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Episode 468 Scott Adams: Avenatti, Charlie Brown, Exoneration

2019-03-25 | 🔗


  • Michael Avenatti arrested, charges sound serious, yay Nike!
  • Golan Heights is a “free money” genius move by President Trump
  • Anti-Trumpers saying the President was NOT exonerated by Mueller

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pp bear baby boom boom boom my microphone well i decided to wear my nike jacket i don't know boycotting nike but nike is back on my good side again i wasn't really boycotting okay but they're definitely on my good side at the moment i had to come back because you know sometimes it's a two coffee day let us is a two coffee day please join me grab your up your mug and and please enjoy the simultaneous
so by now you all know that michael levin he is being indicted separately on completely different things going so the same day one of them is for trying to extort nike telling them that they the free doesn't give them twenty million dollars or whatever that he'll do something to tank their stock now apparently had a client involved so there was some claim i don't know what it is and then there's the claim that he he once received a settlement on behalf of his client and then change the date on the settlement so that he could keep that money we are for three months now i just heard what experts say well he might be able to argue that the extortion thing it's just good lawyering but the other thing kind of a problem now so
so i have to on and enjoy the the timing of this has this president ever had a better week it's just crazy that you know it's just coincidence that all these things are happening at the same time but in the so in the larger context one of the things this president does really well is it when somebody leaves money lying on the table he picks it up yeah that sounds like like an obvious thing right but i don't know ever notice that the other president doing it if somebody leaves money on the table he says this is free money alright he picks it up and i think that the golan heights issue is free money and what i mean by that is that the larger news context for the last several weeks
has been held members of the democratic party are anti israel see where i'm going with this so i'm sure the president does like netanyahu in office because they have working relationship and i'm sure that your own there are no coincidences about his his timing etcetera but the larger context was the democrats he was paint them the anti israel side and he knew that their normal instinct would be to criticize whatever he does so he does this unambiguous the pro israel thing just there's no way around it is just good for israel you could say it's good for the allies because we're all holding hands and we have common interest in such a really it wasn't in the national
interest of the united states in any direct way except that is good for an ally so the president sees as money laying on the table which is wait a minute telling me i could just pick up this money and nobody's going to be able to complain because they're all trapped and they are trapped in terms of the new cycle so he looks at it goes up at if i just we recognize the golan heights israel's property and that yahoo probably said that would be amazing why don't you do that or maybe the suggestion came from the other side we don't know but there's israel just blow up a hamas headquarters well i'm sure they have lots of headquarters so trump realizing that the democrats have been trapped by their own bad rhetoric
from some members about israel and about a back apparently that they really couldn't complain they they would try but they kinda couldn't they were after he had already painted them as anti israel there's just nothing they can say or they could try it but everything they say it will just make it worse for them um so so you sees this opportunity to do something that's good for israel it works against the the that that he ever said the racist in charlottesville were people because those racist we're being anti jewish slogans so he does something that he didn't have to do it there was just no reason he had to do this
the golan heights executive order did not have to happen it was a completely optional decision and how do do how do you understand that if you think this president was on the side of the racist saying anti anti jewish stuff those two things can go to get had he been sort of forced into this making a decision then you say yeah he's just pretending he had he was forced into it but there was no force there was no influence where had any real determining effect out of it all it was just a choice it was a good time to do it now i like also the following fat
if you're looking at the middle east the president is the call the president the expert is setting the table because people are saying my god he's poisoned any hope of a peace plan in the middle has the first of all the odds of a any kind of a peace comprehensive peace in the middle east most people would say as long as so small it would be hard to hurt it i mean there's not much so you can do to make it worse 'cause it's probably close to zero i happen to have a more optimistic view which is that this present and this set of leaders in that area i have the best opportunity to get something done piecewise this ever exist
but here's what he did with the golan heights and if you haven't if this hasn't occur to you yet i guess it will now every time somebody starts firing in the middle east israel bigger have you noticed the pattern every time somebody aims a rocket at israel or even just stars a war over there whether it's isis or someone else every time israel gets a little bigger and once you and i've said this a million times but replies here once you've developed a sense of a trend or a direct the trend or the direction influences your thinking or more than where things are at the moment you're looking at
oh my god it's going in that direction we gotta stop it from going in that direction that's real ways on the psychology so he is once again established this pattern which already existed but it was sort of an aging pattern he just refresh and he just said find all you want but the outcome is the bigger israel would you like to attack israel anybody anybody anybody want to attack israel 'cause if you do wait a few years and israel will be bigger so that's that actually is a good way to set the table because you want people that you're negotiating with to think that waiting waiting is a bad strategy you want them to think there's a time pressure you want him to freeze the losses
i want them to think my god if i don't do something now it's just going to be worse my negotiating position will be less the next time we have this conversation if it's five years from now israel will be twice as strong maybe larger and i won't have any extra negotiate leverage might as well do it now so this is timing on this goal on heights thing and even just the decision to do it at all a kind of so perfect that both domestically and as a table setting and and people had argued that the united states can't be a kredible play for middle east peace if we're too strongly favoring of israel president trump is testing that theory and i think it needed to be tested we don't know where this is going to go yet but i absolutely agree with testing the theory
i probably wouldn't have thought of it and i i'm sure i wouldn't have done it like it would not have occurred to me that the right way to set the table is by making very clear that all the power all the benefits just everything is israel's way and then on to the negotiations you say you see the way things are going is this the way you want them to keep going because we don't have to talk peace we can just let you have more of what you already have which is you know hamas and you know the bad guys are shrinking isis shrinking you could have more of that or we could lock it down down and you can start building yourself back up so you decide so i don't know yet but there is a distinct possibility that this was exactly the right i just set the table for the negotiations and what it does also here's another thing
that the the golan heights thing does have you read in the paper angry the terribly angry test from the other arab countries i haven't have you i'm sure they i'm sure they've made statements right haven't absent hasn't somebody made a statement or something suppose you're you're hamas your hamas and you depend on you know some allies in the area and the president just said watch this here's the golan heights i'm going to say that we recognizer does israel now watch see what happens hello protests don't hear you see you're all alone now right
active isolating hamas now it's possible that we asked some of the key countries how they were going to treat it before we did it i don't know that we did that but maybe possible we already knew that we would get a muted reaction and if we did it's just great there's a geragos take down i don't know what that's about z on tv now i'm i'm noticing a i'm noticing a lot let i have to address the comment that went by somebody is telling me that q made a correct prediction let me point out that everyone who was not an anti trumper may the same protection that you know there wouldn't be anything coming out of this
this collusion thing so if you think who has been proven by saying same thing that every trump supporter but i'm saying for three years your you need a stronger argument than that so there are two push back so i'm saying to the molar report one is that well three really one is that have you seen all the word thinking i told you i tell you about word thinking word to thinking when you try to win the debate by talking about what a word means as opposed to talk about what the facts are the reasons now they're doing that with the word exonerate and he
watching them say things such as specifically said that he is not exonerated and they say that hold on hello yes hello good
that one might we did mean it's on your furnace while back please don't flame monday changer filters as well our invoices showing that we do not expect the attic for the for the cross the street build a road in the station we're standing up technician she no cost to you and that you're coming to service in the fourth section make sure it takes less than half an hour have never caught we have more in such a deal thanks i was going to be nice to him i i have to i have to admit that i take my spam calls now and i do one of two things with them first of all that he was saying that he had done work on my furnace which never happened so that the call was a scam instant somebody have never worked with before but i do one of two things
one is i keep them on the phone as long as possible before i let them go sometimes i just answer and let it stay there 'cause i want them to spend as much time as possible not making money the other i do is sometimes if i'm in a bad mood i use them to yell at them and i was going to do it but i decided not to swear as much as i do so really i just start yelling a string of profanities into the phone because it's sort of a free bunch they're terrible people there literally criminals and so i yell at them too because it feels good they're very few cases where you could just scream as somebody with the the filthiest language you could ever think of but this is one so i don't recommend it it's just something i do for fun
if somebody says i ask them to hold like that i don't know what it was i was talking about exonerated so now they're saying bud well i i need to bring in my my assistant dale to show your their argument what amy is exaggerated he was only exonerated by his own appointee appointee bar and relevance line but i'm not going to talk about russell sign talk about mark so it doesn't really count because he's exonerated by his own appointee not by muller who said he's not not not exaggerating will dale in the same muller report he did say that he it's not exonerated him but he also said there's no
sounds of a crime and that there won't be any more indictments coming so exactly was bob are supposed to do with the report from his own person who reports to him after three years when it says there no evidence of the crime was bob barr supposed to start over and look for evidence of a crime himself spend another twenty five million or it was bob barr supposed to look at there is no evidence of a crime him and come to a decision because that's what bosses do but but mulder said he's not rating him he said he's not yeah we heard that end but you also heard they said there's no evidence of the crime what was bar supposed
to do when there's no evidence of a crime it's like you don't hear me muller said not exonerated not not exonerated ok they'll sell them i hear you and i will stipulate that muller said that he's not exaggerating will you stipulate that he also said there was no evidence of a crime he said exonerated operated no and see so that's what is the one best argument i'm hearing today the other the other argument i'm hearing is what i call the charlie brown in the football argument have you heard it it goes like this okay
ok i knew we were positive trump would never get elected ok you fold i'm not sure i was wrong about that i get i get that but it was russia once we find out all this russia collusion businesses out ok ok there's no collusion so he did get elected fairly there's no asian but man wait for the southern district of new york the southern district in new york that's where all the fun is going to be plus all the deets when the molar report about that huh how about that uh so that's what i call the charlie brown all approach where no matter how many times lucy puts the football down charlie brown is it was still come running at it saying hill
ever get elected wait for the molar report no i meant wait for the southern district of new york report sure sorry chuck the charlie brown strategy so the funniest thing happening lately as of the white house communications group as sent a memo to some of the networks i saw this thing in and one in which the white house call sound the people that they've been putting on their programs saying wildly inaccurate things about the russia collusion stuff and so the white house is respectfully suggesting but they never have those people out again and he names them so they're actually named you know who i have to look at it let me read if you haven't seen this is worth knowing which names they called out because
these these are people are having a bad day to that with that is the white if if the white house guess personally involved trying to get you fired from your job you're a bad employee well let me just put this in context if the white house ever contact your employer to strongly suggest that you be fired you up you're you're not a good employee you you just give them you're just gonna have to met here not a good employee all right sorry i didn't mean to swear but the people that are calling out are richer blumenthal senator adam schiff of course generally nettleton jerry nadler they're not calling out lors entire band you know nadler and the dingle berries but
they were calling out nadler eric swalwell who's got a lot of explaining to do tom perez and ci at former cia director john brennan they don't mention clapper isn't that weird why is clapper not on there how is clapper not the worst of the bunch i don't know but as i look at if things look different now don't they things look different when you see swallow well when you see uh you see any of the the people who are still sort of the dead enders you know the people are still in cave on okinawa for world war to end so swallow like like that japanese soldier who you
we can't until the war was over but he didn't know was over so we just kept fighting do you hear me talk now it no longer feels like just normal political talk and i don't know how much of this is just my bias maybe one hundred percent is just my bias probably one hundred percent i want to see if it see if you're having the same same impact now i'm i'm watching somebody still try to beat this dead horse to death i don't see them as kredible people anymore i used to see them as people who may be believed there was something there and you know sure being political but it wasn't outside the the balance right they they thought there might be something i think some people were legitimately convinced there might be something there now when i watch one of those anti trumper's going their their beliefs they look
it's sad and pathetic and i can't tell if that's just my changing context or if they are both sad and pathetic maybe there's no difference if it's my opinion that they're pathetic so somebody says you saw clapper's kredible god no clapper is the least credible person on television so here's my question when azure in them now and then i saw should i say this i'm going to say this but i know i'm going to get in trouble so now i watched one ponder in particular who is a woman who i think she has some major showers at least she appears on msnbc i don't know her name
her vibe was ex wife i don't know if i need to say more but the way she was treating was like somebody was angry in a personal relationship and none of it looked credible like a commentator and it didn't look credible like an news person it didn't even look kredible like a reasonable person it was somebody who is so angry about a relationship that nothing they said made too much sense because it's just as the anger talking yeah i'm not going to tell you it was but look for that look for look for a reactions that look like angry ex wife
one of you may have guessed correctly but i won't tell you all right i watched don lemon who ah yeah i'm trying not to get myself in too much trouble but i'm going to make a dog analogy i'm not comparing don lemon to a dog which is an analogy right so in this what follows is not me calling dog open the dog i wouldn't do that nonetheless when i chastise my dog snickers there's a look the snickers has have you seen it when you yell at your own dog and the dog is just sort of like this
don lemon look like just the facial expression i'm not asking not calling him a dog all be clear about that that would be inappropriate i'm saying that the look he had is one i've seen before but i've only seen it from snickers which is again that totally could be my imaginary so i might be i might be infusing things with my my own filter and maybe there's nothing that's really different i'm just saying just saying he had he had the look of someone who'd been chastised cnn chyron on greg has its own country alright so there's some news about geradeaus you'll see and and i don't know what that is
cnn legal analyst mark geragos is avenatti's co oh my god co conspirator on what was this this was for the nike thing according to the indictment of an and the alleged co conspirator that was lawyers from nikes
hold a kl that's interesting well that is a very bad day for cnn wow did greg us represent smaller my god i think you did the only you is just the smallest lawyer greg oh my god they just fired him see the oj attorney i don't remember that
bad hours i was sad now only adam schiff batman somebody says i can prove you wrong on transgender sports night i said i can prove you wrong about my opinion about transgender athletes i don't have to hear your argument 'cause i already know what it is your argument is that i said acts and you've got a great argument about somebody who you imagine said some different thing so you can take your argument that will have nothing to do with any of my opinions and pretend that i something to do with me and
with yourself alright i'm i'm just saying there's no change that there is i said this is i've been and i don't twenty five debates and all twenty five of them start with well you think that the gravity go close up and i say no don't believe that so so rarely in my life have people disagreed with me while also understanding what i said it's a very rare thing maybe you five percent of the time he was michael jackson's attorney all let's see what i just have to see what i just got to look at cnn what are they doing
accusations that have not well i called his behavior trees the switches to betray one's frost eight about the enemy and there's the question of the mother reported self ever see it the american people have a right to the truth schumer so cnn i don't know if you saw that but seeing that just showed a clip of brennan and it was in the context the people who are saying all the wrong things are going to need to answer for it uh interesting so somebody says no more women sports well you're wrong again because renee richards who is transgender played
uh played she was born a man but played in women's sports and didn't make any difference to dennis turns out there for many people in that situation but we don't want to talk about that today we've got better things to say so so it wasn't oj was michael jackson he was scott peterson's lawyer you know it's funny if it's true that mark gray ghost was michael jackson's lawyers peterson's lawyer and jesse smallest lawyer would you we can measure lawyer given that just selecting him is a signal that is a signal that you're guilty do went to jail direct is is there a ghost literally the world's worst lawyer his most famous clients were all guilt
esl who wouldn't want that just tell that if you were let's say you this is pretty funny let's say you're in the jury so i hear a jury trial and you don't know what anything what the i was about you just been selected for the jury trial and the accused comes and you see that the qs lawyer is much is gregos mark gregus and you say to yourself huh have i seen him before and you say years old and later because you can't will it while you're in the jury box so later you like i feel like this guy or you google it you go oh he was the lawyer for mcdoogle who is guilty for michael jackson who thanks to that special we just watched we know is guilty but he also
jussie smollett who was guilty you even have to listen to the evidence we also did scott peterson who was guilty we don't even have to listen to the evidence do you you can just get the evidence part of the trial and say i'd like to call the defendant to the stand and you say that it offended did you hire mark garagos and the guy says yes i did he's my lawyer and then the judge says i call the trial let's take it to the jury and the jury says i'm pretty sure he said he hired mark geragos so that means he's guilty right why else would hire him so i mean seriously so in the world if you wanted to look not gil
how in the world would you do it by hiring the guy who is most famous for defending guilty people that seems like exactly the wrong way to go has he won any i'm sure he's one some trials but they must not be the famous ones somebody said ted bundy too that's not true is it did he really did he do ted bundy winona ryder two only guilty people chris brown too i think i don't know if these are real so don't don't take this as well catherine kaepernick was kaepernick was not guilty i think i think captain act i'm still pro capper neck in many ways at least for the effectiveness of
protest although it lead to nothing but him losing his job so bronfman to at and excited yeah the cult leader adam corolla doesn't show well probably not anymore well winona ryder too all i think we sell enough now i've enjoyed this thoroughly i'm going to go away for a little while meaning i'm just going to end the periscope for now if there's any more great news i'll be back but probably not and i'll talk to you later
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