had asked me what I thought about writing on the teachers unions, when my own sister is a recently retired teacher. Did you hear the keywords recently retired- and I told her that
till she retired. I wasn't gonna, say this stuff there. I wasn't going to complain about teachers and teachers, unions until she was retired and she just retired. So now I have a fuller full of freedom of the press to go after. What, I think is the real problem now think about my situation as vocal as I am about many things as I'm vocal about old back too much any topic. I held back on that because it was a personal situation in which I didn't want to degrade my own sisters, lifestyle, but now she's retire, I'm free pensions, locked in so I think that that's it, I think, there's a herd, immunity toward going after the teachers unions just because so many of us have some strong relationship with a teacher. I think that's. What
exactly so. We have to somehow break that now. Can you- and I break that. No, no, I do have the power or the influence to get through their herd. Immunity do you know who does Canada right like fruit? For me, this is like If you ve, probably watch me pushover a lot of bamboo walls. If you give me a soft structure. Gimme a little dry wall, I can punch Susan driver, but if I had a concrete wall there, that's the end. My power I could bang. On the contrary, while all day long was my powers of persuasion, but I don't have that much horsepower. Bacardi does connected blurry through a concrete wall. Canadian like bulldoze a concrete wall like it wasn't in their careers that level of persuasion, power
above mine, so if he were to identify the one single biggest problem with structural systemic racism, which is the teachers unions Orson? they just rather than go against somebody it's better to say I am in favour of school choice. Can it helps people develops and models of better schooling, or something like that? You're gonna grow the positive direction, but if he were to just make a single a single issue, endorsement criteria. He would determine the next president and he would and systemic racism in one generation. So there you go right. Somebody says black lives matter equals no charter. Schools, incorrect black lives matter, do not mind charter schools. You hear this clearly, black lives matter are not opposed to charter schools kind like em,
Now that the euro, but he's different, some, not speaking for everybody, a black lives matter, but what I've been told by a member of black lives matter is that, like community like school choice, why wouldn't they it's obvious? Inflation like it is obvious that sovereign you I'll talk to you later,
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