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Episode 721 Scott Adams: Chatting & Signing Digital Autographs for My New Book #Loserthink

2019-11-10 | 🔗

My new book LOSERTHINK, available now on Amazon https://tinyurl.com/rqmjc2a


  • Chatting and signing digital autographs for my new book #Loserthink

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photographs for my new book loser think the best book ever written so they tell maine so i'm twitter i had asked people to show pictures of themselves reading my book i said i would give them a digital autograph i thought i was going to tell but i've already done those so i thought i'd do some more and i just thought to have some company
so i'm just taking these from the ones that people have actually set in photographs such as michael blake he's next up so see if you can see this so that one's for michael and after i do a few of these all that just to have a picture with my camera and put it in his comments let's see who's next up
most casual observer his name is sandy by the way the yeah i don't know why anybody would watch this actually somebody listen to living if you think about it sort of asmr and if you don't know what asmr is google it just listen to this it if you were into asmr you will know that this is like the most amazing thing listen
people make lots of money just making a soft sales the put other people to sleep all right sue was anti let's see who else is being good james gm's by the way the book is doing really well i like to go over to it was on and read reviews does he know what you write a book takes a year and by case and you always wonder if you've wasted a year imagine working at a year and then your book is published then people don't like it i mean it so
that doesn't happen to me in the the users away but that would just be the worst so i always of course check the reviews the sales going over and you know i i look at the bad reviews on ellen looking to see you as the bad reviews tend to have a certain characteristic which is is people who haven't read the book and people who think they're smarter than the book so this is two categories of bad reviews people who haven't read it and they're just trolls are mad at me for some for something i've done and people who are pretty sure that they are smarter than whatever i wrote in the in the
i need to i need to let the world know in the comments but so after reading a few of those uh i tell myself ok i think i get the gist of this and then i just after that i just look at the five star reviews and i think it's eighty some percent five star reviews so if you just read the five star reviews it just makes you feel so
good 'cause it's just compliments and so i'm i'm reading through them like it's pretty good and it and then you get addicted because compliments feel really good especially if somebody takes the time you know that's a pretty sincere compliment somebody takes the time to buy your book read your book and then after reading it and they've already extracted all the value from it still willing to log on and write the equivalent of an essay about what they liked about it like that takes a lot of lot of commitment so you get a compliment like that you know somebody put it like two days work to end up in a compliment for you
like that's a serious compliment the feels really good so don't don't think that it means nothing to me if you're if you're one of those people rotors all right looks like a lucy is next george talking ornaments the same time by the way i can commit to use that this will not be my most exciting periscope somebody says should i include today's date on that because of which is composed into a twitter
uh in twitter has this of course dated tobias tobias is up i rarely sign autographs these days well not that rarely but if i were to do an event we usually just do selfies i don't do autographs for large groups just 'cause i can't my hand would fall off one messed up looking dog we're cartoon drawings the point is speed and speed is the important thing here ace looking good days all that's a real name he's
alright watch this i can spell my name without looking so i'm just looking at my twitter feed from i think it was yesterday would i ask people to show a picture in the comments of them reading my book so i signed a bunch of them already if you're just coming on and i'm just doing some other people who who got in too late and into the rules it was too late to get their own digital autograph but because i'm feeling nice today i'm doing bunch of extra because i really do appreciate people who you know
if somebody read your entire book that's a that's a pretty good feeling who all right dennis you're up what if there's anybody on here who knows that the written the list and they're thinking how many are you going to do how many are you going to do i noticed that let me check my check my amazon rank while you're here because i'm sure you care
two hundred and twenty two loser think i make no promises that this is a good periscope we're just hanging out there would be no reason for you to watch this whatsoever alright let's see what we got here number eighty seven or in the top one hundred that means it starts hitting this 'cause if you're at amazon for example they print the top one hundred now top one hundred is of all books that they sell so being in the top one hundred of all the books that amazon sells it's pretty rare you don't lot of people will never see that but once you once you start getting closer to the top ten you get more visibility just because where you already are so then the free publicity
actually kicks him alright frank is next or no dennis and then there's jonathan scott scott doesn't know that there should be two t's in scott i feel sorry for scott spelling his name wrong like that but it does have a lot of time i wish there were only one t in my name imagine all right morris morris europe somebody says i really need to get a life if watching this i don't know why you would
by the way this is where i do the drawing for the dilbert cartoon so this is a finished sunday comics and drawn directly onto the screen with a stylus did i tried to write morris and looks like mom bombs i can do better than that morris just
a few more they love to photograph home and send them your pride or watch that part but you can if you want you're welcome to stay i'll be entering the boring phase yeah very very boring check out the latest post under losers well i will learn to right now let's see what we got there from from your fingers to my fingers
latest entry you say oh wait there's actual loser thinker that's not what i wanted this latest the unboxing video
i was really well done it was a al the canadian the excel something about the choice of music lied i think those lines that's funny i won't hurt you any longer to the next part without witnesses right so i could upload those photographs or autographs i'll talk to you later
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