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Episode 66: The Mental Problem that is the Middle East

2018-05-15 | 🔗


  • Israel land rights
  • Are Palestinians allowed to own land in Israel?
  • Can Palestinians lease land owned by the Israeli government?

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had it do to bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum good morning everybody come on inn grab a seat which serves in space here little bit over there over here alright selling out fast and i think for the early birds it's time for the morning simultaneous up grab your beverages i hope it's coffee oh node minute it it tastes better when you do it at the same time you know it does all right
i would like to start today's discussion with a confession and an apology i confess that i am completely ignorant about events in the middle east completely ignorant i apologize for all the things i'm going to say wrong about the middle east and for all all the things i have dead wrong about the middle east the only thing that's different between maine and everyone else in the world is this some time the other people in the world don't realize that they also don't know any in about the middle east so i'm kind of way ahead of most of you in the sense that at least i know i don't know enough to really understand the region but
that said there are some things i do understand in the world in general and persuasion is one of those things that is my special hobby and so let's talk about the persuasion psychological mental part of the middle east and see if we can get any maybe a little greater insight maybe some of you will get up to and learn a little bit about the area here's the thing that's been bugging me lately what is it mean the god said you own the land let's say you had two groups let's call them the jews and the muslims say that god said where does yours and the jews thought that meant them and the muslims thought that meant them so let's see have a situation where they both think they
the same landon that land is now called israel what does it mean when god gives you land what does that mean let's say let's say god gave the land in the middle east two blog white guys with glasses let's say and you know i'm bald at the moment let's make that bald guys let's say god gave the land in the middle east two bald guys with glasses who wear blue shirts does that mean that i personally some land in the middle east no it doesn't work that way even god said i give this land two bald guys with glasses who have a blue shirt do i go over there and build my house i do not do you know why because
another bald guy with glasses and a blue shirt already once that land i can't build bed where he already built his house so if god says i give this land to muslims does that help bob the muslim he doesn't get any land other muslims have it so the first thing you have to understand is that giving land to your people doesn't help you at all write a there's some reason you can't own any land there now if you're if prohibited from having land well then that's a problem right if god said you could have this land and then somebody like israel says no you can't have this land well then that's the problem but is that the situation i'm looking at
or a and i'm reading a little bit about israel land rights and the question was palestinians allowed to buy land in israel do you know the answer to that question no googling before before i the answer are palestinians allow to own land in israel go there are two thousand two hundred and twenty two now look at the answers going by you've got some yeses now that would be unusual wouldn't it and you've got what's the news but most of them are yes the answer is yes the answer is yes if you're posted in and you have money and you are not a resident of israel you can buy real estate in israel moreover
the percent of all the land of israel is owned by the government of israel apparently it will least this land now if you're a palestinian can you lease slammed the same as the mayor's raley's so the seven km the land is owned by the government yup you can so what is difference between a palestinian who lives anywhere and in israeli citizens in terms of owning the land the god gave them what's the difference now some would argue that now that's not good because the government of israel is who owns the land and the government of israel is sort of controlling it but what's a government
government isn't a person government can't really oh land you know the way a person does and when god said i give this land to whoever you think they gave it to care to each individual have as much a right land as any other individual yes they all have access to the land now of course there's a financial difference right the financial differences that there might be more money with the israelis etc but imagine if trans translate the problem over there from a religious whatever problem to an economic problem suppose the only problem that the palestinians had is that they don't have money 'cause if they did have money they could buy land
and then they would own the land that that god said there's there's a man they could buy up the israelis land if they wanted to and they would have the same same rights that everybody else does now does that for those of you who didn't know and by the way i didn't know it had to look it up if you didn't know the palestinians have the same rights to own land oh and by the way better here's also from cora all assume that nothing i say is absolute till double check but says when it comes to residential lands arabs have some often have more favorable terms then is play juice do in other words if you're that's true
if you're an arab and you want to buy land in israel you often get better terms i didn't know that uh you get better terms leasing it from the government so in other words there's already a can we call it a reparations built into the system so the government of israel controls eighty percent of the land but they will lease it to both israeli jews and to anybody else who's got money and
if you're an arab and you're buying that land you get some kind of a discount in many cases which looks a little like reparations even though it's not the same people necessarily that were involved with the original dislocation so that's interesting now ask me this our answer me this if the problem over there are we give you some context when i look at the the palestinians who were protesting the big protest recently i ask myself if you were to talk to each of those protesters with they have what the same the same reasons for protest and being angry in other words or are they are they all out there for literally exactly the same reason or if you talk to them would some of them say it's about economics you know there is squeezing the life of us or would some of them say
so god i don't care about economics is just you know god gave us the land or is it because they're mad revenge wise because israel did bad things to them is it national yeah what exactly are there reasons 'cause if you don't know their reasons you know had a had to find an answer but if the reason is that god gave them the land maybe we should do a little bit more convincing them that they can they can have all they want on exactly the same terms no better terms then an israeli who lives there suppose you had to situate one is that an israeli jew living in israel can buy land 'cause you know it's their country they can buy land or they could least land that the government owns no research now suppose that you are not an israeli citizen but you were palestinian or whatever
you can also buy a release that same land for better terms in that case would you say that god gave it to the people who had the better terms for the land or did god to the people whose government a theoretical concept owns it but the actual israeli jews can't buy it at the same price uh so there's that now the next thing is i keep hearing i keep hearing that israel is sort of the help the holy land but that's just a mistake because it seems is the holy land is the larger area i believe it's between euphrates and maybe the nile somebody has to somebody has to give me a little help on the geography but i believe
the biblical holy land was sort of vaguely described as between the euphrates and in some part of egypt i think the or something and israel's in the middle of that but it includes a lot of stuff including everywhere that the palestinians are outside of israel proper so it's all the holy land it's just that israeli nation has the holy sites where some of them but everybody has access to them so as long as everybody has access to them and every i can buy land why exactly would you want a two state solution versus a one stage and i'm not saying that as making a point i think that as displaying my ignorance in this topic because i don't know exactly what the two the two worlds solution versus the one buys you 'cause
say just tomorrow the israel says ok let's not decide who god gave the land to let's just not decide that let's just say it's all it's all israel will just expand our border will absorb the palestinians will have some kind of rules in place for who could do what but it's just all one state how many problems does you know trying trying to understand exactly what problem you're trying to solve over there might be the biggest the biggest issue
yeah and then there's the issue of what is i am ism verses what is anything else all right that's all i have to say for today is that is seems to me there ought to be a solution here because you can work out the god part by the fact that anybody can buy land there and and i think everybody can or to put it another way yes and somebody said you can run both movies on the same screen over there i'm pretty sure that both of them can get what they want with a little tweaking i gotta go do something else and i will talk to you later
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