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Episode 271 Scott Adams: Saudi Alibis, Soros, Caravans, #FentanylChina, Fake News

2018-10-24 | 🔗


  • 100 pictures of Comey and Mueller hugging
  • 7,000 person caravan…it’s for the cameras
  • Chinese spy chips on motherboards per Bloomberg, Apple says nope
  • Opioid reduction bill, closing the postal and cross-shipping loopholes
  • Getting off Fentanyl or other opioids with Suboxone
  • Lying in western cultures is different than in Arab cultures?
    • Western style lying is to convince the other person
    • In Arab cultures…lying is sometimes just to get past a topic?
  • George Soros derangement syndrome and the arguments against him
  • NPC (Non-Player Characters) is brutally effective persuasion
    • Is NPC bad and need banning…or just funny like @NPC_Dale?
  • President Trump says he’s a Nationalist…so what?

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but above all mobile pop up here very adrian come on in here i see you kevin you know the question today is what is better than coffee was scott atoms by periscope answer nothing nothing better than coffee was got atoms and you happen to be in the right place at the right time it's time to grab your cup your mug you're stein you're jealous your glass you container of beverage fill it with your favorite beverage i like coffee and join me for simultaneously i first order of business
people are complaining that there looking at my face covered with comments if you take your phone an eternal sideways boop why this were actually if you if you want you like this and you turn it this way it will change on your device so that the comments on the supper place from the face and better yet my face will give smaller and the comments will get bigger you really don't want to be looking at my face in the largest possible size trust me on this or other money funny things happening in the world today is talk about them apparently president trump said it is rarely speech something about a hundred pictures call me and mahler hugging so so trump puts in people's minds
the image of coma and mahler hugging and says or a hundred pictures on it so somebody today freedom of information act to get all the photos of call me and mahler hugging and decided it was fake news but in the meantime there circulated around the image of call me smaller hugging so even though it doesn't exist there are no apparently there are no photos of call me smaller hugging again let your head it's in there now so here again president drop as used a small inaccuracy shall we call it to completely persuade how good is here persuading well his disapproval balls
from nbc i think put it met forty seven percent compared to o bomber at about the same time i believe was forty five percent keep in mind that is forty seven percent is up from zero when when tramper first announced his candidacy what ways is popular popularity is approval five percent some like that and so president chavez gone for about from about five percent popularity on the day he announced to forty seven percent so something like eight ten times increasing popular now i ask you when people say to me why do you say you think he's so persuasive and i say well he did become president with no practice and his party
early has got up tenfold in two years as anybody does popularity gone up ten fold in two years probably now i hear some fun comments about the caravan i know you want to call it a mob bullets color caravan so the big caravan seven thousand people coming up you ve seen lots of pictures probably what is it this strikes you about the pictures one is it's mostly male that's one thing but the other is there not really carrying much for people who walked hundreds of miles now of course this is sort of the air the caravan is a lot like a fashion show when i was young i used to watch televised fashion shows usually just now clip there would show in the news and the club
we showed her the news was somebody on the runway and fashion show wearing some gigantic weird had made him of tin cans and and gold venture some damn thing and being an unsophisticated kid i would save myself this is ridiculous why are they having a fashion joe of people wearing it early only things that nobody would ever where what is the point of having a fashion show when the closer fashion showing nobody would everywhere there crazy things and of course i was somewhat unsafest hated in those days and i did not understand that the fashion joe is for the camera the fashion show is not about anybody by any of those clothes has nothing to do that is just to get attention the brand and so they were the most outrageous things they can so the idiot slight me would say my god where who's gonna
where else like that we literally used to say that when i was a kid we would read it and my whole family even my parents was a aware and i felt like that as if as if that was ever intended so the mob is a little like that so when you are looking at the bottom of the caravan the caravans like a fashion show these are not the people who the hell are they pour emigrants these are the people who are therefore the camera for the protest for them persuasion the reason that the not carrying much with them is because obviously there are some massive support system behind them have you yes in a picture of the massive support system i haven't had any of you there must be a lot of buses there must there must be gigantic you trucks
full of suppliers and back pal seven there's probably sunscreen pretty much all the men have your baseball gaps to protect from the sun so keep in mind that when you're saying to yourself hey those people tat were her backpacks they can't be real immigrants hey they're not carrying anything worth eight worthy getting their food you're you're like i was when i was a kid watching refashioned show the way the people in the caravan are about cameras they're not about migration so much solely if the frame right and not make sense
the other thing that i find musing we keep hearing reported that families and i think it's per family would have to spend something like five thousand dollars to kyoto is which i think are mostly the cartel to get across the border so five thousand dollars it would cost to pay the cartel to get across the border how many of those seven thousand people have five thousand dollars on or does the cartel take checks because of very confused about whether any of these people are in the same category as the people who pay five thousand dollars to get across and i think i think the answer is
i would imagine that nobody in the crowd has five thousand dollars so was not complete that these people are not looking to this particular group i don't think they're looking for the cartel deployed to move them again and are you probably don't wanna start the rumour that third country large amounts of money with them i can't imagine lizard their bristling with cash that doesn't make sense another topic soon no longer bloomberg did a big reported which they said china had put little spies a lot of mother boards so there a lot of our technology including technology from apple has chinese spy
technology red on the boards apple looked at its technology and said no we know there is absolutely nothing to this this report is one hundred percent false where the experts we looked at the boards and there's nothing on their that story about so here's the interesting part bloomberg is sticking to its reporting their sticking to the reporting so friggin tim cook from apple says were basically one of the top technology countries in the history of the universe we're looking at this board and we're tell you there's a hundred percent certainly there's nothing on their could you please read issue correction and bloom says no on one hand you ve got the entire apple
technology you know what war the highest level of technology in the world but on our side we ve got this reporter understood with a reporter good lord bloomberg what is going on there ass talk about something else apparently the president's getting ready to sign the big opium lloyd reduction bill and then among other things it has a there's a part of the bill or maybe a separate anyway there's something happening right now that wool authorized post office to check every package coming in from china i think it's a digital platform i don't know exactly the details of how their checking stuff but it's model lambeau fedex does so
taking a model which has been tested small number i can tell you whenever there is something that can be tested small do it does you don't have to wonder if it's gonna work just test is small and in this case relax is already using the system so when the u s post office says should we do this then the wonder if it's a good idea they just look at fedex they say is working for you yes ok let's do that so you're saying the government operate very
the way you would want a government to operate looking at a small trial doing research takes a while everything slower than reality but it looks like we're getting right answer now i also started piecing together some of the things that the administration is doing to squeeze china and apparently they the new deal with trade with mexico and canada that replaces nafta also does something to prevent china from sending goods to mexico and then have it appear to becoming from mexico so these clothes that loophole so this present is closing the china postal loophole and he's already closed through a new agreement the way the china concerned things to mexico and then pretend it came from
so these are big feels now i'm in the camp the says you probably cannot reduce the amount of funds and all around the world because it so as to make they found twenty eight million dollars of it in some little package package about the size is worth twenty eight million dollars and might cause ten thousand dollars to produce it so there's no way in the world given the economics and the upside of being a dealer that their ever gonna put a dent in the supply that said you should still do everything you can to punish the mass murderers who are involved in it because i think that now has to be treated like a weapon of mass destruction and not like a drunk cocaine is a drug heroin is a drug fence at all is a weapon of mass destruction
and you should not treated the same as a drug problem now while i am in favour of executing chinese nationals who have been who we know to be sent on all the earth if china won't do it i say we send our people to kill them their behalf because it's illegal in china and if it was operating as a respectable of functional government it would be executing them themselves so we could do him a favor and do it for them at the same time were executing mass murders people were creating weapons of mass destruction in the form of sentinel we should be treating the users and whatever is humane and workable and we ve seen work before my standing is they're having a tainted supply offence in is a bigger risk
then having no sentinel available because people will go on the black market will get the sketchy stuff sprawl probably were killed by step son a month ago getting a sketchy supply we don't have confirmation but it seems likely so we should certainly be looking at safe supplies for offences now i started digging into the issue of getting off sentinel and getting awful periods in general and i didn't know much about how it is to get off but here some of the things and finding and this is preliminary so i'm just gonna bring you up to the level that i've come up to which is not high enough so your carry here you're green salt here is that
what i'm telling you might be incomplete but i'll try to improve on it as we go here's what i know there's drug called subjection that you can take it that helps people get off a rope when you're on the subjects and taking a real opie i'd will make you go into withdrawal and make you very sick so the first thing it does as if you're on it it keeps you from taking the early illegal stuff they could kill you because you can't tell the quantities are right now this this requires that you also have the subjects and right you're taking it on a regular basis the taking it on a regular basis bar seems to be the problem because it's hard to get people to take any drug at the right time in the red amounts but from what i have learned if you were to take this box and in the right amount under a doctor's care your odds being able to then we off this box in and therefore being off of everything eventually
is very very high and this was my surprise my assumption was that getting off of opioids was first of all very hard to the point where most people couldn't do it and i think that's the actual the actual you know the average is people can't get off them but it does seem that if a doctor is working with a motivated person with boxing and they are tapering off on a very very slow taper that the odds of working are really really high it actually works pretty much almost all the time
so i believe we have an actual cure for addiction is just not implemented because experts differ a little bit it's kind of difficult to how long submissively said along the the time it takes apparently differs but it could be anything from a few months to a couple of years but there's no is not a race so if it takes you a couple years and you're not suffering during the time which is the hope the whole point if you're tapering slowly off this box in your not suffering there's no withdraw now i've heard that one of the issues
alex using any kind of withdrawal method is it if they have ever experienced withdraw it so horrible that they'll be afraid of anything that gets them off of drugs because they think that's also work could make them accidental withdraw again so he needed a medical professionals to be watching very closely it makes me think so your ear the parts that i'm putting together there is a drug which under the ideal situation pretty much fixes all attics another word it does get them off the drug without withdrawal and without a huge problem but the odds of getting the right the right professional situation a motivated at it and having them followed over two years does love right because humans
means so even though this system is pretty well tried even those pretty well tried and we know it can work the actual somebody things died is that i don't want to say it out loud but somebody saying somebody it must died here and i dont want to say that name until i see the sea and then i was anything that doesn't seem real so they point there is that we may be very close to be able to completely beat opium conviction but is probably about the system not the resources so if we think more
more cleverly about opiates we already have a way to get rid of pretty much all of it it appears now but first by preliminary opinion my preliminary appearance opinion as is a box does work but we don't have a way to make sure that people are monitored and take their pills at this the right time totally fixable that's a very flexible problem let's just and end the way to fix it would be would have some he would have some trials and he would say here's what we're gonna do this group of alex your organ be monitored very very closely for ample limit let me just run idea let's say you had a system in which every act of war worry apple watch now of course there's there's a monetary impact of that but i'm just spend all right
every attic wears an apple watch the upper watched tells them one to take there's a box and if they don't take it and they dont report back baby maybe they have to send a text or use an app says they did take it if they don't they get a phone from a human who says why are you ignoring you're some we didn't get it we didn't get a message says you took it then they go oh my watch was not charged here i'll take it so one could imagine away doesnt have we a watches but one could easily imagine an app away the check in a series of sponsors some way to guarantee that somebody took the box at the right amount and the right time if we can get the trial going we could probably solve opiates that's my current opinion i also express themselves i am
needed by the saudis doin story boca showed and i have an aha for you so this was my ah the thing that made everything makes sense so they could show you stories of the howdy is allegedly allegedly sunday had team to kill his shaggy and in the saudi embassy in turkey and it was planned in advance as evidenced by the fact that they brought a body double it brought a bone saw hadn t and all the stuff so the part that's hard to understand is why the saudi explanation was so bad it was so bad that even the president called the doubt as the worst cover up ever there is there is actually a quote from the president i think yesterday talking about is just like a mine bogglingly bad excuse and you probably said yourself i don't really understand why saudi arabia can
a modern highly edge leadership sophisticated i understand the world and with all their going for them the best explanation they could come up with is that he died accidentally in a fight to show you this is which nobody's gonna believe so there is a mystery to you wasn't our industry is like why would the salaries come up with an explanation absolutely nobody's gonna believe and i have an answer for you i have an answer for you it turns out and let me couch this by saying i'm not the expert so this is what i have read from other people who have more knowledge about the culture in the middle east and it goes like this lying isn't the same thing in the arab culture as it is in the western culture
now this is not my opinion under saying that read were experts have said so much so that there is a difference in one is what is technically a lie so much so not talk about talk here not talking about that that's a separate situation yet even beyond that writers theirs the islamic there's an islamic permission if you will to lie if your life into a non islamic person you know it's it's in the interests of islam but i'm not talking about that so stop saying that in the comments were not talking out talk here as a special case that islam is promoting i'm not talk about islam i'm talking about the arab culture here which is mostly islamic but we're talking about the arab culture not islam right now and the contention is
that's what we would consider a lie in the west they would not consider rely so much so that somebody actually said that if you gave a lightning your test to somebody in an arab culture they might pass it even though in the west we can confirm its ally i how can that be how could a lie not be a lie in a different culture and i'm trying understand this and this is the closest i can get right so now now we're talking my interpretation of something i entirely understand so if somebody wants to call me later that i'm completely wrong that's ok now i want to clarify that when i talk about something called the arab culture are not talking about dna i'm not talking bout race i'm talking about culture right sort of an agreement that people make
living in an area right it's not about race is not about dna and my understanding as this could be wrong but i think i'm close to the truth in western culture when you tell a lie the purpose is to get the other person to believe it's true i'll say that again in the west in the united states for example in europe for example if you tell a lie the whole point of telling the lie is to trade convince the other person it's the truth that's what a lie is and in western culture apparently in the middle east and in the arab culture in particular it might be more cultures but this one we're talking because we talk about saudi arabia
apparently in that culture and here's the part that i need a confirmation on so this isn't a hundred percent certain apparently ally doesn't have to be in the service of trying to convince somebody it's true another words in that culture this is the proper you could say something that's completely not true that you know the other person you're talking to nose is not true and that because it be impolite to sort of lie is just a way to get past the topic so here's the difference in the west a lie is something you hope somebody will believe the proposition is and not positive this is valid so unlooked for confirmation of this that in the area of culture
sometimes a lie is just to get past the topic with no expectation that the person you're lying to would even feasibly believe it's true the example given in one article i read was that yasser arafat who was sort of a famous liar was once asked in a meeting to talk to some important people in the government and he acted you didn't know who they were and the americans the western negotiators were like i dont know what to do now you're acting like these though you clearly no you ve never heard of them what do you do that and finally the western were like so perplexed because arafat a bag like it literally didn't know these people his it started laughing because they couldn't keep the they could keep it up
then arafat was like i'll i'll talk to him so in other words arafat was telling a lie to their face though he knew they knew was a lie and that that was sort of normal business it was just to get past the conversation i guess so when you see the saudi arabia say ah yes he died he died in office fight or whatever it was so when sound maybe associated we suddenly well we're just gonna kidnapping interrogate them but he died in the fight your support you don't understand so the arabian never expected anybody to believe it that's the part that we were all missing and if it's true that the reports are the reports are that empty s near the crown prince was
you couldn't understand what all the commotion was i e couldn't understand whether world was so incense by it and i think he probably couldn't understand i don't want to read his mind but if any of the still he would have been confused why his excused and work and the difference would be cultural in the united states people are saying well that's obviously a lie so you're our ally and because your an ally why are you lying to us in a way this just so obviously ally and the answer is it's a cultural difference there they knew what was lie they knew you wouldn't believe it but that was however the goal the goal was now to make us believe it once you realize that that it was just something to say they get past it you understand it differently i don't have a choice
your opinion anything but i just put that other now if you ve been following my twitter you know that i am wearing periscope you know that i've been having this long conversation about george soros and weather is really the bogeyman or if its sorrows derangement syndrome and among the things that people have been telling me is well look at video in his own words were hughes a fourteen year old who is helping the nazis and the name send me to a video in which it looks like he was helping collect up the the positions of the jews have been shipped off to hear the cost patient gaps and who is helping the german steel stuff from the jew his jew and therefore its all about but of course the video is edited and taken out of context so if you go over to snowplow
you can see the actual video in which he says he was just an observer so his apparently according to his own words and though the only once we have from that time observing he wasn't the guy who was helping the nazis he just happened to exist at the same time so if your opinion of cirrhosis based on that video taken out of context go see snopes them and they'll straighten out now the second part is the idea that is soros wants a one world government yes snopes is terrible but it's just a video that people are saying snow discredited because as a left wing lemme agree with you that slopes slopes as a political bias but they're just plain
video if you play the video you knock on a question about what's going on so you don't have to worry about thereby by us in this particular case so the only thing is that soros as this one one world government idea and i started reading up a little bit about that and of course the situation is the soros has a big complicated idea that looks entirely impractical for the most part but because this big and complicated people have misinterpreted it to be to mean that he wants to get rid of all governments and and have a one world government what does seem to be true is that he wants the some some global organizations that do have power so global organisation so that economics are decided
efficiently in the big disruptions and i say to myself that's not let's not crazy to have some elements of our economics some kind of a global structure somebody says as you all now let me let me do that for you whoever said that you are naive you are i i left out the reasons because i don't have any so i am naive about soros so on admitting that i'm starting my journey to understand what i've set found so far is all indications that is mostly kind of a sort of strange men syndrome here so my guess is that yours many of you are suffering from trumped arrangements syndrome buzz
soros right now that doesn't mean that you agree with sorrels it could be that you think that any kind of a non national list approach to the world would be bad for you or even for the world thus legitimate so you could certainly disagree with him lefty politics you could certainly disagree with him that we need more global organizations they have some economic control over everybody i think there's also a part of it were he'd like to have some global legal system so that if north korea was abusing its people the world could do something about it if saudi arabia murder somebody on there soil in their own embassy that this global entity could do something about it
that's either a good idea or a bad idea i haven't read the details feels like a little problematic to me but it doesn't sound evil and it also doesn't sound practical meaning that i can't imagine any world in which these things would happen and there just sort of conceptually el down so i can't imagine we have to worry about so calling him an enemy i think is overstating situation saying that we disagree with his ideas that could never be implemented anyway that seems fair but there it doesn't sound like any that global open society stuffs can happen so i wouldn't worry about it now he is apparently also give credit for helping eastern europe break free of the soviet union which is a pretty big deal so here
the things that we know for sure as he's done some things that he imagines are good for the world so if you're thinking his evil that's just soros derangement syndrome if you think he s and ideas that are impractical and other words their systems that wouldn't work i would say that you can make a good argument about that he has said for example that capitalism has eaten democracy basically that you can have democracy and capitalism without them getting an abundance i would say that true why do we say that's true because of sorrows soros is his own argument soros will tell you that he's a big capitalist and he made billions and billions of dollars and so his influence is bigger than it should be
he is his own argument his own argument is that people like soros should not have so much power think about it that's actually is argument now here's my problem with the sorrows people and in the length of a tweet what the problem is you don't want to and me a video to explain it and i have the same complaint which is if you can't describe briefly in the length of a tweet what the problem is you don't know the problem is so serve a general rule about sorting bs from reality if somebody can't sink led described the problem they don't know what it is and if u s embassy was surprised them with sorrow will either send you to a video that's edited to be misleading the one about when he was fourteen and
the nazi europe so the show you they're fake news the edited video or they'll say he wants to have one government which is a gross over simplification of what he saying and is not practical nobody's really workin on that so it's not like that's gonna happen is completely irrelevant they'll say is funding a lot of democratic rule so so odd people are funding republicans do a billionaires funding lots of people that's what makes it a fair fight which is finally me so ask alex jones it doesn't matter who i ask they're not gonna be able to explain it and if they can explain it doesn't matter in words its it's more is more derangement syndrome than it is fat guy that's enough so here's my
i'll just sunrise and say that my current opinion of sorrows is that he's well intentioned he has ideas that you dont like butter also so impractical they don't have to worry about them and he funds a lot of lefty groups because he thinks they have at least good social ambitions such as black lives matter etc you can disagree with them so that the biggest problem in the world in and here's the vigorous when people on the right obsess over sorrows you you just throw away all your credibility because the people on the left just see it as crazy and there's nothing coming from it that there is no benefit coming from it
you know you can complain all day and we'd all day about sorrows but doesn't change anything if he's not break the law he's got an opinion and you don't like it so you ruin our own credibility when you upset about soros that's my bottom line he creates fake grass roots movements i think it would be more fair to say that he funds all kinds of groups and and advocacy groups are mostly fake movements so an authority the fellow politics is a lot of these movements are fake and he found some of them some of them are left there must be some on the right let's talk about this in pc thing
i'm having trouble i think you'll notably in the non player characterising in which there is name's going round my might have started in fortune or something the idea that feed people on the left are like these character video games i can only say that a few different sentences and i can say it is really brutally effective persuasion because it reduces people on the left to and pc people can always say one thing regardless of the situation whether or not that a fair characterisation characterisation of one side i think you could argue that its my view of the world is that the world is full of in pieces and that there are not limited to one political side but is really funny and is very effective because it sets people up
fall into the trap so once you ve label the other side as non player characters meaning that they only say predictable things like orange man bad which which is there is time i really every time they do say the things which are typically the things they say you can say it oh they're your pc again so it's brutally effective but here's the thing apparently people are being banned from social media for pushing this mean it just doesn't seem like a just doesn't seem like it's that bad seems like it's just funny so yet twitter suspended and pc dale the character who is coming into my twitter feed and under the under the umbrella of parity was pretend to be a leftist insultingly
but was doing hilariously so i don't exactly why he would have been banned because it was satire and so funny that even i retweeted it solution follower because was kind of bulgaria's bohemus maybe crossed some line i don't know about persuasion is being banned for effectiveness you called it as persuasion gets better and better it's going to have to become a legal and this just no way around that persuasion will have to become a legal when it reaches a point of effectiveness that we can't ignore anymore dehumanizing humanising is reason so the pc thing is dehumanizing well i guess i mean
technically and practically speaking the young his name is dehumanizing by the state humanizing in a silly way it's not dehumanizing in the dangerous way in my opinion yes aims dehumanizing in sort of horrible funny persuasive way that i wouldn't worry about but i don't like the rules wouldn't take persuasion to make persuasion illegal my but there will be plenty of it so have you noticed that the calling
of transporters supporters and trump a nazi has largely fallen off have you noticed that it is still see anymore and i continue to use my technique of when anybody comes after me personally without if somebody criticizes my opinion are usually engage with them but if they if they so after me and say well you're such an idiot which is a typical tweet i get here such as your career entity it you're an asshole then i'll label them as nazis for their personal politics you being against the people and not the idea and then i block them and
my the quality of my web traffic as gone way up like you used to be it was like felt like every third tweet was from somebody calling me some kind of bad name but since i started aggressively labeling them does not see just one sentence i say i block nazis good by and then i block em so make sure that they see the message before a blackened and it's wonderfully successful its com it will change my experience because every time i get insulted i have fun now because i think about what happens when they see my response when they have insulted me i've label them a nazi in public and then block them so they can respond it makes me happy every time and i never hear from them again and again because you know if you have a hundred followers it's gonna be three of them that our problems
so it doesn't take that long to weed out the small group who are creating all the problems yes there is a little bit of that was talked about the fact that the president said he's a nationalist so he says he's a nationalist which causes is critics say oh nationalist you mean white nationalist and i'm thinking if that's the best the left has they are so out of ammo because nationalist is pretty much the job description of the president right would you elect a president who said you know i love america but all of it and a pro estonia you now america's ok i'm running
for president in america's just okay well i like venezuela to i'm not sure that the president you what i think president you want is the one who puts the eu s first who would be called the nationalist sir the fact that there is even a talking point the fact that the fact that the left is using their as their best attack this week it was their best attack the best thing they had this week against the president used an accurate word to describe the job description of a president that was it many of you i think by now have seen my tweet witches them terribly popular and really do in case you missed it because it's so darn good and it goes like this too
as i look for my own tweet goes like this the republicans slogan is jobs not mobs the democrats logan goes like this there really aren't that many murderers and the caravan if we consider how many people there are and we're up to fifty four hundred retreats which has a lot for me and the reason is something like the scarce retreated a lot is not not just because i worded it funny but because it feels right you know people accept the first part that the republican slogan is jobs not mobs so there are two the second part of the democrats slogan is there really are that many murders and the caravan if you consider how many people there are sort of strikes people as the best the best messages coming out of the the democrats right now
and now obviously wording it in a funny way but that is actually the message the messages aren't that many murders in the group and i'm not saying that they're wrong i think it actually is true i saw some specific statistics yesterday that the the immigrant class as a as a whole is actually lower lower cry then none immigrants although i do wonder if they included all immigrants verses in coming across the southern borders i don't know if they if they make any distinction but i'm starting to think that the grounds of completely blown through their powder right before the midterms
have you ever seen a mid term set up there was more perfect for one side i mean the republicans just after giggle themselves the bed every night wake because there is just an hour and then there's mike ever naughty lost his court case got kicked out of his office something happened to him yours five million dollars or more so it's just nonstop good news now for the president is one thing after another illegal immigrants that are victims of crime is report that's you good point if people are
whom that every population commits more crime against his own people than others you would have to say for example you know black on black crime is the reason there's so much of it is that obviously you commit crimes against whoever's around and if people are segregated by populations mostly by choice you're gonna be committing crimes against sure your own population so if the immigrants largely stick together you would expect that they would be committing more crimes against each other than they would be committing crimes against the rest of the population and us but he said and the illegal an illegal immigrant who is the victim of a crime let's say a sexual abuse is not going to report it they then they don't want to get into the legal system so given that
wouldn't it be literally impossible to know what the crime rate is for immigrants illegal immigrants verses arrest the population you might be able to know for legal immigrants if your measuring only legal immigrants you're getting people from all over the world and no surprise their law abiding and they want to be in the united states if you were to look at only the people can't came across the southern border illegally and you only looked at the crimes that they can it is against people outside of their own community because those are the ones people were report the ones inside the illegal immigrant community probably don't get reported you get the totally misleading in view of what the what the city
business now just to be clear understanding about the facts of it here and not giving you an opinion i am a moderate on immigration we need to do a better job of immigration but i'm not a hard ass about the nice people who come across in just want a better life the other my empathy is pretty high for the immigrant class but we certainly need a better system and i don't have any all right my mom is labelled national realist zealotry label mayor labelled you oh yes megan kelly made a comment that's getting her a lot of negative attention i think there's a little too much schadenfreude
about megan jelly makes me sad to watch people be so happy about bad news for megan kelly cause i just think she's always been good at your job and i don't think she deserves why she's getting so i don't wanna pylon megan kelly i'll just say that who are piling on her and it doesn't doesn't look good to me yeah i think she's likable and she has good intentions the fact that she came hard at president trump it didn't work out for but i can't feel good about that all right she was here if it
break down what megan kelly said i'm not even going to repeat it has just even talking about it is sir standing on the third rail but she said something that was taken out of context to make her look bad and that's all you need to know who is just fake news taken out of context news wasn't fake resisting in a context which turns a thick nicky alias events will in cuba or behind the migrant the immigrant invasion ice i've heard that so i'm hearing the rumours that you know our people behind at its like china's behind it and yo and venice was behind earthen cuba's behind it i don't know about i am glad to say that i am highly sceptical of that could be
i'm not really about four i'm gonna be highly sceptical thither these other countries that are behind it away for the government to say it if an usher nicky alleys speaking authoritatively on that were if she's just or if she just knows that there are contributing in some small way we don't go away for more information on that sought i don't have an opinion righteously your comments read the conservatory us about what about that the venezuelan pence said venezuela to now be interesting why why would venezuela try to do that it feels like a weird play because
correct me if i'm wrong but all it does is strengthened president trump have they not noticed that yet they not noticed that tromp is getting stronger that the only thing you think of as the entire idea of this is to guess and violence going they must want the united states to at least one person with a gun to start shooting people at the border they must be looking for violence otherwise none of this makes sense somebody soberly there's been bombs left
a sorrow says house this week bombs left abdullah hillary clinton cells in somebody saying something here about cnn ramsay reports about that and which have country do you think realises much the media is a propaganda arm all of them i think the whole country gets out now talk about the bomb so some things you and i'm gonna buy yeah i dont know if all these bombs that are going to people there was no bomb a bomb threat to here that's gonna assuming that's all true that's gonna stoke the claims that the right is where all the violence has come from so
then said the venezuela was funding the organization how does well a fund anything this will have a penny think about venezuela story this not quite connecting for so i am going to say that even though our government is pointing venezuela i don't know how important that is ladies so all kinds of bombs being mailed to people well i'll look into that i don't know that's just it looks like a law enforcement issue and not have anything to say about that and i will talk to you later
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