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Episode 1117 Scott Adams PART2: Persuasion Against Antifa, Cohen’s Book, Gravity Batteries, Fake News of the Day

2020-09-08 | 🔗


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  • Of course more testing…finds more COVID19
  • Vaccine availability before the election
  • Whiteboard1: What Democrats, Antifa and BLM want
  • Whiteboard2: What Republicans want
  • The military industrial complex, the press and wars
  • Mail-in voting in the year 2020

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Arguments that that's just what it will have to be because they do not account for human motivating. It would be great if humans could all share and still work hard, and they would help still have motivation, and you didn't need a government, because we were also nice that we were just agree on things, but that's not the real world in the real world, if you to spend your military, the country next to you conquer issue in ten minutes, that's a real world. Now us think black lives matter. They do not want an end of civilization. So it's weird that are on the same team. What they want is to take your stuff, meaning anybody was not black and to solve systemic racism. By a transfer of wealth, now, if you ask them what they say that those black lives matter
yeah. What we'd like to do is of systemic racism by taking your stuff and giving it to black people, they can't do. They can do say that, because what would reparations be reparations would be Take you things and redistributing them? What word any of socialism be socialism? Ninety percent tax rates, the things they talk about would be. Taking things that legally blocked other people, but here's the key, maybe not morally. That would be their argument, so the black lies more matter. Argument would be yea you? U way, people and other people have a lot of stuff but you wouldn't have that stuff, if not for slavery. So really, even though the law says as your stuff? It's not. Morally, your stuff, so we're just gonna, adjust things and
morally comparable in that would require a change in the law. Perhaps were legislation or whatever? So what happens? If you have a system that is based on transferring resources from people who would make it and have it to people who are making it and don't have it? The end of civilization, there is no other way that goes either. It looks different because you're, not thinking about near the end, stayed there just thinking about. Can we solve systemic racism, and this will be the wind blew it sometimes transfer of wealth. It all ends in the same place, then, whether the destruction of civilization, now. Why dont? The Republicans make that case. I don't know that's what I do here's. What the Republicans are offering or could
There are four in the school choice in all its forms under the theory that if you ve got a school choice, you at least have you have the opportunity to make something of your life can guarantee it nobody's. Guaranteeing you good comes, but we shall have the opportunity. I would argue, however, that there is a missing component. The missing component. Is that no matter what school you choose, then, probably not teaching you life strategies, the not tell you have a success. And my belief is this: the people who use similar strategies in life gets similar outcomes. If your black and you get is in school, you dont join again, you don't do. Drugs probably could get a scholarship to college. How is your life can turn out pretty good, pretty good if you're, why
and you're bored with less say, white privilege, but you do drugs, do crimes and go to jail get year. Fourteen year old, girlfriend pregnant and don't pay attention in school. How does your life turn out does turn out great Kosovo? Your white privilege now turns out terrible, so the big magic trick, the blacklist. Matter and to some extent antiphon are doing is to make it seem as if the way you act in life doesn't matter doesn't matter, let me, you some advice, if you ever in discussion with anybody over any topic, doesn't have to be any this stuff. Just in general and the other party says here's the deal, all of the changes have to be at your side and our side, we will simply be the benefit of your changes. If they say that walk away,
There is no such thing as a negotiation where one side gills and the other side takes you, maybe you'd like that to be the case, but that becomes a case of negotiating with yourself. How about I give you this thanks? now give us more ok. Well, I thought it was done, but I'll give you a little more thank you now have us more women. Whereas this end Where is the end of us giving yourself? If you don't, That's what you want is. We would be idiots to give you anything. So there should be no logic number one which is it. Asking for something specific. We will offer you Sera, because to do otherwise, just stupid. You stupid, because you can't negotiate with yourself
You have to have somebody on the other side who says if we got this, it would be enough. Maybe we can be so I would say, the Republicans could have a good case if they said, if you get school choice right, that's not enough. They have got to teach some kind of a life strategy both have a stand here's how I will teach a life strategy in the second grade or first grade. You want to keep it simple. And whatever somebody learns when they're really really young, that becomes extra sticky in terms of brainwashing. So you want to brainwash kids every year than that talking about black yields and talk about it. Kid you wanna brainwash than early about life strategies and because their kids, you gotta, keep it simple, and I will keep the simple here's mine idea. We call it the hundred percent life so instead of say, I'm gonna teach you a life strategy, you're already losing
screw like strategy. Don't even know what that word means, so, instead you make it a checklist. You say: here's how to have a hundred percent life. A hundred percent life just means a full life. That's got all the good stuff in it. If you commit a crime, subtract four points: if you get bad grace and school subtract seven points, if you become addicted to a substance, subtract twenty five points, whatever the numbers, arms pulling random numbers and stuff. Well, you can actually have a check list of say five to ten items. You stole the kids. If you want to live to be a hundred percent, make sure you don't check any these boxes of these big mistakes. Here's these years, why this would work litigation, always works. But it's better to say you could lose something. Then if you do something you might gain something in the future
Imagine telling your first greater than if you work hard today, twenty five years from now, you can have a good time, doesnt work, because people don't respond the same to opportunity as they do to the risk of losing something. So instead, You're reverse the equation that you say you were born with a hundred percent live your life is perfect and first grade. Your whole life might be a disaster, but in terms of where you could go hundred percent, if you did all the right stuff. But I'm going to take away from you some of your life. If you make these mistakes we start see it as a loss winner I was born, with a hundred percent potential, and then I made this choice in this choice, and I can see how the diminished my potential And then I can look at all. The older people were not having a good life, and I can say whether this checklist totally works that
persons having a bad life and sure enough committed a crime joined the gang. Right here in the West got got addicted to substance there. It is it's right on the list had a baby at twelve, it's on the list, so you can teach us first greater life strategy budgets, the list of ten things. I don't do any of these. Damn thing's you'll be fine the republican approach, should they adopt something like this would be one of abundance where everybody could win so Still becomes a problem of equality, but if you took care of education and life strategy may be as good as you can do. So it's not a perfect world, but it might be the best world that you can produce. So that's I allowed frame it. If I were in charge
here. Some just more thoughts on the same topic. Have you wondered why there has been no counter protests for the Portland stuff. So portal and actually has a protest camp they have nice little tents looks like their require from the same source. And they ve got like an attempt. Village. Where they live. I guess they previously. During the day protest arrive at night. And I'm not recommending this, because it would be dangerous. People get hurt, I'm wondering why hasn't happened, that nobody is targeted their camp while they're gone, because you can just destroy again and not recommending this could be super dangerous. Boy get killed, but I dont know why hasn't happened. It feels like obvious thing would be some group of Anti protestors.
Would just wait until the protesters mostly left. The camps- and they were just go through and rip ripped apart, are centred on fire or just steal their staff, or whatever I think that would go a long way, but I don't recommend it would be dangerous, just a question did. You know in fact check me on this that the original anti far was allied with Hitler. Now I read this online, so you affecting so here's the claim. The claim is that anti far there? one was against fascism, but also against organised government, just like it is now, and that, when when they have a choice of the Wye MAR Republic, which was unpopular in Germany or the Nazis anti for actually chose the Nazis.
As they were seemingly more antigovernment in other, You seem to be on their side. Because they also didn't like the, why more regime and so anti far and the Nazis allegedly data fact check on this worked together to overthrow the government Firstly, we happened was here Hitler got rid of anti far does, of course you don't want those guys around. So the first thing to do is to get rid of their partners, and it made me think, does anti far think ahead. Because I cannot see any scenario where they don't lose and lit We if, if they get what they're asking for is it's weird people could get what they are asking for a guarantee of their destruction, but antifraud Has that philosophy? I'd like you to give me something that destroys you
but oh yeah. It will destroy me at the same time. That's weird philosophy. I also think that well I'm confused about whether the supporters of Anti far, which is anti for itself for the most part, Our line to everybody else or if they, If they don't realize that if I was to destroy civilization,. Is there anybody who is in favour of anti far? Who actually just doesn't understand? the order for them to get what they want, civilization itself would have to be destroyed and not replaced with something. Does that after this- and there is not even if not even something, that's unlikely, but you know if everything one right, it could happen it kid.
There is no way that the United States could have no government, which would be the anti far preference still survive in a world where China still has a government and a military. They would Congress ten minutes into that plan. So I'm just curious whether its due penalty were or what I don't get. One of the things that trunk could do to mess with the protesters is asked them to pick a leader to negotiate with now what would happen if Trump said you know It would help if we could listen to your concerns, so you antiphon be allowed people are you protesters? Just do me a favor select. Somebody will be your spokesperson and bring us some specific demands Because if you ever saw other specific demands, no
it would be in favour of them and and the the Democrats, the ones running for office would have to disavow the protesters they would have to, but they don't have to disavow the protesters because the protesters are cleverly not asking for a specific things, you can really dig into and say yes or no to so defined. The police sounds like a specific. But it's not because they don't know what that means. Does it mean the money go somewhere else? Do you replace that with something else? What do you do with the government itself if your Antifa I want the government so simply asking the protesters due to give you a coheres, cohesive leadership. Set of negotiating demands should make the protesters turn on each other.
Because it would would force them to realise are not actually on the same team, because when it gets to the point where they have to ask for something they wouldn't s for the same stuff, it would be different stuff, so it would turn them against each other. So you'll be working on this high ground maneuver, which is getting people to understand that the protesters, what the end of civilization, but but he wants instead the end of systemic racism. The only way to get it through education, that's as close as you can get, there's nothing else and I could actually work, but education could work. We know that tromp did a persuasion play that I thought was just frankly brilliant and I'm gonna give you comparison. You remember, I've told us
a number of times that I realise the trump could win at all when I, especially when I saw him in the debate. The first debate in the first election, in which He was challenged about his statements about women and he answered with the only rosy o doll maneuver. What made the special is. That is, answer was so funny and provocative that you couldn't think about the original question. He he just supped all the energy from the question, which would have ruined his campaign onto an answer. There wasn't even an aggressor Even the right answer to the question, but it was so that you wanted to talk about that instead, when tromp was dealing with these accusations about calling soldiers, losers and suckers, which I believe did not happen. You couldn't directly disprove it is you can't prove a negative? He can't prove something didn't happen. You can just
move that you don't see any evidence of it. So he had this impossible situation similar to me, Kelly asking him this impossible question and the debates have you get out of an impossible situation. Turns out there's one person in the world who knows how to do this and his name is Preston Trump. So what did we do? He said this. And by the way everybody who misses the brilliance of this really, really missing a good show, because I know that the president has a lot of lots of stuff that you, you think. Well, I wonder but every now and then he'll do something that is just transcendent Lee smart to the point where you can even recognize it s marked so smart. The smart people can recognize this mark here it is,
he said quote in the press conference, I'm not saying the military is in love with me. This is pacing he's I'm not saying the military's loved me. The soldiers are so he's made a claim that the soldiers like and then it goes, the top people in the Pentagon probably aren't because they want to do nothing but fight wars. That all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs and make the plains and make anything else. Stay happy Trump told reporters. Now you see what he did. That's the rosy O Donnell move. How do you talk about some of the answers.
She hated claims about what Trump may or may not have said in private, which is another important. Haven't you talk about that when Trump just dumped on you the most explosive claim any commander in chief ever made ever, which is that his generals or doped and there in it for the money? Oh my god, now now here's the good part. Will he be criticised for being the commander in chief and basically calling his generals and taught me Terry people corrupt. Will he be criticized? Yes, how do you criticism when he saying the same thing that General Dwight Eisenhower said later President,
Now I believe when he was leaving office, and they gave the speech about the the famous speech about the military industrial complex, meaning that the military was creating wars, so that the the industry people could make money, selling bombs and bullets, so trumpet mirrored Eisenhower's, most probably the most respected speech, any presence ever given in terms of its being true, prophetic and poor, and totally non wage got nonpartisan. There is nothing partisan about Eisenhower, saying watch out for this combination of the military industry. Keeping that that's what Trop said now that is such a provocative thing to remember. Tromp is currently the commander in chief is One thing to say something: as you walk out that door and factual me on that, but didn't
is an hour do his speech after he was leaving office. I think so, but that that would be an important point. Tromp did it while he's running for real action. All other level of provocation, because he's saying I'm gonna be the boss over these people that I dont think are doing it for the right reasons. They look corrupt to me. How much do you want that president? Please? If, if trumpet never done anything else, except oh his own military under the boss and say watch out for these guys, they have a monetary motive to get us into war if he had never done anything else, but just that one thing he would have my vote, you would have my vote. Would I
air, that he called these soldiers who were sent to war by by who sent the soldiers to war in Vietnam? Was it the soldiers themselves nope? It was the military and Austria complex who gathers hooked up with the war in Iraq. Was it because of all those weapons of mass destruction? Nope is because the military industrial, complex, gonna, do friend told the press. Now it's the press, military industrial complex.
Tromp, although is never stated, this way has basically added a third leg to the eyes and our warning watch out for the fake news press military industrial complex because they gave you rat and here's the brilliant part they treated our military like suckers yeah, they see at that's. What's wrong. Did he actually took Trump said the other service people were suckers. The worst thing you could ever hear right are most respected. Class of people are a military. We like it that way. We like them to be the most respected class that it works. It is a good idea and he took that in turn that into the military industrial complex and even my own people, you might
Innovation treated soldiers like suckers, that's different, now, Now I know that I get a lot of heat from my critics, who say: Scots Coastguard got your ear I envy you your imagining that you're finding gold nuggets and this big pile of crap. And all of this is chaos and flailing and and trumpet, doesn't know what he's doing these just areas and competently just waving. His stuff, and I say to you if, if my theory was correct from twenty fifty that Trump plays three teach us or forty just if you prefer and that he can do things that other people just can't do much. That frame of mind would predict that if you were president as he is that he will continue to do so,
that you would say I don't think anybody else can be done that this is one of those things This is something I swear There is no other president who could have gotten out of this trap now, did it get out of the trap? I think we came out ahead because now we're talking about the military industrial, complex, I've added the press, and I think we should give us we're a big problems, Kind of brilliant that that is so brilliant you just You ve never even seen the president do anything that smart before the vote, This is the other level persuasion smart. This is not normal people stuff. I don't think I could have gotten out of it. Were also entering in no particular order here were entered
phase of the pandemic, where we're going from a place where tromp was arguably the worst choice for the job. Because early in the pandemic. What the public seem to want is some kind of empathy. And plain talking about how bad it was now, unfortunately, or finding a new point of view. Fortunately, this is either a feature above this president doesn't know how to talk negative, He just doesn't know how to say things are going to get worse Is also why we like- and those of you do like him, because he is he's an attorney optimist, no matter how bad things are, it's gonna get better make American great again. It's optimism This is primary feature, but If you end up in a pandemic and the early started at the beginning,
we're reeling. You do have to just tell the public look. This is going to be bad and I got to be honest with you. This is going to be bad, but we need to pull together. He doesn't that guy. If we, if we can be honest about it, What you love the president he's just not that guy he's, not the guy, who delivers bad news and makes you feel comfortable with it just not but That was the guy we needed a few months ago. If we had had an election, then maybe you would lost, and maybe that when been fine, if we get somebody who was good on that phase, wasn't really an option but where are we going to be around election day? I think that no matter what's happening with the virus, whether we get our drugs and vaccines or not we're gonna, be
work and on the economy more than were working on saving lives, because I think the therapeutics the way were treating people is so good that the death rates gonna come down properly, keep coming down. If the stuff we learned about vitamin d is true, the death rate is gonna, plunge more. It's the vaccine works the optimism alone will be good for the economy, but the death rate will plunge again so, We entering a phase where you could almost guarantee that the rebuilding the economy will be more important than fighting the virus fairly soon we're talking about this winter. Where can we talk about the economy more? Who is the best person you ve ever seen for that phase? Tromp, I would argue that, just as it is true that he was the wrong personality for the first part of the pandemic
You dont want him talking about medical stuff because he uses hyperbole. You don't want that right. You dont want medical conversation. Hyperbole. That's combination. You dont want the eternal optimist to be the one deliver bad news every day just doesn't work. Doesn't And I said this before everybody thinks there is such a thing as a good precedent and a bad precedent. Doesn't really understand how the world works. There's no such thing as a good president or a bad precedent. There is such a thing as a president who is right for this. Jason. I would argue that Obama was right for the situation he picked up in this first term. I wish an economy on the edge and we just wanted
we wanted a reassuring voice and Obama brought there We wanted somebody that we knew would look at the details. Obama gave us out so you as a perfect fit for taking us off the edge of the economic thing. He would not be a perfect said if you put an end to the presidency will say in November and say: ok, you borrow your job is to boost the economy, not the right guy. You know you solid, but he's not the one who's gonna put the rocket fuel on he's, not the rock if your guy, we ve only had one president whose the rocket fuel guy and that's what you got so, I would argue that the president's moving from the phase where he would be the least fitted that empathy, no optimist stuff and moving into the place where you could not disease,
you couldn't design a better situation for this present to fit into he hears the come back. President he's came back from his own business losses in the past. He Back from being behind Clinton, he's behind Biden right now, he's probably gonna come come from behind, beat Biden and he's gonna pick up an economy that he had roaring. They got whacked by the virus. And I think literally nobody on the planet and of seven billion souls. I don't think there is one better person for the specific need. Then President Trump, that's what I think. Right on hearing some.
I'm hearing some talk about mail in votes in verses, absent, see, balance And the people were arguing that we have. Experience with male in, but we also have experience with absentee and some states have done for male in for a while. So the people who say that the mail and vote will be dependable and credible Are also saying, there's no problem because we ve tested enough in these states will just do what they did. We find, but here's the part they get wrong. Twenty twenty does not like any other here because you don't have any baseline of expectation, so that lets say that Votes came in and they were five percent different than they would have been if people voted in in person. What to tell you. Not if we had had a history of voting by mail
then this year there was something different in the autumn and you look at this numbers don't look real. It looks like this district faked something over there. So if you have it, here, the a baseline of doing this all the time you could maybe detect. If some some mischief it happened. But twenty twenty there's no baseline. We haven't done it before. We expect massive cheating because its american people achieve, We don't know because of the crowd of virus. What the vote would have looked like. We don't know if the polling is accurate, because as the shy from voters, we have no way to know that the outcome we get is anywhere near the truth. That's so everybody says: hey, hey! We ve done mail
before. We know how that works is missing. The biggest part of the decision, which has women's twenty twenty. If you said this in any prior ear. I would say. That binding dependable enough, even twenty scene, I said yeah. We know how many people vote. We ve gotta, go to him the letter. We would detect any mischief. We would see it on twenty twenty and twenty twenty. You will be complete we hidden by all the other noise from the crowd of virus too shy Trump supporters, the poles being not credible entirely. So here's what I would suggest. I think the sooner the government gives the public a clear path. Terms of what would happen under different scenarios, the sooner can start arguing about the rules instead of figuring out how to killing each other when it all goes bad.
So I would like to see that the government, in some form just put down a flowcharts. The says this is our understanding of. If we get to election day, Don't have a result. We're gonna do this these. People will be in charge and they will give us this outcome. Then. If we still don't have a result, we can trust, and I'm just making this part up on this date. We'll have the Supreme Court decide again, I'm just making this all up. Supreme Court will decide if we should all the second election. If we should just do it again or they might decide to just do it in a couple of problem areas, maybe there's a state or some counties that look like Like they're not reliable, so it doesn't matter what the process is so long. As it looks credible on paper, presented well in advance so that we can live with her for a while.
I want to be able to live with the idea that none of this is gonna, be like normal elections. We will not have a result on election night. Then process will be the follows: The processes that we don't We ask the networks not reporter, who is even ahead. Suppose you just don't report it and you wait. All the votes are counted and there's some kind of official sign off before the networks can give you any results. Maybe you just say: there's no news on this. You just can't report the news until all the votes we can't about that. I couldn't because they are offered even work, but it doesn't matter what the processes. My point is: you have to get the public pregnant with that process
You don't want to wait till election night and have the public find out for the first time where it goes big, big that is a civil war size mistake if you don't educate the passing on of the public. I'm not talking about having some news stories, release the says what will happen under these conditions? I'm talking about blank, giving the brains of the public with a until every every person who my vote can recite exactly what will happen if we don't get a clear result in in a quick timeframe through the normal process wagons, what's it look like does Nancy policy become the
Supreme leaders on the left are too long. I've gone on too long and I think that's a foreigner and I'll talk to you later.
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