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Episode 174 Scott Adams: The 48-Hour Rule, Charlottesville, Prison Reform and CNN’s Swastika Get

2018-08-11 | 🔗


  • The 48 hour rule and Laura Ingraham
  • President Trump’s condemnation of all types of racism and violence
    • Do racists brag about how much they’ve helped minorities?
    • President Trump’s prison reform efforts
  • Any major law change is racist in the outcome
  • Twitter banning and blocking policies
  • North Korea looking for grand gestures from America
  • CNN’s discovery of a swastika on a rural shed surrounded by garbage
  • Who on the right is in favor of Richard Spencer?
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), master persuader potential rising
  • Ben Shapiro debate offer to AOC, her brilliant persuasive response


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so as we approach the anniversary of the tragedy in charlottesville a year ago there are a number of interesting stories that are sort of related or indirectly related to that number one i was happy to see that or a ingram satisfied when i all the forty eight hour rule the forty eight hour rule goes like this if you say so in public that other people say my god you say that i think you just said something horrible forty eight hours this is my personal rule that i think you should all adhere to you're forty eight hours to clarify and if you do the clarification should stand
because otherwise we're just guessing what you think i think it's fair to judge people by what they say and if then what they say is ambiguous forty eight hours is plenty of time to clarify once someone has clarified i believe we should accept that clarification because otherwise your judging people buy what you think they think and is sure as you might be about what someone else thinks you think that's no way to run a world you don't want to live in a world where people judge you by what they think you think remember if you are judged by what you think maybe you could make an argument for that but that's not what we're talking about we're talking about judging people for what strangers think you think that
nothing to do with you that to do with them so could you be punished for someone else's thought because that's the world that people are trying to lead us do they're trying to lead us to a world wherever straight has a wrong thought about what you think you can be punished because of their wrong thought about what you think i don't want that work so the forty eight hours rule has been satisfied enough familiar with a story i'll give you a little contacts here so on lord ingram shown fox news she the little man log in which you said some very of paraphrasing that things aren't as good as they used to be and people were longing for that old world paraphrasing very approximately
but while she was saying that there were showing pictures of presumably mexican immigrant farm workers now the fur so you need to know about this the way the news is produced is that the person who picks the the video that showing is generally different from the person wrote the monologue so lord ingram wrote the words that she spoke in all likelihood i sir lyster but she did not pay the video there went with it and chances i should never even sought now should lighter but the normal way that the news is produced at the producer will look at what the content of the of the monologue is going to be and then it's their job to go find some video clip to run at the same time
so i would be amazed if what laura ingram row in her mind matched the video the producer pact to show its possible but it would be very unlikely right because it would just be what sense does it make to show farm workers happily picking crops which is literally for the farmer who hire them as well as the person picking that's why people do it it's good for both both people as well as the country so is very unlikely that the producer and and the writer of the content were on the same page but possible i wasn't there sponsible this very unlikely you should know that the second thing is and here's a rule of communication if you don't understand this rule you can't even operate in the world
if you're having all kinds over observer trouble on standing in the world this might be part of the problem community asian doesn't work unless there's the level of trust where the person whose communicating so if your trust them then the words they say you say i i understand what you say if you dont trust them you change the words they say into some terrible thing them catches you're impression of them that's how we all work it's not a flaw in the human operating system it is the human operating system right that's just were all aware that way so i watched laura in rooms my love when it happened i saw alive and i had to feelings based on
fact that i believe quite confident in this though she is not a racist so my starting supposition position is not a racist does it's sort of a strange thing to be very unused actually elites them in the way this is being accused that would be very unusual and so what i heard her do the my love my first love was work so in other words i have exactly the same impression there her clinics head which is are you saying that way sounds a little bare racist so the way she communicated was absolutely a mistake but that's the purpose of the forty eight hour rule two if i were you meant so then imagining that she had suddenly turned into a racist and for some
reason had decided to come on national television as if that would be ok i immediately translated was she said which sounded kinder racist tonight when i heard it into what made more sense which is as i say she's not a racist i thought oh she's just talk about you know economics recur and something in it just sounded worse she should have worded that differently so in my mind where she said it sounded terrible but i immediately translated it because i trust that she is not a racist into all she just said that wrong probably just talking about the crime of the economics when she clarified you said it was about crime and i'm not gonna reader mind that's the clarification i say let it stand and i would and trust i will apply this to people i like
people i don't like people on both sides is just a good rule because everything in their first for eight hours is bs because until the personal clarifies you got nothin let's talk about charlottesville president of the united states has very wisely gotten in front of it i believe the anniversary is the tomorrow or the anniversary today a year ago so must be today and the press tweets us if you haven't seen it to tweets that irrelevant the riots services the president the riots and shell is year ago result senseless death and division we must come together as a nation i condemn all tat so racism and acts of violence
peace to all americans and all is in capitals so i like the fact that this statement is completely unambiguous he condemns all acts of racism there is no there's no way to interpret that any other way all acts of racism so is getting ahead of it because ignoring this anniversary would have been awful and saying something ambiguous would have been worse so is are there any saying absolutely what both is good critics and his supporters wi him to say so but then he's gone further and his next we'd right after that few minutes later we were with us i am proud to have for four and secured the lowest african a mirror and hispanic
unemployment rates in history he's bragging he's bragging about what is done for african americans and hispanics in terms of employment do races brag about what they ve done to help hispanics and african americans they don't and goes on now in pushing for prison reform to give people were paid their debt the society a second chance island restart fighting for all americans this is superb framing for healing healing the divide yo here's the thing if all you did is brag about unemployment good to live a little wiggle room where people say yeah but adam that occur what is obama's or yeah the economy doesn't have anything to do with you it's just the economy so break
about the economy in terms of how it helps employment for african american and spanish citizens is good and this is good but it's not good years is not perfect take to perfect is the second tweet if you're working on prison reform our very clearly putting your political capital behind something that's gonna be good for african americans and good for hispanics and of course good for everybody else's in prison but is it's pretty pretty strongly skewed tore being good for the people of gaza the worst situation in society so how do you look at
the president backing all of these things including prison reform and how are you how do you feel that ass racist me to hold those things in your hand the same tyrant does this rule applied to the left the forty eight hour rule does apply to left if that's what you're talking about of course watch for when trump rights his own tweet i don't think that's necessarily important because the approves all of his tweets and you can be sure that nothing goes out without without him being happy but i guess the also tweeted about the
i felt the lovely lisa page which always makes me laugh somebody says my obsession to pandering to brown people is exhausting well let me let me put in a context where you there is no situation where you potential racist person who made that comment there is no situation where you do well in the country where the so called brown people as you said are having a tough time those two things just don't go together and if you want to make america grant again you have two pretty much take care of business now i think it's perfectly reasonable to presume to say hey it's not a color thing just help the people
were poor and need help and that gets us to a good place outside that looks a lot like helping black and brown people because it ends up being very similar prison reform is the perfect example if you do prison reform there are a whole lot of white people every other race the benefit from that everybody benefits what is wrong we're doing something that everybody benefits if you hear me say something that benefits only brown call me that's a perfectly legitimate thing to do to call me alone i dont believe i have suggested anything that wouldn't be good generally and sometimes make a bigger point
this the other day without having any backing to a whatsoever which is not which is not unusual for me i said the following there any major law change is racist think about that for a second any major law change is racist in the outcome nah not only intention necessarily sometimes it could be racist and the intention i suppose but in the come every major large change affects some taste differently than other is there's just no exceptions that if you change taxes it's to have a disproportionate effect gun here one race over another even if you don't have that is just the way it works if you do prison reform will have a disproportionate effect on some groups if you
if you make marijuana legal disproportionate i'm groups of you you're a few go to war its disproportionate and some groups if you haven't changed social nets its disproportionate and some groups of his age healthcare disproportionate there is probably no exception to that now you can say that sometimes else browner people and sometimes out wider people but there's no such thing as a big change in the government that doesn't have a racial outcome so that's just given for all big change some people says you're tired of discussion about race and racism you should be you should be tired of it it is the anniversary of charlottesville and you're gonna get some today
oh yes governed mcguinness was banned on twitter i believe but once again i do not know why i dont know if there was a specific things sorry to have an opinion on it without knowing the reasons there is no reason forty eight hours well then i think you can form an opinion about that but no if i don't love the major platforms necessarily have to give your reason today is a common for you to get a reason do they procedure was this tweet they got you off i let me ask you this question because the everyone's while i realise there are some giant gap in my understanding of the world and i'm hoping you can fill it in so here's the giant gap in my understanding of the world the major platforms social media platforms will
i too will they want to make money of course on advertisements in and stuff so they want is much traffic as they can get they want their users to see what the users want but not with the users don't want i think those are the major things that they want right they don't want people stuff that those people don't want to see but how do you do not get the same place by just letting people choose what they see how somebody explained to me and there might be a perfectly good reason i'm gonna zoo there's some perfectly good reasons for this but why obviously the thinking behind not letting people see what they actually want to see i don't want to think he is now on twitter for it apple just to use that model you can block people
but i would agree with twitter but that doesn't get you there because people that you have not blocked and never heard of can still directly send you a message that shows up in your time line that could be horrible so maybe there's some kind of a model where you can simply decide how much of your silo you see and how much another silo you see let's say for example i can choose to see everything all the time or i could choose just to see the things that people that i follow have lost please not block so in other words if there's something about the people i follow and then the people that they follow that's tractable and there should be then i should be able to know that i should have a choice that if some of them are are blocking people that i could say ok
if the people i know and love and follow are blocking these people don't show them the time why but just as an option so times i might want to see them sometimes not what would be wrong with that because that would still take all of the the horrible speech everyone would immediately make it invests or to me oh really losing anything i didn't want to see it anyway i didn't want to see it i just click the option that let me see it but the people dont need to see it we see i dont know why that would be wrong but the maybe some reason flat i didn't see any by offering reason their services for that blocking transitive lee yes sir somebody's calling that blocking transitive lee meaning if somebody you follow blocks and blocks and but what's wrong with that as an option
let me give you another another alternative suppose there all of your tweets came in color coded in other words that the background color was variable based on what other people how other people interacted with content so there's something that you haven't blocked but other people have said this a sketchy maybe comes in with an orange background and if some is generally liked him not many people are blocking it comes in with just a clear background maybe there are some other categories as another colors but i'm looking down my timeline i'm in a hurry it wouldn't it would help me if i could just skip all the orange ones and then i still don't miss anything because sometimes i like to see the bad speech because i like to see you here the trolls are reacting i like to see what the push
looks like but i can very easily just skip all the orange ones because they be so they stand down like eyes million stuff here i'll just get the orange ones but if i want to rhythm though they are without iran seems to me that there are a bunch of soft ways to man what you see is what you don't see one is color coding it so it's easier to skip another is letting others somebody called it transitive blocking meaning if your friends blocked it it shows up at least as an orange and then you can view could block all the oranges if you want what i don't is why that doesn't work now might be a case that doesnt work you might have a minute add one thing to us it might be
problem that it doesn't work because people game the system this probably the problem right but there may be in another yo something else too that where people can sort of vote that has been unfairly targeted so maybe maybe a lotta trolls say oh let's block mcdonald's or something so just imagine some corporate entity the people's alike and they silence was all get together and and block home and then that will block it remembered body there's probably way for people were viewing it an orange to see what their own people
ok my dolls well i'm gonna i'm gonna click the button that says it's in the legitimate block in other words a boycott block and once i clicked it as a boycott block maybe from that point if enough people knew it they're orange turns into magenta something some other color say blue so that i can say this blue and a lot of people are blocking but other people are saying you're blocking it just because of it but i still want to see those i dont want the trolls to determine who what i see so there's probably a social away there completely solves all the problems nobody having to worry about what's going on and i don't see how that's worse for any of the platforms
do you does it does anybody see what would be wrong with that in i'm guessing that there is something wrong with what i just said because otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation right would even be having a conversation about online censorship if it if it were as easy as i just said just color coded let people determine what what's bad what's being boycotted and then i'll decide whether i want to see their info later or see everything or or not it has to be a reason and it bothers me that i don't know what it is the mai shareholder shareholder of what are now direct shareholder of i'll oh i am a direct shareholder of apple which i am happy to have own for awhile that's done very well
not a direct shareholder of facebook twitter or google but i do own ended it i have money in an index fund which has all those properties it one of your old apple computer since was thirty five while we are you where are you and what else yeah you also the story of the some engineer somebody stolen airplane and you have a good story about that i think you also those in washington somebody stole and alas caroline plain the project or a plop prop
proper plain propeller plane crashed into an island the part that i'll i talked about this story even though it seems like there's nothing like about it i liked the fact apparently the military had their planes and they are pretty fast did you notice it so the military was up there the suzette assumes that aircraft when i don't know how long it took what i was pretty impressed they had a couple of thirty five sadly i ran away and these they were telling him to stay over over the water and you are stay over the water mains right stay over the water mains you're not gonna be left alive very long
stay over the water means we know what the debris following on people because we're gonna take you out those tragic story sorry happened but at least if there's a silver lining it was only the perpetrator dive and i was impressed homeland securities response service let's give it plus the homeland security you know we focus on what goes wrong and that's human but gonna say homeland security plus one right somebody so what about iran testing a ballistic missile was that today i haven't seen any news about that today so i'm not up to date
my general answer is that if a ran or north korea or testing testing some stuff for building some stuff everything is still being negotiated so in that context you expect all sides to be pushing on all dimensions whats up north korea career receiving some reports north korea has asked for a grand gesture from the united states a grand gesture in order to go down the path of de nuclear rising now probably means we don't know enough about the situation so the reporting we're getting about that i feel is incomplete because here's the reporting way stands at again i dont think were hearing the whole story but what we do here is that north korea is blocking about getting serious about removing it
nuclear assets because its asked in return there we go first i think they want us to go first meeting the united states in south korea and declare peace an end to the war official into the war and then secondly to drop the sanctions so they want us to drop the sanctions before they start to nuclear rising and i thought to myself probably there's more to it don't you think a little more to it because if that's all that's all we were down do it feels like we would have something to work with in other words the sanctions are something that you can take off and put back on and since we ve all settled into what we
we assume will be a long term negotiation a year could be two years of three years and legal everybody's ready for that to be the case because it's a tough one nobody thinks it's easy but how hard you wanna be and i'm not suggestiveness because i don't think we know everything about that situation explaining my gap and knowledge how hard would it be if the united states to say i'll tell you what we'll give you both of those things but six it is from now if you haven't done your part their back on here is a real reason that we can take the sanctions off and say we'd like to see if you are serious we'll take this she's off as long as you're doing your thing but they they go right on the moment you're not now
seeing people saying now you go first yoga first but can you explain why as long as long as it's unambiguously true there were going to put the sanctions back on if they don't do their part everyone unless they weave also declared an end to the sensations why would we expect north korea not to do their part here because it's true they want to get everything in they wanna get everything that they want and give us nothing sure but it wouldn't work you why would we why would we be worried about north korea pursuing a strategy that doesn't have any chance of working because if they didn't do their part of the nuclear rising and we did do our part of dropping the sanctions and less eight declaring an end they form a war and then sixty dollars late
they did nothing we're just put the sanctions back on and the part about declaring war is somewhat irrelevant because you could just re declarative he needed the president can act unilaterally if there's a timing issue so i don't see anything we can give them that we can't take back if they don't do their part now does it make sense for north korea to go first well i know that we think the same thing worthing in witches whoever goes first as the soccer hey you ever goes first gets nothing is the soccer and they think that they have already done enough in terms of things that are easy to give up so i now yesterday he hears what everybody the people who want us to keep the pressure
braun until they do something first here's what you're missing and the part i don't understand you do understand that with this president and with joy bolton and matters there this administration if we were to say just hypothetically yeah we're gonna give you some relief for sixty days let's see if you do anything with your nukes if we were to say that does anybody think we wouldn't put the pressure back on as they didn't perform there's nobody who believes this administration this administration you don't think you don't think trump would double down the sanctions and make them worse than they ever were if we give us food for taking him offer sixty days i would say that's a given so we may be at a point where were a sort of a face savings
situation where we're just trying to figure out who goes first so it doesn't look like a bad idea if feels to me like the only thing that matters is how this is going to look to the public and feel to the people involved doesn't it seem to you it's come down to just how it looks and how it's gonna feel because i'm pretty sure north korea wants to get to the next level and the only way they can buy the nuclear rising stressed the only way they can and i think they know that with a trumpet ministries so i m not suggesting anything in terms of the negotiations because i assume there are things we don't now and we should not soon we do know i some rodman so there might be some clever way to make it look like a win win though
one part of this which is the ending leave formal declaration of war and a formerly saints over it seems to me that's a situation where both sides just win so i don't know what's holding that up except maybe it's been package some other stuff but were we're all a little bit in the dark about north korea are you predicting actual de nuclear radiation yes in the long but we don't know what the long run looks like the the reason for that is that the clear programme is all bad and no good anymore you're people do things because they have a use whatever used use north korea got into those nukes appears to appears to have been decreased
could you u s move ten thousand troops ourselves created japan as a grand gesture that's not the worst idea but it does leave south korea unprotected through our or less protected you predict you predicting de nuclear station during the trump administration yes yes it happened during the trump administration oh let's talk about the cnn sweat so i just watching a little clip on cnn english they tracked down and actual nazi lover who has a big swastika is on asia and the bad guys like rural pennsylvania and they find this one guy who's just as just him
and they literally has a shack yeah i guess you told us what we caught shed and it's got all this junk stuff piled up rounded shack and they ask him some questions to try to get some is he racist rats if he had some crazy races rest i thought to myself if this the best you can do cnn your scouring the world for an actual now nazi someone who actually believes is things in the back you can find as this one guy in rome pennsylvania who lives in a shared with a bunch of punch garbage around it thicken the nasa check they that's it
that's bullshit you do i think we're heading in the right direction so as you may know so today might be interesting the news i hope nothing bad happens you know that lucien as marched way from i believe new york to washington d c and and he'll be having separately a safe distance away from the unite the right he'll be having his a gap a love i don't know much about would be bigger but you not see most ironic thing about the unite the right the so called to unite the right movement so the skies spencer who is a white nationalists
i'm not sure exactly how he would describe himself i dont know if he's a white supremacist or away nationalist but they're pretty close so is something i bet but he's doing a unite the right number he was the one who did the he was behind the charlottesville event that caused so much trouble but here is the irony factor the swami www true or false richard spencer house seated in uniting the right go true or false richard spencer has succeeded any uniting the right against richer spencer
i don't think i've ever seen the right more united people are saying false doesn't look like it to me when was the last time you talk to somebody who is in favour of richard spence from the right now i get that their experts people who are in favour of richard spencer's white nationalism whatever exactly is pushing what is a really small number right if you are too if you hypothetically to unite ninety percent of the right way refer to say you united the right ninety eight percent if you got ninety eight percent of the right to be on the same page about anything when be one of the most amazing accomplishments of all time that would be amazing riches
answer managed to unite the right against richer spencer and against the white nationalism against whatever their marching at an charles flesh i have never seen the right more united than they are right now against they tiki torch people against those races richer spencer has exceeded like nobody i've ever seen before and literally i mean like nobody ever before i don't want to compare him to a great leaders in the past which i almost excellently did but imagine all the people have tried to unite people has anybody ever been a successful as richard spencer in uniting people against richard spencer it's the most thing i've ever seen in my life probably like ninety percent you can't be that so that's pretty good and at the same time huge united the right and the left causes
against richard spencer so we ve managed to find something in which the entire left president of the united states all of you watching here except that one idiot who made the common earlier and me we're all united against richer spencer and whatever the hell he's doing with his small band of people in and david do right we're all were all united somebody said you're not sure he's that influential that's not true look how well he is united people against him some recent baked lascaux was banned from twitter says something new i just saw something go by
looks like the summer of love might be back on today as there's gonna be a lotta uniting a lot of uniting of the right lotta uniting of the right and left against richer spencer so let's celebrate that it's never been this good folks i hate to be the the optimist ever in our case but you have never seen the country this united dislike about think about how ironic this is i don't think i'm wrong about this you know you're probably thinking oh that's little hyperbole or you're you're sort of prayer the logic in warrior you're stretching the scarred i think you ve taken this too far talk about just pure factual
are republicans and conservatives ninety eight sound or something and that nature united against richard spencer at his message yes i think that's objectively true is the left united a hundred percent or something like it against richer spencer he asked is there anybody looking at the charlotte charlottesville anniversary and thinking to themselves i which we get more of that racism well two percent maybe now always gonna be two percent who they were anything but i've never seen the country more united than well i'd say nine eleven was more united well maybe not i say this is probably comparable to mine your member nine eleven pearl harbor other those moments where everyone
suddenly on the same side and should be feels like one of those days because richer spence playing the role of the night of an bombers were playing the role of the common cause a japanese airforce attacking pearl harbor he saw a plane the bad guy and is united the country in the tremendous way not under percent but probably ninety percent i what actor win its harder to tell now oh i meant to talk about alex
sandra a curse you cortez ah here a few things you need to know about her as an update number one i saw on twitter that people have started calling her a yo see now remember i told you that she might be a master persuade her rising that doesn't mean quite a master persuaded that means the potential is there like all all the raw materials and in it looks like the intention of their and here's the thing if you're trying to fight again it is though say you're on the right and you don't like her message you just gave her the coolest nickname ever you start calling her air sea and there's nothing i'm going to say this gonna stop that that's she already has her nickname
people have a nickname that's not an insulting name like low energy jabber something but people whether cool nickname with three letters like l b j its better another word you have promoted her to a nickname because it's not insulting nickname soon as people get a nickname their promoted there their importance went up people again say well just know her by her three initiatives now since the first thing you need to know that much as you're pushing against her you're helping her by giving the nickname secondly who are we talking about who am i talking about who did all of you want me to talk about was only one person how many of you asked me to talk about bernie today none how many asked me to talk about anybody else on the left none
there were zero requests for me to talk about anybody but yo see what did i tell you she could do i warned you right you can hate message but i warned you she can do this she made everybody pay attention to her now are you saying with your criticisms you're saying to yourself my god the things she is asking for are totally impractical have you ever heard that about another candidate well you heard about bernie and he practically one the presidency everybody said is is this thing is totally impractical who else if you heard this about who had a totally impractical plan president trump he wanted to deport fourteen million people who were here undocumented
was i have ever a practical idea no it was not but you stop talking about and could you and that was the play so you ve got they all say and i'm gonna be using a nickname took isn't just easier so you ve got to see you as this plan for socialism that you say dammit doesn't she understands how impractical this is now she does understand that she also understands that if she keeps hammering this impractical idea you won't care about anybody else in the world because that's gotcha so she has you right where she wants you right now here's the other you don't understand she's not talking to the right
her entire game now very much like candidate troms game was to talk to republicans for the first year of the first major part of the election yes he's only talking to the base so the other people are saying my god it's crazy here never win if he keeps talking crazy no he's talking exactly the way his base wanted to hear it for to get nominated them once again they needed to talk a different way he did he paced until he led what you're saying elsie do is talk to our base and when we when you guys look at it from the outside most of your or not in her base you're looking from the outside your same that's crazy talk we must stop it
that will never go anywhere that crazy talked never work her mouth doesn't add up there's no way you can pay for all these things she's not talk of you she's talking to the people who believe that you can pay for it she's talking to the people who think we'll just raised racism taxes on some rich people are gonna be she's talking to people who even if they she's saying universal single pair they like to at least move closer to it so her message to her base is kind a perfect now when you say to her a you know have the facts right you numbers doesn't add up you're completely missing the show the show is that she has your attention she has her sides attention and she has your attention and she's squeezed everybody else off the page if that's not a master persuade her
rising and i had the rising tissues i think there's a lot dollar if that's not a master persuade arising i don't know what what is let's talk about her tweet to venture so then shapiro i think the view what no matter your opinion of him would agree that he's insanely smart and knowledgeable on politics and he offered it to debate a yossi and offered ten thousand dollars to charity or something if she would take it now what was her response she was sort of in a trap there right number and she doesn't need to talk to the right she has no need for that she doesn't need to explain yourself doesn't need to make our numbers at up she has no need for that because she's talking to her base
i know what did she say she could say no in which case it looks like she looks like a scary cat and she would also laplace you didn't know her stuff because somebody really knows stuff asks you to debate and you say now the asylum who's gonna be you dont know your staff to hear what are you doing on the international stage if you dont know your stuff if you're afraid to talk the bends shapiro then i guess you don't know your staff and so that's the way i would abandon she just said now or even if she ignored it would have been some of that but what did she do instead she writes this provocative tweet saying that his offer is on
what do you call it on on requested unwanted whatever words used kit was like cat calling it was like the year the debate version of cattle and if you watch the news on the right about all the coverage of her tweet and how she responded look what she did let's call this the rosy o donnell move you're gonna hate this god you're gonna hate us i recognise president from skill in his first debate when he was asked a question that was a trap you said these things about women what do you say you should have been the end of his run does nobody cares for that question and get away with that president tromp moved all the energy too
joke too rosy o donnell it's all you can think about and you forgot the question because the answer was more interesting than the question what did i say do she was asked to join it bait and no matter how she answered that it will look they would make her look weak if she took the debate she would look with weak because the bench sparrow would marbre up on on the details i think but he would agree with that even her supporters would probably agree this is little green and that bends just got the full arsenal so wouldn't be a fair fight so that would be a losing strategy in saying no is losing strategy cassettes like surrendering so what did she do she has no way to win there's just oh way for it was easy to get out of this trap that ben she piero has set for just like megan kelly set a perfect trap for president trumpet first debate
and then she rosier donald him she said that's just like cackling if you saw the coverage of this what was the coverage was the coverage hey elsie doesn't know how to debate with somebody who really knows his stuff not not that's not what you saw the entire discussion was how can she say kept calling my god she's he's just making it about gender this has nothing to do about gender what if kid the silence and canvas owens and also challenged her to debate and again this is quite logically saying well you know i'm not i'm not a man why wouldn't you debate be so your reasoning is flawed so the entire coverage was arguing about her choice of referring to it as
something like a cat calling i'm gonna label that strategy as brilliant from persuasion perspective cause she took all of the energy from the question of whether she was incompetent year in terms of up to speed on the on the facts she may that completely got away and should replace the wholesale where this little question about cat calling was at the right thing to say you're watching what are the highest levels of persuade of game you ve ever seen i'm saying some major said it's an insult to women if that's what you're talking about she wins if what you're talking about is that the car calling tweet was like from left feel than anyplace
yeah it's sir it seo it's another ism minutes identity politics is that's what you're talking about she winds because remember she's mostly trying to influence or base and they probably like it do you think your base licked then said alice that's a good one like ali you call that is probably right is probably sexist bench bureaus being sexist up her her side polly said that so i remember in twenty fifteen there were wasted two notable people notables i guess ass my own word for it there were two notable people back in twenty fifty and who said you're saying where this candidate tromp is not normal and though his persuasion game is crazy it's crazy good
who were those who are among those to people like servage and me we were where other people were onto an coulter buffer differently so some people again colder were saying that his policies were were what would get em like mike certain which and i said oh there's another level here you're missing which is the skill the persuasion skill and so far it's early but so far elsie is demonstrating every bit of the potential she's not a trump level persuade her but her potential she's in the game she is she's sitting on the bench in the big leagues meaning that she can play or self into the game with a limit
practice is attention grabbing somebody asked is attention grabbing equal to persuading the answer is suasion i like to divide into two parts one getting attention because if you don't have attention you can persuade and then the other is closing the deal you you notice that president trump is an expert on getting attention and as fifty percent of persuasion pushes out all the other ideas you don't have time you don't have shelf space in your brain you just move everything else and the things we think are important for the things we think about not because are important but because that's what we're thing
about whatever you spend the most time thinking about you just want a medically think must be important so she has made herself important by making you think about it and surely the people on her side are noticing that her profile is rising and between the fact that she is female and natural
skype and ethnic advantage electoral speaking they're gonna notice and the usa who even the other side is afraid of her look look how much attention the right gives to trying to deep bunker she is she is one pivot away from being able to run the table but i think it's her time is her time is early she'll probably get elected to office if in office she keeps making news i think you should expect that she has a future but it's not gonna be this year or next year that does she changes the world she doesn't even hold elected position and that's the point if she's getting this much attention without even being elected
somebody says scott you giving crazy eyes too much credit i'm only giving her a credit at her persuasive ability and i believe that this point that's not questionable because you just talked about her with me that's a fact so whoever just made a comment the said i'm overrating her is engaging in conversation about her that's my point is that we're talking about that's that's half of the game and the other half she showed with that cat calling to eat the cat calling tweed took it to another level the show is she knows the rosy o donnell technique she knows how to move attention to where she wants it so you can you can discount her at your peril
i am talking about yes and the fact that i am talking about her and you in my my previous conversation was talking about racism did you see the number of people said boring boring talked about racism too much move on to another topic did you see even one person say that when i talked about air nope them i talked about suddenly i had your total attention that's what i'm talking about something that's not for today and go enjoy your weekend and remember nobody has united this country more than richardson sir has united us against richard spencer but hey whatever tax and i'll talk dealing
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