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Episode 733 Scott Adams: Democrat Debate, #Shampeachment Reality Bubbles

2019-11-21 | 🔗

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  • Review of Democrat candidates debate performance
  • Wisconsin poll shows President Trump leads all Dem candidates
  • A key insight about President Trump and quid pro quo
  • Devin Nunes introduction statement before each session
  • CNN and MSNBC’s hard selling weasel words and…
    • …intentional vagueness?
  • Is dark matter additional evidence that we ARE a simulation?

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Dumping, DUMBO palpable front Bumpo pop up up up all by about hey everybody wanted here. We ve got to talk about the Democrat with the democratic debate last night and, of course, the ship beach meant. That's all there is lately, I'm pretty sure there are important things happening somewhere else in the world Ot ELL know what I talk about and that's because uh you're here for the simultaneous sip is not always about the news, no sometimes as about connecting your fellow humans all over the world and enjoying something that we come to know
As a simultaneous sempin, all you need is a copper amungher, glasses, Diftor, Stein, Jellis tankard, Thermis, last canteen grailed goblet vessel of any kind. Fellow with your favourite liquid Dat coffee enjoin me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the pemeniat in the day the thing that makes everything better the sivultanou SEP Go, oh e, the good stuff there. Well, what's talk about Alo she mpeachment. What were the demogratic debate will get to Sheambeachman in a moment But I'm the democratic debate. Well, we give you a run down an how I think everybody did. Ah
ye got Jo Bin who couldn't possibly stay top of the poles for much Onder, they invited realigious sort of fell apart. Ah the crowd actually laughed at him for one of his one of his gaffs, of which there were several, but he just didn't. Look like he's all there and a esure, that the is entire support is based on people who haven't seen him lately, Yeat the the entire I hit against bidness, is have you seen them lately If you still a erbasing your opinion on how he was five years ago, your problem. So Biden is dead men walking, he's he's not gin to get nominated
Buod judge I wanted to, like I warrant alike, Bood judge, but he is better Easyasier to Likeen the abstract. If you're, just thinking about him is the Goi smarties. Well, meetings is somewhat in the Middle YE. He brings a lot of stuff, but then he watched emestiually debate in which he is on the stage contrasted with the other politicians and I swear to God all. I could see isth Lardas kid in high school trying to run for student council. I just can't take him seriously as a leader cause. He his vibes to Woutd, say too smart and to ya and neither of those things were popular in in the United States if you're picking ill leader-
too young is really not working for you and too smart. We ate that stuff cause. It didn't. He talked a lot and I don't remember any of it. Do you Think of all the things that Bud Juddgs said during the democratic debate, he got quite a bit of talking. Tot Mi accuse one of the top, a people in terms of how much time he got to to I don't remember any of it. Do you Thu's the problem with being too smart and to a eloquent, and to he's almost too good. He is like the, debater you ever saw, but none of it is interesting. So I don't know if he can break through that im. Dulsie gabbird did not have a good night. She didn't have a terrible night, but she didn't do anything to you know, stand the race, I think
I will imagine that em tels, he will have a tough time making the next debates- just because she didn't stand down and tha. I just see her Policie's being close enough to what the Democrats are looking for, and I think her she's become a little bit of a two folkus on the Anti war part which is good. By Anti wore and not doing regime regime changes, is what we already have. We already have that president, so Tulsie gabbered strongest point that she would not do with the regime Ange stuff. We already have that president. So that's a tough contrast for her. I thought Burnie Bertie's, surprisingly didn't get as much time as some of the others. He was in the top foor I think, but Bertie was just birding Burnie
not convert anybody new, probably probably didn't lose anybody. I'm Sithin Bertie's sort of failed to make and in pact which IST For burning a qory bucker got a little attention. He looked. He lookd, borderline presidential but he's close to being. Ah, they were booted out of the entire process, because the process really e theyou outsay? The process is really rigged in the sense may be accidentally, but as reged in terms of people of name recognition and its to Youl work your way through the crowd. If you get to be kicked off the debate stage, so Quory Booker is interesting, but I don't know if democrats buying into him enough
Ah Clobachar still has the right policies and she has lost a capability, but man is she boring, clober, Char tags like this everything she says is propely smartan. That makes sense, and they don't really argue with much of it, except Fear some of it a's opinion than the president must be removed from office, but she's boring me with her monotone and account. Don't think I can listen to that for four years or maybe eigh years. I would blow my brains out, even though she is very capable she doesn't cover.
Assas sufficiently care carismatic to be present Dofvy of he estates. Perhaps she could be a good governor may be a good senator. I think she is a good sentary. Am tan? We've got the ANG who again, he didn't distinguish himself stuck to his interesting, but not setting the world on fire ideas, and I think he sort of disappeared of the stage and honestly a not wearing a nect. I think it's not really working for him. I think you could get away with not wearing the necktie if you were in the top three Sun people as Ay Al you can be in the top three and that wherea that die, but if Hearin the toward the bottom of the polling- and you don't wear a necktie- I don't know if it looks like your trying
rdenough. I don't know if that's reading the way he was at t read. Ything that works. If you're in a commanding lead they Grasserly, where you want. Everybody loves ye, but if you're not it maybe looks like you're not as serious about the process, I think their works against them. A sunk about hires. If you want to know how Harris did don't watch the right, leading news, dont wash Fox Losed, a watch bragbart to find out how Harris did, because it doesn't matter what people associated Withhe. Republicans light ecause: this is the primary's, so I looked to see what as Sian EN and then a Sundy Sea and the like were saying- and there was one tell that was very
Thing a Jetifer Reuben who was for a very well known, Anti Trumper and seems to be connected to let's say the deep state, so she seems to be pretty connected to the permanent, ogranic machine and she tweated that a the cabaleris was having a good knight. Which tells me that there's some preference that she has good knights. Ah so there might be some som possibly it could be a signal that there Somba consents is building with her, because maybe she could win thou heat. What's the most interesting thing about Harris's presentation. Remember I told you that she could win if she made the following changes.
Improve her a body language and stopped laughing at her own jokes and also, I think she stopped es to stop doing terrible, commersals hanging round pree school cause it just as it lookd presidential. So last night, no laughing right and Exfacta saw Joarne Golberg a call that out on Twitter noticed that she wasn't laughing at Roda S is that intentional probably is YO in. I thought her Byd Language was better. It could be because there's a they're behind the poniums, so the maybe is just natural that you av that a better body language when you're standing behind somethin
like that, but I thought that am she came across as powerful a I thought she was too loyarly. If, if she were trying to convince me, I would say yes, she wasn't likable and she was a little too loyerly, but it doesn't matter what I think cause I'm not I'm not part of the primary process. Ah, so, if, if Democrats liked Her- and I heard a number of people say that she had a good knight- ah that's important now, the most important thing Theant Harris said was, as she was trying to put together the Obaba. A coalition meaning that the groups of people who are Proo Bama, now here's how she said it. I want to pull together the other people, a color. I forget the exact qote, but you now
the women, the EL jib Takh you and then I'm waiting for her to say and a white people it Erless of whom she was pulling together for her coalition cause, I'm pretty ture that Obaba needed a lot of white people to vote for him. So I'm waiting for that Deo she's like a es the black vow, the EL g b t then she says and the middle class or the note, the working working people or something like that. I thought really. He left out why eble in your coalition, as I coun work so thet, she wearned, it was a secret raceis dog whistle, ah that, basically she wants the Democrats to be the party of everything except, oh White beable. Now it was actually a very effective the thing for her to say, because if you doe
bout electability. You have to forget about the people who can't get the black voat can Buddhajudge get the black voate? Probably no can Bertie probably nough cause T can elist is Warren, probably Noh Combidin, probably yes, but he also care when the GE, T o doesn't matter that he can get them or not so for Harris to point out that using her cleverer secret races, dog whistle of calling at the Obaba coalition she's trying to say this is no party for old white people But if there are also working, people may be the vote for us, so it wasn't a bad approach because I think it's a signal to Democrats. Look if you a
somebody who could win you're Genaneed need a woman who is a personal color cause? That's that's how you get the the coalition. But the way she ordered it was very entie, o Bama What what's the thing I tell you make so Baba special. Now you may hate his politics blow la you are not talking about his whole presidency, but one ar the things the're made by an earth. I'm sorry o Bama, special and I've said this. A number of times is that he didn't run to be the first black president and he was really consistent about that. He ran to be the president. And he didn't say it- I'm go to scoop up all the black roaders ha ha ha because I'm black, because that would have been rasest.
Obama, brilliantly brilliantly down. The fact that he was would have been the first black president and then was he let everybody else talk about it? That's the way you do it that's the way you do it. Harris talked about it which, which he bouwder to send these secret racest dog whistle that she was to be sort of tha, the leader of the women, an the the black voters on the Democratic Party and didn't even mention white voters? Did' even mention em Whiches was really striking in his absence, as had the Egen cted without it. That said, it probably went Overwhell with a Democrats, so I think she had a good night now. I will remind you,
Than over a year ago, I predicted Harris would get the nomination. I've continued with my prediction, because I don't think it's fair to change. You think I should be held accountable for it. I have also said that she was the worst campaigner I've ever seen and so far that's true, but I CANA say that on the debate stage she isn't bad at all and if what people know about her as or debating, if that is the part they pay attentio to, she looks pretty strong. I also said that if she could fix her body language, you and basically the way she presents her demeanor, ah and not laughin her own jokes thast, she could still es still maker, run for the nobination last night? She did those two things now. Do you think somebody else got too early against a coincidence where D'Ye think I
do you think Idukno who else will say it? Was there anybody else saying that she needed to stop laughing at her own jokes I don't knowf anybody ll set Ite before I saw it, but she has now done the things I said she needs to do the win. So what's that do. I think I saw it was at the bill O'Reilly, you tweeted! Is it just me, or is she hard to like talk to you about Harris, I got say I have the same feeling about it. She is hard to like, but how much o that is, gender. Our our women saying, oh, she looks hard to like I don't know. I don't know I if women are saying she's are to like is a real problem. But remember we set hard to like about Hilary, your Republicans,
Oh, he said Hilary was hard to like and sa well as the other sexes of involved. Was there maybe Ye, I wouldn't rule that out maybe and me there were plenty reasons not to vote for her. But you can't rule out that there is something about her that reminded you of yer, AX's, wife I think guy's had a different response to Ye'Ll Riggle Mthan Womened. Was that fair to say whether you republican or Democrat, I think, there's defiitely, a a gender difference and how personalities are received. For example, Trump's personality plays better with men when you say YO, I think Ta Trump is hard to like if you're a
Rgra it a woman, so some people are hard to like, depending on who you are and depending on who they are. So I think that's a fair statement. They Harris is hard to like for republican men which doesn't matter at all. Predictive, so Inger say an somebody said that I think it was Sir ah barns and of yer you're watching I, but I that thee, apparently, the overseers bedding markets for a Harris went way up like up forty per cent can somebody check that woe wore, while I'm talking put it in the comments check predicted and tell me who were up did because I would guess they Harris Us Bluff.
That's my guess. I I am so that's everybody did my prediction of Comlhare is getting. The domination looks the best to day That it has looked in several months. Which doesn't mean I'm right, but I'm going stick with my prediction. I would say: yeah is no chance. I say: Tulsi has no chance quarry Booker sort of a wild cuart. He could surprise, but at the moment it looks like Isabel ready to be YE cazled from the debates for not getting enough pole numbers. Ah, although EE had a great fund raising day, yesterday's were saying so he did make it imback yes day might be enough Thend. He You know here's a thing. One reason you shouldn't count Quarrybooker Booker out is that hes super smart.
And smart tos, a long way no lot of the candidates are smart. I em. If you look at the smart ones, Howar Duin, Elizabeth Warren, very smart how's. She doin really well eh a be, but a judge, very smart, very smart. How is he doing really well really, while he's out performing what you'd expect from a mayor from them? Idnsized city, so mark does count. Smart is pretty predictive, it doesn't mean you when, but spurs certainly counts, and so that's why Wat a bucker s
wildgard cause he's really really smart. I somely mentioned Styre. He is barely worth mentioning cause the less. He is a lit er purchase on things. I don't think he's Teipaly Rrelevant to the Proceas Ilas Thalk, mad, oh neniges, and there was a Marquet law. Wisconsin pole, I don't know how Prestigiously Marquept law, Wisconsim Polas, but Wisconsin being one of those swing states a suddenly for the first time trump leads in a hypothetical mag up. Any of the Democrats Trump leads every one of them for the first time, for the first time. So in the middle of the impeachment hearings.
Rubs pole numbers at an important swing state just went away up, who predicted that a lot of people, including me, like an elected claims, tum like Smart Prediction on my part, because all the smart people said the same thing If, if you go for the king own'n, you knon't kill im YE got trouble ha a least like this impatial process. There they went to take out the king. In this case the. Sland and it looks like as nock in the work Wi'Ll talk about that I so I was so he ere ears, my realization, Yesterday- and I don't know why this took me so long when I se what I tell you, this realization you're going to say to yourself wait a minute
Why is the first time were Thinkit o this? I it's it's funny, because it's so obvious. Thatd. When you hear it, I think you'll literally laugh that you didn't already see this. I here it comes. The the somland and and testimony is that he was sure there was a quiod proquo besed on ontext and talking to Rudy and other things, but what he asked the President, the president, said unambiguously no quid pro clo pro quo. Just tell him to do the right thing: meanings, olens Now, how do you explain that the president said directly no Quould broke wogers? Do the right thing about asking ye, I'm not offering anything as a as a reward for doing the right thing? Ah, yet everybody thought it was a good pro quo in context,
So here is my insight that you get a laugh Thay, you didn't think of it already its President Trup name name a situation in which he is negotiating. Something IND wish his first offer is not give it to me for Frey Dophelia. His first offer were his first ask in every situation is given to me for freigh. Now, if you're doing a train negotiations is obviously there's no concept of fray ye everybody's gettin, something and give mem something. But when you are talking to a foreign leader, then there's something you want, and the leader has an agreement with you for investigations. There's actually a treaty that specifically mentiond. That you can talk to them and you can ask for thus the
I he says we can ask for investigations if, Have a treaty with another country at is says you can do something. Would your first offer be we'reging a bribe before it? Would that be your first offer? never there's no scenario. This realistic, in which president from's first conversation with crane is we're goin to give you something for this not in a million years. Wasthe the first time you're thinking of it. Why did it take me months to realize that he would never offer thing when he had every right to gether for free every right to ask for it from Frey. That's what'. The treaty o The treaty says you can go. Ask for this for freight. Do you think tromp is going to enter a Negotia
where there's a written treaty. This says you can get this for fray and he's not any asked for it for free. When, when Trum said to Sunland no quid pro quo, he needs to do the right thing. It's because there's a treaty, and it is the right thing. In no world does Trump give something away for nothing WA's. What's one of the biggest complaints people make about trumps, a history, one of the biggest complaints is that he doesn't pay his venders. It doesn't bay. People
He delays payment. Where else says the president delayed payment everywhere everywhere, doesn't he question every single payment? Now? How could it be true, then? It looks like a quid pro quo to his entire staff. At the same time, the president is saying no do not offer something in return. I can't be more clear about that. Do not offer something in return, makes perfect sense that the president had that mind cent. Now let me remind you that that all of the evidence we seem that it was quid pro quo, comes from people's assumption, Every single person who's asked: what's your evidence of quid pro quo, has either an assumption. Or they talked to Rudy, who is not the President and Rudy.
Yo Whyever Roody says you don't know that I came from the president or not ruddy had a job. Rud? He was doing it. The way a lawyer does a job. Is that exactly what the President asked him to do, or its just how Rudy E does the job So imagine you're in a court case, you've been accused of something I see a decree accused of a crime and that you have ten pieces of evidence against you. And one on your side. There's only one thing on your side, but there's ten pieces of evidence against you and then then you presented to the jury. All all of the evidence against you, all ten of it from different witnesses, Et Cetera, is based on their own presumption. According to them, and the one thing that's on your side is the one piece of Durech
evidence? There's only one piece of direct evidence, President Trump, what d'e you want out of your grave, no quid pro quo direct and, I believe, nobody's uestion this, because Sinland was the kind of a witness that you can't even tell Wha Siethe's on right cause. It fell like he was playing both sides, so you wouldn't even automatically say well what he says is not likely to be true. It really look like Sunland was playing hit straight to me. I took singone as a Completely credible witness, even if I didn't like what he was saying so. The the mere fact that the one piece of evidence you can rely on the one direct piece of evidence about the president's state of mind said no, no Quiddroaw
o as clearly as you could possibly say. So you want to be in a position that the presidents and re. There's only one piece of evidence. You can rely on at his totally sculpatory now. Does that mean tha? There was no quid proquo. Nope doesn't mean that it does not mean there was no quid pro que. It does mean the president said in clear words: don't go asking for something in return, that's clear, but because he's the president, as everybody will point out there, there's no such cling as no quid proquo. That's TOT a thing just because you dealing with a president of the United States, you need him if
not making him happy. It's going to be a problem all right, but there is a difference between simply existing as a president in which people treat you a certain way, you have a right to exist. You have right to have a conversation, the sort of your job as president. That other people are interpreting that as a quid pro quo is not really your fault just sort of who you are it's your job, if you're in the office of the President, doesn't matter pure Hilary or your trump, that doesn't matter. Everybody's can treat you as an implied Quin Well, it doesn't matter if you said it directly. That would be a little briby, but he didn't. He said the opposite directly. So there's certainly no crime about having it amplied Quidpro quid pro quo. Is it possible that Rudy Oversoul
the quid pro quo part it's possible, but that would not be the president's Proble. Is it possible. That aide was being withheld in any way because of the Gran's Ugranians, not doing whith. The president wanted them to do. Yes, yes, that is possible, but is it a problem? Is it impeachable? Well, here's the thing Eu crane was massively corrupt and the president wanted to know before he dumped his money. There do we have some, we can rely on who is genuinely looking into corruption what would be one way to know if Zalenski was serious about corruption, there's one way to know. If you looks Ito, the berismal situation and the other stuffed the crowd stripe?
probably wasn't real, but worth askinging about Yoh. The only thing you would expect you crane. Would you say: well, the crowd strike thing is nothing, but let me tell you: Meil Lust, look into brism a little bit cause there's something there, not usly. The bide in connection is something worth looking at and apparently there are a number of situations in which you Crain officials, did try to interfere with the election. We know that, as fact. Because they wrote articles and stuff soses part of the public record. The some members of the ukrainian government tried to influence the twenty sixteen election, which is different from saying that crane trying to do it. There are individuals who tried to do. I so give it all that if the president knows about one specific thing that looks corrupt to him, which is the Berismo situation and maybe
election Interference and the president asks would no quindper quo. Can you look into this and less say the president doesn't get the answer that he was Would that tell the President about how reliable a eucranes as a an anti corruption fighting regime as a proxy for whether Zalensky is a reliable corruption, fighter, Tromp Testad im with some things he knows about or wants to know bout? You know.
Tell me about Brisma, look into it, look in to bide and look into the action. If Zalensky wouldn't even do that. Could you trust him to be looking into any other corruption? No right! You wouldn't. If you won't look into the thing that you know is suspicious, why would you expect him to look into anything else? A end so here's another point you've never heard before the whatever Trump was asking for in terms of ininvestigation Investigation Crane, Ukraine served as a proxy for whether eugrain was a legitimate, dependable partner.
So it would be entirely appropriate for the president to say LAS just wait for a positive signal that corruption is on the downs and that we can trust them with their money. One way you get a positive signal about corruption in general, as if you put Oun a specific request and I got handled responsibly- that would tell you that corruption in general is probably something that this new president I new grain is seriousable am so would it be appropriate for the president to hold off until he had a positive sign. That you Grane wasn't good to steal the money and go away like the last time. Ha haha. Totally reasonable and that his request would act act as a proxy to tell you if Lecrane is serious just in general
If they don't do this little thing or they gin to do the big stuff, the hard stuff, it was reasonable. I so I don't think, there's t any chace that that the Trump will get remove from office from all this. I think it will lead to a landside. I love a new nessis. Are you watching no NAS when he does his introductory his introductory statements before Inco the? a testimony. It's really good, so Lunuz is just killing it as as playing it. Is that it's not serious should not be taken serious by the audience should not be taken. So by any seriously by anybody there, and that is just theatre and this just ridiculous politics, and he's doing a really good job, because his little Clipse in Ourgo to be taken an a context and
promoted people can see that luck, as I think, and then, if you missed, if you missed his play right before I came on so just a minute before I came on a there was a doctor hill was getting ready to testify and her lavement and then nt, the record, I guess, and in her statement she said that the Republicans on, I Guessa Le Intelligence Sminny that that they believe that the only
the only intellection interference, was from your crade and not from Russian an GH. I so there's an accusation there, so that the Newnes and his in his a group only believe that your grade was responsible for election interference and not Russia and ad Newnece takes out this report les slay this thick. This says he has Basively Somply, all the Republicans of Sindoffap who says yes, Russia, interfered hear all the examples Gets his gigantic document, the id of the Endigoes I will make a copy of vellbles were a for Doctor Hill and the other one, ah, so that they have the habit to refer Toh, ouch, basically anything else. She said after that point is
till look like bullshaps, because he just eatn not that he annihilated her before she opened her mouth and I was looking at her her face as their like handier this gigantic document that proves conclusively and publicly her main belief was completel sit. And I'ml just watch your face and soon a that day Yet I would never want to have that day. Were you sitting, Yeu youd get Realdy to testify, and the very first speaker just slash you down so hard that there's nothing you can say after thatsens can redeem you I see, then, of course we have the two movies on one spreen situation, a and o my god, it's so entertaining if, if you're still trying to ignore
ab. If you tried to ignore, see an end, ecause you're, mad Ath them, you don't like the way they cover thinks you are missing a lot in terms of entertainment and I mean seriously. You really need to check the news of all your sources to get a. An idea was going on. If you are only watching you'll dose on the right. You don't know what the other people are seeing and therefore you don't know what's going on and I and Litiye. Let me tell you how a no, of course he had ended in as em. You see Thour sellings, a sonlance. Testimony as well as all over. We we've made our. We made our point now, ah and impeached in his in ah, but they use words like here', some of the exact words
on see dens webside that try to make trouble of guilty without without saying anything, Thas. Actually like a fact that would show that I so they say it was stubning. So yesterday's testimony was studing. Why e? Ah it the testimony to tided the decisions, a trump it tied it to him, meaning what what's I mean it was tied to him? Does that mean that we have evidence that Trump did something or did somebody else imagine it was tied to him link. He was linked ut he got linked to it, but did he get linked? Do Trud Trubget linked to the decision because of a fact or because somebody said they imagined it? Ah, they else says in the Bech,
turning point in what way and why Whyisnt Peachment turning point, I don't see anything that would turn anything ab sunless testimony Ius quote among the most significant to date, o K, It was significant why it's stunning Why it's tied to it's link to the president. Based Ar Sir. There's lone language o in is also maybe a John Dene moment. Sot's tie it to water, watrgate to which I say, maybe Tojohn Dene moment, maybe as Nhat, but Why all the reasons are left out. This Missuss, where I'm going.
There's a lot of words that make you sound, pretty bad, but is not actually directly tide, any reasons governed, and so I keep you digging downs like those prison reasons. Thay, you see thee a the clip which I oh here's hears some more things. Ah, these accords from Synon's page add the testimony goes right to the heart of the issue of bribery o K. What's that me that the testimony
was right to the heart of the issue of bribery, as well as other potential high crimes in this Demeter's. If you read that sentence, would you say to yourself? Oh there is now a fact based evidence that the president was devolves and bribery and other high potential crimes for distributors. You might get fat oppression, but that's not what sentences the sentences the testimony went to the heart of those things, but when it wants the heart, what did you find doesn't say? Did we did you go to the heart of it and find there was nothing there or did you go to the heart of it and find there was something there and if you did, what was it. Ah they're the testimony was implicating the present hay. You been implicated o what implicated of what? Ah they testibly disantled the foundations of trumps.
Eashben defense, how it's it is hilariously vague. So it's selling something hard, but the reasons are generally left out. Ay this talk about Sunlon. His testimony essentially offers democrats of Vallidation for moving ahead with impeachment it offers in validation,. How because why? Ah this is a semittle moment in our investigation- shifts Why ET is a seminal move moments because shift got so excited. He was leaking semonal fluid
Is that why cause he doesn't say why Ahm at Someboy? This is another courd from Sinems webside on the face of it. This was a disastrous day for Trump on the face of it. What about the facts? How did the facts do? where the facts creating a disastrous day for Trump, or was it only on the face of it, and then the Seeanan sight is puzzled because they're talking about this, like it's unbelievable, yet the president declared total victory in the face of factual
eat. So the president was factually defeated. What was the fact, which fact was it? The defeated was at the part when someone said that all of the evidence against the president was his own pr. Cion Suland's presumption and the only evidence in favor of the president was direct evidence that he heard himself when he asked a direct question of the present. Is that a total a total defeat? That sounds like a total of factual victory to me am I am. I hallucinating. And they also like to say that the republic Republicans pounce on stuff and they seize things so this
from Seenin the president seized on the convent by sotland, in which you said Trump told him. He didn't want a quid pro quo with you grave. They seized a that Covent. Well, that sort of the place you should seize, because that comment is a fact. That is completely. It completely makes the LE thing go away, but but the see an hen says it they seized on it like it like. It was something unimportant ye, but we pounced them. That as lot as seizing and pouncing goyants, which minimizes the fact, oh no, the others is little fact that they seized it. They conste
There they made that little fact seem like more of more than it was by seizing it and pouncing on it. Ah, I AMA love of em, so so that's some of their weird language. I was writing down this law orbit. I e, I don't see the slightest ches that trubed his move from office, there's nothing there that would make any republican change their mind, not even a little bit. It looks completely exculpatory to me like completely. It. Does NE ver look like a grey area any more now this e, the guase, does TE living testify. Redown homes is also testifying. That, in is Sis belief. Thatere was a guood proquoi, but most of that comes from am, I think, the way they're connecting it is.
A Trump told people to deal with Rudy and that Rudy. I think, allegedly made it clear that yeelted together that he co opera. And get their money and get abeane meeting in all that that they lick you great, have to play long, but that's the best. She got good luck, wilh that because I don't think anybody's arguing, nobody's, arguing, the Rudy didn't push the elvelope. I don't think Ia I don't think any Republicans are saying, o everything rooted and was just what the President wanted and totally o Roody is 'T attorney Rudy, gets to e rudigusta, try kick in every door that he can kick it. The attorney gets to push every button that can be pushed. He doesn't hove the same restrictions as the politician HI's fighting for a.
Client. So if Rudy asked for some things that maybe the president would not have asked for still not illegal for the present, we have, the claent doesn't be blamed for what the lawyer does. I less less the claim Astim to do it specifcally and that's not in evidence fob, but the Maken thing is it all comes back to this ye we and I get pae trick into talking about the quid pro kuostaff is no relevant. The only question this relevant and you'll see, I think you knows a few people saying this a I think I Bry the first person who said it that I know of and but Dat you see if few work people say it that as long as the president was asking questions which the
The voters nd the citizens of the United States, also hadn't an interested and, of course, we had an interest in an if Bilent Headily Ne Farious connections over there now I'd be interested. If it's ured out there were none and I would be interested if it turned out were some I'm not personally aware of any anything illegal by Joban, but I certainly wanted to know so as long as the presidents asking questions that. Substantial number of citizens also Ont of the Essertudtats. Thus the end of the story. He is just Nhis job, the fact that is also good for the president relevant everything. The president does for the country should by design also be good for him. Politically, you wouldn't want the opposite. Will you would he ever want the presidents in
for his own re election, to be disconnected from the interests of the. Of the citizens. You never want that you' Wantthet to be connected, and they were so no problem with impeachment. I I are we a simulation. I have more evidence that we are assimulation and I I like to uptate this every now and then and the the evidence that Weres were a Soff for assimulation and not an original species that if you were, if we were software, there are certain things we would expect. One is that we might experience different realities, Why would why would it be true if we were designed as Softwhere? Why would it be true? We would experience different realities, meaning subjectively we're watching the news, but were seeing two different worlds. Why would that indicate were solphere
Well, let me tell you it could be that we're just faulty we evolve to be have bad braidns, but if you were designing Solphere, it would be too hard to make every characters a experience consistent with every other character's experience. It would be too hard to program, So you would take a short cut and you would make everybody have the road subjectif experience, except for some abase physics and in facts about the scenery so eh. So you would see you see the programmer cauht quarters because of resource nishment to let people live their own little truth so long as it didnviolates any other facts that were part of thi simulation. But here here's, my none or you would also not be able to see the simulation from the outside.
Shurt off he Kipt exceeds the speed of lives. We cal never get outside our universe and look down at it and see what has been em. The other things you can't tell what is made of if you were made of soft Where you wouldn't be able to, I use a microscope. At any level and look to see what you are cause o some point. If you went down down down down it, just wouldn't make any sense it would just bese zeroes s but here's my new one, how Explain dark matter Sopparently, the universe is eighty pers. Eighty five per cent dark matner. Meaning all that the empty spaces there's just nothing there. Do you believe that you can live a in a reality in which eighty five percent of everything doesn't seem to exist
what does that sound like I software, because you don't build software, that records or or takes into account things that will never be interacted with and all the stuff its between stuff, the so called dark matter. You can't
cted with it. So if for softorages wouldn't exist, it would De Wi just be some programme rules about how the things that do exist. Intoract and all the stuff in the middle just would exist. So thus that this were evidence that at least we're consistent with how we would be designed were we softer. I, I just like to throw that in Ty at the end. Ah Te Tetell, just looking at your commencs here's a little of date, I am still being totally demonetized od. Ah you dup, and what of the reasons that you to get away with it as
Nobody really cares ye ow yif, I care a little bit, but nobody really cares them by Modetyzationat's. Nobody's got ter, make a big deal about it and there's no way for me to find out. What's going on, but Ite you was coming on at least the observable part. All of my contents is demodetized within seconds. Long before I did human could look at it. So we know that I'm on some kind of an algorithm or some kind of a list where I'm automatically demonetized now in the entire history of all of my videos that are on Youtube. Have I ever said even one thing that would be in and a questionable category to be demonetized bussy, you doe the esers that right not once not once Hif. I ever crossed the line, not with any of my viliams not once have I crossed the line into any
woult even be ambiguously caslable, nothing, not even close. So what is it that puts me on the instant demonetization list? Here's Lhee punch line, YO I will get demonetized. We immediately asked for a manual review, what do you think happens when we for Emmanual review, how often does he get overturned and then remot altized every time nine EE percent, the time. Here were a few exceptions and we don't know why they were still demonetized, but there was no good reason for hit ab. Owhat, a human looks at it. They agree, there's nothing there. That would cause it to be demonetie by her's the trick. The human opinion comes after
all the traffic has happened. So even though it gets e remodetized pretty much every time I make no money to speak of. It's essentially roused to zero because they made me Waiy Tho day and all mividios tat. You lus traffic Capan Sunday one so you Toob is just taking me on eut of the game completely taking me out of the game on the biggest platform that I could have an influence. Now, ah, are you being trouled? Well, maybe, but so that's going on, so I wrote my book lose O think which a
so far. People sayig is my best book and people are buying it already for her gifts, people by Multile, copies people re by the hard copy and then Ther also buying the Kindal and Alsoby the audio book bcause. They want to consume it in different ways and had ad a permitive record. Bant also listened to it in the car. I've never see that Friendyo, my books, I've never see so many people buying multiple copies and buying people are by give fer everybody in their class everybody in their organization. So apparently has already huge gift item. It would be a lot to me if that book did well, Nhow doesn't change my life, but is le makes a love were fun to do this, because I at the moment well I'll just say it directly at the moment. It costs me money to do this so right now I elave a
Istant that I pay for processing my videos and put him up on on Youtube, and I pay my assistant more than the tiny Demonn tiny monetization I get so I actually paying to do this you get it for free with old commercials and I'm paing for that you'll be great. If people bought my book because at least I would feel that I'f not wasting my time, you I' like to feel that the market is responding. Now, of course, I would also like to think that the things unadding to the
verse are good whither without compensation and fully worthy of of pliother, but unless the market responds I's a little bilt hard to imagine that anybody cares, and so I, if lusye think, does well in sales of Gasze O k people care, so it still worth Hem for me to pay to do these vidios because people care and that's the best way to find out. I as off now I'll talk to you all later.
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