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Episode 189 Scott Adams: Some BlightAuthority.com Ideas and Tour of Scott’s Home

2018-08-20 | 🔗


  • The Blight Authority cleared the land…now what?
  • Concepts for safe, social, high function neighborhoods
  • Community concepts for affordable security and community services
  • Tour of Scott’s home, designed and built for practical functionality
  • Whiteboard discussion, followed by home tour
  • BlightAuthority.com


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due to the dupe du bon foam everybody i'll let the people coming and catch up with us we're going to talk about the two thirty some of your team what that is but it's a nonprofit effort led by bill what day and helping out in which we trying to come up with some ideas creative ideas for what to do with it belated areas that the blight authority as already cleared some there will be cleared so there will be this is in urban areas we'll be brought down to dirt getting of all the bladed areas that essentially nobody owned anymore so the land almost free almost so what do you do what do you do with it they would help of the inner city people are not
he about building shopping malls and you know yuppie condos and talk about what do with that land they helps the people in the city that that addresses the low income world and i like to use as a standard if you are building homes that don't work for a single parent having gardener right yet if you're building in an urban area if you don't have away for a single parent to afford to live there and to thrive you haven't quite designed it right so i'm gonna talk about some ideas and then i'm going do a little tour of my house i know what you're thinking you thinkin wait a minute a rich guys house will teach us nothing about how to build for low income people that's most leader less about eighty percent true but i use my house is partly a reason to get people to watch this so it's just really to attract eyeballs
also there are a number of things that will remind you of a concept when you see my house it would be useful for any kind of a house so will love we'll get to that after i talk about a few ideas that are already bring through for the blight authority i have added some of my own ideas just the sort of pull together in the package so here's the idea you ve got a big patch of blank space in an urban area in fact there are lots of these and they will be more of them as the blight that already exists is torn down the future and a number of these already exist thanks to nobody is good work with the belated authority aid non profit that works with cities this isn't they work with the mayor's with the with the community they really get to commute involved to know
to do and in you'll get them excited about what's happening boat but the next phase after you tear snuff down is what do you do with it you can't figure out what to do with it this productive well then if only taken a half way it's a good half bullets if we can get the other half so imagine if you will this this block of land that's in it your city and you trying to think what to do with it here ideas for those of you knew to watching my periscope any idea you see me present you should assume it's the bad version of the idea in other words he's trying to stimulate your thought so don't get two hung up on these ideas i'm gonna come in first on the person who said no socialism keep in mind first of all that these are these are very small parts of the entire country and no we have to live there we're not talking about me
the entire city this way we're talking about experiments small expense some of them might look something like this some of them might have no socialism some might have some experiments of sharing things like too ozone sharing rides simply like that but now can call those socialism i think that's a great disservice to travel labour things away time sharing works sometimes a dozen maybe we can experiment find out where does we were a dozen so that said here are some ideas justice stimulate thought the number one thing that i hear about improving urban areas is that you have to take care of security first if you do that it doesn't matter what you build
because nobody was live there nobody wants a business there nobody wants to shop there nobody wants to raise children there so security is gonna be here absolute base requirement now you also don't want a police state so happy get to a gentle security where nobody's gonna beat up the others there's nothing abusive going on you given up too much privacy but you still got a safe space i give you some ideas again not the greatest ideas in the world necessarily but i guess you thinkin imagine if you will that you put a ring of homes around the print and the houses act as part of the usa gated community normally you see a gated community for a wealthy neighbourhood but wealthy neighborhoods don't have that much crime more useful to put a little gate around in there
the other two inner city now of course you'd have actual gates so that their you emergency exits and services can come through but you'd have the security of the gates now imagine if you will the authors external cameras on both sides of the homes on all of the public areas plus the homeowner has an option that comes with the house this is important the video security comes with the house you know have an option of not getting it is just a cheap camera goes to the internet you can look at it on your phone i just saw a commercial for ring ring dot com i'm not doing a commercial for them that i have no interest in their company but they re just showed a upgrade that allows you to alert your neighbors on your phone if something fishy you see in your camera so
you see somebody suspicious that your front door you ve got an option to alert the neighbours and they get painting thing and then everybody can look through their own cameras can look out the window can alert the police whatever they need to do that would be a man i mean i think that will really make a difference here's another idea again just ideas if you said we're gonna build this community and then work in a reserve the units they have a good view of things people who are either current police police workers or ex police people who are trained to identify problems and to know what to do if they come up now if this police officer moves it's still a designated might be a first responder or workplace but somebody here
trained so you make sure that you ve got a few of them in key areas because if there is they're up goes off then ought to do you want somebody who's gonna legal right down weapon and nos one to use it and we're not in your community very hopeful i've got a neighbor who was in the police where's down the road and i gotta tell ya i felt a lot safer now i am personally and knowing that he was in the neighborhood makes a big difference then naturally you want to do if you got your security right there's you wanna get your transportation right you could have a lot of stuff here the doesn't require you to leave home so if you have an app based commute things you need you can order on your apps if you needed we'll bury you can order on your app maybe you don't even have private cars you might
you're one of the experiments might be less build a community where nobody has a car but she's still need to get places let's say there's a bus that takes you to me strains on a regular basis endless say that you can see where the buses on your up so you know you have to go outside until the buses approaching but better yet listen the bus driver has the up to and the bus driver can see people were on the bus so you pull up in your the people get on normally you wouldn't know if there's somebody around the corner whose almost there and you pull off but if you look at rob you like oh there's bob bob's ran round the corner away for ten more seconds others bob so sudden you just adding an app to a shuttle to mass transit makes the whole friendlier situation much the way aubert it you could add a shared garage possibly
so that baby some people had private cars or maybe there were your own private rental goober type situation just for the neighbors you can see if thou art thou be another experiment and maybe there are some shared tool well sir you don't need a garage if you can go you can borrow a tool area he knows who has it you borrowed your app you make sure there's there before you go borrow it oh yeah i need one of those ok so you can have a shared tool thing people do that already i don't know if it works well or not then imagine again for those just joining these are not the a ideas in the world i'm just trying to stimulate thought so imagine a future these residents had built into it forefront or office on the street side with a separate entrance and separate bathroom
if you are living here and you owned both the residents and these storefront and what i say storefront i don't mean a big box i'm talking about one room size of a small one person office with the batter forecasts for yourself and if you have a business i went there well you ve already got your job so your job in your home become the same place and if we ve a good job in construction and brought the cost way down and the cost of the lake and was almost free are you can run the little shop here now suppose you don't want to run the shop you dont have a home business you don't want anything to do with the business but you like living here you can rent it out so if you could rent the front of the shop to somebody from the outside they can't get in your house there just running their little business there suddenly your landlord so you ve gone from
a person who can afford a house to approve it was a landlord in one move you already have a job now that wouldn't be enough necessarily to pay for your home you might need to do more but if you person who had a good job outside of the community you could take your bus there some is working in your home you ve got to income suddenly i'm imagining oh and am also imagining some kind of a away that if people are pets they don't need to be i'm all day toward them there's a little area that your dog the dog door and they can do their business in place that isn't too isn't too bad for other people look at easy to clean up artificial long is the best option mine in a little that now there are a number of ideas that were receiving on blade authority dot com which is where there's a forum where you can suggest
things that you could do in places like this and we're hoping that we can stimulate more ideas people said things like well just go through the list suppose a central food source just for the residents and it could be simply like a toe goes it could be just sandwiches let's keep it simple that doesn't mean you can't just by ruined food anywhere you want you can still do anything you want but if your kid gets home before you do and they need a sandwich wouldn't it be great if you're twelve year old could look at the app and if approved by the parent they can say yeah that's after school a ham sandwich and they just hit it maybe they m sound just dropped in a dropbox at your house in building these homes so that their optimized for drones
maybe there's a place on the roof redrawn the land maybe there's a hot box for a hot meal assemblies dropping off that once has dropped off nobody can get into it maybe there's a cold box for your milk so those are some ideas so you may have a simple place now the beauty this is so a number of these things i'm going to talk about would provide first jobs in some cases secondly a real jobs but at least teenager first jobs for a lot of people without leaving the community if you ve got an app to find a babysitter an app to find a pet walker to find somebody you does various services you could you can have a lot of jobs that exists within here now i'm guessing that the size of this
might be more like a hundred homes but there's probably some optimal size a size where you could supporter let's say a school of some sort jim some shared the services and in such you wouldn't want is so vague that nobody knows their neighbours and you don't want is so small that you don't get the advantages of scale let me tell you why scale is important to pending where you put this you might have a lot of lot of expenses for heating or cooling if you start with blank land which is what the the but in a geothermal hitting now geothermal takes advantage of the fact that the earth you can put in thermal hitting now geothermal takes advantage of the fact that the earth is about a constant fifty six degrees one should go down i think ten
whenever this sea run pipes under the ground and those pipes why think with water in the picture the temperature of the earth and then things up above so if you're trying to heat your house from water would be which is zero in the winter what you wanted to be that's maybe sixty eight the first fifty six degrees or free because you just using the heat from the earth and likewise if you tried to cooler from a hundred down to seventy five the fifty six degrees that you're taking from the earth is gonna hot tell block but is far more economical if you do it in the first place it's not economically if you're doing it for one house right so you wanted this big enough to get the economy's then and not too big that you have other problems i say school but i don't think we the right ideas about school i don't love the idea of school the way it exists
i'm not necessarily thinking of a public school maybe it's a are you gonna do homework in maybe that's all maybe it's a place that our homes schooling maybe it sir maybe this experiment in the video schooling maybe there's remote school so through theirs creativity that could be tried out here for training but at the very least you all somebody places quiet the people can go to kids to study and have some help me it was a tutor yours and training facilities imagine that you start this community by training people to build it if you see the video is on the blight authority right now of these insulated concrete forms i see ass insulated concrete forms though these big blocks that one human can pick up without too much trouble and they they fifty
they're like legos and you can see the earth people the entire house in one day once you have the foundation so one of the foundation is just book whoop so imagine the ways is that people can build their homes and imago modular fashion suppose instead of painting the syria the house you could take modular little blocks and just stick them onto the wall and if you want to change the now you just take out the blocks you have reuse we sell em something else like her put up some new blocks make it interesting your house doesn't appear to have to be one color it could be different blocks what are we want so imagine all those possibilities somebody's just at the shared business services for all they home businesses in the air or anybody was the sort of business anywhere that's a great idea especially there are mentors they can help you find funding turns out there's tons of government funding
if you know have again but it's not easy you'd have i know how to get it and you'd have to know which are the many government programmes fits you you have to i have to fill out the forms that are so this community comes with its own business experts they could be on site it could be an association of people just sharing ideas were in business you could have external people you could have apps that connect your exports some people suggested food firms and indoor forms basically so maybe it depending on the climate into around door in performing is poor probably not as i can our goal is a needs to be for an inner cities situation but it's getting close and there may be some companies i listed a few at blade authority dot com and the forums
some that looked like they're getting close so you can see those names in their eyes vested in one of them they have some experimental low wall farms but they don't grow every kind of vegetable say probably need now one of the big issues in the inner city is something called the food equality if you haven't heard that term refers the fact that if you're eating the wrong kind of food you're is low your literally not smart you might even have behaviour problems are all kinds of problems health problems of course from eating the wrong kind of food but if you had some kind of centralized food source even though its optional you don't have to be there at the very least have something that the parents could say look kids you written here food equality is over
i mean we have food quality you just have to eat the centralized stuff less variety but you're mostly gonna have an option for that they're probably other ways yet there is well you want some kind of shared gm or exercise area and maybe a dog park reason i throw them and is that you wanna also you want to manage this area for natural connections there's nothing cooler than a dog barked where you take your dog to run around outdoors with other dogs to get you to meet your neighbours because europe has summed it up about my case i your dog i love that kind of dogs how old is your dog so bent about dog parks and their great for socialism same with the gym so you want to place the people can go maybe somebody suggested basketball court were you good rent on your app so maybe you just reserve it at antonov renting is right
nap where you could find nine other people to play basketball and then the night if you could schedule a time and then got an hour so that would optimize you're court people would not be monopolizing it in everybody would would get something imagine that you organize to make bulk purchases of the things that everybody uses so it could be things like milk and paper problem so since you don't wanna dr weir regan ever cassio we have a close go membership maybe the community is big enough that they can do some balk purchases now that both purchasing might include wireless access and might include cable it might include insurance you can imagine a lot of things than a hundred families could negotiate for and get get better prices
imagine if you will not just take you through this thinking i'm not saying this is the idea again these are just a similarly thought imagined you started with dirt and the very first thing you built in the mill was a training facility to train people how to build had to be builders specifically for this coming so you train them and then you have them build now i say the next thing you do is have eli mosques company called the boring company b o r i angie bores holes grounds have them bore holes for the for the geothermal that produces eleven dirt they gotta do something with you must go said they ve already figured out how to turn the dirt into bricks on site so now you ve got bricks you ve got geothermal you ve gotta training facility that you created jobs and there and their building the homes they feel some
he also my connection to it so the idea here is that your community should help you with your jobs here social life here those in your transportation your food and if you have designed all that into your community is just this just homes hopping and existing style home into middle of the inner city and not doing anything else with the community or security reveals not making it affordable it doesn't get anywhere you ve gotta be able to make sure that they can sustain themselves in every possible way from health to security to jobs to trains patients are right i will take you on a little tour of my house
and here's another thing if you get the right kind of mix of people so that the kids have other kids to play with the adults have people who have something in common you u improve the social life immensely just by having p will your same age in your same situation i would you like to see my home i know you would that's why you're here i'm going to turn the camera round and then undertake around my house now even mind here's years the idea i'm not suggesting the things you see in my home would make sense in an inner city my house was not dolphin but it will stimulate some ideas and let's look at that right let's start with this lamp this lamp since gonna random and not important but it is because with you
that little bit of acts of light which you can see to clearly here it completely opens up this part of the room the point of that is that if you spend just a little bit on lighting it completely changes how people perceive the liability in a class almost nothing put in a little bit extra accent light my next point is the view i did not optimized my house with a view to see after i can get up to the windows to look out now in this community you wouldn't have this kind of you of course but you can we usually organise it so they are always looking at something interesting whether you're looking at your window at the let's say the park were you looking at interesting architecture across the way people's lives completely change if you get that
here's my workspace this is where i do all my periscopes from typically i'm in that chair and the ipad i hold in my hand would be right in front of the chair here is where i do my work this is able wacom sin teak it's a computer screen that is a drawing pad at the same time so i draw directly on the computer monitor and here's a deal birthday you won't see for a month or two the papers one of the things i do is i hate desks they face the wall because you feel claustrophobic so i put my desk areas so that is facing out to the room in the view and can take it down the hall oh here's a big old tv and i'm gonna make a point about how that might not be it might
i'll be useful to have any kind of tv screen in modern homes here's some books and reading you don't care about that your summer dobler wars i've won in summer dover dolls i'm not going to show you the bedrooms there are not very interesting but looked down here here a piano you would not have these in inner city homes but i can't and they would have some homes or optimized for different lifestyles you might have a home the study a sound proof room for people who are musicians that might actually be your job maybe your professional musician need room to practice georgia to do gigs on
so i ve been a little back lighting they're just to show you how a little bit of light completely changes which are going on in taking this way here here's a room that's server play room again this doesn't apply directly to anything in the blighted areas john said and a little portable piano greece it uses the piano and i'm trying to learn the drums now here's was interesting notice that i've said the drums up across from the tv action take drama drum lessons are line whither alive person
and i was doing this is sort of a test to see how useful it is to try to take a class whether video screen instead of your life person it's alive person he's just happens to be in video any you know i just i just send my phone this calls in unfazed time i send my former over the scream at i'm talking to life you show me how to play it works pretty well so that might be a model of education in the future that you just need her quiet room thank you into this room some of you already know i'm obsessed with laundry rooms and is because laundry rooms are rarely set up to be optimized through billion things you need to do for example notices i've got a little while guard john there and then some fabrics officers above the drier you always
to throw away the little lint and various things when you do wonder if you don't have a garbage right there the so this is poor design on my part because i didn't put a place to easily put a garbage pale but i did it all the time do you have to have the doors lined up so that one does not interfere with the other need lots of space and here's something that i like this is a movable cart i use for taking my laundry or i needed picking up the laundry you don't want etc somebody just ass may dwell somebody doing my laundry i do not here's my cab box they supper room just for the cats bathroom they put in it of course a floor this easy to clean oh your car supplies year than malaria that they can go up and look at the window she wants but
my life is so much better because my care box is raised never have to burn down had just jumps up here jumps in there and i made it super big so that it will have to clean it is often and then my supplies were here and i just bag and throw it in their temporarily as that's the cat come with me down stairs will show you a few other things i hears something just happened on my screen king arena there we go so here's my main living room there is none to learn on this for boy people exe this one design element you see there behind the couch
there is a long table was stools this is a really good design putting a table behind a couch because it discourages people from eating on the couch because it's just as easy to sit in this little table if you're trying to watch tv but i'm not sure of modern house needs a television now look at the floors my floors are porcelain porcelain it is probably too expensive for intercity homes but that there might be something that see the best design for a floor there has the qualities this is which is you can't stay in it you can't break it it's almost unbreakable unsustainable in just the i'll wash anything with a rag and if he had a room by one of those little love vacuum come vacuums that is like a robot you have your place clean with minimal effort if you bill
your house with a vacuum robot assumed as part of the design you can just have a place for it to be out of the way until it does it say this is the one i although the crap island the door over there is the entrance from the garage that's where were you that's what i'm usually entering and when enter the house i almost always have stuff i need to put down so i built this as the place you push stuff down there unfortunately it gets messy pretty easily and especially when you ve got electronics and your plugin stuff in this kind of mess that's ass but i probably would have built this to have drawers for this or maybe some kind of a pull down cover so that you ve got a plugin but you don't have to look at it lets you want to so this could have been designed show you my kitchen again
very little of this will be applicable to the inner city but it might give you some ideas notice authors and eating area there's really just part of the kitchen is just built in this is a really good design for family you'd want this bigger at least seeding four or five but as an excellent designed to have the island there what i find is it in the modern world people really want to use the dining table so i didn't want to have a supper room for a dining table so i just floated out in the in part of a central thoroughfare probably just get rid of this because i've literally i dont think in five years i've had a meal at that table so am i just get rid of it so i would say in a low cost home a dining room would be unnecessary and a few microwaves and microwaves
problematic some say because they don't they destroy the nutrients but on that i don't know the silencer here's a warming drawer all kinds of birds here and a griddle in the middle so this middle think heats up so like a grendel very handy got a couple of dishwashers then the big house oh here's a year a feature call d appliance garage when you open it up here you're appliances the messy stop this herbs just doesn't look good in the counters he shoved all in there and stays plugged in
they want to use me just drag him out and their already plugged in very good feature now i'm a big fan of not putting the the oven and the cooked up facing the wall it's much better if you face a out if there's a television in the mix even better here's the back kitchen oh and hear something this little closet right here is little broom closet these two little doors and i once lived in the house i know broom closet near the kitchen to go three stories to get her broom was the worst design ever you should of course make sure that you ve got a place freer animals if you have pet food here
not a little la carte then i used to clean up the house if less either if you ve entertained go pick up a lotta dishes etc i've got pull out drawers for recycling and garbage very handy and other they look good when they when their closed remission take you there this way some skipping the bedrooms there's nothing interesting there so here was my biggest mistake when i built it's a home theater and seeds ten if i were to build a house today i doubt i would include this here's arisen into is modern home people live most nobody ever was to watch the same show at the same time
i'll just use our phones and her headphones and it's just better so the home theatre you dont need and i would question in a low income house if you eat need a television of any kind if you have smartphones so that would be a question i have down here sorry this little blurry i've got a central wiring closet here so you got all cause stuff here is good home designed to do a sort of home run situation where all your wiring goes to a central place here's the issue they will you ve got all this equipment in here this closet is warm so i actually have to cool it but i always thought it would be better to see if you can recycle the heat from mere electronics and make it part of the house heating
this was a pool table that nobody plays on except the cat that's a cat hawaiian pool table with eyes of war and here is an example of how important it is to have the outdoors come in so the city years the little sun spot that i sometimes sit right here's a little were home german that i use when i'm not going to the dream i prefer going to the gym just to give the house but sometimes i don't have time so i might use this swim here is my backyard there's nothing to learn here except that if you dont get enough vitamin d from the sun you have all kinds of problems attitude
energy health and whatever so you should design a home so that people are encouraged outside for something just to be outside to get their vitamin d so's i would like this in the inner city but there should be some place that's sort of right outside that could encourage you to go get son snickers was go out here's a sauna yours the inner city and then this room is the most surprisingly well i just showed you most inner cities home still have an indoor telescope
this is reason i built my house tennis was my passion for most of my life and so i built this year no longer play tennis goes like the repetitive motion but for me but you can imagine something along these lines not tell escort us i'm gave an indoor facility the people can rent and run round when the weather is bad that's enough of that and then here we ve got a dog nor the girls do now your area smallish area they just as artificial grass so i don't have to let the dog out she can just go out there and do her thing
truly should clean up off the grass is much easier to clean up the dog stuff from the artificial grass letters from real grass per second i'm gonna wrap up and this is what they re learn anything from this no i'm not in a gated community i resist gated communities and i don't want them why in indoor tennis court when you live in california i have them skin that just bags for skin cancer and even california is a wonderful climate more the time is too hot or took older too dark good giving good pug comments on this so make sure you check your blood
florida com if you know anybody who designs communities i would love to have their input and we will talk to you later but for now i hope you enjoy that and i hope that was useful i will see if we can do something good for the inner cities that would be an amazing an amazing outcome if we can get there and i'll talk to you later
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