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Episode 80: North Korea, ZTE and What’s Next

2018-05-26 | 🔗


  • When the biggest news is something that DIDN’T happen
  • Spiteful gollums of the media
  • President Trump critics have turned into what they dislike about him
  • Louis Farrakhan comments about fake news attacks directed toward him
  • Only President Trump realized the correct time to show President Kim respect
  • Ego as a tool, nobody does it better than Trump
  • Ego ramp UP…toe to toe insult for insult
  • Ego ramp DOWN…offer respect to achieve mutually desired results for both countries and the world
  • ZTE, what should our opinion be?
  • Contrast principle
  • Leverage is owned by the one who “decides” vs one who only “wants”
  • “Intellectual dark web” vs “free thinkers”
  • Whenhub Interface ICO value and concept
  • UK doesn’t have free speech like the US?
  • Special appearance by Boo the Cat


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But but boom bum bum bum Bum, Bum, bum, Bum Bum Bum bum how's, my sound. I did something different with my microphone today. So if you can't hear Maine, why don't you tell me. But I would you know to tell me you can hear me good. Sound is good. Well, I think I've stalled long enough, so the you can grab your beverage to get ready for the best part of your day. The part of the case at all of the parts that make sense anime is day, and it goes like this is called the simultaneous up when you're having coffee was got apps. Well, that's one of the best simultaneous sips. Is it my imagination or does it get better every
real time. So you know you hear a lot about this listen analogy. Has I would I'm not sure if it's an analogy, but the dog that didn't bark? I talk about this a lot. It's the it's the news. That is the big story, but because it's a thing that didn't happen, you don't hear about so if the biggest story is something that did not happen, nobody writes about it. Let me give you an example. This is an open question to you. How long has it been since the media has taken the president out of context with some horrible comment now we can't count the animal comment because the media actually did a mea culpa and said that wasn't a real one, so not
the time they incorrectly said he was calling immigrants animals how long before that was the last time he said something outrageous go pop up bubble spent awhile right the it seems to me that the well, the Paralympics was a fake one, so the Paralympics was another fake when so, there's two fake ones. That is the most recent ones, keep going back. How long has it been yeah all the way to the shuttle's? No, of course shoals was. You know a fake one as well, because he was talking about the country's, not the people, or hum it's been while the right? It's been months-
how long ago was it and then shows Phil was fake? Of course, Charlottesville was a hoax because he was talking about people on both sides of statue question and then the media third tried to turn that into will successfully turn that into no no he's talking about the the white supremacist being fine people. He didn't say that all right, it's been a while. So here's my point. What happens if President Trump goes say six months without being the person that everybody thought he was because it requires the media to inventing these new outrage. Is that didn't happen so think of the ones that you just saw. There was the calling immigrants, animals which didn't happen. It was reported
happen, but it didn't happen. He was talking about the MS thirteen. There was the the examples you just gave the Paralympics reset it. It was hard to watch the people said my God, these saying it's hard to watch people with disabilities, but of course he didn't say that he was just saying it's hard to watch because he's president of the also the thing the do anybody with the least bit of awareness would know, that's what he was saying. Then there was the all comment that was about the country's, not the, not the individuals, no, by the way, the the trick that was used with the hole caught. A comment you'll see this when used by the media quite a bit and here's how they do it. There are things that you can say to a friend or to a small group in a room that doesn't sound
as bad as if you were standing in front of the public. So what your enemies will do is take something you said that might have been edgy or provocative, but not really that bad for a private conversation call privately. We all say outrageous things right, you put me in a small group, you put me in give me. Three people in my room right now and turn off the camera. I'm going to say something: that I wouldn't want the entire public to hear. It doesn't mean it's necessarily some horrible thing. It's just that the way you talk privately is quite. And then the way you you measure your words if you know everybody's watching, so this shipped comment was almost entirely that something that if you said it, in person or with a few people that you knew well around the table. They know
Actually, what you're talking about you know you're talking about the country, the the socio economic situation there, this not producing as many scholars, for example, people who could add to the economy as some of country. As soon as you take that and say well imagine if this were cited in public, but it wasn't, it wasn't said in public so of my point here is is been a while, since he did something outrageous now. Here's getting to a more interesting point. What is the if you could capture the single biggest complaint of the anti Trump or as right? Now? What would it be? Now we see in up? We see the whole history of complaints before he got into office. Hey he's a crazy races in
the you know, he's gonna be incompetent will be chaos, but it's been a while now and he's actually accomplish accomplished things that even his his detractors would say. Okay, that's pretty good. You know pardoning Joe Jackson, that's pretty good! You, the economy! Well, that's pretty good ISIS yeah! It's pretty good North grant, looks like we're, making progress pretty good. So what is it? What is the biggest the biggest complaint about president now right lies that might be the biggest, but I'm going to go,
I'm going to generalize that a little bit. Wouldn't you say that the biggest problem is that he is insulting that the way that the way he talks course ins, the debate and it is- is a giant problem because yeah when you talk that it causes other people to be like that. Right. Yes, personnel, personality essential, but have you noticed if you look for example, the way he handled Kim Jong Moon with his letter very complimentary, very respectful and for better than other people were handling the same situation. What's happened is a complete reversal. Now I don't know if this is permanent, so I'm so what I'm going to say might not age well in
what I'm about to say, might not age well by this afternoon. The way things go but at the moment is true at the moment, the most polite respectful person in the conversation, the conversation, meaning everything about politics, everything about even the people who were talking about politics, the most respectful person is trump. Now, let's look at his critics go onto twitter,
and see how they talk, see how they talk about Trump supporters. What kind of language do they use? Is it violent, awful insulting language it is Trump has caused, and here's the funny part that was getting to Trump has turned all of his critics into the thing. They're criticizing they've all become him or a better way to say it is We've all become what they thought he was well. He became president right, it's it's like. If we re run our minds back a year and a half two years or whatever doesn't it feel like the key today Trump and then newly elected Trump was just kind of
course personality, saying bad things, and you know the debate worse in every way, but the public, the public were good people. So they were good people saying my god, you know can't we have more civil debate, can't we can't we pay attention more to the fax can't. We concentrate on the facts please and now fast forward. Who is the most respectful per then the game right now. Could it be the person who spent ninety minutes shaking every hand of the graduates at the which Military academy was it? Could it be the person who pardon Joe Jackson just because it was the right thing to do? It was the Naval Academy
Could it be the person who wrote the most polite letter you've ever seen to another leader president Trump Respectful Kind talks about love, Joe, today this could all change tomorrow, I'm just telling you where we are today. His critics, spiteful Gollum the you all of the Gollum reference from Lord of the rings they've become from what they imagine they used to be, which which is protectors of the culture, the good people the nice people, so there were the nice people and then this server list. President Trump, sir person. He must be stopped and he turned into a good guy at the moment, while they turned into something horrible.
And we were watching the one domino at a time fall over Hey Connie, a says. Maybe maybe I can like that President Bush today, we saw at work. Let's talk about, Vericon, so Lewis, Farah Khan, there's a new video audio clip video clip about him, saying something to the effect Ovh that President Trump has become the biggest enemy of. I guess the way he put it was black folks in general so that they now have the same enemies and the way fair can put it an and let me say what everybody says before they talk about Farrakhan, not everybody, but lots of people I'm not agreeing with anything that Farah Khan has said alright, so I'm not support
vericon or anything like that before you get mad at me? I'm just reporting what happened and Farah Khan said that Pres Trump is the enemy of the media, which is also store: ically the enemy of black people, with the fake news, even use ferric on even talked about fake news, because apparently Farah Khan has been the victim of fake news. And by the way, do you know what happened when I saw Farah Khan agreeing that Trump is right to criticize the fake news. Do you know what happened to my mind when that happened? It just went right and I said to myself: wait a minute. I've read some terrible things about Lewis Farah
on in in the news I mean. Where else would I read it? I've read terrible terrible things about Lewis, Farah Khan, and then I thought to myself. Is it true or is it all out of context, and we look at look at you know the things that President Trump has been accused of all completely false. You know, shitholes was taken into context shows Phil was completely out of context animals on the context, Paralympics and the content I can go on? I think I have about twelve more of them what I've read these things, which I believe to be true. You know true statements of hateful things, anti semitic things in particular that Farrakhan has said, and after watching that clip art, I sit back and say to myself holy cow.
I don't know if any, that's real, I really don't. I I believe that You know 'cause, I believed what I read in the media. I don't think I have So any media report, the said the opposite right so So it makes me wonder and I'm not not not supporting farragon, I'm not endorsing anything he's ever said, because I don't know the full body of things he's ever said, but I gotta say he successfully flipped a bit in my because when he's when the people in the room in this video clip of Farrakhan were were were
He had been the victim of fake news, everybody room said Hall, God, yes, totally victim of fake news, and I said to myself we've seen this before, and I have to wonder how much of the criticism of his Israel I'm not I'm not defending him, I'm just wondering so that was new to me. Uh, but he said, prefer gun said that you know the enemies of black people. This is Farah, Khan's view where the press, the spark Department of Justice, which, of course Trump is criticizing the FBI, and I forget who else he said, but oh Congress, I think, making laws that were not good for them. And, if fell very short of, endorsing Trump, all right, so Farrakhan, you know he's not pro trump by any means, but It was fascinating to hear him talk at least a little bit,
I don't know open mindedly or maybe higher awareness. I don't know exactly how to characterize it, but when I, when I I heard him talk, I thought to myself pretty good sense, he's saying that you know he's he's intentionally lying because that's allowed in his religion. I I I doubt that's what was happening. It looked like he was saying his truth anyway, but again, I'm not defending him in a way. That's we'll have to do to defend himself should I guess is to out. I was scheduled to have worked on right now, but we haven't connected this morning, so I'll have to reschedule that so, let's serve. Let's take some gases about, what's going to happen with North Korea
It seems to me that in the past the thing that the place where everybody's gone wrong in the past- that President Trump did not go wrong. this is a question about meeting Kim Jong Moon in person and the old thinking, which was the wrong thinking. In my opinion, Was that we would not give him legitimacy or deal with him, or even you certainly not have a president meet with him until he had done. Some or most of the things that we wanted him to do, denuclearize or whatever, and by contrast, the moments that Kim Jong Moon said that he would be willing to meet with Trump without any preconditions. Trump said, yep I'll meet with him sure
and you remember the criticism he got for that- it's, like my god, you don't meet with him before you've gotten some concessions. And I remember thinking to myself at the no trope the only one playing this right. All of the other. People were wrong. They were all wrong. The only smart way to do. This was to increase, Kim Jong moons, the steam, let's say to show respect for him and to raise him up two of something like a peer level nobody's really the pier with the United States or China. You know nobody's quite appear with the the giant countries, but at least treat him like appear. You would treat it as an ally because, from a communications perspective from a trusted perspective from
deal making perspective from the perspective of persons. Persuasion from a perspective of everything that matters that was the right first step. There is no step after that. They could work. If you don't get that one right right, so if you look at Journey from being enemies to me and maybe someday reaching some situation where we're all happy, the first step was always that treat him like appear for conversation purposes At least only one person ever got that right. Why? Why is it? The president Trump got that right and nobody else got that right before. Well,
I would be alive course have been calling President trump a master persuader, someone who simply is smarter about this kind of stuff right, so it could be just that he's just smarter about this kind of stuff but going down a level. I think this also gets to that ego as a tool point that I've made before. If you can treat your ego as not who you are, but rather something you can ramp up and ramp down when you need to it, becomes a tool as opposed to a liability. Imagine a prior president saying I'm going to meet with Kim Jong Moon. That's not good! For his ego. It's not good for the US presidency. Go 'cause now he's treating as appear somebody that he would imagine everybody should see as lower than him on some level right. That's an ego
kind of a problem the extended also to the United States. You know protecting the brand and and making ego a liability that was part The reason that we couldn't meet with them is that we didn't want our our reputations to be anywhere near each other. What is president Trump do? As I've said many times, he treats ego as a two Then he can ramp up and ramp down in this case, what did he do? Did President Trump ramp up his for the middle of the whole North Korea saga, not just the letter. The happened lately. Look at the whole. The whole episode For him ramp up his ego when we first started talking, it's like hey you getting called me fat dodart. going to call Dotard Dotard, I'm going to call you short and fat or something so the first thing you do is sort of matched him, but the next thing you did is he stayed match
so he allowed President Trump allowed his ego to at least for the purposes now to be matched to somebody that the world considers a brutal dictator that was an absolute necessary first step for anything else. To work. No conversation can work. Nothing else can work until you do the hard part which is use your ego as a tool ramping up when you need to ramp down when you need to you're watching this in real time and by the way you know I've, always I've always been predicting that the North Korea conversation will end up well, but that there would be some walk away is at least one which we saw the might be more. You may see you could see two or three more walkways before
done, but I believe that history is going to look at the situation and start start analyzing the everything that Trump did from you know before before we were even seriously talking to to North Korea through the end, and it's going to be a master class on how everything should work. I think that's going to be the case, I believe This will be the greatest living example of how to do it right. hey how to turn an enemy into at least not an enemy. We don't know if friend as possible, but I've. I think you're gonna see something the people a mad Jim's it not even possible. The end is because he just has a a different skill level? He knows how to manage his ego up. Hey, I'm the greatest person you could ever have for president you go up.
Let's talk to somebody that you're not supposed to treat as your peer, but you need to to get something done. You go down watch how well he kept his. He kept his ego check for the letter that he dictated word for word, the Kim Jong Moon, which probably is a breakthrough letter. History will look at that letter. Assuming things go well and they might look at that and say, so we didn't know what to make of that at the time. But oh, my god, that was good. That was my impression when I read it Kim called Pensa dummy. Well, I don't think Kim called him that I think that was one of his vice something um trump blindsided, his foreign secretary. It's uh.
Ok, so you're seeing situations in which trump is acting without telling. Everybody allies and even people in this country first and the explanation given is that he didn't want. He doesn't want things to leak it's funny. I don't know if those are really the reasons, but it's such a good reason to use now, because everybody everybody believes everybody believes leaking is a big problem. Let's talk about Zte, so the news is bring this some people are saying darn it, President Trump. How could you let Zt e stay in business when they've violated the sanctions with N Korea? when they maybe you're spying on us with their technology etc, to which I say shut up shut up
because we don't know what President she of China and President Trump have agreed. trade and N Korea and what's happening behind the scenes and all the secret stuff. No idea where Izzy Team fits in the bigger picture. So if you're, just looking as ET yeah out of context of all the things that we can't possibly and shouldn't know what those conversations about there's only one opinion you should have about Zte. I don't know. That's it there's only one rational opinion. You should have right now with what we know, which is very limited, which is well, might be a good idea. It might be
might not be. How would we know we don't know what conversations are happening that we're not aware of? Yes, he T is related to North Korea correct. So, since everything is connected- and we don't know the secret conversations behind anything, it's too early to have any kind of an opinion, but here's what I would say speculatively speculatively. I would say that it's unlikely that we would have saved Ziti unless we got something in
right so clearly there is there some give and take going on, and we don't know what's giving and what's taking so we can't really make an opinion on that yeah all right. What yes CT is one more variable. Yeah I I've talked about was shaking the box and adding variables every I'm, the president shakes the box or as a variable. He creates another way that things could just fall out his direction and if they don't He shakes it again, the as another variable sooner or later things are going to line up his way. so. I have predicted in the past and I will stick with my prediction. Leave that N Korea. I will not give up it's nukes.
As quickly or in the way that we would want to they might they might try to drag things out? If that happens, I think the US will close down a chinese bank first will go after the bankers and, if that's not enough- and it probably won't be- I think- will pick one of the four banks. One of the four chinese banks will figure out which one to crash and we'll just take out the back. Somebody says that's the obvious prediction: well, it's the obvious alternative meeting there, turn. It is to crash a chinese bank or not so it's binary and I'm saying that I think in the past people would have assumed we never would have done something so extreme today, absolutely not even a question. Remember
This is the difference, and- and I keep seeing this in the language of people reporting about North Korea, people will say something like well what we do, what we really like this for them to get rid of their new store, We would prefer they get rid of the nukes or our best case ending. Do they get rid of nukes that's all the wrong language. Now, the United States, I want to say this is clearly as possible has decided the North Korea will end up with no nukes we've decided. That's never happened before It's it's one thing to want it and try to make it happen. that's where we were in the past one. Even trying are good things. They are helpful, but not in the same class as deciding- because when you want something and you're trying to get it when you hit a roadblock
Gout roadblock I wanted it. but I had a road block. I asked them to get rid of their nukes. They said no, nothing! I can do now. That's when you want something you have to, but we hit the wall. You say yeah, I tried. If you decide to do something, that's a whole different path, because the way we get there? Is they just agreed to be reasonable? And you say I would rather have a good economy, and you know security guarantees will get rid of our nukes that be great if they don't will crash in Chinese by in the past, would we have ever consider that seriously? No today.
Would we want to do that? Absolutely not. We do not want to crash a chinese bank. Let me tell you we super super. Don't want to do that, like that's one of the things we most of don't want to do, but we will. Why will only because we decided we've decided N Korea is going to end up without nukes. We would never ever ever want to have a war with N Korea, but would we if we had two? Yes, why not? Because we want or don't want. Because we've decided, we've decided how this ends N Korea just has to decide how much pain they want to take to get there right, there's an easy path, and I think that's what we're doing also which is we're saying look will not only guarantee your security, so you can start putting your
money you're putting into the military. You can put it into economic recovery, we'll help you invest and we'll make this really good for you, and that's that contrast principle where you you make the widest possible contrast between Uh watching a comment here, that's very insightful and I'm not going to mention it, because you know who you are and let's just say, you're very right. You know who you are all right. Who has the who has a somebody said who has the leverage somebody who who owns the Dat, meaning China were somebody who? Yes, so? Is it better to be the debtor or the? What's the opposite of that the loner or the kind of
how come? I can't think of the opposites. You know what I mean, so China holds a lot of debt. Does that give them the leverage for us to leverage and here's? My answer to that the leverage is always the one who decided they get so somebody saying is that the borrower or the lender, who has the leverage you know if it's trillions of dollars, who's got the power, and my answer is it's the one who decided we've Decided of the North Korea isn't going to have nukes.
All that other stuff doesn't matter anymore, because if we crash our own economy to get a denuclearized North Korea we're going to do it right, we think will recover, but we would crash our own economy somewhat. You know to get rid of nukes in North Korea. Would China crash their economy to preserve nukes that they probably really want that much in North Korea, not a chance, not a chance. Now things can happen that you end up in these bad situations that you didn't want, but here's here's a fight, Let me tell you why I think I've never been in a serious fight. You know if your mail and you live in this country or probably any other country- and you get to my age.
and you've never been in a sort of a serious fight where you're both punching each other and it's going to take awhile and you're really trying to hurt each other, and I think here's the reason I would never get in a fight until I had decided to win. If I hadn't decided to wind and ice, really wanted to win. I would run away wanting to win a fight. a terrible reason to be in a fight right. If you simply want to win the fight run away, you don't right mindset, you don't have a winning mindset. I would never get in a fight until I had decided to win what is decided to win. Look like you get in the fight. You know I'm not a big guy. I get to ship it out of me and then I come back.
With a weapon and maybe I get arrested and I get ten years in jail, I get out of jail, I get a better weapon and I come back and I kill that guy, that's a decision, so that's a decision to win a fight. I would never be in. Wait until I decided that it doesn't matter how long this fight goes, if you don't kill Maine I'll coming back, that's a decision. That's different from wanting to win a fight. and I believe that I I've been told I transmit that intention fairly effectively, so I've certainly been in a pre fight where I've been in somebody's face and vice versa, an I have told them as clearly as I just told you
that I decided to wait. I don't use those terms when you tell somebody you've decided to win, they don't like to mess with it because they just want to win nine. So that's the fight were, and we've decided the other side just wants. North Korea has not even decided whether they want to keep their the key to keep their nukes or not yeah, I'm sure they have a strong preference, but they probably don't know which way it's going to go. On the other hand,
I didn't know which way it's going to go because we decided and we do have the power military militarily, economically, doesn't matter the the ending is now determined. All we're working on is how much pain China once a day. How much pain North Korea wants steak. We've already come to grips with our own pain right. United States has decided that if we have to take a hit it. Doesn't matter how big it is, doesn't matter, that's no longer part of our calculation, ten percent off our economy, sure thirty percent off for economy, okay, losing. risking a nuclear attack on the West Coast? Yes, we've already decided. Will we reduce troop level?
I don't fully understand the the troop level variables if the only thing in play was North Korea and also in South Korea. Then I'd say if you will, of course we would reduce our love our troop levels when we don't need them anymore, but my understanding is that the the the one best place to keep a lot of troops in South Korea, because it's actually an expensive for us. I think I think they help post, but it gives us a large military presence in a part of the world where You never know it might be useful to have a large military presence just in case. So they're they're, bigger variables, militarily strategically
I don't know them all, so I'm not sure that I would have a solid opinion about troop levels in South Korea. Now, almost certainly we could re purposed those troops so they're not a direct threat to North Korea. So assuming we come to some kind of a good accommodation. Sorry I'd like you to meet the cat, who has decided that whatever I do periscope she likes to bother me cool dog. All right did you have any other questions before I go off and do something else today.
Intellectual dark web as a name. Well, you know so I've been I've been watching all the stories about the so called intellectual dark web and the fact that dark was attached to name. You know. You know that I've talked about how, when candidate, And we're saying that everything Trump did was dark, stark this dark that it's one of those pre suasion type words that really makes you think, there's something bad going on note, even though the intellectual dark web. Well, you know, if you look at it on the surface, it doesn't look like it's an insult to the people who are in it. It's like all. It's a dark web. I don't know what that means, but just the fact this is dark is an insult to the people who are in because there's something wrong.
Within the stark, and I guess I'm glad that I was not included in any of those less because I I would read the list I would think Lou. This is the same bunch of folks that I usually get lunch with, and I don't know why I was not. You know I did not reach the level of attention or something that
put me on the list. So since I'm not on the list, I'm a little less you invested in it, but it would make sense to change the name and here's a name that I prefer free thinkers. Eric one sting came up with the name intellectual dark web. I don't believe that I would think Eric would know not to use dark in that label, but I don't doubt it it. Just doesn't sound yeah the the facts don't seem like they fit too well. Somebody saying the yes, but. He did all right well. I would suggest to Eric that it's too late to take it back, but I'm gonna call myself a free thinker. You can call the p.
The group anything you want, I'm not in it can explain the the somebody asked me to explain the weather when Hub interface out yeah, so my start up when hope as an app called interface in which anybody can sign up to be an expert on anything, An expert in this context just means that you know something more than other people. You don't have to be like a world's expert, but you just go on the app and you can either be an expert or find an expert. You can set your own price and the payment initially is in the when tokens a cryptocurrency that we created for the app once once we are listed on an exchange, the tokens that you earn within the app can be exchanged into other cryptocurrencies,
ash, but we are not yet on a in the exchange and, as is typical for people, were going through our process, the risk you take investing in the I see or the tokens that we create separately, you can invest in the ICAO. Your your risk is that you're buying them cheap. Now, with the hope that we can get listed on an exchange The how you calculate whether or not we're likely yeah either your seat twenty tokens, the way you calculate whether they get on an exchange or not, is how much traction you're getting on the app, and let me show you a how we're doing so. We've got thirty four thousand experts and rolled. So that's just people who signed up to just be experts
So that's that's pretty good, pretty good traction. So if you're going to invest- and I co some of the questions you ask- have they already built the product and we have which is actually unusual most of the investments- and I see those are just for an idea- a white paper and a team we've actually built a product and you can use it right now, so it's called interface by when hub. If you search for the app stores, it's already there in the I was I'm starting to use that to have people all in on these periscopes. So that's what that's all about somebody says most, I are scams. I think that's probably true,
now one of the ways you can tell: what's the difference between a scam and a legitimate ico is: do they have an actual product right? Some of the ones that don't have an actual product are still legitimate. In fact, many of them are but very few scans. Maybe none would have an actual built product. That's in an app store. I don't know if that's ever happened, maybe it has I don't know how to judge that risk, but I would think that the number of scams that build an actual working product that people like him, tens of thousands of people signed up for it's, probably very rare, who are your guests next week, I'll give you more information next week, one expert on Korea might have more of them.
All right. I think I've said enough for today a lot of you were asked me to comment on Tom. You Robinson that issue going over happening. Apparently I didn't realize this, but The United Kingdom doesn't have free speech. Did you know that? Did you know that they don't have freedom of speech uh? So there's an issue that you can't even talk about and I'm not going to 'cause. I think there's some legal legal implications there, but. uh yeah. This periscope goes all over the world, so I don't know what kind of legal risk there is for me to talk about, but in the United States we have something a little bit closer to freedom of speech and I was actually shot.
That in the United Kingdom they actually don't have freedom of speech I was like well or is that true, they have sort of a version of free speech that allows you to talk about with some things, but not other things anyway. So that's for them to sort out, not Maine and will talk to you later.