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Episode 793 Scott Adams: Impeachment Super Bowl, TDS Update, NYT’s Endorsement, Sleep Tricks

2020-01-20 | 🔗

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  • Jason Crow says the President is guilty of bribery
  • NYT Presidential endorsements
  • TDS victims, condition update
  • Sleep tips begin at 33:45

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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump hey everybody come on in here it's time for coffee was got atoms and you don't need much we need the copper mongering was a tanker tells us time and again to injure flask of vessel of any guide fill it with your favorite liquid ally coffee
and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure the dopamine either the day the thing that makes everything better the simultaneous up go delightful somebody in the comments and saying white men talk with scott arabs you know it's interesting i have more african american followers for my periscope then you might imagine for some reason i seem to speak to that community which is good i'm glad i'm gonna start well some of the things said a majority some things and lose much mcconnell is reportedly close to find it
using a rule for engagement in the senate that after some evidence is presented there would be some sort of a safety valve where they can vote to wrap things up quickly you can see where things ago and don't you
i think you do i think i think we're we're having is that the summit the setting up a situation where they might hear perhaps dershowitz is argument about the constitutionality and then say well ok that's all we need to know if it's if it's not unimpeachable events we don't need to know the details we don't even need to know if he did it didn't do a light about it doesn't matter if not impossible that's the end of the story and i think that's worth giving go i think dershowitz is gonna do his thing he's given say doesn't matter if the facts are
or false if everything this alleged is true still doesn't matter i think the sentence gonna vote so that's what i think is gonna happen beside it of you with one of the impeachment managers for the democrats representative jason crown and youth you're probably sick of me talking about how good alan dershowitz is no matter what the topic is whenever reason one of the news programmes does matter what does it matter which topic i've been telling you this for three years that as soon as you hear him talk you feel like that conversation is over because he just puts the nail in the conversation and you say well i could argue with that but now i can't argue with that it's actually you just kneeled down that's all you need to know so is like the the the godzilla of constitutional lawyers
and he's gonna be up against this other team of the democrats including representative jason crow and use what are the new shows i think yesterday and you mentioned the president was guilty of bribery and the interviewer says why do you think you this the bribery isn't one of the allegations so this guy who's one of their best lawyer defenders is talk about the president and bribery and that he's asked why do you think that's not one of the charges and ended up giving this absurdly incompetent answer about well you got to look at the big picture considered in the context of the things in the impeachment not so important to the world them and he could answer the question of why
seem to be unaware of what the actual impeachment charges even were so that part whistle areas but then he goes on as he's digging is his whole to put himself and it s even funnier he goes on to say that if if the president is not impeached on these charges which people acknowledge are not crimes that are not crafted as criminal charges if he's not impeach for this no president could ever be held accountable and i thought to myself wait a minute
if it's not a crime and its not criminal like which i think is what dershowitz will argue that the founders we're ok if it wasn't technically crime assorted as long as it was in those same basket as long as you can look at and say well maybe it's not technically a crime but not to be a crime its crime like then that would still be unimpeachable but what if what if it's just president doing his job shouldn't we wouldn't we want to live in a world where the president dozen commit a crime and a dozen commit according to the people who judge these things and he doesn't also commit something that's crime like do you want to be held accountable for just doing
job in a different way than you would so i would say their representative jason crowd does not have a strong game at least if we judge just by this one interview it was a sort of a deep minus in in public interviews one of the worst oversee and he's up against dershowitz how could this even go any other way you can ignore all the other lawyers involved i think i just say that match up tells you lot the new york times apparently the new york times endorsement for president means a lot some say probably and instead of endorsing one person they decided they say balanced path to be kind a balance bath where they they doors to me bull elizabeth worn and closer
the reason is i want to endorse one whose sort of a progressive and what sort of moderate and those two they thought with the best of their respective bunches as in bremmer asked tweet worry pointed out it sort of makes the whole concept of endorsement not make any sense if you're endorsing people were basically opposites wasn't me can you endorse people literally opposite views one one once something very progressive another wants something moderate quite opposite but the really different but yours interesting bar in the near hence in darkness they call them bernie for being too old and maybe not healthy enough so they mentioned his heart attack in his age and seventy nine and suggesting is this not physically a good risk they think that's pretty bald
then i suggest that bind us too timid together endorsement so i think the new york times it is trying to warn people away from the oldest of the candidates which is sort of an adult in the room sort of thing to do a cat like it in the sense that it is not that i like the specific recommendations but i do like the fact that there are trying to be the adults in the room here's what the adults in the room says i don't really care how much you like biden he's too old i don't really care how much you like bernie he's too old that sort of the that's the adult the room and i was though the people who were grasping to biden and bernie are are sort of taking maybe a child like view
there's a child would say well was just ignore the most important fact which is their both just to old whose there's no around it they're just way too old and you can argue that you don't elizabeth warner werner are pushing that own but that would in argument about pushing the boundary as opposed to buy them anne and bernie you i think you ve just unambiguously say there too old is there on my if there were a mighty whom i love them both for president i still say the same thing has nothing to do with other policies are personalities
feels there is a biological factor that if you're gonna be the adult in the room thank you new york times for being the adults in the room you just gotta call that out you can you can ignore the biggest factor we are biological creatures and and and certainly bloomberg scott that issues while four by way of full disclosure i do a bet on predicted the building site that the democratic nominees nominally will be a woman so placed their ban a few months ago in us and it wasn't just that it would necessarily be harris back when i was thinking that should be the top of the ticket incorrectly but anyway
i've got the better of their soldiers just let there there's nothing to say about it let me give you a trumpet derangement syndrome updates i always think is fascinating he'll be in one movie and then sort of look over him and see what the other people are thinking so let me give you just a flavour of some of the things coming from the anti trump world this one from james carville you know him favours adviser to bill clinton and a very vocal democrat and plugged and he said this quote the guests yesterday i think trump and trump ism is the greatest threat this country has faced since the fall of communism what was the greatest threat this country has faced as the fall of communism now
the first thing you need to know is it this is a weird sentence because what does he mean since the fall of communism because i thought we were happy about the fall of communism so as this is the biggest threat since the thing we were happy about what is uneven mean that i'm gonna be i'll be generous in my interpretation of the sentence and say that he was using the fall of communism just as a time period not as a comparison to what's happening under that structure he's just saying that trump and trump ism is the greatest threat this country's faced since several decades really i think the algae beady q community would like to talk to him about aids that was a pretty big problem
how about are wars and potential nuclear threats from north korea about terrorism i feel like we ve had some bigger threats the since we ve had beggar bigger threats then mean all terrible trump you gave us the biggest only defeated isis do i need to go on your you all know the list of accomplishments but who is still saying stuff like that like is the biggest problem to our entire country on what level exactly what's it lets say that i saw somebody mentioned global warming and the comments let's say that that's about
so one of the elements of this comment is that trump is bad for the economy and i'm sorry no bad for the environment because of climate change he's he's not taking the lead on that but here's a vague what difference would it make it's not the united states whose causing climate change its china it's it's we have actually reduced our co2 so what exactly is the greatest threat to the country and what exactly is tromp ism so it sounds a little crazy from
perspective then you remember amargosa so so remember that james carnivals worry about trump is not what is already done so he's been present for three years and end carville doesn't say look what you did he broke everything instead he says is the biggest threat meaning the future so i guess why is done so far wasn't so bad but in the future in the future which you can't measure what a coincidence the president is doing well on things you can measure it turns out he's doing very very poor lisa biggest risk in the world for the imagined a future which coincidentally we care really measure so
here's another comment from trump derangement syndrome world for moreover you member amorous she was controversial employees for trump and quit didn't choose controversy his reality showed quit that nor didn't make it as our biggest then she said recently president from quote doesn't grasp that is ignorance is destroying our country which part of the country's getting destroyed did i miss something this is some part of our country getting destroy that the news is reporting about where exact we as the country getting destroyed and how exactly is ignorance doing that doesn't make sense
virginia africa another into jumpers writing in the allay times i just have to read this one paragraph because there's just a lot in here so the i'm taking this out of a larger anti trump article this one paragraph is gonna special she says understanding trump is a fool's errant he's we generis that first of all who writes in article meant to be consumed by the the general public who reads the many times and uses afraid like sweet generous sweet generous how many of you know what that means two percent so if you ve got a right or who uses the term that no more than two percent of the people reading it even though at the frequent word means not a good writer sorry sorry there is no other way to say that if you are using
cabbie that the people who read your stuff don't understand you unless you have some strategy about it you just a bad writer don't use sweet generous what it means is one of the current do now i know that i looked it up just before this periscope i've been hearing it in the news a lot i get is one of those words that is getting around people are using i heard it if you times and i thought i don't have to look at up goes nobody's gonna be done enough to use that term well then somebody did then somebody did again i thought what's up with us anyway so this is the new term just means a kind why can't you say one of a kind no reason why would you say sweet
sweet generous how do you know what that french nor language that is why would you say that instead of just one of a kind or unique or one off in writing i so you sweet generous and far too erratic and finally insubstantial to reward close attention what it feels like things are being made up with sentences late there's nothing there so you try to construct something out of nothing with the way you word it he's far too erratic based on what measurement is or and erratic scale is there some way to measure that is such a thing is
to eradicate just erratic above what kind of weird baseless unsupported opinion is to erratic and then she says and finally insubstantial so she's calling president trump insubstantial what sad even mean well i know what the word in substantial means but it seems to me that is the most substantial person in the entire planet who is more substantial i mean impact for meaningful powerful important who is more substantial than president tromp right now nobody the whole world there's nobody more substantial in him and she is roses into a sentence like its somehow obvious well he's too insubstantial reward close attention what are we rewarding people by paying attention that's not how it works we just look at things that we like looking that we look at things
your interesting we're not rewarding people with our intention i read your comment to give you a reward that's how it works which is looking stuff we want to look at she goes trump zealots and trump zealots if if you're a trump supporter is out why can't you just be a trump supporter why can't you just look at your choices they are i think i like this one better are there no biden zealots do you know why there are no binding zealots because he doesn't inspire any passion nobody really cares but if somebody cares about what you're doing i guess you yourself of people like what you do trouble zealots are another matter and now she's gonna get to you guys many of you were trump supporters
there are part of the tradition of radical converts in american history who elected to forfeit their authentic personalities and principles rather than referring or strengthen them what what are these sentences even mean it i don't know what you're saying so that this is on talking to you this is all of you who are part of a tradition of radical converts maybe you didn't even know that did you know you're a radical convert or in europe or in the tradition of it and that you forfeited you're authentic personality and principles who did that did you do that did you forfeit your principles just because you like one candidate more than the other choices i'll think so i'll think you're forfeited any principles even even the usa the
religious right who would not necessarily approve of terms personal life or his i'll even they haven't forfeited the very principles they still exactly have the same principles all they did was look at their choices we got one of these we got one of these we like this one better it's a world with tough choices nobody gets the exact candidate who offered you your exact candidate nobody offered you don't get to pick your exact can't they thus now works you get the one that's good enough or better the others then virginia avenant says needs stay focused dewey do we need to stay focused on how so many americans came to this pass and took this destructive course how did it happen to you you poor poor bastards you are you're such a normal and happy people and then it must
then somehow the trump card pulled you win you became a zone you gave away you're you're authentic personality the principles that happened to you did you notice because i bet you didn't notice that you're any different probably didn't notice then she goes on to say that the trump called ok now you're calls will define american politics for decades to come even after is dear leader is gone well yeah president trumps impact will things for decades that's true so all of this looks like crazy talk to be in which their train the author has tried to conceal something on a words that doesn't exist in the actual world but if you were to write it feels like you're talking about something of substance but maybe not
i have a friend who is a very deep anti trust and he me a list of all the reasons that trump is a disaster so i want you to read and i wanted to tell you that this is a friend who is very jealous we're talking about we're talking about a democrat who i can i can confirm as one of the smartest people young meet like super smart went to great school etc so
here are the things that he calls out for all the reasons that trump is a disaster ready number one economically massive income inequality when you woke up this morning did he go like this waken up today oh my god as the income in quality gotten worse how will i go forward today how will i live with all the income inequality literally the thing nobody thinks about even poorer people didn't wake up today and say the income inequality but i'll bet a lot of people who used to not have jobs but now do because unemployment is better than maybe ever about all those people are not complaining about income inequality because there's just got less
so if the first thing on your list is a concept that nobody even feels talks about or cares about except in something that people talk about on the news that's it that's your number one complaint your number one complaint and i've never even seen anybody making argument that it even necessarily least anything bad directly or indirectly but it goes on he acknowledges a high employment looking good but low wage growth what what what network or new sources is he watching in which he thinks that one of the top complaints about this presidency is low wage growth is not our wage growth actually better is it not better
then it spent under prior present what what new sources look here and he's talking about people taking multiple gig jobs etc now that's all true why isn't it trending in the right direction i mean my new sources say it is trending in the right direction right in the cost cos alone bob i guess i'd say no progress on healthcare no progress on healthcare again what new source is looking at when he says no progress care have there not been law changes that allow people to to do things across state lines have there not been things out of the health and human services group i think it was in which no was at the after which ever cabinet is that is promoting more generics so they sped up the junior
so lower surprise now you could say he hasn't done enough and i say that too so i criticise president trump are not doing enough for healthcare but to say but to say no progress on healthcare that just means you're now to the right news khazars ben identical clearly things that make a real difference in healthcare not enough but the real tax cuts help the rich that's just talking boy it's not something that is part of the real world the eba that whenever we talk about tax cuts helping the rich
well i don't want to get into a long gillnet but yes the rich pay most of the taxes attacks god's going to help them or if you want to put a serious money into the economy you're probably going to have to cut their taxes i don't want to get that week it's a week problem so cousin food stamps and school lunches bob environmental regulations i have my own concerns about environmental stuff so i agree with them then it goes they say socially there's more divisiveness then anytime meaning race now
if you're watching the news and you watching both both the left and the right would you say that president trump is the cause of the racial divisiveness i would i'd say it's the way he's reported in other words the ways covered causes it because if you just reported what trump does you would end up with what may garrett said recently and he's no he's no pro trapper you said that any president would be happy to have the record that president trump has already recorded for race so he's you know everything from prison reform to supporting a historically black college his so this is just a complete brainwashing situation where if you only
watch the news on the left you would come to believe that the diverse the racial problems or because of tromp as opposed to the reporting is just the reporting if they reported what he does instead what they imagined he's thinking there wouldn't be any problem at all and i always say that i don't think that this problem goes down to real people i think it's a news problem i'm going to sneeze aren't you lucky i got the microphone then he goes on to say that we have a disaster there is a trade war
if china is heard farmers and i'm thinking the trade deals he says a disaster just got approved by both democrats and republicans even the democrats said they're good deals compared to what we had it when he talks about it hurt the farmers that was the plan the plan that some part of our era our economy would be heard but in the long run it would be better in general that was that was the actual plant so to say it hurt one segment of the economy is not to say you shouldn t done it is not to say it didn't work there was a cost so we can get these larger benefits and even and even the democrats agreed they signed the deal's so
what new sources you watching that you're coming up with these opinions and then defence saying that you getting out of the iranian nuclear deal was all bad to which i responded was he aware that the old iranian nuclear energy nuclear deal guaranteed that ran with have nuclear weapons guarantee that was the daily wanted and now we're looking at it the trouble shut down their whole proxy business by killing the guy who is feeding it and maybe we'll be surprised but is looking like proxy wars or down in its looking like rats economy is on the brink meaning that they'll get flexible is looking locked me like this is the best situation we ve ever been in with iran in fact the home the least these frozen the abandonment of the kurds and syria have you
an update on that have you these stories about all the tragedies because of our abandonment of the kurds maybe this that bad stuff happening that we don't know about but have you heard of any because to me it looks like another over reaction that if you were to look it was actually happening on the ground and you talk to the kurds i say i work at the weekend of unhappy about this situation but work it out what news is looking at anyway ending of intermediate nuclear weapons deal with russia does not make any difference is russia going to attack the united states with nuclear weapons i think so and they neither the extra ones if they want to destroy the united states wouldn't matter russia will extra good nuclear weapons it does
really matter how many times they could destroy the united states if they just when if if russia just went from being able to destroy the united states guaranteed a hundred times over to a thousand times over to that gary deference i'll think so they made any difference at all if we get a war with russia where all dead details don't matter too much anyway and then he ends with most european and asian countries think we are a joke and cannot wait for trying to leave what do we say about just intruder is the american view of justin trudeau angela merkel you name your leader are we can the laughing at them behind their backs the mean
isn't it just normal business they laugh and our president they mark and we left their leaders we markham does any of it mean anything it doesn't is is is the uk not gonna do a trade agreement with us because at one time some people left behind troms back they do say now we can do a trade deal with you because remember there was at one time we left behind your back so i guess we can't do trade now it makes no difference they will do a trade deal because it's good for them they will be our allies and defence and nato because it's good for them countries don't operate on the who laughter you more behind your back principle it's all based on self interest and where the biggest dog in every fights self interests the sums that they will continue working with us are that's enough on trumped arrangements syndrome or give you a some tips stress reduction
this is part of my ongoing series raise my hands again so if anybody's looking through late either there searching through this defined the part where i talk about this topic will see me with my hands in the air and no to stop and watch it so anxiety is different from stress anxiety can be that cause list that you're worried about and its irrational but is it has at least a little overlap with stress in general
and what i mean is if you could if you could lower your stress in general by doing all the right lifestyle stuff you're probably in better shape for handling everything else so if you ve got some anxiety just normal stress reduction won't make it go away but it could lesson its effect of you so sort about that i treat stress reduction as a full time job and i have since college prior to college
probably had more stress and i want and i said to myself you know i'm just gonna spend all my time getting rid of this because i am going through today feeling stressed anxious whenever i'm gonna make it my full time job that stress is getting away workin it so i wrote a red book called out a failed almost everything and still when big that agreed systems can fix your fitness and you're you're diet in your sleep and all those things i wanted talk today about sleep specifically and here's the thing i want to say people seem to realise the sleep is i learned the skill some of you probably don't know that there are some people who think that they are not good at getting to sleep and they have trouble sleeping and there are other people who
don't have trouble but i'm here to tell you that sleeping properly is skill and it's not something you just want if all you're doing is sure wish i slept better but you're not doing anything differently you don't understand how sleep works its skill i'm gonna give you the skill and suggest that you make a system and ethics before for your personal situation so are all little different so the tips i give you close to universal but you might need to tweak them for your own purposes so you should experiment continuously continuously firstly don't ever stop fighting a better way to get a good sleep so changed your pillows ginger sheets get a different matters just keep key plugging at those things might not make a difference in your case some cases they will but don't stop it's a lifelong processed
better a sleeping it's a skill here's some of the things you need to know number one if you can't get to sleep at night maybe you didn't work hard enough i know you don't want to hear that but in my own experience which are not suggesting necessarily extends to everybody but in my experience if i have worked hard all day if i had exercise that danish that's a big one if i've physically exercised and i've worked hard i never have trouble sleeping period and when i don't do enough though two things i do it's pretty wonder one correlation so the first thing you should say to yourself is what do i need to do with my day so that by the time i get in bed i'm primed to sleep if you're not active every day at least taking a long walk cleaning
in the garage it doesn't have to be going to the gym but if you haven't physically been active good luck get into sleep because if your body is a little bit tired snuck i can work for you so the first thing you should tell yourself as if you can sleep maybe you didn't work hard enough which could have been just exercise for your own benefit it does have to be work work the next thing you need to know is that your body and your mind are sort of a feedback loop serve yes some anxiety in your mind it all little come out new bodies here your body will fill anxious and stressed wagons when your body feels anxious and stressed feedback
she's back to your mind she mind is making your body anxious rang ear but your bodies make your mind anxiousness reinforcing is hard to get your mind to just stop is much easier to get your body to slow down because you can just exhausted just exercise until your body is just exhausted that's one way you can break out of the loop because if you bodies exhausted is
it's not gonna be feedback the anxiety and stress so much to your brain and then your brain will be part of the loop anymore so that's that's amazing is stop thinking it's a brain problem and start thinking as a physical body problem exhaust your body your brain will follow here's an exit don't bring up bad topics after eight p m you can adjust the abs to whenever you're normal sleepiness but after about a pm especially if you're in a relationship is tempting to lesser you haven't seen each other all day and you wanna you wanna talk about these these things because it's the only time you have here the kids are better whenever don't do it just don't do it
eight o clock or real adjust for your own situation but after eight o clock don't talk about the things that are going to keep you awake just don't do that one and certainly no have those conversations in bed after you can bet definitely don't do that here's one of my biggest most important tips most of you will reject this but i promise you it's the most important if there's only one thing you want to learn maybe the exercise is most important but in the top two he's gotta is wake up and go to sleep at the same time all week don't hear that do they cause you wanna get up when you have gotta work you want to get up early but that is the weak amulet finally weekend i can sleep in
there's nothing worse for your sleep and if you rode your there's almost nothing worse except maybe diet to hurt you ro health top rule get up the same time saturday and sunday or close to it right don't do the go to bed at three m sleep till noon thing because you liked party is fun now stand the younger you are the more tempting there will be your social life might require it might be how you me people it might be interval do your but if you do that just now that the trade off is you will be tired and sleepy and it will cost you everywhere else in your life probably not worth it so i also say that alcohol is poison so if you're drinking unionists sleep problems independent of the fact that my keep you up
so number one rule get up and go to sleep approximately the same times every day of the week because if you don't turn it into a habit they your body recognises as a habit it's gonna be tough guy to turn it into a habit so your body yet about nine nine pm ten p m is already tell you go to sleep sleep here's one don't let your bed be the place that you used not asleep and this means several things don't go to bed and then started task now go to bed into a project while you're dead don't abed and watch tv unless you are those people the tv put you to sleep that's different situation don't dont use your bed for anything but sleeping and of course sex those two things are the only things your bed should be
if you find that it's one a dot m in the morning and you can't sleep and any you put in your work rights boston turn to just not going to sleep get up get out of bed get completely out of bed go go sit on the couch go pet the dog go walk around try it again drifting knows because you want your bed to be the place where you do sleep not the thing that you go and you toss in turn when he can't sleep so if you know you're not gonna get to sleep in the next half hour because you you can just tell it's not gonna happen get up by the way this is what the experts recommend not making a penniless through there nothing that i'm saying that doesn't come directly from pretty much all experts
it's probably bats be looking at your devices in bed put them away i know that's tempting but these glowing screens or just terrible four year before your sleep here's another tipp you want your room to be as dark as possible i duly completely dark the more light there is the less you can sleep is purely biological there will be people who tell you now i sleep better when there's a little light on because maybe you're afraid if it gets
dark or whatever but i would suggest that biologically there's probably no exception biologically probably the darker it is the better so get a blackout persons in your bedroom if he can obviously keep away from caffeine them too late in the afternoon this could keep you up temperatures important i like a cold or the people don't and here's another one dont do the don't do the list of
you do tomorrow wire embed never ever get in bed and then run through what you have to do tomorrow i treat i treat the next day as though it doesn't exist when i go to bed i spend zero time thinking about tomorrow you should get it had never think about tomorrow while you're in bed that's the worst thing you can do never think about you list your chores rything if you're concerned about those things get up an hour earlier go to bed earlier and get up our it's a good thing to get up early reduce your stress you're not gonna be late read some things have your coffee
make your to do list once your fresh in the morning that's your best thing to do and then as as i said with the start all of these are just starting tips if you do these starting tips that's just gonna get you going but this should be a lifetime of experimentation do you sleep better at this temperature do sleep better with a fan fan is good sort of background sound cecily better pajamas easily better in the scottish sheep just keep at its your full time job to make sure that you don't have stressed now reducing your stress as i said doesn't get rid of deep rooted anxiety problems but you don't want both
right you don't wanna have anxiety the voice had all your life there's just sort of air for various situations you don't want to add to that by being also stressed so treat them as if their a pair of things and you don't want them working together so if you can get rid of one do it what if your spouse needs the exact opposite of you to sleep it's a big problem i mean ultimately that's that's a personal problem there i will let me tell you this i gotta tell you something that will change the lives of a bunch of you percentage wise not that many but a lot of user
close the three thousand people watching us probably a hundred thousand people watch this by the time is done and distributed to different platforms and of a hundred thousand a whole bunch of you are going to have your whole situation changed by what i tell you next people don't talk about it because it's embarrassing but you can see in the comments that people sleep in separate bedrooms very commonly when they're married very commonly you could see it in the covenanters going crazy with people say supper room supper room separate rooms if you have the luxury and is totally luxury and one of you snores or one of he needs a different temperature rule or you sleep at different times whatever is going on
just know and here's the part where i'm helping you just know that if you have a gathering of your bestfriends you know a bunch of couples and set a party just look around the room i can guarantee you one third of those people are sleeping in separate rooms and they're just not telling you because people though like to admit that as a sounds like there's something wrong when actually is just a better way to sleep so simply knowing that is a normal thing unless a normal people do it they just don't talk about it just freed about ten thousand people who just said seriously normal people with good relationships sometimes
wait and supper rooms now not sometimes very commonly so if you're one of those people who needs to do that you have all the social freedom you need you probably won't talk about it either that's it that's all for now i'll talk to you later
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