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Episode 802 Scott Adams: Hunter Biden “Wrongdoing”, Israel Peace Plan, Impeachment, Coronavirus

2020-01-29 | 🔗

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  • President Trump’s Middle East peace plan and Saudi Arabia
  • What Joe Biden and Hunter did…was NOT illegal?
  • Fentanyl will only be illegal for 8 more days
  • Coronavirus, closed borders, restricted air traffic from China
  • Impeachment witnesses?
    • Entertainment versus what’s best for the country

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above all though both open bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump everybody commodity cipher coffee was got adams it had your luck because for whatever reason your schedule allowed you to listen to this live yeah you're gonna get a better and fresher than everybody watches it on replay oh i love my replay waters but while you know it's time for that excellent part of the day the best part of the day the thing that makes everything better it's called the simultaneous simpler goes like this all you need is a copper among your glass a tanker tells her side again to juggle flask of vessel of any kind
what's your favorite liquid i like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure the dopamine the end of the day the thing that makes everything better the simultaneous sip that's right go well the news is coming at a fast and furious there's so much news i can barely know what to do as you probably know by now the president as announced with with netanyahu of israel have announced their proposed peace plan for the palestinians and israelis now this of course italy is one of the biggest stories in the world so let's go over to the cnn page and see what they're saying the headlines casey amanda com
there's one little story about alan dershowitz padding mike palm pale on the back at the time and may be sending the wrong message what is really in the united states just announced a peace proposal and they only reporting on cnn homepage is about alan dershowitz and his back padding ways apparently you bet it might prevail on the back at the wrong time thinking that back that was associated with a different message then what are you thinking when he battled upon the back that's the story a story but ok socio then obviously does
cover the story because it's bad for president tromp so let's go over to fox news and will find out the major headlines on fox news nothing what what's going on here i'm sure i saw this as news yesterday are you are you are you serious the two online news organisations nothing it's not even a story are you kidding me now i'm trying to swear less and this coming year
it's really hard to look at stuff like this and not do a little bit of cursing i'm not going to you don't need to turn down the sound i'm i'm going to overcome it but i don't quite know why this gigantic story didn't make the front page at least in one one store let's talk about so the vips web shows a map in which the so called palestinian state if it were created less everybody agreed in they created a an israeli state the scope revive its borders and then somewhere there there's palestinian state the seriously to be woven and surrounded by the israeli territory according to the initial map which it was really the first offer a fuel and the first thing you notice that they figured out how to keep things
largely the way they are meeting they they kindly just the map around where people already are so there's a practical element to it which is it doesn't require people to move too much one has to assume that there's gonna be somebody you ask them but it's not a major element of the plant so less good so the firstly is you're not making people move so that's that's it reaches the the prey the level of that amazingly is really politicians seem to be in agreement about this the people who were violently only by vehemently opposed to each other on politics within israel are finally on the same side for this plan which is kind of amazing it's kind of amazing today even israel on the same side with a peace plan but it happened
even more interesting is that so the arabian has already signed on now do a little historical background on this what did people say when the saudi arabia and abs were accused of chopping up as yogi with bones are well pretty much everybody we're smart said saudi arabia you be our ally anymore you ve done this terrible thing we can no longer deal with you you must be punished but firstly president trump did not act that way he went very very gingerly on saudi arabia definitely treated them with kid gloves on something that he could have easily go the other way and i said at the time it was probably the right play
because later you would mean saudi arabia to two blessed any kind of a larger a peace plan there it is there it is so what i told you was the smart reason to go gentle with saudi arabia just came through saudi arabia just signed on no hesitation absolutely now you have to wonder is this direct or at least an indirect pay back for president from remaining allies and and remaining a staunch supporter of the kingdom if not that event obviously not supporting the event killing cash yogi but not dropping the entire relationship because no we don't know if this peace plan will go anywhere but that's a very positive sign so he got something out of it so here's what's good about this plan
and i would go so far as to say this play is stealthily genius meaning that it is not obvious why this is such a good idea if you take the long you said yourself there's no way the palestinians are gonna agreed so it's a waste of time it's like every their time even if they may the deal they break the deal arafat promised he do but any changes mind they can't ever have peace what they really want to do is to destroy israel largely true men pretty much all of those all those observations would be based on an reality that it's a tough thing and you would expect that the odds would be deeply deeply deeply against their working accept there are some differences here
let's talk about the differences what's different about this plan compared to any other plan that didn't work in the past and there are some differences in their worth collyer number one its detailed apparently this is the first time that anybody came up with a detailed plan now you said yourself well that's a waste of time cuz if you can't get them to even agree on the concept of base what's it what the hell is the point of talking about the detail the details or a complete waste of time cause you know gonna get to the detail she can't get past go right that would be the common sense will to look at it turns out that the crew of people working on this are not standard thinkers and i mean that in the best possible way jared kushner
of a burger wits who was called out by the president and the even then the other in the president they have special skills and you see that in the steel and again if you didn't know had had a spot these skills it would be invisible to you say well it's just like the other time we make an offer they say no back to square one but here's was interesting there's something about this that has master to written all over it and the thing is that because of the details if forces people to think pass the sale ve ever heard me talk about that before
so instead of concentrating on yes no to a peace plan he this forces people to look at the map and to look at their there is one place where they cleverly or proposing to build an underground well it's a tunnel so has undergone a tunnel to connect the contiguous parts of what would become the palestinian state so they don't have to worry about being separated load at least be a tunnel now what is i gotta make people do well at first they may say no no which i think the palestinians of already said it took him ten seconds to reject it all on its surface but there's still get a look at it because curiosity alone is gonna make it look at it so you look at it say the use of that well isn't the worst idea but maybe it used to be
in a slightly different place or a little bit longer or or maybe i shouldn't be underground because it wouldn't be enough security the harder to protect the somebody blows something up wouldn't be better if its above the ground etc then maybe maybe that's all true maybe there's a better way to do it maybe the tunnel would not be as safe as you wanted to me but if you can get the parties to start debating the details then you ve already brought their minds pass the yes no decision and into the details that's new making them engage details even if they say they are not very good other details even if only in their mind so even ass they say no no no we're not gonna look at even any part of this there are still gonna think about it you can still look at that map nicosia
like where they drew the lives here if they journalists differently might react differently but i like the way is now as long as you can make them think about that your way had secondly the map itself because as details as the as the roads and bridges in tunnels and in all the areas selected they ve turned a cut crept into something visual now i dont know how often we ve seen this before i think maybe in the past there have been maps but just because it was a good man it was visual that takes you that takes you to a new place because now there's something in the visual party or brain which is the most dominant part though you can react to it again you used give them a visual part of the brain and then you make people react to the details and it gets you pass the sale
the other thing you're doing is vague they put a four year deadline not at which coincidentally roughly matches president transfer second term and i think that smart because you know the day one they're gonna say no no no but what about four years ago over four years do you think anything can happen now here's the best part well give you another another couple of passports there's more than one best form as other pilots have noted every time there is a peace plan offered to the palestinians it gets worse meaning that back in whatever decades ago originally israel was gonna give back some like all of the land they won in in the nineteen sixty four
then the next to offer was well i'll give you back most of their land but we're using some of it and then the ex offer was well maybe a fraction of that land goes here we ve got security needs and we use a lot of weaker settlements and stuff so direction matters a lot to decision making because they create the situation where the offer after this may be no offer at all as you can see the patio big offer little bit much smaller will this model this one is sort of the last offer you can get in which there's anything left and during this time and i was talking about the psychology of where things are verses where they're going our brains are far more affected by where things are heading then where
they are indeed this pattern that israel is created that israel is stronger every year the palace anyone seem to be worse off every year and their potential to get better off is also shrinking every year so when is the best time to make a deal if you're the palate students well the situation that the israelis and i guess the u s have created is this really obvious now real we really obvious that the sooner you make the deal the better off you will be but not the better off israel will be israel was a deal but they are needed they just don't need it because they found a way to stay pretty darn safe from the incursions and terrorism etc
relative to what it used so if you're in israel now the odds are being killed by a terrorist thing in any given weak very love so the we reach servant deal situation and then i don't know the the specifics of this maybe somebody can help me under the fact checking but because a ram is at least temporarily beaten down there they don't have much money and they are not getting to adventurous at the moment because they lost their top venturous general it could be that ran either by withdrawing support financially or or even maybe more directly may be promoting directly or indirectly maybe more positive than at any time in the past so what the what the israelis and yours are asking for sounds impossible from the palestinian perspective because you
while the radicals air etc but here's the best part i save the real best powerfully and here's the real best part israel does not need the palestinians agreement if he didn't catch that you missed the best part because what israel is said is that this this new map their proposing is what we think israel should become with adjusted borders israel can simply just adjust their borders nobody will stop them from saying well you can do what you want with what's left over we're can i just our borders and then we're gonna colleague good if you'd like to be recognised as the state has a proper nation there are some steps that you need to take you didn't
seeing terrorism and recognising israel and not paying terrorists for terrorist acts and a few other things i guess but we also don't care that's the important part does israel really care if the palestinians become a state not really not really i mean they did they think it would be better to have a proper state situation maybe that would lead to more safety etc but israel can just make this a fact they just have to readjust their borders and say for years now we'll have to go out to go spend working for us so do you want to be a state yet cause if you say yes to a state you get fifty billion dollars for development fifty billion dollars
that's a lot for that little chunk of territory but they don't have to they can just keep doing what they're doing and not give tee billion dollars they could not have a state they have the option so what's different about this plant specificity the visual element of it the fact that it contains use this pattern of sir you do it the better but we there were no hurry but the sooner you do it the better for you but it's not up to us so everything about this deal his current brilliant right if you if you're a smart better he always he always bet against euro is gonna bet against the deal in the middle east right but you ve never seen one this but you ve never seen one this good in terms of the psychology of the practicality of it the fact that you can just sort of
implemented before anybody even agrees with any part of it nobody has to three with eddie bartlett israel can just start putting it into reality bilbil fancier abortive their wall there and has done so there's there's really it brilliance to this that i don't know if the news understands but will have to see here something interesting the scene and as all the time i call them out for this but i'm sure fox news broke we thus i just notice it more on cnn whether those will have an opinion peace and opinion writer who write a bunch of opinions about usually donald trump and embedded in the opinion peace is a statement of fact the justice untrue and i think to myself one is the internal policy your rules for cnn
and a pundit doesn't opinion peace but includes in fact this is not true so here's one so zachary wolf writing for cnn services unseen and outcome rights this exact sentence quote there is no evidence of wrong doing by either joe or hunter by talking about brisbane right there is no evidence of wrong doing stated as a fact there is no evidence of wrong doing this fact does not feel like a fact so i ran a little poll and i asked the people on twitter just before i got came on your life which of these words best describes the hunter biden bereavement situation
choice one was perfectly acceptable and about two percent said yeah it's perfectly acceptable then the next two choices were criminal and legal but wrong remember the thing we're testing is the word wrong doing cnn has stated as a fact within embedded within an opinion peace stated as a fact that what hunter and joe biden did collectively was no wrong doing evidence of wrong doing but when i put it to a pole forties so i think actually above fifty percent now half of the people said it was criminal now of course almost all of the people entering a pole on my twitter feed our approach trump people but that's yo sixty million people who are so so of that group not sixty million people entering the poor but a sample of that group half of them think is criminal
to which i say ah there actually is no evidence of criminal be age what are you watching the half of you who said there were hunter biden was doing was criminal or what hunter and joe biden we're doing collectively was chris i do know that there's no there's not one lawyer involves with trumps defence theirs oh tv lawyer whose ever says its criminal where you getting this i mean i'm on here i'm on your side directly i get what you're saying that there's something deeply wrong with this charisma situation but where in the world did you see some news or an expert opinion that there was something criminal gonna have you not know
is that no tv lawyer says its criminal and i'm pretty sure the president's people would say it's a criminal act here's the code here's what you violated what is making you think is criminal if the top experts who certainly would say its criminal if it were there not even saying where are you getting this whereas this coming from a computer give yours but the third choice was legal but wrong so i put the word wrong in there because the question is does it is there any evidence of wrong doing in something close to half the people said was legal but wrong there so those though i'm giving you my opinion based on ten minutes ago but i've updated it i've updated so twitter user doktor chris or fists crisis or something
de arcy hr x i s our real pronounced set as is twitter annul reminds me word or tells me says be link that j p morgan chase saddled two years ago they paid two hundred and sixty four million dollars to settle a case which there was criminal behaviour in which they had a programme in which they were hiring the sons and daughters of important chinese officials so that they can get more banking deals in china and this was found criminal to the point that they had to pay a two hundred and sixty four million dollar five that's a big big fine two hundred and sixty four million dollar five that's not playing around i mean there are big company but that's as a serious fine and
and the reason of course is that it is basically shed some u s law about bribery so in effect j p morgan chase was found guilty of bribing chinese officials for banking business now the bribery was in the form of hiring there there unqualified kids and just giving them a salary for doing problem we close to another and though this case there was no doubt about what they are doing because the investigation kicked up offers old the name of the programme was the sons and daughters programme internally a j j p morgan chase they actually called it the sons and daughters programme
and they had spreadsheets they showed your which son and daughter go hired and then on the spreadsheet you could see what new business they got related to that chet top chinese official who saunter dora was hired so in the j p morgan chase case there was no doubt that they were using this as bribes the sun the factual basis totally beyond dispute and so j p morgan settled two hundred and sixty four million dollars and probably they made something like or they got somebody like a hundred million dollars new business of this didn't work out for them at all now here's question we have a law in this country that you can't bribe other countries to get business but do we have a law that says that we can't be bribed
and without losses say that we can't be bribed for political access because in the case of hunter it's not the only person making money was hunter himself it wasn't wasn't the u s making money so is re law they were making illegal for hunter to do it given that we know if the situation were reversed were bribing was safe we were hiring the sons and daughters of braceville to get some extra breeze my business for some eu s company that would definitely be illegal but if you reverse it is array statute that covers that
this is reminding being a lot of you were saying yes but i'm thinking probably know based on the fact that the people who know the most about this or not presenting it as an argument don't you think there's somebody like j sank lower your dershowitz or somebody don't you think somebody who knows how these things work would have said oh it's not just sloppy behavior you violated this very soon civic law about foreign corruption nobody's making that argument so i'm gonna gas that there is no for there is no domestic law the says the hunter can't do that is just sloppy now years russian when l dershowitz was talking about what what makes something a criminal enough situation to be prosecutable or to be appreciable
he made the case that doesn't have to be technically crime it just has to be at least crime like another word who could be some technical reason why you can't prosecuted but if it's exactly like a crime this on the books you still say well not technically a crime but it crime like we're gonna impeach this guy anyway this is their situation might be that were hunter biden and job i did doesnt violate a specific law technically but it is exactly what was happening with j p morgan that was a crime so i think you could say that although there's no impeachment on the table here that was as
crime like as you could possibly get now not necessarily for joe biden there's no indication that joe biden did anything illegal or even crime like or even swampy because he wasn't the one who made the decision to go on for business that was so i guess the question i ask is is it is it appropriate for cnn's opinions pieces to heaven embedded fact in it that's so obviously wrong as by saying that there is no evidence of wrong doing chow judges our own observation because we're looking at it we're saying when you mean there's no evidence what you report about this situation is the evidence cnn zone reporting got a job wasn't qualified overpaid clearly whisper
political purposes outside morandi even if it's not illegal joe biden said that in a recent town all look in situ he said this he was asked whoever use s most vp back and he said whomever i pick for vp must be capable of being president common thing they say that right only gonna beat pick of abuse capable of being a president so it must be capable of being present because i'm in old guy no i'm serious that's what he said because people asked what he said because i'm an old guy you know i'm serious now i think you should also talked about somebody younger and so in his contacts he said that there are several people
people of color he would consider as vice president running it there are some women who would consider and of course because of his age the implication is they asked me somebody younger this is what i call foreshadowing let me ask you this if joe biden they had a choice of getting a woman who is also white is that as a choice for his purposes are running for president as a democrat without be as good as having somebody use person of color which is better to have a woman running eight work of color it doesn't matter because he can have both why in the world what are you not choose someone who is both a woman and a personal color there would be stupid right am i right that would just be still you can't even you can't even make an argument for picking
someone who is only one of those two things either a person of color the same corey book or a woman will say elizabeth were so i think it is obvious that his first choice would be a younger person younger than him anyway and personal color now eo see of course is to radical and she's too young so she's she's off the list but it kind of comes down to two cobble ass right so now i know you do to save yourself one about stacy abrams well here's an export and if you haven't seen this yet this my feelings and blanks when you running for president you want
person who compliment you the best and biden insane and actually i give him credit for this there's love there's a lot about joe biden that makes him unqualified to be present in my opinion but there's a whole bunch of about him that i just respect and one of them is sometimes he does tell it like it is right here the lies about the charlottesville hoax but sometimes ill to say things away there's any says he's an old guy and so we need to make sure he gets a proper vice president lucas that is really august i gotta say that was soon honest and maybe more honest than he should abandon probably heard some but i appreciate it because it was so honest so let me give you some examples when bill clinton ran for president he was governor from a smallish state if you're a governor you do not know where all the where all the
all the skeletons are and where all the keys are in washington dc so if you'd better governor you have experienced managing you an operation but you don't have experience of operating in washington dc at the federal level so what clinton did to fill in that gap is he picked a senator are respected senator who is also easily capable of being present so big al gore rights keep that in mind the the top we'll take your pick somebody who's the best compliment now states abrams has never won a contested election she's on uncontested elections they lost for governor but she's alive involved and state politics and not really that successfully compare that to cobble harris who because violence is talking about his own age being a risk factor i appreciate the honesty
he is also saying that he could be gone on day one because it's true he could get elected on a tuesday and already be incapable to do the duties of the office by wednesday it's a real possible your honor with the odds are we have to plan for it gives us the whole country so could stacy abrams take over as president with no federal experience whatsoever and would not have a vice president point so would be sort of flying alone a day one and the answers nobody believes that nobody believes you could take somebody who's been best experience is losing the governorship losing the election and said it's her best experience nobody thinks that person can step in to be the president of the united states so stacy abrams just doesn't she doesn't right
the level of serious enough that she could help him she but heard him more than shelter but kamel heiress senator experience senator from a major state if joe biden became incapacitated the day after the election could cobbler harris credibly credibly in other words with the with the country look at her and say ok we're ok we're ok we possibly of knows where the keys are only she's been washington she knows other that business runs she read for president she's she's about as close as you can get being ready to take over tomorrow senators good choice for them so i would say that the four shadowing is now complete you're going to see the camel harris this is
oh my prediction from long ago will be picked us vice presidential running late because she s most connections to the old clinton machine and it would put hillary clinton back and control so hillary clinton played around the country without actually having to do the job is to get a couple harris there and have her advisers advising cobbler so less worldwide so let's talk about did you now that the that the law against sentinel in this country the thing them
so they illegal is going to expire in a little over a week what did you know that our law against until i wasn't even a permanent law and that because of impeachment they probably won't get around to it holy cow you wanna pick you gonna pick a topic that's gonna piss me off you couldn't take a topic that pisses me off more than that valuable these new here i lost my steps unto a sentinel related overdose in twenty eighteen so this is personal to me if this impeachment and these democrats cause that law to the lapse and becomes a legal even for a day even if it only last sunday just not going to be happy camper you gotta hear about that
so i'm com is looking closing its borders or maybe it already did tibet closing its borders because the corona virus china of course is closing more cities the number of people affected is doubling every day or two and i guess united airlines use cancelling flights for lack of demand and british airways is considering or maybe already did ben flights so the obvious question you might ask is why are we not banning all flights coming into china coming in from china what you can we really control this thing so early i believe that we now have to do that i'm not violent i think that people who are bad at risk management are saying that worlds
this fewer people than will die in car accidents and we allow cars the worst argument you can ever make because there's no correlation between cars which are somewhat necessary for civilization of this might verses a virus which is not necessary for civilization so they couldn't be more different situations and anybody you compares the virus to anything else even other flues is just being stupid that is a stupid comparison because it is its own thing it's it's a thing assumes you compare it to another thing you're just going into stupid land because everything you need to know about it you can determine from just looking at you don't need an analogy
if you go to the analogy it's a sign that you don't have an argument so we really have to ask what's wrong with our government i would say our government is failing us on this topic their failures and i think i think your trunk ass to take responsibility for that is the book the buck stops if trump does not tell you why the airports are stating open and he also doesn't closer for flights coming in from china if he doesn't say anything about it he is failing you he's he's failing as president other topic anyway
no matter how much you like as other stuff that would be just an absolute grave f and that's what that's where he is really he's had a great of f in handling this crisis and by the way only because of lack of communication if if he did communicate and he said we're looking at this really carefully and the costs of closing the airports knew all things considered could actually be greater than than the risk of this thing bosnia will will close it in a moment if that changes if he says like that i'd say hurry well at least the smartest people are looking through watching it maybe they know more than i do i can be convinced but the lack of your presidency anything about closing airports or even while still open complete failure that is a complete failure of government you can feel harder than that really that's that's a hundred percent failing
there's nothing you can say about that that makes that less failure you don't know how much you love your present there's nothing you can say about this that absolves him from not explaining this to the public in a way that we can say yes or no i hear the pool say that seventy five percent of the public wants to hear from witnesses unleash impeachment and why should you make that the politicians of them anyway i'm trying to say that that's telling politicians that the public wants wants us i don't think that's what's happening i don't think that's what's happened i think that the public votes for the best
spectacle there might have been a time in the past when the public would vote would answer a pole based on their self interest i just don't know that that's today i think this is something i have suggested before they are one of the prediction methods are used is that if you don't know how things are gonna go let's say just to simplify let's say there are two ways the future could go one of them is boring and one of them would be great headlines and entertaining feels to me that this is just anecdotal i have no science to back this whatsoever but it seems to me that we almost always go in the direction of greatest story in other words if it were a movie one of stories would be a better script i feel like we
always go in the direction of the better script what would be better just for entertainment now now what's good for the country you that what's good for you know what's good for the parties in the president but why would be the most fun to watch witnesses what would be more fun and watching a hundred biden schiff joe biden bolton oh i will read more entertaining than watching all of them testify not much now much tell me one tv show where one movie that you
immediately say i would rather watch the tv show or that movie than to watch john bolton testify to watch shift get grill by the republicans i mean seriously we're talking about some super entertaining stuff really imitating i'll i have mixed feelings because strategically i think the republican should you let the arguments play out and then before considering witnesses they should have a vote and they should vote narrowly narrowly on the dershowitz argument that these things do not rise to the level of unimpeachable and therefore even if everything even if more came out about the details and wouldn't make any difference would matter if there's a quid pro quo when and in what the president said so the most rational way to go here would be for ms mcdonald say
let everybody have their say but then be or we decided witnesses the logical step is to have a vote on whether there is any more information anybody needs because if you gonna voted away based on a dozen reach the constitutional level for impeachment don't either witnesses because there's nothing anybody is suggesting the witnesses would say they would change that fact doesn't change the constitution your argument at all so we'll see if mutual colonel gets pressured into giving these witnesses in here well that would be another other a success for the prediction that says the best movie wins the what the one this most entertaining so care rule that out
so here we have this maybe a clean case because what the republicans should do is have their vote in dismissive unconstitutional grounds but if it out then there's something predictive about that best story idea let's see what else we goin on here just make sure i've missed any big points don't believe i have i think i had all the big boys somebody says did trump leak the bolton book details if i had to guess i guess somebody in the publishers in publishing
printing area do you know how many people see about before i could specialist it's kind of a lot it's got a lot so i ll just give you my experience so i have i have a editor so my editor we see the book the editor is sort of a high level editor miss more directional and yo did we get the book concept right you know that kind of editing high level and then there's there are one or two other editors leg involved in the details one of them would be about their the grammar and the spelling in the structure and that sort of thing so you ve got your three different editors and of course the publisher all of the assistance
work for those editors they all have it and then what about spouses and boyfriends and orphans cause i imagine i assume that a lot of these editors take work oh don't you think that that manuscript the bold manuscript has as left the publisher at one point and somebody took home too to work on it and then it is course here why would they and then that it goes to the printer how many people at the printers office have access to looking at the management all of our europe and the entire printing company could probably walk by a big been books and just take one or
open up and take a photograph of the page so there are probably something like fire to put a number on it maybe twenty five people who were in the publishing jane jane of custody who could have seen it at least twenty five could about a hundred but at least twenty five had access to it and that's not counting the government so it could be anybody really did so could it could it have been trump maybe get through them but lotta people saw somebody said they would think only four or five yet there are only four or five people who would have a direct a business reason to have it but unless the publisher at an unusual set of strict rules of secrecy all of their assistants had access to it it was prodigious lange on the desk in the office and they probably took on
so very eager and they also probably talked about it don't you think that the the people edited by the had a drink or some points are you know better than their book don't tell anybody but you should see paged what want one he also it's easy to imagine there just tons and tons of people who could elite nothing this was tired yeah i don't think you can rule out the possibility that was a timely that's a little too coincidental yes everything vitamins twin brother had access to it true but here's the thing the if you'll hear risk management
you wouldn't want to be somebody in the government who like this because if in somebody in the government who leak that the odds of being discovered her pretty good and and you're done but if you're editors assistant just as an example and you liked it no it back probably no impact on the especially if they don't find out who you are probably know it back so the most likely people to link it would be the people whether the the least to lose
itchy bernie brush yeah so there is another project varietals video over bernie bro some organizer repay person with long hair i can't stop scratching himself i think he s fleas measure saying that the other would be trouble with liberty doesn't get elected so i can imagine bernie having a chance of winning listening serve he does he nominated it's sort of over i think by would be the same situation but bernie would be over faster somebody in the comments as oh my god what kind of world makes two effing vending machines well the scanner world that's all i got now i'll talk to you tomorrow
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