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Episode 893 Scott Adams: Sip Time. Get in Here.

2020-04-05 | 🔗

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  • A back-to-work prediction
  • Back to work models, considerations and decisions
  • Digital pressers suggestion by John Nolte, Breitbart
  • Experts at spotting BS from other experts
  • President Trump’s skill at provoking the enemy press

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Bump bump bump, bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump everybody money. So I didn't love hours since she saw me last eleven if you really think about it- and I think it's time for more of this there's a reason you come here- it's because it so darn good, get your day too often the railway might, I add, not many commercials Have you tried watching anything that has commercials lately we'll talk about that in a minute, but first first, let's do the important sufferers and their normal be prepared for the important stuff. All you need is a couple. Bugger a glass at anchor jealously style again to inject a flask of vessel of any kind.
Fill it with very liquid. I like coffee,. And join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dopamine every day. The thing that makes everything better, including European dynamics, skull the simultaneous it happens now go just as good as I thought it would be. Never disappointed Speaking of attention spans, have you tried to watch anything in the form of entertainment? Lately it's really hard. For example, I've had this experience recently and maybe you ve attitude all here of a movie and I'll say I got some free time, because this quarantine situation, I'm gonna watch me a movie and then this this happens.
Where will I watch the movie? Will it be on a device? If it is I've got to find a device that might have to plug it in and I'm going to find a witch device already, has the app on it that I wanna stream the service some of my devices emptive naps So I sort that out and then it needs to be charged. So I got to find my charger if I my charger and then I need my headphones, but my headphones are charged, so I can charge my headphones so I'm twenty minutes into it. And all I've done is figure out which device I'm gonna watch. Let's say I've decided I'll watch on the television so I go on television and I which streaming services that because I got the extremity, but I got in this networks and might be on amazon- is not Hulu and they are looking for it. Like you find it. There's like out on its own, the other service, so I gotta go
other service and for some reason the password doesn't work now after recover a password, but I'm watching television. So I have to go, get a device to recover the path word and then I start looking for things and it takes forever and then I started. I tried to watch this. The tiger King thing, So I go through the processes. Thirty minutes and I haven't watch anything yet. Thirty minutes work, and I have entertainment alive does prepare myself to maybe get entertained thirty minutes later and you know what happens after thirty minutes of it doesn't matter what I'm doing getting ready to watch a movie
No matter what it is, you know what happens after thirty minutes. I bail out because thirty minutes is way too long to spend on anything our attention span of have shrunk much the I can spend half an hour just deciding what movie to watch his way too hard. So. I find that out very little, because the set up time takes too long. Have you tried to watch. Say it. Hbo show lately that if you travel. In real time and is not recorded. To turn it on that that long HBO introduction comes in sectors workers from music in theirs theirs. Visuals and graphics and everything- and you just sit there thinking. I really just wanted to watch the content.
Ok, I'm not really getting they out of the twenty minutes. I have to watch the opening credits and music, I'm very impressed with little. You did a good job or watch it once a watch at once, but if it's a series of what that twice so. My observation is that things like books and movies could be largely obsolete within just a few years, not because they changed, while they did their harder now deserve their more levels and options, and things just do a simple thing: by attention span is our way to shore. Now I also tried to watch, I tried to do something last night that I advise you not to do, and I reminded myself why you should not do it. So it's the clock night last night a long day, I started work in two or three in the morning, which is not unusual. When I would I control my own.
Hours answer by nine o clock and I am ready to go down, but I think I think I'll try to watch seldom saw. I call up doesn't matter. Why show I try to watch your movie a little bit before I drifted to sleep now, well, you never do that. You don't want to associate you're you're, sleeping routine and being in bed Is anything entertaining elicits here with your partner because you don't want the bed to be associated with excitement and entertainment Europe to be associated with sleep as much as possible, so I violated by own rule to try to watch a movie, and I think I got sixty seconds into it and I can tell my entire body was on fire, like with stress. Because the whole point of a movie or less as a company that even companies have this problem, at least by the third act,
The point of a movie is watching somebody, who's got a big problem and then they travel. Of it, but until they saw that their endanger things are happen, to them, they're getting killed their lose. The money they lose their love life and something. Why, in the world? By subjecting myself to this, I get that there's a pay off later I'll feel good. When the when the hero, you survives, but I've gotta watch what, full hours, a bad news to get to them, a good feeling that isn't know less along anyway. There's no way They pay off make sense. This is no way so I build out and watched ten minutes The movie and I wish I'd watch zero of it. So take my advice, to follow my to follow what I do. I hears a thought experiment for you know, don't don't read too much into the thought experiment, because our
knowledge in advance. There is not a real world. Thank you, couldn't actually do it and it doesn't apply directly to the point I'm gonna to make, but still educational. It'll help. You understand your world a little bit. Better is not the answer, but I ll give you a little contacts. It goes like this. Imagine that instead of the crew- virus will say there is no growth of ours and instead the government of this country and other countries too has simply stated a year ago that there will be a two month, forced vacation for everybody, except essential services, This is gonna, be in March and April you'll be two months. Everybody has to stay home, can get him go on vacation What would happen to the economy once we got back? Would it be a depression? If it were planned, it was all planned. Would you come back to a depression because you have a two month period,
Use your intuition is kicking and write down, you're saying to yourself: I don't think it would be everybody would just go back to work and the worst Mario scenario. Is that you, as long as everybody aid, fair enough to eat for two months The worst case scenario is that people just go back to work. They got a little debt, that they wish that in her. Maybe someone is forgiven. Our New York that out, but we got a fairly quickly, get back to work Maybe a year later, you probably back to steal one year ethic. Now, that's not exactly like the situation, Because in this situation there are entire industries, urges could be decimated, Celeste different, so servers, for example, don't get to just go back to work. They might not have a job. I dont get to go back to work.
To what my old career was Cosette all thinks. I think seventy five percent of newspapers will be out of business and a few months so so my career will change too, so my my thought, experiment is not like the grown I was saying because we didn't prepare forward in the same way and we can't just walk right back into our old jobs. But here's the thing a lot of us get a lot of people. Can they get just walk back into their job like they took a two month? Vacation so My prediction is that will get back to good business faster than a lot of experts are going to predict. And I always make my prediction- is based on the thing that you don't see, come and not worse, not straight line it. If I were to straight labour protection
say based on what we know now and if we didn't learn anything new, it would look pretty bad. That's true, but All of these predictions have the same problem, which is there all kinds of things you didn't see. What happened surprisingly happened. A lot of it has to do with innovation and people inventing ways to solve thing. For example, I just said that restaurants couldn't possibly open up. That you I mean. Is it? Is it true that there is no way restaurant can open up? Let's say in a month or so, and when other people can go back to work, because it would be people in tat space? I don't know, I think, that's exactly the sort of thing that could end up in doing so. I said before this and warm weather is coming anyway. Could the local, Town say: ok, ok is emergence, disorder loosen up in some of our restaurant restrictions.
And put your tables outdoors. You can put your tables in the parking lot. You can take your dog to eat as long as its doors will even put tables right out into the street, and maybe close off some blocks of the restaurants can do that. Yeah you're just pork somewhere else. So if you don't assume the people were Figaro ahead, it would just then yes and depression yeah. Nobody can figure out how to adjust were in trouble, but that's not the world we live in the real world. People will make massive flexible adjustments. They'll be trying everything How can people be watching what other people try those they? All that looks like a good idea, so it's
really unpredictable, but I always err on the side of saying I think he'll be better than the worst case, like a lot better than worst case and I'm still gonna stick with. That doesn't mean only good but much much better than the worst I have an ongoing sort of twitter conversation with Adam tells Andrews. Now I think my my favorite person to disagree with It's it's annoying to disagree with people were domino, good reasons, but I find it kind of exciting to disagree with people who, I think, really know what you're talking about smart because it means I might learn something because whatever I'm thinking. Somebody, smart and well informed this thing he's something different. I better find out what that is right, so with, with all due respect to Adam
and we have a difference of opinion and it goes like us and I hate try to characterize somebody else's opinion. Does you never get exactly the way they would say it? Some gonna say so as I say, I think this is close. But if it's wrong I apologize the idea is that closing down the economy was at least tenderly, unwise and more for this? clarification when I questioned and on Twitter today This is what he said. He said. I never argued against pandemic prophylactic response. So never you never argued that we shouldn't close things down, that goes out. He said I argued lack of economic models. Answer it with trillions of dollars of shut down and We ve seen imperfect data, extrapolated worship disaster by fear
to cap it all of this and exaggerating all that so the second summarize at saying that the data that we are using to make these decisions is terribly flawed. I think we all agree with that right. The data is terribly flawed. And then he points out that there is no economic model. This sort of captures all the bad news and goodness of closing down economy? What we have instead is just a service scientific health model, so plenty of models that show how many people die here, whether without social, distancing, etc. But Adam correctly points out that we don't have any kind of an echo our model, the tells you what happens. If you closed down now. Here's where Adam and I disagree- and I dont think we're going to be able to close the distance on this disagreement, and it goes like this.
There's no way to make an economic model that would capture this can't be done, though you could build one and you could tell the public you bill one and you can get people to believe But I wouldn't be real the complex of this is way beyond way beyond what anybody can reasonably mark. Suavely is very close to something that here the smartest person in the world with all of the with all the best resources could even get close to it would just be it would just be a gas on his bed. She basically you'll be just a guess, so the thing that animal once I want to, I would love, credible economic model, so we desire of you go this way. You get this! We go this way. You get that, but does not pass
this is well beyond, is not even close to possible. It's it's in a different, zip code with possible. If it were just hard I'd, say: well, it's a crisis. I don't care. I don't It is, but a team together get the best people in the world. Give them. Everything they need Kara Hearted, is make it work, but it's not hard. It's actually just not possible. Now I come at this from years of experience doing financial modeling. So it's what I did in my day. Job I've got an. You're too much of a green economics and Libya, so I know a little bit o what I'm talking about. I did a professionally on a smaller scale. In my case, I was projecting what would happen to accompany under different economic scenarios.
So this would be much harder because you kind of ease go far more variables and just that's the big problem way too many variables. So here's where adamant I disagree. I dont think that there was an option of having good data and I don't. There was an option or even good enough, because I am totally in favour of using you know direction really. Accurate data. So if, if all of your guesses still point in the same direction, it still usefully studied it. If, if you study aliens, sometimes it was different directions, you get another problem, so. Here's what I think I think the whole question of clothes they call me down and hello, you keep how long you close it and how you opened up in the trade off with the deaths in the politics of it. I don't think you can be mild, not even close.
It was one of those cases where real leadership matters that is somebody's going to have to peer into this fog of and certain day and here's why? You don't get to say hey I wish there were no fog where you can wish it. We all wish there. What is the real, and if you wait, there's not going to be less fog, I mean maybe in trivial ways, but you're still not gonna, know so that The real leadership question is: how do you make one of the most important decisions in the history of humankind, and I think this is one of them whatever decision trump comes up with, ultimately about going back to work, will be one of the biggest decisions in all of humanity through for a single decision. There lots of things more important, maybe, but there is lots people making us decisions.
I dont know if we ve ever seen. One person make a decision with this wait. Obviously, experts war will help. So in a situation where you can have a model that tells you what to do, there's extreme uncertainty, its life and death. Its aim is the biggest state she could possibly have. What do you do? So? How do you make a decision? Well, I'll give you some hits the. Firstly, you do is look for ways you could test it smell. Every year. We say that before so, for example, in this case, instead of saying, listen, everybody back to work under these criteria. You could say how about this week we send everybody in Toledo back to work, I will ask you not to do any travelling, because we just one
You want to leave. It looks like we're just run after a week, just see what it looks like. We may have to run for two weeks for infected people to start showing up, but if you can test it now sure as practical, but it feels like it might be a little bit if you could tell us we're goin destiny that you don't have to wonder, which way to go just just testing the other thing is, you can decide who takes the hit, for example, You could say we're going to close the economy and if you can eat well, that's on you, then that would put the heat all. People who did their money, and that would be his own set of problems politically. Morally and everything else, so you can make decisions based on gets hurt the most, even if you don't know how it all plays out. So, for example, the government seems to have made the decisions that will put.
Pressure on the wretch, basically, because as the rich who ultimately will pay any death that we run up as the rich sure being asked retain employees of slip. The rich were going to lose, you have a half of their net worth are still going to be rich, so you don't feel bad about him, but looks like the government is putting the so much as they can shifting towards the rich shifting towards banks now that one day, session? Even if you don't know how everything plays out still makes more sense to put your risk in the banks play save yourself by God. You don't want to put risk in the bank's cuz if the banks fail. It's all done, but I would suggest with that around because if the banks fail is the end of everything I mean really, it would be.
That's why they won't fail, because the government will put a hundred percent effort into making sure the bank welfare we ve already seen them do that because that's so important. So if you sort of move your say the risk over to the banks. You have also moved into the place where there will be most attention to solving it, whereas if you said the poor people working out they'll find food? Somehow a lot of poor people are not their work it out and they're going to suffer so the closest you can get is some informed guesses and feelings about you have to make some assumption. Without data about will say the attitude and morale of the country, because you make a smart decision that the public hates so much that it blows the politics of work.
I, wouldn't it wouldn't help to do the right thing. If the public was sure it was the wrong thing, so you ve got you ve got the persuasion. Politics the guessing about what the the economics would be opening the way to enter? Who can handle the pressure of the most and then you just gotta gas now, you also have to get in the way, ideally that you could easily rivers, so If you make a decision that you can pull back as soon as you find out his mistake. Well that helps a little bit, so here were, I think, since the medical experts are saying that an extra month or whatever discussion today. Would make a really big difference. But if I were muddling the economy, I say to myself: I'm not sure one month would make that much difference compared to the month we are left I don't know if it's the extra mob of
selection six months, as I always do long, but an extra month. I don't know I dont know if that will actually make a difference my intuition would be to keep things lock down at least for a few weeks and then start facing people in in a way that, ideally, if you have enough tests gets you can measure whether you're doing it correctly just, but I would certainly be sending some low risk people back to work pretty quickly, or at least I have a plan for doing it. I think I don't know his verses neck naughty. At the for bribery tweeted, why doesn't trump a whole The digital oppressor wary
this is questions from people outside the media group. Think any names me so as a person whom I ask a question of the president, who is not only the press room and I thought that's a really good idea. Does the questions that the press or asking their just bad questions, or they are John naughty? John Multi, racial, bright Barton, ethnic multi use the actor? Thank you for that correction. I looked at his profile, but he doesn't list his first name and his profile.
Well, I guess it's really good idea, because the press are trying to ask got your questions and the public wouldn't even think. In those terms, you if I, if I thought of a question, asked the president, it wouldn't even occur to me they ask it hasn't, got your question. I don't care about that as much as one another s. So that's a good question I'd like to see that implemented, at least a little bit and soon us we're goin on here check amendments. Did you see got three by Eric Ericsson, so Eric Eriksson Day, well known conservative type. He tweeted picture, sure in which use talking in a complementary way, better brothers who went to school with his kids
Two brothers in the neighbourhood are making and selling something for twenty dollars. Peace. And then there taking their money in their buying snacks for area hospital break rooms. I thought wow as great as tremendous. His kids Google, business or selling some kind of item and then and then take them, we thus well, that's all great until you the picture of the item in which It says that he added lights to it. So the it was a cross, a wooden cross ass, the kids were making wooden crosses and selling and people that they could put in the yard. And then Eric apparently according to his tweet, it decided that new. We see them better a night, so he added white lights in the fairly dense pattern. And took a picture of a that night, do you
Good luck with the white lights in a dense pattern around the cross. That's in his neighbors lawn. You're, probably see where I'm going with this. Don't you get it. Looks like a digital version of the KKK burning across the neighbors long now I only know of this story because Eric Ericsson was trending, Ike click on all the famous people, words. To see if they got grown, a virus? I hate that I do that, but I do have grown worse as we know, but is the only person who didn't recognize that adding
burning crossed to the neighbors lawn might not come across as the charitable. Actually he had hoped now, of course, they're not burning their. There lived with these white lights, but when you take a picture of something this tightly lit at night, you know with light I'm starting to get the the kind of critics disappeared for. Well, I'm starting to wonder if the trolls came back. I told you that for a while, my critics just disappeared. There were. There are a few weeks where I didn't get any of the like: really horrible trolls, the ones they say things that make your had explode Khazars as stupid. They just all disappeared for a few weeks, but they just started creeping back No other schools are paid trolls or or If they are the crisis, made them go away and act.
For a while, but they came back, you're, one of the things that they seem to be pointing out is that my opinion should be ignored, because I'm a cartoonist did along tweets right, in which I compared my predictions on the krona virus to the experts. You ve already her that, So you know that the experts were not bathing themselves in glory, but there were a number of us who are not experts on these topics who have been right consistently from the beginning. Now. And I would like to add this to the conversation. So I never tell you to ignore the experts, does that would be dumb? right. So I'm never going to say ignore experts as some kind of like general statement. Any topic you, never ignore the experts, which is different from saying that experts ruins right What I would like to add to the conversation is this fact.
There are also experts as spotting bullshit from other experts. That's not a college degree and is not a job title, the others, nobody whose job title is eyespot bullshit from other experts, But nonetheless there are people. We have such a clear track record of doing it in public that would have to say the experts. I mean assumption, you just say: ok, you just keep doing, is over and over again, let's call you an expert, for example. I, like you might soon and which has my standards example of a lot of things, partly because You were aware of them, probably because he stands apart from the crowd. In so many ways that you just makes a good example for lots of stuff, but MIKE Mike That has a very long track record that you could check for yourself. It's all public of, recognizing bullshit, really early, I would say, is an expert
Same with some other way that I mentioned and of all policies we invest in Gregor felt jaw. Pollack There are other people that you can watch and you can see that they also have a track record of being able to spot expert. I think I'm one due allowance. The my skill stack? It allows me to have their visibility have simply better Lots of experts were right and wrong unless a different feels a certain age. I've seen enough of it of you, get backroom persuasion and economic. So against. I could just look through more windows and spot it s a little bit yet jack. Personification imagined him on my list of people who see things early.
So I just put that out into the world as there are experts and they should be listened to. That doesn't mean the right. You should always listen to the people who were experts at spotting bullshit from other experts, if you listen to both the these. Authors and the experts well, then maybe you have enough to form a groan opinion right or wrong. So The president said this last night and so much fun than I have to say it again. The President loves provocation, especially in its the press. I think we all know that he likes provoking the enemy press because no is works for when every promotes proved proved provokes them. It seems too. No good for him and lower in his latest thing is
I know he knows, he's doing it right. There's no! I carried his mind, but I think agree. He knows he's doing this. This is this is not accidental here. Over selling a little bits, Leeson his choice of words and the amount he talks about, etc. The potential for the drugs, the clerk we now, if you're new to the topic, as well as in then verified by good, robust studies, but there's lots of anecdotal evidence that its as safe enough and probably useful. So we don't know but these useful and the president is sort of mentioning it now. He also says the same thing I did, which is there's not proven. But it goes a little bit further in saying that he's optimistic about things that could be a game. Changer
So, even though he is very careful to say it's not scientifically proven. The other words he uses makes people believe that the EU does not care about that. It makes an ex people, think he doesn't care of and scientifically prove it or not that scientifically illiterate guy. He just wants to say useless untested drug, but of course, is not about that he's not giving you medical advice, he's doing a risk assessment using information that the professionals have provided so he looked at her in, but this as well on a risk reward basis. We love and works or not, but we do know it's been used for a long time for other stuff, and we know that for short term usage, even the experts say that the year the downside is probably vanished. At least
all four for short term usage. Celestial a risk reward assessment is the president, the right qualifications to make a risk management judgment which takes into effect or takes into account the different opinions of different experts without say, yeah yeah, that's exactly his skill. Never trouble was a real estate developer, how many of the individual skills of all of you. Bull involved in the did himself have was he a train architect no was the year was, was either the guy who knew how to put up drywall? Well, he might know drywall, but but the point is that the the contractor had lots of subcontractors lot of skills. Their and tromp was not the expert on all of their expertise. He was we're guy who could pick out
where's lying and be asking so you'd know one needs a new export or second opinion any was getting in corporate in all this expert opinion into one executive decision, so all free. The critics. Who are saying you don't worry, talking about cause you're a cartoonist there. The dumbest, people on the internet today, because, first of all How did you not notice that all the experts were wrong and the only people who write about substantial parts of this cruel viruses
The only people were right when the people didn't have qualified Asians, but they were pretty good, responding bs from experts. So yes, I guess my point is that there is expertise and spawning bs tromp has it. I think Europe as it were with hope. He makes right decision its ban. All I have to do any of you ever the equations. Listen to you not about you know that means year, each other, a lot of people who have very limited skill stacks, who I think the leave other people do as well, So if you only had one skill. You probably wouldn't know how useful it is to have more than one cuz. You can really see the world through your little hole,
Male in voting, you know, I think the exports of the on the mail in putting, because my understanding is it's too easy for to do ballot, harvesting, witches. You agree to carry somebody's ballot and ended in four omen that sort it gives you a little bit of control from the votes. So I would say that there is a guarantee, there's a guarantee that no harvesting and yo some shenanigans will happen with male in votes, but its limits. Is there no way there weekend, you figure out do voting without going person. Let me ask you this. I have said this before, but Can you can you honestly tell me that you can't make it up to vote by Arab and others isn't gonna help all the senior citizens?
but can you really tell me that you can't make a vote by app that the guarantees that the right person about it? Let me tell you how let's say I've gotta paper ballot, Normally I would mail it, but I also have an app and the apple let me in with a guarantee that there's no shenanigans and all The actors is take a picture of the ballot. Let's age is put on the table, you just take a picture of a goop, then your prompt you to turn the camera towards yourself, says: they'll, say these words any
just read the words and then you turn on the camera and is any say my name is probably here's my sources Gary Number- and this is my vote- just get stored. So if anybody ever questions, whether this vote is actually how you voted, they can they can on it. It just call up any vote. Look at the vote. Look at the person. Contact them make sure it's the same persons eight was this year vote, so you could ought enough for them to know nobody was cheating? So here's what you want you want appear, the person's actual biometrics essence, whether they do it with a fingerprint or facial recognition or whatever as right identity. And then then, back with them after the fact and make sure that what they say they voted for is actually what got recorded.
Somebody says they don't trust virtual. Why wouldn't you trust them whose guarantee it talk about? voters suppression now this will be an option, so the the app wouldn't I give you an option. You wouldn't have to vote on, so you probably still would have to have some mail in options, but I have to have some in person actions. So for the elderly, but it would be easy to imagine that a younger relative come over, say: hey, hey, MA, instead of mailing a banner going to devote wants you to show out your form and I'll take a picture of her with the app little pointed out you and make sure that you register that way. So that's how I do Venezuela, what you're taken that mass, where the vendors. Well it s, I keep wondering when things are going to break meaning Amazon
further conventions. Will it go without overthrowing there a legit leader? I think this just awaiting waiting when things get desperate enough seems like that'll, happen, wrong there's somebody earlier who obviously is new decided that a good covered to give me would be just one word wrong: albinos, that's automatic block, pool that I can hack it and punish those.
How could you have that serves furs? For those you say it could be hacked. How can he had met now? You can hack it. You could act and ahead of time, but the audit would catch it. So the vote just be thrown it. I don't think you can make it we'll see. So he says, as a third party vote well established, third party, Vote if here, if your grandmother, poisoners social security number and your grandmother says on camera hi, I'm grandma
blah blah blah. This is my vote. It doesn't matter if somebody else's holding the phone and photographing putting such skirted openly on an app is safe. Its twenty twenty think about that question. Is it safe to put your social security number in an app would say a government approved app? Is there no place you ve ever take your social security number online is nobody ever called you from you never had put that on. The form is the most common thing in the world is ready. You social security number down if you're dealing with a government, especially
of course I could be encrypted, but due to Soviet Union held out for years, threatens, with a gun, naked, threatened somebody to vote with a girl. I suppose, but you could do that with a male in vote too. Relaxation trips that you use daily for tonight, I could do that. I'll give you all my relaxation tips tonight. Random audit of millions. No, that's not how random works. Randall means you only have to check some. You have to check them all And by the way you could check them all with where you you can do some of the checking with facial recognition. So you could check All the people who just lied about who they are. You can check that just run a programme against it. So you just look at the face.
Compared to the name than the facial recognition says, that's wrong face for that name. You could pick them up right away. It is not safe to put your social, some social security number nap again. It's twenty twenty years. Social security number is all over the blacks, and certainly the government has it. So if your app is encrypted is going to the government. Yes, somebody could get it, but about a million other ways they can get as well. So if you were to just vote by male deep Your social security number on the male can somebody s question. If you vote by mail, the act, but your social security number on your mail in ballot, guess
yes, but suppose it's just a driver driver's license well whatever for the male any just do the same thing for the up. So if the, if the Ellen requires two ideas than the other. One does too, since just the same. I was also a re sleep last night to other three good illegals can gets sources, security numbers, but the illegals would get caught by the official. Recognition software. So the illegal who tried to vote with the app would say hello. My name is Scott Arabs voting and then the facial
recognition up would run against it. It would pick up his face and I would say you are not Scott atoms that somebody else and the vote would be questioned or throw them. I had to salute my social, serious security number for my teaching certificate- yeah, it's everywhere Fingerprint devote why not the use your on your digital device, so yeah that could be, could be one form of identification and maybe just another. Somebody says it's not on form. No, they don't ask okay. So yours is here's updated information. The mail in form. They do not require social security number. Therefore, I would also not require it for four nap book.
There would be the same risk zoloft, whatever risk the mail and, as you just take the same risk with the apparition, be that different How will they spend the corona stay the victory day, I'll have to sign off our emergency here. I don't know what that is done. Some good take care that novel talk you tonight.
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