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Episode 258 Scott Adams: Kanye is Using Systems over Goals to Solve Problems

2018-10-12 | 🔗


  • Kanye’s approach to helping inner cities is a system rather than a goal

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bump bump bump everybody come in here this is gonna be a short one i just have one topic i really need to follow up on this whole situation earlier in the oval office and i'm i'm fresh it is by the way the news has covered it so far because i feel like theirs this enormous story this completely hidden by the we were talking about it by the fact that canada is famous but the fact is political we were talking about over the stuff that's the window dressing and not really talking
about something really mattered and something important that happened now if you know my book at a fail i'm sorry yes it had failed almost everything and still when vague i talk about building systems as opposed to having a go i'm getting north he was at the door so systems are better than goals unless somebody's texted me and then i ll have to get it up and you saw that in this play when can you was talking about what to do about the inner cities and i wanted to just put a little meet on that if i could let's go to the way board if you're talking about helping the inner cities and i have a number of problems not just one last look at the difference of a system verses a goal a goal would be hey let's all get better jobs but what do you do
and how do you get there so system would allow you to get there but not tell you in advance how it's going to happen so if you had a good system you could get to a number of different solutions you wouldn't know in advance where it's going to end up your system would get you there so if you want to sell things in the inner cities will say that the big things that need to be solved or education and inexpensive housing in june but in all the obvious things safety etc we need attention you didn't people that care you'd need access to money access to politicians you need ideas lot of energy to get any the stand in a lot of money and then if you did all these things right you increase and test some small test programmes and then you run them let me give you a simple example the question of stopping frisk came up
colleagues i talk to a local leaders and said not such a good idea other people say the statistics show works well one thing you could do is you could pick a neighbour and you'd say let's tested in the neighborhood it's just the test its own the last for one year at the end of the year will see if we like it or not so you contested in chicago with perhaps a neighborhood the voted for it maybe you'd say we're not gonna do it unless the neighbourhood votes by majority that will test it for a year but after the year it's gonna go away unless we re voted in based on the results and so on anything can be shrunken down to something you can test with people wanted as i'm sure you can find a neighborhood where they
look things are so bad here even though there are all kinds of problems with stopping frisk list just try it because everything else were we tried didn't work so that's the idea you you take a big idea you figure i hey contest is small that's a system now when you talk about cardio what he was ring to it here's the thing people don't understand them there has never been the problem there is actually there are billions airs willing to invest if they can come up with a good pilot that's worth investing in the government has enough money there's enough money there's also you know there's maybe a deficit in how much we cared and how much attention were giving to the area but look what can you did for that conny brought the attention colony you know is the sort of that collectively lifting how much we care about it conny abroad the energy can you brought the access
he was literally talking from inside the oval office he has developed access and is not just a political access he has access do great designers he has access to billionaires here is access to the local community he has access to both sides of the political while he has access like almost nobody has access here's what it here's what was the biggest thing lacking in my pinion in order for the system to work and the system in this case is developing ideas turning them into small tests getting them funded and then seeing how the test skills
all of this didn't work and has never worked because of the part that cartier explicitly said was why he would add to the process he's basically embedding himself in chicago his old home down these that he's gonna move do so he is basically toward claiming chicago as his responsibility that's pretty important imagine if every everybody of his providence decided to go back to the town they came from and say i'm gonna claim you may have a second home here or move there but you're my your mind to fix now so colony is kindly said chicago you know you you gave me birth you made me you made me who i am and come back then i'm gonna affection the only thing was missing was these were cornea called ideation centres words a an organization that's embedded in the community
and this is very important it's not it's now sometimes air dropped on the on the community at something that their working with its a process for coming up with ideas that the community is already supporting because they came from the community if com you can pull off this park and yet we have yet to see if he can do this by yes all the resources we can if he'd develops and ideation censure a place to develop ideas to design them to package them package them this is enough it's not good enough to have a good idea a good ideas worth zero you have to understand that a good idea is worth a zero has no economic value but a good idea that's packaged and brought to people with money now has developed medicine
you potentially so when you saw conny talking about the of the inner cities in what he could do it's edra he laid out for you a full system that absolutely make sense and i have never seen before have you ever seen this have you ever see when will you say the parts is missing is the ideation we're gonna move it we're gonna physically move to the community connect with people get access geller carrying up get her shut up get her energy up flowers the ideation take it to the money people say here's my idea is well packaged don't take it to the next level we'll do a small won't be that expensive your billionaire you can afford it who's gonna say no to kenya with a well packaged interesting idea that you could try more well prepared to say no to him so
you see here is it its innovative and radical and useful as such a high level almost invisible seems to me that the media completely messed what happened there and what happened there was enormous now it might come into a little clearer focus when he actually it if he does us we don't off he's gonna do this but if he takes it to the next level and opens up some kind of a design ideation centre that's sort o connor branded in and he puts a little time into it let's see what they can come up with me you know that working with bilbil day on the blight authority stuff the blight authority has cleared large
areas of urban land they had a lot of blight and crime and broken down homes so he's done that already in detroit and pontiac and now we're doing the second part which is i'm helping him with just getting the word out to how did we come up with some ideas on how did we come up with an idea is the test very much compatible with colonies plan buccaneers is better because gonna say listen bed in the community for our plans that's a better idea so please he's gotta this so we'll be tracking what countries up to give the blade
they can ever be helpful in that i am sure that will will look for an opportunity to do that and for now i just want you to put this in this frame that conny i took a goal which is hale it's fixed the city's what do you do that we all want to fix the cities but we need some ideas that was the part dismissing ideas that can be tested small that's the key countries on it and he's doing it so this is bigger than you think just to keep an eye on that's all for now talking
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