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Episode 938 Scott Adams: 4-Dimensional Energy Creatures, Prizes that Are Noble, Dash of Fake News

2020-04-27 | 🔗

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  • Funny Joe Biden meme by Brad Troemel
  • CNN creating news that’s based on their ignorance
  • Politico hit piece
  • Energy creatures

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump of boom everybody. Where is everybody spattered it's time for the evening, periscope and know for sure, but I have a feeling this will be among the best of all time now you ve heard me say that before I think this will be the best periscope of all time, but spent through every time so far. Why wouldn't it be through the stone right right? so some interesting things have happened. Let us talk about them, one of the most
fun. Little stories is due member. The beam that was going around there was a job I mean look the low too funny to be true, because these saying tat it was his brain though his heart and in his heart was shining forth and resume Joe Biden for President. And people forwarded around, and said. Some version of I can't believe how bad is that this clause, it's like use, calling himself stupid in this or that Eyes, I think a real add soldiers out. It was a real lad, the clever persons who made it Made other similarly clever, booze his name- is received Brad, Tramell, so
is the grab. He goes by be our aid e t, r, o p m Ella. You can play their back later. If you didn't get it and usually funny I care remedies describing what he did it is method, is one to be noted. So note the method I will describe it, but if you want to see it in the ear and his words, he picks something that could only be believed me as things are already ridiculous. So the idea that there could then is even possible the violent campaign might have produced and add the dia emphasised as brave intentionally. So no his brain and emphasizes heart and you said yourself: well, they can't be. They can't be an insult ad
because if it were an insult, they say that they have a brain, that they didn't have a heart. That wouldn't be anything positive. That so see your brain says: okay, if it could Be done by the other side, because clearly they wouldn't put any positive in it, what must have been done by either, somebody out his side or by now. Of course, I saw the trick works because because, by making a little bit ambiguous about whether they even intended to be positive, or it's a joke, your brain ass, stay there and work out of her while you like. I can't let this go. I'm gonna have to think about this for a minute, Yes your head and then are thinking is, is, is by then Billy so dumb that he would do and add saying used up and if somebody else did it did he approve it and of course none of those are true. It was just a very clever creator.
I don't wanna say troll because he's so good at it feels like diminishing, very good artistic work earlier than others similar things. So I've told you be, were that the essence of a good prank is that the they, the subject of the prank the person? You're breaking is the only one who can tell us, obviously not true. So what is funny about the by dad? When I saw tat, I was not the subject of the break. I think I think use breaking Democrats, when I saw that I'm not the subject of another doesn't look true to me, but because the Democrats there this was the creators theory and I buy into this committee. Because the Democrats were sort of spring loaded to thank you now. I don't think
we're electing Biden, because if his brain exactly does that wouldn't really make sense, but he's nicer than Trump. So it makes sense that we'd higher guesswork looking for his heart, not his brain solely the Democrats could have believed it, which is what many genius watching see then create news out of their own of their own ignorance, which is the weirdest. Thank you enough, that you could weapons eyes now open eyes. Well, they do otherwise it, but you nothing. You could the business model, not understanding things, but they manage to do it. I don't you think, that's exaggeration right when I say their building a business model around their own ignorance. You think that's probably an exaggeration. That's what you're thinking.
Let me give the I'll give you the example- and you tell me if I am exaggerating so they course of had lots of content marking president Trump. For having early on not so much anymore, promoted the the idea of at least trying the Hydroxyl Chloric win, presumably in combination with Mason and sank, Even though, as you stated often go through the right approvals to know for sure if it was effective and also safe in all the ways would like it to be. So, the president never never hid the fact. Then it was a risk management decision by a risk men judgment decision I mean it was not a purely medical decision. Give you a thought. Experiment.
Let's say the president had promoted these these drugs that were well tested for other for other purposes and had been used for DEC. It didn't seem too, because any special problems with the other people have been using for decades so spoke. That was all the President New And he also knew this there. All the doctors were taking it because it's true. So if the people who are doctors are taking it for themselves, and are also giving it to new their family, etc. It's obvious that medical professionals who are familiar with the drug Almost all of them are prescribed for other purposes like arthritis. If the medical professionals are thinking,
yeah. This is a risk I personally willing to taken in many cases are family and friends, so the president of course, was looking at it as a risk management decision, exactly like the doctors. No different, he was looking at it in exactly the way the medical professionals who had to make that decision for themselves and their families He was, he was following their lead. He wasn't eating an unproven drug here. Following the lead of prey, much every medical professionals who had to make the decision, because what was their own body. There were given themselves the drug and that's the truth. You can check that, but every source seems to be consistent about that. But there's a thought experiment. Let's say the president, then promoting this drug and the doctors had to their taken. It
and then suddenly a thousand people died of some kind of complication. The that nobody saw coming let's say, was a complication that is unique to grow virus patients. So so we couldn't have seen it before it didn't show up when it was being tested for malaria. Didn't show up when the same drug was used for arthritis. It just only showed up- and this one case, unless you say, killed a thousand people thousand people a thousand people in Warwick Circular thousand people in one week, because the president pushed a drug, there wasn't tested and it turned out to be bad. Here's the thought experiment wasn't a mistake. Was. It was a mistake to try. Something that had a certain quality which is
If it worked, it could have solved everything it could have prevented. The closing of the economy is at work, Now my best guess right now is that it doesn't work well enough to make that kind of a difference, but at the time talking about it? Even medical professionals were saying you know we don't have. Hard data. We don't have the kind of test we need. You know it. Better to have that certainly be safer. Everybody perversely have solid tests. We don't have that bought a dry. So I would argue that people who understand risk management know that in their thought, experiment, if thousand people have died because the president recommended it. It would still be unambiguously the right thing to do. Do you see that
Even if it even if it turned out a completely wrong, if, if a thousand people drop dead, who didn't need to die, didn't help anybody just nobody was that wasn't a mistake It was not that would have been the best smartest most adult. Responsible leadership decision. He decided to maybe you think, about waiting for the fence. And what are the odds that you would have a thousand people die given that the doctors were taking themselves and that such a long history, though you save yourself, scared, scared, scared. You read the news because there news already says that they are there to stop one of the trials. I think it was chloric queen or maybe just I drastically.
We forget the details, but what one of the trials was actually stopped because people were spoken and so there you have it. You don't have to wonder Scott. We have the evidence they had to stop. The trial is people way more than you would expect we're having strokes. Do you believe that? Do you believe that that's true There's a report you read it I read, it came from someplace sounded like they knew what they're talking about. Let me ask you, this Has any initial report about anything Ben anything Every single thing we here is A lie or later we find out, there's some context missing. What a good example here is one: is Sweden, lockdown mode or not locked download?
listen owners, the new says they're, not lockdown mode and they're doing not as bad as you might expect. So maybe the remarkable right, because Sweden is doing it. Why can't we rovers everywhere boom And here's the thing people don't tell you about sweden- and I don't have confirmation of this is true, but it came from somebody who knows when that the the Swedes are download, but there are also not going so nobody's making money. Sweden, when I hear that the swedish economy is open, sure, but was to be damn restaurant with no customers, because people are ago you So if you're looking at the Swedes experiment because
pulled out what it is. You think it's telling you, because they're just too many things different there, their things about the other way that they can socially isolate. I've heard things about the statistics of the number that we live alone anyway. Yeah they? Maybe they don't have as many elevators. Think of a billion reasons was different. So is Sure that didactic work with caused ropes and so people maybe, but I think it would be crazy to think it's true, because it was reported that it was true just the fact that it was reported gives you no confidence. That is true, so I think we should follow that so politico didn't article, which is, of course, the legal base, If you are the subject of an article, you know what's wrong with the article so good at our giving these examples right. So.
Political rights, the article about what the president said about injecting disinfectants, I would say a reasonably fair I would say a reasonably fair job of described that there is in fact a technology for injecting light into a body they quoted Jaw Pollack, who described that inject was used to directly. Then it actually made sense. There is a uv technology is being tested right now people do about it, and so if political credit for for having that context, which I think a lot of entities would not have had so given credit for that, Here's a little part of the budget is being used as an addition to the bright board article other jobs,
boarding. Personnel is like Dilber cartoonists, Scott Atoms. Right now, I've been framed with one sentence: I've been framed as a tribe, supporting personnel, Now I would say that in general, that would be a fair characterisation. Would you would? I would call myself a trumpet supporting personally, as fair is re contexts left out? Yes, the very topic of this article is about the press conferences, the president's communication. During the press conferences, I have been most vocal critic of the president. Maybe you ve ever seen. I have consistently giving in F failing grade for the press conferences, not everyone. Some of them are actually quite good, but I've been brutal criticising
the president of the very topic of this article and how do they out of their characterize the person who has been brutally criticism, the president metreb sporting personnel. We do think that capture it does captured in general just up for this topic. It would be misleading for this topic. And then it goes on to say that the bureau Dilber cartoonists got Adams. Started elevating articles about dubious technologies. That's right. I was elevating articles about dubious technologies that fair Is it technically accurate to say that I was elevating articles about dubious technologies? Yes, of course it is lately accurate statement
you see I tweeted many potential breakthroughs potential technologies, things that people are what he had very do we are still I've, elevated them through wage waiting. But here's another way to say it. You could say that I tweeted Articles in the mainstream media about new technologies. Without also explain it perfectly Toby. If this is Perfectly what I did I sometimes retweet articles that are in the media about promising technologies. Do you know who else gives attention to promising technologies and medical possibilities. Everybody, actually everybody everybody in the media
Probably nobody who hasn't tweeted some things that people are looking to. Maybe this pill works. Maybe this oxygen monitor works. Maybe this Light therapy works literally everybody's. Doing at all. All of the of also, I think I tweeted came from the press. I didn't write them tweeted. What was there? The other people were trailing right, So far, there are only two sentences in and they ve left out so much textile you're only already don't know who I am where I stand this issue and water, all about because it looks like a book workers just waiting, unproven technologies, but reality the italian press is doing then all the time who says so, goes out to say that the normal way that the president operates. This is the reading his mind.
The others a little bit it chooses to it, but not as much as are putting on it, but they say, for they said the present job. Typically guesses, ideas from Fox NEWS. YO adopts their ideas uses and they said this type of work and reverse. So this is politicos theory for what president double jobs latest tossed out suggestion for a way to cut back road of iris, injecting ultra Vires I will raise, did not read, originate from a Fox news: guest a virus. Twitter thread or an article article. Website really. How does political will that robs idea about, objecting ultraviolet rays, which is in fact all over twitter and has been for at least a week or two. Because I have personally reiterated it. I've talked about twitter,
Moreover, between other people retweeted, it's all for twitter. So how is the political knows that the president didn't see think there was all over twitter, the conservative side right, you're, probably wasn't Oliver whether in the other silo Saddam left silo. They probably never sought, but all kinds of people than idea was not my followers. They seem to have also. So glucose is of the president. Just spontaneously came up with this idea of out of nothing in it. And say that it did not originate from Fox lose and therefore could have come from anyplace else is that the one place it s legs according to political think, so he says they got Instead, the process worked in reverse. This is crazy. Talk first,
Rob offered a bubble, but hopeful theory. So in other, Actually, like you just spontaneously, came up with this there. What could somehow is later better suited to the lungs also known as carbon knowledge of these. For people at the right time. Is this a real thing. Cedars Sinai is testing your right now, ejecting light loves it's a thing There is reason to believe it can work but, of course, like everything, this Petersen. Likewise. Whether socio light were medicine. There are also I'm not going to mention the chemical cuz? I don't want to be the guy who gets people try this at home, but there is a disinfectant. I won't name the type, don't try this at home
because it will kill you, but one situation where it is, you turned into an arrow, solid, prompted lungs to disinfect, to kill a virus. I forget what as forests, for something but these are real things and political was ready this article like trouble just invent than these out of you, squirrels of his head. Where these are fairly ordinary things. Then they say that talk about, crazy ideas that we have here says conservative and trot friendly media. What started trying to explain boosted yeah we're trying to explain why the news was fake. So the way their idea is that, though there were something we're going on that. We are just trying to explain it,
what happened What I saw the news just made up something that they exist. Peoples I will call you on your bullshit is calling the news their Bolgia. Other fake news is that the same thing is as trying to explain it. Just trying to explain it all about Make sure you look like you're the guilty one? That's not what happened here. The exploiters are not the guilty. Ones is the people who made up the fake news. And says of the conservatives, supporters and says they. Lagged obscure research papers the president was simply of to raise the country's spirits. They tried to discredit media coverage of the commons. Well, I think we did this because lower discreditable says enough of that
so for the record. There are at least four ways, to inject. Yes, I said it inject disinfected. Yes, I said I said, does in fact that I set objectives. In fact, there are four ways to do it that are known the press has still felt zero of them. They think that trouble just men it all up. One of the ways is that it could be part of a trachea. I'm sorry, but be part of the ventilator that goes into trachea already there videos to show that idea. It can go your lungs they're talking about taking further all the way to the lungs. That's the second way could be the disinfected. This case light. That's a lightness infected and then it can also be hooked directly. Inserted
your veins and it basically the light- has the blood of the way through the veil and disinfection, other way by literally insertion. So thus three ways is asserted and then the fourth this. What I was describing earlier than for other other conditions now for a crowd of virus. There are situations where they ve, aerosols, disinfectant. Now, of course, is a house or disinfectants not argue about Lysol Bleach, I'm talking about something that medical people would use that they would collar disinfected, because it is in fact just literally one does so therefore ways to do it exactly, as the president said,
in those words, injecting disinfectants and the the illegitimate oppresses decided to act like that's. Not, even, though that there are no things like that, instead of four things like that,. Here's the dog, doesnt barking. You see there was no. I've made about this debugging this There's! No there's no left me the press who has asked me for carbon. What are the odds that I would make this much trouble and I would be asked by nobody for comment as high as my profile is because they asked me for comments on everything. I'm just just anything continuously s requirements on any variety political or otherwise, but not on this topic, because I think there are some understanding just guessing there
To the people on the left, who are pushing the the fake, whether the disinfectant Hawks Unscom, I think they now than it can stand up to a capable mobile, communicator communicator and they they had the was just demolish than what would they do is survey in debate story now There is one other tied that fair happened. I spent was three years debunking. We find people hoax, don't you think somebody would have invited me to talk about it now every ever say that other situation where there was a chop supporter whose prominent and there were talking crazy talk and it didn't become a national story. I ve ever seen even once a tribe supporter somebody's prevented at you Dave you ve heard of that sort of thing.
If they do, when a crazy talking and public does, does the media ignore that? No, they do not. They do stories about it, but they also contact that person for comment is the most common thing. So if I barely here talking crazy saying that this widely reported find people hope story was a hoax with does seem, crazy to them if they think it's real, if they think it's real, I should look crazy. Forsaken didn't happen, given that it was widely reported. It's very crazy. The same didn't happen. True, it didn't happen at likewise with this year, injecting there does in fact that thing Nobody's gonna be out to talk about that cause. I would be the end of the road, the new cycle, of course, being european conservative site would now because they are all on the same page anyway. I so
Here is a question for you. What is it going to do to our level of awareness of the world? What due to the way we understand are our world, where we, look back at all the other situation arise. Everyone who said we should use data to make decisions, got everything wrong. Was I going to do to us think about there's partly summit? options but but generally speaking, when you say that What people are saying we must use data data, makes decisions, less use, good judgment and data dont use your emotions these data, what happened? All those people don't think everything wrong? It wasn't the problems that you can't trust. I leave the data. The data was added contacts there was rob, was
the complete. I don't think we made any good decisions with data, even when he found she is asked. Did you use the bottles to decide to closely travel for who are even he says now: you're the reason we got serious as we just look there. What was happening. They literally just looked at it and said: that's a lot of hospital beds. Well, that's a lot of people dying, were hearing bad reports? Let's, let's take this seriously so even found he didn't use the model. You just look at the real world and said that look scary was treated quite seriously here are a very dull still end to this. Eventually, the world is going to collectively come to a slightly higher understand.
I would submit to you that there are two: almost independence species, living among us that all like humans, but there are very different, where's physically their humans, but they're, so something so fundamentally different about the weather wired that you that's a question whether the human and here's, the distinction that people who still think that data, and reason logic or the dominant way that you should organise everything and make decisions, thus mostly world right. Even if people are good at it. They were also yeah. We should use science, we should use reason. We should use facts at everybody, agrees but it is also true that we rarely have the right facts and if we do were not really good and comparing thing,
You know I wrote a whole book about it and you can see it a million times this coronavirus situation. Smart people are not good at making decisions, because I don't have a well rounded view of the world. In many cases you know artist, I've never been. I've never learned to make decisions in etc. So I think, as we as we RO in our awareness collectively that facts and reason are not driving our decisions, it some kind of weird balance of power and emotion than all that The you'll start to notice that there were two species of the two species are. These are the people who believe faction reasons are the way to organize your let's say: you're filter out of life, then there's the second group. Call colored energy creatures because they operate a pure energy and if you're, lucky added energy creature from
the outside and you're? Not look. They just look scary because they don't operate to your rules, then I reckon as your boundary, imagine, if you will, a scientist goes into a restaurant in use. You say scientist the scientist section he's right over there make sure you always said at one of these tables. This is a reserved scientist section. What would happen while the scientists would say. Thank you this very clear would walk over into the scientist section and the people who wanted to see the downside to section will be perfectly happy Now, let's say instead of a scientist, you little fire it just energy if you light a fire, it half of the restaurant What happens to the other half the other half birds up too, because energy doesnt have boundary and when you see and energy creature what are the way
Though they received our boundaries. And then don't seem to respect facts reason. The way you think they should. They seem to be irrational. Tribe is an energy creature. He operates as almost pure energy is see, we this had, of course, but it seems that you treats the world or a filter set by power and energy. Though he says so directly. You talks about low job. He talks about his high energy campaign. Everything he does is to to generate optimism. Gee Power and this as these eggs directly. This is not be speculating. He is concerned Thirdly, over the years promoted, energy is waiting to see things. So what do you see? Energy creature who kill seem too,
say: is your narrow boundaries? It's because they can't it's. Not it's not their nature. You know it's like asking a cab to play the violin. A cat can't play the violin. You could ask but it's not good again to show an energy creatures, Nackerson paint with avoids that's just how good work, but the rest of you, like the rest of you. We scared to death, because this is big glowing. Energy thing, you don't love as your best interests in mind, because you don't even know. Why does everything it doesn't make sense to you, however, is not true the other way round the energy? Frazier is not confused by you. That's support, you don't see. That's that's the hidden part. You think the energy creatures, a big old, dumb ball of randomness. They can be controlled, but by God you other control is somehow because it's too
dress. That's what it looks. Do you offer the outside if you're, not an energy creature, but if you aren't energy creature- and I would say I am one meaning that my filter life as I've told you many times- is energy and I've says it's the only Patrick you should track, because if you get your personal energy right, it means you ve done pretty much everything else right, Get your energy right, leisure, sleep right right! You, social life, is good, you, dear Father, who deal with your stress, etc. So, being in energy creature. I see the world is energy, likewise often criticized, because I don't have boundaries. You know the reason that I called myself left a birdie, and yet I spend all my time talking to this audience, which is anything but left a burning. It's cuz, I don't have boundaries,
recognizing, I just know, live in about three world. I live in an energy world, so the reason I'm here during this. That's where the energy was. I simply follow the energy here. I am, and I work out I quite often following the energy is exactly the right thing. The reasons that Dilbert became. My main career is because, when I started it, even though it was a small and it was just a shot in the dark- and it was a wild dream- is still have the energy like it. Call me gave me energy. So what I worked at it you just sitting there silently at four in the morning, tried to make something of myself. I felt good. Energize me so I have always been all about the energy. So when I saw a tribe remember the first two episodes I saw that I call them public
at the time about why you with special you could say good or bad boys, clearly special, was the Rosie O'Donnell move. Where you took the energy from the question and just move the energy. You didn't give him the answer. He didn't give a fact. He didn't tell the truth. He didn't you didn't use reason. They didn't use logic to the batter don't matter. She got exactly what he wanted and became the president of the United States, because he he understood that this was an energy problem. It wasn't it a logic problem that wasn't an excuse it. It wasn't an argument type. It was an energy problem that you solve. Moving the energy now river of everybody said: hey Scott. Why who was the president say that he was just being sarcastic about talking about the the the other light therapy injections.
The disinfectants, why would he say, is being sarcastic when even the supporters doubly laugh doesn't sound a little bit. Sensible right? I did have a parade inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I can't find any way that makes sense. The second big, sarcastic or even the part about he was addressing a reporter didn't even see like was right top If you're, not energy creature, what does that look like pretty confusing right. Does you say where's my logic where's my fact where's my adherence to the topic, whereas anything that makes sense of that. But here's what? and the present realised that the more the more he talked about this topic, the more targets he was creating. So
the words almost no matter what he had said. If he had actually addressed the question about why you was spitballs about these technologies in these, not a doctor, if he had even try to address it, where are we the energy go right all of the energy in the world would have just gone to his responses, and it would create this this cluster bomb of new things. That's all when he tried to defend himself now. Watch him he's he's walking back. Look at him! Why he should apologise, he's very guilty of any would have been shaggy antics like atomic bomb of energy, in the wrong place. It would be in the wrong place if you're, the president and you're the energy monster you all of that our relation to be about what you're doing right and you want another. The conversation to be about why you did wrong, even if it
She would opportunity to defend yourself because we living in a world in which defend yourself doesn't work. It doesn't. If he had said, I would like to show video. A transcript approve a sworn statement from the Pope. Here's all by proof that the news you're here you're giving is misleading and nothing like what you reporting actually happened. Here's my proof wagons that doesnt news. Look at all this proof then say: oh yeah, I guess we got their role. No, they just make up some new rumors there's years, what ever he handed them as such as a substitute for the next set. So While I dont think that he elegantly answer the question. I think we can agree on that. It is true that you move the energy cuz. They took the energy out of the middle. You can't do a follow up question, so I thought I was being sarcastic. What's the follow up question
I don't have a follow up question. All the energy was gone, so here are some other people who operate as what I would call energy creatures, and I would like to tell you Spectre, suddenly ghosts of the past about you remember. I was. Famously saying that tromp was playing for dimensional, dress and three dimensional chess and all that- and I guess for traditional just add that that became popular thing and that the left wing Marcus. Everybody who said the troll was being clever. They say earlier. Where's is fifty dimensional Jefferson stuff. So I kept trying to think if there was an easy way to to explain what I meant. By four dimensional chess and here the easiest way to explain it before dimensional chest players are our energy creatures,
They they live in a world in which their filter is energy and that's what they care about. In the end, they know that it works there like that, because it works, because it's random So you're some other people that I will answer: energy creatures, Steve Jobs so jobs was Betty things, but Ban was he in energy creature. Roger Ales, the architect of Fox NEWS. Fox news works for a lot of reasons, but if you were to summarize, the reasons is because Roger Ales was an energy creature and he fingernail how to package a set of triggers. There would trigger energy in the audience and there was brilliant, It's not an accident that the idea that
usually good. Looking people on Fox NEWS of the the colors are bright and the production values are incredible. The suppressed produce shall, I think, produced news network so. Else. Energy bolster. I would argue that Joe Rogan is an energy creature and here's. Why? If you look at Jergens Entire set of interests, That is very much about Felderson about, by than about stretch, you buy them, they naturally flexible and hunting and fighting in exercising the standing in front of a crowd. The scariest that you can do I'd be he is all energy. So is an accident that people, rather Joe Rogan because they say: hey UNESCO. To say you like this or that, but european, like fire, he doesn't have a boundary.
It is energy goes wherever he goes and if he's got a workforce, cholera, Carpentaria fight or do stand up calamity. He just goes where the energy is. Does it work? Yeah he's one of the most popular people of the country are totally works. I think people are drawn to energy, just a general In other words, it is obvious bike servage, my sort of it Say everything you all about his opinions, this person, above all the while. But nobody understands the that that we live in an energy world. But he understands how to move their energy use or directly and intentionally better than like sort of it. It's not that of the US. What is approaching six hundred thousand followers
twitter and our say, rational by rational boy, understands energy as well. I could give examples, but the reason So there are lots of other people, though I would argue that Tucker saying people the suggested, Tucker and Mark live in. I would say that there are more intellectual. I would say that allow People who were at the top of their game, Levanter Tucker there at the top of their game, I guess I would watch them primarily because I would learn suddenly I didn't we what I want to talk to show or a watch video I all, There's always hear a different look as though that's not so much about energy. I think there are much more stable than a good way. The world requires the world record
all types of that say that one is better than the other, and you say that if you understand the world as people who move energy, that people who don't understand that one of the world makes sense when it is used to that's all. Eddie Female Terriers, yes, Yossi piracy is energy mover, and other energy movers recognised for immediately so again certain which sought immediately. I sought to be really and there she was moving energy and the people who did understand that were arguing about her her fact you saved our lives with worn, she's rebel cerebral again, what without distinguishing between the energy creatures of the cerebral ones,.
Thus, I want is better than the other. It just depends what you're trying to accomplish, sometimes for leadership, the energy creatures, the best canvasses sort of a hybrid, because I think people go through a process and I think you don't become an energy creature overnight So I would say issues I would say she's uh the way to being an energy creature. If she wants to be a lot depends on where you want to go its sub to her, where she goes, but she has she's an interesting bland because she useless lots of facts and reason so or arguments hold together on a national level. Quite well bottle but that she also those how to inflame passions Bush.
Also young imagine imagined care this thirty years right, because the skilled issues, starting with I say this- about AIR Sea Sambo MAC Gates, sailboat, The other people have tab there, however good they are at age. Thirty satellites, could be a real and early age, sixty something it's not an accident that you end up with. You announced policy because they do get better learn more overtime. So opera Oprah. Yes, I will say that opera is an energy creature would buy that when George Petersen is interesting, I'll call him cerebral its lead.
Tool by here such an impact on people there. He actually controls energy through the quality of his communicating. In the end, as I d is so it's almost like user is almost like distributor of energy in a way which, when you see Jordan Petersen, you don't feel that his exhibiting a lot of personal energy? But his ideas are so powerful that that they're, like your little delayed missiles, they go off when you're thinking about a year an hour later hour. It bided is neither here right M Coulter agriculture is definitely a well she's, an interesting hybrid too. So I'd put.
Let's say more experienced version of Canada's aid to compare people, because if people don't wanna be compare than that, they think it's in it. It's not so very levy, reverse the comparison just so nobody has to be compared. Anybody but also the end. Culture is one of the smartest writers and what are the freshest thinkers in the public eye and it is hard to get more skilled at what does she does? I don't know anybody rice, better she's, probably the best writer the gave just pure writing style, but those issues right. You know better than others, we with urges her priorities are a priority, especially defensive, really well, and she also move
passions outside issues, she's intellectual, but she understands she's, understands energy, but she certainly biased towards the argument size. The lawyer sign of fuel. The gradual he has, of course, the the power of the military aura, so so that sort of always with sea areas, he sort of exudes charisma, is true. Which comedians well any committee who doesn't respected boundaries.
So Dilber, for example, Dilber. His cavity suggests that he understands certainly that they understand energy. I George Bush Junior. General fled to be exaggerated. This week there were hearing good rumours about general fled right. This would be the perfect time to do it. I can't think of a better time to people so another right language, partner, exonerate or any of those things, but I got a feeling that Roger Stones is good shape in general floods in good shape Betsy bureau is intellectual, Jacko
I haven't watch a lot of jockers content, but what I know other viruses and energy energy creature elegant del Generous there's a good example, so Ellen Degenerous is an energy creation, I would say so. Maybe she's literally gets up a desert with their audience and she exudes just a tremendous amount of personal energy. This very appeal That's that's enough for today I will see you in the morning and I guess I'm fun stuff the boarding so don't miss it see. You then.
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