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Episode 409 Scott Adams: The News is Becoming Friendlier to President Trump Lately

2019-02-09 | 🔗


  • Border budget negotiators report they might approve 2Billion
    • Tell us what the EXPERTS say we need, and what it costs
    • Is what you’re approving…what the experts say is needed?
  • Nobody cares about “percentages of crime”, when they’re a victim
    • I’ve been robbed but it’s okay.  I’m in a low crime area
  • Annexing Mexico into America, should we?
    • The cartels are running the country to a large degree
  • “Turnaround Groups” for stabilization of failing countries?
    • UN controlled, a country applies to them for assistance
    • A neutral organization of turnaround specialists goes in
    • Limited time, they do a government reorganization
    • NO outside military presence imposing new government
  • Mike Cernovich and the New Green Deal
    • Mike says the New Green Deal is brilliant
    • They’re big ideas that we have no idea how to accomplish
    • The fact that it’s impossible is what focuses energy
  • Republicans SHOULD embrace the New Green Deal objectives
    • Less regulations and other conservative ideals mesh nicely
  • If we have functional fusion energy within 20 years…
    • …will you still be concerned about climate change?
  • The personal relationship between Kim Jong-Un and President Trump
    • President Trump removed the REASON for NK nukes
    • What other American President could have credibly said…
    • …Hey Kim, let’s be friends!

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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump up up up a nicholas hello c bus small if i pronounce that correctly chris let's break over reality with the hammer i like that good morning good morning everybody if i seem a little tired right now that would only because i'm little tired right now so i did my traveling yesterday now i'm back on homecourt territory first day on periscope for somebody here welcome alright so is it my imagination or as the news coverage of president trump suddenly gone from you know def con twenty five two
oh i think we have a president his name is donald trump by the way other things are happening let me give you an example of what the then homepage used to look like and only a few months ago it wasn't that long ago that the top of cnn would be trump it's a baby trump wants to raise your taxes and give it all to himself ron is probably crazy trump is going to start a war trump doesn't what he's doing trump's white house is disorganized remember that what happened all of that stuff it stop becoming a problem that the president of the united states and the guy with the nuclear codes is literally insane when when did that stop
no problem maybe it was never a problem in the first place now some of what's happening is that the other news is a little more interesting i mean how can you really top virginia there's nothing that trump could do well i'm sure he could top it if he tried but at the moment how do you top virginia for just being the i don't even know how to talk about virginia you know a lot of people have already talked it to death so there's not much new territory there but what what are the what are the odds that you could pick a state and say let's let's talk about the chain of command let's make a shark well you got your you got your baby killer i in the top job and when i say baby killer i mean baby killer racist so
your baby killer racist in the top job but if he leaves issue can replace them with the double rapist alleged alleged alleged double rapist and if he goes well you've got another black face guy and things are not looking good for virginia and now everybody is wondering about their yearbook actually this is no joke i actually thought so finding my own yearbook and just you know kind of going through it just is i don't really remember what's in there i will say with complete
i've never worn black face so hey if i run for president i got that one thing going for me i'm sure about that so anyway the major theme here is that if the president is not being x coronated south toward on cnn there's something different happened something in the air now number one the investigation i think correct me if i'm wrong but remember when i said hey it looks like even even cnn and msnbc it looks like they've given up on mall are there
conversation is going to be other investigations because muller doesn't seem to have the goods let me ask you this if muller had evidence the president trump was literally a russian agent do you think he would just go to work every day if a molar which go to work everyday and like well we have and that the president of the united states is a russian agent but we have made let's let's wait till we wrap up this report we we want to make sure we got all the details on you can pretty much guarantee that no matter what they did find they did not find that the president is working with or for russian you can say that with certainty
because they wouldn't wait would they did imagine how mad you would be at muller if at the end of it he can't he comes out and says yes you know about a year ago we learned that the president of the united states is actually a russian agent but we figured we want to get the paperwork ask a few more questions you know we want to be comprehensive you would immediately say to yourself my god muller is the worst with the worst person in the world why would he let you know a noun russian spy stay in office just because he hadn't worked through all the details of the thing so you can pretty much rule out the worst case scenario for the president there's no there is no chance that the worst case scenario is going to
the bass with the muller now it may be whatever comes out of it might be problem some kind of a problem but it's going to be on the on the smaller side whatever it is right it seems to me that we have not shared the simultaneous up and it's time time grab your mug your cup your vessel your chalice your thermos your stein fill it with your favorite liquid i like coffee and join me for the simultaneous up all right uh so somebody said are we really offended by black face well let me give you some lessons on how to deal with a number of sensitive topics if you're
giving a speech in public and you're tempted to make some comparison or analogy that involves hitler don't do it no do it no matter how accurate you think your analogy is no matter how much you hate hitler even if you hitler for the audience hates hitler you might you might be the hitler heading this person whoever lived but if you're giving a speech my advice don't mention hitler nothing good can come of that likewise if you're tempted to look at this story about the view ginia government officials who were who are getting in trouble for black face and you're tempted to say you know i think there are some nuances to this story i think maybe maybe we shouldn't say they're racist maybe
we should say they were just wearing costumes don't do it don't do it you're tempted don't do it because nothing can come nothing good can the the only thing you should say about that situation is that it's deeply offensive and people are going to act offended and should they not ah i'm not i'm not going to be the person to save someone should not be offended because that doesn't even make sense what would it mean what would into you let's say you were offended by something something else some other topic let's say you personally we're deeply offended by something would it help matters if i told you shouldn't be offended nope it would make matters worse the only thing it's being offended is to have some
yahoo yahoo you shouldn't be offended that's the only and we can make it worse now you shouldn't be offended don't tell other people how offended they should be they are they get that everybody has a right to be as offended as they want to be what they do with it of course is a different issue but you can't tell people not to be offended all right most of what we see as offensive is fake offensiveness have you noticed that most of the people offended by
anything you know i'm not talking about blackface in particular but most of the people who are offended by anything in the news tend to be offended on behalf of other people who they can't quite name at least you know not by the real name have you noticed people get offended for other people if you asked somebody specific are you personally offended by whatever doesn't matter whatever it is that person will say well i'm not offended but look at all these people were clearly offended or should be founded on their behalf i will like more offended than even the people who should be i'm not even in the offended category and i'm offended where hey do you find somebody who will admit that they are personally offended do you know why excuse me
then why people will rarely say that they are personally offended they do say that and there are situations where it matters and it's appropriate something happens is sort of a general thing or somebody somebody speaks or somebody is blind to some offense and they cause it anyway it's really hard find a real living human who even cares but we imagine other people are offended so a lot of it is theater where we where we imagine were more offended than the people who are offended all right recreational he offended that's a funny phrase let's talk about the border
negotiations so the news today according to insiders i guess is that they might agree to something sir two two billion in in border funding but the republicans are going to ask for more what's wrong with that story so the only thing we know is that of the five twenty seven billion that was requested which was not just for borders the five point seven billion was borders plus other things um what's wrong with that reporting this says they're thinking about two billion for the border and some people want more let me tell you what's wrong with that reporting yeah what did the experts say
if you if the reporting if you say reporting the says well we want to billion but we got axe that's not reporting that's not even close to reporting that is nothing right and honestly it angers me at this point because it's not like it's not like the news organization doesn't now the experts and engineers exist apparently they've been called in to testify they've had plans drawn up for a long time if if the news reports plus a dollar amount personally i'm going to be way more pistol off then you've seen me get angry about other things are relatively speaking is going to piss me off at about a nine and a ten right if if the
moment and our news organizations were largely connected if the government in our news organizations if the best they can come up with is dollar amount of well here's the budget we give you we gave you three billion nearly but we want only give you two if that's all we get out of this i'm just going to go crazy because that's offensive alright you want to know what offends maine being treated like an idiot by my own government being treated like a fricking idiot by the press alright maybe we're not as dumb as they think well maybe we r who knows but if this does not produce something like a picture with
eros the says we want to put a you know a hundred million here for offense and we want to do something over here if that's not the product of all this screw them all right screw them all they all deserve to be voted out of office if you know i don't even care not even talking about getting a result that i think is the good result personally i'm not the expert right so whatever comes out of this i'm not really going to know if it was the best idea i mean i might have an opinion but i'm not going to really know because i'm not the expert right but if they don't even go to the level of explaining why it's two billion versus five billion what did we not get
what did we leave on the table what extra level of crime does this imply what extra and i know what people are going to say there is no extra crime because every immigrant you bring in lowers lowers the rate of crime which is actually true i think if you talk about immigrants in general but as i like to say because analogies are so persuasive if most of the politicians live in low crime areas you say would that be a fair statement affair statement that congresspeople pretty much all live in areas that are below average and crime 'cause they're nicer areas do they leave their door unlocked because it you live in a low crime area and you get robbed in
call crime area that's okay right it wouldn't the politicians be fine with being killed i robbed and killed and and assaulted as long as they're in a low crime area they'd be okay with a little extra crime one that's our whole argument that is literally their argument and here's another thing that makes me angry angry at all the wrong things they seem right to me but they seem non standard i am angry
that the republicans allow the democrats to talk about percentages of crime and just just freaking get away with it you know when it first started happening and and i think we've been listening to it for three years i kept telling myself all okay they're gonna keep saying percentage of crime is low for immigrants like that matters and then and then some republican maybe president trump will just rip them apart from being idiots because nobody cares about the percentage of crime when they get robbed if you get if you get a shot do you care do you say well i got shot but thank god i'm in a low crime neighborhood oh it's the dumbest
like an argument in the world that the percentage of crime is lower for immigrants here's what the republicans are missing the republicans should say it straight up yeah if you look at immigrants in general they have lower crime just say it say the words and you say the words that if you know i don't know what the statistics are but say this statistics don't run from the reality if you're trying to reduce crime you're talking about crime you're not talking about percentages of crime
so it angers main that the republicans let that ridiculous argument stand as if it's as if it has some weight or should have some weight it's the worst argument in the world and yet the republicans treat the the way the republicans respond is like racists all right now let me since that's a provocative statement let me let me give us some context i don't believe that the vast majority of republicans talking about immigration are doing it for racist intent or even subconsciously racist that's been my observation i've talked to you know how many republicans have i talked to on this topic and race doesn't even come up does
come up in private it just doesn't come up as far as i can tell it's not really on anybody's mind there are actually talking about law and order and the economy etc and but the way the republicans respond to the claim that immigrants have a low rate of crime is by saying those immigrants are causing a lot of crime even i think that sounds racist ok i don't think it is but if you're asking what it sounds like this sounds racist as hell right i say do you agree with that don't you know i'm saying it's not racist because the people are internally people are not thinking of it that way but that's my observation not every single person right there are racists in the world so racist do exist
or some percentage of every group but in general it's just not part of the thinking of republicans on on the border stuff in my in my experience and i've talked to lots and lots of people on this up but what you have to respond to it like you are a racist not you personally but every time you talk about crime without addressing the percentage of crime from immigrants you're just letting them paint you as a racist and it makes me crazy 'cause it's so easy to deal with that issue just make it all go away just say nobody cares about the percentage of crime when you get when you're a victim of crime tell the victims till the till the angel parents that they should
worry about it because the the person who you know kill their kid is part of a group with low with the low rate of crime nobody cares about that take this stupid argument on the end of the conversation and by the way if it's true and probably is that immigrants are lower crime let's celebrate
that republican should be celebrating that and say we should do more of this we should be bringing you know the entire i have one for this one the route the republican position is that they want a some kind of merit based immigration so so what do these two points together republicans want merit based immigration merit based immigration means the people are adding to the economy and there are not criminals basically right you're you're good for the economy you're not causing a lot crime that's positive so that would be what merit based innovations meanwhile the democrats who are opposed to merit based immigration
touting the low crime rate and the positive economic benefit of immigration so in other words the democrats are arguing both sides of the topic saying you shouldn't have a merit based immigration and isn't it great that there are millions we bring according to them are adding to economy and lowering the rate of crime can have it both ways either either it matters what the crime rate is or it doesn't so if it matters the immigrants have low crime rate and if it matters that on average they add to the economy according to the left i know that there was those number
weather in dispute but according to the left there touting the merit of immigration of immigrants in particular the merit of immigrants while at the same time saying let's not have a system that cares about merit the arguments incoherent somebody says let's annex mexico like venezuela you know i've actually done a lot of thinking about annex in mexico you know actually wondering about it and here's the argument i'm not going to i'm not going to recommend it at the end of this but here's what i've been thinking yeah i'm saying hell no so don't worry i'm not going to recommend it in the end but i'm just going to take you through the thinking so the thing
he is that mexico is essentially a failed state it does function as a country but it's failed in the sense that the cartels largely are calling the shots on a range of things that they that the cartels care about now the cartels probably don't care about picking up the garbage and some other stuff but for the stuff we care about drugs border security all those things it's sort of the cartels's in charge to a large degree it's not one hundred percent but to a large degree and so normally that would be enough justification to just go in and say alright we're going to which is going to occupy this part or we're going to we're going to attack and get rid of the cartels etc but of course attacking mexico would be
the ultimate bad idea for a number of reasons and we wouldn't want to take on another financial burden of that size and magnitude but here's what it also makes me wonder do you remember when there was a lot of organized crime in the united states well you don't remember it personally 'cause it was before you were born but the solution to that was the so called untouchables the reason you couldn't get rid of organized crime is organized crime talk about the united states earlier you know in the last hundred years is because the organized criminal could threaten and bribe police and officials so pretty much they were buying everybody so as long as they were buying enough of the police there was nothing you could do about it
so they brought in the untouchables these were people who couldn't be bribed and couldn't be threatened and and apparently that made a difference because then they finally had real real law enforcement who wasn't worried about you know was worried about the the bad guys and so i asked myself with all these failed states like venezuela you you can list the fail states yourself why why is there no turn around experts from other countries let's i'm going to let's say use why is there no swiss nationalist group who offers these failed countries that they'll come in as a temporary government because businesses do this all the time it's fairly common for business this were struggling to hire a turnaround ceo and the turnaround
theo will bring in some buddies you know from other jobs and stuff and they'll form like untouchables right the reason you have to bring in a turnaround expert is that the people in the company too many friends and too many connections and stuff and they can't really fire their friends too easily so you bring in the turnaround ceo doesn't know anybody just looks at the end situations as all right fire this vice president get rid of this guy d but this guy bring in my body clean this place up why is there no government level turn around company so imagine a i'll just say swiss because everybody everybody trust switzerland so let's say there's a swiss consulting firm who are essentially a government in a box who come into a a failed state
and they work with the government and they're not trying to take the resources or anything and they're very specifically there for a short time they can't be bribed and i can't be threatened easilly because sing another maybe we don't even know what their family is so you know the details are the details would have to be worked out but it feels like companies would want to hire a temporary turnaround government just to get things set up create a little create some kind of credibility and some kind of stability keep their currency from falling apart that sort of thing they can still be assassinated but that would be true of every leader um companies countries do a pretty good job of protecting their leaders um
yes i'm actually seeing some people say good things about this now you can imagine that it would be the the u s that maybe backs the screen so you can imagine let's say in the u n is the only one who can decide whether the whether the the government in a box the turnaround government is going to be affected is going to be allowed so we would have to be the country would have to invite them the u n would have to bless it and then let's say some swiss company that just brings in some experts and stays there for a year who would hire them they'll be hired that's a good question it could be the u would be the un is paying them 'cause remember we're only talking about a small group of people so you know
they thirty million dollars get you a full government for a year and a half or whatever until until the regular government gets up and running we the interactive services we did then wrack i don't know enough about iraq the that situation but probably not exactly the way i'm talking about no dun the un is utterly corrupt well even if the un has its problems and let's say it does why would the say no the un does things with a little bit of credibility in a little bit of transparency so i think you'd want some kind of transparency on this group if you wouldn't want the turnaround group to be our own power right you
would want somebody who is a higher power or let's say a board of directors oh here's a way to think of it imagine instead of the un approving of this group let's say they act like the board of directors so the turnaround group goes in to the country that's failing does their work but they have to do it transparently and they have to report to the board and the board it's just the the un and the board doesn't get involved unless the guy the turn around government it ends up being corrupt or something have to remove them we tried to do that in afghanistan two i don't i don't know if we did it the way i'm describing it black water could do it well black water doesn't exist anymore there are different company now
let me ask you something how many of you this is only slightly related to the topic how many of you believe that the climate change issue is because of a globalist plan to replace capitalism with socialism how many of you believe that's true how many of you believe there's a globalist conspiracy to make climate change you know which if you believe the conspiracy is all fake but it's all designed to get rid of capitalism how many of you think that's true because on on to
other people are saying that all the time it makes my head spin to think anybody believes that is the most ridiculous thing we did it in japan yeah in a sense we did it in japan but all of the examples i think are not as clean as saying which is you have an organization that has nothing to do with the country that just comes in to fix things and then leaves the as soon as you say switzerland it feels different it is one thing for the united states to come in with the government but yes the if the military power that comes into a country is imposing the new government is just not going to have credibility so that seems like the worst alright i'm looking at your comments coming through an i'm seeing that
there are a few people who believe it right so those of you who believe that there is a global globalist conspiracy to use climate change which is fake under this conspiracy theory it would be fake to change the economy of the world that's crazy right if there's not much you can say about it it's just crazy and i hope you see in the other car from the people who who are largely on your team politically saying it's crazy you can see it in the comments you should trust them all right let's talk about the green new deal and in order stuff about the green deal i'm going to talk about mike cernovich
and as soon as i say that name i know i've just triggered about one slash four of you to say mike cernovich i used to like him but then he went off the deep end or he jumped the shark or you know he's turn the other side is bottom off i'm hearing all kinds of things about them let me tell you why sort of which triggers so many of you number one he knows how to do it all right so he's good at it that's one of the reasons and he doesn't intentionally in some in some cases so there's the you good at it and doesn't intentionally part but the other thing that triggers you about mike cernovich is that when he agreed with you yeah let's say the campaign twenty steam and he was pro trump and let's say you were pro trump and you said well this guys this guys brilliant 'cause he
trees with me he say things that i'm thinking body says more interesting things than i'm thinking about them so you're thinking i love this mike cernovich guy he agrees with me and then time goes by and then there's some things he says that you don't agree with can you save yourself he's a traitor he be a good guy but now he said what happened nothing happened he was always his own opinion he was always in into independent thinker as soon as other topics were introduced and you can see the the scope of his independence no matter how much you hated it i must you know i would agree with all of his opinions nobody would expect that but the
things that people think are he's changed i don't think they've changed at all i think that he was always a provocative independent thinker still is sometimes you agree with him sometimes you don't right so one of the things he said about the green new deal i agree with entirely yet said somebody saying that sort of its has jumped so if you think he's jumped the shark that's almost certainly an illusion because you you to agree with the things you talked about and now he's talking about other things and you just don't agree with those but he hasn't changed he's always been an independent thinker looking for the greater good so that's that's i thought i would say that he's been consistent consistent in terms of independent thought from the beginning so he said and i agree with him a hundred percent on this that the green
new deal is brilliant i just left that hang there i know how much you hate it the green new deal is brilliant i know you don't want to hear that you hate right so let me give you a little bit of a reason most people's objections to it are that it's impractical is it i don't think you should ask yourself if it's practical or impractical because if you do that's a trap it's a trap because it's not really designed as a road map
is designed as a a set of and states goals if you will it is it's it's a number of let's say visions of where we would like to be now in order to get to those end states i have no idea i have no idea how to get from where we are to let's say no air travel and we've got you know fast trains doing everything greener what you told me that we could jump instantly from where we are too a far less air traffic and far more bullet trains i'd be kinda happy about that i would like that option for a lot of different reasons but i don't know how to get there if you told me that we can you have all green energy i would say i like that but i don't know how to get there and likewise for you in
things what are the other things that this has is a bunch of end states that if you could get there would be awesome but nobody knows how to get there right i don't hate that on two levels number one from the suasion level it's all brilliant it's at and the way mike sort of it's put it was the best way to look at this which is a bad plan is better than no plan know the words the democrats have this impractical set of ideas but they are ideas and their big ideas they're bigger than we know how to accomplish as an american just tell me if this resonates with as an american and this may be true for other countries but i can't speak for them so i'm just going to speak
sort of an american cultural perspective if you tell of american i need to get to this place but i don't know how what's your first instinct your first instinct is oh yeah i'm going to get there anyway yeah the american impulse the sort of designed into us from the time were born is here's an impossible goal okay let's get started no way we we don't know how to do this okay let's get our is the most basic american cultural belief that the fact the something seems impossible doesn't stop us from trying and indeed we end up doing a whole bunch of stuff that if you had tried to predict is it possible you probably would have said it wasn't right going to the moon is the the obvious example the man had
project in winning world war two you know you could you know having four percent gdp yeah you could you could come up with lots of examples where americans are really attracted to impossible to obtain goals we love it this one in persuasion level it takes lower enerji tord this green new deal it makes us think about it and argue about it and talk about how it's impossible and in the process of talking about how impossible it is
we figured out now i don't believe that we can figure things out as quickly as the green new deal suggests but keep in mind that it's not legislation right it's not a set of rules it's a it's more an idealistic yes we want to get too but we don't know how and that is very compatible with the american psyche and i've been watching the comments as as to making this point because i want to see if you agree with that that's that's a the key point and everything i'm saying is that as an american impossible goals are attractive yes or no are impossible goals attractive to americans i say yes brilliant on that level it's brilliant on getting all the attention it's brilliant on looking like a big vision it's brilliant in being impossible
do you know it would be worse the green new deal would be poorly constructed if we thought it was all kinda doable it just wouldn't be as good it needs to be not doable to really hold our attention is the fact that it's impossible that has the creates its energy if you don't get that you're missing well the biggest maybe the biggest energy in the idea that there is some possibility yes it's feature it's not it's defect it's the feature if you understand how people work right so fairly consistently
it a o c who i i have my problems with but her team or whatever she does consistently has this quality that she's talking about things that are impossible and that's why we care that's the that's the energy is impossible park now you've heard me say quite a few times that i don't think that america can be i don't think you could call america great in this day and age unless everybody's got access to healthcare at a united affordable cost so i am closer to the democrats in terms of their ambition but again i don't know how to get there i don't think you can tax your way to universal health care insurance etc
but i like the fact that we're talking about it 'cause we should have a long term goal in fact the republican should have done this the republicans should have said you know we want to get to this good health care the state we don't know how to get there but we think that capitalism and reducing reducing friction in the market is this the system so the system to get there is will make capitalism do his thing and will goose capitalism and will really help capitalism will grease it and what we want to get to is full health care for everybody that's affordable so the republicans completely missed the message on health care and what's worse is that they're actually doing things health and human services has a fairly long list of concrete things that republicans have done or trying to do in terms of reducing regulations and making the market official
and they haven't marketed that as the as the republican plan i think that's a complete mistake messaging wise um so we so when when there was he is talking about the green deal in talking about replacing airplanes with fast trains i kinda like that thank you because we should spend a lot more time thinking about how to make some of that work if it doesn't work we don't do it but i like the fact that the greatest minds in the world are becoming concentrated pr there are focusing on these issues that are not green deal
now as some clever people have said if president trump wanted to take a big bite out of the green new deal in a republican way he could push for more uh nuclear power as the only way to get there in other words i'm lou put it this way i'm not saying that president trump will do this because i'm not sure this this fits quite with his brand you might he could make it fits but i'm not going to it if it were me if i were president and our republican and i saw this green new deal forming and i said to myself of people like all the stuff they like climate change stuff they like they like all all the parts of the green new deal here's what i would say i would say i like every part of that but i don't know how to get there
the way i'm going to move toward it is through market systems and reducing regulations and here's all the things i'm doing one of those things might be nuclear power you know getting rid of regulations to more efficiently get things approved and built um so the best thing that the president could do is embrace it and say i would love i would love to get to that point not the exact endpoints but i would like to get the point where everybody has a health care we're not worried about the the environment were we're using green resources we don't have to fly if we don't want to those are all great things but we can't get there with their plan we can get there with my system which is keep capitalism humming that would the better argument i thought aoc was he was our yeah
that wasn't catching on but i still think she is racist and i don't think that can be ignored although she hasn't said anything blatantly racist and they are twenty four hours so we'll see if we see of her tone changes scott wife for several to pay for fast trains and healthcare did i say that was there anything that i said this sounded like forcing people to pay for anything no i did not what i said is i don't know how to get there so if you're saying why have you chosen the specific way to get there you're not listening i don't think you can force other people to pay for those things what a scam
yeah everything's a scam everything was a scam fusion might be it might be a ways off but i like i like the odds of fusion let me ask you this yes in twenty years we had a few asian how worried would you be about climate change if we had functional fusion energy in twenty years i don't know what are the odds of that but if we did i'm not sure climate change would be the big problem that we think it is because he was the first thing you would do you may know that there are things that we already have a number of technologies for taking the co two out of the air what is the cost
what is the biggest cost involved in removing c two from the air if you said enerji you would be right so the hum is even though we know how to take co2 in the air even that large scale it would be way expensive so expensive it would be hard hard to make it work but if we had fusion energi suddenly energy costs start to approach zero and at that point you can just suck the c two out of the air and it's just the cost of the equipment not the cost of the energy and the energie i think is the bigger cost i'm not positive about that but almost positive that the nrg cost is where all the expenses oh n korea let's talk about that could you see the president's tweet where he said he was
good things about n korea and he talked about his personal relationship with kim jong on i would say that the most under rated success of this president was understanding that north korea was a personal problem is one of the greatest insights that politician any leader has ever had and it's completely ignored is one of the greatest accomplishments of any president anytime was president trump so understanding that meeting with kim jong on and having a personal relationship was going to be the key to unlocking the korean peninsula now some people
but wait kim jong moon is not getting rid of his nuclear weapons what president trump did is took away the reason for nuclear weapon it was always it was the most sort of on north korea and by the way the n korean situation i think you have to measure that measure that in decades if you look what will happen this year and do they still have their nukes of this year etcetera a sort of missing the bigger story the bigger story is that this is a multi decade reunification process and as long as it's moving in the right direction no but it's going to get note if every day you wake up and north and south korea are getting you know closer together your odds of getting newt going
i'm pretty fast um so god just loaded led the screen deals as climate change is no big deal in twenty years now that's an idiot's summation of what i said that's an accurate have i ever told you before that ninety percent of all the people who believe they're disagreeing with me are actually disagreeing with some bad hallucinate you know something i said rarely does anybody actually disagree with what i say almost almost all the time at least ninety percent people are disagreeing with some weird misinterpretation of what they thought i said i don't know if that's just me or if that's a universal um c two tree
she solution you're suggesting planting more trees well i don't know about the math on that but trees are good kim needs a man's man relationship well i don't think you can underestimate how isolated kim has spent if you think about it you know well he's a leader of the whole country that's a cool deal but he also didn't really have any other leaders he could talk to so trump maybe might be kim's only friend you know like at the leader level i'm not sure of it she is a friend i think she is just working with them
feels to me like trump is the only person in the world who could have crap he said to kim jong hey let's be friends can you think of any other past president of the united states who could have credibly said kim jong on hey why we just be friends and and actually have that believable that's the believability part that were and a lot of it has to do with you know trumps brand you know his brand is i can talk to anybody you i can work with anybody you know doesn't matter putin putin mmhm anybody i'll talk to anybody it's very powerful and and i saw that is powerful from the start so in the soul it yesterday last night i'm on the plane coming home and
i decided i want to i want to get away from all this trump politics stuff and i just want to do what i rarely do normally if i'm just day to day entertainment is always political and this news like i use the news as entertain so i'm always immersed in all this trump trump trump stuff and so i thought to myself well i'm on a plane for a few hours i'm just going to watch a harmless romantic comedy and i'm going to forget about all this politics and i turned on this old movie that that the offered i forget the name of the movie somebody remind me but it was a romance
have a with to people whose names i can't remember right now but here's the point in the story one of the one of the people in the story was a new york city developer a real estate developer in new york city and as the as the plot unfolds he talks no competing with donald trump and i think this movie was probably on fifteen to twenty years old and i turned it and like oh it's talking about trump of all things and then and then there's a scene in it where he actually talks to the real donald trump donald trump plays himself in this movie and i'm thinking he's just every i even i even put on a movie to forget about donald trump and
star of the movie like he's just everywhere it's amazing i can't remember the name of the movie all right trump is anything but kredible somebody says well there's a good job missing the missing the point so there is a perfect job so i said that president trump is the only person who could credibly say that you know hey kim jong and let's be fair i that's what i said no one contacts he's the only one who could credibly say i'll be your friend and it sounds believable and somebody said whole whole whole trump credible you can call to credible no i didn't say he's credible on all things and so then that one example his his history with yes two weeks notice
correct the name of the movie was two weeks notice with sandra bullock and who is the british male co star who got caught with the the hooker his name is your choice to watch a romantic movie uhm have you noticed that there are fewer romantic comedies the genre it feels like it disappeared and or actually there are fewer comedies let me ask you this uh how many how many comedies do you see in the movies these days as far fewer isn't it do you know why there are so many there's so much
hi there are what's the weather set there are fewer comedies here's why there are fewer comedies try watching a comedy from even ten years ago try watching try turning on tv show the family guy and watching one of the episodes from ten years ago do you know what you'll find you'll find an episode that you could not make today if you yeah hugh hugh grant as the the actor who was in two weeks notice if you watch any older comedy and older being let's say ten years plus the yeah the movie will be full of the or tv show will be full of stuff they you just could put on the air today 'cause it will all seem stereotyped it will be a sexist it'll be you know
if you look at an old family guy you'll see a bunch of gay jokes and ten years ago that was just you know i will say it normal but let's say it was well you know even here's a perfect example in the movie two weeks notice there's just talking about so this is like i don't know fifteen years old something like that uh there's a joke in it where hugh grant's playing his character makes a joke about being attracted to a bunch of women also attracted to you know some of the better looking men and then everybody in the audience 'cause he was giving a speech laughs because he joked about being gay and i'm thinking myself
in twenty nineteen if you have a movie were somebody made a joke about a man being attracted to another man would that be a punch line think about it fifteen years ago it was a punch line that a heterosexual man would be attracted to other attractive men and people laughed to hey that would look the same but it wouldn't feel the same because you say yourself why is that funny are you making fun of gay people like white wire gave people a punchline right it wouldn't even sound right like your point of view on what is acceptable and what isn't as change so much that i think the genre of the comedy maybe gone right yeah the comedy as as an art form maybe go
because there are just so many ways that you can new humor in the way you used to it i think the the opportunity if you humorous trump to the point where it's it's neutered now i can only speak for myself the kind of comedy that's that has appealed to me most is the stuff that's the most inappropriate so the things that make me laugh or somebody doing something that they really should not have done somebody saying something far worse than you should say somebody doing something that you would never do in real life it's just something that goes too far so it's the too far that makes it funny but today you can't go too far because people will be people will be
a friend yeah people are your listing other movies that couldn't be made today yeah i think the comedy is largely dead in terms of tv and and movies all right that's all i got for now i'll talk to you later bye for now
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