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Episode 792 Scott Adams PART2of2: Some New Reality Filters to Ease Anxiety

2020-01-19 | 🔗


    • Tips and tricks to rewire your brain for anxiety release


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i know what you wanna talk about yesterday at the end of my periscope i ran those of you who were here i ran into an exercise to reduce your anxiety in life whatever the source of your anxiety is whether its actual mental problem something various something your worrying about and i wanted to reinforce that so i'm going to give you a little bit of reinforcements on top of that this is a cumulative process the first time you're exposed to it you might not have that a deep deep feeling
age some of you actually did i heard from a lot of people yesterday who told me that the exercise immediately riddle release their anxiety now i assume this temporary but if you can find a way to temporarily release rings i d do it as often as you cap does that's how you get to eventually you know a place where you have a stable lack of anxiety can you give us more tricks and tips on this in a moment but i didn't want to tell you that based on the feedback it was completely successful now completely successful doesn't mean it worked with every person because i told you it wouldn't you are all different but completely successful that a lot of people said it change something change something deeply meaningful to them so i'm gonna do it again
the big thing i introduced by the way i i cut out just the the part of my periscope from yesterday and eighty separate clip this just the last part of the periscope so you can just see the the anxiety solution technique that's all you two right now just search real coffee was scott items on youtube in operator so just look at the the quick one so you want what i talked about on that in a won't make as much sense unless you saw the other video so i say this for the end if you need to see them in order to see that first come back to this i talked about see the world through different filters and i give you some more filters see get at least say a deeper understanding of how how this concept works
one of the things that people ask me about is how to deal with the fact that you know you can have some bad news in the future you don't know the details but you know for example that somebody's gonna die before you do do you know that there will be the various problems in life and i'm gonna give you a technique that i use i've had a lot of pets and i've had a lot of pets who passed and i give very attached my pets and so when a cat dies for example its that's a big deal out of a car for nineteen years there was by constant workplace companion when she passed it was a big deal i have no way dogmas you know snickers at that age were if she's if she's got another two years in her i hope she has more but average for their breed would be copper more years she seems to be perfectly health
now but here's how i deal with the fact that when she passes it will be like losing a limb i've heard that i fear that analogy before i've heard people who won't get a second dog after the first one because the trauma of losing it is so extreme that they really can't go through it again i see a lot of you talking about the pain and easy and social media people posting their painful situation if they have an animal that's about ready to pass so let me tell you the filter i put on this if you focus on the loss the bad news of it you will feel anxiety and you will feel bad but you do have the rest you have you have the option of refrain us and let me tell you how i refrain it for my pants
and how i refrain for snickers so that i don't spend the next two years worrying about how to feel when when her natural comes to an end and here's how i refreshment i refrain it as a privilege and an honor for me the ability to be there at the end of her life my dog snickers is going to be a non it's going to be applied watch and i wouldn't have it any other way when i think of it that way it changes how i processes now i know i'm gonna feel terrible when the day comes but until then i'm just honoured i actually feel a sense of duty at a very deep level and cuba and i felt the same way with my cats in there
final moments of life i felt honoured that i could be part of it so i give you that let me give you a couple other filters i've ever worried that there's something big that you need to do that is really giving your anxiety was say you're trying to buy house they ve never done that young people by house how did they afforded her how they work and all the details in the repairs the contracts and all this what are you thinking about moving anything people do this like moving is will say to another state it's a big deal you think about getting married think about having family as you think about in any one of these things you think about the seem like really hard if you ve never done those things they seem really hard here's the shelter i put on that
there are a lot of areas in the world and they can do all of those things the world is built for people of average capabilities so if your average or above average in most eu probably above average if you listening to this periscope especial and just tell yourself there are millions and millions of idiots have figured out how to buy house millions of idiots learnt at a move to another millions and millions of any it's where kids got married change jobs noise of idiots learn to do a job that you wish you you're smart enough to do guess why you are you're smart enough to do it because millions of areas did it the million idiot filter on life in immediately release your anxiety about things you haven't done before now if the old
people who had done the thing you want to do where geniuses well i guess you should worry about that lesser genius like well the only people who can pull this off are geniuses do you know how many people pulled off buying house not just the smaller ones so that's a filter i like to use it immediately make speak i feel comfortable because almost anybody can do these things that look scary here's another one you for this before the adams law of slow moving disasters throughout history when humans can see a problem coming from far away we have a hundred percent track record for example we're all gonna run any food because our population is growing well we figured out birth control we figured out fertilizer we figured out better farming methods
we gave owed we're going to run out of water because now turns out we jailed for more water we don't work analysis we figured out how to get one or two everybody were certainly going to run out of oil and now we figured out how to frank we figured out how to make windmills and stuff so if you look at something the such as the threat of climate science i think a lot of you on this periscope or not worried about so you are remind yourself this society is genius and solving problems is sees coming from far distance this will be no exception whatever problems come from climate change could be little could be locked no no scientists believe anybody can really
predict that stuff but no matter what you think about it the worst case scenario is that it is a problem but were really really good at solving the stuff we have companies going online that can scrub seo to enter there if it ever becomes necessary and then others if you say wait we can't be scrubbing the co2 under the earth has its plant food its plan food you will destroy the earth by scrubbing all the ceo to ever there now you all you'll just unplug of if you if you get to see co2 just unplug it so dont worry about these big problems that we can see coming from miles away those are the ones we solve every time the one you need to worry about are the ones that came out of nowhere near agency come so we're very consistent about that her ears another one sometimes
when i feel really down and going to happen so i have to admit it has not been a long time but in my pastor times when i just felt beaten down by life and sometimes you just don't want to wake up the next day here's a filter that i put on my life that i find really useful curiosity it turns out that we humans are really motivated by curiosity some more than others is the reason that good author will will put at the end of a chapter
little miss reads like and then someone knocked at the door and it's the next chapter i can read a whole other chapter that another character before a find out who is knocking at the door so it turns out that curiosity is a tremendous motivator for people and here's a filter i put on things when i'm feeling depressed and down and i just you know my purpose for life seems to be extinguished temporarily i say this i wonder how this is gonna turn out and i and i just treat it as a curiosity what if i'm just watching this life like a spectator i also use the combine this with the no free will filter now i believe that we don't have freewill because i think physics the laws of physics don't stop when you get your skull when it was happening inside your skull is also subject to the laws of physics so
every causes and effects are coming into your head you there's only one thing this gonna come out of that because of the structure and the exactness of your of your brain architecture so sometimes when things are going not going my way i just sit back and say what if i just watch now i still do all the things that i would do i still brush my teeth go to work get my car i still do anything but instead of saying i'm deciding to do this i say i'm not deciding to do this i dont have free will i'm actually a spectator in my own life i'm just watching watchin myself brush my teeth watch and myself go to work i've just watching and i wonder how does this game and what happens tomorrow given this current situation where am i gonna be next week and why you ll find
i can immediately take you out of your depression and into a mode of curiosity and a mood of just feeling like you're a spectator and you dont have to have great stress because things are going the way you wanted them to go instead you can say well there we're gonna go that way no free will unjust along for the ride i wonder how it turns out now until you try it you may not believe that that will take you into a different mindset but my experiences and does here's another filter on life god i told you that one of them set loosen the gems might be so a factor for securing a whole range of mental problems most of them anxiety related i think is that it takes your ego the hallucinogens take your ego
your worldview and once you feel that that you personally or not that important or that you're just part of the whole then you start you stop worrying so much what you and your ego we're going to experience tomorrow because you just not that important you you're not the main reason of the universe is just lily you and you'll be fine another way to get there is by belief in the higher power belief in that god of one type or another because the the god model the way most people practice it is that god is great you're not a kind of peculiar place believing in religion put you in your place it takes you
big only go on pretty special and it just says no you're not got a special year you're you're just a follower yes it teaches you humility by giving you a contrast to something that needs no humility right a an omnipotent power humility would make no sense at all because it would just be a lie so when you compare yourself in contrast is one of the great principles of managing your psychological state and persuasion never fails and he said there's a contrast helps focus you and understand in their place so believing there's a god who is great puts put you in your place so i think i can be a good filter and earl somebody just said exactly what i was gonna say next alcoholics anonymously
this is this technique so if you go into and a meeting to try to quit alcohol or drugs and drug version of it they recommend that you sort of put yourselves in the hand in this in the hands of a higher power now they're not to specific about you don't have to be a christianity to be specific kind of belief but whatever you believes the higher power if if you're not a believer well the higher powers physics i dont have free will i just released myself to two free will
or if you believe in god you say i just released myself and less sort o god work through me that's a shelter we don't need to decide whose religions right or if god even exists you don't need you it's a shelter that works because the alcoholic anonymous process apparently from everything i've learned is one of the few things that does work and i think that the active part of the process is removing your ego by putting yourselves in the hand of i hope our the other thing that that does to remove your ego is a part of the process for the steps and get somebody knows more about this than i do just chinamen part of it is essentially apologizing told the people you hurt which again is eager it's all eager if you go into a any cover ray
situation you give up now sort of all the other parts of your life your script down to just your biological entity you're putting your place your ego is is is removed or at least reduced so that's one filter belief in the higher power here's another filter optimism the way the way you should see optimism where's simply just tell yourself that there are some good things had fish you can dwell on the bad stuff and it can change will mental state or you can do what tony robin suggests in his own way and i'm going to suggest in my own way same same idea that your brain is only capable of thinking about so much in any in any single time we're not real good multiple multitask hers if your brain is focused on one thing
it doesn't have much left for other things you know you can find out if there's a train coming out you are you're doing your taxes but mostly you have a certain another shelf space i call it in europe you have some control actually lotta control over what's on the shelf if you don't take control of it you just say well i'm just gonna wake up today and go on with my life i'm gonna do today is whatever comes up i'll do my task do my job i know what i'm supposed to do your shelf space will fill up without your control it will just fill up with whatever thoughts we're gonna bubble up what kind of thoughts turn to bubble up if you dont managers of space the
the ones now you can probably confirm this from your own experience if you are idle and you don't have much to think about do you automatically drift into happy thoughts sometimes but far more often than negative is what you what bubbles up because we're design that way humans are designed to find problems and then fix them we're not designed to dwell on things that are going well look around your atmosphere your suit your environment how much of your environment are you actively processing very little of it because it's going well i've got a table of there are thus not bothering me at all it requires no attention at all it's not my consciousness so actively learn to fantasize and imagine positive outcomes in a variety of ways
so that whenever you feel yourselves space is starting to get a little ruminant philip philip consciously directly intentionally fill it never let you shall space phil itself you control that you get to think about what you want to think i mean if you have some terrible tragedies can be hard to keep it anywhere but for most of us are just daily life you can feel that thing with anything you want in my twenties trying to crowd out bad memories of my childhood which was pretty horrific i would fill it with work so i would just worked myself to exhaustion fall asleep and then get up early in the morning and work myself to exhaustion again and it really work now not everybody can work themselves to exhaustion four year after year but i felt by by shall space and whenever i felt it starting to fill in its own i would very actively crowded
without it listen you see president trump operating on this principle and he got it he came to it honestly and really exactly the same way i did through the impact of norman vincent peel who wrote about the power of positive thinking coincidentally for not was the trump family pastor minister i forget which is the right word at their family church where they went to church they saw the king of positive thinking the most famous positive thinking promoter in the united states ever and you see trump do it all the time he is very much still use is shall space with optimism and our stoop here's another technique
if you want to work on your ego put yourself in situations in which you embarrassed yourself often and survive how many times have you seen me embarrass myself right here on periscope and then the next day back again here's my coffee taste good have you ever seen embarrassment change my behavior or even my attitude probably that and i wasn't always way i used to be you easily embarrassed and they would ruin my all day ruin my weak ruined my month the feeling of embarrassments like i'm reliving is in my mind that time i did that but how many times have you see me have to like blow by those on camera i just had to have many times i was really watching what am i periscopes i watch some of them just to see if what i'm doing to make sure i'm doing what i want to be doing
and our own replaying i realise that i wouldn't interest extended discussion of a rack but i kept referring to it as around and when i wash the those like i can't believe i this extended discussion of the wrong country discuss my mine mixed up the words my first thought was just sort of a flash of anger i just met it happened so sort of man and myself but i never once felt embarrassed not even a little and it takes a lot of practice they get there so i recommend putting yourself in situations may be joined toastmaster is we have to talk in front of people do something that's outside eu comfort zone just embarrass yourself and then find out just track it wake up the next day
food is the same seemed to have the same friends nothing really changed so the embarrassment filter it is a good one just practice embarrassing yourself until just doesn't feel like painful anymore it's very doable here is another filter this more similar to the one that i talked about in my prior periscope every now and then i liked to imagine that i'm in a video game and that's very much what i was telling you to visualize visualizing yours or even in a virtual reality rendered environment without does is it put you in the moment because you're you're forced to think about your immediate situation could you imagining rendered
take your ego anything's because you're you're not focusing on yourself in your needs for a while so i helped a lot of people relax by here is another here's another way i think of it there are days when i said myself today was just like a video game and i feel like i i captured a resource or i learned something that allowed me did it go the next level of the game and here a few levels which i would like to suggest the sun you have already passed through are those levels toward the bottom is understanding that people are fundamentally irrational i wrote my book when bigley to reinforce that idea
if you are going through life thinking that other people are rational you'll be frustrated happy every day because people are not rational if you try to imagine that they are your understanding of what should happen next won't match what happens next could you say well here my ten good reasons why is used to be should agree with me and then you think well now you agree with me but then you doubt because where a rational so expecting people too rationally is a formula for stress and anxiety so the first time that you move up a level in this let's let's call it the video game of life you can't move up a level until you get that and you really
forget it i dont mean saying that sometimes other people are irrational i mean that it's the base code of our existence its are operating system we operate on confirmation by us and at a subjective reality which leads me to the next level is one thing to say that people are rational but its next level into of a village in its next level thinking to say that maybe our entire reality is subjective which doesn't mean there isn't something real but understanding that are our human evolution was never directed at giving us understanding of reality we did not evolve or at least there's no reason to believe we evolved to understand the nature of reality was an important a clam can reproduce without understanding reality a cat
can reproduce without understanding nearly as much as we understand understanding reality and like really understanding it completely optional and maybe even unproductive for evolution so we did not evolve with that capability and indeed you can see that we don't have it observe how people act so once you really realise that we're all an indifferent movie that were looking at the same document and seeing a different reality you ve got a different religion somebody else once you understand how a subjective are our experiences you move up to the next level so the first level is understand that people are fundamentally irrational and the level of that is that that irrationality is related to the fact we're not even seen the same world we exist in it and we interact but we keep getting confused intense in our interactions because we don't understand why you're not seeing what
and the reason is different realities that here's here's the next level above that does i believe a lot of you have already passed through those two levels above that must understand that your brain is programmable and not just a little bit you all know that you can learn something that's innocence that's programming your brain goes much deeper than that you you can fundamentally change your preferences yes you can change your preferences i have experimented with this over the years and actually giving examples i want to go into the details but i have actually experimented trying to like something i didn't like it to see if i could do it until i loved it and i have also experimented taking something i loved less a eating snickers candy bars and turn it into something i didn't like and i can
succeed it's completely doable you can rewire your preferences now you have to understand that if you think the only thing you can do is add memories or maybe you can add a little skill you don't get to go to the next level you have to understand that you can change your basic personality if you know how to do it that's the highest level i've done it a whole number of times other people do it so and it takes a little less trial and error to do it but what we're talking about today is exactly that is reprogramming your your brain let me give you my favorite example of programming the brain i've been watching christina my fiance learn wealth not learning but recovering her piano skills
and when she was younger shoot a piano lessons when she was younger and i've watched a recently go from somebody who had some basic piano skills and knew how to play the piano better than most people but to serve as a good piano blair to less two weeks she learned one of the most complicated chopin what it what would you call it an pieces that i've ever heard in your life and if you don't play the piano chopin apparently is extra hard extra hard in terms of where your fingers go at what time is just really hard if you hear somebody playing the piano unsafe rocks on their doing something called it an accompaniment by the way i just learned this so if he is somebody's playing an accompaniment with other instruments of the singer in a band that's relatively easy piano playing cassettes
bidding ding ding ding ding ding ding eldest son some was simple patterns that's all you need to accompany a banned if you're a solo artists and you're playing chopin both your hands are operating completely independently each of your fingers is operating independently and you're putting together hundreds thousands i don't how many notes or are in it in a show pen peace thousands but at least as many hundreds right and i'm walking by you know and on hearing her practice and it just in the last few weeks she got to the point where she she's memorize the entire peace and now she's just holding it and i think to myself what the heck happened inside her action
physical brain she rewired her brain in two weeks i mean a pretty substantial rewiring because none of the skills that she is she is demonstrating at a near virtuoso level didn't exist two weeks yeah it's all we call a muscle memory but of course it is in the brain is not in your muscles and so when you see people fundamentally rewiring i mean something insanely impressive in two weeks she practice lubbers just two weeks you you start to realize how programmable your brain is so everybody who's got it
when their brain that's not workin you might be able to reprogram that and i have lots of experience and doing it myself now let me give you a fun analogy if you are a computer programmer do you ever right programming code for a computer in zeros and ones do you sit down and say right programme zero zero one one when one zero zero and then one one one zero zero well now you don't know there may be a special cases were
somebody's doing some deep engineering and they are actually looking at this arose in ones but that's not typically the way you read programme the road the way you re programme is with something this analogous to but different from a language like an english language or french or spanish whatever you have words with letters and use a numbers do but brackets in words and they stand for something that the computer translations as it arose in one's here's my analogy when do you hear language or you have experiences
that the language and the experiences of securing things and in the spoken word is being translated into your brain into the equivalent of zeros and once now your brain doesn't work in service ones it works on you connections they get strengthened and built them summer emphasised india emphasise and stuff but the point is that when the programmer is right in the programme then see the zeros and ones and i do not know exactly what the zeros and ones are doing there's no what the outcome will be when a hypnotist were or somebody doing what i'm doing take you through a guided visuals i've haven't you imagine something that you're imagining in pictures and your hearing in words but these are symbolic tools there are actually rewiring your brain so when you hear me just talking
hey how can you rewire my brain just by talking well the answer is its the same way a programmer can programme a computer without knowing what zeros and ones are happening i dont know which neurons or five i don't know which connections are being made by trial and error and experience i can make general assumptions that effectively become the user interface for your brain so find the user interface for your brain you're getting close you ve gone up to levels you're you're on the cusp maybe some of you there of reaching the next level in the game where you can intentionally reprogramming
rain and then love left those you wrote reprogram other people's brains so check out the anxiety over me ask here how many people on here seriously anxiety exercise the anti eggs idea exercise i did and tell me what experience you had how many of you have experienced something like a reduction of anxiety scan take a while for the comments to catch up so all all stall until all regions comments as they come in it helped me nothing but i tried made me feel sad members i said everybody will have a different experience there's a yes yes i did i tried it nothing happened and the body experience some people have no change no change somebody said freed my brain thumbs up
yep i did me totally reacts no yes yes it helped somebody said it didn't help yes no yet on youtube is where you'll find the the stored thing a calming i definitely did i felt like it i felt like it was being in denial he was very unusual refrain things definite reduction good good reminder no change definitely relief me no husband yes felt like floating hears remember what i told you actually this is actually more of a response and i was actually expected but remember that this is cumulative so in the example of there was that there was a husband wife where one i think the husband fell something and why
remember you're all of the different starting place it could be that the people who found felt something profound or right at the cusp of moving up to the next level and just easily move to the next level good day some of you be a little more understanding of frames and that's what i did for you today so you'll find that this needs to be reinforced but the more i reinforcing for you the closer you gonna get to feeling something like that but of course everybody's different we should expect that any solution medical or physical or otherwise will work the same wafer for other people and here and let me let me do it free again right now find a place on your floor wherever you are look at the floor and wherever the floor is the largest area doesn't have to be you don't have to
right but just look at what it looks to you the european like the largest floor area you can see now imagine using yesterday's technique that is rendered it's not real you're in a video game you at a level and everything here is artificial just think about that today unless you do that on your own and when you feel in the moment because that this exercise will just bring it to the moment to use failure environment moving in between being what you thought was real and why you can easily imagine is not and that will keep you in the moment it will reduce the effect of your ego tappin on your shoulder and it will calm you the more you you exercise your ability to calm yourself the better yogi and that's all for today
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