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Episode 766 Scott Adams PART2: Viewer’s AMA

2019-12-24 | 🔗

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for too much so happens there is my advice and see if we ve got it i guess you wanna ask me some questions i'm gonna take them in no particular order well are you coming on will will the goodwill how i have a question for me i was the guy you say you did we earlier regarding the laundry list persuasion verses focusing on a single variable and day your answer about explaining your point well but is it a isn't just another word for variable no i would say so you question was i've said that somebody has lots of reasons for their opinion instead of just a few
good reasons that led the long list of reasons probably shows that they don't have one good reason whereas there are situations have lots of variables and you dont want to cause trade are one variable as the only one that determinant and my point was it a variable is very different than a reason there could be lots of variables within reason but they're just different things so oh so should make any judgment about what i say about reasons in terms of what about variables the variables and reasons or not they are not the same concept poker ever greatness you do take her right would see who else was they asked me a question debbie those that the news just basically stopped bill
bill are you there hey bill bill poldie is joining us what can i do for you today bill and happy holidays miracles you can do nothing for me you can continue to teach people how to make money well that's great that's a good dart you could be teaching them how to make money to do you give great advice that was awesome is often an employer doesn't want to get into a situation and heaven issue with the employees so great ass people accept it yeah am biller you fired a great many people in your life so under you can see this from both sides hundreds hundreds about anyway it's a great christmas season thanks for all your help or help and people like crazy and spent very big help because
you sir thank you the bill for those who don't know about your internet philanthropy you been giving away money literally just giving way round money yeah to people with good reasons could cause what you tell it tells me but one of your recent ones while it yesterday i gave away a thousand dollars to somebody who posted that they needed a student loner headstone loan and needed some help so we did that than we raised i think enough money for a seventeen year old who had three rural policy to get christmas presents and then we raised money i think before that for a family who had lost their nineteen year old son and we raise money so they could have christmas present we raised presence scott christmas presents for eighty one families the entire families author twitter that's amazing and euro your influence keeps growing where emily twitter followers either
i think about one point seven million and we got a few million on instagram reilly and they had a year ago i was what made three twenty to thirty thousand flowers are you really suddenly the internet on fire here while we're everything's got thanks for promoting it we would be able to help us many peoples we are without you so thank you this great i'll get you a bill and i heard about cholera by at a great holiday you too as funless u else we got here when i look at i look at all your faces names on your logos before ice like the guests and i act is gonna be the tell something by looking that ilo guest gas can you hear me sure but i don't have any questions warrior does that
merry christmas and a happy new year do extra say that thank you i was easy i'll bring in somebody looks like they're gonna cause trouble the killer mess looks like a maker maybe in a good way we'll find out the collar enormous can hear me up merry christmas to you haven't leslie i've been a huge range of years for a very long time i was curious about yes i can hear you can hear me yes glad i was curious about your thoughts on free will oh yes my thoughts on free will while of course sammy heiresses the ultimate ensure the more scientific their academic persons to talk about free will but my my basic ideas that if physics exists which adele
and though the rules of the universe and and cause and effect then you would not expect cause and effect to stop at your skull and do not apply to the things that are happening inside europe go to your brain is a machine that's hard for you to predict what will happen but your inability to know what you will decide or the ability to before anybody else to protect it is unrelated to the fact that just cause and effect so one cause is always going to have one effect so what you do tomorrow is one hundred percent determined by the conditions today but it i feel as though you may choices and certainly in the the ordinary sense people make choices people do a year be they can go left right they can pick one or two those decisions feel like choices when they make them but they are not there just you your conscious mind realising what's gonna happen and the new interpret it after the fact as a
we had a freewill choice but that's that's the basics of it that outbreak says yeah i guess you being and self help it's interesting that you're still having an effect on people even though its you can help it well you know that not entirely true because if people have no free will and they're just subject to their environment a variable that changes their environment and so is too the point is not really self help the reason that somebody approved is there i did something you could argue there's no self help it just feels that way because you accepted the help but they help came from somewhere and you too you just incorporated it because it was a new set of variables so the way i look at it is that while it could be labelled self help what i see is that i'm a variable that is doing whatever needs to do he's gonna do what is gonna do i feel like every day i wake up and do the thing i was gonna do
i know what it is as it happens and then i become a variable in your life and that can change you so so no no there's no conflict there at all i think i think the collar is off so we had known it was said peter peter talk to me are you there peter merry christmas demagogic yeah the expanse season for heavy i just to check it out i have watched i think other only ten opposite i can't tell if there were any more coming yet but i have been watching the news season of the expanse probably my favorite sites i that's currently running i would say yes of the one area currently run i are huge
so i recommend any by check it out but listen do with headphones all these side by side i properties if you don't listen and had found you really miss the who all bringing you into their world effect so that's my recommendation i'm him have you had more lines then there are some amazing characters in their sometimes i just like you voters talking the shelters they don't like you i don't even know what kind of action they have but don't answer that why agony this may sound me lay south african or something but is a great acceptance
i want to show is called the expense and you should watch it thanks peter back to us we got here rick looks like he's got something to say wreck command me command me rick eirik you have a question i do so first of all i want to thank you for being so generous with your time in life lessons both in your books and your periscopes like you you're welcome so following up on the previous question about free will my question is about what you refer to as the simulation which i find fascinating with love for you to expound moron and my question is have you ever considered that we are at a simulation but that your interpretation of the simulation is an attempt by a finite beings to understand
an infinite god's creation well have you are you familiar with my book gods debris unfamiliar with the fact that you ve written it but i have not read it and i raised on your question you and enjoy their book sire i'll give you a any spoilers religious let me just say that's right near your alley rather if we're a simulation which means that we are created by some other species a species that came before and could make others these are the software is likely that there are lots of us copies that is and will be far more copies than there are originals because that's how the original makes less copies so chances are where a copy because there are more of them and all the copies will think they are real just like the original thus that's how their programme to think but i have thought what
the point of it all in one of the things that you can speculate i'm not saying this case i'm just having fun with this if you are to build a simulated software world today was say you're whatever you think is your current human existence if european whoever and you made your own simulation wouldn't you inhabit one of the characters wouldn't you want to be one of the avatars was interacting interacting with people were not real or in cases are players in some cases are not you probably would it you wouldn't want to just be an observer all the time sometimes you would sometimes you might want to build a little world just to experiment just to watch it it's like an have farm maybe are you might you may also want to interact with so it could be that some advanced advanced civilization has run out of challenges has run out of experiences has done everything that they could do in their own plane and of debt
not an artificial world that they could be a character within this means that i or you could should we be aid an alien whose inhabiting an avatar for the purpose of the experiencing a life as if it were an actual life in other words you wouldn't have the knowledge that you were the avatar you were just why europe every day and say hey i see lots of other people dying but i'm not dying the opel tons of terrible things are happening to other people does not happening to me it's like it's like i wrote this game for my experience or something there are another that's true that's just for fun regards debris and i think that a blow right yeah well i am is now a christmas is all about is that the the creator is becoming part of the creation
well can can the creator in the creation ever be separate correct that's exactly that's exactly what i'm saying as a christian i have no problem believing that we're in simulation of sorts it's actually called creation right there's even scripture that says in him we live and move and have our being and this simulation what we call creation is actually the context in which our god created us so that we can get to know him better say only get it gathers there's lots of ways to make those ideas are compatible so that great holiday destination right merry christmas icebreakers stake another how bout cassandra cassandra can you hear me good morning merry christmas designation might i love you and thank you
every morning that use them with us like you i love you all to end wouldn't do any this if i didn't enjoy it probably more than any of you they usually have to explain to people often ask me how did you spontaneously talk for an hour every day and when i think about it and i say to myself ok sky supposedly told you at your job to talk spontaneously for an hour every morning about however you have to figure it out in five minutes before you go on you have to figure out how would you i got my first reaction would be i wouldn't like that like that at all how m i gonna talk for an hour spontaneously in some way that everybody wants the watches thing but when it happens so easy because it just enjoyable this experience and i'm having literally right now what will be one of the highlights of my day you know me
the better and i think that you can most of you can pick up that i mean if you if you knew i was just working you would know that right but you can tell that i do this for my own purposes as well as yours and we have developed we ve also we ve evolved together i continue to evolve as you see the simultaneous subsidized are dealt with started how does nothing but some words i jumbled together people responded to it people there said what they lighted and like i would watch the comments and then it evolved into a proper toast actually have legs the debt i think people actually using overall is so thank you for thank you your kind words and supporting bill that's wonderful thank you and i have a great christmas you do you like
well we got here for faces a people look dangerous alex dangerous command me alex alex alex alex alex can hear me merry christmas out do you have a question for me that someone the question it's more your book you new book that i lose rethink twenty i bought the the hard cover which by the way absolutely loved you but and i also ordered five copies to give the people in the paper back are those like fake ones ord i wasn't sure they're gonna cut a little we run the corners and stuff too so i was really sure they have one where you could reach it
i know i don't you know what do i did put them up actually fuel remember there was a video made of me unboxing by loser think book to that lion king saul happier there that was me what's that was the hard cover and then add soft covers was well that i posted on twitter usually answered your question this off cover does not exist for the united states but there's some kind of amazon that allowed some people i think we ve we tried to close that whole but it was just a bug allowed people to order from overseas some they would not normally be able to get on overseas by amazon so i think you got probably the indian sub continent cop because i didn't experiment where i tried to buy the soft govern myself knowing of course as the other than it doesn't exist and to me
surprise amazon accepted my offer for the product that doesn't exist and mail about me am i gonna do like how did they sent me a product that i made that doesn't exist meaning aversion exist and i turned it over his head yeah foresail only in the was it the indian subcontinent entered whatever it is that different words that that's right so i just found a weird cuz the way it was cut around the edges it almost looked like it was something was off about it i was going to actually send it back because the whole point of it was wanting to support you i wanted to go to some company odin who knows where you don't get credit was back and just get hard covers
sir i'll give you the the complete answer to that is that it helps me most if americans by the american hardcover book in the beginning because that's what counts stored bestseller less and less of fat any any foreign country that also bought the rights indirectly once we paid through the the advance stuff that that can also be profit but less so i'm far more helped by getting the hard cover if you like to be forty five which i appreciate very much but i can't i can't help it if amazon will sell you the noble right i will not will not be buying those so i want to make one last a quick no here this is the fourth time actually to have had a chance to speak to you and this makes me further believe that this is really just a single nation that were in that i'm creating this somehow it doesn't make any sense it's just
my boy to me as is one i've i've had that experts myself recently were interacted with a couple of presidential candidates just by direct message and of course you do get you get a direct message on twitter it looks like every other direct message as exceptions coming from some you just watched on television who literally might be in control as the largest military that the universes ever as ever put together i think it was on this issue like a real like there there are seven billion people in the world i shouldn't be talking to the ones i just saw on tv this is just a do you have in that this is how i feel right now exactly so well enjoy you enjoy your spirits and have a great holiday tomorrow i think merry christmas figure
i saw somebody asked did lose your thing make it to the new york times best seller lists the answer is yes on his first week as we do a lot of publicity then as i expected it pulled off the list you want you once you're not doing your your press to her but there's a lot of christmas by and it seems to be selling briskly so we'll say should get back on the list i think but see it was we got here buckeye girl let's see if buckeye girl is really a girl or even a bucket girl can hear me you're a girl you are a woman get merry christmas very merry christmas from the back i states did you have a question for me ideal god
did i lose out on me i have an eighteen year old nephew who's trying to find his way and he has his g d and is just wondering what's next where to go well i have answered the answer this read my book had failed almost anything still win big just google my name on amazon again for the one this is her out avail that is written for somebody exactly his age in exactly his situation and it's strategy for how to get a foothold in the real world and that the key thoughts layer our building a talent stack which means you start with ever whatever talents you developed or have naturally then you figure out where you can add to that they would make your special that turns out to be the receiver to success
because he may not have any world class extraordinary talents but most of us don't but you could add to it there's some ordinary talents until you ve got something special so figure out what he likes to do and then haven't figured out what talents needed to be added to that other by work experience or take a class admirer study at home on his own whatever tax and go from there so if he continues to build his tail stack let's say he adds public speaking we'll see adds had a code maybe he adds something about psychology hypnosis selling marketing any one of those things are less the things you could add depending on its interests and where he lives and all that but that's the book you should look at and then look at systems versus goals also in the book talking about something that you can do every day they will make you or a valuable without having a specific objective yet if you make yourself more value valuable
you make yourself available to a lot of people opportunities will appear now the good thing is that the job market is so tight that the odds of getting it a decision and working away up a really good no matter where you starting from right now so that's does my bessie advice was awful yes thanks so much i really appreciate it you gotta have a guy like you do all right let's see who else we got here go to i swear i act as though i'd know like what i'm gonna get based on these profile pictures but they don't really tell you anything hello guest can you hear me man
because we do have a question i do well principle thank you very much for sharing yourself every morning happily with all my family together every morning and work out every day because our i beg you crazy another interview that you were able to himself but that didn't want a best interview with you ever have written to all the way i mr barroso who which interview did you like the most came out to yes you know i've said that often yeah we think that you think there being an interview were is easy you're just one asking the questions you think that hard bark is the person is being interviewed but aims ardashir is one of those people who reverses that and when you see somebody who is really good at it like
really really got it interviewing people as jenny curiosity he had he had marked out my book like lately had no it's everywhere he was referring my books back two points i made in previous books he read two different books i mean it was an amazing if you could give her in a word i guess for being the to reassure them like an academy award provided i told them at the time as soon as he has done a sort of blown away it was the best the best have you were performance maybe i've ever seen was one of the best partly because he was interested partly because he was so prepared and partly because his jeeves ardashir needs just got the stuff but thank you
thank you for so long one of these guys leaving out again this year because i read your book got debris during petersen in kenya where those three things leaving gonna give you but my question before i get time did you like morning the individual rigour morning reckon worthier i i have i have to be honest that the only reason i don't watch every episode erected morty as i can't stand the one character who is always drew
the the drool that's always coming out of is his mouth bothers me so much that i can watch it but if you change is that one tiny little thing it's a tremendous shell used to be my family i shall ever watch everything now want to use my how is not what you think of him i thank you and merry christmas let's go too far and near far american hear me again i pronounce your name even close to correctly you again every time you just made alex this is my second time on getting too much
and just like everyone else i wanted to thank you for being a pillar that literally holding this country together right now for the last two years so thank you so much you know another point if you don't mind i can talk about us hey that twitter and social media in general bathing mostly twitter is is really strange in the way a decree that creates almost try or warlords it's almost like intellectual warlords i would say love to use mike solar riches my example for lots of things because he fastened the categories to make a good example but is basically i've never used the term before us i haven't thought through place i can intellectual warlord meaning if somebody as a message this important he has the ability and the platform to amplified and so
ideas really are what turn into action so if you're the person who controls those ideas and thinking why indirectly you control their actions as well and so in a non military sense there there are these groups the tribes with big followings usually the blue czech people who also have interconnecting connections so their tribes connect other tribes i say my tribe connected like some images years less overlap etc so am i could list a dozen other people but it does feel as though the impact of those tribes it is not just that the leader of the tribe or rather than the people with are shaping the tribe at the same time it does seem like the power of that is tremendous and growing and not fully reckon and so when you mention it i thought it was called out but did you
specific question yes i did this is about you're sort of a product events and the question is do we all on our phones every every week apple tells me i've been i use my only tenacity so always question no thought about why the interface it does not allow people to opt in to receive an alert not on the act and not on my somebody would like to speak to them and it just comes to an end if i see it in time making just responding get connected we do have that leader yet the i think the ep has to be active in the background yeah you you again and alerted somebody's trying to reach you got it ok check it out i did i part i do not see it must be done and i think is there because
should be there but there is also a scheduling feature that we ve added more recently so somebody could actually schedule you and you get a notification say yesterday and they the schedule you for an hour from now and you'd get a notification so we have that great idea they need to really look at me i'm not been there for a few months so we we keep up great again so i hope you like it thanks a lot like you figure all right let's go to deborah
deborah deborah can hear me again good morning merry christmas merry christmas and how i so that for those of us that are not from california could you give us your perspective on adam shares and you said there was a person challenging him that you thought you would support and what are the odds that somebody could actually beat him well so california is big place and i'm not in one of the one of the areas that yes he's a southern california guy i'm northern california so most most of the problems they hear about in california my neighborhood as import on fire we don't have syringes
on the sidewalk sir or or homeless but where shift lives apparently there's a lot and jennifer oh sir is running against them as an independent salve mentioned her and do it can an independent when is hard to now apparently there are more independence than there are either democrats by themselves or republicans by themselves in some places i think this might be one so if you he asked me i was a ship is seems vulnerable even though is a deeply democratic area though he's an he's been in bed there for a long time but i would think after this year that whoever competitor would attract a lot of funding lot of support it would be more effort to get him out now time i've i've offered to help so and you may see there there is at least
the least the possibility of another strong candidate coming in there but i can't talk about something it would be it would be a tough ask to replace adam chef in a democratic place but i is the most vulnerable is everybody now would be my guess where we saw the young baby out his town hall were meeting he hadn't district where it just totally broke out in the chaos and people that were his constituents or somebody there this came to voice their opinions but it was interesting any where were you in the political love election season so you should expect every group as a trawler too with it so i wouldn't make too much of your chaos
at events because everybody suddenly there there trolls did the other events sleazy alot of that everywhere i think but earth ethics they swung version by stake another i think will add kim kim can hear me i merry christmas amazing you have a question for me yes first of all i have one statement than a question i would love to see you on the five substituting for great got felt some i'm what why why that in particular well i'd like to see how you are kind of girl face to face with one williams dana primo seems a little sceptical of the simultaneous so i'd like to see that i think that
be very interesting to large well that's why you say that because i have noticed that the exact mix of people on the show really makes a big difference if they have they have the right people there just just things in tobacco on tv my videos that is actually only one of the few shows that actually record and but if if they ever fill in the philippines can be true this individual talents and certainly deserve to be on the show but if you i have the right chemistry of the five people it just doesn't work the same and if you know their when all the regulars are there the regulars plus they rotate though the one share now but before regulars or their business always good it's just always good so i would be hesitant to be any kind of her
and in those show because it would change the chemistry and even i thought i were amazing i don't but even if i thought i was doing a great job is all about the chemistry so there s the thing the thing that they get right and i would credit primarily greg dovetailed for being so say the assailant catalyst that makes the chemical reactions work if you ve noticed step but everything thanks to a question and answer the question that i have is could you explain to me what went on my bed meddler a couple days ago oh on twitter but well i don't know exactly remember she did some all caps screaming tweets that other people were joking she must ban on ambient because you didn't she didn't look saying
is how you talk about well yeah she said don't believe anything that's going to be put in articles because it's all like russian deception i don't know what the heck but it was all caps and it looked like i mean i don't know what the heck you know you don't want to diagnose people's mental health from the distance certainly you have to if you just making assumptions about normal people's lifestyles and who they are and how they spend their wake you have to pay your lives some percentage of all tweets are done under the end of some drug use a sudden i would simply like twenty percent because people are probably doing more to eating a night which is when their drinking and smoking and whatever else to do it and i would not be surprised if twenty percent of all the tweets you see coming from
celebrity tat people are under the influence and and sometimes you look at em you say well i think there's one and then they next day their back to their normal tweeting but that that one night look pretty brutal so it's definitely initially a tag the you can it should be like an extra option when you tweet theirs i'm a little bit drunk right now i d like it if you could put at the end of your son lula inebriated margie so that later when people degrees up to embarrass you say well look look at the moment i was drunk it's right there thanks maritime is better guesses still another one more funding you are so there with me let's talk do jennifer
jennifer are you there merry christmas do have a question do the ties in with what but you were talking about a little bit earlier about valuing yourself i i found in it was really interesting in its called cameo and authors celebrities actors can put themselves on their and for a fee they will the coroner short video like a birthday message to someone oh i noticed that maitland jenin with tears fell at twenty five hundred dollars and when you know like a time a minor actor we'll do it for fifty dollars and i was just wondering if you had heard of that an end if you're the sign up on their what would you charge
i have heard it i haven't believe i've downloaded it replied with a yet and its follow you dare say question because i've asked myself the same question i would probably look at what the people are charging and then i would i would judge where where i rank in the summer birdy the celebrity ranking hell some somewhere in this area and then out modify that by how much time i wanted to spend so if i didn't want to spend much time on it i'd set higher than the market looks like it could bear so i don't get a few really cared so what did he does anybody whose was say and you can be very general anybody who is right please my level of notice i already did you see what they charge i'm trying to think
for example may be shown spy sir it seemed like he was around a hundred bucks something like that away more than sean spacer i was and i say that but that's reference yeah and it was such an interesting thing stumble upon yesterday and when there were celebrities that were really popular kind of in the seventies their sort getting a new life because of it and i don't know was just really really coming in trusting social about you can have what we value in our what were willing to pay for it to have some celebrity say our name briefly but it was just kind of interesting to go through that site and i think that people who thought of it are geniuses unlucky a clear common screwball some somebody things two hundred two hundred to five hundred should be my price
somebody's a thousand four hundred unjustly yet they yeah because it really depends on what the market would bear i so what people are saying in the comments some recent thirty to fifty four two hundred fifty for thirty seconds people say well people say that i should charge a thousand but people saying they pay to fifty so i think what people would pay would be close your downloading i might try that i was a boy but thank you thank you thank you for the question well thanks for having me merry christmas everybody workers see what else we got here stiver george jordan journey come at me coming to not jordan area wait what she said what just happened
the grand a technical rostock there let's try it again i lost you sir which i james james are you there j a merry christmas to you have a question for me merry christmas yeah i just read i finished the loser think and dumb there was a couple things i disagreed with an i wondered
i want to talk about them chair glad right well i guess the main thing was when you were talking about friction and i agree with the overall point about friction but what i find is that like for example when they did prohibition did there they created friction by making up the whole legal but it had an unintended consequence server making more organised crime so like friction i feel like it works on the least motivated but not on the ones that you really care about like a won't stop a man tutor because a mass shooter will get a gun lived there very desperate and we'll get a gun to do the horrible act no matter what wont let me let me the counter claim
how many measures have used fully automatic rifles as opposed to semi automatic in the last several years well that's my point is that ill find another way to do it to carry out the door but to my point let me finish the boy a fully automatic weapon most people who no weapons would say well that would be a far better tools to use and he would kill more people if you can use so the shutters don't have access to the best tool they go to the second best tool and they still kill waited many people but it probably is less than they would have done with the better tool likewise likewise they can't buy a bazooka in the bazooka worthy the gate you can get your own tanker joan herself so we know that the friction that the law puts on those bigger weapons keeps people from using it southern there's no question that you are reduced
the number of people who would use more powerful weapons they just don't have access to him would you screw that i'd i do but the problem is with with a semi automatic because you it's one bullet one shot you could be a lot more precise so does actually been studies that said that semi automatics can be more because because they are they don't run out a bullet is quickly their actual deadly than well the young no gun expert but ears leah here's the calculus if you walk into a place that is less say a crowded square and people are sort spread out a little bit you probably like you said one shattered time was probably find in fact a hand on would get you there if it's a small scale but if you wanted to go into a nightclub don't marijuana be giving people ideas you just wanted to europe should in three hundred sixty degrees around you there's plenty of targets than you want the woman does jam
on the dozen jam is gonna be the fully automatic weapon so you write it depends on the situation and i want to get people killing suggestions but it does depend my point is that don't you imagine that there is at least more in the country one potential mass shooter who you didn't have a good way to get a fully automatic rifle maybe it was a sixteen year old who didn't have one in the house maybe it was a a nineteen year old you could have purchased one but didn't have the money didn't want to maybe somebody was bad one day but it would take a few weeks to get a gun and by the time i got it they're not matter anymore so you dont know what didn't happen it's impossible is impossible to know what you prevented because that uses those
things are don't happen by by definition he also don't know about the unintended consequences like in the example like a created more organised crime like they'll be more illegal selling of guns more mobs like just like when they when there was prohibition more resentment i think because the more laws you create to restrict people's rights the more resentful they become so it could actually cause or but you you know you you're not you're only focusing on one variable so you don't see that an i would it i would agree that we must look at the variable as well so we complete agreement that you can't look at just the friction you have to look at the whole picture and part of the whole picture is unintended consequences and fully on board with with that point topic
i got other things but i know yet other color so thanks america's was it a christmas on your book by the way the was added fail it almost everything and still one big was a big help to me i was able to finish my out on because the current thank you for that while thanks that that's great here and congratulations they figure who i was still another one let's talk to jolly jolly command me charlie jolly progress is not allowed tat god get so i just wanted to tell you that they had a fail buck really helped me as well and i recommended to everyone especially college graduates when i encounter them i always encouraged them to go by the book and either
you got that our entering the work force aspires early in their career i always recommended so thank you so much it really helped me to thank you one of the things that i was thinking about was probably a lot of it had to do by up like from listening to you is when i heard the collar talking about the paper bag book that they receive or luther thing i'm thinking how you know the conspiracy can be that china their revenge on new by counterfeiting your blood and the reality is that there was a bygone amazon and an eye to eye to spend their time finding then i think that when a party that thinking come from within the eu and then he was do you have any update on one hand and the token and what are you guys funding to do are there any future
the road map clients were when have and that looking as well so we're talking about that right now so nothing to announce at the moment the token the token lives on independent of the entities the company once the token has created a just exists reverently in the internet if you will so them they'll never go to zero unless nobody wants them so they'll still be tradable etc but we're working on some things we don't want to announced at the moment but were definitely look he had road maps and we're having trouble getting you we have no trouble getting experts we get fifty thousand experts the sign up on your right away practically but we have more trouble getting people to connect with them we don't know exactly why that is but were trying to figure it out and figuring out our next move because less so
i will keep you informed in the new year but nothing to say on that right now but thank you for asking thank you and i actually used to reach out to you what's that i successfully guy you you really help me out actually we spend some time you really word super gracious with your time and tell me something i'm a phenomenal advice and a lot of it had to do with like helping me think differently i took a lot of that i took away from that a lot of new ideas as well as the ideas that we discuss them it really helped pledge my done then saw some my problem so thank you i look forward to continuing to use the idea and and reaching out an expert well that's just great here i really appreciate that and a merry christmas to you happy holiday i figure
folks i think we ve done enough for today happy holidays have an amazing chris tomorrow i will join you in the morning yes i will i'm not gonna messages because it's christmas are you kidding me taking christmas day off that's never winners now i'm getting russia you take your day off but i'll join you anyway for the simultaneous up i'll see you tomorrow
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