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Episode 984 Scott Adams: Talking About Those Disagreeing Doctors, Pelosi’s Insults, Artistic Breakthroughs

2020-05-19 | 🔗

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  • Robots Read News (comic)…using CNN as a humor template
  • Defending President Trump, Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc
  • Kudos to Nancy Pelosi for using President Trump’s technique
  • Coronavirus death model tweaked DOWN
  • Fareed Zakaria’s strong piece, class decisions on coronavirus
  • Mark Cuban suggests a federal job guarantee

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The government and people of everybody you found it. You found the best place today in the morning. Congratulations on you! That's the way to start the day. Isn't this? What are you gonna going? Even better? You do. Ok, oh yeah,. Do is find yourselves. Cover among your glass, attacker gels withstand akin to injure flask vessel of any kind, fellow with your favorite liquid, like coffee,
and jointly now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dopamine either the day. The thing makes everything better, including the damn pandemic is called the simultaneous separate happens now go. I can feel the zinc being delivered. My aim to inhibitors don't even know what any that means. But if he is good sure does so, has people report again. Let me tell you about a cool thing that happens in the life of artists. Were creators whatever you want to call me, I usually don't go myself an artist gazette
just that word out enough, there's something wrong with the word artist. That just rubs me wrong. So I'd rather be a creator than artists and there's a cool thing that happens in the life of creators and you're lucky. If it would happen to you once in your life, because it such a cool feeling I'll tell you one of the times it happened once was. I was in my cubicle in nineteen, eighty eight at Pacific Bell and I was drawing- will comics on my whiteboard, my cubicle and I started developing this character. Dilber now we didn't have a name, He was just a sort of a technology worker and a big company like the people. I was working with so use a composite of people I worked with, but you didn't have a name, and so I a name the nerve to contest cycle. Will labels as namely nerd drew the picture of what would become Gilbert
we're coming by cubicle all day long. They say how it looks like you be in Irving, rode down. I think you ve Poindexter right now. I think he'll be Bruce and every time I see a name. I look at it that go now know these now Bruce he's not he's no Poindexter Irving. One day my boss at the time came in and it goes. I got it walks over that I can. I can remember like yours today. He picks up juries Parker. You I'm sitting my chair and the picturesqueness so amazingly burned into my memory,
and he writes on the board d, I l b e r t they puts the top back in the pan because, as the name of your character- and I said, watches I happen to be because I actually show my entire body of good and total, like I just gone forward in time into the future, And I saw the name on the character and felt it like. I have experienced the future, and and as he starts talking, I felt myself going back the back down the tunnel. The other direction there and I was back in nineteen. Eighty eight.
And I just looked with a name and they looked at the board and I thought what just happened. What just happened I feel like, I just saw the future From about that moment on, I could not have been taught them Dilber working Because from that moment, I just thought in all I did was follow it. I didn't even make it happen and felt like, and we obviously I didn't make it happen, but if felt like, I was just following the path that I now, if you can have their once in your life, it's amazing These moments of cream. Live or artistic clarity when things happen now, of course, you can always explain, it is false memory and make it up. Story or something so there's no way that you would fully appreciate like what that what that did my head, because a robust me up to
Who see reality just get her? inside out. Like that release. My experience reality the base we only change at all. Then there is another point. There was a point when I launched the comic it, wasn't really successful. Well, it wasn't successful so is another comic. There was going launched, do a few years and disappear, but people kept emailing me in saying you know diversity in the office this office card and the moment. I realized that I can turn it into an office comic all of the tumblers of the gears came together and I was I click. Click click if I just make this an office, comic is easier to write. You notes is gonna relate to these people and it was the answer
So that was like a second moment when I had this creative clarity, psych Ire and then Dilber felt his voice and that's a sort of Artists, talk are, is no good until it finds its voice, so we can bumper, being almost right forever and we'll never catch on but there's a moment where locks and eager ah there's the voice and the voices that was the case in Dover Comic. It's the the point. A year bosses perspective. Versus the cubicle worker. So once you understand as pointy Heerd management, verses, employee, that's the voice, and then you can write a forever well eventually that thing I'd I've been playing with his comical robust, reduce whereas just a static picture, three pictures of a robot always the same, but he's reading the news and I've been doing for a few years now. Legal often,
trotted out and try it and it was all right. Was while it is a good one, but not really The other day I was playing with it, and I realise that, if all I do is make the robots renews the way CNN does, it will be hilarious this year, then, is my point here: boss. And the moment that locked him, you can't believe how easy it is to write these comics. Now I just as an experiment with about three minutes before We're alive I wanted to see if I could write one from scratch and three minutes. I did Springer All I did was I looked at the CNN Homepage now, just the headlights hadn't headlines for their most ridiculous story: as I got there, it is the other most ridiculous interpretation.
I just made a comic book basically says what they say. I just put it into euros were a funny comic words which is so easy is ridiculous so the other thing we came to others, I'm keeping most of those comments, will be for subscribers locals about a loud that labour just sort of I tested this at the same time. Those testing locals another row? I guess somebody its meaning and the other thing is like an. I can make the character say anything I want so I can make them curse. I can make them be. Offensive do No, how long I've waited for this moment. How, I have waited as a creator too able to write a comic in which the only thing that matters is that what they say is funny. Course I'll do a little bit of self censorship because of you, my own sensibilities are now so extreme. That is the growth
but the fact that I don't ever have to control my my first impulse of what would be hilarious is is a freeing experience like you to explain to you to have happened again, we're really for the first time. It's like a completely free experience, I'm so happy! I getting stand on that on that. One So this is a little tour of what may give you some other examples of that there are moments when, for example, I was writing my book loser, think or window. When you realise exactly how to do it Rowan vaguely those you rent now that. It's a series of persuasion, lessons about how to persuade, but it did. Come together until I realized I can wrap it around the story of the election and what it wants.
I understood it as something that would put layer on top of a story. In my experience of it does, I think, ending it all came together to those that the moments that the creator can almost see the future we now really both feels like. It does, of course, make story. They is Trump saying use gonna, take that he is taking hijacks chloroprene ends in the important part. Now I did. I did a more detailed video on this list. Night. If you want to see my opinion of all the hydraulic work, we did a good job of laying out to think he last night, this we're saying if you can see it, but the summary is us. If you find yourself getting into online battles about whether The president is being crazy and this role in the world by announcing these takeovers, improve and drug unproven. I say Andrew then here's some things to say to defend yourself online
one. This unproven drug has been taken by many people for various conditions for decades. In decades, can you produce for me these statistics, showing the number of people are dying I'd like to see the url just something that shows that in fact, there are some health risk. Your first notice is really hard to find that I'm not sure it exists gave us firstly because somebody did look for it and confined it. But if you do Likes it so that the first thing is like do you have some data? There was just as dangerous. I know you say is dangerous. But what would be, for example, are a source of information because I know you like your sites. Don't you you love your science, you love you. Data.
Wanna be listening, told Orangemen bad, so, instead of listening to throb others, medical condition, why don't I listen to you? Dear dear troll, on twitter? I would like to take your advice on this. Could you provide me the link to that source? The describes the number of people statistics specifically of the people who have been damaged, this drug, because now that we have decades of experience of it would probably have a pretty good idea. Many thousands killed right now, so we could find that leg you'd be interesting, but I don't think it exists and off again, but has so that's the first act. So first, you wanna go after their sense Certainly now here's the next thing you want diagram, kill shot here. You do Eric Feminine This year, here's thy rounder kill shut. This is a risk management decision not just about
for this session and unless dear trolls, you can show me your risk management calculation with actual decision tree. The says: if you go this way, you take it. There's this percentage it'll help. This percentage will kill you, I'm this age or these core morbidity desire that this level of risk versus the other path, and the other path is well. Maybe it'll help don't really know and has an assumption that ten percent yes make Europe, make your assumption and then do the math. Now, if somebody just tell you that the president, may he a poor medical decision, you should say well, that's funny, because I really medical decision, it's a cost benefit decision in which the medical advice is part of it and the president's making a cost benefit. This. If you think, he's wrong, I think you could talk me into that.
So, by the way this is, this is a persuasion technique, instead of starting out by saying you're wrong I'm right, which is hardens everybody's defences, try saved to somebody who thinks that the president's giving bad medical, slash risk management advice say this. I think you could. I think you could talk me into that. I think you can convince me case year math and they say
math yeah. You know when you did the when you did the cost benefit calculation. What what did you multiply? What risk factors did you soon? Because if you do the math right- and I agree with your assumptions- I think we're both what he had seen news out I'll, take your assumptions I'll check. Your math is right. If it's right I'll change my mind, because this really just a math question right. We don't have to disagree is not about my priorities. It's not about my preference, since this is one of those rare cases. Worse, just math, and your bath and mine just read. It would be because we had an assumption that was different. The assumption may be that the risk of taking It is exercised, something else, but we would at least now what's the difference in assumption so
Do you think anybody ever done that math? Now now? Don't you think the experts have because you're probably see than the news on social media by now. So I would challenge any view you to simply put that little spreadsheet together I don't know me. Numbers on the spreadsheet is not a lot right. Maybe different numbers and assumptions as it that's your or model right there. And just show your assumptions give us the spreadsheet will take get around number that will be on the same page but here's the thing do not let em but get away with telling you that you made a bad risk management decision unless there won't show their work because if the cash other work there, just blah blah blah, there's nothing come now So don't accept that without the math they gotta show their work.
In the same boat, you are just chasm I loved watching and I dont This is not a joke. I know that you think that maybe this is but when I we see it in the morning which I do every day. I do it for the jokes, not just making jokes about it, which, as far as well, but because it literally makes me laugh to watch how hard stranger to tell their version of it. Not also. The Fox news doesn't also do that. I'm just saying if, for whatever reason seeing that is just funnier about it, I don't know why I mean maybe it's cuz of you know my bias or something here's the lines from one of the opinion pieces. That said the president's. The president's healthcare is normally the best. Normally
So they just write a little world question mark about The president has a good doctor, normally is the best since we are seeing an hour disagree with what the professionally trained top of the top of this field, doktor essay Let us use our CNN judgment to say that You normally normally be the best justly. That is an open question, but normally be good. I am, and of course here then is trying to mock Fox news for being inconsistent in their coverage. And what they do is they say that the Fox NEWS can't decide whether the hydraulic secure a green decision by tromp, as it is a reasonable one, was supposed to be right. You, you can always say what
reasonable it. What is it reasonable or sort of unscientific and doltish and dangerous? and they blame Fox NEWS for not being able to decide and being on both sides of the question and then used examples. Milk, Oviedo saying things and having export Lord Grenville Sarah ensures the funny way they framed. They framed as Fox NEWS can't decide. Fox news had doctors on it was the doctors who could decide. It wasn't fox news that was inconsistent. Fox news had actual trained doctors on one after another and those actual trained doctors. Didn't I The same opinions, ass, thou, Fox NEWS being inconsistent, that is, the medical community being inconsistent. That's what that is to report. That is Fox news being.
The consistent when, when the news is coming directly from the mouths of the actual medical professionals, why you're looking at it that is amazingly ballsy framing. But in any event the president is completely right. He's right. There is a reasonable for him to take the risk. And even answer, then, I think. The experts are Doktor said that in this position the situation of the president because he would be monitored so closely for his health. The EU does not have the same risk essay. Someone else in the same situation might be on Hydroxyl clerk Maybe they're not monitors as close. So they have a lecture risk. So
even see an answer. Export was a presence kind of a special case. It's not the same risk as everybody else, and I don't think I guess it was ETA cases even having inconsistent occurring because the expert and then the expert actually was asked away and trumps doktor and the experts at the AIDS just a tough call. I don't know what I do and I guess it's a tough call, so Events in ends expert that they bring on basically to say the trumps doktor is stupid or made a bad decision. You wouldn't do it, So even CNN can't determine if it's determine if it's a good idea about idea, but they can determine letters risk involved and that reasonable People are on both sides, but there's this, Is it an amazing story of Trump support is being done so down that we'll drink bleach because of the fact
whose so now another doing the thing where they get multiple examples, but they're all fake news, so they could add the present statements on Hydroxyl chloroprene by turning it into fake news about the President thinks and unproven drug works, which is now was happening. He just thinks that, given the uncertainly he likes, the odds, that's it, but they turned into. Is promoting and scientifically valid drugs and then add that to the other fake news there he promoted, which actually did. Of course, they added at the fake news. They, u promoted drinking disinfectants, which of course, didn't have so now they ve got like a less aright. Why did this he did day? if a alone was the only thing you did well I'd be wanting, but he has also done be pretty,
sure, there's a sea out. There was another fake news, I'll think of him, but now they ve got through their fate news laundry list. And what do I tell you about the laundry list? You don't need a laundry list if, if you have one good thing, I couldn't to monetary policy, for learning the trumpet insult technique? I think she got right. Did you applause Pelosi said about Trump? Now like to preface us by saying I do not approve of fat, shaming, don't approve, don't fat, shaming, no matter who is now some of that comes down to my thoughts about free? Will there's nobody, nobody ways three hundred pounds because they decided to do it. They woke up- and today I think I'll- be three hundred pounds so
there's something about free will do something about the way the different people are wired there. What is easy for some is maybe impossible for others, depending on what you think about free will. And so philosophically I just I don't. I just don't buy into marking people for their weight in any case, because this is too much part of the human experience, but watching Nancy Policy due to tramp. I can't say I can't say that I dislike that, because a sort of turn about his fair play, right, trumpets, defined the playing field she's just playing on it and so has his great line, which you know it's gonna be National NEWS was she said. Was he said, he's our president,
I would rather this she pretended to show fake concern. He's our and I would rather you not be taking something that has not been approved by the scientists. Specially at his age group and his shall we say: wait group morbidly obese they say is the best for the part, maybe love it. Is the last to worsen comma. They say because she did what Trump does which shall voice as well. There save your area, he's telling me love. People are doing everybody saying so too- is a troublesome to If the insult away from yourselves I well, they say they say, you're morbidly, obese, I might argue, with em back. You know I'm just reporting what what they say they say now. Do you think there is any chance that the phrase
morbidly obese would not be a headline today. So, if I'm being, if I'm being fair right, if I just talking about check now who's side. You agree with the policy, gets the the windows, David supply of the day is imposed, able to ignore the prefect of well done. So, there's that study of some church choir group I guess I determined that being a crowded room and sing together is just about. The worst thing you can do is one of you has grown a virus. So if you, think anybody you know has grown a virus, do not get in a small room with them and then say loudly for many minutes, I'll drive turns out. That would be a bad thing, but I like to point out a possible good thing:
This could be the beginning of the end of car. Sagging. Are you however, for the singing in cars. I have this weird situation going on. Like I said Tell your story, the figures given. Let me just say this: now you tell your story. Christie, love you watching us the laughable so. I've told you before that I don't listen to music, just sort of casually as a as a hobby. So I treat music is more of a medicinal thing. So, if I can find some music the works for my my exercise, routine, that would be good, etc. So it's basically, amusing using it specifically to inject the music to change my mood in a way I want to not just randomly listening to the radio. So, if you dont randomly listen to music,
and you're not around other people who are randomly putting on music that he would hear you never your new music. So I can go months at a time without knowing there's knew his on, because I just had never turned on anything. This Presenting Miranda Music, except if I'm in the car. If you're in the car is not unusual, that whoever is you will Turn on the radio and then I'll get it your new songs. So really there only time out ever get to your new song is in the car and on the radio. Now, if you're driving Anders somebody in the sea next year,. Who is operating a radio couldn't either one of you. But if I do driving and I usually em about rather not be the one who is also the dj causes. Why should I take my
engine off the road driving, so the dj is always the pasture and my car if I'm in charge of driving the passengers the dj safer. J. Of course, this could be done through the radio dial and taking good songs and skipping bad songs. So I'm never going to hear a new some that's a bad song, because the dj would turn to set the station. This is the first year notes. Could not our number one another. So so now, whatever you're a bad luck but we are here the good songs, because the dj will have selected the good song, So the good song comes on. What are you due to a good saw? What, if you're in a car- and you like music- and a good song comes on your signal on right, now I hear so long as I've. Never the song so proceeded things along to this.
On this, the first time I would have ever heard this all accept that if you ve ever been in a car, where the song is on and there's also somebody singing along. You know you don't Zactly or the song you here more than version of the person saying it so have gone years without actually hearing a new song. Is that quite true, But it is true: then I'll, never hear one on my own. Oh here, one one Christine is your play: either her play lister or something that she's controlling and the car she doesn't play ball. Once surfers basil, never hear it. The good ones she sings long. So actually haven't heard a new sorghum years. True story
precisely at a time when you watch list just getting but keep saying because I like it, I am here's a fugitive for you we do this if you were once injured by taking Hydroxyl chloric Queen for a few weeks back back when he had to take it for Europe, However, your malaria area Lupus earlier rheumatoid arthritis if you had bad side effects and it damage you in some way. Don't give their story way for free because I know a news network that will pay a million dollars for a good personal story about somebody was injured by the President's drug hijacks. Chloric leave, so less is little tongue in cheek financial advice for don't give that stuff away, somebody would pay a million dollars last story.
Big Krona virus death model- God tweaked slightly down so not much, but I think One of the first was one of the rare times that, if tweeted down and nobody expected it between down to now two hundred forty three- some thousand people to die by August forth ass, the model- and I I myself? That's a really good sign. Isn't that big as we ve been reopening places so to be reopening things and have even a minor tweak downward in the death rate? Now I don't know what that's gonna do this stock market, but that's a pretty hopeful sign is if two weeks for now
the death rate is the is projected down or the same. We got this thing in two weeks. We're gonna know a lot think about it, because you know you ve got that the incubation period, so I don't think we ve yet seen, the effect of states reopening it's probably a little early for that. But imagine if we two weeks and the death rate is either modestly down predict projected or even the same or even little bit up just a little bit in two weeks. If we can flat,
this thing, while also go about going back to work, we win. That's how close we're think about that. So you think he'd you're, probably thinking in terms of God. The end of this is when twenty twenty one as at the end of the year here, your brain, is putting like a you feel like you're more at the beginning of that that than at the end, but I would suggest to you that in two weeks this is the most optimistic thing I could say because we don't know this will happen, but in two weeks, if that death rate
flat or a little bit down in other ways predicted they re, not the actual, but the protection. If we get that in two weeks we win in two weeks. If that Deathray has moved, there's nothing you can do to give the american public indoors, there's nothing. You can do from giving the american public from reopening their businesses. If, if in two weeks. That number looks flat it's over now, it's not over, for anybody who is in the future will suffer and die, though be tragedies. Theirs is just of avoidable, but the the long horror of the shutdown.
It lists, intellectually, psychologically and for all practical purposes. We might know somethin two weeks, because if that number doesn't move what the hell would keep you from total social. Would you call it an acceptable, loud protests? Let's say I'm just go back to work. Here's an interesting thing- I've often talked about Siemens for Red, is a courier because I like how his mind works at he's. Take on things. Often non standard and then a good away. So, if you like, if you like to think about things, only ways is programmers. Excellent, I always enjoy watching, and He had a along model of think was yesterday, and here's issues the sentence from, I think its extraordinary
he says, imagine you're an American who works with his hands and you ve lost your job because the lockdown you turn on the tv and hear medical experts, academics, technocrats and journalists explain. We must keep the economy closed. All these people making that case have jobs. It was pretty strong. Peace makes the case that we think we're doing. We think we're making medical and health decisions. But somewhere accidentally, it became class decisions because the people making these stay safe, pronouncements are getting paid and the people who are being told to stay safe or not and It's not even close to being a c a credible situation, sort of thing you could take for a little while this year the experts do have some capital, but is now some
you should take in the long term, because the these stark difference between the people have jobs and ones who don't we're going to notice that we're going to notice that. Mark Cuban continues to be productive and one the one of the top voices I think so far in terms of the corona virus situation, stepping up into a leadership mode, much appreciated And he's got, somebody is totally worth one is that he doesn't think the free market is going to produce the eighty million jobs, we need fairly soon after in the next two years. Is us he's talking about some kind of a federal guarantee, not unlike the depression and wish you just basically of the government higher the unemployed and put him to work building in constructing things that have to be built in constructed anyway.
And ass he points out is not the kind of idea. You would have looked that if we ve been locked down for a month if we don't even like every month. Well, you let the free market is recovering. Do it's thing, but we have reached a point where the free markets gonna be a little, maybe a little sluggish, putting everybody back to work, and since we need these restructure anyway, and because, as far as I can tell, we can print money. I still have big question There are, but it looks like we can still print money. So why that I would say that Mark cuban suggestion, ray jobs, federal job guarantee? I think there should be at the top three things worth thinking about. I don't know, there's nothing wrong with that. Anything wrong with that idea? That looks like looks like it looks like it just a good idea.
And then more Cuban goes answers government until, you're sort out. We should get a thousand dollar check, every two weeks to every household, with caviar expires in ten days. If you don't use it, that's a good, that's a good add! I don't know how you could give people money than expires, though is? Can you take another account? How do you do that uttered authors and mechanism for doing that? You can do it if, if people I did. Wallis- report another builders and just say that Mark Cuban has an advisory role so he's on the trumps opening our country economically. For some reason, the right place at the right time and those are productive ideas Obviously, when I see stuff like that, I asked myself- why are there more marked Cubans doing this sort of thing unfilled, It feels like he's unusually productive with ideas.
Better there all within the I would say every one of his ideas is well within the less consider this range somebody says a debit card would do it yet if we could put that together, if we can do it, if you could get everybody a debit card, just doesn't seem like there's something you can do that quickly. Maybe you're not everybody can handle Bitcoin, but if they you'd have seldom saw a great tweet by somebody whose name I forgot to copy and paste into my nose. But you makes a really good point there that the experience with using the schools and having the situation where the online school and home schooling, and it was just a mass short of highlighted the flaws in the system, and this one, I assume, is apparent. I wish I read that
once this was good idea, but some blue check person with a good idea. They said that we should be rethought King school in terms of permanently making it a hybrid and the hybrid is not just go to school and stay there all day, and not just. Home school, but rather almost certainly there's some kind of a high bred in which you do a little bit in person bit, home or on your own pace or something I thought that was a good good taken cause, I would agree, is not gonna go all home school or online, because it s just doesn't work well that yet, but I also think it can't be go to school all day, There's something wrong with our model too, so I like this somewhere in between someplace in between that's good, well. Well! Well,
So again we are thirty chilean that and the answer open up and quit. Printing Cuban is wrong for those of you who are talking about the debt. Be advised that there's no expert agreement on the debt I'm not even sure everybody understands it, because the first You need to know is when we're printing money- that's not, let's not like our normal debt,
at about and ensure everybody understands how this works got a degree of economics, and I can't tell you the printing money is necessarily gonna be bad in this specific situation looks like looks like it might be good, but don't fall into the trap of thinking that before this happened, you knew that debt was bad right right, everybody knew TAT was bad, it's gonna crushes is gonna, kill us all so matter. Time is a time bomb waiting to go but that's not this situation. This situation is that we might be older print trillions of dollars and have no lasting impact, because inflation is went away,
well. You know somebody laughing with that. Bolgie saying this time is different. This time is always different. So that's a clever little thing you sent the stone is different, but the fact is, every time is different. If you're, if you're, trying to learn from history, you're the dumbest person and conversely, his history, doesn't repeat a cat, because when history did what it did last time, people noticed and if you notice what it did last time that tells you to modify this time so history doesn't really repeat these things get adjusted because of the last way things went all right. Somebody says it's hugely inflationary down the road, but not immediately. We don't really know that. We don't really know that
because remember prior to the growth of virus, we would have said it would be impossible to have growth as good as it was in no inflation right. Leave something like a hundred percent of the communists would have said that the year twenty nineteen wasn't possible wasn't even mathematically possible. They you'd have low inflation and great growth. Those two things just are supposed to work together, But they did so when you're saying to yourself well the obvious mathematical outcome of printing money and adding to the system is at one things. Recover they'll be too much of that sloshing around still. I don't think anybody knows that because we didn't even know that twenty nineteen could have growth and no inflation or low station. We don't know that either, apparently, we don't know how the basic economy works,
when I say we I mean you don't seem very expert suited brig predict even something that basic that you could have growth without inflation assets as basic as you can get an we. Couldn't even see that coming so when you say to yourself, I'm certain with my lack of economic education I am certain that we're running up debt or causing inflation. While you can be certain about that, but you're not a credible observer, because absolutely nobody is certain about that. If I had to guess, I think he'll be fine, properly defined. Krugman said it wasn't. Did Grognon, say: there's Grognon been correct. The lot.
This is where we get older. The crazy comments about economics, subversives, don't understand economics, but we don't know it here. The pension pension issues will be huge. I saw you have now, I'm gonna do some other stuff, and I will talk to you tonight if you missed my periscope from last night, a section on how to increase your luck now, not in the magic way, but in terms of going where you can have more luck and manipulating your life's of luck in finding better. I highly recommend I played back myself just to see if I liked it and I'm usually pretty tough on my own, my own content, but even I liked it. I just washed it myself, like, like a consumer who was laid out pretty
I was very happy with it, so I think that there is one of these small little micro, lessons five minutes, I think, and but has the potential to change your life if it changes how you look about, thus in your odds, if you do a better job of knowing whether the odds are good, your life is gonna, be a lot better. So I tried to help their and our belts, and I will see you next time.
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