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Episode 275 Scott Adams: The Bomber Suspect. How Was My Prediction?

2018-10-26 | 🔗


  • President Trump announces capture of bomber…
  • thus protecting his biggest critics (the media) from the bomber…
  • during meeting with Young Black Leadership Summit at White House

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but bobo bobo everybody come on in here a unit rob you know come on we can talk about this bomber suspect this alleged bomber let's call him alleged hello is available hello mike alone lee biscuit i right now you know that the reason i make predictions in public is because my book wind bigley is about persuasion and i've made the claim back in twenty fifteen that if you understand persuasion helps you pay the future better and that you are filter life should be one
makes you happy and does a good job of protecting the filter so that therefore i beg predictions in public so you can see i'm doing so my prediction and this was on the bottom was that he was a older crazy republican he's fifty six registered for the first time in twenty sixteen as republican according to cnn so unless unless he play and this since twenty sixteen is very likely he's just crazy older republican so exactly what i told you would be now let's talk about so that others there are still some people who are going to be arguing false flag but here's the other thing arguing against a false flag
on the other the other thing i predicted the other thing i predicted as that within the hour you would see of fake social media of ages and and sure enough within the hour there was a fake social media page that that tried to pretend he was a democrat so cnn has debunk that assuming they got that right though of course we're still the fog of war so you can never say anything certain even even at this point right but it looks like i called this down to the doubt threads but let's talk about the
other interesting element because the mid terms are coming and because it's the age of trump because as the age of triumph everything is political solution look at this through the political ends about the mid term said about trump so i just tweeted this a few minutes ago and i'll just read it to you because its worded so perfectly i tweeted if you are tracking the persuasion optics president trump employed all available resources to keep top democrats his biggest critics and the press safe and the announced is wrong law and order success in front of a cheering young black audience that just happened did you see the actual announcement theirs got it black leadership group this very pro trump
who is in the white house he was going to be log into them anyway and then this this news comes in so much does this legal risk i know how to take advantage of a crisis so it turned almost instantly from trauma supporter gets incited by trump and looks to bomb democrats into there's a crazy way guy exactly the people that the anti trumpery sphere oh it's crazy way guy who threatened top democrats as well as trumps critics and the press the other enemies of trump in trump employed strong maximum law and order resources with no hesitation
who very efficiently and impressively solve this we think it looks office there is still an alleged territory have to be careful air pollution they solve that is a couple of days and they were really on a much earlier than that somebody say his native american well maybe but we're talking about the optics if you see a picture of em looks like a white guy that's all i'm just talking about the picture i haven't i haven't checked his dna so i can't talk about anything else but if it but if you are the president you just had one of the best moments of your presidency which will not be reported that way so the reporting will still just we'll line up alone political
by but that's just the chair remember the visuals the vision rules win and that and the visual story is that the strong law enforcement success and that the president turned against his own supporter a guy you at least looks like a white guy you may have some different dna but but it looks like the president just protected his biggest critics by by using one law enforcement so that could not be a better persuasion suit proves persuasion thank actually go again stir
a member of his own party with like a supporter and then you're now sit in front of a bunch of cheering young african american future leaders it doesn't get better than that but but there is an even deeper persuasion effect that even i wouldn't have been aware of except for were suffer the book pre suasion now this is speculative but i think it might matter are you are aware that people who are exposed to pictures of the american flag are more likely to vote republican so that's been test people who are primed just by images of the flag tend to vote republican in immeasurably higher higher degree so speculating what do you think would be the affair
voters to have lots and lots of images of law enforcement succeeding and succeeding is something that we all agree on there's nobody of any color persuasion religion gender theirs nobody who didn't want this person caught a hundred percent agreement and law enforcement is the image you're gonna see successful law enforcement person after successful lump foresman person doing awesome things my speculation is it that i'm people to vote republican simply because of the way we associate law and order with trump and with republicans at a higher level than we associated with the other side so far
purely irrational reasons the should play very well into president trump and the republicans hands now the downside of course there's always a downside is that the anti trust press will will spend a little time talking about the news but fairly quickly they're gonna pivot into while we told you it's a chump supporter and he got all wound up by the president's rhetoric so that's common but once it is demonstrated that this person is clearly not like normal people and that the president acted against him it's kind of hard to say that this is because of the rhetoric verses
crazy guy so the crazy guy euro all bets are off of his crazy guy right if it's crazy guy then than it helps the president's case republicans our new news is still come in so it is a reason you have no one loves you so there's are still people who think he's a crazy liberal who who are registered to vote for the first time as republican and twenty sixteen presumably silken vote for job now here's the other evidence you have if you still stuck on the false lag idea and i know some of you will be if you are a false flag perpetrator
one of the very important things that you want to do is not get caught that's that's like way at the top of a successful false leg operation is that the person doing the false flag operation doesn't get caught because they're getting caught sort of the end of the game because i can always find out what the real story is after they catch you and if your primary objective was the false flag which means you're sub primary objective is don't get but otherwise is not really of false flag the don't get caught part not really consistent with pudding trumps there's all over your van now not you're gonna say oh he's is it's a redirection it's a track because a trump supporter you you be trying to make it look like he's the trump supporter and howls
what do you do it you put trump supporters stickers all over your divan you put so many on there that is attracted attention would but so many under that you looked crazy which would work against your concept would you draw attention to yourself in a specific way there was guaranteed to get your van vandalized and your ass cat we wanted to avoid the attention of law enforcement for awhile because you're the you're the guy who did the false flags ie you just want to stay off all the radar for would you drive around in a van the area but he would now is a fight starter
that was no normal van that was a fire started van you could part that just about anywhere and by the time you got back from the store people would be dismantling it and key and because it has trump stuff all over it now what does i led to well usually some can illegal thing so if you're telling me that this is how this clever this clever lefty pretended to be republican i say to you it's time to let go it's just time to let go but again i'll say it again anything's possible savings possible so
that is putting too much trust in cnn now i acknowledge the point there were still in the fog of war and that would include all of the networks so you should expect to see some of this information modified one of the things i expect to see modified is that what we understand about how the package's got delivered was problem ugly wrong that will learn m will learn how they really were delivered later probably is just this guy don't insult but maybe things possible so now i'm not putting too much faith in any part of the media yet first twenty four hours you're gonna have a lot of scepticism but what is lucky like is
crazy older republican which is what i predicted now because my life is a living helen twitter i also made a joke before i made my clear prediction and which i said it in these words for addiction it's a crazy older republican all right so i wanted to make sure that was clear as possible what the prediction one but before that i made a joke which people are going to interpret as me being wrong and the joke was that my first impression was that it was probably repeat until i saw that the bombs didn't work now people who don't understand jokes pete who don't understand jokes we'll think oh he was really predicting it was a republican or then people will look at the joke and
imagine that that was the protection and that's why i clearly and then multiple other times including on parents scope evelyn twitter said is clearly and probably five times that it was a crazy older republican so we'll see could be wrong but that's what it looks like now and i'll talk to you later
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