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Episode 769 Scott Adams: All the Good Things to Expect in 2020, and the Simultaneous Sip

2019-12-27 | 🔗

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  • Announcing our engagement: Kristina is now officially my fiancé
  • Overcoming spasmodic dysphonia and my Loserthink audiobook
  • The Golden Age and what to look for in the coming year
  • Influencing the world in positive ways
    • Healthcare, homeless, nuclear, North Korea, China decoupling, full legalization of drugs TEST

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but i'm puttin i'm bump bump bump bobo pay everybody come on in its time for a coffee was got atoms arms caught atoms and you're coming in coffee or possibly your favorite beverage it doesn't matter what beverage we'll talk about that moment it's all good news this week no bad news happening no bad thoughts negativity wonder wonderful week and you know what makes a better i think you do because that's why i'm here here for the simultaneous up and all you need is a copper mugger glass at anchor jealousies time i can't injure flask a vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid i like coffee and
now for the unparalleled pleasure the doubling of the day the thing makes everything under the sun will danger said go yeah just as good as i've never disappoints so let me start by saying i dont know how you're week has gone but i've had one of the best weeks my whole life lawlessly one of the best way to my whole life number one as the end of the year a lot of people are just sending messages some i'm hearing from people who just enjoy interacting during the year by year in for a lot of people who say that something has happened my periscope or something that i read one of my books had changed their lives so weak and listening to people say
thanks to you i lost wade i got a job i got a raise i started a new career i'm just being sorted bathed in good feelings at the same time i've noticed that all of what i would call the bad trolls on twitter i'm not talking about people disagree with you get into an exchange attacking other ones were just the if you would leave kind they all left vacation and i thought to myself there is now have you noticed is by the way that if you look on line the quality of the interactions are are far less because people are on vacation but it looks like a hundred per cent of the good people
state around in there just tweeting a little bit less but all of the people who look like i always suspected they were paid trolls actually working on the clock they're all gone so what does that tell you that all of the page roles the ones i suspected were paid their all gone there isn't there's none of on the internet right now but the good people are still here so a kind of tells you how not real a lot of the the trolley was because they see i've computers is still have wifi they still have plenty of time in their hands nothing changed for the trolls unless they're getting paid not getting paid this week coincidence i know it could be could be some other explanation but i guess you one but even more fun i got engaged this week so
christine is now officially my fiance i gotta say i didn't know it how different it would feel until after i asked and she said yes it fills completely different it just feels completely different i have to say so i may tell you more about it at some point i know that you gonna want to ask you how you gonna wonder how i asked her the answer is i put the ring in a box of seas chocolate so that she discovered it and tat was had by all so i've never felt better i don't think there's probably the best weak ever read my life or one of them so thank you for
thank you for being a big part of that because you're all right you're actually a huge part of that every one of you guys you notice this interaction that i do with you in the extended interaction under the incident in twitter and stuff i really do it for the money it's not about the money others there is definitely a deeper meaning deeper purpose and i'm glad you're part of it so it was submersible nor good news i tweeted about this but i just want to mention again causes just throw didn't list with by good news in two thousand six if i lost my voice must have yet another story to somebody called his spurs modoc disowned which meant that i could make noise at my mouth but i couldn't form proper consonants and sentences
without my vocal course clenching and making it incomprehensible so i was told that there was a permanent problem and that there was no and then for the rest of my life i would not be able to have a conversation in a normal i wouldn't be able to talk on the phone for the rest of my life so that was what thea the diagnosis was i however do not like being told that i cant do something and so as has been my lifelong habit i started something called affirmations which is when you repeat yourself when you write down fifteen times a day something in particular some some goal that you want to know i also warn against goals so i like to keep the the goals either general if something like me so you can make as much as you want you don't wanna be too specific about that but if it's something as specific as you ve got a specific health problem will then be specific
you want your specific health problem to be specifically fixed so for the three years every time i drove my car by myself which was largely be driving around locally going to the gym whatever i would repeat allowed or even though i couldn't form actual clear sentences repeat aloud i scott items will speak perfectly now what s interesting about this information is that i've never spoke perfectly before i had the medical problem i had an approximate the outcome of a bad nicely voice i am obviously still not perfect but i repeat that for years and eventually i did find a a rare surgical fairly new procedure that fixed it and then took years to re abbot after after was surgically fixed it took years of practice to get it up to actual usable strength
where i'm going with this is that yesterday my audio book the audio book version of loser think the book might later look is setting a number one in this category is the audio books that are produced so not only did i get my voice back from an incurable problem but i have also helped a lot of other people get cured of the same problem because i'm part of the outreach i am sure that i use these spaz modoc disorient words in my time it's every now then so people can finally find it i saw that than they can find their way to the same solution so i've probably i don't know i may have cured personally just by connect
in people to the very very hard to find a solution i may have cured fifty people a hundred i don't know but i do here from a lot of people who heard about it from me in and have gone through with some kind of surgeon so i just want to say there are very few things that i feel better the knowing that years ago you were you were chanting a specific literally impossible seeming goal in your car all alone is the loneliest process in the world and i don't think there is one point that i thought i was gonna do i don't think there was ever a point i thought i would fail to get my voice back
even though there was no way to do it so here we are now get a periscope that three point three thousand people are watching probably a hundred thousand people watch this replay eventually and i'm doing all of this when i started was not being able to talk but i am one stubborn mfa is if there's one thing you you could take away from me one thing that in my own this is my own opinion of myself the that one thing that defines me is i don't like to lose and i don't like to be told i can do something about it motivating as all hell and even when it's like really really bad stuff like the noise problem was
i just get more motivated so this is me anyway here's what to look for the coming year as if you ve been watching these periscopes in watching me for a while you probably know that i can be influential i write about influence on the train hypnotist etc and many of you have noticed that some of the things i talk about seep into the common consciousness maybe directly maybe it's coincidence babies confirmation by us it's always are to tell but we're going to continue our ongoing process of influencing the world in positive ways i want to tell you what influence i am going to focus on four twenty twenty so that you can watch how things look today just take a mental snapshot and then do it again at the end of twenty twenty and ask yourself if the things
that i tried to influence look like their different now that does mean i'm the one who influence them but it's fun so so you can follow long so you're to things like to accomplish in a perfect world i would like to see democrats and republicans agree on this that a hundred percent healthcare coverage well let's call that insurance or just healthcare is a goal and i think that the the republicans fail big time in their persuasion on healthcare they really fail big by not saying it is also our goal to cover a hundred percent of the people we want to do in a different way now explained what that is because i don't think the case has been made and if you're not gonna make the case republicans that you do want to cover a hundred percent of the people in this country aegis
and take a moral high position you just can't you just going to have to admit that the democrats are better at this more more morally bout it more biblically bounded in every way they have an advantage and if you want to give them the advantage go ahead but it's gonna cost rights gonna cost in congress is gonna cost those residency so what i like to see is a republican full throated statement though you wanna get to utter percent coverage maybe maybe you say it at the same time you say you don't know how to do it because here's the second part the second part is i would love to see the commitment to get there followed by here's the goodbye ready the good part is a public debate about how get there not a political debate not a debate of pondered against pundit lobbyists against politician politician against politicians
care none of that is gonna fix anything we ve done that death here's what we need in my perfect world president trump would say something like this a democrats there's one place we agree on everybody needs healthcare we don't know how to get there you ve got several plans just within the democrats i'd republicans have lots of ideas to let's have a national debate national debate were actual experts and individuals could propose ideas and debated out in some very transparent way without the politicians like just list just let the experts bowed low make it a shell turn it into entertainment turn it into a website turn it into a contest
turned it into something that makes more attention and then if you can get some kind of a national consensus on the best approach you probably can't maybe you can get down to the top three but you should let the public do what the girl and apparently cannot do and the reason the government cannot do this is that assumes politicians get involved you have not first problem they don't know enough politicians are not the experts on health care and you really need smart people to know enough about that area is just not it's just not a realm for politicians we know how to handle it and then you out on top of that the political pressures on them the lobbyists and the money and then you have a mechanism a system if you will they can't work so remember i talk about the golden age
which were entering being a time when we don't have shortages of everything we have systems that are imperfect and as we fix our systems then everybody is gonna get enough of everything so system was broken with healthcare is not here's the trick is not the healthcare system is broken although that's also broken was broken is our decision making process and because healthcare is so complicated and so much money involved it breaks our government our government was not designed to handle this kind of question
it's too big and are too many people with too much money trying to influence it the government's wrong tool so we need a new tool and as it happens we don't have to invent it so much we just have to use the tools we have a new system if you will and this system is to get the government now i'm sorry to get the public directly involved and educated enough so that they can form some preferences based on what the experts put together maybe we'll say three good packages and in each of them subject to further tweaking but i think we should have a system where both the congress and the united states way for the good part here comes
in which the congress of the united states commit in advance to two things having a full year of public public public debate on healthcare public public public meaning the public not the politicians behind closed doors not the lobbyists to as important part regular people just experts words citizens people care and try to get them over the next year to come up with their three best plants it could be to damage i plans one republic it does it doesnt matter but just the three best and commit in advance the congress and the president to be let's say you don't want to overcome overcommeth because you could get three bad plans but that they would commit to trying to get the top one whatever's the top most popular one legislated so once the public decides that we handed over to the government and say check it for two things
one to make sure it's you all legal yells eve eve just under the little work the legal work make sure that you you ve got some you can execute and his practical and all that but also to make sure that the majority did not steam role that minority that's one of the main purposes of government is making that just because something out the most votes is now some discriminatory horrible thing so unita you need at a parental check if you will on whatever the public does but i'd love to see the government commit to letting the public work it out and then the government being a supporting role instead the leading role because they can't be the leading role that just won't work i saw the first thing i like to see in twenty twenty is a revised decision making process you might not look exactly like i described it but look in twenty two
money for something that's a smarter way to decide and let the public evolved that's the healthier goal in a perfect world we see somebody suggesting very these tests where they could just different things the talk about the homeless surgery as you know the probably the most productive voice on the homeless situation right now is doctor drew in one of the big questions in a really focuses on this question i think the question of involuntarily taking people off the streets if they need drug or mental health some kind of counselling or support now the problem is that people are free will and if they say i do not want to go into your support programme
then i'll have to and then they die on the streets and they make things worse for other people as well so the that the big decision needs to be made is how if at all can authorities be helpful in sort of forcing people to do was good for those people so that conversation is gonna get really loud in twenty twenty so i'm gonna help help push that one and you won't know now here's what we mostly to fix almost problem erratic i'll tell you something you ve never heard so as men as long as we have been hearing about the homeless problem and now you're little bit smarter because you know it's not about homes it's not even about the cost of the homes for the homeless it's about their drug problems the reductions i'm sorry there addictions and their mental problems primarily
so here is another thing that you ve never heard the the reason we cannot solve it is that we don't have project managers that's the thing this missing here's what i mean do we have enough billionaires andorra government funding to tell some different solutions for the so called homeless problem that really is a really about people problems and the answers we do we do have we have a billion were literally saying i got billions of dollars if you give me one good idea i'll give you some money to test it that's easy believe it or not the money part remember this that's the mark of the golden age we don't have a resource shortage what we have is a system problem in the system is lacking a project manager a project manager very loose term for somebody who can who can put together a plan
maybe it's a plan informed by doktor jews ideas maybe supplant formed by in locally here there's a lancet street the lance history project the lance street anyway it's a rehab facility that works really well be somebody could say hey that when works really well i'll be your project manager i need a billionaire or a government funds to fund it they'll be my job to try to implant this is a new state and it will be a test i'll make sure they were measuring everything so we know if it worked and then there are a few other project managers getting other money from other billionaires and they they do their separate project this aid will take these blocks and allay we may need some help from the government
suspending some regulations or something is we're just gonna test give us a year and what tell you happened now until you see something like a project manager a profession form around trying these social goods and in italy here the names of people and see them on tv saying yes i'm running something when we tell you about it already have the money from a couple a billion years so that's what you can see with these so called homeless problem does not always problem you can see people stepping up and saying i will be your project the oven and i've got this experience who can find me and the funding will happen i can almost guarantee the funding i even people that i know personally i probably personally know enough people to fund some studies
fixing the homeless problem is not really homeless problem was like that nuclear i as i said before i think that we have made tremendous progress we meeting all of you watching and the net march nighter especially michael shown also especially the people who were sort of our experts helping us spread the word that nuclear technology is not the old nuclear technology that was a relatively unsafe compared to watch anything that we have today and that even newer that the new generations the generation for will eat nuclear nuclear waste and their far safer could be less expensive and all that so i would like to see that years ago for twenty twenty four twenty twenty i wanted to be embarrassing for any public person to say that nuclear is not
part of the solution it should be should be something that they know not to say out loud anymore we're almost there because i think something like half of the democrats that are running for president our pro nuclear or at least open to the conversation which is the same as me if you're a democrat and you're saying in public well i'm i'm open to listening about nuclear energy that's that says yes that means you've looked into it and you know it's part of the solution because some people are going to want to go strong on that because of their party affiliation but i think two thousand and twenty will be the year that when you talked about climate change you have to talk about nuclear power let's agree on that two thousand and twenty is the year that any public conversation about
climate change and its risks has to include that the solutions include nuclear middle also include solar another green energies but i think this time twenty billion a year that everybody just understands that that's part of it and that's a big big big deal a stock about north korea north korea is a funny little situation because we're we're having well here's a problem we're taking what i call a military filter and putting it on north korea and that's the problem there was a time in our history when north korea was a military problem and the right filtered to pull it was a military filter hey they look dangerous we better poorer
military forces on their debt to counter them military military but much has happened you decades a pass president trump is coming into office there's all different understanding with north korea in terms of what we want our them what they want out of us today our reasons to be to have a military filter with north korea are largely gone because its turn into a psychology problem there were using the military filter on you can solve the psychology brought well sometimes you cancel the psychology problem with the military but not this time you could devilish age people's thinking by attacking them but
in this case you have a psychology problems and the psychology problem is we don't trust the other that's ard placed the facts right if you don't trust the other than who can go first and that's been the probability of observed right so north korea's egg we don't trust you united but if you go first and of course we say we don't trust you north korea but if you went first so in that apparently has no chance of working because there's none of trust you ever psychology problem so how do you deal with something this is psychology problem that we're dealing we're with with a defence filter while the first thing to do is get out of that filter here here you can't get ready or military but certainly talk about a differently frame it definitely approach it differently and
here's the way i would do it now this is just brainstorming i would say the north korea directly or indirectly privately or not privately you know the reasons that the united states and north korea were ever military adversaries just doesn't exist anymore that's that's the high ground you just say to north korea we are a millet what's a military fighting military footing with each other and it used to make sense but would you greek in german that doesn't anymore that the basic reason for us to have any military conflict with them also ever completely gone is there any chance that we want to attack north korea none theirs yes we want to attack north korea not any chance at all
is there any chance in north korea really wants or thinks that they're gonna take over south korea now none there's not a chance in the world that they think that would be a good idea to try that but what is a genuine risk for kim german cause i don't think the united states is any more we don't want to be in therefore or not china maybe russia but china don't you think that north korea has more long term risk hong kong more long term risk being on the front steps of china doesnt china want to control everything that touches their border corset due course it
don't you think china if they had an opening would try to get more control of north korea of course say what i think that we can make a deal with india in north korea and the and the fun part will be to throw it into the same deal so you're lit look at a diversion amusing noticed i just through india and their india what's india got to do with north korea now they accept their nuclear power who also doesn't trust in china i think about this think about the productive combination of india and advanced nuclear power and north korea also advanced nuclear power in the runway spoke you said to india and north korea you know india north korea
we basically do say list in the hour of attack in essence you know in the coming years and decades wouldn't you rather be on our side north korea if you had a chance a choice of being our friend and actually being somewhat protected by us here's the offer we could make we could say north korea not only we should we not be pointing our weapons at each other because the reasons of all gone away but maybe we can help you be a little safer from china and here's what you could do it you could say we will protect you maybe not directly
militarily because we wouldn't want you to know that we want to have a military to the agreement that we protect the territory of north korea with our military against china that might be too much but we could say that will protect you economically will protect you politically and if you can maybe work with india to have india make sure that your weapons are either safe or pointing in the right direction that would make us feel a lot more comfortable cuz in north korea united states maybe you don't feel too comfortable with us yet but maybe maybe india can come over in if if india tells us that they looked into it you're nuke sir secure and they're not pointed us we ve got something work with we'll help your economy may i just don't counterfeit money and stuff like that so there will be a referendum in which
we would refrain north korea all the way from being a military enemy than just doesn't make sense to a hybrid kind of a special military ally without being full military ally in other words just somebody that we commit to protecting the way they are just say look we'd rather protect you it's cheaper fighting you is expensive protecting you as do the cheaper and indeed if we can invest over there well maybe we make money the cheaper and indeed if we can invest over there well maybe we make money
also in twenty twenty i think that you're going to see more people using the word decoupling and strategic decoupling in particular i believe that there is a small but growing voice of which i am parlor to encourage american companies not to do business with china because in the long run this just to our detriment and even in the short run now i dont think that there will be a massive sudden unwinding of existing business and will probably some tariff agreements on the little stuff overtime agricultural especially but i thanksgiving think that in twenty twenty it will be a common opinion in the united states right now it's a sort of a niche opinion but only common opinion that we should be taken
playing with china at the same time we're being nice to them the volume and pushing hard and the things we have to push hard on but his lord reserve using leah flung goons for body parts which they are killing them for body parts as long as they bear concentration camps there's suppressing hong kong and sending central it was by the by the boat load we can't we can further our relationship with them we can only decrease it and i think that will be happening and i think i'm expecting some kind of more aggressive action against the mexican cartels that everything i'd like to see i'd really like to see it must push listen twenty twenty i like to see a test of something in the united states where it makes sense of fully legalizing drugs for maybe a year a few years whatever tasted asked it
how many of you would agree on a test not the entire country but just some count de or municipality saying look we have two tests and things that we would normally be able to test we have to temporarily just give us a full suspension of all drug crime laws for this municipality and let's just run it for a year might be worse might be better maybe we learn something but here's the thing i'm starting to lose patience with talking about it are you are you having the same the same impression talking about the big drug problem and all the stuff coming from china the ghost of mexico the comes here the kills all our people by tens of thousands i'm kind of tired of talking about it if we're not testing at all
is broken now maybe those tests need be primarily private enterprise things but you still need the government to suspend the laws and so maybe what we need is not just a drugs are but a drugs are whose specific job is to temporarily suspend the laws in places where you can test some stuff now another place you might need to temporarily suspend the laws is about what i was talking about the doktor drew approach wishes as in the in the worst cases people need to be involuntarily lest they taken care of and that would require changes in laws so perhaps we need some kind of a federal tsar who can at the less either
request of the local governments because they have to be an island can suspend all the laws just for the purpose of testing and just temporarily so that's what i'd like to see in twenty twenty could make a gigantic difference somebody says the entire country would be skid row well we have examples in portugal for example in the comments you see a lot of people naturally so portugal tried making drugs legal and it all the reporting is is it helped a lot not even just a little apparently helped a lot so if you want to things to look like skid row keep doing it the way you're going if you wanted not to
clay skid row then try something this worked before see if you can figure out what it was about that work and then duplicated but if you're not doing that if you're not testing you're not doing anything right is if the government if our government can't tell us all we ve got three trials going on and we're testing is variables and seeing what works and what does if they're not tell you that then what they are tell you is we're not doing anything and we're not capable of doing anything because or how hard would it be the test of should be thou art prohibitions the cause of this problem well that's why we test so you can certainly take out the cartels by taking
anyway but i suppose they would just turn to other forms of crime is portugal what could go somebody says somebody wants me to do and how to smoke we'd episodes i've actually i've got a lot of planning and that i have thought about doing a periscope on the topic of how to smoke marijuana if your doctors the eu should now as you know i'm a big proponent of marijuana under certain circumstances one of them and most important one is that you're an adult marijuana and children bad combination bad termination one at work or that marijuana and some people were adults bad company that the thing was marijuana i'll give you
a preview of the thing was marijuana is that there are lots of different types and they affect you in lots of different ways and then there are also lots of different people with different personalities different bodies and stuff and they all have a different reaction so it would be the height of the say irresponsibility for anybody to say they use you're smart marijuana that would be the most irresponsible thing anybody can ever say because i dont know
you're completely different than me and if you do wrong and might or might not turn our welfare you now my case i have an actual legitimate believe it or not medical benefit as extreme in my case the benefit is fairly extreme so like is an easy easy pc thing and i dont do it as a party drug i've never enjoyed it has something to do with friends except college but is not a party job is something that has to do with your larger health situation that said i will do i think i should commit to this twenty twenty i'll do a demo of added do the basics so if your doctor says you know maybe this would work for whatever condition
we have that you'll have a place to start that your doktor isn't gonna tell you because you doc you won't tell you how to do it you doctor will probably just say do it or don't i'll give you this one piece of advice don't use edibles don't use animals every bad story i've ever heard about marijuana was from edibles edibles you can't control how much you getting it or you can now and less dangerous bore but if you smoking its own impossible smoke too much cuz you just feel it as it happens and you say well that's enough now so he says if chump has a super persuasion why did he lose the popular vote at that's a good question let me answer it so the question is if trump is the best persuade her in the history of the world which i claim how can we lose the popular vote means he didn't
he did not persuade most people and ass has to do with the context so the question i ask is if the best based oh player could hit home run and it will go out long as all run hundred yards have no idea why isn't why can't some people hit a ball five miles the answers nobody cared about five miles so when you say why doesn't trump convince you know the half of the country that is already sort of allied with republican stuff the own kenny also persuade the people who were vehemently against all of that stuff the answer is no the best person
where in the world cannot persuade people were that entrenched that's not a thing so you shouldn't ask why he can't do it cuz it's not a doable thing right it's not within the it's not even on the sporting field it's it's outside and it's a hundred miles down the road somewhere so the summary that is that the only persuasion that matters these days is persuading your own based dig it up and do something to think and act the way you want so everybody's only persuading their persuadable that's what the game is there is no such thing as persuading the other team there's this thin slices well who call themselves independence usually by even they are not real independence if you looked at their voting patterns there's some segment of them is that they all i'm independent i would vote for anybody but they always vote republican
and they will again and same young some that i am totally independent but i always vote democratic i'm gonna do it again so there really are not many people who are even in play to be persuaded but if you ve got a president who has a ninety five percent support within his own party and you can see that he's changed every part of the political process think about how many things we think about differently and act differently because of this present from north korea to china to trade to the account me ices do to everything i mean immigration there's no topic the he hasn't changed or move the needle on everything you just change everything he's change how we see the media he's changed just everything so sometimes influences directed such as getting republicans on the on the same page other times is just his effect he
is a walking box shaker so everything around him is all getting shook up even if he's not focusing on procedures as that attack so your question is actually an excellent one but it is not in play to persuade all the people in the other team best you can do is your own team and if in if there's a strategic element that meaning winning certain states in the electoral process from did a better he won the ones that mattered and keep in mind that when you talk about losing the popular vote here really talking about losing california and he didn't we try for california california such a big population as does new york state that as long as those are solid blue republicans have to win by getting fewer votes and just winning in the electoral process
those are the things that i thought i want somebody says scouts bullshit has made dilber toxic well thank you for coming all the way over here does it to streamline and all capital letters will delay you so you don't have to ever experienced it again say that's exactly the kind of trial that now that actually that's all look like a sincere person lose just probably elderly in the elles and capps but the ones who just come in with the internal and leave i think they're they're gone down actually looked like a real person who is just a democrat who didn't like trump i think that's all i was
i do i favour eliminating the electoral college you know i always talk about fairness and how fairness is an illusion meaning that is completely subjective what is fair to you is not fair to me the thing with the electoral colleges that there's no place to get a fair fair doesn't exist you could get to the solution of this solution by half was s not fair because the people who thought it worked against them wherever the change was would say well that's not fair and others people say well what's more fair them a popular vote and then other people say well there's a reason user electoral college so there is no there is no objective standard by which to say fair
and so therefore is more of a power play so when you talk about the electoral college versus thee live out where their ends up we'll be wherever the power pushes it won't be because its fair writer simpler won't be any those things and right now the young the weight of power is that it's hard to change things he i think you need a two thirds majority or something to change the constitution or two thirds of the states whatever the processes is hard says why you don't get a lot of constitutional changes so i don't think you'll see one kazoo hard and half the country likes it just the way it is
in that way the other big founders wanted a balance of the states forces federally the reasons are all good but another by cares about the reasons that just weathers good for their team anxiously getting some comments some he says i must watch this thousand a mere periscopes well you know if there is given as the end of the year and enjoy a lot if there's anybody else who has gotten anything meaningful in terms of helping their life and then my books are periscopes please tweet at me and let me know because that determines what i do in the future for example my decision to write another book or not write another book would be greatly in
louis by what people think unless one swayed always goes somebody asked me the commons can i dump wherever says fine for dumping can you dump that's the way i planned if i see a sign this is fine for dumping thank god i wouldn't want to dump it anywhere were wasn't find to do it somebody says lincoln only got forty two percent of the vote well you know lincoln neither the electoral college like you needed all had somebody saying that the idea of deciding to get something versus merely wanting it was big for some of you i would say that was one of my biggest biggest changes in my life is always making a distinction between things i wanted
things i was just deciding to do i told you the story early on about getting my voice back that was a decision and just something i wanted our deciding that whatever that took us gonna do it i am no wedding date set now we'll worry about that i want to talk about that the first week of being engaged because that sounds like work i i think you said enough and i'll talk to you all tomorrow maybe we'll get some real news next week this is like no news happening now talk you later
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