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Episode 324 Scott Adams: Trade Deals with China, and Nothing Else Interesting

2018-12-03 | 🔗


  • US reports that China will close Fentanyl legal loophole!
    • China reports that they will look into it
    • Prediction: China will drag their feet and dangle Fentanyl
  • Trade agreement arc is following the expected psychology
  • We send soy to China…they send us Fentanyl
  • Would you be satisfied if POTUS gets 5B to start the wall?
  • Jerome Corsi suing Mueller for attempting to force him to lie?
  • Laura Loomer, what happened?
  • Shouldn’t the big military powers, form an alliance?
    • US, China, Russia will never attack each other
    • The danger is from the small countries and groups

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump Bum baba baba boom. Everybody, hey Maarten, hey other people whose names I don't see yet sharona, always here early Duncan it's good to see. All of you really good to see you so good, and it makes me want to have a simultaneous sip with you all. Yes, it's time to raise your mug, your copier glassier, Steiner Chalice, you, container with your favorite beverage. I like coffee and it's time to bring it to your lips and enjoy the simultaneous hip.
some of the best this morning. So far, so you may have noticed that the news gets kind of boring tored the end of the year and So there's not as much happening I'll tell you what is happening um one of the things that makes me when I'm watching all the coverage about George Hw Bush is passing, Is the story about him being shot down in world war? Two and there's this scene. Caught on video. If you haven't seen it, it's just sort of amazing that young George Bush, he was a pilot, his plane gets shot down. He bails out the ends up in the ocean and he is rescued by a submarine now? I don't know. Did he have a tracker on him or something some kind or it's just so lucky
he came down and the only place that there was a submarine in american submarine to catch 'em to rescue. Now. I also think about Bob Dole bye. Bob Dole, great senator, ran for president, and we also have been shot down in world war. Two, I think, and You had a bad injury in his arm, etc and then John Mccain, who also almost became president or and for president, and he had also been shot down what's interesting, is you saw that President Trump was not so friendly, too uh, not too friendly to? Why did I just black on his name, so he liked George Hw Bush
but it wasn't friendly to Mccain. Now both of them were pilots and both of them got shot down. Both of them were- Terry Heroes? But do you remember what Trump said about Mccain when he was? He was joking about him. He said I prefer people don't get caught. and then sure enough? He didn't go to his funeral and now people are saying well, you know at least as in Trump, is going to go to the funeral of George H, W Bush, to which I say well. At least he's been consistent, George Hw Bush was a war hero who didn't get caught so I might be the only person who's classless enough to mention that, but at least he's being consistent and what other things That I really love about the the George Hw Bush situation.
Right, of course, nobody's happy that he passed your if you reach. If you reach age, ninety six and you've been president and you've been a You know, you've been head of the CIA. You've been a war hero, you've been in Congress. You been ambassador to China and made a big difference in China if you've done all of those things. What a life you had a life of service in particular and he was but the the coolest part of the story is that doesn't seem like. We needed him to do one last mission, you know, I think people are talking about it this way, but it feels like George Hw Bush. Add one more mission to try to bring the country together for a minute, so his death as this
weirdly, unexpected quality to it that he he in such a powerful legacy of being a decent guy forget about Your forget about what he did as president. You know what we all of his other accomplishments, which are you know of course, worthy of respect. But if you think about forget about all of that, when people talk about when they talk about, It's very interesting how they talk about it. They talk about him and being such a great guy like just the the highest level of character and honor and servicing, and all those things and he was a one term president, but yeah know, people and it feels like it feels like he's just got this-
last mission to bring the country together at the end of the year, so there's there's something poetic about it. That's hard to miss. Let's talk about the China deal Now you probably saw that the United States and the White House said that President she had agreed to make all the classes of fentanyl there bunch of varieties of them. All of them classified at the highest level of illegal drug in China, so that they could crack down on and cracking down on him in this context means the death penalty, because that's the maximum penalty, and that's what they allegedly had agreed to do. Hello. that's what we announced? What right there announced in term So what they had or had not agreed to about fentanyl
more of a will, look into it kind of a situation now. This should not surprise you because it feels like, whatever two big powers, make an agreement. They they presented differently. China probably wants to maintain some options. You don't keep it keep it on the negotiating leverage, part of the equation, so that they haven't given anything away and there yeah yeah. We agreed to do that, but only if you do this other stuff, so here's what you should expect you should expect China to not do not do what they. What the United States announced. So my best prediction is the China will not in any timely fashion, pursue making it a banned substance. You just won't happen so. regardless of what they agreed to in that meeting.
I believe they will drag their feet and they'll they'll keep dangling that out there. It's like well. you could reach an agreement with us and that fence at shirt certainly would decrease there'd be a lot less fat well, if you just made a deal with this on soybeans or whatever the hell they're talking about. So you should expect that China absolutely will not act on fat fentanyl in a timely basis. That's what I would expect. uh. Well, probably there's good news ahead. Eventually, when we get a trade deal, you should also expect, as I've told you lot Times before the Good NEWS we're hearing about a trade where they call it a truce.
Meaning that we've agreed to not raise tariffs on a bunch of stuff as long as we're productively engaging with them. You should expect that that won't work out So the next ninety days, the odds of actually wrapping up a trade deal with China in ninety days. Probably close to zero is my guess: anything's possible but if I had to odds on that's a close close to zero and the reason is that the nature of this negotiation, Is like many other negotiations, I've been personally involved in and others others that I've observed the I'm not Somebody said why so pessimistic I'm not pessimistic. I'm telling you that things are working in exactly the right direction. It's just that the speed with
to you hope it will happen, is probably not even close so thinking to yourself. I I think I think we're going to have something in three months probably zero chance of that six months- six months- maybe I think, maybe six months, possibly but but ninety days, almost zero, and you should also expect that there will be time between now and the time we get an agreement when things will look much worse,. it will look like we're never going to have an agreement. So you should expect that to happen, but all of this is should be expected in the process it should be. Oh, we've got good news. Nope, it's impossible! it looks like we got a little good news? No note note: it's impossible wait! Wait. I think I think we now it's impossible and then poop.
You got a deal so the normal arc of a deal like this is, we should go through. Least a few more phases where we're sure can't get done or that it was just impossible in some some way, but we will get it done. The that's just the psychology of big deals. No, I thought it was and saying that China is sending us fentanyl and we're bring them soy, I'm just leave that there for a moment You can write your own jokes in your head. Yes, and it is sending us fentanyl. We're sending them soy, I some, people have suggested that they're really sending us all this fentanyl for sort of long term
clever, military reasons where they're weakening our country by getting us all addicted to these drugs. But what is soy doing to their military readiness? I ask you. Now. My understanding of soy is that if you eat some of it, it's probably pretty good for you like most things, if you eat too much of it. Well, if you do too much of anything, you can get yourself at this.
all right and yeah the reason, the soil protection from cancer, is it mimics or or somehow works compatibility with estrogen. So the best way to avoid the root of what cancer for a man is to chemically change yourself into a woman. I think you're you're you're keeping your tumors will grow a lot slower if you don't have to stop thrown as a dominant Dominic chemistry. The help so opposite so and here's what I to I did a little looking online to see. If I out find out somebody says, please do not spread soy myths. So that's what I'm going to talk about so.
I can't tell by reading up online if soy is good or bad for me, it does seem that there's some amount of it probably more good than bad There's some larger amount of it where there's some question, so I don't think that's a myth right. It's a true statement. The people who know about science and nutrition would tell you well don't do too much so whether I'm put it that way. So I, consider Webmd. One of the more reliable sources for this sort of stuff for medical stuff. And their article on it said yeah, you could eat it for dinner, but be a little careful about eating it for three meals a day now. Is there any other food like that that you can think of that people are telling
Why wouldn't you three meals a day, except for maybe something that makes you overweight? It's kind of unique that way I can tell you that when I was eating lots of soy beans, 'cause they're, really tasty. I didn't feel right. Also tell you that I started looking at labels to try to figure out. You know what things have soy in it, so I could make sure I don't get too much, because I get plenty of protein from other sources, so I started looking at labels and do you know what do you know what packaged products have soy in them almost all of them, so I isn't just about everything: that's got a package on it, it's about it's in practically everything with a can that isn't just one one one ingredient and
You can you almost can't avoid it? Try to try to buy salad dressing, just go to the store and go to the the salad dressing section and just look at the labels, and some Addressing their soy in everyone, everyone of them so he's everywhere, Uso, so the recommendation is: don't get don't get too much soy. An oh yes, sugar would be the same. Sugar would be in the same county, a little bit wouldn't hurt you, but a lot is bad for you yeah. It's really hard to get a soy free diet. So I'm just let me summarize before I get issued by the soy people, I'm not I'm not giving you any authoritative, medical or other opinion on so I would not know if it's good or bad. I have no way of knowing and there
or I'm not going to tell you what you should or should not eat. I'm saying this as my statement not get sued, but I can give you my opinion. My opinion is, I stay away from it, so I wonder how much Toy ship to China would change their military readiness with They have less military readiness at some. and some degree of soy consumption just a question. I'm not saying I'm, not saying this problem. because I wouldn't know I have no information. I just it's funny that, where they're sending us fentanyl and we're sending him soy the world's a funny place sometimes,
correct me if I'm wrong, but there isn't anything else interesting going on! he says, you're being reckless Scott. Is it reckless to say? that I have no authoritative. Nation, the soil, her you, which is true, but they can't get a clear answer by researching. If you can't get a clear answer about whether something is good for you, what do you get it? What is the smart thing to do if it's unclear whether it's good for you? Well, if you have alternatives that are completely clear, somebody said: did I get the flu shot? I did not, but I'm considering it.
Holistic doctor wall yeah, how many of you would be angry at the president? so, who wanna wall so you're pro wall? If the president gets five billion for the Wall- and you know it's enough to Start would you be happy with it? How would you feel five billion dollars for the wall as opposed to twenty five billion, which would be the full full amount Do your research on flu shots? Well, my understanding of flu shots is that on any given year. The formula that they concoct- maybe you know close to useless, but it gives you some protection, so it might be ten percent
action on some year. It might be much greater on another year because they can't quite predict which flu is going to be the big one. I think that's the problem, so they only prepared for the flu. They expect to come, not the flu that they do, Expect call something is better than nothing. So if it's true. it gives you ten percent protection and the risk is mortal like you know my age, they tell you, you could die from it, so that might be worth it. Oh Yeah, just look at your answers now about thirty five billion you seem to think five billion and
at least satisfy satisfy you that the president was serious and effective and making something like a wall happen. So yeah so people seem to be thing: five billion, we'll get it done. Well, I would expect so we should be able to get five billion. This seems doable. Alright, well, I don't have anything to talk about, because there's no news all of this stuff with Michael Cohen and All of the legal stuff about Mulder does it seem to you that we've been through. this continuous cycle of you know now, we've got them because this person is talking. does it feel like you've just been jacked around for eighteen months, without,
We got the president now and it's it's nothing very french riots. So I've been watching a watch, some of the footage of the french fries pretty scary. There's a lot going on there, but I don't really get the importance of the french riots. They just seem correct me if I'm wrong, they're mad about a gas tax. So that's it's the most boring thing in the world to be mad about. I don't know if you can, I don't think the governor it's going to be overthrown by people who don't want a gas tax, maybe, but just feel like it feels like a lot of noise and smoke and cars burning up. But I don't know that any of it makes any difference in the long run. Bye
maybe I'm missing something. Maybe there's something more happening in France than I understand, which is totally possible. So How much does Cohen really know about the Trump Organization deals in Russia? I feel like. Cohen, feels like the guy who was always on the just slightly on the other side. Maybe come around here, but it feels like Cohen. Wasn't it wasn't exactly on the inner circle he was. On the outside of the inner circle, just doing some stuff that other people didn't want to do, I think he knows everything I how much wood, Michael Cohen, actually no about what the actual decision makers in the Trump organization the same. Don Junior, probably more to any decisions about new projects than anybody else.
How much did Michael Cohen know about Real inner workings of the Trump Organization I sure was that much I would be. I guess I would be surprised if Cohen, new anything. When you do, you think Michael CALL knows anything and then there's the Jerome Corsi stuff apparently he's now Jerome Corsi is suing Muller and Miller's team for trying to force him to give false testimony. I didn't even know that was a thing you can sue somebody for anything like that. no limit to how many things you can sue somebody for, and I look for that and I thought to myself. Well I I don't think he has the greatest chance of prevailing Well, I do love the fact. The
he's fighting it. I can love the fact that he's going right out there at their weakness and their weaknesses, that the public thinks that they've turned into nothing, but a collusion or collusion, trap. Af. Perjury trap. So I think the president has done a good job of turning at least one slash three of the country that people who are likely to be on his side. I think the president's done, a good job of convincing people that the witch Hunt is complete only illegitimate at this point so of course, is going after them. She does a great job in terms of adding confirmation by us do that, if not confirmation, so
so the fact that you're, even talking about drone course is suing Muller for creating a perjury trap and trying to force him to lie could not be better for President Trump. It's exactly the story that President Trump wants on the front page every day, and so I asked myself this, who is paying for courses lawyers, because you may be getting a little help with his lawyers, because it doesn't seem like a total coincidence that why he's doing is so positive for Republicans in for the pro trump side, so I've got a feeling that Corsi is becoming a productive part of the persuasion here. Laura Loomer.
things. I do every time somebody gets kicked off of twitter or gets. Trouble. The first thing I do is, as I say, okay, what did they say or what did they do? and then I wait for the news to tell Maine, because you would think that if the story is hey person X got kicked off twitter. What is it that they said and then I think well clearly, every time I read the headline about it or somebody talks about it or there's a there's, a piece on the internet. It will quote, quote what she did wrong according to Twitter and then so then they'll be some opinion on it and then I'll form an opinion I I've not seen anything is there some reason that everybody keeps asking Maine give me your Can you Laura Loomer? telling me why I should even have one
Anybody give Maine. She talked about Sharia. Everybody talks about shourya what she say exactly? They got a kick off. Wasn't she talking about a person? She was probably talking about a person right who somebody somebody she is opposed to. Who is pro? was that it she criticized muslim politician whose name one by she criticized the Pro Sharia Senator did. She kicked kicked off for criticizing her or her being incorrect in her criticism was eleven Omar, so she could, as did you criticize the person.
Or the or the practice so she said somebody was anti semitic and called out when she called out isn't isn't so. She was. She was caked off of twitter for being a for being politically correct, but she was criticizing somebody else, and so she was political. the incorrect in being politically correct, so she did her political correctness. Well, so she criticize
somebody for being a racist which normally, which normally is considered good behavior, but she did it wrong. So she kicked off yeah check on trusting tweets between her and Farrakhan. Okay, so. Here's the thing so it sounds to me like what she was accused of was going after somebody's religion. Is that it Is it the way she did it? Which made people say you really going after this sent this politicians, religion,
you're, not really you're, not going after her for being anti semitic. You're just going after her for religion. Is that how they interpreted it yeah she complained about the wrong side. Yeah. You know the facts here: old squishy. It's hard to get any purchase on this, so I've told you before that. I'm largely going to sideline myself on the questions of who's. Getting kicked off of social media 'cause. I just don't, Like to associate myself with other peoples, opinions at that level. It's a double standard. Well, we live in a world of double standards,
trump other tweet today about ending the arms race? That sounds boring, Let me check the president's tweet today about ending the arms race. As somebody just said, whoops there is The. Uh. Oh. I am certain that at some time in the future president, she- and this is president Trump tweeting together with President Putin of Russia will start talking about a meaningful hall towards become a major uncontrollable arms race. The US pen, seven sixteen billion dollars this year, crazy, You know it doesn't it seem to you. I don't think I've ever said this in public before but I'll say it now. You know countries like to make
they like to make lots of military alliances to stay safe. It's a very normal thing. Countries make military, this is what would be the most intel persian military alliance for the United States to make. It makes me wonder if the best military alliance wouldn't be the US, China and Russia, and then NATO is thrown at him in there shouldn't shouldn't the big military powers, be on the same side, because here's a situation the big military powers are really not going to ever attack each other. It's just not going to happen. Bye all of the military risk for the big powers are coming from smaller countries? You know the get in. Do they get it? They have terrorists that sort of thing. If she'll stick me like the most natural military ally,
Hands would be the biggest military powers just Hey. What are we on opposite teams when there's no chance will fight each other? Why would you send seven hundred and sixty billion dollars much of that to oppose The only countries you're not ever going to get in a fight with you're not ever going to have a major war with Russia unless you just suicidal You're! Not ever going to have a major war with China. They with us, why don't we just say: what look the three of us are never going to attack each other. Why don't we stop wasting money acting like we are, and at least militarily make sure that we're making sure other countries don't get nukes and come after one of us. Now I realize how simplistic and unrealistic that is one of those questions that Every once in awhile, you have to stop and ask yourself
why were on the other team? Because if you can't beat each other and that's a situation right we can't be China. China can beat us, we can't be Russia without being destroyed. if you can't beat him, what are you supposed to do join 'em right, if you can't beat them, join them it's there's a reason, that's an old saying, because it's the only rational thing to do. Why would you fight With somebody you can't beat there's, no that's the most irrational thing you could possibly do now in the old days you know before. or nuclear weapons etc in the old days two countries could be at each other. because they both think they could win or they think the other one could win and they don't want to be beaten. So it seems like The whole idea of having an enemy depends on the notion that one of you could win a war. If you take. With the notion that either of you could ever win.
Why would you ever be militarily against each other? To what end Would you do that other than theatre is just completely theater and so it seems to me that we you could almost imagine a grand deal that changes civilization forever, in which you say: hey you, big countries who have. Looks. Let's agree that all the countries with the big power or on the same team- let's let's just be on the same- I was figure, what each other wants and let's at least stop using cyber stuff against each other, because there's just there's just no good. That comes out of it, so it seems to be that if China knew that it could, you know, have a
Future without worrying about us that would be a good deal. I don't know yeah when we talk about young China becoming a major power in twenty whatever and that China wants to dominate the world. Why do you think China wants to dominate the world. It's probably a little bit defensive. Isn't do you think that do you think that once for no reason whatsoever to dominate the you know the the oceans, everywhere in their neighborhood. Do you think they care about dominating the ocean because we dominated ocean. Look at us. How awesome we are to dominate ocean. Do you think they care about the ocean? I don't think so. I think they care about Terry Defensive position, what that does for thanks. So I think we're
oriented in an unproductive way because we're sort of caught in the past. It feels like there's some new thinking that needs to come around just acknowledge that the big, the big the big countries just aren't going to attack each other. China should want the United States to be filling its boats in the south, China Sea. Does it probably means we're doing trade in the world a safer, because the big powers are not at each other's neck and they can defend against other other risks so is it my imagination or is at least half? Prevnar, seven hundred and sixty billion dollars spent for psychological reasons alone. It's not really it's not even for defense
How do China and Russia feel about Israel? I believe China and Russia, or both- I don't want say pro- is but they're not anti Israel, My understanding is that Russia, in Israel or fine relationship. And I don't even know what China and Israel are all about. I think China, because they're, not a religious country. I think they either can work with you or they can't That's as far as it goes, and I would imagine that China and Israel probably do business right. I don't know much about that part of the world
but I assume they do business and I'll bet. It's not much of a problem. Somebody who is Anti Israel in problem us using Chinese or the Russians, russian sports, Israel, yes, China is not pro Hamas' that doesn't make sense yeah. So all right, I got nothing else to say so. I'm gonna say goodbye for today doctor tomorrow