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Episode 758 Scott Adams: Schiff’s Rehabilitation, Weird Predictions, Funny Trump Tweets

2019-12-16 | 🔗

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  • Devin Nunes letter to Adam Schiff…his need for rehabilitation
  • Nancy Pelosi’s dentures
  • Artist versus Economist Guessing Game
    • …Domains exist that do NOT provide thinking tools
  • Self-gratification frequency and impotence, are they linked?
  • Democrat attempts to explain their version of reality
    • Their worldview is currently confusing and non-predictive

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come on come on but among them everybody pedro andrew commanded gravity it's aside from coffee was got atoms as luck would have it that's me and you're here for the simultaneous which happens where my user killed his one thousand which happens pretty quickly these days and if you like to participate in leaves simultaneous at all you need is a copper among our glasses snifters dying jealous staggered service flask canteen grail goblet vessels with a guy and fill it with your favorite liquid you know that i like coffee and jointly now for the unparalleled pleasure the dope it means the days makes everything better simultaneous up go
dog is well there's a whole bunch of fun an interesting stuff in the news interestingly here's was not in the news lots of bad stuff think about that do remember when the news used to be about disasters people dying in tragedies and all those things not anymore we have entered the golden age my friends and the golden age everything's trending good and when something that happens we take care of it pretty quickly compared to the past
hello azra jail as your brujon glenn aright cycle few things devon newness wrote a letter to adam shifts which was the sort of marking a sort of serious and the the headline there is a newness said indirect language that shifting long term rehabilitation after his men the public lives though he knew were lies now have all been exposed as lies now i could not love this more if devil news had said oh you lied we re you were wrong that become normal wouldn't you re headlights it wouldn't be very clever but by suggesting that the shift its rehabilitation
he's gotta take here to another level he's making you think pass the sale which is did shift do something bad and all the way past that too we should reconsider rehabilitation now it doesnt specify what rehabilitation means but the implication is that sort of mental health character issue and i'm starting to think that this actually accurate for perhaps adler and sheriff you know when you watching me sumer or pelosi say stuff that is the same stuff off the same stuff that ship them were saying you can candid tell that they're just being nickel care you when you say that when you watching nancy she doesnt seem crazy she doesnt seem mentally ill she's just
taking aside and you know why you know what's in it for her and you know this strategy but it doesn't look crazy so wish humor she were never looks crazy does he he is very political etc but not crazy but when you look is shifted adler i wouldn't say that crazy and some typical medical sense but clear these are people who have a different level of issue with the president then the purely political people i dont think hillary clinton this crazy you know there are lots of democrats who were not crazy but when i look is sheer financial there's something else going on would you not agree there's some emotional character something
there's a little extra going on there i don't know what it is but when newness suggests that shift news rehabilitation if he had their party your brain the says yeah there's something about shift is not like the other politicians that you disagree with there's something extra going on there that maybe needs to be looked at there were not medical per as we can that diagnose things but as a political strategy to refrain chef somebody who's got a problem as opposed to someone who has a different opinion not bad devil newness not bad the sums up speaking every framing lindsey graham finally came in the well i'm not going to go over kill shouted bears a very strong re framing
hasn't have been driving you crazy listening to the democrats talking about the president and impeachment in ukraine and saying and i quote he not above the law is not above the law is not above the lies not above the law now what makes me crazy about that does that is pretty factor it bothers me because it works and what works to do is make you think past think firstly the question of whether the present committed a crime you think pass that to the question of should be free of punishment for their crimes so as a trick persuasive persuasion trick to say he's not above the law when there is no suggestion at the moment the any law was actually broken in fact the impeachment articles
don't even mentioned law there's no law even mention after all that after all that invest negation they couldn't even find a law that was broken i think you and i if you would i got investigated they probably find some law that we broke their we don't even know we broke but have investigated as an epidemic here find the law then he broke so they keep saying presence not above the law which is good persuasion bad ethics but lindsey graham has countered in the interview he said i love joe biden but none of us or above scrutiny so that stock whether president drop out a right look into prison and the violence so this is good framing from lindsey grab none of us are above scrutiny
now since biden is accused of breaking the law and lindsey gram has had directly and i thought you said before there he does have a real affection for joe biden the actually he likes the guy so he's now saying joe biden is above the law cause i would be pretty we easily that will be easily because almost make again would make you make you imagine that there had been a law that somebody is suggesting joe biden broke but nobody is there is no law there anybody suggests he broke there is always a question of swampy agnes that may be needed we have looked into because you don't know where you find one should look into it scrutiny so well graham says no one of his above scrutiny as pretty strong persuasion good wording good choice words a plus lindsey graham
let's talk about tramp tramp treated it does its values tweets are we get i think he has more think about it always golfing in one not but he treated and i quote the talking about desi blowsy trumps says tweet because nancy's teeth were falling out of her mouth and she didn't have time to think that was in reference to shoot somebody else was say she was confused about something or got something wrong and trot actually tweets are better dentures familiar now here's the funny part about this funny for about that that's all that's all i'm gonna be seeing the next time i see her talk i'm just gonna be looking at her belly
and listening to this year the click of adventures i think there are dangers are not positive even as dangerous can only confirm that because could be this is just slurring your words for whatever reason but that does sound like she was dentures so what's funny about this is their trump is the master of trash talking like you would in sport so when he my favorite i think was tromp said that barcoe rubio was sweaty that is the ultimate excellent excellent trash because it gets hit his head and makes marker rubio think sweating open knows what i have to worry about everything but i also have to worry about sweating oh my god thank you both weddings making these wedding by swimming now oh no of sweating sweaty makes me nervous wants what anymore
if you ever want to really get somebody's head the trump he's what's too much play a marker rubio you can't be that that guess i'm ahead and so self reinforcing especially during moments of stress is just so good a bad guy right and i say you should do this you can make your own moral and ethical judgments about things but you can't argue it doesnt work is rarely strong policy group i see that andrew i likewise when trump calls out nancy false teeth if they even our forces i have no idea if that's true but it's gonna makers self conscious as
again out now when you become super self conscious will your speaking what happens you don't do your best and i dont know how nancy policy could possibly not be self consciousness when the president of the united states calls our dentures flapping around when she talks if she has to address i just don't know if that's even drew again is a classic trump get in your head a kind of thing and good stuff he had another one today i think i read them don't forget to write that down oh yeah so troublesome persuaded use talking about the debates
for the general election and he said i looked very much this is a tweet today from trump i looked very much forward to debating whoever the lucky person is stumbles across the finish line in the little watched do nothing democrat and its stumble read it again because the zodiac funny i look very was forward to debating whoever the lucky person is we stumbled across the finish line and the little watched do nothing debit at its earth already insults that one sentence no as you know the one the democrats read this everybody was antitrust they're gonna say less are funny that's not clever this
his name is always just pay the boy why are you laughing at that that's not clever the joke does not what he writes that's not a joke and he knows that the joke is the reaction to it that's the joke so when you read that you know what the reaction is gonna be that's the thing that makes me is what is why is done to people how much is gotten their head so i tweeted this morning that for the last few years people have been arguing with me when i would the president trap is the most persuasive purse i've ever seen in my lifetime as far as the public figure
and people would argue that point and they say are you kidding me he's not persuasive and that i was jokingly tweeting this morning that well if you say is not persuasive we have to explain and then say this part but say it now you have explained is ninety five percent approval among republicans or whatever it is it's simply pretty high at the same time is managed to convince the democratic party to work full time for his re election now it's called the impeachment process but the effective it is because trump has managed to take control of the narrative you well he's is winning the narrative is winning the persuasion if you will and the effective it is that he has the entire democratic party working as hard as they can literally the working overtime there actually working long hours into the night
literally working overtime to get him elected possess the obvious outcome of all of us so that's funny so what else we got i deleted wait i tweeted yesterday because the world is sooner damn i tweeted a suggestion for filtering twitter to filter out trolls now weapons on twitter if you make a suggestion of any type doesn't matter what the suggestion is if you tweet a suggestion you get the following results something like
two thirds of the people who will be in your comments will misinterpret what you said and do something stupid and then and then go after you like crazy for being so stupid but their rarely criticising what you said are suggested rather they ve turned it into some weird stupid thing just like you criticise so i was spending too much time yesterday going into the comments as they know i didn't say that now that's not the idea now that's now works until i realized and the other would be just thousands of people who just would be misinterpreted get and blaming me so i deleted it
but i'm gonna tell you what the idea was the idea was to have an option per to eat now listen to this is the per tweet bars this important that the author of the tweet can say therefore this to it and just the sweet alone i wanted that's where i won't see mosaic adjust miriam automatically anybody whose anonymous so you can still covered all you want if you're an anonymous account you can keep your anonymous account you can comment you can
wait you can do anything you want but i personally would have the option of not seeing it now the stronger version that is at stake here actually comment i am not opposed to that but if he wanted to give everybody there full freedom of speech you could you say well actually i think i would prefer it if i could just block them now the here the complaints the people made when i met this just somebody says the jackdaws dorsey doesn't like suggestions he literally liked my suggestion so on twitter jack dorsey actually had like now let us many things is a good suggestion
the way i the way i interpret it is you may know that jack dorsey in twitter recently announced that they form some ex external working group to try to figure him to eat better ways to filter and then run algorithms on twitter so he's actively looking for suggestions there actively brainstorming how do we make twitter healthier etc so i think the like that you put the suggestion had more to do with encouraging the brainstorming then like in a specific idea that's my interpretation of anyway so then so some people asked how can you tell if somebody's anonymous yellow how could you
detective that's real good question and i don't know the answer to it but i imagine it could be done because when you sign up for twitter you you at least have to give them a phone number would already be out and there are probably a number ways that you could sorted determine if somebody israel the others the the blue check verified system but that's all some people so is there a way that you could build into twitter a awaited test whether there being anonymous were using their real name that would not be maybe a hundred percent accurate but would work all right here's a suggestion if you want to be able to comment and be known as a real person you could maybe upload you ready so you can upload your driver's license and if you driver's license matches
matches the name you using in your profile than that that would be a real person now uttered authors practical you do that in its use an international things so they have to handle ideas from different countries but i will be those option yet so idee theft would still be a problem but most people would not bother i think most trolls would not bother to get a fake idea just to pretend to be a real person what it would be just as easy to continue being announce what would be the point of pretending to be a real person on twitter when you could just have in actual fact profile there so i don't think there's incentive to get a fake idea justly you look like a real person on twitter except for you know a few pranks tours whatever it should be a trivial problem the other thing i would
is if you were to put your name and address into twitter when you signed up there are probably enough public resources than that where people live in other words you could prove find out if somebody lives unless it goes under the name that reclaiming and they are the age that they claim because right now you can sign up for a service to do a background check of anybody if you do a background check on anybody you can find them address you can find their age their bit the date of birth and the real knave stuff like that so you could imagine a process where somebody s put their name and address it end and twitter at least check to see if there's somebody by that name who lives in that area still allows you to take the name was somebody was not on twitter right so none of these are foolproof systems
they're all just some brainstorming suggestions away so here's the main point some of the people don't like the idea thought pay you take away my freedom to speak anonymously and since i have to speak anonymously because i might get fired from my day job if i give my real opinion wouldn't use gotta be missing out on good opinions to which i say probably not probably that if i were to block all the people who were anonymous but this will allow all the people who were under their real identity would i miss anything important because seems to me that the opinions that move the world another word the opinions that actually matter are the ones that people will say allowed if you
an opinion that you're not willing to say out loud because you would give fired i understand that the staff to be transported these but you can guarantee that there's somebody who will say the same thing under a real identity there's probably nothing that you you would be afraid of saying because you might get fired this probably nothing that the reason somebody else who was perfectly willing to sail in public under their real name so would i any of the actual and opinions of the anonymous people fear radically yes but in the real world essentially now because most people have pretty similar opinions on each side of the political realm and if the another was people i'd never see on a particular tweet i'll see people were not anonymous
probably with the same opinions so i probably won't miss anything the other point is that your freedom of speech is not impinged by i've read him to ignore you so i certainly have the freedom to not see your speed while at the same time you have as you have the freedom to speak a word tweed all you want es i just put that idea there are four thought so what it is not something just for the blue jack's you need some other way to verify people's identity don't know what that is i am speaking here that sort of thing i've started posting these powers
risks which as you know a good posted over to youtube but youtube demonetized is all of my stuff then makes me go through the burial process to remodel ties it what it's too late because all the traffic sorry gone by so that still happening and by the way i have verified that youtube does still run ads on my stuff that's demonetized now i don't know that they also that but wouldn't you assume that if we can observe it and we wish you just look at it and we can say ok it's demonetized you can check that for ashore is essential and then you can also check they you're lucky and advertisements at the same time this is demonetized so it's not like you can see that the ep
it has been so running when its demonetized now do you think that the running advertisements and not collecting money from the advertisers because i'm demonetized why anything is possible i'm thinking that's not what's happening i'm thinking that youtube is keeping the money from the ads and simply not giving them to me now i would like confirmation that that's true but if it is true it's obviously a class action lawsuit and i would imagine that there will be a lot of people in my situation who joined them so let me put this out to you if there are others having exactly the same problem but only if you have some visibility on the question of whether you tube is really making money while at the same
timely monetizing me if that's true died out i have to say that he suddenly lawsuit material but is an open question i believe that the trend of trump supporters lying to pollsters is growing and it should grow i recommend and i'm going to say this is an ambiguous lee if you're a trump supporter and you get pulled you should lie and say you don't know you don't have to of course free country can say whatever you want but wouldn't it be funny if the poles were amazingly you have to admit it would be funny but also why would you take the chance of giving your information to an anonymous pollster in each one absolutely nothing is anonymous could the posters
identify if i who you are they have you found him right if they have your phone number and they know that you said your job supporter does that information exists in a database that could someday be bad for you yes because the democrats are saying explicitly that they're gonna come after trump supporters is not even a theory happening right now if they had a list of who voted for tribe they the news that list do you think the point companies are so secure that there's no employee of appalling company you can get a hold of their data and put it on the internet of course they can now i don't know the odds are but of course that could happen in fact i would say the odds of it happening what at least twenty percent minimal
right twenty percent chance that you'll be analysed the says you're a trump supporter based on answering a nepal if you're a transport her and you honestly answer upholsterer that's just bad thinking because it doesn't help trump to say that it is more popular cause he's running anyway he got the nomination you don't have to help trunk he already got the domination here again it so you can't help and by an answering honestly you can help me by answering ring honestly because i don't want you to lose your job i know well you'll be a list this measure you you should be shunned the future so all help me if you tell the truth can you think of anybody in the world it would help if you told the truth to bolster i get i getting there
to that i give him a lotta risk here think of any benefit as you know i didn't feel testing the response to people who say ok buber and depending on the context i continued to find that my clever respond marsh nighters are one of the proposals of this as i say ok duma with a d ok do her so far seems to stop all conversation so cylinders somebody use in that trunk is destroying the world or isis estate over a worm climate changes going kill us all ok do better just totally stops the conversation but does the yourself that's anecdotal
i have a new criteria for blocking people i block somebody this morning every now and then as many of you aware i will retweet a democrat were somebody who's die tramper because there's something they said that i think you should see or ice or agree with it yesterday or today forget i tweeted aol city it was part of a larger red she had about healthcare but one of them was that sheds sixty options that she had to figure out which when she wanted and that nobody should go through that kind of paperwork so abc other tweed complaining about the complexity of making a decision on club healthcare in the current system
i completely agree with that prices and so i retweeted it and then somebody came came after me in the comments and said that i need to explain i have retreated that as if i'm not allowed to retweet somebody who's on the other team according to you that's an instant bluff again so i want to make sure i've word you all if you tell me that i should not have or could not have words bad form worse a bad idea to reach we'd somebody on the other team instant block i don't want to have any association with people who are always saying this as a team sport you can see those items were you're welcome to do that i just don't want to hear from you because that's that's just nothing useful so if you got blocked today that's why
i continue to test my provocative theory that i call artists verses economists and on twitter i was tweeting that you can you can tell if somebody is more likely to be an artist or more likely to be one of the fields where you learn critical thinking
economists people stand in for that as is the way on twitter this was radically misinterpreted and then once again i had spent my whole day explaining to people that they didn't understand the point and they were sure that i had contradicted myself and silent just deleting the sweet because there was just exhausting to explain to people that they can't read over and over again no you carry trying to providing avian flu maybe if you read it perhaps you should read the tweet and then comment it i say just getting also doing that but here is what i have learned continue to do this test if it continues to work in ways that are scary because i used to think maybe they were smart people and dumb people in the world and i'm starting to think that's not the case
listen i q sense i'm starting to better than a lot of our differences this is how we see the world are based on what education and experience we have in one domains and that some of them don't teach you how to think but here's the worst part you don't know that you don't know that you don't know how to think so they you think you have common sense you think you're equal to the other people who have learned anything you can't tell the difference
so look for that once you see i do care and see it the number of a crazy comments they come from people in the arts is its astonishing is very consistent somebody was mentioning krugman now i shouldn't have to say this i shouldn't have to say this year adults right most of you you understand that something like this where i'm saying artist to recover this you understand that doesn't mean every time every person right and you should understand that when i say artists of a certain characteristic
most of the people who came after me said paul scott you draw the hell were you draw the words god so is it that inconsistent with you saying that artists are not gonna credible vague scott now that of course is a complete misunderstanding of the boy the point is that if the only thing you study was art on average you're probably not can have the same thinking too as somebody who studied let's say art and also economics and also science and also psychology so there are very few people live only studied or always stated economics is a generality it's meant to be a generality and there are no no absolution
so if your arguing it from a broader perspective of there's an exception young hey is krugman exception are just not interested of course exceptions you don't have to ask me about every one of them did you see rudy julia these tweet thread which suggests he's found out all kinds of damning things over in ukraine so i guess he's been traveling over there they get under an somethin it seems that seems to indicate got all kinds of good stuff i don't know of any that's real but it's interesting its interest in here's a random thought you know john mcafee useful pursue created mcafee the entire virus stuff but he's a interest
character ay i think use you get arrested if he came to this country but i realise that you follow me on twitter and i follow him would you be interested in having be asked john mcafee it come on our because he's announced his presidential run and i think i can't imagine who would be more interesting with him i just put that other if you'd want it if you want me to write job maxie on the periscope uttered us he'd come but i can't imagine everybody will be were interesting here's a study have you been seeing all the talk about the damage of poor and was say self gratification so there's a lot of conservatives especially talking about poor
and people are using it doing something and i was damaging people plus raising the study it is said that the erect out this dysfunction rates for men under forty has gone up quite a bit so so the number of people with a low libido is skyrocketing and the articles rings has no variable related to useful erected a function has meaningfully changed and solar saying that the only thing that's changed is that there is more poured or better born so this just is that the men who were looking at them when they try to have sex with real women they cannot function
because a poorness were everywhere the brain i think does shrill some of you to say that my assumption is that completely demonstrable but here's my only quibble there is definitely something else this changed so when the article says nothing else has changed accept there's more poured that's not true is it let me suggest some other things that have changed diet so why as people are saying uttered off that as a scientific bearing but his changed and certainly its implicated in the of the whole sex hormones so the situation here is that nothing has changed the year the meat to movement now the need to move it i think most of us generally think it's a positive thing in the sand
women who have been harassed for europeans and others yell at least you're starting to get at least a little bit closer to you some kind of leave from that meeting movement they will be part of that but here's my controversial statement if you are a young man working in a corporate environment let's say the eighties just to pick a decade you are surrounded by sex sexual suggestions and it was just a complete we know that was my experience anyway is it being a young person working in the corporate world was so sexual ized it was crane and the number of people who were in the office were having you extramarital affairs and young coupling up with each other was through the roof and the conversations were often sexual
by today's standards they would all be grounds for grounds for a fire but back then it was it was common good or bad an appalling there's no judgment on this right i'm just driving so when my troll stake at the santa context later not saying the old days were better just describing the difference so and then you are also an environment where people were your dressing in some cases more per positively probably more so than today so i think there was also more continuous data mixed pleasure to real world things that were getting men can it worked up during the day so that changed because all that about you that men are not even making eye contact always as much when you're walking down the hallways as if a woman is walking the other direction
by the way i've completely stopped making eye contact when i remember to do it because my reflex was they have walking by some hallway run a sidewalk or something my reflexes to look at their face in cases somebody i now or in case there just friendly carefully rolling to say hi but if i if i catch limits a woman working here direction are more likely to just look look out and looked the other direction now so here's my point if you're male your body chemistry is greatly influenced by the inputs during the day and if the inputs during the day used to be more or less say overtly sexual and now there are less so because people are actively trying to avoid looking in thinking and acting in such a way that would make a difference
is it not also true that the testosterone level of men has dropped every decade that's true to right under the why but that's changed so wouldn t drop in interest ass rule explain explain things as much as bore unless the porn is causing the drop in testosterone maybe die and let me libya pivots to some of my predictions says i'm gonna get back to the important thing is i was one of my predictions so i've told you often that if you want to tell you world view the best way to do it is to see if you can predict things so i built a number predictions some u scenes
i don't know about i'll tell you about and i test them so i'm going to test the right now and what i found is that i have a bad track record on a ordinary stuff like if it's just some ordinary person is running for office and i try to predict who's going to win i'm not especially good at that does there's nothing there that works to my special knowledge but if there's somebody in the race or in the world who have special persuasion skills i programme a little advantage there because i can recognize him so for example as you know i identified trump as being persuasive likely to win their presidential election before other people and i also noticed air sea as having a special skill when most people were calling her a flash and abandon the bartender and stuff like that and now she's practically running the democratic party
so i seem to be good in certain categories let me tell you some of the least let's say the wildest predictions i've ever made and see i've done and the most unusual once again in my book the dilber a future that that was published in ninety ninety seven i made a prediction that still catches me flak twenty some years later and the prediction was this the avenue would be debunked in my lifetime in scientific terms not in religious terms so i never said that i never said that evolution would be debunked in favour of your genesis but i did say that science would debunk evolution in my lifetime
has happened yes now what i say do bombs that's of course a strong terms but it is true that there is an alternate explanation of evolution that is backed by a small number but real scientists nick bostra musil i believe a scientist is the one who came up with it and it certainly would make evolution you are not applicable so imagine how wild how wild that production was that's it the entire scientific community was saying no yell we scientists all agree for the most part evolution of illusion and i publicly predicted against that not in terms of a religious explanation but as a scientific one here was my thinking
i think it is specifically in here's a reason i gave for why i thought it would why it would be rethought i said that the next hundred years will be a search for a better perception instead of better vision another words my prediction about evolution was based on our perception of our reality thus was simple serious it's about a perception of reality is not about whether this fossil is real it's not about we'll whether dna can mute it is about whether our entire perception of reality would be transformed thousand ninety ninety seven the need that protection not that i also predict in the same book that virtual reality in the form of something like the holodeck would make real sex extinct
and as i just mentioned just right the report has not yet even three days for the most part has lowered men's interested having sex with real women substantially enough that summer considering it emerged say what happens when this level of porn moves into these really world well if you have not if you have not experienced virtual reality and i have got a virtual reality box over here if you have not experienced how real it feels even while your brain knows it's not real but the
you see the world like it's real if you haven't experienced that in person you don't know how bad this is going to get let me let me tell you whatever level the porn addiction crisis is right now you haven't seen anything it's going to take a whole new level and it's going to make sex with you since seem like a stupid idea that's happening i there's nothing you can do to change that there's nothing will change that so i think that prediction is certainly as the indications i made a weird protection also imaginary some that it would be a rise of something that i called the hairy reasoners now harry reasoner was a real personally was a news guy back in the old sixty minutes
original days has passed away but it was a play on words instead of harry like a person's name i refer then his hairy as in there on your head the thought was that on the internet there would rise in number of let's say voices were pundits who would have bad hair air would come to be sort of the voices of reason and the prediction was that we wouldn't be able to discern a reality from the news because news wouldn't be reliable ninety ninety seven folks and i said instead of relying on the news for the truth you would need certainty but who would emerge just as credible figures there would have bad hair but they be good at explaining stuff that's exactly what i'm doing i've got bad hair
then i'm gonna explaining stuff somebody just said ellen dershowitz exactly exactly somebody said joe rogan exactly bad hair explaining stuff i was gonna say jordan petersen we actually as excellent hair but he has a beard don't remember if i said it in the book that it would be harry in that way but it is true that eleven yet live in it is true assumes that will sort of which has good here he's bad example malcolm gladwell level so that not all of the important figures were explained things about here but i will claim partial victory other one i also
predicted in the early nineties now early two thousands that there would be a caliphate in the middle east there was and that they would be using drones for small drones for terrorist attacks i think there's guaranteed also predicted this book years ago that the news industry would start killing celebrities to generate news i predicted that the actual news would be so positive that we would figure out
make stuff worked pretty well in the future that the news industry would have to actually start creating news by killing people that was shortly before princess die died trying to avoid photographers so i can say that proved it but we are watching the news trying to assassinate people's careers wouldn't you say that it is true that the news industry actually the news on the left is literally assassinating people at least politically and career wise to generate news would you say that's not true
are you are you watching it every day the news is not physically killing people in most cases but there actually targeting people for destruction to make news it gets clicks that's almost all were watching them is the news targeting and destroying people to create more news think about that i predicted ninety seven that video cameras would be so ubiquitous that it will be impossible to get get away with crime almost there was the last time you saw a crime that involve any kind of a public event or business and which lower were not video cameras in almost never happens anymore so that one was correct i also mean that weird prediction that hilary health was bad during the election that was
a bold thing to say and she's the only candidate i know who during the election passed out at a public event had to be dragged into a car in there's more to the story this rumour but that's not confirmed but apparently she was pretty darn sec so few people were on the same page eleven my i predicted of course back in twenty sixteen i said that the two movies on one screen was what we about tat cc said the reality reality itself would be changed by trump true it's true when you say i think i think that in fact there was just a yet another article i think in the new york times in which
somebody was exactly the same thing though that our world is separating the two versions of reality what a weird and think about what a weird prediction that wasn't
sixteen i literally predicted the reality was split into two movies that are playing on the same screen meaning which look at the same facts but we see different movies think our weird that was what i said it and now it's literally ordinary lay ever everybody raises true when i first said it i don't think anybody thought it would be true that's about is contrary in a prediction is everybody's i remained in the history of protections here's another country and one when the vegas shooting happened and isis claimed claim that it was a laces event i said in public it wasn't isis at the same time isis was actually taking credit for it and the experts said you know isis doesn't take credit for some lessons really them and i said
this will be the exception and it was sink our where that was isis was taking credit and i still said in public snub them then we found i wasn't remember the the cuban mercy sonic weapon i said his mother saw the weapon when everybody said it's a solid weapon at least everybody i know of maybe somebody thought it wasn't and sure enough years have gone by and they can't find any sonic weapon as i predicted somebody gave me our time because i predicted the commonly harris would be there i believe for the democrats and she's already dropped out of the race or suspended ricky obeyed but
am i wrong yet let me just suggests that if cobblers became joe biden running meet the people are going to look at this situation especially since joe is talking about having one having only and turn the reason is talking about that is because if we see more of him and you'd have to him in the general election was a reaches the general election the news will no longer be able to ignore joe but that he's gonna look less and less appealing until his vice presidential running late is talked of as wait for it the real nominee because people are going to say you know jos tactically there the ticket but work i am voting for the vice president in this specific case
that would make a camel hair effectively the nominee without getting opening by not happened but i'm just say that my prediction about being the nobody is not yet dead except in the technical sense in which somebody says you're predictions are often wrong why cover that in the first part you might amidst so when my predictions are wrong they're usually in certain categories so the ones they tend to be wrong or a sort of ordinary things like what which ordinary candidate will win this race which way will of i'll go stuff like that i don't think i have any special insight and stuff but in terms of understanding reality and the the trends of how we see our world and persuasion i seem to have a good record
the home then he was still lose that that is correct yeah even if cobblers were vice president that everybody thought should be present i would still technically lose the bat the evolution was wrong artist opinion well black and argue that way you missed the deep state did i say what i said was that the deep state was organised two but rather it was probably people with chopped arrangement syndrome acting individually they may have been complaining to each other collectively but i imagine their decisions were sort of endeavour
all decisions they may have been blinded by the thought that it was good for the world some light that we still don't know what the deal is with bread and clapper if there was anybody who specifically was planning and overthrow it will be there are still but we don't have any information here is the deep state is just a bureaucracy that has some preferences and of course that exists you told me the boat at any conspiracies such ass i saw stocks a few stocks i i've been index funds so i'm mostly in stocks
what about the meeting in the andes office we still don't know what that was about so i don't know if i had a but i did say and i did say that these so called insurance policy was not a reference to a coup and i believe the horowitz as validated that right had do effect check agnes did horowitz i he did not conclude as far as i know that the insurance policy conversation or the meeting in the eighties office all that conversation i believe he did not conclude that that was coup talk i need a fact check on it we also somebody's agree with me that doesn't mean it wasn't but you look into a pretty clearly yes what was there are other explanation for things that he must hear them
what about cartels as terrorists her dead in the water i think that there will be continuous movement towards treating cartels as terrorist organisations i'm guessing that we ve got a secret deal with mexico because the mexican government kids say that their good work with the united states to take out the cartels because the cartels probably have too much control over the government of mexico so the way that it could happen is the mexican government says in public no no no we're not gonna do this while in private data they turn a blind eye or were or help a little bit so depending on how much in the pocket the president of mexico is in the pocket of the cartels
thus the we know now but i wouldn't be surprised if the united states is already organizing and planning military action maybe you'll never european because if if a cartel if a cartel facility in the jungle blew up would that ever beyond the news because it is not like yours any press yeah i don't know if we never know so it seems to me that we could have massive military action against the cartels you never even hear about do you remember when there used to be a problem with pirates member the somali pirates to remember that there was like pirates pirates pirates and it looked like there was nothing that could be done because there were so many pirates and of good business nor just more pirates every
pirates pirates parts when it was last time you heard about a pirate think about it when the last time you heard about the somali pirates do you think they all retired they're not they're not taking any more ships what do you think happened well speculate what happened is the somali pilots got wiped out by now doesn't matter it doesn't matter cuz you're not going to hear about it wasn't on the news will never be on the news but i can tell you one thing for sure they're probably a lot of dead somali pirates we just don't hear about it
so what's the difference between the somali pirates who just sworder quietly all disappeared dead and the cartels of a similar situation i suspect that the cartels are going to have some bad days ahead but you might never european so there's that they think i ever had all my top wins out so i'm watching the the democrats who are trapped in a losing movie trying to explain the reality is kind of funny to watch them flail now the problem with the democrats movie or
a version of reality doesn't predict they have they have to deal with that now my version of a reality is predicted quite well so for example i said now the president did not collude with russia and sure enough and i said ukraine is not cry bottles anything there and sure enough doesn't seem to be much of anything there but if you're a democrat you think that all of these things really exist and you're probably trying to explain why thirty percent of hispanics or supporting the president and probably i'm guessing they'll be a storage lee high number of african americans voters for trop for real action now if you're democratic explained that because because they that is obvious to the entire world that this presidency is the
this racist in the world and yet something between the old town and thirty percent depending on which nobody community are actually voting for do you think that millions of people didn't notice what the new says it's just true that the presidency obviously just obviously a bigger racist and you think that all of these people who would be the victims of this raises me you think they didn't notice how did they explain the world southern they're trying to explain in the way of saying that everything the republicans believers conspiracy theory or its gas lighting its lie stupid or its selfish behaviour that some kind of a kind so those who go to use the big five conspiracy gas lighting lying stupid or selfish so that sort of the material
the walls of their bubble as long as they can explain everything away with one of these five things our lesson conspiracy theory you guess lining lying stupid selfish commune then they can stay in their bubble but and as the bubble continues to be terrible at predicting i don't want you to stay the bubble they care predict that would be very painful that's all i got an ill will talk to you later by from it
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