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Episode 929 Scott Adams: The Green New Deal is Dead. Joe Biden Still Hiding. Carl Stories.

2020-04-22 | 🔗

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  • Andrew Cuomo’s daughter asks him a funny/humanizing question
  • Leading model death estimate is only up to August?
  • Iranian gunboats harassing American Navy
  • Joe Biden Insult Bot @BidenInsultBot
  • Green New Deal decimated by…Michael Moore backed film
  • WaPo Philip Rucker promotes massively debunked fake news

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on everybody wanted die for coffee was gathered in the simultaneous it s party. Today, no doubt about it. We got lots of fun stories today. Sometimes the stories are sad, sometimes or phone today is more funding. Sad, let's go with that. You can watch said stuff and the other on the other jails plenteous that stuff we come here for the activism glasses, Ethel speaking of a glass, if you like you,
enjoy. The simultaneous a boy need is a couple of under a glass attack, propels recited guilty Joker flask of vessel about became Philip when you favour liquid, like coffee and joined the umbrella pleasure. The dope me the other day, the thing that makes everything, including the friction pandemic, better skull, the simultaneous go and remedy Just like I promised you are right. We have fun stories all kinds of stories. There was a wonderful little human moment from Andrew Cuomo, Governor Cuomo of New York, and he was telling the story so he's got three daughters. I think at least
Furthermore, teenagers and use telling the story about how their home and they're watching the news, and they saw the news of another governor of Maryland Larry Hogan talking about Larry Hogan at cleverly acquired a bunch of test gets from South Korea and. A governor Quabos likely here the talk of the town and usually get the highest profile of any politician. Who has a good reputation he's like the star of the show, so Sir Andrew Cuomo is really he's just killing it, and the public opinion taken charge is a leader at his daughters. Seven says: why did you do that when those Andrew Bible tells a story, and then it is other daughter, says yeah
Why did you do that? What he tells the story is practically crying because he feels guilty because it just did finish them so much like you know, you have to know that there are, even though, is going through a tough time with with all of yesterday. That he at least fellow. He was important at the very least he thought. Well, it's a tragedy. Nothing about this is good, but at least I'd kill him it I'm just kill everybody says so, and then his daughters. What could well do you think you're mad. As I often say, There's one criticism that just always works, which is, if you do something, is right. You should have done it sooner
and there's somebody else does something right. This is one of the causes of that. If somebody else does something right, Why did you do that? What you think about last week so there's some criticisms that are just universal. You can apply them to every situation like no matter how much you didn't write to do I love that story, but is also a it's also because it was so human. It also highlights why you drew Cuomo is so popular at the moment, because this is one of those occasions in history where you do somebody who's just really really human cuz, the people. Need to know that their leaders are sort of understand them very human too. Feel european etc so the issue Cuomo might be like a perfect leader in the perfect situation, but was
so funny about this? Is that the? If many of you have watched the interviews in which his brother, Chris Cuomo CNN, let's do it with his brother and one of the dynamics of those interviews that made them so interesting. In my opinion, there were great television. Your people complained blah blah blah, but it was great television, just I'm entertainment alone, because it gives two levels. We were getting the news, important news: same time. We're seeing this brother, which I found it fascinating fascinating because both of the brothers were operating in such a high level. I normally it wouldn't be some interesting when you ve got something like area top anchor on CNN govern during an emergency and the brothers historical, so you could say, was done casting booze
Interesting, but here's what I found at the most interesting about at the dynamic that they that they displayed on screen was sort of a competitive sibling thing, so they're always competing And add that they would mock each other and Leos be sort of like a sports trash talk, which is what made it fun. But here's the best part. So imagine these brothers compete with each other to be. You know that, the alpha of whatever the situation is, and Chris Cuomo is in the position of being the inferior brother and when I say the inferior brother, I mean just in this situation. The person who is the governor and the leader and role, model of all governors everywhere, this sort of the star of this situation, but the person who simply asking him questions is not
star? If you would ask me, you know two months ago, who is the more famous Cuomo? Am I decided Chris Cuomo cuz? You said everybody sees him on CNN, but not everybody pays attention to the governor of New York, but at the moment that's reversed, so you ve got this made dynamic of the children and I thought to myself. Well, is there anything that Chris Cuomo could do their work, fix situation where instead of his brother is the most famous person during the corona virus situation. Why is it Chris Cuomo Global could do that would make him More of the story and less of the person asking about the story, which is now so noble. Oh I've got an idea about Chris Global becomes the most famous person who has grown virus
could not be more perfect, the one and only thing they Chris Cuomo could have done to yield to level up with his brother, who was just killing. It is to become the most famous person with corona virus and start filming from his basement, and an e becomes the Laurie, so he be. He crossed the line from talking about the story becoming the biggest one Elements in the whole country vigorously says of attention importance. Everybody does but important, leading. U S model the one that leading U S, model the one that are by talks about for the court of auditors. Does he just instep from sixty thousand to sixty six
clause in the sentence here that I had not noticed before I'm going to plug in my Ipad, which sometimes causes me to drop off. So if my Ipad goes blank for a while, that's technical so you didn't stuff from sixty thousand sixty six thousand. But here's what I had never known before that death toll is by August so by the end of August, and I'm thinking myself is at the end of the death, because we ve been using the sixty thousand number as the number of deaths. Didn't you think? That's what that that is the whole point of predicting the number of das: they? U predicting the number of deaths. What am I missed? when they predict the number of deaths, but it's not the number of death, because the number of DAS is all the people were gonna die. Not the people
die by the end of August? Was that all about when we. When we compare the proposed predicted S from Verona virus. Do the annual your do we say when compared to the flew up to the end of August that what we, now with the annual flu. Maybe that does make sense, because the regular fluke appears on Peters out in the summer, So if you had a major measure, The regular flew baby measuring issues. The end of August get you idea, percent away, you need, but with a credit Pirates were already talked about the second and third wave and coming back next year, if the, if the best estimate is sixty six thousand by the end of August, isn't it a safe bet that the total is going to be over a hundred thousand? Do it do a fact check on me
is it my incorrect, that is the model says sixty six thousand by the end of August, almost certainly means over a hundred thousand overall. They want what, The second way be, if not that, and why are- we Talking about getting a vaccine eighteen months from now, unless we believe that, eighteen months from now this they will still be killing people if it's not killing people in eighteen months. Why are we even talking set of axiom so obviously is going to kill people for at least eighteen months and longer cuz. It would take not everybody's good naturally, one day, one so well, I happen to have we understand this. If it definitely absolutely is gonna, be over a hundred thousand death, doesn't that start to change? Our people feel I'd ask the Adam Adams and under Twitter to number just in his own opinion, because he's
he's on the anti alarmist side of the debate. I guess you'd say Yeah, it is view is that your wallet might be bad. It's not so bad that that it matches the the amount of pain were putting on the economy. I don't want to the crisis billion, but let's just say that use I leave that it will be as bad as those as the bad case and I asked him what will change its mind? What one death number word convince them that this was actually a big deal, So he's in he's in the camp, and it's really, I really hate characterizing anybody else's opinion cuz, it's fairly nuanced, and I don't think it's easy to characterize a nuance but it is fair to say, he's only anti, Ernest Camp. Let's just say that. So I say what would what would move you from the anti alarmist into the
I guess the alarmist were right. After all how many best- and I believe you said to under those and I thought reason as reasonable year- I think a reasonable bury you can disagree with us, but subject. From a personal opinion. If it was under two hundred thousand us, then maybe you could conclude a patient of closed the economy, except that if it was two hundred deaths with the twenty thousand does with the economy. Closed for right, long time, really the case. It would have been a million if he had been closed, the right sort of maybe half a million, at which point it makes sense that it looks like closing the clause on the economy. It's really keep an eye on that, but there divorce thinks Ruby, because I don't think that's been accurately reported.
This year's just change a base for a moment. So yesterday, evening pursued, I outlined a plan for a digital free college which would involve making a new major. We should be a sort of a life. Strategy, major Heyward, it would be comprises, all the sub categories that make you more effective, just give you some examples. So learning say: persuasion, communication economics, business management, design,. Twenty other things. So the idea was you to create a major digital and allied if you had a search engine like a yelp four classes.
Find you the class our line from all the different platforms outlined Egypt, and then you can just say all this is by major good. Is a search engine pick the classic like based on ratings? This is a good class they're, all the same class, but some delivers better than other. She picked the goodwill and it might only a few bucks, and so therefore you have basically free college and it might only take a year so one year college degree than they you get their government to say, give us, gravitation here you gotta, go and I would argue that if you could give me- and I said this last night so said the case- that we must make a provocative if you were to lead me design that major, I can design a major and then presented two and I'll just pick for social reasons. It's obvious, while do this, if you said: ok,
take your college major and you can have a hundred say: low income. Black is from America and you can run them through this major and they will. Bear them to people who got to pick their own major Is there a way of life a different way? Maybe they went to college? Maybe there, got any knowledge was I couldn't afford it the online, what was basically free and so cheap. So compare up now subtract from your comparison, any anybody, went to stem veal or became a doctor or a lawyer. I'm talking about the people were preparing for a light, there could be an entrepreneur who were working in a big company where they train you to be too something specific talking about all the generals. If you compare the generals who go their own way, the generalised, I would train with this new proposed college major that would be sorted. These standard major for the people dont go into specialised field
I would propose that if you come back in ten years after they have completed their was as one ear degree, that they would, on average, be earning far more than the control group, so that so this is my. This is my provocative claim that you could create this major than give better performance. Now, here's the new point, as of today What is just reiterate what I said yesterday? I have often said that the way you can tell a good idea from a bad idea is if in its bad form before us, even before us, even the engineer to be good, if in its bad form, already gets people to do something with their bodies and is the boss. Test. So, for example, let's say you design a comic strip. You decide to become a to become a cartoonist show, your friends, some colleagues, if made, if your friends lifted the comic soothsayers great, you should try to do so.
It was ass. You have nothing because ever really done anything. They just do just talked in force are expected to say something nice. But if you give some, you give your friends and colleagues and say: what do you think you? Don't you think clear, and this then you friend, says, are these great? Can I make a copy of this? I want to send it to my friend that passes the body test, because in order to make a copy and send the two friends, yet your body has to be involved. So if you create a product which involves somebody's body spontaneously, you don't have to ask them to do anything. They just volunteer to use their to do something with his product. You ve gotta product. I says one of the most reliable indicators on something that would be good if bodies are moving in some way and, of course, the Dilber Comic. That was that,
as the people were little physically cutting movement of the newspaper and physically pudding among refrigerator where the cubicle wall so was the physicality of it. There was the predictor. So after I did my little demonstration about our college could be free morning got on Twitter, Donovan Loomis who's been on periscope had taken my whiteboard, that I just certain scratch the ideas and turn it into a proper graphic. Now in order to take my whiteboard and turn it into a proper graphic there. You then tweeted He had to involve his body. He had to be looking at the one thing and typing physical probably a lot of arranging things together, just re playing with the funds. So if you can, if you can come up with the idea,
The causes, somebody on the other side of the planet and literally Donovan's in South Korea, is literally in the other side planet if, on the other side of the planet, somebody's body is moving very little physically the body, is doing something. That is a really strong indicator of something that will grab other people's attention as well, so it's out there now elusive. Idea. Whose anymore bodies then I'll. That goes. Barely Trump ordered the? U S navy to shoot down any iranian gunboats that harass are our fleet So I guess the Arabians are trying to take their gunboats too closed door are about now the has just said to just basically killer just kill. Now is the right decision from our commander in chief,
the iranian gunboats he'd? Do this just kill them all? I think so I think so and I would be disappointed well, the wrong word I would expect ran to keep doing it. Right is a sorry to have to test that. So who you sort of expect that in the next few days That one of our ships obliterated, at least one maybe more than one, but don't you think we're obliterate at least one uranium gunboat, his we sort. I have to write areas they keep it up at this boy. Am is an order from the men retrieves after the funniest account and twitter release of them
What is the Joe Biden insult bought? If you not experienced the faking count called the Joe Biden insult bought? You really need to look at the way works is, if you, if you tweet at it, it's a real person. But if you tweet at the account it will insult you in the form of an Joe Biden insult which Rogers Crazy talk as the funniest vacant, though you ve ever seen in my life a few of them now these. Why not come across his so funny when a rhythm they'll give you flavour, and there's something about really them all in the list. That makes you go to the point where it hurts. I said: This is from the Joe Biden insult. These are just various tweets when it here's one taken the bank you're cobblestone, crunch and gravy guzzler. Isn't it
that's some real potatoes, Gimme, a yellow, snow, even corn, snake go elbow some bramble you'd drivel male scuttle flipper, go on get your horse jack and try corner has if easy on the mustard. Your gravel scratching claim Fisher. Take this what did so terribly a picket Dylan Brass Gobbler, you jelly, and so I do this yesterday. You should just follow this again. That's pretty breeder funny! Now the thing that makes us funny demonstrates a principle of humor. I was gonna, do it. He were lesson round this blow, give you the quick version, which is that one of the things that makes things funny. Here's like one of the most illuminating rules you'll every year.
This will be really looking behind the curtain of reality a little bit and then behind the curtain was behind the curtain. It goes like this. The main thing that makes somebody laugh at a joke is that there's a logic to it that doesn't make sense, but still makes sense. So the best jokes others their sort of kind of a joke logic and you Yet what the joke logic is you're, trying to reconcile it in your brain with real. Logically, you can't get there. So it's near logic, but not quite in your brain. The thing the triggers the laugh reflex as your brain care fitted into logic. Your recognises this logic, but can't make it logical, so those roughly speaking, those requirements, if feels logical emotionally, but it's not
and your brain, those it and then the others conflict. And then, if I sit down, you had caused laugh reflex both killing two jokes so when you read these, what makes, funny, I think, is the author of this found a format that you could vary, very usually show it new words and it's the same joke form and it always works, and what makes him Is that all the words and the sentence don't work together, but they feel as if they make sense, but they don't. Let me read you a few without minds. The rule is that your brain sort o feels like it makes sense, but it doesn't here's one easy on the mustard you gravel scratching, clam fester so you re. This is trying to figure out what mustard and gravel, scratching and clam fester
Haven't cover the issues, nothing for you, in here, except that because it understands the sentence, can you list, the sentence. But also to make any sense at all? So that's that's sadly the. What would you call it the formula you understand? It doesn't make sense. At the same time,. Sir? That's the spray one of the strongest rules of humor I saw the story of the New York Post. Ed I've never loved my country, worthiness. You know I'm quaint, patriotic, you down to the dna level, but there Once there are moments when you love your country, like more than just a citizen, loves her country, there are moments when you're not just loving your country, by your love with your country do not like it
that actual level where you say I'll, just like the United States and appreciated system of government. I think I love it, That happened when I read this headline their costs. De Blasio, social, distancing, Tipp line. That's what we call in and say I saw somebody use that socially distancing so the use social distancing typified flooded with peanuts photos Hitler beams. I've never love my country more. I swear God. This is always like this. Where I just bought, love this country? So that's the worst american protest. I've ever had ever heard of could be more american than the blue Their of New York basically essences
the rather leech other the archers flood is tat. Lined with Peters Forbes pillar ribs? Now they will be, was big you're calling calling the blows of God? I love this country really do as you suggest I have I tell you, nothing gives me more encouragement about the future of the future, the United States than stuff like us, as much as I don't think. It's a good idea to be protesting. These social isolation of the fact that we are like a separate the fact I killed operates effectively that, though we should not be
Catherine groups without masks to protest social distancing. Would you would you should be doing that at the other end? I love the fact that, where I can, I get a separate and stars. I can all the bulls anyway, the canaries and the coal mine for what I want. The left leading world this before, like a bill, more baby that Davy you can think of a few more. These are people who would be the first, To realize that their own side was full of crap, if it is now, it is not. Of course but I would call them for the people who are most likely to be able to their own side for being wrong. There are the conservative side. I would say. Maybe Tucker girl and Gregor filled would be, similar the EU more.
Right, leaving news in the sense that they would be among the first who would although their own side for being done. If they saw something that was done. So there are several people that I just watch for life, the indicator, because if, if tat those hard in that direction, the products does Canada predicts where things might go and. Like lay likewise, if bill more real maybe you're like a more make a change. It also, I think, signals something. As a liberal system, the micro more backed documentaries executive producer, not not the talent in it, of this plan under the humans document the immense but had not seen it until last night. I saw over the last ten minutes world again miss anything unless tenants, but here's the
basic thrust of it. So somebody that Michael, more decided back as executive director The lessons of it is that the green technologies are all bulk, and this is just smoke and me, that is really not real. Then I can never replace fossil is mostly depends on fossil. You still need fossil. You still need your electrical lines. You can really get off. The grid doesn't work. There's rainy, it's hard to dispose of them that solar pebbles only work ten years there, big, big solar plans that were built with great fanfare, that are being taken down a different kind of solar. So, basically. The documentary essentially complete you visit rates, the economic arguments or even the moral argument for a green energy.
One of the biggest things that I learned and others was that we have a huge green, so called green energy in Bio Mass. Know anything about this. Did you know that there are hundreds and hundreds of bio mass electrical generators around the reason that they use biomass is that it it's all right on the border of being? Is this really, All is renewable because its trees, but here's a somebody trees that I don't think you can render them so a sort of an anti renewable thing that people car renewable, because you can argue that you can grow new tree, but I dont know if you can argue that you can grow them fast enough, so that power was missing and
so here's here's some of my oral comments on this number one. I think this ends every chance of the green new deal. I think it's over. Another is the second biggest story the year that, because it's not proud of ours, but this the biggest story, the ears of Michael, more terms in a fairly full thrown in way against standard, green energies, solar and biodiversity and windmills. When Michael Burgos, that's The end of it is because I argue air seeking argue all day long. That is a good idea The whole argument is gonna turn into this. Did you see Mocha moors documentary you're, the one, the one back? That's all argument. The green new deal is actually dead. Is completely then
now you can have the baby was dead anyway, because the converse does we dollar monies. We didn't do much about it and your mate. Maybe we stopped trusting long term prediction miles because of the crowd of ours, which would make people more sceptical, climate change models, so I was thinking that the green new deal might have been dead anyway and then the micro more documentary comes along and by itself it would have killed degree but if you added altogether, this is the biggest story, that's not being covered. The green new deal just totally been now how credible the documentary now use the bad news. The bad news is not very credible at all. So if you are looking at the quality and credibility of the documentary itself outside
very low, very low and I'll give you some specific reasons for that, but nonetheless, because it exists and because the general thrust her that I think is probably accurate, the general thrust, The green energies are not as promising as the people providing them would like you to believe. And the general thrust is that allow the people pushing green technologies arena for the money. It makes the case that our doors, the bad guy. Can you believe that a Michael, more film, backed Phil, makes the case: Thou door only did it for the money. That's all bullshit, that's a paraphrasing, but that's the since I got from it. I watched it and I thought the movie was telling me that our door, the fraud he did it for the money and that the technologies that are being pushed his care work and he made lots of money off.
That's what does not my allegation. I think that's what the reformers but here is why the film lacks credibility are just give you some examples. Imagine if you will, somebody makes an entire documentary about green energy and not once mentions nuclear power seriously. There is a comparison of fossil fuels to these traditional greed, energies, the entire movie about energy, and they don't mention nuclear power. Do you know why they don't mention. Nuclear power is because they know. What's the answer, they kick go that far. Now I can't read mines so ones but he says something like I just said you first line should be well. You are reading the mind. You know they think that and of course I don't
but what would be your other explanation for why people who are less say getting ready. Learn their own people who thought these green technologies, where the bomb, and now they're saying. Ok, we were fooled. Maybe they're not the answer, how those people. Do it attire documentary on energy production even mention nuclear, what What what's the other reason they were not mentioned? I cant figure, The only reason I can think of against speculation, because I can't read their minds by speculation- is that their convinced or leaning toward it being the answer. And they can't say that. If your Michael, more it's a big stretch to say, did no solar powers. While you thought it was that's a big movement now he's been pacing his side doing things they agree with your years near
years. So maybe he can lead them. Maybe is exactly the right. Maybe this is Nixon, can go to China, sort of Maybe, but more is the only person who could give me some, solar and wind are not the answer, but could even Michael more take them all the way past that nuclear? I don't think he could. Maybe you're one can speculate that he would Be smart enough to know that a man said you that's a fight for another day, so it's so conspicuous by its absence. You know that it had to be a conversation that these will make her had probably with. More is some boy where they said you know. The only way I'm gonna be able to do. This is just not mention nuclear energy like it doesn't exist Cosette at least I can make a clean argument with
without getting in the way so cut down just a filmmaker decision, but is so obviously missing that destroys the credibility of the entire operation. The other thing that is missing is any kind. Economic comparison. That will be credible. So while it is true to say, hey these solar power. Only last ten years they're hard in terms of waste cetera. I still like to see the comparison, just because the solar has downsides. That's true of every option just so, pointing out that there are down sides to green energy. Doesn't give me all the way to and therefore is not a good deal. I can get there, All I know is that it has some downsides. So no crime, it for them. The economics of it simply saying has problems, and we are to that
There is another problem used as some of us examples. They want to some green energy promoted concerts the concerts were built ass, being sorted off the ground. Use of solar power to power the concert, but when the documentary maker went behind the scenes. He learned that their backup generators, they didn't move because it wasn't a sunny overtime, so the back of generators were to fill in. What times it wasn't sunny and so the filmmakers sort of concluding that maybe a lot of these green energy things are frauds because behind The stage literally behind the stage was about generator using that case by mass, but it wasn't. I prefer to use fossil fuels or something I would say that is totally illegitimate. So using those examples as examples of light, green energy is, maybe your fraud completely origin
because nobody makes the claim that you could do a cancer on solar panels. Nobody, the exactly so, do debugger claim the nobody's making and to throw it in the backs of EC. That's honest. Really detracts from your credibility, so I would say that whether or not you ve been put on a cancer with solar panels. Does it really tell you whether you whether a permanent installation in which solar is part of the answer could ever be economical, so it doesn't really cool was the gaff. Do you have finished the economic arguments? That's a big, Here is one there's really big invited it shows a lunch basket, claiming that his gang factory would be a hundred percent grieve energy self sufficient and then to debunk that claim from Isla who said they have accomplished under person.
With energy. He shows that shows that the gig factories actually connected by wires to the regular grid as This conclusion is well. You must not be under percent green energy use you're, solar, whatever locally. If you have to be connected to the grid, then simply saying batteries and celebrate. So here's was missing. If you we completely self sufficient with a hundred percent green energy? You would still be connected to the grid one does not preclude the other one I would you be connected to the regular grad if you were making a hundred so they rode energy. Well, if you looked into it even this much
You know that there are several reasons that potentially that's true number one. If you say that you can produce a hundred percent of your energy, what do you do with the extra right? Did you lot? Musk ever make the clay, that there are producing exactly a hundred percent of their energy as they don't need any extra for the outside ever, but they also don't make any extra. Did he make that clear, Basically, the everyday, no matter what's happening with the sun, the exact amended. They're making is just the amount they need, though he never made that clear and if you can't make exam, We need every day. What do you do, what you make it, too much every day you connect to the grid and sell it back up. That's out the panels on my house, are not off the grid.
The pebbles on my house go directly into the grid. I sell them electricity, essentially by just giving them. Closely and that then they measure how much I give them and then I use their electricity off the grid. For my household appliances,. But they say. Are we won't charge you the full price? Can you gave us some free solar panel energy Yo Supper That's how it works serve if Yeah give Agri is like everybody else use of solar panels. They have to be connected to the grid, that's how it works. You give your energy to the grid and that elves balance out the loan at the grid, and then the grid gives you a consistent about. Including Goodnight. Here's another reason that they could be attached to the grid, even if they have their own power. How do you build the plant in the first place? this plant? Is I'm a little enough and how did they constructed.
If they didn't have power. While I would think very. Firstly, you do, is you say? Well, I'm gonna build this giant facility. In the middle of nowhere I'd better get me some electricity Firstly, you do is run the collection from the power grid to build years, older plants in your factory right, so it can be just left over from when they did construction. And why would you taken away once you built it? You can leave their occasionally, they could do, there is just to back up what is, even if they are getting on two percent of their energy from solar panels? What s they said themselves. You know invite, might break Sunday Sunday, moist So what do we have? A back up to the grid which we needed to build anyway during the construction phase, so My point is we don't know why Tesla is connected to the grid, but We do know, there's a whole bunch of explanations that
far more likely than its all fraud Here's so given that nuclear wasn't mentioned and these other, these other comparisons we're just really sketchy I'd have to say is not credible but is sold and be very persuasively larger argument. I saw a very clever, presumably fake campaign, as for Joe Biden now, the really good fakes the was The trolls are putting together are the ones that are so close to reality. Somebody says you debunked, nothing who says I devote not There are you telling me that energy documentary a documentary by energy that doesn't matter nuclear, you sent you How about that allowed debunks it.
You're all the refugees gravy. So I don't want your watch if you think that wasn't about to spread about anyway,. There is carried out that I think is put together by trolls at his head issues. Joe Biden Anders like this glow coming from his chest, whereas heart will be and the words of the poster say his his brains know his heart And people thought it might have been a real can't, be it add that they were giving up on Joe Biden his brain being of selling point, and there are just going with these guys. Gonna go but that again, category. The two other, those that this campaign a little bit too close to what is credits would say that his brain doesn't work. So I read this as a problem. Probably a troll thing, people said that if you click on it goes to a broken link, so I still think it was to be better
but look for the priorities that are so close to what you think would be true that that's what makes them clever. I guess there's a whole bunch of do. Rumours about bill gates and World Health Organisation Le Lab and here the virus having gave a function and stuff I would say that it is likely to be true, so you can ignore all that their delegations is the subject of a lot of conspiracy theories see that is reporting quote the quiet abandonment of hydrochloric with Fox network, because the studies or not enough support socio, that sort of Fox NEWS for making a big deal about the drugstore queen, but getting really cool
I heard about it as the new studies come out of. You know what I mean by this latest studies, or at least one of them. I don't think they're testing it necessarily with sick. Maybe one test where they did, but I dont know if they're giving its people early on and there are also giving it with them as its basis in the zinc so be careful when you're lucky it. The drugs clerk queen tests, because apples apples are the ones that work have these three drugs hydroxyl chloroprene as its recent Zurich. I should say the ones that are reported anecdotally, that confirm both seem to be effective. The websites Not work at all, maybe as even bad for people tend to be the drugstore queen alone or or with a lesser basin, but because the zinc is presumed to be the magic ingredients. The thing that works with that.
Mexico are agreed that if you tested one without the other, you would actually be testing. What you need to test is good the test. Everything. But presumably you would get a bad result if you didn't included with the zinc. That's what but thereby be at least one where the zinc was ere. They still do get a good result. So one clear about where we are that I'll get her, I'm gonna keep by sixty forty odds, basted early undependable reporting, I will say, there's probably a sixty percent chance is not Effective and forty percent chance, it is just just by red of how it feels without solid information. At this point, apparently Kim Jong, IL is not dead where, if he is North, Korea is not aware of it because they seem to be just doing business as usual.
So there's no sign of North Korea that there is anything like Kim Jong IL died or even that doesn't mean it didn't happen. We haven't seen him in a while, but is actually not tat uncovered have, while rumours that just crazy internet to be false. As is you? Can you can expect this to happen? So the Israelis we're shipping various aid delicately than food stuff to the sum of the Palestinian Authority, And there are trying to help out one of course have
immediately videos, the rumour spread that the Israelis were not really tried to help that they were putting virus on the staff that there should be to the Palestinians because they really wanted to infect the Palestinians. Now it just doesn't help to it. Just doesn't pay to try to help the world doesn't delegates wakes up every day. It just tries to help the world and that he is accused of being basically the devil. Israel is just tried to help the Palestinian Authority and they get accused I've tried to kill him. I feel like doing good deeds just doesn't pay too much. I spoke about the president's temper. Very bad. On immigration, Apparently, seventy two percent of the american adults are in favour of it and why would they be makes sense so
the president not always doing something right is a getting bad news noticeable among clear at this point, But certainly we should be looking at taking that up during the cruel of ours, but here's the clever part, yet it Bates Joe Biden into giving an opinion. What exactly will what exactly will Joe Biden say to the Trump plaid of temporarily halting immigration because it may be dangerous and we do the jobs of this country? He calipers Joe Biden TRAP right because you can make
the case you can make a case for it, rough Joe Biden can you'd have to work pretty hard to make an elegant argument for why you and you'd want to do the opposite of what president two biggest Joe Joe Biden has to take the opposite. He asked to take the opposite of behavioral. Just called racist. Go back to go back to the little these See fairly, there's that idea floating round that the Democrats did. You killed your president trumps Kroner virus briefings because there too much like the campaign and so that the thought was that by can create a shadow cabinet and then they would take terms each of them do both. Whatever the President says: three is briefing ivory right. That is possibly the worst idea. I've ever heard. There's somebody there's somebody bad things about that.
Idea. There are really hoping they do it, because the first holder they're going to disappear compared to the present the present brings. The show the best thing to do is have some talking, RO camera saying he lied about everything like they do after the state of the union, but nobody's gonna care nobody's gonna here, and if you after this shadow cabinet everybody's could be talking about the cabotage choices, so it is good news. The present new targets, There's a new study provocative. It is provocative. I say Roger. I believe it and other people are questioning you do so. You study the disputes the finding of a new study, the suggestion of a fox disputes site. So there's a study. The fox, it is disputed, says it's a wink study, not real. And the study alleges
The regular viewers of the heavy additional were more likely to die from corona virus that those who preferred Tucker curses tonight. The reasoning was Tucker, was early in warning that it was a real problem. Ed logically, Henry was literally a big as serious as Turkey was that it actually killed this and some other candidates. People died because they got Ben vice. Watching his show now we're Fox news. As they dispute the findings, I think you can really dispute. Those findings saving covered, as I was going to save myself that you have to be kept the Bible, demographic deference here that the Tucker of yours may be over Yazzi? You can imagine gloody lots of reasons whether it be difference. But I also think well, people watch both alone.
I just don't think you could. You can pick out that difference, but let's say it's true: what if it were, even that was hooked by Hydroxyl. Yet this will be the part where everybody redefine what I said I could be wrong and what watch the evolution of this watch people claim with their false memories. Then I said I jocks clerk Wade was here I never said that you will be able to find it anywhere, but you will remember that I did it just happened I talked about it. I was always clear to say we're optimistic, we're awful, but we know have studies, Where am I right now pretty much to say about it, Above all, we don't have studies, but I'm putting a percentage and because we are more negative anecdotal. So these, like a sixty forty.
Forty percent chance of a working feared optimists, breaker breaker. So if you're already telling me that I am wrong or that I've changed my mind, you are misinformed It is true that I have probably shifted the percentage of my optimism, but it's not like. I was ever a hundred or anywhere near. It was never. I was added value from eighty two, sixty percent or no eighty. I partly boo from sixty two forty, my own way, but that was well within the year. The uncertainty rage. What else here, a well if it, True was there was true, Let's say that studies support the fact that people who were warned early about the seriousness of the crowd, hours or more likely to survive.
Would that not were that that indicate that I had saved number of lives when it? Wouldn't you say that I was the first one is a close. Those flights from China- and I probably was the first earliest Pounded- suffer Jack Pacific who said closed travel from China because I'm serious or until we find out how serious it is, but it looks at risk and if people who watched my periscope took that seriously, is it possible that I saved lives law according to the study which dozens? credible. Maybe if ardor thousand people watch vipers. Got a a more a bigger scare about it therefore acted more more essential social isolating really, maybe maybe I saved on your lives but Russia, these studies or homeless.
I. Pearly rush he's got an interesting situation going on there. Is against Russia's. Not do the greatest job of informing its people are taking care of the crown of earth and Putin's popularity, which is usually sky high as followed to sixty three percent, so it's normally in the higher sixty user Sundays, and so given that you want to refer Putin's actually vulnerable, probably that but about you, Scroll virus does change some regimes I guess that the growth of our situation will change, who run some countries. Eventually, we don't know which one cell we're sorry to see what I call the coral stories.
A few days ago. I tweeted this. I said in about a week prepare for non sub stories in the press like this. Carl Protest, the economic shut them don't worry, mask thou corals dead and so is grandma, don't be Carl does another coming well, headlight. Today, John, we gave you a sixty. Marion Carry died, evils fifteenth. Hospital? But while me here. The wrong and that he got it and then he died. So that's your first Carl story. You are going to see so many Carl stories in the next week. You're gonna be tired. Here's a question: I have the reason for closer friend prove me wrong and that he got it and then he died. So your your first Carl story. You are going to see so many Carl stories in the next week. You're gonna be tired. Here is the question I have risen
immigration is because we have so many people at work and the zero. Is it Americans could do those jobs of the immigrants? I've never seen any evidence of that. I would say that this statement that Americans can take the jobs that the immigrants would not be doing if they're not allowed to come into work outside, there's no evidence that I've seen evidence against it, but I've never seen. Evidence is true, and here's, if you take the skilled technical workers, the reason that skilled technical, workers and hired from overseas is not because their cheap, her I'd be they might be uttered if they are not less now. Why do you do it? Because you can't find enough. In Silicon Valley, finding somebody with technical skills is getting really hard, or at least it was really during the better time.
Now, so this might be the only time when we don't need any more skilled workers. For a few months, the serving the sum of the skilled workers get laid off, but in general the reason that we have skilled workers given is that they add to that. So, if you regulate skilled workers, the technical worker, I would say More to the economy for everybody that they subtract about the ones were working on? The farms are doing dishwashers stuff like that. Well, here's by here's, my experience, so he says they are paid less That's not the reason you do it. The reason you doing this gives you can be kept fight of technical workers as a bonus. If you, if you find a way to pay the less, I would be about us.
By experience rubbing the restaurant, you can't find the mexican workers. You can't find american citizens to do a lot of jobs. They would rather does not have a job. So if you send to the mexican immigrants while you're choicest have no job or you can have this back, breaking labour, the Mexicans Evergreen will say yeah back breaking labour. That's exactly why I came here. I came here to do back breaking labour. Of course, I'll take that job then they'll take their job. If you say load American. This is by experience rights. This is just a little. I would be looking for anybody to give an account of actual. If you say that the typical american hey, I got this discharge for his back. Breaking labour yoga It could turn into something better. The average American who is unemployed and is only qualified for that job. We'll say some version of this.
I think I'll wait sitting here, some better. So if you think you can get a barricades to take those jobs. Well, good luck! I think what you find this is America's will prefer unemployment to working those jobs. That's my My experiences that they will prefer unemployment does somebody says, pay them exclamation work. Thank you So so somebody who s understanding of economics says you're. The reason work is take those jobs as little pay. Well, the other is that obey, while of course, is that if they did the cost of Eu Food, would you be far I've? Maybe that's better solution but in any case you're just trading one problem for another. We,
Beware that in the short run wall that, because the wages would not be going up that much in the short run. I just think farms and other places who require back breaking labour are docketed deal before the miracle to do it. A miracle still do break break back breaking labour if they have an option of of YO staying on their mothers couch and eating their mothers. Could we just don't do it has been my experience? There's a so called What were the White House Bureau cheer for the Washington Post, Philip, Philip rocker, he's Clave even yesterday, claim that trouble showed solidarity with NEO Nazis in Charlottesville. Literally the opposite happened. This is, bureau achieved for the Washington Post.
Not aware of the most debunked fake news of all time is the most thoroughly completely debunked. All you have to do is look at the record. You just have to look at the transcript. That's it. There's no judge me, there's no opinion. You just have to look at it there. It is developed and the white, the White House Bureau G for the Washington Post was not aware that or decided to act, like you didn't know so Joe Pollack in bright Bart pointed that out and corrected the record yet again how many times we have to correct their record. Well, I think I've talked the amazing things out about and we're still try to figure out, So there's a new report says baby. The first person who had grown a virus was much.
Than we thought, which would indicate maybe there's more widespread infection that we thought of. You started back in January, which would have given enough time to be more widespread, we think it is. I everything in this boy. Maybe it's true, but also, can distinguish between that and you. There's a handful of people rather than just took a while to catch on. I can't tell a different sweater: does their story views anything right away? Trot uses the word plague like it out the source who out into source, I ll get your coverts before I sign off. Don't forget our welfare state it ok. Thank you Some think that Philip Rucker is aware but lie I'll, think so
The bell would neither was now because we are not seeking. If I had a bad out better Schiller. Brokered does not know that he was promoting the biggest about hawks in Poland. I'll bet you does not know in space of this silos of information. How much do you think she's a broker has listened to this periscope. I would say zero times how many times is fill Rucker Red, bright board, at least before before today, because he's probably reading it, because there's an article about him, but before today, how much time do you spent reading bright bar zero. Now. If you didn't follow me, you didn't follow bright bird, Steve quarter. This was talking about it until I see that kick them off the air. The other hired him for talking about debunking results. So even if the fiddler Brucker watch and see it add where there was
a full time debugger they remove the full time debugger quickly. Just so, you didn't actually give anybody any information. So if you are a conservative I'll give you this How great example, if you are a conservative, you watch the new like a more back movie about red energy being largely bs, did you already know that the answers, if you're a conservative, probably because what I watched it I was surprised ably Bio Mass place. They were that part I didn't know about, but I wasn't surprised to hear that the economics of the solar and wind etc are not promising. I knew that cause I've been exposed to do. Some left had been exposed. The news of the right response. Only exposed to news on the left? What would you have ever seen that would have ever told you that this green energy is
to overrated. Nothing because there are no reports like that left. So. I would say that people I feel Rucker, I think, actually are just not informed of everything that the people on the right think is common sense, because they see that so many times I mean how many times have you. Because most of your transporters watches how many times have you seen that article the says? Basically, what. Like a more documentary, said that the great energy is not such a great deal most of Europe probably almost every one of you, elderly people on the left of ever seeing that have ever the article no suggested the green energy is not real, probably done So if you asked me, this Philip record know that he is promoting. The most devout is most easily debunked nod fact in the world by.
Probably not. He probably has never been exposed to that fact. Very easily be about you can easily imagine it says, maybe that's all I got for their air that tonight, NATO I went over time tonight would lower than one. So all allay, though what my in view with dead Crenshaw is live. I don't have time for that, but this is is all are treated so I did get. I was I gradual spot, I figure when well. We had a good conversation. I think you might like it I'll talk to him.
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