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Episode 56: New CNN Midterm Election Poll

2018-05-10 | 🔗
  • Generic Republican vs Democrat candidate poll results
  • Dale’s salty tears, midterms election eve

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to do that to the birth of her own sorry i just care wiped the happiness of my face and the hopes meyer my there's a certain you pull out there's a new pole well and see it in the father of a chair with you say so
you know they ve been pulling the what they call the generic election between a generic democratic generic republican and just a few months ago there was a sixteen point gap between the voters preferences for for a democrat that was way up here generic one versus the generic republican and a few months before that people
been asking me what was my prediction for other midterms would go and i said i would only commit to this prediction that whatever people thought was gonna be the outcome around january first of this year that the actual outcome would be surprisingly better for republicans now republicans are still behind but through but the gap has tightened from sixteen points just in the last couple of months the three to three now causing your usual shy trump owners and end the the independence and now the generic
battle doesnt really tell you everything you need to know about the individual battles that really do depend on the candidates both for those situations that world new clothes republicans are still behind one from here here
but that's now i was laughing when you first signed on trial was trying to contain myself and i was thinking ahead and laughing when some of you got on here what i was laughing about his election day for the midterms adheres why so number one the democrats are depending on this to be true for them to have a good mid term this is what they depend to be true republicans don't care that much about guns good luck with their number to the republicans smell blood in the water which you couldn't guy the smell of alexandria just another
blood in the water would they be inclined and i'm just gonna put this area here is a suggestion put upon it in the form of imagining i also use your imaginations with me it's election evening for the mid terms and you're a republican or your backing president trump and in any case in here looking for a good result imagine if you will the having watched the democrats like charlie brown with the football well that prison tromp he's never gonna get elected full well you know you'll like it ok
but he's never gonna do anything good north korea group unemployment group isis so there's been a whole lot of losing going on on the democrat side which to them is terrible their movie is a tragedy i feel bad for them and i actually do feel bad for them there have been a tough time illness the republicans have had a real good laugh up to this point but hasn't everybody kind the sort of assumed a little bit that that was all gonna come crashing down on the bed terms didn't he has sorted the party may be over and then the midterms when new sort of star reversing some trump stuff
but imagine if you will then you didn't go that way so just put yourself in the future here here at home you with your friends you haven't a beverage and again stall projections the republicans have a sensational bet how hard are you going to be laughing ok i'm no wrong i'm not wrong the democrats really could win the midterms just by falling off a log so it without their historically speaking
very lowest bar is to have a good men terms this to have a good measure of election after the other team got gonna president history such as this one sort of gibbey from the democrats even the report it was late that's like i well you're the first mid term euro is gonna lose lose seats but one if it didn't happen fruit forget about forget about policies for a moment forget about who you wanna having control of congress forget about that for a moment just think about there's one thing how hard you would laugh if republicans have a greater come on you know that would be a wild party at your house right maybe
barbecue calls of people over right now you could also be disappointed but i want to compare these these two variables probably because it's gonna be close when it gets down the line the enthusiasm to go vote might be the difference so which side has the better enthusiasm well traditionally had the democrats because they get alot of angry energy but compare there's two motivations roughly speaking on election day midterms republicans if they decide to turn out if they can convince your friends to go if they can make a party what there look at that does the funniest party anybody ever had here is that evening
sit around whether whether beers in their barbecue it would be the fathers party you ever add because i don't know you can stop loving it would just be so hilarious then that's what the republicans have as it like a prize now on top of that they get to keep all the stuff on the day that they afraid of losing their afraid of losing has it been afraid of taxes going up all the other things that these they think they have solved the republicans have the fear of losing something which is far stronger than the then the urge to get something this is important so republicans are looking at losing stuff that they just got the other side is looking at trying to get new stuff not really define what that is exactly vaguely those are even the team the shrine
not lose the stuff they just got is more motive in that team also is looking at the potential for yet again another surprise victory and the best party them around except for election here's what the focus on the left have to motivate them looking ahead now assuming this election day they have the chance to impeach the present they gave them the lowest unemployment rates in history for african americans and for me i m most groups the president who may have by then nuclear ized the korean peninsula and maybe because several months from now the middle east peace plan that halfway them
so that's what would motivate the left is to try to stop all of those things i just mentioned by impeaching the president so do those do those motivation seem like they would be similar to you the only difference at this point is what seems to be the motivation level you just have to sort of thinking the day and i think the republicans may be ready to do what i'm about to do now you know it's going you know it's coming snark coffee is the tears of my enemies drink with me let's lived a glass till the tears of our enemies the motivation to wedding
you know it's funny is not even republican but this is so frightened funny you're just you if you're not on the laugh where it's not funny at all it is now for the over there is just really funny i can't help it i don't i don't want to think it's funny but it is our aim did everybody enjoy their enemy tears are the best i think there's only one thing that this periscope good here that it doesnt have already there would make a complete i give you the one man play an act
it's a play in one act i call it dale election night midterms it goes a little like this good tears hurried salty multi somebody said all right so i saw that news report and by the way the earlier i want to show you is so went to my my arab and i thought well up call it up on my phone the cnn
oh i'd seen it on my laptop but i wanted to hold it in front of me when i was reading it to you and i thought well that's pretty big news service this could be sorted near the top right probably right at the top it's brand new is big news just came out soon be right at the top right no that's cohen but yard since can be in the top three big story like that top three top five at least says terms through of forty five well i mean it's it's in the top ten is what i meant a chopper or top twenty totally leave him in the top twenty sure ok i know it's
here as i click them well it somewhere let let's just say it's not near the top that's all i got for now go enjoy your evening start planning your party and have a good night
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