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Episode 943 Scott Adams: Join the Best Coffee With Scott Adams of All Time. There Will Be Anger

2020-04-29 | 🔗

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  • People who think nobody has thought of doing increased testing
  • Airline changes for coronavirus safety
  • Removing inaccurate claims from the internet…who decides?
  • Jay Rosen’s belief that President Trump’s briefing spreads misinfo
  • Whiteboard: Flatten How?

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The company, but hey everybody, the bottom one is style for another episode of coffee was got. Arabs today will be the best whatever best one of all time. Some people accused me of hyperbole bird. I think those people are so wrong about everything all the time. Yet there will be way board of saving for the end, because a sort of their big finish school. You know if you would like to get in your early like the early birds, you get a little extra, something that the people come late, don't get its goal. Simultaneous up, and all you need is a couple Margaret glasses.
You're jealous restarting the canteen jogger flask of vessel of any kind and fill it with a favorite liquid coffee. Join me there for the unparalleled pleasure, the dopamine. The damn thing makes everything, including the pandemic better. It's called the simultaneous apparatus now go.
A little bit later I'll be tweeting about moving. So my content to the locals platform, have you heard the locals dotcom local within Essendean, locals its everyone's platform, in which creators such as myself, who do not like to be captives of the algorithm, can put their materials? And you don't have to worry about the algorithm hiding it. If you don't have to worry about getting about me getting cancelled, Don't have to worry about me getting censored. He also suddenly messages and you can support me some good,
as people who are supporting me on patriarch do just start doing add if they wanna keep keep supporting me to do it on the locals platform or Google. Something about that movement. Literacy, nor the links are in everything just because I know you're wondering I know you're wondering it won't have any effect on the periscope. So sorry I didn't mean to worry so the periscopes will be just the same. You can watch them here just like always, but in addition, in addition to me putting them later on youtube- and I also put them on a rock fan base- should I think at this point I will also be putting them on locals, but locals will have also extra.
So you can get all my normal periscopes a normal way, but if you are extra stuff, you'll never get it. And if you want us support me as a creator, that's the place to do I'll. Tell you more about earlier though, the Plaza mayor of New York City, where I have to admit, because I don't live in New York City our time getting interested in a major, a mayor of anything any cut mayor. Just doesn't interests may usually. And people and lilies tv shows, pundits and stuff had been calling deposit dumb, and I thought to myself. Well easy. I mean really me he made it to be mayor of the city ran for President he's, not dumb Right and other news comes out, they decided to wait. Two of your twitter announced it.
They reserve singling out the jewish community or or potential harsher treatment for not self. Isolating as well. I guess was a funeral and too many people got together and applause yogurt mad about that, and I thought to myself: ok, ok, it can be. It can be true that these people cause a little bit of danger by getting together. So you can be true, then maybe they shouldn't have done what they did. At the same time, it might not have been the best play from a political standpoint. To single out the Jews before especial law enforcement treatment. How do you think that went over now? If you think that the jewish people,
You said her looks like we're being singled out for a special law enforcement treatment. Do you think that the jewish community said ok, what's the worst thing that could happen. No. I didn't go that way when exactly the way I figure for the voting parties. The blood you didn't see that govern there's nobody who warned a bill just give us another, I know, you're mad right now, but maybe just rest this until the morning maybe write it down and before he had sand. Maybe it isn't will you do they allowed? Maybe Read it out loud to somebody just to get a second opinion. I don't think that happened, which is obviously now I don't think this story has any real legs because obviously
was he always not yet those emetic idle figures? Nobody really think said. It was just sort of inelegant, and it's always worth. I think it's worth the brush back pitch. You know if you, jewish you're, not gonna. Let that go right and I think that this appropriate so browsers to brush back ditch nothing of real consequence and Laura These centre for Disease Control, the CDC indicates said the current average EU as overall death rate, even the growth of our respond epoch is lower than it has been for much of the seven years. Below the long term average so well. Financing an unusually low rate of death and the United States,
predicted that no, I should say who predicted that doesn't cells. I can save the World Health Organization predicted it, but they did up. I did. So I'm stop protecting against. Stick with my prediction. As I like to do, even when their apparently going to be wrong, because I, like it call that when I got it wrong as well as when I got it right, cuz whole point is where tracking are predictions that you wouldn't so I do it in public. If I get a ride I'll brag about it? So you don't usually don't forget about it. You get mad, but you off. A regular wrong or make a big deal about that too, because I think this is equally important Certainly, I make no claim that my predictions were all that right. I don't nobody thinks that right. Does anybody think that I think my predictions will all be correct? Cuz? That would be crazy.
Nobody thinks that in November, the matter why you think yourself, you couldn't possibly think you're predictions wrong to be right. So we'll keep an eye on that, You know my old joke about the cat is on the roof. It's from a Jew the garrison, roof and sort of away. To tell you that there is now, trouble yet, but there's trouble come. Just softening you up for the bad news is coming from the joke. It is on the roof is somebody you saw The message that the cat died so they're they're trying to break it to slowly listen, mulatto tweets! Yes, really! Think your day before issues. I'm aware of the new developments in terror reads accusations against Joe Biden, terror, like every other survivor, to have the space. To be heard and seen without being used as fodder, I hear
and see you terror. Hashtag me do not. Of course, you know list below got tons of grief for being a strong backer of Joe Biden, but also being a strong backer me too, which are to be its hard to be The same team is both of them because of Jos, credible sounding accusations of meeting, and I feel like the cats on the roof. Don't you Because when by then lose, unless a mulatto and, of course, is now saying that she's not saying that this will in turn, Because I don't think she would even bother making the statement unless the cat was on the roof. If you know what I mean Maybe in her own mind since I can't read your mind, women make sure that I'm not interrupting her thoughts but I'm saying that if you're trying to read the breadcrumbs, this is sort of a too
go in the direction of. Here, we should listen to her. We should definitely listen to earn. Maybe in a month or so you'll hear you'll, seamless, Alyssa, Allison, you may see or say you know I was with no binding, I think he's a he's. Got the flu or something I feel like by is going to have to fake a health problem to get out of this. Well, I don't know how speaking could that did you watch the these so called town, all of which was really a digital interview, split screen at least part of it. Between Joe Biden and then he was being endorsed by Hillary Clinton sources split screen. Pillory and Joe Biden now the first which is obvious. If, if you're accused of me doing
Do you want a Hillary Clinton to be in your split screen endorsing you? It's it's a bad association So I don't think you won by the association, at least in terms of the need to stuff. I'm saying in the comments that the people thought the Joe Biden- fell asleep, while WAR Clinton was talking. I didn't see that meeting I looked at it. It didn't. Look like you shall see. Today is funny. It's funny because you can imagine he was falling asleep, but didn't look like that to me. So I would call those fake news if he's already actually fall asleep, but It looked enough like it that it was funny, but I think that's all it was, but what was far funnier I don't know who did it for some of you know the meme, I think carpet Duncan Datum did bosses.
Where you see Joe Biden he's been photoshopped into other pictures. These his is behind subsidies, their hair. Well, the best version of that yet was a screenshot from the screen with Biden on one side and eleven and the other and that decided normally would abide who was empty. It was just the background and the use and useful dropped into the Hilary they Heller picture significance, from behind I didn't, I didn't think their main could give funnier there's one. The first gave out and use all the means of your violently here from behind people Every one of them was funny, I think their laughter, every single one of them, but you think ok we ve seen them all. You can't take that any further there's no place like a girl is really just the same thing. I was just
Violent smell a year, and then you see the empty frame and the digital tell all that was really fun, so the subsidies to tell you did that like to give them a call out, because that little extra of the fact that it was your magically logically disappeared under the own appeared in her video. That's really good does good me. Making that is so gotta call them. So I said before that the most worthless people and the corona iris situation, People who act as though nobody thought of increasing testing of you see these people the likely and pieces of the corona virus? They don't have any thoughts that you just say. What do you think of the growing awareness? Well, we should increase testing
yeah. That's something nobody thought of speaking of which Elizabeth Warren says inner tweet. Once again, if we only testing people with symptoms who make it to the hospital then we are far from understanding this crisis and then she gives us helpful advice given by this was yesterday yesterday. She has. We need to drastically rip up testing what we do it's the first time. I've heard of this. Why? Whereas she been this whole time Did you know that increasing testing would help who know my God, we should let This woman president mediately cushions come up with is another. The idea of increasing testing love as she says the republic, like nobody frickin thought of it. Nobody thought of come Elizabeth Warren? Are you try
to be the most useless person in the United States. Closure succeeded. I speak here that a bite in town with Hilary. One of them one of the interesting things about watching all these famous people broadcast from home The way I am right now is that we are having a tough time with her hair and make up every Rosa. I just watch the cliff from Christian Chris Cuomo show. It looks like crystal almost giving himself Erica do it didn't go well to be unkind of our peoples and appearance, except when it's funny so and I can say this about quotas is an unusually good. Looking guy can't take that away from
a good looking guy, but whoever cut his hair I could is all I can look at us. Looking at a clip for some other purpose is as interested in the topic of the topic was just looking at his hairs, like even do that like. If you had a contest to ruin somebody's hair, I guess it would like that that would be the winner soap look just looks atrocious. The other thing is that the people who don't know how to do your online stuff so so that one day you'll see as the people were too close, their fish eyed other there's only with the lenses make somewhat distorted so the way, close by the way, there's something I learned the hard way from input from you guys. What would I first was doing the periscopes? I would
disturbingly do this, because I thought to myself: obviously do you want me to like silver screamed with my face, of course you do and then I looked at my face. I said I think we can improve on that better, better, better, better nail distances, your friends take that to the bank. If you dont have a professional make up artist go with distance. Big picture. Your backgrounds looks, looks a little interest by waves who say that Hilary either really bad make up. Or the room was too warm Or she has corona virus, or issues having a flash and not making further, that understanding that observe that health one
I know that the seems like I'm just rigorously in the same room for all when she was running from office, but she didn't look well, she looked flushed. Did anybody that Scottish rake More needs to be even with a face here, that's yellow things. You need to this new spin same plain, most of the year tv people do this during this view, looking down it's just so early what those logo learn today or of yours idea, for you just
All this little bits we ve got all these airlines doesn't look like them business model because nobody wants to be on an airplane, packed and little cease next to people might be infected. So let me, throughout this suggestion, support. You removed all the middle rose from couch solution. Coach has no middle mill seats while of course no less than a third of your income right. So could the airlines find a way to make back a third, their income get rid the home all the middle seats, so that people are some separation. And the answer is I'm just speaking for myself, but I would definitely plate pay twenty percent more than the normal tickets for coach to have a seat that isn't next or somebody else, then will room without pay that corona virus or not. And wouldn't you paid twenty percent extra that keep in mind you're paying twice.
Percent extra, but so is the person on the other side of the I'll write. So you you ve got to people who are willing to pay twenty percent extra than your ear release you getting close to the thirty percent. The lost now throw on top of that the fuel is really cheap. Right fuel is historically cheap, now throw on top of that, then, a third of your human cargo is gone include increased. You're. So your cargo load goes down by third, so few cargo logos third, there all reduce you're fuelled by third cause the plane as well as well But if you were to end up with twenty percent extra ticket cost on each side of the of the missing and then the savings for fuel subsidies,
Oh my g with their energy with their little eyes. Looking up. Solutions. Somebody says there already empty. There are already empty. The middle limit Euro. While you were necessarily have to remove them. I mean you, don't have to physically remove them, although that would be cool. Somebody says you're rich. Will that has great? You are a correct. Do you know who flies not poor people, Poor people don't lie: if you go, the airport you'll see any, and yet I must say, is good or bad. I'm saying poor people don't lie. So probably the people fly, I would say, represent the top sixty percent of income, maybe in the country, I would guess that appear in the lower forty percent of income
just off the top of my head, probably of hearing the lower forty percent of income in the United States, you literally never flying an airplane. I'm guessing fact check me on that. But I'll bet that's close to true now that does mean you wouldn't fly once in a while. If you add you used death in the family or something like that, the bottom, forty percent of Income- just don't ever fly so, could the top, let's say the top half people who fly. Could they afford twenty percent extra a coach ticket most good, most good and who knows if they have the evening, increases that much? It could be that the reduction in fuel costs is so much that you don't have to increase the technicals. Maybe only ten percent. Would you the difference when, given that, given that
It was all over the map here. You can buy a ticket today and then the price tomorrow drops by two hundred, There's nobody even knows what it had taken. A supposed to cost right. Does anybody even know if you paid ten percent too much freer your ticket would, even though, because what are you gonna compared to so, first of all, you would even know if there is it. There's something called the Do me a logical model, sometimes at about the time that this crisis is over I'll, be able to pronounce on the first try, but we're not there yet so it's a different model for predicting the DAS and this model has been updated and the current best prediction- and I think this prediction takes into account the going back to work so the loosening the social
social distancing, their model says predicting the dubious. A hundred and fifty three thousand destiny, as dates states with a predicted rain. From eighty seven thousand, two three hundred in two thousand, so the current updated model. This is a model that use them, forty countries, Sazen credibility with model people, does very credibility with me, of course, but that it has credibility with model people. I guess So what would happen to me ass? You have so few Ago I asked people who were saying that growth of viruses- no big problem- I asked them what, would be the number of deaths gross, not net would be the total number of people that were identified as dying from chrome virus. There would make
You change your mind after the fact. So at the moment, you sceptic think that across the virus is not that much bigger deal than the regular flew. What would it take for you to say? I guess I was wrong. That is, bigger than the regular flu was. Their number is somewhere around two hundred thousand. I think most people would. Ten minute about that range right. If it's over two hundred thousand yeah. Maybe that was a bigger deal now that doesn't mean that's different from saying that we Handled at the way we handle that that we should open up the places that don't have much Bravo another king, any kind argument about whether we should open up or how I'm just saying, Then, if it comes in the two hundred thousand people died because we opened up still. My the right choice, but it will be interesting to watches models converge now,
the total number of dead might be negative or zero, because all the fewer people dying from other purposes and even the regular flew I guess, came in at the lowest death and while weapons if model is correct, but say comes in eighty seven thousand. This would then say that the yard. That would be wrong and eighty seven thousand, because I would be with without mitigation now what was let's just wait and see. So you ve, You heard me talking about these two doctors, the Eriksson and Sea and the virus. Video than you do down, because I wasn't accurate and Europe, medical bore to rebuke these people and the back story.
Which you have already heard. I'm gonna give you an updates, was not the same story vernier, but the backstory is that people ask me before this was debunked by medical. People to give my opinion on it, and I looked at five minutes southern says: complete worshiped, its does not credible there's a bunch of mass mistakes. There's comparison mistakes there is a lack of knowledge is completely work, So that was my heartache. No medical training whatsoever. Within a day that was completely backed up by medical proof, Those who sign of all these guys- are not even do the math right and basically same thing. I said just it was reckless. So here's the interesting part. At the same time, the turkish Karlsson, was showing the video as valid and something that we should listen to at the same time
Over a msnbc on procedures show there were debunking here So literally, you could see the two movies indifference, Grange, it's the same spray and we have to change them gale and literally at the same time, the same news was report, that's true on one and completely debunked at the other. Somebody says, show your work, though, after the action, because the medical professionals have debunked it and I refer to them, so you can ask them to show their work, but an unlucky. Let me take a page from my book. The losers Now people said to me Scott you're, saying that this is all be ass, but
giving us only examples, and I talk about that my book, you should never fall for the trip of arguing all the examples is better to pick the best one sake, and can you say your champion instead of having our armies battle deserve a whole bunch of different points, and you don't want to get into arguing every one of them. Won't you pick your best year. By bestial. My best champion fighter will decided that we know best champion in this context means What is the strongest argument that you think the doctors made just pick out? One point and I'll tell you: why wrong or all agree with and say. Yes, we already knew that so bunch of stuff. They said the falls into the category of We already knew that, which is it's bad for the economy to stay Whilst we already knew that some people
my die because the economy is shut down, ass. I knew we cannot do that so, If everybody was debate me, don't just two any specific claim and then I'll tell you what I think of it. The main claim, of course, is that he had done his own samples and then he said, based on my samples, I predict that this is true about the country and that's just crazy, because his simple was not in any way representative in nobody imagines, could be so it all sort of started with that, and if you have here, error and the new work from their everything else is nonsense, which is what it was. I guess, also talked about. The fact that this video is taken now wish. Which creates a whole new interesting topic could separate from the question of whether it was accurate.
Do you remove inaccurate claims from the internet and who gets does aside who gets to decide? What is inaccurate enough at what point is it a violation of free speech and at what point is it just good common sense that you don't want a bunch of conspiracy theories? Margaret things during a crisis. Well, Fourthly, the standard will compare to is yelling fire in a crowded theatre, the most classic comparison and I heard people argue that you do should always be allowed on the internet, because you always have the opportunity for the commented to say it's not true, so you can get anything get counterclaim and then the reader can make up their own minds, to which I said. Yelling fire in a crowded theatre is also data. That's what it is
Somebody who stands up in a crowded theatre. Information to give the rest of the people that there could be right might actually be a fire could be incorrect. Maybe there isn't but you see it doesnt matter, because if the, if the point is that you should always just presented the data and leapt, will decide what matter. If there's no fire is just information. So the point is that there is information that can kill. People we do make. Very rare, very rare exceptions, the yelling fire and movie theater is less about transmitting data and more Immediately causing panic, thickets bunch, people killed the most immediate, obvious, clear danger. That's where that example, so good Is it the same? Corona
emergency that you put information out, that people might take as true might act upon it and what would that cause? well. In this case, it could cause all the collapse of civilization, the death of hundreds of millions of people. That's the downside If you get the Krona thing wrong, the downside is hundreds under people die whatever. It is so spreading stakes speaking that J, Rosen, who, I believe, journalism, professor somewhere, a group of Gruber? we as a group of professors, including him. Have written an open letter to the heads of ABC Cbs, NBC. Msnbc, then put it for an end to live coverage of the president's briefings and
The reason given is because the president's briefings in in his opinion, spread misinformation now number one. Is that true? Is it true that the president's briefing spreads misinformation totally The region is totally true that some of the information, the council president is is wrong. Later gets corrected. But how unusual is that in pandemic, given that nearly a hundred per cent of our information is wrong in the early stages, almost all of it. And yet we expect our politicians to tell us what they know and keep us up today. Even if as wrong just tell us what you know Well understand. If is wrong, but tell us what you think you know keep us informed, so
Under those conditions would be reasonable to expect that any president would be giving only accurate information and my my answer, is no no, it's not is not reasonable to expect it would all be accurate, but. Is there some line beyond which you say? Ok, we You know it's normal to have some inaccuracies, but some line against process just crazy talk, I would say that line has not been crossed in my opinion because, as you just said, right, but I've watched most of the president's briefings. And I'm pretty sure that when J Rosen is talking about dean and reckless information he's really talking about what the press does not what the president does because was it the president who suggested in public that maybe we should think about or consider
Jacking clorox Lysol into our bodies with hypodermic needle did the president's suggest that no, I did not know that fake news came from the news that, from ABC B, CBS News Embassy, news, MSNBC, C and and, as of today, Fox NEWS. Fox news as an article about them, the minute which all claims without any context, given The president of the United States suggested I don't think they used were suggested, but wondered allowed according to even Fox news today, there is no legal today and the five new site say nothing that the president or the bout injecting disinfectants
we'd, know context, given what is the reader of that article going to think disinfectants means, while they're gonna think it means Clorox and Lysol. That's the faint The real news is that the contacts you talk about was uv light, which is a disinfected and is inserted into the body in a variety of ways, can go through vain can go down. Your trachea can go into your lungs, but in each case injected its disinfectant. It's what the president was talking about its real, it's being tested the cedars Sinai. Their commercial products already built around the disinfect hospitals using the same technology and J Rosen thinks that the president should not be allowed to talk because the following entities completely. Interpreted. I dont know afternoon offers wilful, but they complete. You got the wrong information who got there
Information ABC New CBS News, only see lose MSNBC, CNN and Fox NEWS. Do you know who got the story right bright, bright bar got it right. So it's obviously you can get it right. On Fox Fox Channel foxes general. If you watch the five they gotta right, they knew the context they talked about the context. So it's not like you keg right is not like. This is hard to get right. This is easy. To get right is really easy. And so you this Jarrow thing This is just a violation of free speech,
it is based on a complete misinterpretation of what's happening because the fake news is coming not just from the president. Yes is in fact no match the fact, Jackie true, but there's the worst parts of it, the reckless parts, the part. They're actually dangerous. Lately they're coming from the press that come from president, but they both have some stuff to explain And if we were to ban, organizations who give us fake news this also reckless. Would you Have to also ban these search the United States, because he told us Mass, don't worry about the World Health Organization whose information is pretty much all bullshit. Should the World Health Organization be banned from reporting, except to report that they said silly stuff, maybe
Here's the idea that I was thinking about and eternal Others are thinking about it too has played in. About it- maybe it's just obvious, but the belgian government considering allowing people to form what they call social bubbles of your ten people are. So meaning that, rather than having a full and to social isolation? If you could identify ten people, your friends and family. Whatever combination just agreed mostly hang around with that ten people that you will get a little extra freedom. To which I say. RO in the short run, to listen emergency willing, fullest anything. But I don't know if this will work, that's the reason I didn't talk about it. I like I like this thinking behind it, but I don't think it's practical,
Let me explain to you how a normal family would manage this idea. Hey more family family, will say two kids to adults to jets. And they hear that they they can form a part of ten years for people in the family they can only be of a party that has a maximum of ten now those of you who have been parents. Game the sale, it's a disaster is a disaster ban, scarred for being a sociopath liars and reasons. I am glad that the Chinese decided. Join us. I'm not done with China by the way. Oh, oh, I'm not that China more common than that.
So yeah the way would go in any normal family is that the kids would say are a great saw her by my friend, Brittany in Motion Bob and and they can bring their to friends, and then the parents say no cuz, I would max out a whole ten was just one kid cuz. He had. We adults have a few of our friends and it just becomes as big shootout in the family. This social bubble idea, while its well intentioned I can imagine that there will be some situations, especially with young people were works. You have your single, it's probably. If you d find ten people, we want to hang out with each other, but for families this would be a nightmare trying to negotiate that I would like to like to correct a framing of something which snuck up
so, as you know, I like to what about my to succeed. Full predictions, especially when the experts have predicted otherwise, and you you ve, heard all examples, but just mention the quickly when there was a cuban Sonic Weapon story, S, analysis, natural and there was the the masks, don't work and as it now is that you will never see the value of the doctors that I just talked about nice and ass, all bullshit and quite reasonably in just a few examples of which there are many many of them you already so you ve, seen but a few examples in which I have taken the opposite side of experts. Have you not sell us first, Established many occasions you ve seen me take the opposite side from experts and the consensus and experts
and you see the thus worked out extraordinarily well. For me, the way boards coming up somebody else. It is worked out really well had weird success going against the experts and then being right including my personal life too, because in my personal life I found a solution for my my incurable voice problem when my doctors couldn't track down the one place in the world a fixed. So I have a long track record from China wrong? which I have gone against. Experts in a work sale way more than half the time women have closer than ninety percent. I would guess I get it to think of it in time. It didn't work out, but also ninety percent, just as they must have in time. But here's the framing that I think everybody is wrong and thus completely my fault, because I've
framed it correctly. So let me do that now, I want to do that now. The framing this income is the one that I allowed to spontaneously pop up, because poor way, I talked about it A frame was that I am against the experts and and that naturally makes you think Scott. How much training. You know how much legal training. You none I know you majored and economics, but you didn't Nobel Prize like the person that year criticising now, I did not, how about your technical expertise. Did you get that at MIT? No, I did not.
So that's the wrong frame, and I let that I let that happen sets all on me some taking full responsibility, here's the frame I should have presented from this from the start, I'm an experts I an expert, but I'm a special kind of export because my studies of persuasion, etc. Because of my experience, which is fairly broad in terms of my talent stack, and in a lot of places in London, things from finance, do you name it? And my my claim is this- that my pattern, recognition for bullshit is better the labours. In other words, I do play and expertise but not on the topics I'm talking about. I don't play medical expertise. I dont even claim financial expertise. I could probably I mean that
by the other and claim that I claim that I have a special skill and other people do too I'm not the one person who could do but though there are people who have similar skills and I do who can detect bullshit from other exe And I should have always framed it that way because when I was looking at the doctors, I was now saying to myself: oh dark years, you gotta wrong. This is what you should prescribe, because that would be me being an expert. I didn't say I could be a better spirit than the doctors I was just saying, I'm listening to him and my filter is gone, might might bullshit filters just going crazy
I mean, I don't think I've ever had more flashing lights for bullshit. I did when I was looking at those doctors now use the interesting point. There's book called Blink by Malcolm Gladwell and he talks about the fact that an office has been debunked, but it makes a good story anyway. He talks about. The experts make decisions before they know. Why and the ample given. Is that an art expert can often, I fi a fake. You know, painting by the masters, was a fake one. They can usually identifier right away, but. Dont know why, in other words, The answer comes first and then they ask and the reason is a fake. Is because then they think about like
No maybe ask us the brush broke over here, looks different or or he never. He was born before the iphones nervous about exists, since they couldn't be an Iphone sitting on the table. They The experts know something's wrong before they know why. I would argue that I have the same sensation. So what I want that actors. I knew it was bullshit. For I knew why and that's part of the reason they wouldn't people said Gimme the reasons I was demurely. I can give me a reason, but a sort of, and after the fact reason it's me. It's me, like the art expert, saying I already told you is bullshit, but now I guess I gotta give your original. Why? I guess it's a brush, strokes thing right there. So. You should judge me that way. So the way I would like to be judged is not that I am an expert or pretending to me experts, because I'm not overruling exports
my own export and identifying bullshit, that's it Likewise, when I look at climate change sizes. But I can tell the odds that the scientists got. The the temperature far right, that there's some happening with Co2 in temperature. I can't guarantee that's right, but if I had to, the pattern of my life and the odds and how many ways what then measured and no longer have been protecting it. I would say There- probably rob we write on the temperature report, but not the models to say that the prediction models are accurate, just crazy. There's no such thing as that they they might tell you that there is something you should think about, and they do, but they don't tell you what the temperatures gonna be in eight years. That's not a thing so
my bullshit filter climate change says can't be sure about the temperature, far more likely true than that, but it doesn't mean that were doomed cassettes, that's in the models that parts ridiculous could be doomed. Maybe not doomed but using those models to determine. It is ridiculous, in my opinion, because in large part, because they can predict human, the chief meant and human ingenuity and any change the urban which which climate models predicted that the pandemic would remove pollution and in three months, is not really make a difference in the long run? but there are so many things at the model can consider funniest political story. Today is a former Democratic George gubernatorial Kathleen Stacy Abrams is,
embarrassingly campaigning to get the vice President nomination for Byron and she recently said she told, he believes Joe Bibles denial totally blues Joe Biden that that me two things can happen and I thought to myself: whoever gets nomination is gonna have to say that I think about that. Whoever it gets nomination is going to have to say was that Having said that, it will not be able to get away with it improve indirect and we'll get away with. She should be heard They're not going to be able to get away with women should be believes, but less look into it and marketing will you get away with? It was long? I'm a girl was not dredged up the past Lucius. Nothing they can get away with the vice presidential candidate will have to look in the camera a whole bunch of time.
And say I believe. Joe Biden didn't do that? I was anybody. Can do that really? Does anybody gonna? Do it Even even listen mulatto, whose use clearly as in Joe Biden scare up as you could be ambitious and publicly Asians endorse them. She's she's had them in public. She tweets about a moment and even she. Go all the way to say. I believe Joe Biden is telling the truth. Even she won't do that, but the vice presidential candidates gonna, have to do it. I think that the Abrams I have to give our credit, because I have consistently under. As under appreciated her talent, because I haven't seen much of her- so I didn't know what kind of talent she has run out. I don't think so.
This is only a great persuade her, but look at she has to be president of the United States. For somebody For somebody who were so, he says, Stacy Abrams did that already did. One already is update this, but what's funny Well, the whole thing is funny, but was funny as the Stacey Abrams is closer to becoming president of the United States than all the people who didn't do this all the people who are not willing to blatantly lie about this. Not really in there For this reason there are not That Biden himself might last and given that President trump you after the Sudanese and we salute, but a shaky territory, is the growth of Stacy Abrams. By this,
Your bald faced lie is a bold face. Liar bald faced lie. I never get their right, but this is clearly lie. Stacy Abrams. I don't think you have to be a mind reader to know that the money you could know, you don't know what happened. That's the most you could say, but to say believe Joe Biden. Well, that's just a lie. That's just the lie. Right I mean doing great. I know I always warn you against mine reading, but in this case this sort of simple, simple right. I guess we cannot rule out the possibility that she's most gullible person in the United States as possible can't ruled out all. I always tell you that Often complemented might pens not for being a force of nature like the president, but rather,
for being for not making errors in the present vice president is violated that pattern. So you go vice president of the NEO Clinic and these the only person it doesn't work mask and he's been told, worm ask, and I thought that is so. My pants goes really. My pants is all about not making unforced errors, and that was just an unforced error that I think is important. Doesnt rack up there and things are going to move the election. But to be called out because he's so consistent, I'm not making that kind of justice worth noting. Hillary Clinton is getting pushed back from the right is she said during the the Biden thing that you don't want to waste a good crisis and maybe the severe time to get healthcare.
Everybody whose complaining about Hillary Clinton saying don't waste crisis, you're, all hypocrites, you're, all hypocrites, because Every conservative has quoted that and use the same sentence in different contexts. Don't let a good crisis gonna ways something everybody says it's just smart, it's not bad! If you travel, something bad about. Hillary Clinton say a common political thing that literally everybody says, left and right and examined in this context. It's a real crisis. Maybe you can find, get out of it. I've said it everybody said it most come, They're gonna world, the dumb asses and the news the Pandit are like Got one although we she saw the common thing, so that must be bad just make worth Robin my mouth. When I see people wasting time on that criticism
Here's good story. So China's puppet, you can say bitch, but China's poverty, the World Health Organisation they quote, so publish some negative. You'd, have data on the drug run visitor, this was a while others isn't brand new news two logo, World Health Organization, accidentally, they say accidentally, published negative information and ran deserter, Now, of course, love people saw it, and then the World Health Organization said whoops whoops. We didn't mean to do that and I took it down so hold that you hold your head, that the world, organization who is China's puppet accidentally. Put negative information about run desert here on a public web site. At the same time,.
China was actively trying to steal gaily adds. Juliet is the maker of room does near their intellectual property by trying to patent rim does appear in China a baby and think that was possible right. If you don't follow intellectual property in patents and copyrights, you're, saying to use of oil room deserters, alright patented, obviously because it's a drug the others had for a long time. Clearly bandit. What China can do anything they walk, because patent law is made by government Apparently, the government of China is going to let China or somebody in China, patent Juliet's drug after they told the world. It didn't work through that clever little league and the World Health Organization, Do you see how bad this is now,
I can't automatically say this is all part of a large plot and that the leak data was all at the same scheme as stealing the intellect probably as a room does severe Given our recent experience with China, I think you have to assume its a lease, It is probably more likely than not given recent experience he can overshoot. By say more likely than that? Can we do business with the country. There would lie to us about a promising drug that could cause a hundred thousand deaths in this country, because we do not have the right information if, if it works, at the same time that are actively stealing the intellectual property for the drugs. Can you do business with that country? No, no! You can't! You cannot do business that country. So I think we need to kick out every student.
The chinese food in this country whose in any stem job, especially because mostly either nervy leads children. And they really really do care about getting in education, in the United States, for status, etc, also for stealing our stuff, the other guy. Students over here are steel stuff, so I think we should show more back. Howard stern double down on his statement that the, thence followers should all drink, disinfectants and and die, and Of course it is an outrage, but its Howard Stern. Don't you have to keep in context with appalling? Patients are there, that's a outrage. How can you say such a thing, but how turn is literally a shock jack. If you, Something like that,
Why is that news, except the EU seems to believe the fake news I think, Howard Stern, who are used to think with smart turns out, is not because he believes the fake news that the president's suggested drinking Clorox Lionel. So if you believe that, if you believe that you just you just just dumb there's no around, if you believe that the president's suggested injecting were drinking, Clorox and Lysol you're just dumb. There isn't any way. This often that I'm sorry there's no way round that I wish there were the sea. Bobo, barber and Thursday I count on Twitter. I follow. Called covered team crusher, since all one word covered nineteen
I don't know who this is. I a little concerned, because I don't know how it is because it mostly tweets promising promising therapeutics and things they could crush the governor but it seems to concentrate on drugs chloric, and published a number of grass and stuff in which is starting to compare. Countries that are using drugs clerk win with countries that are comparable in some way, but are not. Now here's apart, I need a fact Jakob if you are to believe the charts coming from this twitter account and their public. So I suppose you could jack jack them ass. They allege that they can show say that in Ireland, were there not using drugs clerk queen versus the curve Morocco, for example, in which they
are in the Morocco number shows a drop exactly where you expect the drop in severity at the time they introduce the the drunk a few weeks after that, so I got my questions about whether this account is real. Not so if anybody, if any You can look at any of those graphs and tell me if they pass the sniff test cuz there might be some contacts left out or something you must getting in trouble, because there's an old tweet of his back in April. I guess maybe earlier Marge and Russia when he said the early on based on current trends, probably close to zero nuclear cases in U S by April and that prediction is not coming true, but I would like to reiterate
I don't think we can blame people for making bad predictions based on bad data. I just don't think we should go back and start slaying. People for that. Just would wouldn't work. Are here's my way board presentation or make a quick, and this will blow your mind, This is what we're looking to do. This is not drawn to scale right, so the the. We're gonna go up in the United States and they would have kept going up, except for the mitigation. We say that should flat net some people say is not because of the social distancing. Maybe you just would have done that on its own loathing. Supportable, but that's what people say and then at some point I don't know when maybe twenty one to twenty one or something is supposed to drift down towards Europe, No, that's our plan right wouldn't
Wouldn't you say, would you say that this represents our plan, except how does it happen. Now you're Saint yourself, oh scatter, happens because, as the the herd immunity to which I say no, it doesn't not really because if you get all the way to twenty twenty one, You're gonna have hundreds of thousands of deaths. Before you get to hurt anybody so. You need somebody to answer this question. What actually would make that go down? Does Ivan I heard anything in the plan that even proposes to do that. I have not somebody say heard immunity would do it and there's even some question whether it is this this one even as well I put the odds of seventy five percent that the reserve there is such a thing. This before we get a vaccination and most people haven't anyway, so
politics may be working but which was so here's. My point is that we have a plan in which the most important part of the plan, which is something we do here that makes the virus trend towards zero, is unsafe, and is it not. Now people are saying what about vaccines, what about therapeutics and what about testing? and what about vaccinations those are all the right things they ask is that our plan, then? The answer is, I don't think so. So if you can get some experts to answer this question and say, ok what exactly is driving down Cosette current rate of testing, will never get there. It looks like we're. Never gonna be anywhere close. Having enough tests yeah, I don't think will ever get. There
If we didn't get their often, would you have to test each person? So is the idea that we don't know exactly what will happen, but we think is some combination of testing and heard immunity in social, distancing, etc. Therapy. My own point is that there is someone and weather patterns weather patterns to, but Doktor vouches, is assuming that there's gonna be a second bump, so that tells you that it doesn't die in this.
Doesn't die in the summer, it just comes back in the winter. No vaccine from your evil, buddy Gates, says somebody you get a block for their comparable. Would never submit to a test. Somebody says forty percent of flu vaccine? How many will get com and vaccine good question? I saw this leave you there thought the thought is: have a plan that things will do down, but I dont believe we have a plan. Actually there actually shows why it goes down just sort of hope. Somebody says mutations weaken it. Maybe, but I can see that the plan so like are our press to ask that question. No don't don't assume the Nokia happen, because either
the odds, are happening or very hot. I think the odds of us getting on top of it are basically a hundred percent. Just one gets the only thing, I'm adding I don't see a scenario where the cost in lives is not in the few hundred thousand. I guess that's all I'm adding to this. We don't have a plan. They would keep the death. That's under a hundred thousand. We do have a plan. That I think, even if the plan goes according to the way when one or two I think the plan is to lose a few hundred thousand people. But that's my question all right. That's all! Now I will you tonight. You know you know where
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