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Episode 379 Scott Adams: Solving the Border Funding Problem and Opening Government in 48 Hours

2019-01-17 | 🔗


  • Solving the border funding problem and opening government in 48 hours

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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on everybody it's time for a very special coffee was got adams i'll be your host scott atoms and hope you have an afternoon appropriate beverage to join me for yet another simultaneous up this one in the service of solving the country's biggest problem at the moment which is the government shut down a big hardship for many people on top of that this agreement about the budget for the border wall and are you ready to join me for the simultaneous set ha ha that's good afternoon seven so years was the launch point
you're all following the moves you know that the democrats dont want to agree to president trumps regan for five point seven billion dollars for some kind of barriers structure situation but at the same time they also agree that we need border security so we civilians watching us the people vote the people on this country the voters in this democratic like process we look at these policy visions who seem to be saying the same reckoned thing and because agree to agree on this that they agree on literally that's what's happening that their failing to agree on the staff that they agree on which is engineer should figure out some
the way to secure the border soon meanwhile they ve got the best jobs in the world where if they dont do their jobs in europe talking about that the president as well as congress is they dont do their jobs they get to punish strangers literally their polishing strangers i never wanted to be in congress so much as i do right now because i'm thing in every other time of a job well done something that required making money if i do something terrible usually some what happened to me strew but apparently there are jobs where if you do really bad job they just punish other people and they will just keep punishing whom until you start doing your job bill punish them as hard as they need to do make you do your job i thought i would solve all this
and as you know i like to jump in and talk about persuasion as a filter on the news and i'm gonna give you a suggestion that you haven't seen yet known as known as yet discuss this option and it's a simple re framing of the problem so there move from the political loggerhead situation they moved into a problem solving frame and the this the solution goes like this you simply us the democrats and you give them another doesn't have to have happened and weak or anything why did you say could you draw a picture for the country of what your preferred version of border security looks like and if you want and if you want you know if you want a bigger part said don't have answers to our borders and i think maybe you have a drone
maybe you say that the water features stop enough people that that's good enough but just draw a so this was just conceptual and late what are you my label led like what is this party cost you might label that you're gonna add a bunch of while i think we're gonna edson scanning technology they won't do when they are i think maybe they need some extra dogs or theoretical number of dogs make this a lot safer so let's just see their budgets sure the border the says yeah you now will put a little will put a little le steel ladders there this is a special case or they say we just need some low our buyer with some sensors leo even israel does that in some places in the balloon dollar amount on sale this is this is a ten million or whatever it is so
just show us what you would do because remember the the thing that both sides both sides we agreed to this boy is that they want strong border security they won't capable border security but they wanted to be moral now is you're the republicans how exactly do you negotiate with someone whose standard is morality of barriers and that as there are some that are more moral than others there's nothing you can do with that say after tat that is completely out of their frame simply ask them to lead so the president could or in fact let me take the president of this war mr president i have to do this nothing at this point so what i'm saying you don't the president's involving whatsoever are you you and i love suppose we say
i would love to see your plan and mean it useless key you have to really mean it and i mean it i'm under present sincere and i think pretty much everybody watching this is good say reaction right wouldn't you like to see what we already have maybe overlaid with yes let's say some information from border security or border patrol whenever this as you know were letting this many people are coming in this way and this many people are kept me this way put a little high level statistics on whatever you think is important and then just draw a picture there might be a few different pages yoke is the size of things and so but just make it simple show us a picture of what we got and shows a picture of what you'd like to get us to end
i will make a firm commitment here if it looks good if it looks good it doesn't have an ounce of wall i'm good with it wouldn't you be is there anybody who really cares if there's a wall another group ass their right if they could make the case then a wall in all cases doesn't make sense wouldn't you accept that now would have to be a really good case right and yet there are lots of experts who didn't give you an idea of wooden walls work and when they do now my full expectation to be fair my full expectation nobody could make a case for no walls the entire board i'll think anybody could make the case but don't you think you owe it to the country to listen to the case i'll have to do is make it just now
make the case i would listen to this i would we'll get behind whatever solution the expert said now that whose networks of course need fodder and ladys stuff to talk about how much one would it be only the seriously too sort of the high level education about how all this stuff is done when you love to know exactly what an electronic wall looks like when she looked to see some of the start ups are doing things which sorted gig issue wouldn't you like to know why has worked and other places pick the phone i would be addicted to have just from the engineering dirtiness of it all so let's go let's see if we can get the democrats and i mean this completely seriously too
out of the frame therein and into a frame of here's what we would do because it doesn't help us to say we won't do it because it's a moral just as now i probably wouldn't care about any of this frankly that invested in most issues but when you ve got a hundred thousand frickin americans were being tortured because some other people can do their jobs or maybe they a little help so i thought job in and see if i maybe they will make a difference so that's all i've got to say i will just keep on this one topic right look at your comments which like we ve done what we need to do here and i will talk to you later
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