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Episode 57: CNN’s Coverage of North Korea and Israel’s War with Iran

2018-05-10 | 🔗
  • Release of the 3 Americans held hostage by North Korea
  • Iranian missiles from Syria and Israel’s response

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do you do to tune button bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom hey everybody come on in it's time to celebrate the release of the three americans were held by north korea we're all home now how many views up to two am or whatever your time zone was to watch the three get released i tried i tried to stay up a little bit but that whole staying way thing didn't work out for me i'm catching it on video let me tell you some of the things that president trump did write about this whole release of the captives uh huh let's let's rewind our memories
do you remember and i think i have these facts right because it's been awhile do you remember the first time the president trump answer the question whether he would be willing to meet with kim jong un or own i guess it's soon right and remember people were shocked and appalled that he said yes was before any of the good news is happened we were in our worst state i said would you meet with him and he said yes now i think that was important because the entire situation always had an escape path so there was always the you know the hammer in the sand in the you know the outstretched offer of a
check on the other hand and i always talk about the importance of contrast persuasion you don't just say we're going to do this to you and it's really bad you also say this this battle rear is looking really good big difference big difference so i think agreeing to me two before there were any conditions turned out to be the right strategy now i'm seeing some people criticize the president because they had agreed to hold a summit before the before the the captives were released but did you see the way he played it he took the negotiations right down to sort of the final weeks in which case n korea was thinking finally we got a way out of this thing we can we can have our summit maybe maybe there's a way out and then the president says and
at that meeting as soon as we get our three capitals which was the better approach to say from the very beginning no i i'm not even commit consider meeting with you until we have our captains you know you got a really prisoners or we're not even going to have a conversation cut off all communication that approach not so good lumps approaches yeah sure i'd meet with you under the right conditions they get really close as to the actual meeting and then trump says all right now it's time to release those captives or that meeting that you think is going to happen in three weeks not going to happen bad got all excited about it we're so close just a few a few captives that don't care about will have that meeting so trump played it exactly the
right away even though he was criticized for doing it exactly the wrong way when it started it was always the right way then when he brings the captive some it was really brilliant political theater to do it at two hundred am now i think you know that the president of the united states had the option of me in them as some other time i mean it's not like they couldn't have juggle thing and said they'll go to the house well first or anything like that you could have met up in alaska close so there were ways he could have met them not at two a m what was the very best thing he could have done meet them at two hundred am yeah because it makes you think of benghazi and that's always popular with the with the base
it also tells you that he'll stop at nothing and that you know the sort of the rules are off and he's going to he's going to do it his way and all things around the table it just has this big impact on how you've just think about the possibilities how you think about trump how you think how far he'll go how much he cares yeah all the stuff so but it was political theater done really well and you saw the the air force one this great symbol some you saw the release visitors by this by early this morning the white house had produced a really classy
video montage with inspirational music showing them returning i mean they played a perfectly you know that every part of that persuasion wise and politically was really well done let's let's set the switch the topic over to iran for a moment you probably we know that after the after the united states pull down of the iran nuclear deal some uh the ineffective missiles were fired an of syrian territory allegedly iranian backed or iranian forces this caused they didn't do much damage or any this caused israel to make a massive counterattack at a variety of iranian forces the reporting is but it was soon after then
yahoo had met with putin and what does putin said about these massive attacks on iranian forces in syria yesterday what is putin's response to that chirp chirp what's the last thing that putin wants in syria iranians now i'm sure that there was a sort of uncomfortable quasi alliance when the iranians and the russians and the syrians were all fighting against isis but isis it's kind of not the problem it used to be so now you've got these three powers that all want to have the most control in syria in my opinion siri
this became a non muslim country 'cause syria can do what it wants without putting they're not really a muslim i mean there muslim majority but they do have muslim ownership anymore putin canon run syria at least on the big questions you know not the day to day stuff and it seems to me that israel got the green light probably from the united states probably from putin to take out iran in syria now for those of you who like me you're just trying to sort of catch up to the the complex it what's happening over the middle east right now you know there are a lot of moving parts and variables in players and who's where
hello hamas and isis and the other the rebels and all this is really confusing one key thing you need to know is some geography all all refer to my map here so i can speak with a lovely but israel is here and then ran way over here and then between them there's a lot of real estate which is you know looks like jordan and iraq alright so iran is geographically you know there's a good deal of country in between now that wouldn't stop a missile but that's good for defense syria however is right on the border with israel so if iran gets enough purchase in syria they just sort of leave their forces that were there for other people to fight isis they beat them up and suddenly
israel has an iranian military force right on their border which they never had before is there any scenario in which israel will allow that to happen well i think yesterday was the answer that so if you're talking about you know gosh what would happen if war broke out between israel and iran we're in it war war just broke out and i ran around apparently we haven't seen their response to israel's response but they might just back down 'cause i don't know that they have the resources or the will to defend syria if putin gives israel the green light to just
mopping up the the iranian positions no because the iranians are not at least in syria they're not a you know a nimble terrorist force with no you know army facilities they can hide easily i i think it's for true that the iranian presence in syria has physical stuff you know like like military equipment and and buildings and and you know ammo dumps and stuff like that so there is there is a ton of stuff that israel will see is targets and i would expect that they'll they'll just mop up all the iranian presence in syria overtime so this is also let's also talk about khamenei's and by and by the way for those those of you who are new to this periscope or new to me and are you hearing me talk
in a very uninformed way about the middle east well in sort of a journey to from not really understanding anything about the region to at least sort understanding it as much as a non expert can so i'm trying to come up to speed so bear with me as i get the facts wrong missing important elements and stuff well we'll try to get their overtime so everything i say should be a preliminary opinion and to that i believe it's time to take a simultaneous up this time i gave you a little warning by now you have your coffee and this time for the sep yeah let's talk about coming
am i pronouncing that right so leader of iran now i wish that i had thought of this following nickname so somebody i don't know on twitter came up with this maybe first but if you heard any funny nicknames for many many kamini khamenei okay so somebody on he referred to him as little rock and roll little rocket mall of okay that is funny little rock i don't know who came up with that but whoever it was first one who said little rocket mulla that's uh you know that's whoever that was
whoever that was because i spent i spent a little time or quite a bit of time yesterday thinking alright i can come up with a clever nickname this is what i do for a living i'm clever for a living i'm a professional humorous i got a little lot of experience little and then i saw a little rocket mullen i'm like cool they should have been mine anyway let's see the movie's if i can find him in the is tweet real quick here quick quick hey looking up stuff wall where live gaming news local areas so he's got a lot to say each holy cow
okay alright so too many using on a few things to say but here's the interesting one this is one day ago says us presidents shallow and ludicrous behavior wasn't unexpected the same behavior existed in previous you s presidents yeah iranian nation is persistent while former us presidents passed away and iri is still standing this man's corp will also be warm food while i or stand strong now this probably reminded you of course it reminded everybody of robert muller somebody said robert muller as as a miller
this reminded people of the twitter exchanges between kim jong on june and the president prior to things starting good and so i did i joked but not joking on twitter then it looks like there's an opening but i say it jokingly because it reminds us of north korea but not jokingly all i'm not entirely convinced that this is an actual opening now of course it's way too early to know so let me let me tell you what i'm looking at in this khamenei text 'cause you have to read between the lines a little bit what is it that it doesn't say right 'cause that's always important the things he doesn't say he doesn't say death to america he doesn't say he hates america he doesn't say he's the people that's all smart right he said
it's about the president and the president will pass now course was wrong with this is that he say how this is just another president like every other president bill just passed but is this president like the other presidents well i don't know if he's exactly like the other presidents you may have some surprises coming here yeah so he uses the worm food and it's interesting that the worm food is not exactly an insult to the president it's just saying that he would be dead some but he does column shallow and ludicrous shallow and ludicrous so i would not expect president trump to respond to command the the the you know with a with a personal insult he might they might need a
so can get away with it but it feels like you would just be a little derivative it's like well that's what i did last time and they might be a little early in the process to do that but it would be very interesting if they started talking if you will on twitter or yeah let's call it because i think that actually means something when the two leaders are are just making statements you know that doesn't mean but when they start talking at each other is at least talking so this might actually be sort of in it's weird way an invitation to talk because do we committee doesn't know that when kim jong woon did the same technique that has started a conversation this committee committee not know that i'm sure he does know that
and so he's doing the same play what do you expect a different response you you would think you would expect the same response right so if he does get the same response they're sort of going to be talking now i'm going jump around a little bit to talk about things that just jump out as not being said on tv one of them is that as we watch the iranian response we're getting a sense of how strong or weak they are when we talk about why all the reasons that people are unhappy with the talk about all the the funding that they're doing for various groups are finding this in funding that and supporting the us and they're they're they're building you know they have
military this operating in syria do you know what do you do you know all that stuff costs that's really expect of stuff they have an economy that didn't do well even with the sanctions off and now the sanctions or at least some of them will go back on whatever the united states can control my list of things is that iran's resources and power and economy and military are really stretched right now so their ability to jack is probably lower than they would like you to think which is probably why israel doesn't feel too much concern about just going in and you know indiscriminately essentially just attacking around but doing it in syria and
this is this is i think a sign that they're pretty weak and that probably they would have to negotiate now i'm going to write up in a blog post some initial years of how in a rainy and comprehensive deal that involved more than just iran might work i'm open to finish that up by next week it just to put some ideas into the universe about we can get there the the basic idea that i i've to use already is that in the in the in the quest to spread islam which if you assume that's what array and wants to do they want to spread their ideology that the internet is the
is the battlefield now and i think it would not be that hard to convince them to join the only battlefield that matters uh let me give me a little history lesson here i need some fact checking ok give me some fact checking when was the last time in history that eh let's say a country with a standing military turned muslim 'cause i think is probably and recently both can somebody tell me give me the example when was the last time that a country
with a standing army turn muscle and so which one was the most recent one france somebody saying france somebody saying turkey this year well suppose you could say that because i was a political process more the i mean that really was a it wasn't a military conquest so turkey is a good example isn't so here's the when was let me have my question was bad so erase the question for a minute let it let me fix the question when was the last time a country became muslim
by military conquest when the the country in question had a standing army when was the last time there was a military islamic conquest of a standing army so turkey was a military i'm sorry turkey was a political transition well so maybe it was like but not a military not exactly a military conquest so somalia did they have much of an army spain somebody saying yeah so here's the point we may be at a point where you can make the case that a normal military just isn't the weapon the spreads islam anymore that the the way to do that is through persuasion and
and that maybe we can just convince iran and hamas and most indians after a peace deal i mean you still need some kind of a a real peace deal for the palace in particular but it does seem to me that this could this war if you want to call it that could be taken to the internet and you'll using the ticket there is 'cause that's where that's where persuasion works it's been it's been a long time since there was a a military islamic conquest of a country with a standing army uh somebody said that islam spreads mostly through trade
that's another good argument for making peace instead of making war if you wanted to spread this law best way to spread it would be to trade right no but i think that's more of a historical truth because in the old days trade man you have to go there as opposed to today when you can just ship your goods usually it's an army which takes over yeah so we seen you see where islam takes over from the inside with sort of an internal transition of power
but i i didn't see any authoritative gases on when was the last time there was a an islamic military conquest of a country with a standing army you know not do you also know there are shiites and sunnis yes i do but i appreciate that you think i was dumb enough not to know that somebody asked me if i knew there were two kinds of muscles yeah i've noticed but it's funny the somebody else somebody says you sound totally ignorant that's my point you're calling me ignorant about the middle east you just you just
you're nearing what i just said i said i'm ignorant about the middle east i'm trying collectively to bring up our understanding mass mike shin is spreads yeah so there's a lot of ways is spreads all right so here's my belief my belief is that the iranian situation and the middle east in particular is ripe for a solution in a way that it has never been right because i think that one of the things that is proven beyond a doubt in the middle east is that the more
the more you have an islamic army trying to conquer things the more you get atheists in charge i mean putin has as much purchas as he has because of the trouble over there all right i'm going to take off and do something now somebody says do you feel a responsibility to your father who is not to give them ignorant ideas i feel a responsibility to present what i know with that the confidence which i understand so if i tell you i'm working through this like the rest of you you should under
and that anything in here here's preliminary and subject to to upgrade so you do get part of what this is these perris group periscopes do is you're always getting the first draft right if this were a slick production as six o'clock every night with professional writers i would make sure that everything i put on the air was as fact checked as possible
this is presented as a first draft is so i label it as clearly as i can if that doesn't work for you then certainly you should go somewhere else is israel atheist i don't know what that means all right so today have fun watching cnn and its coverage of the return of the three captives i was watching paul begala yesterday on cnn and i swear to god it certainly do a comedy network because watching them try to explain why nothing good is happening here it is
i receive it as comedy it just looks funny to see them struggle and so i think the caller said something along the lines of you know all right you know the things that happened so far the president can't take any credit we can be happy for a big all they're doing is releasing some captives that they didn't need to take you know so it didn't it shouldn't have been a problem in the first place and i'm thinking well you know i'm paraphrasing but what he said was as dumb as that is like way but it was a problem they actually
her they were actually capsules and they did actually get released so how do you make that sound bad and then he said that the the test site that they promised to close had collapsed to which i sent myself by itself i mean we'll never know but and and i say to myself they built the first one they can build another one i mean it seems like if they want who wait good so to act as though literally nothing has happened and that there's no reason to have any optimism from this is what i'm saying from cnn and it's just head shaking and end it if everything works out you know to the best of the can is gonna be a whole lot areas to watch how they
spend us and is going to turn into all right let it let let me give you my best guess of what the anti trump or so going to say they're going to say he just got lucky because north korea was ready to crumble at the same time grill was ready to crumble just on his own s korea moon was just the right guy at the right time to put out of hand of peace and the koreans pretty much worked it out on their own and it might have been even better if we weren't involved that's sort of what's the story is going to be i would suggest that the urgency
to do this certainly was increased by president trump is in timing a big part of persuade and it is and certainly if your timing and your persuasion line up right you get the best results and that looks like that one that's what happened because there was a timing issue that helped but trump also made all the right moves so it's hard to somebody make all the
a moose and then say well those soldiers lock even though you made all the right moves is gonna be a a better persuader than trump no but sunday he might be trump's got a lot of practice and trump has a higher risk profile so you can just go places that other people can't go cartier has a pretty high risk profile so you know that's why i would call him a master persuader but johnson he is in a league of his own all right what else we got here any democrats with good persuasion well i did call recently eric swalwell who i've never noted to have good persuasion but he his over
to want to ban all military style rifles i guess is really good persuasion you can hey this policy idea but that's sort of the point is that he he defined the category and made about him and it was a black now we'll see if those repeatable but let let's just say i have my eye on him to see if that was an accident you know you got it you know or something repeatable there's all the denial of trump accomplishments heard democrats at the midterms i'm probably not know probably not 'cause people i think discount what one party says about the other at least in terms of you know ordinary stuff what about solar panels on new homes some kind of require solar panels on new homes in
i don't know any of the details of that or if that's really it i would say economically that's probably good for everybody it's good for the homeowner good for the seller there probably is just a good thing all the men on here are jealous of me somebody said well you should be at least at the moment if you had to trade your life with my entire life you wouldn't do it trust me on that the for the first part wasn't so hot if you had to trade your life with mine right now the pretty good trade things are going pretty well right now i tweeted around that there's big story today the some osteoporosis drug i think it is they found the side effect is it makes men regrowth or hair so bald man can regrow full has
here now all i don't know if this is real it would be the millionth time a story like this came out and then then you find out there's a catch there's always the same catch we found a new pill that will make to regrow your hair yes yes your penis will to the size of a raise and then fall off in a couple of weeks but your hair all lustrous so i think we're gonna wait on that no so very very interesting question people have asked me this would you use it and the funny thing is i've always gone my entire life thinking well if there was ever some cure for baldness i would definitely use that thing but not so sure anymore 'cause you first of all you get your own work i don't know if i would recognize myself with her or if i even like it and it would be
inconvenient to have air i pity the hair fall hair full i'm here less of their hair full the full of hair people i believe them because honestly do you know which time ives i have a saved in my life by not dealing with this quite a bit just moisturize all right i will talk to all of you later let's keep watching the golden age emerge watch how often you hear that phrase by the way it's common golden age is common bye for now
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