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Episode 1128 Scott Adams: I Explain the Problem With Mail-In Voting to Dale the Democrat by Using the Power of Cursing

2020-09-18 | 🔗

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  • Dale the Democrat and mail-in voting

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Bump bump bump everybody, I thought I'd give a special evening periscope on one topic, there's a lot of confusion. I notice on the topic of mail in votes, and I thought this may be a situation where my special skills stack is exactly what you need to have. You ve been watching the news you see by didn't, say things about mail in votes. You see the pressing things about mail in votes. You see the president's say things guess little confusing. Does that So I thought I would describe the three different kinds of million votes to deal they'll the Democrats,
and I'm gonna use a technique that I've refined over the years is called cursing, because there are some topics, and I don't know exactly why, but you can't really penetrate every topic. Without The right kind of foul language, so there will be fellow language here. Are you ready to think you are well? Let me explain to deal first while deal. Can you come over here like to introduce you to the group, Why the hell? Are you ready for this quick explanation of male? voting. What's good and bad about it present so they'll, just pathogen and we're gonna wayward.
It is really quite simple, the essentially for all practical purposes. Three types of situations you ve got your absence e absentee voting, which has been around for a long time and that's where you question about, so they Miller right to your address to the address you told them to build a two year expecting it and that works really. Well, we have lots of history on this. It's a reliable, what's been tested in for this bit of mail in voting. Both Republicans and Democrats call this good. There is no argument about this part of the mail. Voting is completely got they'll. Do you understand what I'm saying that this part? There is no argument about. You get that right, of course, I'm not some kind of a video. I wasn't stay with me. Then there are two situations and weaken related, both unsolicited where these
send you all the ballots, whether you wanted them or not, so everybody whose other database gets a ballot. Neither I think five states that have some history with us and they have had some time to clean up their database of addresses. So nobody gets one that goes to the wrong address. You don't get the dead person stuff, a sort of thing they cleaned it up. They ve also tested it a few years. That's important. And they have history. So if something weird happened this year, you can look. Wait a minute we ve got some history here. We can tell that there's something wrong there. We better look into it. So for these five states
it's who have a little bit of its history with it and clean up their database. This is good. Is good. Democrats think this is a good idea and Republicans also think this is a good idea for just these five that have tested it. You understand that their of tourists. Go go EP continue: here's where it is complicated there. There is a different situation
There is not like these other two and unfortunately, most of the states fall into this category that if they were to send a massive unsolicited ballot sound, it would be the first time they ve done it and their databases would be as bad as these were. These were the other five when they started. So we have some history and we know that it takes some time together, right and lock go wrong, but they have been tested it yet and they don't have a history. So if the estates gather gotta output, let's say a result that the public didn't quite trust Would you compare it to because we ve never had a grown a virus situation with mass mail in votes for the state or these states? So they'll tell you understand the situation here right. You ve got to situation.
With male in votes. The thumbs up. Democrats like them Republicans like independent experts,. Media good good, you ve got that so far. Do you understand that right? I'm not a very it. I got it but you also follow the This is the minority. There are not many votes relative to this big big category here this one that's not tested with bad databases, and there are enough anecdotes of things going wrongly situations that you have reason to worry so dear. How do you understand why the President things that mail in voting of this type, which will be the dominant time, would be not credible and maybe did some work? Do you understand that bill
Yes, I do another words. Mail in voting is perfectly safe, I'm not sure what just happened here is possible that I said something wrong or explained the wrong, but they'll. Two of these situations are good, but they're, not very big if you Adam altogether, and the one that is big is bad. That's bad! You got that right You are just trying to guess: Slavey, because we ve already proven, and everybody knows that may with boats are completely the vertebral column, we reliable, there's no point with them whatsoever. In fact, countries been doing mail in votes and absently those four years. Scott years, ok deal. When you talk about the absence voting that we ve been doing for years. We ve been over this.
That's not what we're talking about. So, if you do me a favor We agree on the steel sense, since nobody disagree is about absentee votes, be a good idea, noble. Nobody in the whole planet as a problem with that, wouldn't be ok just for convenience. If we never talk about it again, just just act like it's, not even part of the decision, since we all agree on it, would you would you agree there. Yes, that's perfectly reasonable. So now you see why mail in voting is a problem. Male with voting has been proven, for years for years, this work. No no has it been tested in the most of the states, the way they want to do it only the power we kid. We don't want to talk about, because there's nothing to talk now.
Male in voting absentee its liable stop gas, letting me they'll. There's only one other thing: I'd like to do. If you could step over here, just to get more by closer about here, yeah, that's good stare at their deal. What Maybe you ve Falcons tupid idiot. Fuck, you really get chooses. How many times do I have to tell the tale it's kind of mail and vote? It is you fuck it seem.
And now you understand mail voting glad I could help have a nice night.
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