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Episode 947 Scott Adams: Talking With Dave Rubin About His New Book Don’t Burn This Book, Biden and Therapeutics

2020-05-01 | 🔗

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  • Talking with Dave Rubin about his new book, Don’t Burn This Book
  • Joe Biden accidentally confesses
  • The reason Hillary will NOT run
  • Why we can’t send the young back to work

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Bump bump, bump, bump bump bump bump bump bump? Hey everybody combining this may be. The best coffee was got atoms, of all time. Yes, I'm gonna be talking to a very special guest. If our technology works will have Dave, Ruben near to talk about his book, but that happen until we do the important stuff first. You know what I mean. You know what I mean It involves a little thing called the simultaneous sippets famous all over the world. It, sir, I would call it a worldwide event, possibly more than worldwide? You never know. Listing the simultaneous sip and then we're gonna talk today and all you need to begin. Do you know, Did you know you need right.
The governor mother, a glass attack which also state that get injured have less the vessel of any kind to fill it with your favorite liquid. I coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dough, I mean the end of the day, the thing that makes everything better including the damn pandemic, skull. This Multi annual separate happens now go. Sublime Policy of our technology is working. It is Deva, showed up exactly at the right time in exactly the right place and everything works. The guy of technology, will allow me to say hi today, Reuben Every their Dave.
Dave I can hear some noise, but I hear your voice, you talking unmarried unmoved. The mute, your phone, if its muted well Dave you are connected, but I'm not hearing your voice. Through my ass, you may have a microphone problem on your device work, possibly something else, so you should be a mobile device Dave and you should be talking to me right now. About you can hear me, but I can't hear you Did you hear something I see that you disappeared and you'll probably be back at one moment. Here would be my us all up. There is probably back on a different devices by gas. Dave can hear me
Yea right brokered, I did have the simultaneous it with you because I could feel the vibes all the way from here now me, a book which are holding up so the audience can see Nobody knows this your first book. This is my first book. So as a guide, it's written might eight hundred books. I now understand why it's not that it takes were very different than just sitting from somebody enamored talking to the camera. I mean, there's a discipline involved in a book that that I actually did realize I was going to enjoy but ended up, really learning a lot about myself. I think just going through the sluggish in other and then he got to the end, the promoting bar and you find it as harder than writing the book- and you say what I didn't realize can be getting up at God awful times talking to.
People all over the world so but was job right into a few things. I finish your boat this morning I enjoy back out of it. I really especially like your personal journey. We'll talk about some of these things, but I have I have to point this out. You know you ve got a good book, and you look at the reviews on Amazon, and there are no two three and four star reviews. You have none it's all guns in five what is vital and the ones are you go the ones because you want to see. They. Eaters are all about this. Obviously just people who Started their little bubble, images angry at you, because you you have different didn't so that the ones are really just about how they feel
themselves or something you're, not rodya words very because so you're you're totally right all we're getting our we're getting mostly fives and then we're getting this first ones, and it has not. You know these are obviously people who didn't read. The book may not comment on anything in the book. It's mostly just they don't make me, which is fine, but it's it's funny because, as you know, I toward with Jordan Petersen and every time I read one of those ones, I think man, these people just need to read twelve rose relief because they did not really saying anything about me. They're thing, far more about themselves sort of their own sort of internal chaos and a lack of work there something burthen line of this deal. There's other gotta, then I should emphasize is overwhelmingly five story views. I just think it's funny design. Doing the same thing happens to me. So I put a book out all the people. Wait me first like completely unrelated, distort storm the reviews the but finally finally have
Let me give go anywhere. People are gonna, be these values. I so I especially like your your story of your job, Gaza is little turning points and I had these these interesting stories. So you can really see here. You know you evolution and One of them has struck me because you and I had a date in common There'S- something happened What happened to me was, I promoting what am I books and came out on a week. The summit else happened. It was. Nine eleven, and It was the same. Eleven was not a good week to promote a book. There wasn't about nine eleven so that didn't work out something happened. The day before nine eleven in your life's journey, to tell us that quick story. Yet so I'm I'm forty three years old, I was born in seventy six, which I guess it's starting to sound old, especially to be zoom errors. But I was twenty
at the time, and I had been closeted about my sexuality, really might my whole life, or at least into my twenties, when I started sort of realizing where I was, which I know is very late in life, people find it hard to believe, especially young people, now, because kids come out at thirteen fourteen its night, not thought of as a problem or something that you all are broken out them. But you know I was a child of the eighties. It was just a different thing and I will take it sort of just an inside job. You know people people go. How could you be closeted for so long? I just life is weird just as in the other thing I get into this a little bit is that you know, because I don't seem stereotypically gay. I never felt gay per SE like I thought, gay men, oh you like the theatre, you like to dance, others, you know the type I like you, you ve been in my house. I like that. I like video games. I think like that. In any event, I had never come out here.
Anybody and then literally at about twelve thirty, a m on September eleven, two thousand and one for this is now about seven hours before the attack. I was in the times where subway station, which I am sure many people watching this, have been to standing by the the shuttle train, which I'm sure, as you know, all it does is go from grand central two times square back and forth. So you sort of feel like you're in Purgatory you over There- and I was with my friend MIKE who is a comedian who was openly gay and we become friends over the past year and ice. I said I told him, I was gay he exhorting realised that it was like my big coming out, so he was,
well, that's great, you don't go eight. I thought you know in my short of release this. You know people periphery damaging secret into the world, and then I woke up the next morning and to a phone call from my dad and he worked him and had then he could see the the twin towers and he actually, he called me between the first and second letter here that of seeing the second one here, but he had already seen the first when it- and I know it sounds crazy and I and I do right about but I genuinely thought it had something to do with me the way, which is that just So much but again struck back, struck backing my own, my own city, where I lived, I lived in New York City at the time. My dad was, as I said, was right. There might my grandma within the city, and that did serious psychological damage to me sounds crazy,
we talk about, but he really did either on the part of the story that I was related to that I've thought was. The funniest is that this was like the biggest thing in your life. I imagine the way you tell the story and the first thing the first person you tell us is sort of like home and then there and then the next day is nine. Eleven and suddenly your little problem didn't mean anything it didn't mean anything in a way that I get sorted helped because obviously we have to go too far into into nine eleven. But you know I had ended up. People got trapped in the city, I had friends that walked from Wall Street. I lived on a breeze ninety than first to me, that's a heck of a walk. I had friends that ended up staying with me, my dad couldn't get out of the city. He stay with my grandma that so we did get my mind off it in a certain way, but I had this, you know when you just have these thoughts behind you and the thought behind. He was my God. I just said something
cricket world started imploding and that really tells you a lot of the closet, because when you, when you're alone, in your thoughts, anything is possible. You know, like you up almost anything, so I have to ask you this question. I've always curious about this, but you and I have a similar experience, not in the coming out of the closet part, but in the end the being among the conservatives more than the liberals, but not really feeling you have the same opinions as though, and I found that concern those are far more open minded than the left and but as long as you meet these conditions you. Must treat them respectfully. Even if you disagree, that's just deal you ass. Secondly, if you follow the constitution, meaning you buy into the the principles. I found that every conservative will accept you completely
as long as you're living an honest life you're in compatible with the constitution, their prey. Much good. Are you finding that the left is a harder on you than the right out for sure, and I you know in some ways to get to the second Barnett? First, I don't blame, will, after being harder on their dead harder on me them right. Is I don't blame them for that, in that I am much ardor on the left, but the reasoning dirty the reasoning for that, though, is exactly what you just said there I mean I have found look, you know, I know you do it every now and again to where you sort of lay out your left. He cried They look. I'm gay Mary, that's supposed to be a sort of lefty issue. I am pro choice and I write about it in the book. I am against the death penalty and for some level of public aid, education, I'm or euthanasia. I don't I'm there's a reason like big things that are that I believe in that are supposed to be left the issues, but I get literally nothing but hate from the left, and I get nothing but LO
from the right to think about dignity, abortion. When I mean that's the one for Emma Jane, I totally share your opinion on abortion. I'd be happy to hear it, but that's the one for the people on the right. That's like the biggest known like you have to be provided, and yet all of the people who buy now consider my allies, who promoted the hell out of my book and treat me well all the time from Shapiro to Prager. To back, I was on Lord Ingram last night, upper Karlsson, Dana Primo got felled all of these people. We have all these political differences we talk about them on air I mean I go on. I go on Tucker and I talk to him about why he's missing about about getting the government involved in big tech, and I think you and I might even have a little difference of opinion there, but it's like yes you're right if you treat them respectfully, there's an understanding that we want to live in a country with people with different opinions and, if you believe in
constitution and basically the idea that we should all have equal rights, and that doesn't mean we're all gonna we're gonna, we're all gonna make it and it's gonna be perfect for everybody's, but that's the best society can do so. That's been. I think that the craziest shift for me that I went from being left the and then all I did was say home. You know these. These conservatives aren't that bad, and I realized. Maybe they were the good guys. The whole time, which is, which is a really weird thing, that I think a lot of young people are starting to realize. Yeah, I'm not sure. I see those good guys are bad guys. I just know whose more willing to accept me- and I just Amerika, more comfortable and people are were going to say I totally agree with that, but you're ok yeah. Well, I think there's a reason for that. You know. I think there is actually a fundamental reason for that, which is that if you are a conservative or or someone on the rights labour
bearing in something like that. You believe in individual rights, like that's a fundamental constitutional precept. Do you believe that everyone should have equal rights, regardless of any of the immutable characteristics and on the left? Unfortunately, I dont know what do you Fine principle is the unifying principle really seems to be just government. You know. I've got a theory witches people on the left have been bullied or or the day they feel Victor and maybe there's something in their life that near led them to that decision. Because I think they're triggered by people like Trump who, because, you just as a bully vibe? So well let me ask you this: where you were you ever bullied as I get, that is that a big part I mean everybody was right, but was
a big part of your experience, or do you think you got through to get you know? What's got I'll show you that I'm not avert you signal our dear. I was as much a bully as I was that if that is the truth, I was fifty fifty. I always describe it with my friends like when I think of junior high and I school, except that I was a bully. I was also not. I didn't really have a growth spurt until brilliant college, so I was kind of on smaller the things, but I was I was I remember one day and around eighth grade thinking. You know right now I could be one of the popular kids or I could be a not popular. Could I remember that I remember thinking I just don't want to put in the work to
I feel like I like, like I'd, have to address differently and get a different haircut and all that stuff, and I, like my friends, we play video games all night. We play basketball all day. I could you not I'd. Never even had a sip of alcohol in high school. The first beer I ever had was in high school graduation right, a sip of course light out of a can and I hated it, but but in terms of bullying, so I was kind of like I got believed by the kids that were more popular than me, and sometimes I bully the kids that we're less power I just is, I know that you know it yet to be like a proud human, proud it don't. You have to say you were bullied all tat. You are pulling her letter and that makes you good now days. It was. It was really a dvd for me. I did the other parts of Europe story that I found the fascinating is. I didn't realize that you internet for the daily show when you're really young,
yeah. You know it's funny, it's hard for people to remember what that was light, because you know the daily show, at least for the John Stewart Daily Show was like this just sort of way. Is everything like it started becoming this thing where you know, everybody said that this is where young people get the news, and it was like this endlessly cool thing that everyone wanted to be part of an all that and I in turn their right when John Stewart took over. So this was in the a fall of ninety nine going into two thousand and John had just taken over and you remember, cryptic Kilburn was the hosted a show before that he was a sport centre anchored while absolutely love, but he was a real like Saudi was all about him and John obviously was very self deprecating. So is a bit of an odd time to be there because people are getting fired, left and right because you know they were you turning over the staff and everything and it wasn't like the popular daily show that everyone came to know on a side note about the daily show. Now it's like since Trevor know. It
over that show is just beyond irrelevant. I mean it's almost at it's almost like you're not allowed to talk about it because it makes it You know that call you a racist if you say it, but but but literally nobody watches and for some reason that doesn't it Written about anyone, says Olivias, Iver theory. The people who become six slow, urine. Brushes with other successful people, when they were young enough to be impressionable it gives you a sense that you could do it too, because you're arises. Famous people are actually just normal. Now. Did you experience that famous people were normal and you said I could do this yeah. You know. Actually we cut out there's only one chapter of the book that we cut out. That's where I go into a little more of my life in New York City S.
And up the struggles around that I talk about it a little bit, but one of the things that I cut out, which is related to the daily show, is right before my internship ended. So I would in turn in the city. Three days a week I lived with my parents, all island and I dont want to brag. But on my two days off, I was, if part time, Your game salesman and electronics. Boutique in the garden sitting all but right before the internship ended, I went up to John Stewart out a part and I said, I'd only met him once or twice throughout the whole thing, and I use the big star on the internet. So it's not like we're like sitting down all the time, but I wanted to make sure I said something to him before the internship.
I said I said John: can you just get me one piece of advice about stand up and without pausing without any hesitation. He looked at me right in the eye and he goes don't stop and to me it even capsule, aided everything that stand up sort of is like stand up. Stocks like the not not being on stage, but you know, standing out on strictly cornered hand out tickets performing in front of three people it to em. All of that, and just this the fact that he said don't stop when every comic, no matter how bad it gets. It's like you, just gotta, keep going, keep going, keep going you going in, and I know plenty a guys. I can tell you this report I'm sure you ve seen your version of this, the best comics that I knew most of them disappeared and and in many cases it was the worst ones who survived because they didn't even know they were supposed to stop and went, and I think that he just planted asked me that you know that the only way you make it is, if you don't stop-
and I think that got in there and then over the years I started meeting alot of people that were made There is another west. I lived a block away from Jerry site, Avesta bump into him on the street often and have some exchanges, and I got to me- Richard Louis and a whole bunch other comedians, that you start seeing them as humans and then you're like all other human too, and if they can Maybe I can do it. I feel, like that's. A big part of a lot of people stories end there it's just so automatic they you have that association with them the changes you they added, yet another story. Here about the being on the young Turks, which I didn't realize Loretta nearby there. You are on the young Turks earlier her period and
that was where you sort of I suddenly got red build it sounded like you know. If you go into the belly, the beast, you might find something that can read. Basically, I lay out. I lay out three stories there, but sort of briefly. You know when I got there. I always considered myself in New York. Liberal I mean by that is sort of like a Jack F K. Not what your country can do for you asked what you can do for your country and Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Ed catch that their work there used to be good, decent liberals and something sort of happened about five years ago where the progressives came in and they started screaming about everything and they were angry and I think you are right. It was maybe because they were bullied so that they started bullying, I'd I'd figures of the mare, and you know after about a year there, it start into where thin on me, because I suddenly thought this can't be right. It can't be right that were so. Morally right were some good and everyone who we oppose
evil and a racist and a big it and and the rest of it- and you know, tell the story in the book about how I was on air with them and they were showing a clip of David Web, whose a conservative commentator on Fox NEWS and he happens to be black and they're going on and on about how he's a sell out at ease and Uncle Tom and all the stuff and what they didn't know was. I had a show and series exam years before and I had become good friends or David whereby was left. The EU is on the right. Are we used to talk it out on our own and I knew that- not only wish you a good man, but he believes what he says, and here they are. The quota quote tolerant, left these who see a black man who behaved differently than they want black men to be. And then there are allowed to call them all the worst things in a book? And that's when I realized that that was just and do what I would say, a sort of like an insidious or pernicious races, and it's not it's over now he can't go to the water found. You know the sum
much more dangerous in a way that this is a you ve, probably heard of the yellow man idea. Gilbert was a physicist who said that if you- if you read the news. First, that. You actually know the facts. You see us all fake, then you re read the very next story that you don't know anything about, and you accept that's true everyone that you know about his fake. So is this your first experience seeing at the news was fake because you actually knew the real story. Not only did I know the real story, then I knew the people who were delivering the news so that sort of doubled it as well- and you know one of the things that I do in the book is lay out when I think of four types of fake news and what fine to be the most dangerous. One of them is the one that will really really seeing right now. You know people think fake news is just over a fake deadline and I'm in
don't you think I made up story or a headline. It doesn't match story, but what I think the most dangerous one is is what we're seeing with Biden right now, which is that we all heard about anyone any of us right. Scott work were creatures of the internet and twitter and Youtube it's like me. Ball been hearing about this terror reached up for probably two months, and it wasn't until literally last Saturday, I've. So I believe it was five days ago or so that CNN finally talked about it and then apparently the small I guess MSNBC talked about it, but it's like that's a type of fake news, really intentionally ignore a story, because it goes against their narrative that fake and we know that clearly not what they did with cabin off. So I think, knowing some of that, the Tipps you I'm acting you're, probably one of the best communicators on this kind of stuff like getting people to understand like the basic framework for the nonsense because we really needed these days we have always made me laugh allowed this year, your tips for recognising fake news. Don't theirs
build them there they should never have to be said, but the fact that it had to be said with baby laugh, which is check the story to see if it matches The headline thought you. If you didn't know that that happens, all the time like it's just the most common thing that the story does that's their life you're, the first, we read that you say come on out how how often I mean really Dave? How often does that happened Abbott once in your general it? Now it's like a common thing every week. I know that. Not only is it a common thing, but you know because of twitter in the way we all ingest news, it's an intentional. It's an intentional shell game. You know to be being better that, obviously I would guess I'd love to see some numbers on this, but I'm guessing that something ninety percent of the people only look at the headline: you know, they know that they can play that game
You had another tip for funding. Fake news said that I do a version of this. You said it if it looks too good to be true, I say two on the nose yet of the words you say that things. It's it's exactly. What you expect from your critics would expect from you basically dislike it. Just two perfectly the narrative- and you see the so often what I was listening to the latest story about the president was Brad personnel and the elderly him on the phone sue him, Does that make sense? And then, of course, it took twenty four hours.
Don't say no mother, that happened yeah, it's it's just endless or all the stuff. You know the Jesse smell at one is. This is the perfect example about when it fit what every blue check journalist and with every progressive that was at the time running for president from Corey Booker in and come all Harrison, then you know leaked to policy instrument it get their narrative perfectly. You know this black gay man assaulted in its mega country and he's got a noose and the holding of I purposely, between about it for those first couple days, because I was like various. This is way too story for the whole. Of course. What is it all I rather than they close causative? That one is the Scott Alexander. A famous blogger suggests that if there's something that's too hard believe it probably didn't happen. Is it is like?
and there was a conservative who you ate a liberal for dinner and subsidies, it I'll. Just on the surface. I'm say that probably to map of twenty four hours and didn't happen, then a sort of book ending you're journey which which I found fascinating. Really, though, the whole way he just wanted just why watching here you know good movie script. This is like a script readers script, writers track. Is that the journey of the star- the star starts out a certain way. Then you watch work is a. They learn and become a different person in the end, and you naturally have that in your stories. That means that the just made it come to life, but I love the part. Where are you met your mentor yeah what listless say that get give us give us their quick version of that yeah. Well, it's absolutely true. When I write it, I was doing a show with Jordan and Jordan Peterson.
And she bureau here and that night he was doing his first tour show. So it so hard to remember this is over two years ago now. You know we all think of Jordan, like this sort of Jesus character are just that he was always dislike massive- you know intellectual rockstar, but he was doing his first tests. Show theatre showed here at the or few Manila that night and I finished up the show with him and ban and and really as a joke. It was morally was just like a passage comment I was I gave you know if you want me to come down with you tonight and and warm up the crowd I'll, tell a copper lobster, jokes and I will see what happens and without missing being he's like Alex. Do it I'll see you there and I went and- and I think really this this moment than about is how you like me, was the moment that actually, like sort of gave me the confidence to do everything that happened in the last couple years, there's about three thousand people there I had never done. You know, I don't stand up for hundreds of people, but never done something for that many people. Nobody knew I was gonna, be there, obviously, because it
It was our little secret and when the p announcer he said and now welcome the hosted Reuben Report, Dave, Reuben and the crowd went completely insane, and I remember walking on stage- and I was like I was like this- can't be real, like how did this happen? I I doing to show out of my garage like how did this happen and, and I could she did onstage, and yet I just made all the all silly jokes about your. It sounds like hermit, the frog and in all the stuff, all this insight or stuff that people want to laugh about, because you know a lot of stuff, obviously a sort of fire and brimstone in and serious stuff immediately. The agents it's here were there there like listen. This thing success were sending him at all we want you to go. I was like yeah: let's do it, let's do it, let's do it and then we towards, for we did about a hundred and twenty stops and about the countries and I'll tell you this the most, and you ve been amazing things about him, but the man literally gave a different speech. Everything
I never saw him, give the same speech twice, which is off the charts insane and on it, and then he lived those twelve rules. Can I tell a couple stories about it in the book, but I'd I he was always kind people, no matter how tired was no matter what time it was, no matter how many hands he had to shake like. He really lived up to it. The best way that I think any human being could do and I think I just through Us Moses. It wasn't like we didn't have like a jet. I've had a one learner relationship where was like he was sitting me down to tee. Jimmy things. It was just being around that and being around someone genuine. The change in the world for the better I wrote: we're thinking in the middle of it. I would like, if I walk out of this thing, I'm not better. If I'm not dealing with demons letter. Whatever is left, then that says more about me. Then it says about him and I am truly better than yeah. I like the fact that he answered with a structure of you do this. The way to approach life the way to look at, and even if you disagree, it always helps to start with someone yet
so I'm sure that's. It met most people, don't by the way. That's why why his message has resonated, I think, specially with young men, but really with everybody. Is that something happened in the last ten years or so we're just the basic structure of what the foundation of what young people need. Two sorted flourish just well integrated, but I feel I feel like he and to some extent I feel, like I'm selling this their role by act, and yet, which is a whole bunch of younger people who didn't have a father figure? That did the things you think of, Therefore you should do so. I give you your code of life I'll give you your structure and stuff, people were raises. Like free range chickens, I think they just at figured out on their own and found out that that's not easy. It's hard to figure out life on your own, So having somebody you can say, look you don't have to accept this, but there's a bunch of rules. They hang together pretty. Well, you know it could be.
Be Christianity that could be a set of rules to be Jordan Petersen and are not incompatible. You could be another set of rules and the reaction that I get is Sergio small small competitor Petersen, but the number of people say I'm just not getting this kind of view of the world anywhere else didn't come from my father. I dont know what books, I'm gonna get it from, but Jordan Petersen deliberate what'd. I tell you this. I mean I've, told you this in person. I told you this show before so you won't even have to say about yourself, but you were. You were one of those people that help me make a little sense of the world ended when the trunk thing started happening, and I was find somebody who you know who was established person who could talk about tromp. You know not just the Random twitter person and then I came across you and obviously,
But then I started reading what you were saying and I interviewed you and you you weren't crazy. You are just trying to make sense of the world as it is not as you wanted it to be or or that you were threatening that he was some sort of God, king or something like that. And I think that actually was one of the reasons that, when the election rolled around I was on Joe Rogan show today the day before the election- and I was I get drunk, might win because, even though everyone thank you couldn't I was I listen to you. I had certain Abidjan and I and I sort of tasted what was happening online and if you do all that you can sort of under and the way people think so. I wasn't shocked because that have you noticed. I think you and I know a lot of the same people could do less and stuff, but there's a certain set of peace. All that no matter which side there on there at least capable of looking at every situation individually, so So no matter what you think of less a bill MAR Sam Harris Joe. Again make certain of it just in to name a few.
Ok, you in that category, that put me in that category, which is where at least willing to look at each situation without a political shelter. First, Ok, that makes sense, as is good for people Good for me is a system that would work in the long run, you know and then and then somebody laughed come alone later and tell me which side him on the island I'll tell you you're far left my right after you yeah. I mean I think I beg the truth about that. Is that what worth trying? Did you hear you know, I'm really not rooting for aside per se, I you even always say to people now, it's like what the conservative side and on the right the city centre right, is way better than the left right now, but that could turn right. These things are cyclical. Let's not forget. It was only twenty years ago that Joe Liebermann and John Mccain, who were Republicans, were attacking mortal combat violence in video games and wanted them banned from stores. I was literally a video
salesmen at the debutante, so it's it's not did. The right has some, like. You know, total ownership on decency and openness. That being said at the moment, there seem to be people who are little. My rotarian minded, who are embracing o something's, can be right. Some things could be left and you can try to make some sense of it if you're a decent person it and that's also, I find the permanently political people. I think you ve talked about this a little bit to the people that are permanently political. If you look at their twitter feed can only tweet about the world three politics. I find them to be the most boring people, because if you only knew the world through politics through that lends it can only lead you to misery. Politics is an is a miserable game. We can all enjoy it. We can enjoy, enjoy the w w a faint version of it now with Trump and the policy in these cartoon characters, but politics in and of itself it's about controlling people. That's not that's out of! fun game for a happy life
yes also lobby, let me wrap up here and then I will let you go cause. I know you ve got. The busiest fuel in the world have ever been on these promotional tours. So the name of the book is: don't burn this book. Everyone and you can buy this everywhere. Fine books are sold authority out and number one in one of its categories on Amazon. That's always good was a political, yeah we currently politically did political thought. We did liberalism, conservatism political freedom, siesta its tuna he's got. I just want to say one other thing. You know when you I've found out this week. That would you release a book. It's probably like doing anything else, sort of high profile that you suddenly find out who your friends are and the amount of people, former guess and things that have reached out and promoted the book in Europe.
That's nice, things about me publicly and all that obviously Icu, and in that you, wouldn't you invited me to do this and you join locals this week, which is freakin fantastic and we all have you want again to talk about that, but you really do. Finally, your friends are because I've had a certain set of people that are totally now embraced me and tried to help me here and I felt people who I think people would be shocked to find out? You know didn't say a word haven't, eaten just couldn't even choke out a twin low. You know it's cut disappointed. Due to their point. Let me say if you found us this correlation my mind. Impression of the world. Is that Republicans, Conservatives are more willing to offer to help. Then the left In your career, your life, you need some help I just don't like it. If you ask them, The difference is, I don't know As for my money, like I'm a coup, that he'll go, go, go, get your own money, but if I
either you need a boost. If there's something I can do, I can introduce you to somebody. You mean Friends, maybe you need some funding, little advice, don't you find that the conservatives are are so free with that? Yes, I absolutely do find out again. It's it's weird and that's partly what my book is about that you know you if you come from the left and it's not just that you have to wake up to what some of the bad ideas are. You also have to recall a break that the people that you thought you wrong. The people that you might have thought were bad or evil, as I said before, which is obviously a bit but a lot of people on the left. You think the people on the right are evil and vice versa. Then you have to recalibrate all of those things and then suddenly, it's like like. Why am I having Dennis Prager and his wife over for dinner, while people will say he's a homophobic I'm having another self eighty gave. Why is worth putting on her show last night when she was untrue choice? I mean these p,
you can't tell me these. These were the bad guys. So there is an interesting dynamic and I and I look forward to continuing it with you and truly I'm thrilled your locals you're gonna question on there and we're gonna fix the internet as much as we. Dave. I talk about. Local is quite a bit separately and I'll be talking about there's more sedate my way. What do you know what that's all about them? I send in their thanks so much for taking the time I'm gonna? Let you go to your day at all, stay on here in and talk about some events of the day they exert maximum, as my friend began by a right that was fun so check out his book. Get over. This worked everyone. I hears the best part of the news today, Sir, I didn't finally made his statement about to read, and he said this MSNBC interview, he is a saying, unequivocal, ugly
ever never happened it didn't it never happened. Now, that's parts good, If you do that denies something You dont want to say well, why do you think happened that says like a liar. But if you just say did not happen didn't happen. You might be lying, you might be told the truth, because more credible, if you just go directly at it now that this did not happen, but it wasn't all good for Joe Biden cause. He kept talking and you know that that's never good and he kept talking until he confessed. But he didn't know he confessed, you didn't know making fast. Let me read it to you. Seven years all of a sudden this gets raised here it I dont know why. After twenty, I'm not going to question her motive, he said I dont know why she saying this so far is ok.
He hasn't made his mistake, it sure comes. I dont know why, after twenty seven years, all of a sudden this gets raised here it I dont know why after twenty seven years, all of a sudden this gets raised. What's this is that's the thing that didn't happen. They didn't happen is that The way you talk about it, the thing that didn't and you say why do you think that didn't happen? get raised our twenty seven years ago. Now you do not You do not use those words if it didn't happen this sentence is basically a confession. I dont know I should say this, I don't know why, after twenty seven years, all of a sudden, this gets raised, that's a slip, and this means that happened
You can say you could say he's just a good wording, things you could tell me Then maybe those meeting is just a year is not carefully those words, maybe that's all and that's possible. I would not say things a hundred percent, but I'm pretty good at this stuff in fact over written in my books about how to detect lies and, although if ever written about this particular new, tell this glaring, as that. Somebody says: isn't that mind, reading well it would be mind reading if it weren't. If I weren't looking at evidence, so it's the evidence on looking at. Relying on imagining what was in the mind now. It is correct that simply look here. The evidence doesn't mean, I know what's in somebody's mind, so that would be
That would be mind really. But if, if somebody confesses to a crime, you can just read the confession: and maybe they don't mean it maybe they're mind is thinking something different. But if somebody in you know you say I'm being remind reader by accepting the confession, but you I just taking them turns out that the binding campaign dispatched operatives. That's right, they dispatched some operators. I love the way that, when you, do site that doesn't like the other side stead of saying yes and people from the violent campaign. Still say that I think this was on the five new site. Was on some site, etc, but they he despatched operatives. That sounds like it was written by somebody who doesn't like it Where's library causality is like a Senate documents and pay
hers or all in some kind of an archive the donated to some. University in Delaware and there's some thought that that might include the records accuser, so there might be some documentation of her accusation at the time. And there's some conspiracy, thinking that the the Biden operators snuck in an Watergate like they they removed their removal. Z, damning stuff. I just wonder if there are any handwritten notes, sore likely Flynn situation is that a if I had written out in their like number to essentially rest staff or something like that so. These speculation is up again, that Hilary is just waiting for bite into crash and burn, so she can jump in firmly on the Hilary is not going to do that. Kid doesn't and she won't flirt with it
doesn't mean she won't say directly additional I even come out of her mouth, but my production is that she can't do it and the reason is this risk of losing twice the trump would be just too hard. As she cannot guarantee the should win. If she knew she would win less they trumps popularity was an authorities. Will then yeah, Probably she would by his, popularity is sort of in this same range where he beat her last time and I dont think the Clinton Hillary Clinton has become more popular since she's, been God she's becoming more popular issue. Let me not least in terms of being a politician so Here's my psychological protection, the p are more influenced by putting she'll loss. Then potential game
The potential gain would be being president, winning. After all, that's pretty big game, so you could say to yourself and you'd be wrong. Will that such a big game gain? Of course she would have in that direction. But because she lost once- it knows how that feels. Actually how she felt Can you imagine what it felt like to be Hillary Clinton? for the first year, so after Trump one in the first year, had to derail really bad in the first night. Oh my god that in dead- and so I seriously this. Nobody take a chance on doing that twice cause if she lost him, That'S- the rest in relation to think about that. Losing. Once you can say, I won the popular vote. Yes, you ve got an out. You could say well knows
national case, but she loses twice. She can't live with that. I say the pillory will not do it, although she, by flirt with it until the other day that there might be no news left for CNN to report pretty soon, because if if too much of the news is positive for Trump. They can't talk about it, so they the other, their ignoring thee, The bite, an accuser for the most part, release downplaying it, and I joked that, The simulation needs to serve up some positive trial. Trial results for high drugs. It would be like it would be. The thing. The simulation should present. Because you what? If you really want to mainstream media, to have nothing to talk about just make sure that drugs, the clerk we actually works and letters a trial that says so You give me that I see and then there's nothing to talk about today, I'll just be dead air.
Because the last thing they want to do is admit. The trump was right from the job, because as is starting to look like he was right from the job meaning. From the very first moment he was saying you know I Jackson, earthquake in Socrates, existing drug. Isn't it dangerous, especially for short term use. Even- doctors say so they're taking it themselves Why don't we just try? It seems to be some early indication, doesn't work, it doesn't work, but not much gizzard, and he was just pilloried for that, like that was dumb, but of course, She was the smart one in the room, because it was never a healthcare decision. It was always a risk, management decision part of the risk is, is the what the experts or tell you but part of the risk is the economy too.
And as a leader he is not obliged to take one expert advice and live with it. Is obliged to look at all the advice and make a company decision, I believe the President's risk management analysis of high clerk win from the first day was spot of meaning that We didn't know often work, but In indications of the other was a good yes, and we knew the odds of hurting. You were so low that if it worked it could save. The whole economy of the world and you would be the biggest benefit ever, So the president was one hundred percent right. His critics were one hundred percent wrong Very rarely can you say that, but this, actually math. So you can say the somebody is unambiguously right when it just math. A of it was that it was the right risk investment decision.
No matter whether Hydroxyl clerk win worked or not, this assumes you have enough of it, which was the other problem they have enough. So. The president's anyway. This was reported in the zero hedge, so that doesnt have much credibility the internet world they ve been I think zero hedge has been banned from twitter, etc. So can't tell you the Euro s reports only things that are true, but they do or that the Association of American Physicians and surgeons, a p s will is represented physicians, about love, since eighteen, forty three, is just wrote a letter and saying basically, we should use this hijacked. The clerk queen, closer enough studies. If you look at all of them is pretty clear that it makes a difference. So
So that might be the news we're waiting for member. I told you that that this this next two weeks That sort of one week into the next two weeks I was talking about, would be like incredible that a whole bunch of stuff will emerge that we, you find out? Will we invent? We discover so might be amazing. I will ask this question again until some buddy offers an answer, and it goes like this. Somebody says in the comments: Scott you're, a sixty four against drugs chloroprene? Yes, still there, so I'm still at sixty percent. Chance is not a world changer. Forty percent chance it is, which is slightly different from saying: does it work a little bit, You know whether, worse a little better, not I'm not sure that we have wouldn't change anything, so let me say this
say you ve got a leader and there's these The decision to make or she and the leaders talk stole the experts and, after all, talking the experts finds out that there's a seventy percent chance. If we make this decision, things were but well and a thirty percent chance. It worked. So the least it takes the odds, the high odds, makes a decision. That is a seventy percent. She has to work out right, but then in the end it doesn't. It works out wrong Would you say the later made the wrong decision such thought experiment if the leader makes a decision that favours the odds, but it does work, L does not everything or so did the did the leader and make a mistake well in our world, we say yes, the leader made mistake, but that's just bad thinking the leader did not make it was
If you were to follow the odds every time the terrible so the to you over time. Gonna get better results. Assuming that the odds were properly calculating over time. You can have more rights right and wrong decision, The sort of the best you can do Nobody can guarantee that you got this decision right, But it is nearly a guarantee that, if follow the odds consistently over your lifetime. You're almost certainly to get better results than. If you doubt you could get bad luck and it doesn't out, but, following the odds, is always the right decision. So president Trump had followed the arts, which were let's try the stuff if it doesn't work, few people might die, but it's still worth it and that's it he couldn't say that allowed, but that's basically, there Expected value is the way you calculate that so there's actual calculation flat.
So, when the president makes a decision about opening or not he's gonna be doing a based on statistics and the odds as best we can calculate them. And I ve been saying this from the beginning since we're in a fight therefore, all our data is questionable. All that everything we are finding out- This virus is questionable, This change is wrong. It's out of context. We don't have much good information. The least good enough to be confident that decision, but decision we must make. So I've been saying that no matter what the president decides and I will extend the list of governors so slow no matter whether you're, a blue state or red state governor. I'm going to say this as clearly as I can and angry shouting this in a few months like at the moment I care about it at the quite a bit but I'm gonna really care about it later in the me. Mad goes like this,
all of these leaders. I believe what what what's best because, of course, what's best, their state or the country is what's best for them. Political so there is no difference in what in what the leaders, what They want what's good for the state and the country. And that's the only way, is good for that period, so there make The first thing you need to know are all making honest honest decisions without locations, meaning that I believe their intentions. Pretty much universally exactly where you want them, there's somebody say: Michigan getting a little political. Whatever you you can. Differences in the margins like you could say that Each thing like that whatever, but those about the big things. The other big thing is the main businesses the economy so
different, different leaders, goody, making different decisions? I believe that all of them will be well intentioned informed as best they can be informed and that logic have to take a shot at it, so I would say you should forgive all of them in advance summit. We're gonna, get it right by luck. Some then we're gonna get a really wrong. What's gonna be kind of bad luck, because there is the right answer and there is something that's gonna work better than something else, but we don't know that and everybody who says they do. No, that is the least credible personally in the covers, so if you watching the Pandit, Sir, you are you're on your own social media. Somebody is saying we must do this no matter what is no matter whether we must stay closed or we
must open up now or anything between if your positive about it you're, not very credit. Does you shouldn't be positive about something so unknowable the x? I don't know you don't know the governors disagree Looking at the same stuff world. Pretty smart. We all care we all is best for the needs of people in this country is just hard and I think we should give them a pass in advance. Because some number them are gonna make the wrong decision. I don't know but somebody's gonna be wrong and I'm say, be they Democrat or be their Republican, I can say it just as loud at the end you didn't have to make that decision. You didn't have to make that decision. The governor did be they Democrat, be they republican, be they the president,
they had to make the decision and I'm gonna give them as much freedom. I had a time as I can cause, I think that's best for me and ass for the country- I want them to a lot of the Renault. Those loans are well intentioned, I'm gonna have their backs after this even if it goes wrong, even it goes wrong, I'm going of all, is their backs. Democrat Republican because there is no right decision and we need to go pass that we need a need to grow up a little insane. He's gonna, be tough summit, We're gonna do a wrong. It's not because a dull misled because I didn't care not because our intention Wrong is just hard, that's it. I could be us in this question and I have an answer: why can't we reopen the smart way. And you know the smart way is right,
Adele again. I don't know that would work, because nobody is that good, a predictable. Future, but there is a smart way. The small way is to send young people to work and you keep the old people act protect the moral or give them the option if they want to take the choice, but Why are we treating it like its geography? Isn't that just stupid? forget about whether works out well or does it work? I obviously cannot tell the difference, I dont know if doing it by age. Obviously is actually the smart way. I don't know, but common sense tells me that sending young people back to school, etc back to work. Because Starbucks be open with twentysomethings working, the Starbucks is because
the customers will get infected. I mean there's a way to keep them away from each other, that it should be the art. So my belief my only hypothesis for why we're not doing it. The smart way just sending the young back to work right away? Is that the gun? can suggest that because it would be, the age discrimination I dont know. Can you- but I can say that out loud, but I can't think of another reason not even a potential one there's somebody is suggested. Oh it's because Scott, you forgot, you forgot because of this once this. What am I? telling tell me why a young person can go to work today. I think I think the reason that they can go to work is that the Gulf That is the wrong entity to make the decision so he says Clay Travis has been saying this for weeks. You know who else has been saying this. Every friction
citizen of the United, It states every single one, you find me One person in the United States who does not agree it was a statement. Listen the young people back to work right away for. Me. One person who disagrees with that I don't think again can and in now happening. So I imagine that if you asked a politician in public, they were equipped Kate and answer the wrong question and avoid the question. So I do if you could ask anybody, does exactly as directly I don't think anybody has an answer, but the the government, is the wrong entity because it requires kind of decisions that governments are not allowed to make, Your government is not allowed to say: I'm gonna kill this bunch of people to save this bunch of people, and yet that's what the
The this decision requires that there's no way around it. Your government has to decide who's gonna die, not by name but in terms of category Can you government decide what category is gonna die, no cause you can Do your government if it does that, if the This, as you know, will you let the people who were a week unhealthy die kit government cannot make that decision, and yet it has to be made as to cause. Somebody's gonna die either the people died from economic calamity. The people who died because they got the krona virus on their old or never come. Mobility is something the somebody he'll die. Our government is not the right institution to make decisions about who dies doesn't go? Well? We don't like him to do that looking decide you're drunk
that down to the lowest level, state, local, etc, but it seems to me that we have the right. On government to solve this problem still the best we can come up with. I mean cattle, democracy in all that the republic is still this system elbows invented, but it does have this weakness that a kid it doesnt function for this purpose. Problem they just can't and you're, seeing the results of that. You say that the president is really a. The president is a slave to the medical experts, because the only thing that the public would accept. If the president made the decision that was counter to what the medical experts say we would, accept our present a more right The medical experts said: do a and your leader does matter. What is your later? Come doubts as well, the medical experts say a bracelet.
The whole situation, Do you consider everything were better off doing b That's the end of the presidency. Done a thin. President candor, to overrule the experts in public, because that's it and of his administration. So we don't have a government that can make decisions in these situations that we need. One I think that's why we're not opening the smart way, because you can't do age discrimination and you can't do ability discrimination. Yet tell the fifty year old, with diabetes. That here he ain't gonna work. If you told me twenty five year old that they can, because our government, Doesn't allow you to do that. Sorry, keep age out of it? Well, I suppose, if you just say, bake your own decisions, then you ve kept agent of it, but that doesn't seem to be a dozen
to be on the agenda The trumps job approval sword just jumped up its jump all over the place it's all over. There is not much to say about that. I don't think anybody knows what's happening with these trumpet approval numbers, because it is changing from from week to week. So wildly don't even know striving it. It's just people are just starting to make up their minds about stuff now before the election, and then Sweden question continues witches. Girls and will tell you it's working. President Trump will tell you is not. Neither of them are true, so different way of what he had the same data he can't decide if Sweden is working, are now working well we're gonna have. Good luck, a decision for our country, so That's for me! I will talk to you tonight at the usual time.
For your evening. Periscope too Issue into your good night, sleep for now. Let's have a fund day, let's see if anybody else realises that Biden just confessed biggest. The country, probably I'm the only one who all report: I will talk to you later tonight.
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