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Episode 150 Scott Adams: The Next Putin Summit

2018-07-20 | 🔗


  • Putin invited to DC in the fall, the visual persuasion game
  • Trying to lower the risk of nuclear war while enemy press attacks
  • DNI Dan Coats finding out about Putin fall visit from the press
  • What will and won’t historians note and remember?
  • President Trump “shakes the box” like no other can, till he wins
  • Russian situation importance hasn’t changed, our attention shifted
  • Focus is now on Putin, creates an asset for Trump in talks
  • “The Bro Code” The understood way men deal with other men


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but i'm pop bump bump bump bump bump bump guess what i've got it all back more than a few of you have this do so little thing i call a coffee it's an another little thing i call a coffee bug and it's gonna be some good drinking or sipping i like to say are you ready for this they need the highlight if you day and coffee was got atoms grab your cup grab your vessel grab your mug it's time for the simultaneous
so i hope you saw my periscope from last night that could not have been more fun you'd have to see it do know what i'm talking about but it's my pin tweet serve you can't get enough of me that one would be a good one to one if you only had to watch one if you never watched more than one that would be the one to watch not this one this one's gonna be terrible no alternative i'll try to elevate i'll try to try to make it better so the big story since the last time i spoke with you is that president trump has agreed to host putin in october and what the media say when they heard that he was gonna host putin in the united states a little something like this ah
this either a hair on fire were here standing straight up you can interpret it in the way now what are things that hate to keep referring to this i to this my last periscope chris cuomo referred to what we are seeing as something like a movie and they may that reference several times that the the trump russia sagas like a move and if it's a movie you just saw the third act so the third act of any movie is well let me start with the first that the first act somewhat life changes in some way in this case the president became president and then bunch of flooding games where he's acting press
angelo and people are fighting him comes out ok all the time and then there's that thing that can that was foreshadowed because anything russian seem to abandon foreshadowed right and then when the the he's summit with putin happened fell like everybody thought of their herd is the worst of our fears he likes more than he likes our country nothing like that happened of course but in one of the movies that who are running in their heads that's exactly what happened so it looks like a things could not be worse things could not be worse we ve got a president who cares more about our russian russian strong man whose done many bad things and he does about his intelligence service and i'm watching
but all that happened and then trump invites burden to another meeting this time in the states probably this will be something like a third act third act is when things like the word like oh my god it's the end of the world and so it will be reported right up to and including during the summit the second summit in october but there are few things that you need to know about who on the president has now had practice practice makes everything better right it's hard to say if anything the doesn't get better with practice so the press tromp as well one summit with burden in which he is help people reactor do all the elements of it what did people get excited about what did people like about it etc now he's gonna get rather you'll have plenty of time to get ready for a second one does the president
like to lose he does not does he prepare as much as even as people think he should for big events does not if you give him a little better practice does he elevate his game oh yeah he does you saw that in the campaign when his his debate performances seem to get better yet i would argue those all presidential thing is also improving with practice so the second trump summer is likely to go much better even if all the even if the only thing the changes is how he manages the objects the press conference and less worthy it will just be way better so the odds are this is a good thing now what i love about it is that when people's hair were hair was already on fire and before the before they
burned down to their skull there are still running round the hairs on fire aims of our he takes control of the narrative by doubling down in saying i once comes the united states burden and will have another meeting and then everybody is like what double or so years once again completely control the narrative and now we're going to be talking about the future because the past we're already exhausted with the past and when i say the past i mean this past week one way but we're already exhausted with it and he's given this new fresh stuff to talk about which is the upcoming summit so that part is good the experts are saying no no you should not be with them mission up invite him to the united states but what what was one of the big problems with the summit it would seem to be the president
seem to not have the status that his critics thought he seemed like he had actually put himself at such a conciliatory place the actually elevated putin almost like he was a little higher than trump that's does at least some of the impressions of people are getting i didn't see that but a lot of people saw that when they watch it and so when you invite putin to your country who has the sick relational advantage who has the advantage putin whose visiting or trump who actually lives in the lives and works in the white house is going to be on terms home turf
will absolutely have the visual advantage is young blah blah white way house flag symbols in all those things and what warburton have his suit pull all show up with the clothes on his back in terms of what we see so we're gonna see putin and prudence clothing that's all we'll see but we're going to see the white house the flags will get to see that the military were going to see you he's so much america surrounding putin that a visual persuasion game will be one before it starts so it's a let me ask you this in the business world if you're the one who goes to someone else's office
who is the alpha is the alpha person the person who goes to visit the other person or the person who waits for the person to visit them it's always the host tromp has one before he starts the second summit because the set up is just so favourable to trump that that they would be hard for that to go wrong visually now you also have the the advantage of low expectations people thought people thought that the first summit when so poorly whether not that's true i should add did that troms bar that he asked across to look like he's getting better at this or things are moving in the right direction
very well also a perfect situation so he's got practice with lots of feedback and criticisms lesser things to work with he might have progress by then meaning that presumably the meeting won't even happen unless unless russia's delivered at least a little bit right so or at least does something to plan to announce the summit so is very likely you have something that you can at least at least to show as progress practice you'll have the whole field advantage low expectations so things are set up for trying to have a good meeting of course a news will find new new things says about but as i said in my periscope last night the news is totally lost in the weeds
tromp in the white house are trying to make sure that the risk of new clear war is lower in all the hot spots around the world he's trying to calm down the middle east and maybe actually make something work north korea de nuclear station so tromp is up here working on the very top priorities and his his enemy press if we can say that is talk you and then there is a new one down the weeds the unimportant stuff the weeds the unimportant stuff the new one is apparently this summer with putin the second one was in the news and announced when dan coats who's the director of national intelligence at least was on stage as some event interviewed and he learned of it
by somebody reading it off their phone and public while he was in front of the ground now if you didn't see it coats was very funny because he did a sort of comedic double take what do you say and made it clear that didn't know anything about now the media reported this says here is on fire how can how can trump makes such decision and not even inform yo his is director of national intelligence who has to learn about it while he is giving a speech is the worst thing in the world whose andrea mitchell was interviewing you
and told them about so here's my here's my feedback on that sell their that's it that's why that's my feedback to the entire story their coats wasn't in the loop so here's the thing whose decision was it trumps what its trump had talked to everybody and and got another feedback what would they have said they would have said i think don't do it because at last one went so poorly do you know who says don't do it because the last one went so poorly paid believe history repeats no what history never does he never repeats a cat because the situation changes the fact that we observed something happening in the first summit
changes what can happen in the second summit trump got practice trump learned what works and what doesn't trumps putting him taking the whole field advantage jobs could make sure probably that that there is some kind of prague there's something to announce the bar is lower because this lesson so it's nothing it's the same what do you think trumps advisers would have told them to do that would have told him not to do it did he need to ask them for their advice when he already knew what they would say and i'm gonna be why he decided to do there's only one person who needs to make the decision it wasn't damn coats
it doesn't really matter how he found out because trump made the decision people probably should at all there goes a little sooner i soon somebody this organization you might have heard wind of it before the media have you not even if even if trump utter enough as happened but even if tromp had told the media before he told even one person and my okay with that yup totally ok with that whose decision is trumps decision alone his decision alone what is everybody else have to do that decision they find out about it actually makes it the encodes found out about it every makes it is that ideal now probably not wouldn't hear it look better if everybody knew there on the same page but does it matter no it does not do remember that disaster
chris summit that president trump had with putin he said things better intelligence agencies that most people i agree with what he said he while you're standing next to burden and so our second world enjoy what about the end of the world and i saw about stories about the end of the world because of that horrible horrible tragedy at the summit the trumps said something that shocked people because he's never done that before has trump ever done anything that shocked people i'm so surprised and then the next day after that terrible tragedy at the summit i woke up and i got myself some coffee and i thought to myself this coffee will be ruined now how can i go on because of that awkward thing that happened at that summit in another country let me tentatively taste my coffee
wait a minute this coffee tastes exact same as yesterday clothes or not on fire and i still my job i'm pretty sure it was the end of the world this week why is everything looked the same am i already dead am i in heaven why there's nothing worse see them all these things were worse but my coffee days exactly the same it's not even dropping out at the bottom of the cup how come
the space how can i explain my world my world doesn't make sense so the president's critics have some good points to make there are not necessarily completely making up news and their criticisms of what happened at the first summit are not completely off bays they just are completely unimportant did he say word or wooden doesn't really matter did he say no about prudence meddling in several savers cyber ways does really matter we nobody thinks we note the government things we know what is
energy is a good strategy and seems to be heading in the right direction do we care the damn coats was surprised about the information and that he was not consulted on something that his opinion would now mattered and anyway nope coffee still takes the same now if president trump and prudent succeed in calming the middle east are getting a good result in north korea maybe even taking down their nuclear threats toward each other is anybody remember any of this will the height will
historians say just imagine think of the future is a year from now and there is tremendous progress on everything nuclear from around north korea to the u s end and russian stockpiles will the historian say yeah they made tremendous progress working together but we can't get over that wooded wooden thing and we were shocked that damn coats was surprised about something at an event somewhere no historians will not remember any that they will not care so what do we expect amethyst upcoming summit first of all is classic trump two once he has all of this energy here there was so much here on fire and reporting and in explaining that took all of this energy
and then he refocused it as he does i've told you that fifty percent of persuasion is just keeping your attention because whatever your attention is on you eventually convince yourself is more credible more important than whatever else you were thinking of cause you're just focused on so now are focused on the summit and the president has has brought into focus well let it linnea let me tell you something else that connects a few doubts number i kept telling i keep tell you for two years now or so that the present likes to shake the box whenever the variables are not lined up in a way that good for him so shake the box of history doesn't get what he wants will shake again handshake again and said the only you can shake the box and you can do it as many times as it needs to
until the variables light up the way he wants and the other people can't shake the box so they have a big disadvantage they can't shake the box because they can't take the heat you watch the president's shake the hell out of the russia box by having the summit and in go exactly the way people planned and what happened because he shook their box what variable our different there are some important variables the gods shifted around in the box here is the most important variable how important did you think it was a few years ago or even six months ago the russian cyber meddling
you probably thought it was important but if you are going to make if i asked you make a list of your top twenty things that you think for the important things in the world where would russia's cyber meddling and unjust russia's bad acting in the world where would that be in your top twenty just six months ago probably not that i now i'm not going to argue that it should be higher in the priorities but i will tell you that it is so the president has taken this lower level second tier priority in the public mind i'm not saying it's not important i'm not saying that
our experts are wrong about lee you know that the incredible wrestlers i'm just saying that in the public mind it's lasorda down list somewhere it was way after the economy way after north korea and where is it right now top of the headlines is it more important because we're talking about it and focusing on it in and trump has created a lot energy around it well get more important it just got more attention and what is that done it has it has hard and the american public opinion against trump i'm sorry well that have they have the public is against from but at the same time whether or not there against tromp separately the entire public left and right is against putin and specifically against
messing with us that level of energy that variable is new trump shook the box until the public left and right lined up with him against an external threat now he's not treating it as an external threat he's playing a smarter he say two things be our friend the our friend being our friend is great it's great the key the proverbial care it it's a delicious care it i've got the best carrots art carers are awesome you should have a care it would you like a carrot so he's got the care apart better than anybody ever done it and remember the importance of contrast it's not enough to say will hurt you if you know what do we want you also need the big contrast play which is and if you do what we like oh my god
we can change the world you could be one of the greatest leaders of all time mr putin which is true by them completely true putin has this amazing place in the world right now where he can be despite everything he's been accused of true or not he is the center of history right now and he can either become one of the greatest leaders even with this us and that are not discounting the bad stuff here we all know what it is we can we can all make our list of bad putin behavior but if he decides to go legitimacy will work with tromp andy nuclear rising in his productive in the middle east and all that he becomes one of the greatest leaders in history it will really be amazing trump has created that and if nothing if if putin had simply played well with us before he was a year ago or
courtroom plus i would personally i've gotten as much credit not really easy just would have been a bad guy that we pushed into helping us somehow or or or it is not even part of the important part of the story is his he's just a few but tromp has elevated him to the centre stage and put the entire focus of the of the american public putin putin now as something to gain and something to lose that just didn't exist before at least not in that scale not that level of importance trump has created an asset nothing how many times have you heard me say that he is conjured up an asset and nothing but psychology and yell persuasion in which putin has a huge thing to gain being one of the most important leaders of all history if he partners with trump
or one of the biggest losers of all of history because the president's also made it clear that he would be prudent worst enemy what does he mean by that it means it means what you think it doesn't mean war in all likelihood does i don't think we the dumb but does it mean that putin's gonna have a successful leadership for the rest of his time on this earth it does not putin would not have a good rest is life and an trump would make sure that very very cleanly and decisively i believe nobody believes the trump would forget about it if you get screwed here and and nobody would feel bad if he return the favor in in a very aggressive
so so we have the situation where the variables or no differently the american public is aligned again spoon so if things when bad and the president said look we're gonna have to get super rough on russia because the putin he's got the public on the side now both left and right how often does happen so the variables are not what they were the variables even because it hears the he hears the coincidence or or not part because the first summit was reported widely reported to be not good a number of levels that brought all the attention exactly where from these it to set the table for the second meeting
how would you like to be putin i walk into the summit in october and have nothing to offer think about it imagine putin showing up in washington and having nothing to offer imagine that spend a few more months a bad behaviour and he just walking into the white house doing nothing for us how's that leading gonna go how's the rest of prudence life gonna go not so well so we'll make putin look foolish there is also a very important thing going on that i'm going call the broke
for the women who were watching this this will be a mysterious conversation in which you will not completely understand what's goin on here probably somebody might you you ve heard something called the broke owed their sort of their understood way the men deal with other men there is different than the way men would deal with say a crowd different than it would deal with a family member different than they would deal with a woman no matter what the relationship was two men have sort of an understanding this is built into culture in it periods that there are some rules at play that written down anywhere it here is one of the rules president trial
took a lot of heat to help rehabilitate putin and other words to allow putin to even stand on the world stage president trump had to eat about a mile oh shit in public breton so even though present trump yo has double down and said yes russia delano cyber staffing levels in the election has confirmed that a number of times but in public and when he talks about putin he's giving him all kinds of forgiveness if you can call it that and get rid of this guy he's giving him all kinds of respect putin because of the brokered owes trump a favor he ozma favour this has nothing to do with politics
it has nothing to do with has nothing to do with diplomacy it has a lot to do as a lot to do with just the broke out there just away that people the two to males work with each other now if poodle violates what we want as a country his yeah he's in a lot of trouble if boon top of that violates the brokered in other words if you just screws the president who just gave him space and protected essentially in public if food and does that he is crossed the line the uk on cross and i think he knows so i would expect a favourable result in october but it will be reported as if it's the end of the world coming
the enemy press chump nagged himself here sort of the esa the you saw the last summit there was this talk about hey what a smaller goes over to russia and talks to the suspects in the in the election meddling in return what if some russian law enforcement people of some sort come to united states and on our soil talk to some people related to that no browser situation now the experts the diplomats said ah you can't do that you can't you gonna give up our diplomats just because you're dear your boots his best friend you know you can never give up an ambassador your or a diplomat you got it you gotta keep that diplomatic immunity going well
here's the thing that whole offer of exchanging people none of that was real neither putin nor trumpet could have possibly thought that was a good idea but it sounded good do something you say in public and sounded like oh let's reasonable as well as better than us but when you come right down to a war with that look like keeping in mind that the laws of the other country don't apply in a foreign land so what's the worst case scenario for whoever russia wants to talk to here's the worst case scenario
that person goes to a meeting in which there is heavy security and talks to the russian law enforcement and the russian was enforcement says here's my question and the diplomat who says that the internet and then they ask another question and diplomats us unluckily answer that etc until the russian the russian legal whoever they are just leaves no what recourse does russia have if the diplomat just says i'm in america and i don't really have to answer your question that's it and
security standing there in europe and america your perfectly safe that's it that's all meeting the whole meeting is just the diplomat saying i'm going to talk to you now could the diplomat talk to the russians and answer their questions if they wanted to or they could but it would be stupid because the right the right approach is to create a precedent that you can come over take a flight over you can be in the room with me in my heavy security but i'm never going to answer a question for for a foreign country is just can happen so likewise if mahler goes over the top the russians you would assume the russians would lie about everything or just not answer questions i wouldn't matter because smaller
no power candidate them he can't you can find them guilty of obstruction of justice so it's a toothless ridiculous offer that they exchange people just i think it was designed to sound like there's something that wasn't nothing but it was closer nothing than something giving tony podesta immunity yeah i saw something about the story but i know enough about it or what the implications of that is but it does look like manifest in big trouble
why are you assuming its on home so ill scott because no american would go to unusual place to talk to russian law enforcement about something that i want to talk to there is no law that would force them to do it and they certainly wouldn't do it willingly this is part of an existing treaty with russia makes sense that's off now i get a decent stuff i'll talk to you later by
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