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Episode 844 Scott Adams: Biden’s VP Pick, #Covid-19 and the Usual Fun

2020-03-10 | 🔗

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  • George Takei’s campaign video for Joe Biden 
  • Kamala Harris’s charisma makeover
  • Allowing doctors to practice across state lines
  • Balaji Srinivasan: Far UV light kills airborne viruses
  • Elon Musk says coronavirus panic is dumb

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Company a bumper hey everybody wake up, slowly, beards. I hope you remember to set your clocks if you happen to live in a backward country, were clock skip said twice here. Why do we do that? I don't know I've ever had a good reason for an actual. Let's stop do it, but all the matters is you're here now And you are here for some of the best parts of your day, maybe the best really, if I might be, It's called the simultaneous happen. You don't mean much all you need to scupper, Mugger glass, attacker channels or sign the canteen juggler plus edge they vessel of any kind fill it with a favorite liquid. I like my coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dope billions of the day. The thing that makes
Everything Gunnar is called the simultaneous up and it happens now. I saw somebody, the current say, locked the clock and I've been trying to think of clever little marketing sayings for quota virus As you know, if you have a little clover marketing saying like foresee belts in California, they have billboards essay. I click it or take it Reminded you'd, where usable I thought well, we need something like there to be hidden washing in the face touching with a groan iris. So many little rhyme is something like air.
Clean the dire somethin. Other Scott arrive for some work into that go back to me. I ll see, what's going on here. Cnn has a big piece on the website, the obese in which to talk about women being paid eighty cents on the dollar for the same job as men, literally the most debunked statistics and all of life and CNN it. An unabashedly runs like us of that now do anything That anybody, if anybody's new here you know that you're too movies on one clean and then one movie. It's a fact that
women, are paid eighty cents on the dollar, and you just ask anybody, ask anybody it's a fact, but in the other movie where people have actually looked at the studies, it just doesn't exist. Now it does exist. If you look there, what jobs convert all jobs, because women men take different jobs. They have different amount of experience, etc. One should drill down the variables it most of it disappears. So I believe there is still some I'm so certainly not discern. I'm not the person who would say the sexes and doesn't exist in the workplace are not going to tell you that men when they get paid the same cousin has probably not true but the eighty cents of dollars, but I don't think that's even clubs to the actual gap, its proper
probably in the five cent range that the actual discrimination bark anyway. It's amazing decision, unjust, unabashedly, run the such disprove such easily. This provable anti science victims and then also today, Seasons s up now. This is just the headline, so I didn't
the article and we know this entails? The article doesn't match the headline, but their light enough is worth commenting on so weathers writer August worthy of comment. Airlines says tribute in attributing this too. As he CUP says, Americans panic over the krona virus can be attributed to a lack of trust in both the government and President Donald Trump. Can it can it? It is that it is that, like a news fact, news fact is that weaken the tribute the corona virus panic to a lack of trust in the government. That was happening. That's just a fact right, just report that red on the news channel now, of course, ass he capacity building person. So she doesn't. She doesn't have to adhere to the standards of the news journalists per se, but.
Little more meat, another opinion, because from my standpoint it looks like the panic is caused by a combination of we have something to worry about. Does real as it is. It is not unreal and secondly, its way the news covers. Acres is twenty four hour coverage. It's the only thing happening, so it's the news. Israel is anybody you things, and this is another question: is there anybody
things that, no matter what president from dead about the virus as long as was also still spreading, he's gonna get criticised in the news will treat it like a panic, because everything is hyper bleaker to sell clicks Zoe in such a bald. Just such a bold lie to say that it could be attributed to the government when it's so obviously the media and the nature of the problem itself is only deed. It wouldn't matter which government you put there, don't do you think if you just switch the government to democratic government, Fox NEWS would say there doing everything wrong, see. Maybe He would say less of that, but to be exactly the same amount of panic it wouldn't have to do. It has nothing to do with somewhat the one thing you can change
Who's in charge is the only thing you change and have exactly the same result, as you say now, proceed in reports at the opposite. I was there when shopping yesterday. How often I'll do that again? So I'm I'll be sixty three in June, and I obviously of asthma. So I take it take up, meds every day to suppress it. So I rarely have any kind of a feeling of asthma. So I dont have a bad. Is this problem the mild and mild category and treated so does not much back them, but I'm in the gills, meaning that, if view over sixty of any kind of history with the respiratory situation,
you're supposed to just stop going anywhere, and so so I'm in that category, so I'll tell you what I'm gonna do I'm going to and have already so I have already done this substantially modified my schedule, So, for the time being, I won't go to my gym I'll, keep my membership and just workout at home. Oh I'm going to shift my hours a little bit for shopping, so I'm still going to go to the grocery store, because I was talking to about this yesterday and this is our desire, and So you know it might be a good idea. If you did, the shopping is usually we divide up some other stuff, and I, like I like doing the shopping. She doesn't talk about food shopping, so I says I like doing it. I was doing that and choose new and other stuff.
But I said when they reached the foot of it, and then I realized. What is she got? The grown virus? I'm definitely gather it doesn't make any difference. If you send your spouse to the store or your girlfriend or your friend if they come back with a groan virus and they live in your house, you not buying a lot of safety by little. That is not a guarantee that spouses can we give it to a spouse, but is pretty close to it. Guarantee taught me to keep shopping, but I'm going probably move my hours little bed to try to get the store. Suddenly demanded traffic, and if I do that, I can actually avoid any line at all. Just beat me in Kashmir and that I set myself working that do because I'm probably not gonna get from the customers. I'm gonna, get it from the cashier.
Because if there is anybody in the store at it is cashiers gonna get it. So I am not entirely sure how much of this is real, yeah, obviously I'll do who on delivery buffer shoot it It's a problem because giggled same day in same selection, all that stuff skin there, but I am I so far the only impact I've seen in my state. I assume this will change, but they are only impact are seen by state is a stimulus which really brings to question how good we are at predicting the obvious cuz. You think it's going to be obvious right that all the experts are saying it's obvious. The economy will slow down it's obvious because their supply line problems. People won't be going
things. This is obvious economy slowing down and then I go to the store and it's just frickin back people are buying outweigh Amazon, Amazon, Kiev's ship enough stuff. It's like it's like friction Christmas. I've never seen so much buying. So maybe I mean maybe the net effect will be negative. The all the smart people say so and if he had the better you, if you can put your money on bet. There's gonna be negative for a while, but why is it yet again? At the moment, people just by like crazy, I went to a restaurant. The other night- and I was gonna- think you might be the last time for a while that I go out to a restaurant there's lots of people in, but I will get it
now the way before the virus gets too close to my neighborhood till you're, the restaurants, whose back his back and so far it just looks like we're spending a lot more money. Alas, no of course the travel industry will get devastated, no doubt about that. So Stanford University decided to cancel all classes, but not not the cafeteria. In me. I guess I get people, they gotta keep alive their food wise and I thought to myself Stanford closing the entire campers are closing classes, but not the campus. I guess they closed classes and the doing it all remote. Now they can do it because I have a very advanced on line training system that apparently they can just switchover.
Make that work and other everybody to do that. But here's the important thing Stanford is not like other colleges. What is it about? Stanford? That's different From every other college in the United States You could argue in the world. There is one thing is very different about Stanford Arguably sit up top college, Arguably amene, Harvard by disagreeing Yale these guys, but Stanford, small, school. We have with the smartest people in the smartest instructors. So one year smartest school goes. First What is that, due to everybody else,. If it were a random school, just just one. You heard of you'd said yourself wilds, just a school I've heard of their lots of schools. I'm not gonna, take anything from that is
one school by that decision, but staffers not just one school stanford- is frickin Stanford. If Stanford says they're going to make a change that dramatic you gotta stop what you're doing right. You gonna put down your tools and listen because this is this isn't the year your community college listens Freckles Stafford, they got some smart people, they person thought into it. They're not miss anything. So I have a feeling that is therefore going. First is gonna, have a gigantic psychological pressure on everybody else, in a way that any other school would not Harvard. Maybe the same by feel like Stanford is the lever them. The whole thing so you're gonna, see Lascaux closing, seems inevitable. I was in an elevator yesterday and kosher.
And there were a couple of fun. Looking grandmother types, I'm guessing there were seventy five, each in their that you spunky follow. Life, you're gonna, have to order a kind of seventy five year old scheduled. I with the couple, of all the Ladys may have some political pins ottoman and there were chatting near chatting out loud in the elevator about their favorite democratic tax. With them like people judge, but since he's gone, they were gonna. I think they gonna back birdie and they're just chatting away in a crowded elevator, and I thought to myself- I couldn't do that. I couldn't Could you, if you're a Trump supporter, while certainly in California, baby, it's different near state. But if you are in California, you Again an in California and just have a casual conversation with the person you came into the elevator.
Yeah yeah. I get ready to support tramp we're going to rally and stuff. Now there is no such you know. I do think if you're certain size if your mail, in your certain size in Europe he's gonna pick a fight with any insanity wants as just a fact, but I wouldn't I would actually be. I would feel unsafe in a crowded elevator adjust normal citizens and suburbs. You know
no scary, looking people just normal citizens, I would feel unsafe to say anything positive about Republicans. Now he had seen the cumbersome and unload has less to do with where I live, and when I say unsafe I mean I don't mean they're gonna beat me up, I mean it's gonna be some kind of unpleasant encounter and I thought to myself. I don't think, there's enough reporting on that. The fact that half of the country can talk out loud about their political opinions. I've never seen that before have I ever been the case Think of any any situation where half the country was silenced in public. Actually you can do that social media congestion distance here, but that's a very bad situation and I think I have to
I've avoided saying this, but now I'm here tripped over the line. The left is a is a violent age group. Now that, as I said, the things as somebody says in a political season sounds like hyperbole sounds like just somethin. It just says. I something you say it does. Like anything, this close to something real call, an entire political party. I hate group, but why is it that I can't talk in front of them about just a normal political process? A normal way out our normal champions, but but an ordinary political conversation I can't have. I can add that in public I couldn't even where I would not go out and public with a shirt that you said trumpet are you aware that kind of stuff anyway,
by one? If I did so, is it isn't hyperbole to say that the democratic or a group Because an ordinary, well meaning citizen church going loves the constitution has never discriminated just likes low taxes. Just haven't a conversation elevator you couldn't do that. You could not do that. So I think I think it's not hyperbole decided Democrats have evolved, you're, not intentionally, but I think they have evolved into a hate group that can actively actively executes re in public in public. Thoroughly people work, oh my god, I'm right on the edge of slipping down. Again I told you about that. The prejudice and is probably right on the edge it's only the fact that I know it is not my genuine opinion that the matter
in Florence in me to be a little bit more competitive. It's only that the last minute pull back that relaxed or knowledge. I hears my prediction and this is the most boring ordinary prediction world, but it always comes as a surprise. So how could something be borne? Ordinary boring happens every time and when I say is stuck in satellite surprise was this: the presidential race is a horse race and the media will cause the underdog to catch up so that you have. You said that the lead gets switched a lot of times, Are there just an automatic universal pressure to let the underdog catch up? So that is its raise again. So what happened when we had the bird we had a dominant led. What was the protection well horse race? The prediction is that a diamond
lead, no matter how dominant would be challenge. Sure enough Biden has his big super Tuesday. So now no Biden see the definite normally right, totally gonna be Biden, nothing Happen now he's got it commanding leave, binds going all the way right well now the prediction is that the media controls the stuff and they're gonna make it close, and I dont know that the media needed to do that. But have you heard this latest compilation? club of vitamins, gas, it really is a new level and in it feels like you can again. This could be confirmation biased, but it feels like, as an observer, probably doesn't matter confirmation by us, because if I'm perceiving it that way,
Those are thus help. People vote, but it looks like Biden is losing it in an actual, predictable way that were observed. Another words six months ago. I dont think you use as bad as is now. Is that my imagination, not probably lotta? You will agree with that, but we have to be honest, that that could be confirmation buys using people agreeing with me, but you, but take the same caution that I'm giving myself, Which is it might look like that, even if it were true because we're still looking for the little, let me say very play, this latest club is shocking because we cannot let it can. I listen by them, trying to get round the sentence and watch her manner was just cannot get it. Cannot when this new election escaping, who can only trust we can ask
we'll let you cannot. He actually worked hard on this sentence struggled and when it was done, he decided that. What do you want to say is that we should elect reelected. We should work hard to re, elect our job. This isn't funny anymore? Again, as I say, I want my by laughs at future things, but is not a joke any more to say it was a little bit. Elder abuse going on. There's something happening here. This deeply troubling. That has nothing to do with politics. Right am, I feel like don't the Democrats see this,
You know I'm sure the Democrats were saying the same thing in baby still do that the Trump has on issues of work here. We all see it so they might be, is equally puzzled about why we can see what they see in Trump. But obviously this is either a wonderful illusion that the People can see what's happening with Biden and some cat or are we? The ones were wrong. Don't ruin that maybe they are the ones who are having a bad perception. What, if he's fine, you think there's any chancellor? I dont, you know you have to trust your own judgement because as the world we live in and we have to do something, you got it, you have to act, you can't just sit here and start there, so you have to choose your judgment, but we really bad judgment. Just keep that in mind.
You have to act anyway. I ll see what else is gonna George Togae. Do the unknown George to guy he's a great twitter account to follow. He was, of course, play saloon the original STAR Trek he's a big anti. Now most anti trump accounts are just painful like you probably don't fear of transport, I don't follow any aunt I jump against. But if you wanted to follow on that is often clever and funny and doesn't always have politics, George Decay is actually is a fun follow because even when I don't agree with them, the other something entertaining so she's Course very vocal in the celebrity world of being in an anti chopper and he put out his own video in which it looks like he cut pieces
violent video official videos and put together basically his own little commercial, like a campaign that to show how great Joe Biden is, but here's the embarrassing part he focused and Joe Biden going to have a burger with at the one, a burger where they just went into an ordinary fast, will place and sat down at a burger and talk and in order to sell Joe Biden what George the had to do with his own little homepage. Video is remove the parts where Joe Biden is talking. I'm just think about that in order to make a favourable video about Joe Biden you had to edit out the part where he's talking now he did say something, but it was just a brief statement than all the rest was better talking
or or video of walking in or some commentary they actually had to remove the parts worry talks, I mean just think about it, Because do you think that George to tie you can tell from is twitter account is, is a bright guy he's paying attention he's watching and he cares he cares lot. Do you think he doesn't see this? Do you think he doesn't know that you didn't have a way to make Joe Biden look good. If Joe Biden was speaking, I just don't see how Bernie doesnt or I don't see a burning doesn't make us late, come back. So here's what I think I think people are going to be talking about binds brain at the President's already talking about it has to be obvious to democratically camp.
Possibly win right. Am I wrong about that? Isn't this the most obvious thing we ve ever seen in politics when you put it this way, has ever been a potential match up. They had so little mystery to it, This does not close their. I dont think Bernie can win either, so they do have to join Which way do you want to lose? Let's talk more about that common areas, put a little video drain, which she as anticipated and endorsed Joe Biden, but here the interesting part. Current me baby is only interesting to me, we'll find out. I had predicted when she dropped the race to keep in mind for context that, eighteen months ago, or so.
Predicted that she would be the nominee for the Democrats. Obviously she has suspended camping, so my prediction that should be the nominee people said now so good, but I say while she my re mergers, vitamins and vice president, but she would come back stronger and I predict this correct me if I'm wrong, you ve heard me say this right, because I think I said more than once that that the democratic experts would give camel and make over a charisma make over. Because I think that's the main thing she needed. So she does this all video after disappear and for a while and the disappearing for awhile was part of the production should disappear, shed light batman. She would choose train
To fix whatever floor, she had unless you come back and she will be a different product. Well, it might have just happened, because if you watch the video- and I just wilderness
you can see. My twitter feed here are the things that I criticized for about in the past or thought about criticising in one case, but didn't say it out loud and then here's what she's done about it, so the old cobbler all being in a few months ago. She had to hurt her dress when he called out the close. You are not addressed, but she wore these boxy suits that made her look awful. Am I right the way she dressed was frankly awful? Maybe, as politicians go one of the worst dressers now before you say, Saxons access accessed, I'm on record as saying that Hillary Clinton did an excellent job of dressing and a resource that Hilary didn't.
Find a centrally like a uniform as well. So she had a shadow looking style and you don't have to be a super model to to dress fashionably in and as well as we can, and I think I hit the gallery- did a perfectly good job in the in the fashion way and the matters I think when the present where's suit matters, I think what how they dress makes a big difference and Catholic comes back and in her video And again we don't offices trend yet we're just looking for an early she's wearing only a black, some kind of a top. That is very flattering social, so that the boxy jacket is off with a little shoulders and stuff they make it look like a box instead she's wearing just a black top, and I'm not your fashion
right- I'm just saying that it was a world better, a world better. Just look down just at nice, simple blacktop framed or nicely. She had a nice background. It was different. It was way better. Now is this the trend? We don't know you will have to Syria. More times. The other thing that she got right is that again I don't want to make the sexist right, because he's gonna sound like that. I'd make fun of birdies hair all the time Biden hair. These are these disasters of haricots trump. Is this sort of a special case was his hair is more part of the brand, but you know the men in the race has emissions with hair, because how you look,
does matter where a shallow world, and I would say that cobblers hairstyle that she had been using mostly on the campaign, was hit him ass. It was different differ days, but I wasn't a fan in this. This video, where she is promoting or endorsing Joe Biden she's. In my opinion, her hair style is improved, LU, LU, more outrageous better. Now that again, is that permanent is, I just Young women change their fairly frequently maybe wishes to good day. It is noticeably better. Somebody says more feminine. I dont know if it's that other issues better, you know if you ve ever seen something you went from a bad. Hairstyle is still good one. That makes a big difference, You should get a better earlier, the other things I did is no giggle. This was my biggest complaint. Is that giggled
just a mannerism. She would giggle in around jokes and it would make her look on serious, no gale, He got through the entire video without without the nervous girl, giggle, and I think that really closer when she does that if she got coached out of that, it's gonna be a big change because, as the biggest weakness in my opinion now you she has one more thing that she needs work on, which is. She has a two hour like shaking quality when she talks. Have you noticed that so shall talk and enter body will be moving, so should be, should be like this. I'm talking, I'm gonna endorse job. And you can't feel she doesn't feel confident because she had her body is not comment. There are moments when she comes
little bit and her voice is calm and watch me says you're obsessed but watch how much power she projects when she comes down her her body and I think the experts are broadly tying or this too. So this is my speculation that she's being coached. Finally, by good people, because it looks like there's a change. If she can calm her body, the force of her voice just goes through the roof. Because she does have a really good powerful voice. Does she completely kneecaps by jumping round and being a two hour? If she can come down, it's really gonna be remarkable and she held a smile and she was more likeable on business. That's part of the problem I had now given all this, that there's also
Here's a hypnotist observation. While she was endorsing Biden, she was shaking her head now. She needs to stop that watch me shake my had. No, as I'm done, which makes me wonder if I do it. If I do that, but she's, endorsing M washer. He read now she's like Joe binds the best person in the world. I M so glad that I'm endorsing and making the surface exactly what she said? Andrea had shaken back and forth like it now, while she's talking I'm, not a hundred percent, convinced that their means anything. It will be easier to look. A common mannerism and over interpret it, but keep an eye on and see if she chaser had no on other topics and she doesn't. Maybe it does mean someone. I still think global charge would be.
The stronger choice for Joe Biden and the reason is that closure doesn't seem to have any negative, except maybe some personal ability that frankly voters don't care about the alone. She should mean somebody get sort of erased, and Joe Biden so nice that Amy Clover jars, one tiny little small weakness of videos, salad with a calmer. Yeah she was means somebody get sort of erased because violence, niceness war cancel that out and both closure strike you as somebody who could take the job right away. Am I wrong about them?
We, even if you didn't like anything about even kilometers policies, would you agree with me that is the choice was cobbler or closure will say there was never any present. You just had to choose closure or come on. Let's say you dislike their policies. Equally, you just attitude is a solid, serve presidential quality. I think head to head is closer because she is, she doesn't have negatives. She has a solid success. She's gap success in those battleground states, she's done things across the aisles he's been senator long time she did better the downloaded and raised? I don't think you seemed close if you're looking at her just as an individual, but if you're looking at what balances the ticket I accept cheek Lee before they might be to add a personal color to the democratic ticket, so the white people,
Therefore, because all the guilty Wipe Democrats are gonna, need a person, the color and take it to feel good about it, I have said before the black voters apparently or more flexible than white voters, apparently are willing to vote for their self interest, as they say it. Earlier, a little bit more flexible though they vote for so kudos. Do that could be only see back the big big Republican mentioned. Apparently there was an attempt to you with the corona virus and there was a pact that one too, when somebody shook hands with w shook hands with the president and the President says he's not concerned it all now. Is that a good answer? If the press?
the United States in the middle of this crisis, which year they're telling us to be worried now that nothing is to be worried the tiniest be prepared. Should the presidency is not concerned at all. I think the answer is yes, because I think you want you, president telling people not to panic so long as there are also getting the message to prepare and so long as are also the message that there is a real thing out there that needs to be worried about. I am a little bit mixed under trumpet performance. So far, As I always say, you can't really tell if he's doing a good or a bad job on the details. Now who's in charge and what decisions have been made and all that stuff he cares little cause. You don't know whose how somebody else would have done we're not close enough to it. You just don't know, but you can tell the communication, because I support you can observe directly. Does the present saving
I'm gonna need help create events and do things that make you feel comfortable and make you feel like the government's got us some sort of a mixed bag. I say that, as I said yesterday, I think trumps trumps personality and the set of tools he brings to the job are extraordinary, like we ve never seen before, but that's it. From saying shit on every occasion. You need the right present with the right tools for the re situation. The war president is not the peace president, their different people. Probably I don't think drop is good at this We now is a famous germ of hope. I don't know, has anything to do with how engaged he is in there But he's not gonna this. Can we agree on that now again being not good at this? I'm talking about just a community.
Issuing part doesn't mean anything about whether or not the government is being effective in dealing with this causes, not the president, who is doing the work, their lot of professionals, smart people doing work. I imagine there doing everything that thing you do. I mention private industry is doing everything and I'm suddenly for that this is different than any other situation in which normally the present would be the most important person and would be. Decisions that will affect everything. I dont know that the president is the most important person anymore more. The entire world has mobilized on this problem and they didn't have to be asked because it's is a global threat and humanity as focused its smartest bravest hardest working people
The problem, when is humanity as a whole, focused on one problem that so immediate, and then this important before never we're we're focusing the entire weight of human capability on this one problem is phenomenal: it's not really the president's job, it's the globe as a sort of self organized, ninety nine percent of it and then the President says here's some money, I'll sign it, but the present is not doing the work. The glue Oh has kind of self organized plus using existing, no see these even state governments and stuff, but it's it's beautiful. To watch humanity act as one and become this global brain as I've call it. I called it a God brain and then I deleted.
Tweet does, I think it just give use people don't want people, they want their religion mixed in with her opinion, side just delete them, but was called a global brain is focused on the problem and the way we ve never done before the time, We cannot communicate and let alone here examples what's happening. So yesterday things yesterday, I tweeted there in order for tell him listen to work, meaning your doktor being on a video call instead in person in order for that to work efficiently. We need an executive order that would allow doctors to practice across state lots now. Why is it that I could make that tweet and I think it will actually make a difference? The reason I could do that is because I have experience with my own start up in which we work with doctors on telemedicine, and I learned that one of the biggest problem-
it's a u care practice across state lines and if he could do would be far more availability because less say: there's an emergency in one state. But it hasn't had another state. Yet you'd have a lot of doctors in the other state who the excess capacity they willing to give out, maybe at night or whatever, and they can help out across daylights at the moment, is illegal It's illegal guinea believe that is an emergency. The countries in an emergency and a qualified doctor in Connecticut they Connecticut they ve got a pretty good requirements to be a doctor. Don't you think, don't you think a doctor whose qualified suppressed We gotta get, can give you an appendage, an opinion in Pennsylvania. I mean right is that dangerous. Do you feel at risk because you talk to a doctor who can practice in Connecticut?
but you're in Pennsylvania. Now you don't feel risk. Obviously, that is a ridiculous. That of other rules may be good for the states. Maybe the aim has something to do with it. But the point is I, as a citizen and a little bit of exposure to their problem, it's a gigantic lever. In this crisis, in order to free up more potential, doktor advice, even remotely could be a big variable and I happen to know that it would take one executive order to wipe all that away just for the emergency. You probably want to limit it and say something like I was just for a kroner virus inquiries and assistance- and it's only is only for a limited time frame because you don't want to go, the whole trouble of changing or system in the proper way. Now some people have said to me. Can you do an executive order like that gives you be.
When do you be overruling all the states in legal and don't you need legislation and when they take longer- and here is the answer that now now that's what an emergency is An emergency is you do things they? don't we do an emergency. This is one of them, Would it be legal for the present in the United States to accept to doing second order saying doctors could temporarily and for this situation only practice across the borders. And the answer is it doesn't matter if, if, if you're saved yourself, you it would be illegal for the executive order. The answer for that done by an executive or it doesnt matter, who's going to complain. This is very important if nobody's going to complain and nobody's going to complain I'm nobody, the matters if but he's gonna complain
literally one piece of paper executive order. I ordered doctors to be able to practise crusty lines, as it is one piece of paper. One piece of paper. Nobody will complain, doesn't matter if his legal does not does not and should not manner if its legal, its emergency, its transparent. It's obvious survey to do that. Some using malpractice insurance you'd probably need an executive order to handle that in some way. Yes, but that's a detail, so here's another little LE factoid. So if you have any, if enough, Ollinger biology, Sweden of arson, you should even find his eye retweet him a lot, especially during during the krona viruses, because his ears
inside and expertise illnesses. This is tremendous end. One of the things I ve found is that there was a develop and recently in that is kind of you really called far UV another. I don't know the difference between regular uv, something called far UV, but there's DEC difference and apparently in a twenty eight in Colombia paper that the Lahti was tweeting about. It can kill airborne viruses, so you can actually, you can actually shoot the virus out of the air with lights special kind light. Now I saw desolately building for a thousand dollars. Peace doesn't seem like we can get that price down pretty quickly,
frankly, lotta people would pay a thousand dollars beast, but one in less than a public space. Then I learned this made me little angry. Then I learned that China ordered basically by all of the robots. Probably that looks like a rumour, it's a little robot. That looks like a rumour and has a big light on it. They just drives around hospitals in China should say you re light into the environment to kill the virus in the air, to which I said exactly what you're thinking right now, what right? When I told you that you heard that the robots that already exist using technology that I think we can check pretty easily works. You shoot some you. Into the air and either of salmon. Virus readout and there are already using their built there
China there doing their job the run around the restaurants, disinfecting didn't as soon as you heard that didn't you say, where's my robot were does the United States Avonlea robots because they're not buying into the United States, I think they bought from some european companies, but, as blotchy quaint accurately says, this is not the sort of thing you want to run through some kind of long after approval thing,
Is it not fairly easy for scientists to tell whether rate light killed a virus? I feel as though we could figure that out without all the double blind experiments that you normally no words like virus light, darted up dead, yes or no tried again try to decouple different rooms, try to decouple different settings. I mean it's not one test, but as biology says, you could very quickly get to the point where you were confident enough that it was safe I guess, there's a safety issue, but it's not a big one, and why don't we just go going out with this now could be that the other to a lot of false starts and things we try that don't work and a beetle but this would certainly be on my list of things to go hard at now, where it, where did the knowledge of this come from? Did our did the? U dot S government already know
let there existed, robots will follow You ve light on them. Maybe not right. We use that the government knows everything, but that's not my experience. My guess is that people like blotchy you're, doing the job of a patriot citizen, just jump again to do what it can do, same as I am right now is jumping in saying. Did you know about this? By now, people in the government do know about it. Causes is widely followed, and now a new piece of information is available for a potential solution. So when you say that the President do it good or bad job, I think you have to, adjust that for the fact that is twenty twenty and we don't need the president to tell us about to do for a global threat. That is, this is well known. People are just jump in.
People would jump in doing what they need to do without it. The president's tell us speaking that I like to tell you every day those things you can do to keep yourself healthier. Keep your immune system hi. This is especially important to me because I'm like asylum in the kills own, because I'm at that age, where the virus will kill me specially cause. I ever the ass my background and sub keep myself healthy and looking for tips on how to do that, and of course you all know about the sanitizing handwashing the I then that you should use modern exercise, schism, son, Everyday GSM, Vitamin D. These things are all implicated in helping your immune system, but there was another study that was sent around today and since this is a weekend, especially I'm going to try to say this in the most and she raided way. I can so bear with me as for the benefit of the children,
I will be talking indirectly now about the wink wake. You know what I'm talking about, and it goes like this. Apparently, if you're in adult who is enjoying was Satan, with yourself. Let's say your partner and available for whatever reason. You are enjoying time with yourself. If you know what I mean going,
and that time results in this area, an experience which you might call a climax. Sorry, children and apparently science is pretty clear that that improves you're cortisol situation, which reduces you stress. It improves your immune response, so it turns out that one of the best things you can do to protect yourself and, dare I say the country, if not the world cause you're a patriot, you want to protect the country do well now. You know what to do a little exercise. He right sleep right
and like wake joyless time with yourself, so that's doctor's orders. I see what else we gotta go out here. Italy's got a lot of death, Elon Musk livestock volume so ill. I must make a little lose on the grown virus and he says in a tweet. I think this was yesterday fish. He said the krona virus, panic is done, which of course, caused everybody to say even ask is very smart. Why is he saying the corona virus? Panic? Is that he's nothing? heiresses, all driving, I got used to say the panic part is done now. Of course, he was asked to clarify what that means, and he did here's what he said so went away. You listen to you, learn musk argument to see. If it you'll passes
we'll just see it makes sense to one of those modest guys on the planet. We all agree with that right, whether you like your Tesla, don't like your Tesla The alarm mask is one of the smallest guys ever so I see his opinion on this. So he says the vitality of this cover thing is understand or not, is overstated so saying the formalities overstated due to conflation diagnosis, completing the diagnosis date with a contraction date so far so good. So it is true that we do when somebody got the virus, we only know when they were tested.
So we don't really have a sense of the virus is, is the numbers are polluted by the fact of when we discover them not when they started, so that would ruin your veracity measurements and then over extrapolating exponential growth, which is what which has never weapons in reality, so he's pointing out that we have lots of history with loose and that they simply don't do what this one is projected to dip. Now people say was was different, so is his point that they don't. That is never. What happens. That's really about the past is a true that this one is like the past. Well, that's a grey area sums
Yes, some say no, if he's on these on the side of its more likely to be in the not exponential growth that will get a handle on it or something will happen.
He says: keep extrapolating and virus will exceed mass of the known universe. So is making the point the things you don't increase for ever just not history doesnt show that that ever happens. There is always something that happens stops things from increasing to infinity, and then that he's right about that that he says the fatality rate is also greatly overstated. Sluts followers argument here. He says because there are so few task, it's true enough. Those who die with respiratory symptoms are tested, but those with minor sentence or not, and they says the prevalence of the krona virus. Another calls in general this high. So his point is that, if, if I could
to summarize it my own way that this virus wont be that different from other viruses, therefore the panic is overstated. But here's what I asked- and there was an amazing outpouring of Loser- think in the comments after asked this question, and so what about the crucial does Is more than normal, Sadie explain that So there were six people died on the diamond princess and seven hundred seven in fact there were no more than a thousand. Whenever a few thousand, I forget how many people
friendship with seven hundred and seven were affected and six died. Now for you on mass comments to be accepted as the reasonable view, it would also be true. The cruise ships would not be experiencing unusual levels and death when you re, so I said what is it that explains why the cruise ships had so many deaths, I'm watching in the comments and every one of you are experiencing, not every one of you but most severe experiencing losing if you said, because the people in the cruise ships are old, it's true and its loser think that's not. You did not make a good argument there. If you said it's because their tightly packed it's true but its losers,
It's not a good argument is not an answer to the question. Can anybody tell me why I tell me: why is not a good argument is completely nonsense to say that the reason that there were more deaths on the ship is because they were older. Why is it nonsense? Because there are a lot of cruise ships and there are a lot of flows? We have plenty of history to know that a cruise ship in which the flu gets out. Normal flow, how many people doesn't kill? Have you ever heard of one ship was six deaths, never right Maybe there was some other epidemic and best, but if it were true, the six people, typically Diana cruise ship average, every crews, then Elon Musk, would be absolutely correct.
There would be nothing to scare us because we're not see anything out of the unusual under the usual, but if you just said is because they old and you dont know how to compare. Things in the comments I saw only one or two people who understood that is a comparison problem, you can't just look at one ship and say it's gonna open No wonder they died unless all the other boats have old people dying at a similar rate. Whenever there is a virus. Is this the first crucial there's somebody had a virus? I know how many cruise ships does at least some common virus get loosen the ship. How often happened my guess most of them,
most of them. If you put a thousand people on the ship during sluices, you don't think there's a flu on that ownership and normal flew. I think they're it's. So if we have a history of five or six all people dying every time there is a flew on a cruise ship. I'd, say: yeah, you're right. This is just a baseline. There's. Nothing happened here, but as soon as I ask that question people couldn't couldn't understand that you can't look at this one ship and their old, and it doesn't mean anything unless, unless as a common experience with the other ships and listen Somebody else said- and this was a good government there- they point out. What about ITALY, because the death rate in ITALY seems through the roof, but they also of all people. In ITALY and I've heard that their ventilation and so good and kind
spaces lures loved lot, attaching baby their healthcare system, business, good, etc. So you can't really tell too much from ITALY, but these are the right questions, but I think the crews, the crews and ass. I am, and the nursing homes ass If you have a nursing home in which several people die from the same virus, that only is meaningful. If you, looked at all the other nursing homes with that viruses. If it's common to have six people died or ten people died in the same nursing home from the same problem, and it happens every flu season with the regular flu, and then you say all this is like that. But I don't think that's a case. Study alone, I would say you need to answer that question. What about the crucial point about the high death rates in the the nursing homes If you haven't answered that thou say your position is strong
and anybody you know he's smarter than I am so you might an answer for that. But I have heard of It would also go on CNN reported that there's a caterpillar there could be plastic which will be good cause. You throw budget caterpillars on your plastic elites, it all up and no more storage problem except you, you read the article in way down, says: there's only one problem that the earth, the caterpillars Boop becomes toxic. If they? U plastic, unthinking! Ok, well that didn't really move the ball forward. I am very happy that early caterpillar that can eat or plastic, but if the outcome is that the Caterpillar poops toxic waste, I don't think we came out ahead, so maybe their story didn't need to be told.
Speaking telemedicine, take a risk here, take a risk arises, could block in my face you all know. I have this start up, it's called went up and has product called interface that allows you to do a video call. An expert. Now wonder, was a there? Was a hurricane a while ago, and I had offered in public aid, people could use the sap to get it formation about from people were beyond the sea everybody's a day, you're trying to profit for about disaster, to which sometimes on a more of a robot that I need to be, and the robot part of me said. Ah now it's just a tool.
When people need their tool and they don't have to even charge for so it's not even up to me, if anybody makes any money- and you say it's a two week issues, but that argument fell on deaf ears and peoples that now there people die and you trying to sell a product, and I thought now gay I will. I will take that out. Take that criticism to Heart- and I will not do that again. So when the krona virus came off, it was is an obvious situation where you should have medical experts, stockings people, it's about the does that
and I stood silent about it, so I say silent about it because I didn't want to do the same thing. I wish to sell some bright in that concept, but this feels different noticing that number of remote software companies are promoting their work in other people, are promoting them and nobody's complaining to anything. What what's the difference like? Why is it that soon can promote their product for telecommuting? It's exactly this to all the people leave it's. The answer is a profit company wise. Nobody complaining about that, and I think there's the differences that were all threatened by this virus, and so nobody, nobody is a spectator on this. Others were all in the game or know we will be an so if you're in the game and simply says here's a tool for you.
And I might help you win the game if people are much more comfortable with that the nester spectating in the saying, hey, you know we're just watching this and you seem to be doing something. You know that as spectators. We think it is, as you know, inappropriate, but as soon as you need the tool, suddenly you feel different about. So let me make this offer. Does anybody out there who knows how to get to the right person? Just connect me on social media, as this question is the CDC or the government wants to do effectively a buy out. Another word just take over the app for the for the period of the emergency that I would add that conversation and we can do it quickly because the app is already built. So if there's, nobody in the government would like to promote telemedicine.
And I think it would be important for another executive order to let Dockers practice across borders, at least for the, for the purposes of the emergency, promote a virus. If disabling, the government would like to immediately spin up an app that would allow anybody in the country to talk to the doktor was willing to put themselves on the EP wicked that immediately what you're doing and weak- and I went I would in one week I will deliver the entire company toward dealing with this emergency but simply says it exists, and I would I would imagine that there will be a whole bunch of products in that space because I obviously there are telling teller noticing products, but there is one that is in part of a service, so most of the existing products are people whether subscription service were less or anything.
Are there isn't one where you can you say I need to talk to the doktor and I don't have money and it is to be so the government, the government, is putting pressure to the lower the cost. If somebody doesnt have healthcare to get a test- and this can be done- so anyway. This is anybody who knows anybody in the government of the CDC who wants to look into an app to connect a doctor for no charge just to get advice about. Should I should I quarantine myself? What should I do? I can make that available So flew up phone yeah, I'm just looking at Europe looks like you're coming. I ethic.
Let me take my notes year. Why? While I got you see if there's anything, I want to say that it in saying- and I think I think that I think we didn't I'd thus often our stay safe, talk. You later.
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