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Episode 791 Scott Adams Excerpt: I Will Rewire Your Brains to Relieve Anxiety

2020-01-18 | 🔗

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Rewiring your brain to relieve anxiety

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All right we're gonna change topics right now. Raise my hands in the air because, later, when I editors, I might, I might add it down to the first part with politics and just keep. The second part is coming up in the second part, I told you, I was going to cure some of you of anxiety They did problems. Some of you may not believe. That's true. Some of you probably think its probable. Now, all of you are going to have a different experience and some will have a profound experience. Some of you may try. Some of you may scarf a lot of you will just James the channel. But let me go through my. Let me go through the presentation and you can leave whenever whenever you feel you would like I'll give you this following warning. I'm going to be.
Rewiring, the brains of the people who stay I'm a trained hypnotist. Most of you know that What I'm gonna be talking about as some basis now, none of it is dangerous. There's no there's no risk of anything bad happening to you. I promise you that wise for those even watching me, for while there are two two things they hypnotists do there have already been accomplished. I wasn't trying to do that at least in this context, but it happened. One of them is credibility. You have to have credibility in the hypnotist you serve as your doktor. It helps. I have credibility to many of you because you ve been watching me for a long time and you wouldn't be watching unless you thought I had some credibility,
the first part is satisfied for most of the second part, is pacing. This is why hypnotists do they match you in some way until you feel compatible with them? Then, whatever message comes from the hypnotist feels like it's something very comfortable in familiar because you ve already you ve, already paste them or match them in some way. Now unintentionally, wasn't what I was trying to do, but those of you who have been doing the simultaneous sip, those even watching me for awhile have somewhat accidentally paste me, meaning that you feel some comfort with me. That's requirement number two so that the first two requirements of hypnosis have been satisfied. I'm not going to put you into a trance per se, but am can have you grow three guided visualization, which I think you will find in some cases.
Profound in other cases, you will feel so everybody eleven different experience from this. There is some background. This is called the pre talk in hypnosis. This is also part of the technique. So I'm going to me make you feel comfortable with what I'm going to do next as part of the technical here's some background, I keep hearing from people, and maybe you saw yesterday that that I had cure them of their trumpet arrangements in Rome prior to the election in twenty sixteen or in some cases after, and so many people have told me that independently, they thought there must be something through that. So here people had a specific type of anxiety. Fear that, though the world would be destroyed by this orange monster in there's something I did or some things. I did overtime.
Which caused people and their telling me I'm not making this up. This is what they report to me: lots of people, lots of lost their anxiety and feel comfortable with the present after they listen to me. Less one example of where I know, based on reports from lots of people that they had a specific kind of anxiety that I cured. But I heard and even more interesting example the other day and It came from somebody who who reported a lifetime of, society the crippling mental problem, anxiety, the kind of really ruins now anxiety disorders take many forms. You could be afraid maybe using the language a little differently than maybe an expert in mental health would so take it with take it as an appeal.
So exiled. He would describe somebody at a phobia. Fear of the public fear of danger view of this by describes every web of city OECD is kind of anxiety, feel, as if I don't do this thing ten times or whatever the number is some bad luck will happen since where this, admiral anxiety, fear. Many many of you probably are experiencing anxiety in the last several years that you had never felt before. There's something about modern life and about our own baby spelt the news business that gives people worked up. Maybe it Sir technology, but whatever it is, there's a gigantic who ball of different. Anxiety related problems that people have so there's one
Individual told me a few days ago that I have secured a lifetime of anxiety problems and I thought to myself. I did what As I said, and so I asked what wasn't I said: the Curate, a lifetime of anxiety, problems that all the medical professionals couldn't make a dent in and this person told me and I started to connected with other things. I knew and develop an idea of what causes it now. Let me give you some more background and I'll pull this altogether. I've talked and, of course, you ve seen it in the news about how hallucinogens, specifically Soulis Ivan, comes Hallucinogenic mushrooms, LSD and some other hallucinogens
are being used by medical professionals to cure various anxieties from PTSD to all kinds of stuff and almost instantly. In other words, one dose in some cases is cure. People of a lifetime of mental problems and there's so much of that and there are so many stories of it that is considered one of the most exciting fields in mental health. Now, if you read up worry, if you ve had the experiences I have of having any kind of hallucinogenic experience, I did mushrooms and my twenties and I talk about how it is
my most meaningful experiences and I read about other people's experience and the most common thing that people say is that they describe it as ego death ego death. Now, if you ve, never experienced ego death in these, never experience any kind of hallucinogenic experience at all. That doesn't mean anything to you. If I said Hey you gotta, one is uneven me, so everybody probably has sort of a personal experience that they they tend to describe that way. It's exactly. I described before I had ever heard. Anybody else use those terms. It was exactly the words I used its ego death now for our purposes, I'm going to define your ego as that part of you. That makes you feel special. The thing that makes you feel like
your special and important that she regal I'm giving you a very friendly definition. He also know no deep psychology here, but the thing that makes you really feel special is your ego, and let me tell you why this is important by an analogy now analogies, it's not good for persuading, as I often say, but the good for explaining a new concept. So here's the new concept suppose I said to you. I would like you to take this potato just, regular uncooked potato, and could you walk it half a mile that way and give it to somebody no forget about why why you need to deliver this potato? That's not important, but if I say, could you take this potato and deliver it over there and you ve got the time
inclination to do that with that, give you any exact exiled. He probably not, because what's the worst that could happen, you drop the potato, watches the potato you lose. The potato was just a potato. You you get busy! You don't make it with your potato. What's the difference is just a potato that person can go, nobody knows but has no value. Now. Let's say I said instead of a potato, could you take this priceless painting by Picasso and just just walk down the street to my where it needs to go to them? Could you do that for me now? Let's imagine a world where there's no crimes do not worried about crime. We worry about the safety of the painting, and all you doing is just care,
half a mile that way and giving it to the museum. How much anxiety would you have if you're, holding a priceless, irreplaceable painting and you just walking down sidewalk with it you'd- be plenty worried because of the value of the painting you to worry that a bird would do something that through a wind would come up and put some dirt on you'd worry that you'd tribute worry that somebody come along. I worry that car would splash water on it. It would be your fault. You'd have to pay for it. You'd have all kinds of things to worry about is only because the painting is so valuable. The potato was not.
So what you need to learn to be the potato dont, be the painting be the potato. Now. Why is it that a psychedelic experience would give you ego death and would turn you from somebody who's trying to deliver a priceless going into somebody who says no care and world it's just a potato and here's my hypothesis, the hypothesis it is that when you have the ego death, you have nothing to worry about, because there's nothing to protect, and I think that the way that you come about that is indirectly the way that you get. That is being in the hallucinogenic experience, you see your environment completely differently for the first time and yet and hears important part you understand
You see your world as if it's brand new, but you still understand and by the way other people experience it explain it the same way No one should experience that you could have a completely different set of subjective interpretations of your environment. What does that tell you about your old, a view of the world? It was subjective. It wasn't right, more importantly, It wasn't important the way you always saw the world before that. First time you saw it differently was never real and it was never important and if the way you see the entire reality is unimportant, and you just feel that your part of that, larger reality and that it is subjective? You suddenly start to feel that you are not that important
but here is important work you never learn. You never lose the sense that you need to take care of your life in your health and all that there is no danger. You simply Take your unreasonable fear of protecting yourself and it comes down to a normal. Why have to eat today that asleep guy, you know if I cross roads still gonna look both ways. There's no downside! You still will be fully protective of yourself, but you will just learn that you're more like a potato, then like a priceless painting, once you get that feeling that your ego is not important, what would you ever be afraid of? Would you be afraid of the future? Now, there's nothing to be afraid of cause, there's nothing at risk, but a potato. So I'm going to walk you through something a set of thoughts that will reproduce what is it? What a
What a hallucinogenic trip would do. So I'm going to give you without the hallucinogens and therefore without the risk of that any loosen. The djinn my have there's a small risk, but you won't have any that. I'm gonna give it to you without that and bear with me, it's gonna take a little bit to set up and then and then we're gonna do it. The first thing you need to Know- and this would be awful- is that there are different filters and the world, and you ve, probably experience them. For example, did you know that in quantum physics. The a particle that exists on the other part of the universe. There has never been seen and never been measured in any way doesn't actually exist. Did you know that
this is actual scientific truth matter, the actual bill, blocks of our reality. We know don't actually exist, except as probability until a here were machine or an animal or something back and see something and detect something until something is seen detected. It doesn't actually. Just now, all the things in your room around you exist in the sense, because you look it up, somebody is measured, it touched it looked at it, but scientifically we know, and by the way this is not any there's nothing controversy illness. This would be something every every scientist. What a great mattered doesn't exist until as witnessed by machine or a person what's at me. Well, probably means that there's some subjectivity,
two perceptions. Let me give you some other examples, religion, how many people are walking around. They have different religions if somebody is to say a Hindu, they believe that they have reincarnated in our boy. Reincarnate and their standing in the same room with somebody is muslim or a Christian. Are they We are the same reality I would say no, I would say no, if you believe that everything that's happening to you is God's, will that's not really the same reality as a person who thinks it's their own doing or the person who thinks there and simulation. These are completely different subjective reality, You also know because you ve been following me for a while. You know that in politics we can look at the same set of facts and see a different movie. I call it the two movies on one scream,
seven how a hundred times you see it every time anybody looks at a document. I see this crime is a crime and looking at the same document, so you can see in real time on the news every single day. The people who were sincere and they're not lying? In every case? There are liars other news, but they're not lying about their perception. They are looking at the same stuff. You are, but there soon a different reality. Normal Completely common once you understand that you can start to release on your preferred version of the world, yet You ve seen it with the optical illusion like Laurel and Jani that you can hear the laurel over the coming years- ones where you can think of different word, then the word you hearing starts to sell
like that work, but then you can think of a different word and the sound your hearing, this the same sound sounds like the other work. You did. You see less attests like that and again it show you that you read that your impression of reality is subjective. Now, here's another framing the will change your frame instead of seeing the world as there's you and then there's is reality that sort of fixed and you're just looking at it. Think of yourself, as almost like the person in the robots head. Think of your body as a Bigelow robot, and this case it's moist robot DORA, biological robot, but imagine yourself as a person in the control room inside your head, you're, looking out your eyes and you're controlling this big robot. That is your body. Just think about that and then think about the fact that there are different shelters,
I call them on your perceptions, and so sometimes your big robot body is hungry. You know that you see the world differently when you hungry things, bother you that wouldn't bother you you're angry about things. You didn't need to be angry about.
But you're not really seeing those things. You sing it through a filter of your own hunger, and it makes you angry sometimes likewise, if you're tired, that's a different filter. Likewise, if you're an optimist, you're seeing the world through a different filter, if you believe you live in a simulation you're seeing the world through a different shelter, if you have a different religion, it's a different filter. Once you start to understand that your filters are interchangeable and has no nothing to do with you. Who ever is you whatever? Is this thing called you, your preferences, your experiences, your memories, whatever it is, it can be all kinds of different things in terms of how it sees the world, but you don't really change, not that much anyway. What changes as your filter take a filter down. Hey this president is a big old monster. Change to filter out he's just operates differently. Now now I see a through a different form
this mental exercise of being able to see the world as a filter will de personalized things and give you very close to your escape route. Organ. Take you all the way there in a moment- and it goes like this- I ready here's, the here's, the pay off and next few moments, some of you not all of you, because everybody can have their own experience. Some of you are going to have a deep experience and the next minute or two. Watch this. I want you to relax. I'm not gonna have to tell you, but I'm gonna, take you through some guided imagery. You don't have close your eyes in fact, keep them open, keep your eyes open, take a deep breath, loosening shoulders, and now I want you to imagine
not as if it's true, but just imagine that everything you see in your environment, your room led device you're. Looking at the table, the objects, the whatever you are using to drink, imagine them as if their avert. Reality. Imagine that you are not in a real reality, but rather you're in a virtual one. Now it's a special one, because if your touch something you can feel it, but imagine that's just an illusion and imagine without touching anything you just look around and you look at an object, take an object in a room and just look at it and imagine, instead of being real, that its up
quickly rendered a virtual reality simulation now watch how that makes. You feel just feel yourself in the moment. Just looking at your environment, don't think of it.
Else, don't think of anything outside of your direct, immediate experience. Look at them and imagine them as a ritual reality construct and see what happens. Do you feel it? Yes, some of you are already feeling it keep doing it stay in the moment. Stay in the moment, future doesn't matter just look at your objects. Look around you! Imagine that they're not real their subjective they're. Just like a virtual reality. Now do that and then repeat the first time you do it,
Some of you will have a profound experience. You see in the comments somebody says goosebumps. Somebody else, no experience whatsoever for those of you have had a lifetime of anxiety issues, keep these thoughts in mind, because it's the set up as much as the exercise think about life as filters think about your ego as unimportant worth protecting, but it's not the be all and all just see yourself in a simulated subjective reality and know that you can change the subjective reality. If you need to you have control, you can see in the comments somebody's crying, some of you not all of you. Some of you were just released
from a lifetime of pain, a lifetime of anxiety. Some of you just got released. Some of you will be released later, you'll think about this, and you will be able to get it out of your mind and you'll repeat the exercise on your own. You look around wherever you are you'll. Imagine it as a virtual reality, and it will give you the same sensation. The people have when they experience ego death and it will free you and that's all. You need an hour and a right there and you have a great life.
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