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Episode 202 Scott Adams: Crypto Exchange LATOKEN.com CEO Valentin Preobrazhenskiy About the “WHEN” token

2018-08-31 | 🔗


  • “WHEN” tokens available for purchase on LATOKEN.com
  • September 1, 2018: Buy
  • September 20, 2018: Trade
  • WhenHub Interface App

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bum bum bum valentin if you haven't heard this that is my put my opening music from my periscopes i do it myself it's called bum bum bum bum bum bum everybody come on in here we've got a very actually it will be kind of a short periscope one topic if you didn't get enough of me this this morning here's more of me i i'd like to introduce my special guest and i'm gonna do terrible job of correctly pronouncing his last name i hope i hope you'll bear with maine is valentin valentine prio ski and my close yeah so valentine is ceo of la token at la eighty com hey crypto exchange which will be listing
my startups token the when on september first i've got a little cheat notes here you can see so you can see that the token will be called the when and it's when hub is company the app that is associated with is the interface by one hub app where you can instantly connect to experts on all kinds of topics and the expert can sign up create their own and price and then it's just automatic within the yeah september first you'll be able to buy our tokens on la token dot com you can get him on one have dot com the guard a token dot com on september first and then september twentieth you'll be able to trade that if you don't know what any of that means you're probably not involved in the crypto world but will try pull you along a little bit a valentine how long has la token dot
up and running over a year right a yes so real working as a musician and exchange platform some some like one a year ago right this is based on my home my eight weeks yeah marketplace feature articles are i mean for four years and also i added to my big corporation risk management system for my hedge fund which i developed for seven years so it's literally a prolonged history of the platform okay great and how many how many crypto products do you handle on your exchange right now so if somebody had when token and they wanted to exchange it for some other crypto with what are the big ones on there that they could exchange it for huh
more than hundreds shorthands design you tokens and are we recording also knew i said glasses specially tokens linkage do i sit and wonder the most what are the most popular coins chickens that are already on the platform is bitcoin ethereum sometimes there are knew i coins which kind of exceed by volume classical beach point ontario recently it was the but i also remember i then decline was for for a so our job yes for
we need to be in a alternativ falcons they're coming to our platform be cause we had the number one exchange by liquid changes tokens and this is our value proposition biggest liquidy sense that's why the best place to launch in utah and are you doing a tour of asia right now where are you right now i'm in jakarta we are lincoln our hr wants his daily glance we're looking for our representatives our partnership managers so we want to grow our user base there green said for yeah
now i understand i know you weren't working on this specifically but we've been working with your team and we've set up some discounts so anybody who thinks they might want to own one of my startups crypto tokens called the when w they're going to be deeply discounted forty percent between september first and the fifth that it goes down to thirty percent for the next five days then down to twenty percent and down to ten percent so those are the discounts the sooner you get into bigger you discount now could tell anybody who has not been in this more before that these are not investments per se they don't qualify as investments there it's a high risk kind of place to the money if you've diversified and you've got enough money to put a small portion of it in crypto you might want to think companies that are up and running because a lot of the crypto tokens
that you can buy are just ideas for companies so you'd be putting your money into something that could only be valuable if the idea is to fruition but we're well along we've got an actual app that's in stores now it's up and running and then the thousands of users and the sooner you get in the sooner you can get the discount now when they hit the when they hit the market and and their freely traded in the regular market the value go up or down based on market forces so just be aware of that so the big dates valentine or september first you'll be anybody can buy the when an latoken dot com right as far as putting rippy oh so i was just saying that it's that on september first people will be the by the when token
there are already lots of other tokens that they can buy on the exchange yeah equal eps if you are the dates scared schedule it for launch of corn exchange as of the end of september down and it shall be used to september at iso september first you can buy them on the platform but september 20th will be the first date that you can trade them for other currencies assignments yes so how many how many people work in your team valentine sorry how how many how many how many people in your silence you say one hundred and seventy seven people it's a pretty big enterprise yeah i know that some people are going to the sound isn't great 'cause we have some little bit of connection problems so we'll keep it short
i want to value your time is there anything you want to tell tell the audience while you have them here about la token so yeah exchange focus it on decreases in you talk and send the acid classes so we target should be number one bilic regency in uh eighty percent of tokens on our platform so are you want to get one of these tokens you would prefer to go towards be cause the biggest visitors here and this is the reason why it's best place to launch when you talk and trade so now will platform we are starting to add new i said to glasses tokens representing equity of so we this help turn private companies to public now type
they'll also ritual finds can be tokenized in trade well eight and so on and we are not doing k y c and communication open registers h show consigue ones in it to local regulations so our goal is to make our your d and so forth when you fight traders appliance we secured simulation alright so well opens the door to keep the market for big corporates ok great valentine we're going to keep it short people like these these kinds of periscopes to be short so i'm going to thank you and i'm going to sign off now and thanks so much for joining us over and over jakarta you said and look forward look forward to working with you in the future thank you all
good lunch bye bye bye so i saw a question come by that i wanted to answer somebody said that buying tokens they asked does i give you equity in the company and the answer is no but uh the people by of coins in the start up is that the design of the company in our case anyway just talking about the interface by one of the app if the demand for the product the interface app goes up and people are using it people are paying in crypto then the demand for it goes up and that in theory supply and demand will cause the value of you are going to go up
so it's a way to it's a way to make money if the company makes money but not in an equity way and not as a qualified investment you so you should think of these as more speculative and you should think of them as something that you would only diversify if you wanted to be in the crypto area don't buy one of them 'cause it's very risky business you want to buy a number of them if you want to lower your risk you want to stick to companies that already have a product out as we do um that's all for now i'm going to keep this short just one but you know that latoken dot com spelled this way is where on september first you'll be able to buy the when tokens either just the whole
or to use in the product and on september 20th you'll be able to trade them for other cryptos and that's all for now and i will talk to you later
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