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Episode 899 Scott Adams: Answering You Questions and Swaddling Like a Pro. Blankets On!

2020-04-08 | 🔗

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  • Back to work strategy
  • Alyssa Milano’s dilemma with Joe Biden
  • President Trump puts hold on WHO funding
  • Viewer questions

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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump hey it's time for your evening swaddle grab like it come on you know how to swaddle you were born that way and to talk about some of the events of the last twelve hours since last i talk to you things are looking up gonna tell you how they're gonna look up even more yeah even more and you don't need to worry about anything because so far everything i have predicted that has happened in terms of this
proud of our situation is i'm gonna make some good predictions the kind you get enjoy and they get those athos number one what would happen if the top one percent simply spend a little bit more money once we go back to work now keep in mind that the problem of having tremendous income anyway buddy is when you get a situation like this pandemic the people were at the bottom of the academic tree get hurt the boasting neither the dire situation people to stop by a third of their wealth but they won't even notice it sets the bad news
but what about the good news the weird good news of this at least potentially then maybe you could tell me why you think this wouldn't work but the big determinant of how quickly we get back to normal academy is demand because supply gotta be breezy because we already have the factories built the company's exist the employees just need to walk back into the jobs but only somebody's buying stuff if nobody is violating nothing's going to work so that we have the problem that everyone from you say the upper middle class down just you probably had a bad few months so the entire bother matter no eighty percent may be less maybe seventy five percent i'd say the bottom seventy five percent
the economic ladder that is going to have a tough few months you have some worse than others but it's going to be tougher maybe three quarters of the country three quarters of the country all added together probably no add up or even closer to the wealth in the income of the top twenty percent twenty five percent listening so you're saying that question i give to you given their we're gonna go back to her to an economy in which we have exactly one problem not enough people with money to buy stuff am i wrong that's really the only problem now because if people buying than even people who you read ring up some that can get low wounds etc because i can say look i all these customers business is good banks as are you gonna have alone that
don't fix every problem but certainly gives you reason to believe that the list the top twenty four percent who still have plenty of money most of them didn't even lose their jobs maybe they're portfolio and down by a third keep them another difference so the top twenty five percent cookies will you take it upon themselves voluntarily to say oh well it came out of this thing ok i'm just the poor little money into this now we'd be great and i have said this before us as a way to execute us in time it be great if there is some way to commit in advance
do you know overspending when we get back to the work site in twenty twenty one and then and then the businesses could use that as evidence to go get loans and and staff up and everything else but i don't know how to do that in a way that people would follow through necessarily now would you recorded in a credible way for restaurants you could just a reservation a year in advance i suppose and thereby the other businesses where you could book business ear ass further there might be a way for the people who came out of this well to simply increase what they're doing five percent get giving gimme a sense without without doing there is a mass without being economist we'll just if there's any wisdom in the crowd so all of us being way too ignorant
the actual answered this let's see if we can come up with an answer maybe some kind of you jake average that that isn't crazy so here's a question for you if you accept the say as an assumption except that the top twenty five percent still would have plenty of money and stilted spend whereas they wanted to in twenty twenty one and there because the top group has so much money relative to the bottom that even those the top twenty five percent they still have most of the money so even though the third less also the money so how much where they have to spend more and twenty twenty one compared to whatever baseline you imagine they would have spent under normal conditions how much would it twenty five percent have to spend more the coming year to basically
refill all the pipelines with orders maybe not one for one does the things their spending money on or not he's please things other people were better the dollar amount would you say as some level he hath numbers as the april so busy twice as much we really are some of the numbers twenty five thirty percent five percent no if if you take the wisdom of the crowd to be something it looks like it's suddenly in that ten percent range read a few more often you say that little big bigger fifty in thirty three twenty he turned the so a hundred percent thirty three here's my intuition my intuition is closer to it ten percent it is too was probably below ten percent
please remember the the trick here is that the top twenty percent are gigantic yeah you ended up all their money it will be this much i look for those view can see do you not watching not just listening look at a visually so the top twenty five percent have this ball of wealth just look where my hands are not so much they control the bottom seventy five percent control something like a little gulf while says that little golf ball shrunk by seventy five percent lady of membership to you don't like a marble size how much with this giant ball have to spend extra two reinflame marble sizeable a gulf war and the answer that very big thing the top twenty percent of all the money probably a five percent flax com
really makes up for all the money that the entire seventy five percent bottom of the income lost now again is not one for one does not like everybody would get made hole but it would certainly tell you that the the ability to get back to where we wanted to quickly is entirely psychological would you accept now the premise that getting back to where we need to be is now boil down to a psychological problem because if the tab i just keep saying twenty five percent if they could be convinced to say patriotically spend a little extra or even just be convinced that there are a lot of bargains or is a good time to buy some stock because as a good price or maybe i'll pick up an apartment building or southern so seems to me that if you could manage
psychology of the people who came out ok they would become your extra ireland worldwide this may help to missus lowder the day i suggest this by bite i know how corny the sounds but just just bear with me this will be the courtiers idea ever suggested by also the best i think judge does that when whenever president from pigs that day to go back to work that may be the morning of or the night before they he simply goes on television and analysis centre or maybe he's already announced it but before we actually go back to work and or whoever it goes back to whatever subset
it goes on live tv and leads the nation and the pledge of allegiance now recording right allowed people would say i'm not gonna take no blood of allegiance other people saying well i'm just i'm home in my living room not actually going to stand up and covered by heart do the pledge of allegiance if i'm all alone in my home or would you or would you i think he might thank you my if he were all alone if you there were the family it would only take one member of the family to stand up and resting at a stand up except teenage daughter she was stand up to everybody else is dead now here's the the power of the idea in order for the business to give the ok i said this before it really
it is very important for the public to have only wait in with their of what level of danger there willing to take for themselves also what will it would level of danger are willing to accept on behalf of their fellow citizens so ever it will be asked to take very large risk it whether you like it or not and everybody is already taken a very large he's a pain will even have always psychological in some cases we all we also acted up took a lot of pain and here's the thing when we go back to work the rewards are not gonna be equal some people might just i back to where they were some people little bit more slowly some people who don't have a job to go back to but worse
some people especially the older and the people was conditions are going to have problems that they wouldn't have had if we didn't go back to work on with it whenever that is so the pledge of allegiance is simply away to remind everybody that were connected there were not a bunch of individual people making visual decisions were that also made aware loser we are also that individuals making individual decisions in a free country is less free at the moment but for your general but you don't you wanna be reminded that difference between you wear your mask and keeping your social distance this is somebody on your team i die the the somebody nation the who is
vulnerable who could die if you don't take it seriously then you'll keep your distance into the stuff you supposed to do so the pledge of allegiance would just be a very american way for the president to remind everybody well it doesn't have to get into the details just remind everybody they run the same team and and it is life and death is literally life and death i've been saying that the best way you can protect the president is bike basic rules on numbers of how much extra ass you are willing to accept in order to get get the academy rally and add up got an update on this so just be repeating what i said this morning and
in a little poll alive they said would you would you be ok getting back to work if it's under fifty thousand extra des cause by getting back to work really or under hundred under two hundred add but my are your argument was this the larger argument is until the public starts really wrestling with those numbers and having an honest disagreement in public ideally what's enough and what's too much it just gets as adult as weaken bay until the public displays of adult behaviour the his sword a handcuffed cause you don't want your leader deciding who die who lives maids it's not the best you wanna put your leader end and shouldn't be an opposition you want your public to really wrestle with over the updated as just watching lindsey gram
what shows yard was lord ingram show baby lindsey gram gotta and when i liked was he actually use the number fifty thousand so uses over fifty thousand a day hopeful way you know that he hoped we could find a way get back to work and also the old keep des under fifty thousand as soon as i heard it like i was reminded again why i like lindsey ram how much i know i know you can all find something that time he lit the thing and he didn't agree the thing is i did wrong i get it you can find a thousand things to say you know like about lindsey gram he's been around while so also displayed on something to annoy everybody but i'll tell you when it comes to messaging and server clear i'd view of things and being able to explain things in a prison
so where is gathered that attorney gene in other they just knows how to put things when i heard him to throw out the number one i immediately felt is that he was they cover for the president which is exactly what the eu should be doing we should all be laying cover for the president you forget about the republican democratic thing doesn't matter who the present this is it that's a relevant forget the politics forget whose president is that work he yes to make a decision which some of us will die we also present a little cover that we ve we ve really understood the risk and collectively we talked about it there consensus and ideally the president and the experts would work with that consensus to
i was under the makes sense for everybody so am i know there is at least a little bit is support for the idea that the public should involved and in the figures here when we go back to work guess rush limbo mentioned mentioned my tweet on that topic today and he didn't say too much about it uses mentioning it i think a day in a way that he thought his audience would be interested in did didn't say much about it in terms of opinion but just the fact these are those important enough to mention it on the shoulder twenty million people suggests that is worthy of consideration right so i'm not going to say rush like this are there for you like it doesn't work that way but certainly was somebody of his stature if he says this is worth you see
probably worth using so that was good because you know i come up a lot of ideas and it is hard to know is the judge your own output you have to look at something objective so until it gets a little attraction in some way with somebody is credible i don't necessarily think anything but let me let me go a little bit deeper on this right this is going to be kind of fun you let you like this next part and i'm gonna use a trick that that a drug dealer tommy and i've talked about this before but such a perfect waiter prime you for the next next part of what i will talk about that if you ve heard this before i am sorry but you get here again it goes like this so i'm gonna do is story about solving the psychology of something and then i ll get extend that to getting back to work is really about
solving psychology problem as much as a as a health problem so let's say you're in college hypothetically and you and your friend couldn't somebody any while some some marijuana marijuana and you are divided up goes you just go one little quantity of it but you're you don't have a scale satis it how do you divide it up in a way that you're both happy that you got half they say to yourself well if you make it look about right that's good right well back in the day when i learned this track there were things called seeds in here and there's a little too many variables less true today
better than others and you couldn't really look at two piles and really know which one it was a good one because a little too many variables going as less true today but in those days and so what is the site what is the track your was the hack to make both people happy that they both got a good deal when you can measure it and you can tell by looking at it and you don't want people later to think the other and got to go on and here's the track a simple there yeah you laugh the triggers s one person devised the two files all alone and then the second person picks up while that's it it's all every problem because the first person is illegal divide them in a way that that person thinks looks fair so that person doesn't care which when you picked does that personal things they were divided valley the person
tax gets their choice so if which ass they thought one was better than the other just pick it in others there is a second part of the story the air the person who shall be remain nameless a college a friend of mine taught me not only that but this next thing which you know sometimes a little things taken your mind forever is just the smallest interaction three wires your brain forever that happened the first time that we did this trick so the two of us divided up and i was the diviner so i was the one to go first divided two piles and here's what my friend and ex classmate acknowledged taught me next
so useful school overrun pick the pile that look good he walked over and then can speak obviously without looking chose one by just scooping it off the table until you know whatever so silently the second thing he taught me was the ones i have divided the piles he didn't need to look at him and he was just one of those little moments were you is that what he told you is that he also trusted you where they didn't even know look this is it such as minor little just the smallest little interaction by remembered it for the rest of my life because it was yeah a display of trust that i wasn't expecting anyway so here we have the psychology problem of going back to work because any way you look at it we have to decide how many people are gonna die and so
i would suggest this mechanism for for having a decision that incorporates what the public wants and thinks has been fairly considered a system that they can support even if it's not exactly the way they would have done it possessed the important thing you you want a decision to be made in a way that even the people who disagree with that agree that the way was made was fair that's what elections get you at least fair elections even the people will lose go habit of these that election was they are so all support the system try harder next time good system here's a system that i was suggests i think the public needs to take the lead in deciding who goes back first what order so in other words the public should be pissed hunting to to
the administration or vice versa maybe they could flow ideas and let the public react but the public is the way in on what order of things we think we're comfortable with and then also what level of death were comfortable with and then ideally the government would tell us when to go back to achieve below that level of death so there would be two separate decisions you'd let the experts here the fao cheese and the doktor works and stuff you'd let them tell you went ago but you would tell them what you want to achieve so the public would say collectively people say we really deal with it in a consensus emerges that we'd like to keep it under fifty thousand ass net
here the fifty thousand new no worse in the years before with sword like to go in this order and then so she says when so we say we want to keep it under fifty thousand and then the modelers go back and show qi brooks look at it again okay the public has spoken they will accept up to but not more than fifty thousand deaths give me a model the tells it tells you went to go back to work to get to that now of course the other problem where you may have to try something and pull back and you might have do that multiple times i read something from but he's smart they said likely what's gonna happen is will probably try things and pull back driving
pull back so there might be a lot of throttling but at least will be edging forward i think so that is my suggested process says were order to go in and how many deaths we accept and then the experts say when they go back to work to achieve the level that the public decided and it and then you take then you take out of the decision of who dies many die just affair not a good system tether the the leader of the prisoners was to protect all of us to be put in a position deciding which of us die in a military context of course as do the madness not the civilian context so i mentioned today they saw this chart that i thought was both
and i asked people to look at it it was a charge they showed or worse to show that the there are two prior years the number of pneumonia a state was a deaths does i think maybe as a number of pneumonia does seem to go up like normal and then sadly around january just felt sharply off and has never done that before the implication being the baby some things are being miss miss coded as krona virus the every other year what has just been pneumonia i do have an opinion about that but i said that might be asked the doktor said it
probably fake so bunch people looked at it and the comments and here's the conclusion no leisure dodger but i can tell you that one day bunker said reproduce the graph by putting in the data on the same day as in previous years and ensure that all of the all of the other years would have shown the same decline if it had this lack of data they did they actually did have that leg so if you look those other years the same day they also temporarily would have looked like they were slipping down but one all the data came in that's the slope of doorway so one day bunker
using the database the same data from the people who produced it showed pretty clearly i thought that is the debunked it was just a leg and the data situation but because it's the internet because its twenty twenty was that the end of the current recession no there was that the developer was immediately debunked so there was the graph i was suspicious of those de bunker who had a very solid debunking of it followed by a d bunker of the g bunker and then as these things always go i saw lost interest that i couldn't quite follow the argument after that so i'm not quite sure of that bunker or the de bunker of one the argument
leaning toward the debunk so i still think is fake might be real data analysing the data is wrong but there may be an artifact in their of time lagging you know it's just a day that it was a measure to that it was wrong per se joe biden did another little video in which he wrote you referred to our leader as a strong snickers snickers that's the gap you always back at the care you act like stickers you act you act like you ve never seen the cat of course you see the cat every day so is
playing cat you need not bark i think we'll get sorted out back to me yes joe biden referred or our leader as presidents trump he corrected it but how many times is it a mispronouncing world leaders name before alyssum olano says if enough so the other funny thing is it well is funny tragic or funny interesting so funny in the ha ha away but still interesting so i i am not on the side of most of you were watching this i think based on what i know about my viewers many of you have ever a negative opinion over political activism but i doubt i don't
i agree with her positions cases but i like the fact that she is sincere trying to help him your intentions are good and she puts on the work and she's gas the game and i just i just respect activism if people have good intentions and she does but she got it kind of trapped by running out of candid it's that were as sentient beings so she sort of by default because she can't be republic in and i guess she doesn't want to set it out cuz she's sort of an activist so she needs to have a candidate and she was left with whatever's left of joe biden who i believe is a saddle bag full of old letters and she's she's doing her best she's doing her
to be supportive and i think they she said she is known for years i guess they used to have some kind of personal connection that goes back for a while so i guess i admire her loyalty but that she has done now what's going on right she has to know because we all know there's nobody who doesn't know that he is not up for the job again i am not making a democratic verses republican carbon whatsoever if you told me you do como is gonna be the candidate i would say well very strong joyce they'll be interesting the least we have some real competition then so is that i can't get a mark democratic something if anybody's nude my by periscopes that's
what about but i mean seriously joe biden does our party were talking about he's just luck capable it's obvious but she's daughter better defended the end then it just gets worse so then there's this year me to allegations against joe biden for something that logically happened years ago and the problem of course is that the allegation has every hallmark of credibility as these things are judged because the story held together its clearly you could put them the same room apparently she told people about it at the time of day and they may be the story so that doesn't mean i ever happened raises doubts now works but it does mean that immediately release the initial tests where according to the rules and me too
somebody who is a an activist should be backing the woman story and every other situation you expect that to be true but listen the latter has she's decided du jour loyalty over consistency i guess which is again i don't even predecessor i am not even going to criticise her virtues loyalty or even choosing if she decisive an old saddlebag follow letters is better president and president drugged and we'll get a strong vice presidents or i'll be fine you know what i'm issues like it i dont even criticise it what position to be in like i feel so bad for her kiss a gadget but said the work legacy
worked so hard to you too to be your part of the influence to bear a positive a positive forces in society that she gets trap defending joe biden than that he gets a me to think that she's gotta still hang it in their god bless her anyway president said these gonna put all that the funding for the world health organization i tell you this the nose knows what's popular does building a whole that the world health organisation and funding airy popular right now because i don't know what's up with that group but it's not good there is something rotten there but here's the part that i found the best beat up do you remember when people made funding
president jobs simple speed style here is simple half sentences is right petition and using boards and stuff but so powerful that i swear when it when i'm watching him sometimes he does a lot of talking in public in unlike us at all it's all brilliant but he has flashes of brilliance and flashes of huber there really are a special and this made me laugh when he was talking about pulling the funding hold on the world health organization he also putting a hold on it is a powerful hold a power full hold was that bid what makes a hold on funding powerful because all you have to do is tell the treasury not to write a jack is a weak form of that what's the weak the pentagon hold minutiae
maybe you could consider like i don't know maybe slowing down maybe hold on the funding were well without it the opposite of a powerful hold or is a powerful holds like malaysian maneuver shouldn't get over here but danube briefcase illusion come over here you who put a hold on those bonds i'm not talking about a regular hold on talk about an extra duty old i'm talking about metal platinum silver gold we're gone for everything this is the hold of all hold this must be powerful king to twenty votes serious power hooking up the tesla and florid powerful powerful old some other news that's no news at all what is interesting is that adviser peter navarro
we are learning now wrote a letter a warning about the dangers of the corona virus back at the end of january i think january twenty nice was the key letter and so the so the press is trying to turn send to a story but there isn't one there and they keep and prodding and slice but no matter how they look at it and no matter what i do they shine on it there's literally nothing there now there's no information but they're looking for who raw other who didn't listen there's somebody here was an internal debate them they're looking for some meat but here's the best they can get and the president's do a good job of leo swatting was flyaway here's the problem navarro was completely right because now is some time has going by we can see
anybody was warning about it in a dire away at the end of january they were among the people who are the most right most early now i didn't buy a few days tat he whose whose bragging but never was right and so now because its hindsight week is a totally right like that guy that guy totally nailed the risk and he he warned and tried to warn the right people now the presence that he didn't see the memo which i think you could conflate with you didn't remember it they could have been somewhat is to him could have been sunrise to him from another aid i forgot to mention what then what was from somebody you said a beard navarro says this but then the president forgets who said a first the other
so there are a million possibilities that are reasonable exhalations why the president doesn't have a specific memory of seed letter he's a busy guy lot of opinions langer elder brother tried to find something is wrong with the timing except navarro letter warning about it happened to be just about exactly the same time that the present closed closed the flights from china so there's just no space defied the disagreement because even though trumps as he wasn't aware of the bureau's opinion he says navarro really smart and he was thinking the same thing at the same time it is obvious that it was because he acted out you closed closed the flights there's nothing there but may watching the press taken away at this is like if we get it is maybe describe it differently
we can find something in the way you're saying that that would suggest that somebody should have done something differently in the past matters now but it doesn't i'm gonna take some questions i believe my technology will work let's see who is waiting to hear the question then if you here for a while you baby thickened that you're surprised that you're gonna be added harrison do have a question for me alone harrison scott has gone get demagogic for me yeah do a quick question on gill stacks i'm centres need talk about a lot of scarce if there are any emerging skills within a skill stacked thier seen happen over the past couple years new might into
being important in the future persuasion jose persuasions the big skill stack big fella design because you can learn the basics of design sort of eighty none of it in about an hour is the other twenty percent they have to go to school for four years for but you can get the basics because we're all designers now were wrong oh you're gonna build a website you gotta comment on somebody's after developing here you ve got up together a powerpoint slide deck so yes i'd say design and persuasion communication in writing in general writing speaking but did you notice that because look the virus you ve got all these people doing video stuff like doing now ed you notice how many people are not good at it's right here even though
people who were experts are being on tv was lesabre joe biden if you put joe biden in a classic you television situation you prefer as well but that little bit of time position into the live stream world with just just let that little bit of difference in world ears you found that some people can do it in some cat and watching the watching people can make the transition who cared so i thought the world of appearing on video is gonna be far more important obviously this ought to be doing more remote stuff and people good and video we'll have a big advantage so i think i think turning to do this lay literally what i'm doing right now learning to do this even if you just talking here color we are presenting to us a customer something this
i'm gonna be one of the biggest skills because talking on a camera situation is different than talking person different that writing a memo etc so everything they get a dreadful trafalgar up with the how do u way that was kind of a quantitative skill set so quantity of economics the real financial modeling that comes with that and i did required that represent the information and visual perspective where do you way that in terms of important well it's not so much importance has more to do with shit so would it be like saying what's the important ingredient of your menace daddy soup and theirs well what makes a good is that there are sort of altogether as is the blend makes a good is not because the beans were so so so that's what your skills like is it's not that there is some boss of all skills that
we should just always start with this one in particular is with us when i like to start with whenever you're already good at and say i thus my based ass the stuff amartya good at what can they add to that the quickly gets mean to a superpower yo general i think economics and business are good to add to every skill stack as is persuasion irrigation there's some they go there just always good young adding design communication those sorts of things to anything is good thank you that unite let's see was we got here we ve got james c what james has to say
james james you have questioned james james i gather question james is gone i never know somebody just his around button or they get they get there camera i ll see if people named charlie i never shy that's my rule charlie charlie this so i guess i d that ruled in less real of a sea of james what's the dock james james well james designation james gang
fantastic i i really really love that good bye so before you worry question about how to control emotion how to stop myself from running away with like anger if you have a trick that similar to the twenty second yeah let me tell you the bad way to do it the way i did it most of my life is i would break something and observers would be very upset because i have just some frustration about nothing important pardon you some of the printers a something is the last straw advised that if i just like smash something the pieces suddenly there was the expensive there was something i wasn't gonna miss not my computers on like that but just break the crap
something was your printers all your thank ye of replacing is anyway why throw it out a second strew window that sort of thing and i felt that it is that we take my stress away in a way that i don't did understand if they were observing like i was so mad soon as i break something i don't like you all these endorphins just show me and and i'm just completely good after that now the problem with that is it scares the hacker the paths anybody else in the house so don't do that i was very selfish thing because it we're really well but you can't do it if you're a social creature neural so let me give you some more practical advice some of it is from miss gibson actor your gives him now you may have your opinions mel gibson buddy others one little tipp or at least i heard from them they learned and acting school
act school i told him that if he wanted you to portray the motion that the way to get into that emotions is the breeze the way that you breathe in there situation so if you wanted to get you bring yourself into a state others say anxiety because you know that the ghost their chasing you or something you'd be is the way you would breathe if you were in that situation and that puts the rest of your body into that mode it triggers it so but that could work at the other way so if you concentrate on your breathing sayer easter to get angry and he just and you say ok how would i breathe if i wanted to do not be angry like this pretend to breathe like i'm not angry person and what will happen is not angry because you're here your mood and you attitude is so
automatically connected to your breathing and you don't know it a conscious will you not aware of it but if you one it moves the other because they're almost handcuffed together sessile track so you just right here breathing you dont have to you don't have the breeze reset this way all you have to do is pretend to be relaxed and do like you're an actor just pretend to breathe freely anyway the other thing i find is that when you're angry you your body tenses up so sung out it sometimes just after you brought your shoulders and stretch your back of your background i just take the tapes attention anybody sometimes you just gotta take a walk i find that the the general tension level you can take off your twenty percent just by taking a nice walk by yourself with no attention
and that everything's easier you're to get that bad in the first place so in the comments we have another suggestion the couple among its better that will be up to you and your doktor so those big things and the others just practice i definitely have a quick temper with people so see the sense that for years that you need to know i never let my temper get their high lessons utility so if i'm doing it on periscope is because is something i am especially interested in making an impression over so i let it go but i'm unconscious of wrapping up and ready down as i always feel i'm in control of it even if it doesn't look look that way so is very intentional if i let myself in fact you ve seen it happen
you probably seen it where i warn you that there are some swearing coming at the time that a morning you i have not wrapped up the full anger yet i just know i just know i can answer was warn people does and the children away i just let myself go and i can i can feel are raising like like a temperature two hundred and i can do it almost instantly but i can also bring it back down pretty quickly so is that not too scary one they re opt out a little bit absent thank you so much i'll try that figure this good questions let's see what cathy yesterday caddy how are you
the un should i deal so three years ago a friend of mine was here we were having a poor party and she left a bag of an i placed it under an otter men in this baggy under inner and honour men and my back rustchuk room next big pine tree the true story and i the other day i remembered it was there and i pulled it out and looked at it because it's probably been twenty five years since i've smoked i looked at it and it's all these birds and it looks drier than dry though i was wondering what do you do throw a leave of waste gladys than there and let it said ever neither
because i'm thinking it's there's every time they get crazy now would be the time well i would of course be responsible than ever and ever recommend anything like that course does for your talking about our work i'll always with scientifically the scientifically through this in all likelihood is still has potency rather i love his honor presentable i'm sure you'll get the job done doesn't get more potent whether now does get does more important i don't ask me anything when i don't wanta get sick
i am assuming that it was sealed than the bags nuff there were no bad things a gardener in all likelihood the dryness will just affect the flavor but nothing else my guess rise though so if you don't care about the flavor mathematics now not at this point i think we're not flavour going on so thus into somebody suggesting cookie at but i never suggests that began everybody knows that a bad experience it was from animals i get why i don't like you now i understand the villages of it but the disadvantages pretty big round like that but now i just wanted to know if it was still or if it was gonna part snapping crack love in my face that kind of thing i m not a doctor a care
a correct recommends is safe for no safe all say i am glad that the idea of yours it would still be potent as does the only thing i could be sure loud and clear and thanking waddling semites captain you're welcome by
giving interesting cushions to it and see what brian sicily brian do in question for me looks that are over your left shoulder right now they especially the had a failed almost everything was was amazing i thought like you home you're welcome but the thing that occurred to me actually is when you talked about the need to link the two screens thing with a debate for the end of time is a real problem where did we actually stop the problem and not like not about a desk manifested did we dodge a major bullet by having the persuasive power of a conservative president trump and save a present hilary because in my mind
a president hillary clinton could never can never convince conservatives do not think that this was a government take over of flood oh yes you re going well yes but i'm not sure you can gives the president like the kind of it because you know you just happens to be republic ever just happened near do what he did but by your right if this is if we if obama was say had ass a religious a home and crash the economy by ear i dont know if conservatives would have gone wrong for the ride we already pays them can keep pace the concern of trust him more than probably any tremor ronald reagan they want then i think on board with academic at present while the other thing is going for him which nobody is talking about i don't know why witches
it is entirely possible he bankrupted himself to save the country or rio to save you a million people who whenever and i dont know if that is so first of all i don't know if he's gonna bankrupt properties but it looks like all the other resorts hotel properties or get a struggle but near we hope they do ok but the fact that without even blinking without even blinking at least the old public we say it i think i think destroyed his entire family business to save people he doesn't doesnt know now and that's where the greatest stories but of course the way things are well will never see it that way please be cast in some small selfish way but if things work out the way i think in any of the other thing that i haven't seen a basin
i always say that there's no such thing as bad presidency good president's with exceptional deal jimmy carter you ve got your money but about residents but rather i say that by the time anybody gets to be elected president they ever serve skill set other not idiots so is more about the certain personality and skill set being matched to the time he knows that the right person in the right time i thought about it was actually a good precedent for his time he was well will suit but what would be the best president in the world for recovering quickly from a pandemic i'm sorry say what you will about president tramp make your criticisms as whatever you want but there is no precedent you can even imagine who is more suited for the moment the moment
being the moment after we get back to work the moment where he has to convince us that everything's ok and getting better because it's a convincing us that everything's ok that makes it ok literally the psychology of the economy is what will make it or break it and we ve never had a better salesman for the economy now his critics jose hey you're lying you're exaggerating near the missing the facts as i and he'll look right out usa and is working right i'm a the academy said that you said it like several times this week i'm a cheerleader for the country i'm not going to apologize for it i'm going to keep doing it because it works and guess what it works only works even when people say well i think is exaggerating all that he still talking happy talk his easel convincing enough people he doesn't have to convince every person that things are going right
bolivia convinces enough people it starts movement in them other people say well looks like so go in this direction so there were other user perfect president for the next moment same way that i said if i'm being honest he was not the perfect president for the very initial stages of this the only empathy and you may be sure the country knew he was feeling the right feelings and stuff he wasn't perfect for that but man is he perfect for this the next part us actually get a refund i'm looking forward to just watching that i think that we really appreciate risk of my wife and i listen to both of them everyday especially since i started so deep keep doing it and courage because i know you like it so much but they think is much bigger
right we do one more and then i'm gonna go now will you take the trees you ve been peace has good technology and strong wifi patrice you have a question for me between yeah saw first that yeah thanks for your bergson periscopes you you may me and everyone i talked to feel so much better about all of this going on my question is do you think that face mass are really like gonna be in our future permanently i always hated looking at these porridge asian countries and thinking they gotta have these mass am really well i'll tell you what you we don't like things stuck to her face but suppose we got used to it you know i've weren't glasses all my life now the first year weak or to that
who wear glasses for the first time is pretty annoying is hard to get used to it but i say this when my life i'm completely unaware of it so easy get used to things so that the first question could we used used to worry masks maybe not exactly the masks around the market policy let's say them the market started delivering mass view has a fashion sense and baby so i must and i'm kind of looking at you know i've been waiting our studies of efficacy about what to make that actually hopeful and i am also kind of thinking well maybe i could take advantage of the fact that this i'd be around for a while and you know i could i get i have something i can offer the world this vienna
well i don't know how long it'll be and of course the big companies will japan and take all the profit margin eventually but they address going with us and by the way a low christina i saw you sneaking in their my fiance just came on watching us so here's where i think have you noticed there were were slowly moving towards becoming cyborgs because i've done this example before us offers all cyborg is per machine for human so already i've corrective lenses and someday they'll have you no organ in reality in them i've already got you know my ear buds zone these under their microphones and near phones and i can the mask turning into more and more function it would be easy to imagine that a basque is just always clear cleaning there i mean i can imagine building a lie electronics so they are actually bring
in cleaner air than the air this in the room i can imagine having a microphone built into the mask so that you could talk on the phone and it would be muffled enough that the people around you couldn't even hear you which would be really cool enough that's even possible that it be really got so the long version is we're slowly turning into cyborgs and i am convinced the weather these regular face mess last or not theirs beaches more augmentation than the head in you are late bulgaria you everywhere became adsum advantage in technology and adaptation i think we will so i think mass will be around probably for a year or the use of funds frida year report a few good ass output but he asked me we'll go for an american flag keep it you keep it there
patriarch there's one way but the everybody's got what their own version of it so you have one with a way that's offer tonight i'm going to wind up now thank you for the question and we will see if lucy if christy christy there why don't you ask to be invited as a guess so i can bring you on well i don't think that's gonna happen i that's ever tonight i'll see you in the morning and i would hope you have a great night
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