Coffee With Scott Adams

Scott Adams is best known as the creator of the Dilbert comic strip. But in his daily (sometimes twice daily) podcasts, Adams uses his training as a hypnotist and a lifelong student of persuasion to analyse current events (mostly Trump-related) through a persuasion lense. In so doing, Adams offers you a new way to understand your reality. You can also expect to pick up some valuable persuasion techniques along the way.

These podcasts are the audio channels from Adams' popular Periscope videos. If you hear pauses and interruptions, Adams is probably reading comments as they come across his Periscope screen. Adams' Periscope listeners requested that he convert the Periscope videos into podcast files so they can be played offline and also use less battery power.

Most of what you will hear is spontaneous, unrehearsed and casual. The best way to listen is while sipping your favorite beverage.

Episode 1053 Scott Adams: Talking With Michael Shellenberger About Apocalypse Never, A Terrific Book 2020-07-10
Episode 1052 Scott Adams: Single Parent Households, Biden and Beethoven Both Decomposing, Ye Systems, Schools, More 2020-07-09
Episode 1051 Scott Adams: If You Can Read This, I Have Not Been Cancelled. Let’s Push it a Little Farther. 2020-07-08
Episode 1050 Scott Adams PART2: I’ll Be Testing My Freedom of Speech Today. Confederate Flags, Fake College, Bad Experts 2020-07-07
Episode 1050 Scott Adams PART1: I’ll Be Testing My Freedom of Speech Today. Confederate Flags, Fake College, Bad Experts 2020-07-07
Episode 1049 Scott Adams: Trump’s Bubba Wallace Tweet, Abolitionist Statues, Fake News 2020-07-06
Episode 1048 Scott Adams: Kanye Enters the Race, Dark and Divisive Speeches, Magic Mushrooms, Bleaching Rooms 2020-07-05
Episode 1047 Scott Adams: That “Dark” Speech at Mt. Rushmore That Looked Unifying to You 2020-07-04
Episode 1046 Scott Adams: #BLM, Strategy, HCQ, Kamala, Fixing Schools and More 2020-07-03
Episode 1045 Scott Adams: Republicans Being Hunted, Trump Masks, CHOP Stop, Racist Statue Chess 2020-07-02
Episode 1044 Scott Adams: Special Guest Carson Griffith and Lots About the Protests and Biden 2020-07-01
Episode 1043 Scott Adams: Secondary Simultaneous Sip, This Time With Better Anger Management 2020-06-30
Episode 1042 Scott Adams: Let’s Talk About All the Bad People and Funny People 1:03:12 2020-06-29
Episode 1041 Scott Adams: Let’s Talk About All the Fake News Today 0:42:00 2020-06-28
Episode 1040 Scott Adams PART2: What Everyone Gets Wrong About Everything and Who Wins the Presidency 0:45:17 2020-06-27
Episode 1040 Scott Adams PART1: What Everyone Gets Wrong About Everything and Who Wins the Presidency 0:45:04 2020-06-27
Episode 1039 Scott Adams: Talking With Congressman Matt Gaetz About All the Hot Topics, Then More From Me 0:59:25 2020-06-26
Episode 1038 Scott Adams: I Reclaim my Freedom of Speech Today. Sorry About You Losing Yours 1:09:38 2020-06-25
Episode 1037 Scott Adams PART2: Talking About Bubba’s Garage Door Pull, Free Speech Fighting Back, Facebook Bad Behavior, Biden’s Brain 0:28:54 2020-06-24
Episode 1037 Scott Adams PART1: Talking About Bubba’s Garage Door Pull, Free Speech Fighting Back, Facebook Bad Behavior, Biden’s Brain 0:45:08 2020-06-24
Episode 1036 Scott Adams: White-Looking Jesus, Fake News Being More Shameless Than Usual, Presidential Tweets 0:53:26 2020-06-23
Episode 1035 Scott Adams: Let’s Talk About Bolton and Stuff 0:57:34 2020-06-22
Episode 1034 Scott Adams: Tulsa Rally, Oxygen on Mars, Chinese Election Interference, Racism Strategy 0:58:04 2020-06-21
Episode 1033 Scott Adams: Talking About Systemic Racism 0:54:37 2020-06-20
Episode 1032 Scott Adams: Why Your Vote is Irrelevant This Time, My Musical Debut, Evil Triangles, Baby Memes, Supreme Court 1:04:52 2020-06-19
Episode 1031 Scott Adams: News. Lots of it. 1:05:40 2020-06-18
Episode 1030 Scott Adams: Let’s Talk About the Red Pills Coming 1:01:24 2020-06-17
Episode 1029 Scott Adams: Let’s Get Me Cancelled Today 2020-06-16
Episode 1028 Scott Adams: I Help You Calculate Reparations, CHAZ Updates, How to Fix Everything That is Broken 0:51:47 2020-06-15
Episode 1027 Scott Adams PART2: I Solve Police Racism in Terms of Killing, Talk About Deadly Force. 0:24:06 2020-06-14
Episode 1027 Scott Adams PART1: I Solve Police Racism in Terms of Killing, Talk About Deadly Force. 0:45:05 2020-06-14
Episode 1026 Scott Adams: Today I Solve Systemic Racism, But Only in the Independent Nation of my House 2020-06-13
Episode 1025 Scott Adams: Why the Protests are a Huge Success, How to Solve Racism 1:03:46 2020-06-12
Episode 1024 Scott Adams: Let’s Get Me Cancelled Today 0:56:29 2020-06-11
Episode 1023 Scott Adams: I Fix the Racism Problem in America With a Whiteboard, Ironically. You Won’t Want to Miss it. 0:46:05 2020-06-10
Episode 1022 Scott Adams: Dale the Anti-Trumper Explains Defunding the Police. Antifa, Free Speech I Don’t Have and More 0:58:16 2020-06-09
Episode 1021 Scott Adams: Lying Statistics, Trump Poll Numbers Plummet, Democrat Strategy Debacle, Harris Versus Warren, BLM 0:54:02 2020-06-08
Episode 1020 Scott Adams: I Solve Institutional Racism While You Wait. Someone Should Have Asked me Sooner. 2020-06-07
Episode 1019 Scott Adams: Empathy as a System, The Thing That Could Have Ended Protests, Trump’s Best Week Ever 0:53:06 2020-06-06
Episode 1018 Scott Adams: Employment, News NOT Covering Protests, Biden Hates Us and More 0:53:01 2020-06-05
Episode 1017 Scott Adams PART2: I Teach You How to Break Others Free From Their delusions. We Might Need That. 2020-06-04
Episode 1017 Scott Adams PART1: I Teach You How to Break Others Free From Their delusions. We Might Need That. 0:45:04 2020-06-04
Episode 1016 Scott Adams PART2: News Blackout on the Protests, Let’s See How the Country is Doing Today 2020-06-03
Episode 1016 Scott Adams PART1: News Blackout on the Protests, Let’s See How the Country is Doing Today 0:45:04 2020-06-03
Episode 1015 Scott Adams: Let’s Watch the Peaceful Protestors Have a Polite Chat With De Blasio 0:33:26 2020-06-03
Episode 1014 Scott Adams PART2: The Strategy of the Protestors and Where it is Heading 0:29:49 2020-06-02
Episode 1014 Scott Adams PART1: The Strategy of the Protestors and Where it is Heading 0:45:04 2020-06-02
Episode 1013 Scott Adams: Chinese Fentanyl Was in George Floyd. Explains Everything. 0:07:54 2020-06-01
Episode 1012 Scott Adams: Black Americans, Your “Leaders” Are Leading You Off a Cliff. Profanity Guaranteed. 0:18:17 2020-06-01
Episode 1011 Scott Adams: Let’s Talk About Antifa and Looters Setting Civil Rights Back a Decade 1:08:09 2020-06-01
Episode 1010 Scott Adams: Tell Me About the Riots in Your Town. Mine is Heating up Now. And More. Relax! 0:46:29 2020-06-01
Episode 1009 Scott Adams: The Antifa Virus That Makes its Host Economically Unviable 0:43:39 2020-05-31
Episode 1008 Scott Adams: Protest Theater, Why BLM Are Almost Republicans, Lancet Debunked, Rocket Launches 0:35:35 2020-05-31
Episode 1006 Scott Adams: Brainwashing the Public, Enemy of the People, Social Media Censorship, China and More 0:46:46 2020-05-30
Episode 1005 Scott Adams: My Goodness, So Much News. Let’s Talk. 2020-05-30
Episode 1004 Scott Adams: Polite Riots, Social Media Regulation, Poorly Educated News Consumers 0:24:17 2020-05-29
Episode 1003 Scott Adams: Catch Up on News, How to Persuade Your Boss to Give You a Raise 0:42:40 2020-05-29
Episode 1002 Scott Adams: Today You Learn That All the News is Pretend News 1:00:46 2020-05-28
Episode 1001 Scott Adams: Twitter Fact-Checking, Ballot Harvesting Malarkey, The Poorly Educated, The Future of Space 0:38:04 2020-05-28
Episode 1000 Scott Adams: Twitter Fact Checking, Police Versus Suspects, Ballot Harvesting 0:35:22 2020-05-27
Episode 999 Scott Adams: Totally Real Joe Biden Joins me For a Digital Town Hall. In His Mask. Because He is a Role Model 0:31:04 2020-05-27
Episode 998 Scott Adams: Basement Biden, Poorly Educated CNN Viewers, Robot Defense Strategy, HCQ Fun, Karens 0:42:56 2020-05-26
Episode 997 Scott Adams: There Will be Cursing Tonight. Lots of Cursing. Hide the Children. 0:53:12 2020-05-26
Episode 996 Scott Adams: Freedom Breaking Out Everywhere, China Behaving Badly, Hydroxychloroquine Fake News 0:35:43 2020-05-25
Episode 995 Scott Adams: Psssst. I Think We Won The War. Take a Look at the #GoldenAge of Education That is Coming 0:16:31 2020-05-25
Episode 994 Scott Adams: Convalescent Blood Plasma, Biden, Golf, and Scarborough 0:47:02 2020-05-24
Episode 993 Scott Adams: CDC Blunders, Biden DNA Test App 0:22:32 2020-05-24
Episode 992 Scott Adams PART2: I Put on my Angry Pope Hat and Make Rulings About Churches, Pharma, News Business and More 0:24:52 2020-05-23
Episode 992 Scott Adams PART1: I Put on my Angry Pope Hat and Make Rulings About Churches, Pharma, News Business and More 0:45:07 2020-05-23
Episode 991 Scott Adams: Taking Your Questions and Making Your Fears Disappear 0:28:21 2020-05-23
Episode 990 Scott Adams: Biden and Charlamagne Tha God, More Bad HCQ Studies, Scary Orange Man Complaints, Masks 0:41:08 2020-05-22
Episode 989 Scott Adams: I Tell You How to Find Meaning For Your Life 0:20:38 2020-05-22
Episode 988 Scott Adams: Things Getting Back to Normal Because the News is About Racism Again. Normal Might be Overrated. 0:49:48 2020-05-21
Episode 987 Scott Adams: Queen of Dragons McEnany, Manufactured News, Trump’s Performance, Hydroxychloroquine, Flynn 0:36:50 2020-05-21
Episode 986 Scott Adams: Was Live and Sipping 2020-05-20
Episode 985 Scott Adams: A Bubble Reality I Recently Discovered, What I Learned About Learning 2020-05-20
Episode 984 Scott Adams: Talking About Those Disagreeing Doctors, Pelosi’s Insults, Artistic Breakthroughs 0:44:37 2020-05-19
Episode 983 Scott Adams: Talking About Hydroxychloroquine and Then I Teach You How to Get Lucky 0:35:38 2020-05-19
Episode 982 Scott Adams: The Good News Bubbling up Everywhere, How to Tell a Writer From an Asshole 0:55:09 2020-05-18
Episode 981 Scott Adams: A Glimpse of the Coming #GoldenAge For the Economy and Humans Too 0:36:45 2020-05-18
Episode 980 Scott Adams: I Create a Bubble Reality of Positivity For You to Live in Until a Least Monday 0:58:49 2020-05-17
Episode 979 Scott Adams: Buggy Imperial Prediction Model, Reverse Leadership, and Carrier Wave for Persuasion 0:31:14 2020-05-17
Episode 978 Scott Adams: Proxy Voting Schemes, Trump’s Coronavirus Report Card, Biden’s Raisin-Brain 1:00:32 2020-05-16
Episode 977 Scott Adams: Ego Management, SPOX Level Absurd, Talent Stacks and Fun 0:34:12 2020-05-16
Episode 976 Scott Adams: The COVID-19 Cure, Biden’s Raisen-Brain, the “Worse Than Watergate” Guy 0:53:45 2020-05-15
Episode 975 Scott Adams: Systems Versus Goals for Creators 0:14:53 2020-05-14
Episode 974 Scott Adams: Comparing the Experts to Average Idiots, Who is Performing Better, Unmasking 0:42:12 2020-05-14
Episode 973 Scott Adams: Trying Again With Sound…From My Car 0:45:20 2020-05-14
Episode 972 Scott Adams: Coffee and Cursing Over School Reopening Delays, Red Pill You on Obamagate 0:42:41 2020-05-13
Episode 971 Scott Adams: A Micro Lesson on Affirmations. Can You Program Your Reality? 0:35:14 2020-05-13
Episode 970 Scott Adams: ObamaGate, COVID19 Fake News, Fake Polls and Fun 1:04:03 2020-05-12
Episode 969 Scott Adams: I’m Here. Where Are You? 0:53:29 2020-05-12
Episode 968 Scott Adams: Simultaneous Sip Now 0:54:31 2020-05-11
Episode 967 Scott Adams: I Teach You How to Reprogram Your Brain Using the Simulation Filter 0:31:21 2020-05-11
Episode 966 Scott Adams: I Mock the Kids Table, Talk About Musk, Update You on Stuff 0:29:00 2020-05-10
Episode 965 Scott Adams: Teaching You the User Interface for Reality and How to Author Your Life With it 0:32:39 2020-05-10
Episode 964 Scott Adams: Grab Your Beverage Because it’s Time For… 1:02:55 2020-05-09
Episode 963 Scott Adams: Reviewing the Two Movies of Reality and the New Press Secretary’s First Days 0:52:46 2020-05-09
Episode 962 Scott Adams: No One Knows Anything But We Still Have to Decide How to reopen Economy 1:07:18 2020-05-08
Episode 961 Scott Adams: Flynn, Freedom, Vitamin D, Biden’s Brain and More 0:44:01 2020-05-08
Episode 960 Scott Adams: Fake News, Bad Math, Bad Mind-Reading, Bad Behavior in the News 0:56:38 2020-05-07
Episode 959 Scott Adams: Join Me in My Fortress of Garagitude 0:48:54 2020-05-07
Episode 958 Scott Adams: Grab Your Beverage and Buckle Up 0:46:33 2020-05-06
Episode 957 Scott Adams: Let Me Tell You About the Psychedelic Mushroom I Accidentally Ingested Called CNN 0:53:25 2020-05-06
Episode 956 Scott Adams: Come Sip the News 1:08:48 2020-05-05
Episode 955 Scott Adams: Extra Cussing Tonight. Put the Kids to Bed. Close Your Windows, Get Under the Covers 0:49:44 2020-05-05
Episode 954 Scott Adams: Let’s Talk About All the Good News, Because Others Talk About the Bad Stuff 0:57:53 2020-05-04
Episode 953 Scott Adams: I Score President Trump’s Coronavirus Performance, 4th Branch of Government, Solve Some Hoaxes and More 0:53:12 2020-05-04
Episode 952 Scott Adams: Talking About Fake Kim Jong-Un, Treason, Waco and Coronavirus 0:51:14 2020-05-03
Episode 951 Scott Adams: Get in Here! 0:33:25 2020-05-03
Episode 950 Scott Adams: Don’t Miss My One-Act Play Called Kim Jong-Un Plans His Schedule 1:00:02 2020-05-02
Episode 949 Scott Adams: Fun Thoughts Before Bed 0:28:16 2020-05-02
Episode 948 Scott Adams: Join Me For a Quick Laugh About the Funniest Biden Kill Shot Ever 0:10:18 2020-05-01
Episode 947 Scott Adams: Talking With Dave Rubin About His New Book Don’t Burn This Book, Biden and Therapeutics 1:03:00 2020-05-01
Episode 946 Scott Adams: Biden Versus Trump, Food Psychology, Your Questions and More 0:51:22 2020-05-01
Episode 945 Scott Adams: Oh My Goodness, What Fun We Will Have This Morning While Sipping 0:46:18 2020-04-30
Episode 944 Scott Adams: FBI Flynn-Flammers, A Slew of Fake News and some Funny Stuff Before Bed 0:43:25 2020-04-30
Episode 943 Scott Adams: Join the Best Coffee With Scott Adams of All Time. There Will Be Anger 1:05:39 2020-04-29
Episode 942 Scott Adams: Playing With My Cat and Answering Viewer Questi… 0:10:54 2020-04-28
Episode 941 Scott Adams: I Overslept. Come Sip With Me. 0:46:57 2020-04-28
Episode 940 Scott Adams: Sleepy Joe, General Flynn, How to do Civil Disobedience, Flat Curves 0:51:37 2020-04-28
Episode 939 Scott Adams: Fake News and Loserthink in the Headlines That is Humorously Dumb 0:53:13 2020-04-27
Episode 938 Scott Adams: 4-Dimensional Energy Creatures, Prizes that Are Noble, Dash of Fake News 0:50:28 2020-04-27
Episode 937 Scott Adams: Uncanny Valley of Gullible Zombies, Funny Biden Tweets, Disappearing Videos 1:04:56 2020-04-26
Episode 936 Scott Adams: All the Funniest Stories and Good News Since This Morning 1:00:29 2020-04-26
Episode 935 Scott Adams: Talking Questions About Clorox and Lysol 0:38:51 2020-04-25
Episode 934 Scott Adams: Learn the True Story About Wuhan, What pairs Well With Fish Tank Cleaner? 0:50:17 2020-04-25
Episode 933 Scott Adams: Let’s Have a Laugh About the National IQ Test That Half of the Public is Failing 0:45:50 2020-04-24
Episode 932 Scott Adams: Talking About the Sleepy Guy in the Basement of a House (Not Moving Too Much) 0:47:17 2020-04-24
Episode 931 Scott Adams: Let’s Make Bad Comparisons Like Pundits and Drink Delicious Beverages 1:03:50 2020-04-23
Episode 930 Scott Adams: Bedtime Stories of Heroics and Failures. Plus Your Questions. 0:51:18 2020-04-23
Episode 929 Scott Adams: The Green New Deal is Dead. Joe Biden Still Hiding. Carl Stories. 1:07:21 2020-04-22
Episode 928 Scott Adams: Free College, Teach Math to Pundits and Demise of the Green New Deal 0:40:20 2020-04-22
Episode 927 Scott Adams: Is Biden Out of the Race? Kim Jong-Un Brain Dead? Is Immigration Racist? 0:46:31 2020-04-21
Episode 926 Scott Adams: Join Me to Ease Into a Great Night of Sleep. Yes, I am That Boring. 0:29:52 2020-04-21
Episode 925 Scott Adams: You Know What Goes Well With Coffee? Oh, I Think You Do. Get in Here. 0:50:14 2020-04-20
Episode 924 Scott Adams: Learn the User Interface For Reality 0:40:02 2020-04-20
Episode 923 Scott Adams: #Coronavirus, The Simulation and Next Level Human Awareness 0:49:27 2020-04-19
Episode 922 Scott Adams: Feel Better Before Drifting Off to Sleep Later. Learn a New Filter on Reality. 0:36:24 2020-04-19
Episode 920 Scott Adams: Predicting the Next Chapter in the Virus Saga 0:23:32 2020-04-18
Episode 919 Scott Adams: Let’s Talk About All the Things. And I Take Your Questions. 1:01:53 2020-04-18
Episode 918 Scott Adams: I Evaluate the Economic Reopening Strategies so You Don’t Have to 1:05:33 2020-04-17
Episode 917 Scott Adams: Let’s Talk About That Trump Reopening Plan 0:47:31 2020-04-17
Episode 916 Scott Adams: Come Learn About Bigfoot and Bill Gates and Their Plot to Destroy the Galaxy 1:11:13 2020-04-16
Episode 915 Scott Adams: If You Can’t Bank it, Blanket! Come Feel Better. 0:33:42 2020-04-16
Episode 914 Scott Adams: The Best Simultaneous Sip EVER is Right Here 0:51:58 2020-04-15
Episode 913 Scott Adams: Was LIVE 0:47:40 2020-04-15
Episode 912 Scott Adams: Watch me Fact-Check the Fact Checkers While Sipping Coffee With You 0:52:15 2020-04-14
Episode 911 Scott Adams: Swaddle and Learn Surprising Things 0:40:45 2020-04-14
Episode 910 Scott Adams: Have You Been Brainwashed by the Government? Find Out Today! 0:51:35 2020-04-13
Episode 909 Scott Adams: Was Live 1:01:12 2020-04-13
Episode 908 Scott Adams: Happy Easter! Get Closer to God With the Simultaneous Sip. 1:03:35 2020-04-12
Episode 907 Scott Adams: Swaddling Your Questions Like it Was Nothing. Get in Here. 0:46:51 2020-04-12
Episode 906 Scott Adams: Simultaneous Sip Doesn’t Happen on its Own. Get in Here. 0:57:52 2020-04-11
Episode 905 Scott Adams: Swaddle in Place. Come Learn a Useful Trick With Me. 0:56:30 2020-04-11
Episode 904 Scott Adams: Today I Blow Your Mind. Goes Well With Coffee 0:54:52 2020-04-10
Episode 903 Scott Adams: Good News is Breaking Out Everywhere. Swaddle Up and Get Some. 0:36:14 2020-04-10
Episode 902 Scott Adams: I Tell You About My Experience With Models. No, Not That Kind. 0:55:30 2020-04-09
Episode 901 Scott Adams: I Feel a Sensational Simultaneous Swaddle Coming on. Don’t Resist! 0:51:50 2020-04-09
Episode 900 Scott Adams: Why I Have Decided to Identify as Woman to Lower My #Coronavirus Risk 0:55:22 2020-04-08
Episode 899 Scott Adams: Answering You Questions and Swaddling Like a Pro. Blankets On! 1:03:22 2020-04-08
Episode 898 Scott Adams: How Many Grandmas Would You End to Get Back to Work? Make Your Case 0:59:21 2020-04-07
Episode 896 Scott Adams: My #Coronavirus Ventriloquist Act is Not to be Missed 0:51:03 2020-04-06
Episode 895 Scott Adams: Catch up on the Day and Learn Some Tricks for Relaxing 0:37:54 2020-04-06
Episode 893 Scott Adams: Sip Time. Get in Here. 0:45:57 2020-04-05
Episode 892 Scott Adams: Simultaneous Swaddling and Taking Questions. Get in Here! 0:55:12 2020-04-05
Episode 891 Scott Adams: Sip and Learn 0:38:22 2020-04-05
Episode 890 Scott Adams: Swaddle With Scott is Happening Now! 0:55:10 2020-04-05
Episode 889 Scott Adams: Simultaneous Sipping With a Cartoonist Who Needs a Haircut 0:57:50 2020-04-03
Episode 888 Scott Adams: Swaddle Away Your Cares and Ease Into a Great Night of Sleep 0:48:38 2020-04-03
Episode 887 Scott Adams: Grab Your Beverage and Get in Here! 0:55:53 2020-04-03
Episode 886 Scott Adams: Swaddle up to Your Screen. It’s Time for Positive Thoughts Before Bed. 0:32:38 2020-04-03
Episode 885 Scott Adams: Announcing my Candidacy for President of the United States 0:53:58 2020-04-03
Episode 884 Scott Adams: Taking Questions and Solving Pandemics Like it’s Nothing 0:56:59 2020-04-03
Episode 883 Scott Adams: I’ll be Taking Over for our Lying Surgeon General. Come Get New Guidelines. 0:45:21 2020-04-03
Episode 882 Scott Adams: Simultaneous Swaddle Time. See my Joe Biden Impression. 0:51:31 2020-04-03
Episode 881 Scott Adams: Sip Away Your Cares and Learn What the Future Holds 0:53:40 2020-04-03
Episode 880 Scott Adams: Enjoy the Simultaneous Swaddle and DIY Ventilator Instructions 0:39:09 2020-04-03
Episode 872 Scott Adams: Ask Me Anything For the Simultaneous Swaddle 0:53:34 2020-03-26
Episode 871 Scott Adams: It’s Time to Stop Using an Obama Afghanistan Strategy Against a Virus 0:47:17 2020-03-25
Episode 870 Scott Adams: Simultaneous Swaddling and Good Thoughts Before Bed 0:48:05 2020-03-25
Episode 869 Scott Adams: There Will be Cursing. And Coffee. Let’s End the Political Career of Porkers 0:58:23 2020-03-24
Episode 868 Scott Adams: Grab a Soft Blanket and Get Ready to Relax Before Bed 0:37:39 2020-03-24
Episode 867 Scott Adams PART2: Sip the Morning Away and Get a Great Start 0:34:46 2020-03-23
Episode 867 Scott Adams PART1: Sip the Morning Away and Get a Great Start 0:45:06 2020-03-23
Episode 866 Scott Adams: Wrapped in a Blanket and Answering Your Questions 0:51:18 2020-03-23
Episode 865 Scott Adams PART2: Good Morning, Shut-Ins. Let’s Sip! 0:38:52 2020-03-22
Episode 865 Scott Adams PART1: Good Morning, Shut-Ins. Let’s Sip! 0:45:04 2020-03-22
Episode 864 Scott Adams: Pls I’ve Thoughts Before Bedtime While Self-Swaddling In a Warm Blanket 0:37:44 2020-03-22
Episode 863 Scott Adams PART2: Let Me Tell You How We Beat the Virus and Get Back to Work Soon 0:30:39 2020-03-21
Episode 863 Scott Adams PART1: Let Me Tell You How We Beat the Virus and Get Back to Work Soon 0:45:15 2020-03-21
Episode 862 Scott Adams: Goodnight Vibes. Forget Your Cares 0:54:55 2020-03-21
Episode 861 Scott Adams: Sipping the Crisis Away. Join Me! 1:08:24 2020-03-20
Episode 860 Scott Adams: Relaxing You Before Bed 0:23:33 2020-03-20
Episode 859 Scott Adams: Humans Rule, Coronavirus is About to Drool. We Are Going Weapons Hot Soon 0:44:37 2020-03-19
Episode 858 Scott Adams: Come Relax With Me. You Need it. 0:35:19 2020-03-18
Episode 857 Scott Adams: Start Your Morning Right With Some Positivity 1:08:19 2020-03-18
Episode 856 Scott Adams: Making You Feel Better Before Bed 0:26:43 2020-03-18
Episode 855 Scott Adams: Simultaneously Sipping the Crisis Away. Relax for a Few With Me 1:03:08 2020-03-17
Episode 854 Scott Adams: Special Crisis Periscope Because What Else Have I Got To Do? 0:30:27 2020-03-16
Episode 853 Scott Adams: Simultaneous Sipping, #Coronavirus, The Nursing Home Pillow Fight 0:58:36 2020-03-16
Episode 852 Scott Adams: Afternoon #WuFlu Chat 0:27:43 2020-03-15
Episode 851 Scott Adams: #WuFlu and Coffee 1:01:30 2020-03-15
Episode 850 Scott Adams: #WuFlu and Coffee 1:12:36 2020-03-14
Episode 849 Scott Adams: Biden’s Addled Brain, Chinese Bots, Loserthink, Ventilators, #WuhanFlu 0:52:26 2020-03-13
Episode 848 Scott Adams: #WuhanVirus, Trump’s Nat’l Address, Tom Hanks, Stocks, Bitcoin 1:02:10 2020-03-12
Episode 847 Scott Adams: Bernie’s Great Week (He Doesn’t Know it Yet), Coronavirus Loserthink 0:27:39 2020-03-11
Episode 846 Scott Adams: Which Presidential Candidate Might Survive to Election Day, Social Distancing 0:40:33 2020-03-10
Episode 845 Scott Adams: Oil Prices, Coronavirus, Stock Market, Oh My! Sip Coffee and Chillax With Me 0:43:19 2020-03-10
Episode 844 Scott Adams: Biden’s VP Pick, #Covid-19 and the Usual Fun 1:05:38 2020-03-10
Episode 843 Scott Adams: Taking Questions on the News and Coronavirus 0:57:39 2020-03-10
Episode 842 Scott Adams: Biden, Coronavirus, MSNBC Trying to do Math and Other Disasters 0:53:38 2020-03-10
Episode 841 Scott Adams: Let’s Sip! 0:43:01 2020-03-05
Episode 840 Scott Adams: Conversation With Naval Ravikant About Coronavirus 2020-03-05
Episode 839 Scott Adams: Black Voters Saved the Country, Coronavirus Expectations, Facemask Loserthink 0:48:26 2020-03-05
Episode 838 Scott Adams: Biden’s Brain, How to Stop Coronavirus, Bernie’s Math 0:58:09 2020-03-05
Episode 837 Scott Adams: Talking Turkey, Democrat’s “B” Team, Coronavirus Predictions, Twitter Takeover 0:49:03 2020-03-05
Episode 836 Scott Adams: The Biden Bounce, Bernie’s Math, Iran’s Zombie Apocalypse, Uighur Slave Sneakers 1:07:21 2020-03-05
Episode 835 Scott Adams: #HOAX8, Travel Restrictions, Large Gatherings, Peace in Afghanistan, How to Cure Terrorism 0:59:01 2020-03-05
Episode 834 Scott Adams: All The #Loserthink Around Coronavirus 0:55:38 2020-02-28
Episode 832 Scott Adams: Why Bloomberg Won the Debate, Why Bernie is Mortally Wounded, Coronavirus Politics 1:00:06 2020-02-28
Episode 831 Scott Adams: Bernie’s “Fact Sheet” on Paying for Stuff, Biden, Coronavirus 0:49:59 2020-02-28
Episode 830 Scott Adams: Bloomberg as the T*rd in the Punch Bowl, Bernie and Fidel, Healthcare 0:54:08 2020-02-28
Episode 829 Scott Adams: Why Bernie Can’t Beat Trump, California Homeless Solutions, Biden Hallucinations 0:44:38 2020-02-28
Episode 828 Scott Adams: Blago – The Poor Man’s Roger Stone, Russia Putin its Nose in Our Election, Robot Socialists 0:47:35 2020-02-22
Episode 827 Scott Adams: Dale Informs POTUS of New Election Interference, Then I Take Questions 0:36:39 2020-02-21
Episode 826 Scott Adams: Democrat Debate in a City Famous for Craps (Not SF), Stone Prediction 0:46:07 2020-02-20
Episode 825 Scott Adams: Heavily Medicated But Not Down 0:42:44 2020-02-19
Episode 824 Scott Adams: The Bernie Bomb, Bloomberg’s VP Pick, Irrelevant Biden, Stealth Reparations 0:47:52 2020-02-18
Episode 823 Scott Adams: Fareed Zakaria Calls Bernie’s Climate Plan “Magical Thinking,” Trump at Daytona 500 0:45:56 2020-02-17
Episode 822 Scott Adams: Was Live! (Here’s the Replay) 0:34:27 2020-02-16
Episode 821 Scott Adams: Democrats Realizing “Maybe the Problem is us,” Coronavirus Mysteries 0:45:20 2020-02-15
Episode 820 Scott Adams: Valentines Whiteboard Lesson on Winning Versus Losing Frames. (This Will Change Some Lives.) 0:09:58 2020-02-14
Episode 819 Scott Adams: Talking About Barr, Stone, Swalwell and Taking Questions on Valentine’s Day 2020-02-14
Episode 818 Scott Adams: Coming in HOT. There Will be Cursing 0:45:55 2020-02-13
Episode 817 Scott Adams: Who REALLY Won in New Hampshire, New Stupid Attack on Trump 0:56:58 2020-02-12
Episode 816 Scott Adams: Bloomberg’s Odds, Mayor Pete’s Military Service, Types of Nationalists, Nuclear Families 0:48:30 2020-02-12
Episode 815 Scott Adams: Odds of Coronavirus Being a Bio Weapon, AOC Primaries Schumer? Dog-Faced Pony Soldiers 0:57:53 2020-02-12
Episode 814 Scott Adams: “Extremist Face”, Van Jones the One-Eyed King, Bad Risk Management, Blame 0:56:40 2020-02-12
Episode 813 Scott Adams: The Strongest Democrat Presidential Candidate, and an Inspirational Story 0:46:42 2020-02-12
Episode 812 Scott Adams: James Woods is Back, Donny Deutsch Gets Cancelled, Optimism is High 0:56:28 2020-02-12
Episode 811 Scott Adams: Iowa Proving the Best Movie Plot Wins, Impeaching Pelosi, Dems Going Crazy 0:48:37 2020-02-12
Episode 810 Scott Adams: A Rip-Roaring Tour of the SOTU, Iowa’s IOU, Shampeachment 0:35:16 2020-02-12
Episode 809 Scott Adams: Iowa Caucus, “Sloppiest Train Wreck in History,” Schiff Sells Alaska to Russia 0:41:39 2020-02-12
Episode 808 Scott Adams: Super Pole Dancing, Iowa, #BloombergBox Sales, Brainwashed vs Lying 0:41:29 2020-02-12
Episode 803 Scott Adams: Dale the Anti-Trumper Argues Against Alan Dershowitz, ME Success, Word-Thinking 0:50:17 2020-01-30
Episode 802 Scott Adams: Hunter Biden “Wrongdoing”, Israel Peace Plan, Impeachment, Coronavirus 0:50:03 2020-01-29
Episode 801 Scott Adams: David Mittelman on DNA Opportunities, Sour Don Lemon, Impeachment, China 0:56:27 2020-01-28
Episode 800 Scott Adams: The Bolton “Bombshell” and Coronavirus 0:29:54 2020-01-27
Episode 799 Scott Adams: Coronavirus Liars, Biden’s New Ad Persuasion, Impeachment Scorecard, More 0:55:54 2020-01-26
Episode 798 Scott Adams: The Clearview AI app that Identifies Criminals, With David Scalzo, Plus Impeachment 1:00:10 2020-01-25
Episode 797 Scott Adams PART2: (Continued) Mopey Dick Trying to Harpoon Trump and More Topics 0:27:35 2020-01-24
Episode 797 Scott Adams PART1: Extra Cursing Today, Mopey Dick Trying to Harpoon Trump, Coronavirus, FISA Abuse 0:45:08 2020-01-24
Episode 796 Scott Adams: Winning Shampeachment Theater, Mnuchin Versus Greta, Chinese Election Tampering 0:35:36 2020-01-23
Episode 795 Scott Adams: Impeachment Theater Winners and Losers, Shadowbanning Update, Food From Air 0:53:12 2020-01-22
Episode 794 Scott Adams: Impeachment Strategy, Hillary Neuters Bernie, Climate Non-Hoaxes, Zombie Killers 0:57:05 2020-01-21
Episode 793 Scott Adams: Impeachment Super Bowl, TDS Update, NYT’s Endorsement, Sleep Tricks 0:48:21 2020-01-20
Episode 792 Scott Adams PART2of2: Some New Reality Filters to Ease Anxiety 0:38:08 2020-01-19
Episode 792 Scott Adams PART1of2: Impeachment Stains, Mexican Cartels Theory 0:36:59 2020-01-19
Episode 791 Scott Adams Excerpt: I Will Rewire Your Brains to Relieve Anxiety 0:23:20 2020-01-18
Episode 791 Scott Adams: The News First, Then I Will Rewire Your Brains to Relieve Anxiety 0:50:28 2020-01-18
Episode 790 Scott Adams: Shampeachment Entertainment, Iran’s Scary Clowns 0:49:16 2020-01-17
Episode 789 Scott Adams: #Shampeachment Theater, Liz and Bernie, Lev Parnas, China Deal 1:00:30 2020-01-16
Episode 788 Scott Adams: The Whitest Democrats Running For President, Ukraine Confusion 1:03:12 2020-01-15
Episode 787 Scott Adams: Pinnochiohontas, Iran’s Collapse, Booker Booking 0:49:41 2020-01-14
Episode 786 Scott Adams: Reprogramming Iran From the Simulation Control Room 0:37:49 2020-01-13
Episode 785 Scott Adams: Tweaking the Simulation From the Control Room While Talking About Iran 0:42:09 2020-01-12
Episode 784 Scott Adams: #Loserthink From Artists, Iranian Attitudes, North Korea, Lots More 1:06:28 2020-01-11
Episode 783 Scott Adams: #Loserthink Opinions on Iran, Google Shenanigans, Free Money, Bad Liars 0:59:16 2020-01-10
Episode 782 Scott Adams: Iran and Impeachment Because Most of our Real Problems are Being Solved 0:47:02 2020-01-09
Episode 781 Scott Adams: Iran’s Military Magic Trick, The Golden Age, What Comes Next 0:55:52 2020-01-08
Episode 780 Scott Adams: Iran and the Funeral of the “Stupidest Person in the Middle East” 0:54:58 2020-01-07
Episode 779 Scott Adams: Coming in HOT, With Coffee 0:44:14 2020-01-06
Episode 778 Scott Adams: Iran’s Next Move, Persuasion Errors, and Excellent Coffee 0:42:27 2020-01-05
Episode 777 Scott Adams: What Happens Next With Iran Because Nothing else is Happening 0:41:56 2020-01-04
Episode 776 Scott Adams: Iran, Celebrity Drunk-Tweets, My Conspiracy Theories About it All 0:56:10 2020-01-03
Episode 775 Scott Adams: Sleepy Joe the Hoaxer, Anti-Semitism, The Press and More 0:42:15 2020-01-02
Episode 774 Scott Adams: Learn to Shake Hands Like a Pope, The Anti-Benghazi, Bots Return, North Korea 0:43:30 2020-01-01
Episode 773 Scott Adams: Iraq, 2020, China Deal and Your Questions 0:31:18 2019-12-31
Episode 773 Scott Adams PART1: Iraq, 2020, China Deal and Your Questions 0:45:06 2019-12-31
Episode 772 Scott Adams: Easy Systems for Solving Big Problems While Sipping Delicious Coffee 1:02:31 2019-12-30
Episode 771 Scott Adams: Confused Artists, Hoaxes and your Question 1:00:05 2019-12-29
Episode 770 Scott Adams: All the Interesting News and Simultaneous Sipping 0:41:51 2019-12-28
Episode 769 Scott Adams: All the Good Things to Expect in 2020, and the Simultaneous Sip 0:47:22 2019-12-27
Episode 768 Scott Adams: Pardons, Fixing the So-Called Homeless Problem, Trump Takes on California, Israel 1:06:31 2019-12-26
Episode 767 Scott Adams: Merry Christmas, The Simultaneous Sip and Good News Only 0:46:18 2019-12-25
Episode 766 Scott Adams PART2: Viewer’s AMA 0:50:43 2019-12-24
Episode 766 Scott Adams: Enjoying the Simultaneous Sip While Laughing About #Shampeachment 0:20:46 2019-12-24
Episode 765 Scott Adams: Building New City States, Schroedinger’s Cat Impeachment, Pope Tie-Breakers 0:40:22 2019-12-23
Episode 764 Scott Adams: Emotional Impeachment Versus Practical Impeachment, Homeless Non-Solutions, CNN Whistleblowers 0:56:11 2019-12-23
Episode 763 Scott Adams: Join Me to Impeach a Cup of Coffee While Discussing The Impeachy World 1:01:29 2019-12-21
Episode 762 Scott Adams PART2: The Democrat Debate, Imaginary Crimes, Holiday Debate Tips, Shampeachment 0:24:54 2019-12-20
Episode 762 Scott Adams PART1: The Democrat Debate, Imaginary Crimes, Holiday Debate Tips, Shampeachment 0:45:06 2019-12-20
Episode 761 Scott Adams: Shampeachment and Coffee. Mmmmm-Good. 0:44:26 2019-12-19
Episode 760 Scott Adams: Shampeachment Theater, Peak TDS, Future Crimes 0:36:56 2019-12-18
Episode 759 Scott Adams: Schiff, Comey, Impeachment and More Fun 0:40:36 2019-12-17
Episode 758 Scott Adams: Schiff’s Rehabilitation, Weird Predictions, Funny Trump Tweets 1:04:25 2019-12-16
Episode 757 Scott Adams: Artists Versus Economists, Shampeachment, North Korea 0:53:55 2019-12-15
Episode 756 Scott Adams: Shampeachment, Artists Versus Economists, Greta, Cod Pieces 0:54:38 2019-12-14
Episode 755 Scott Adams: Brexit, Those Pesky Russians, Shampeachment 0:42:00 2019-12-13
Episode 754 Scott Adams PART2: Colluding With Russia, Impeachment Theater, Greta, China 0:24:58 2019-12-12
Episode 754 Scott Adams PART1: Colluding With Russia, Impeachment Theater, Greta, China 0:44:50 2019-12-12
Episode 753 Scott Adams: The Incompetence-Coup, Drug Cartels, Fake News, One Term Biden 0:57:04 2019-12-11
Episode 752 Scott Adams: Let Me Tell You How Much I HATE My Government Today, IG Report, Impeachment 0:51:29 2019-12-10
Episode 751 Scott Adams: Impeachment Plus Coffee 0:09:48 2019-12-09
Episode 750 Scott Adams: Trump’s 3rd Term, Mind-Reading Impeachment, Persuasion Trick 0:54:11 2019-12-08
Episode 749 Scott Adams: Well Spoken Insults, Maddow Versus OAN, Denmark Idiots, Iran 0:41:32 2019-12-07
Episode 748 Scott Adams: Abuse of Power Everywhere, TDS Pandemic, Angry Biden, Employment 0:49:05 2019-12-06
Episode 747 Scott Adams: DNA News With Othram CEO David Mittelman, Impeachment 1:04:02 2019-12-05
Episode 746 Scott Adams: Mean Girl World Leaders, Yang and Whipped Cream, Kamala as VP 0:48:57 2019-12-04
Episode 745 Scott Adams: Trolls, Guns, Idiot Boycotts and More. With Coffee. 0:54:27 2019-12-03
Episode 744 Scott Adams: Troll Attacks, Loserthink in the News, Bottom Circle People, Lisa Page 0:57:10 2019-12-02
Episode 743 Scott Adams: The No Malarkey Tour, OK Doomer, No One is Above the Law, Finger Biting 0:41:22 2019-12-01
Episode 742 Scott Adams: A Strategy to Fix Poverty, Narwal Tusk Attacks, Hong Kong, China Badness, Touchy Robots 0:44:19 2019-11-30
Episode 741 Scott Adams: Hong Kong, Kamala Harris, Google Bias, and other Disasters 0:32:50 2019-11-29
Episode 740 Scott Adams: Loserthink Opinions in the News, War With Cartels, Thankfulness 0:51:46 2019-11-28
Episode 739 Scott Adams: Talking to Ben Askren, Y**Tube Alternative, #Shampeachment, Cartels 0:53:20 2019-11-27
Episode 738 Scott Adams: Democrat Hallucinations, Black Support for Buttigieg, OK Bloomberg, The Self-Hatred Movement 0:45:18 2019-11-26
Episode 737 Scott Adams: Talking About Bloomberg, The Next HOAX, The Trump “Cult” 0:33:28 2019-11-25
Episode 736 Scott Adams: Bloomberg, Bader, Blunts, Cybertruck, Elbonia and Coffee 0:32:41 2019-11-24
Episode 735 Scott Adams PART2: FISA Shenanigans, Tesla Truck Windows, #Shampeachment 0:30:07 2019-11-23
Episode 735 Scott Adams PART1: FISA Shenanigans, Tesla Truck Windows, #Shampeachment 0:45:04 2019-11-23
Episode 734 Scott Adams: Loserthink on Twitter Today, #Shampeachment, Teaching You Magic Trick 0:48:33 2019-11-22
Episode 733 Scott Adams: Democrat Debate, #Shampeachment Reality Bubbles 0:57:40 2019-11-21
Episode 732 Scott Adams: #Shampeachment, Sondland 0:33:16 2019-11-20
Episode 731 Scott Adams: #Shampeachment, Gas Attack on American Soil, China’s (3) Holocausts 0:49:43 2019-11-19
Episode 730 Scott Adams: Iran, Buttigieg, #Shampeachment predictions 0:28:52 2019-11-18
Episode 729 Scott Adams: Joe Biden is NOT a “Rabid Dog”. President Offers Stern Rebuke to Chairman Kim 0:03:44 2019-11-17
Episode 728 Scott Adams: Orange Man Bad #Shampeachment, Buttigieg Surging in Iowa, Fun Stuff 0:34:10 2019-11-17
Episode 727 Scott Adams: A Stone Pardon, The Next Scandal After the Perfect Call, Other Fun Stuff 0:39:19 2019-11-16
Episode 726 Scott Adams: Bribery, Kim Insults Biden, Healthcare Breakthrough, Delightful Sipping 0:29:21 2019-11-15
Episode 725 Scott Adams: Special Guest Clint Morgan, #Shampeachment 0:58:25 2019-11-14
Episode 724 Scott Adams: #Shampeachment, Ukraine Hoax Funnel, Loserthink, Road Coffee 0:42:31 2019-11-13
Episode 723 Scott Adams: A Simultaneous Sip, Better Late Than Never 0:38:23 2019-11-12
Episode 722 Scott Adams: Bad Ukraine Phone Call Defenses, Fast List Persuasion, Dumb Tillerson 0:41:36 2019-11-11
Episode 721 Scott Adams: Chatting & Signing Digital Autographs for My New Book #Loserthink 0:13:36 2019-11-10
Episode 720 Scott Adams: Crowdstrike, Ukraine, Baby Trump’s Stabbing Death, Bloomberg’s Odds 1:00:10 2019-11-10
Episode 719 Scott Adams: Democrat Candidates Self-Immolating, #Loserthink, China’s Mega-Holocaust 0:58:03 2019-11-09
Episode 718 Scott Adams: China, Bloomberg, Bad Communicators, My #Loserthink Book Tour 0:49:37 2019-11-08
Episode 717 Scott Adams: #Loserthink in Impeachment, China Fentanyl Crackdown, Whistleblowers 0:26:35 2019-11-07
Episode 716 Scott Adams: Early Coffee to Explain Everything in the World to You, Prepare Beverage! 0:53:02 2019-11-06
Episode 715 Scott Adams: War With Cartels, My #Loserthink Book Tour so Far, “Perfect” Phone Call 0:22:09 2019-11-05
Episode 714 Scott Adams: A Simultaneous Sip in the Wrong Time Zone 0:08:50 2019-11-04
Episode 713 Scott Adams: Boos That Sound Like Cheers, Laundry List Persuasion, Reverse Cover-Ups, Impeachment P*rn 0:34:40 2019-11-03
Episode 712 Scott Adams: Perfect Phone Calls, China Genocide, 2020 Landslide, Dem Match-ups 2019-11-02
Episode 711 Scott Adams: The New Trump Campaign Ad, Blocked in China, #Shampeachment 2019-11-01
Episode 710 Scott Adams: The Hero Dog, China Trade Deal, #Shampeachment, Twitter Political Ad Ban 0:54:36 2019-10-31
Episode 709 Scott Adams: Representative Matt Gaetz About Impeachment, Nuclear Power, Climate, More 0:33:43 2019-10-30
Episode 708 Scott Adams: Latest Examples of #Loserthink From Pundits, Bernie’s Empty Shelves, Winners Writing History 0:56:52 2019-10-29
Episode 707 Scott Adams: Al-Baghdadi’s Destroyed Compound and California, Basically the Same 0:46:20 2019-10-28
Episode 706 Scott Adams: Al-Bagh-Deady and More 0:45:46 2019-10-27
Episode 705 Scott Adams: Special Guest @NorteyTX About Trump, Then #Rotfrancisco, Favors Versus Quid Pro Quo 2019-10-26
Episode 704 Scott Adams: Grumpy Old White Men of the Deep State, Human Scum T-Shirts, Schiffing the Bed 0:47:28 2019-10-25
Episode 703 Scott Adams: #Shampeachment, Michael Moore Racing Bernie, Zuckerberg Getting AOC’d 1:06:56 2019-10-24
Episode 702 Scott Adams: The Winningest President Ever, The Sim Takes Over, Lots of Loserthink 0:52:59 2019-10-23
Episode 701 Scott Adams: Loserthink in the News Today, From Turkey to Impeachment 0:35:10 2019-10-22
Episode 700 Scott Adams: Beto’s Nazi Training, Kurdish Ethnic Cleansing, Buttigieg Surging, Tulsi v Clinton 0:43:31 2019-10-21
Episode 699 Scott Adams: The End of “News”, Healthcare Math Puzzle, Kurds of Course and More 0:49:01 2019-10-20
Episode 698 Scott Adams: Russian Asset Tulsi Gabbard, “GET OVER IT” Shirts, Hunter Gatherer, Syria Delusions 1:10:39 2019-10-19
Episode 697 Scott Adams: The Hypnosis Coup Gains an Admiral, Kurds in the Way, Doral G-7 Summit 0:45:21 2019-10-18
Episode 696 Scott Adams: Third-Rate Politicians, Sharing All That Syrian Sand, The Hypnosis Coup 0:45:10 2019-10-17
Episode 695 Scott Adams: Losers of the Democrat Debate, The Hypnosis Coup 1:00:53 2019-10-16
Episode 694 Scott Adams: Swampy Hunter, The Dumbest Man in NBA, The Hypnosis Coup, Syria 0:56:21 2019-10-15
Episode 693 Scott Adams: Coup-By-Hypnosis, Kurds and Fog of War, The Kingsmen Video 1:02:17 2019-10-14
Episode 692 Scott Adams: The Power of Simplicity, Comparing Things Without Loserthink, Normality 0:58:36 2019-10-13
Episode 691 Scott Adams: Talking About Winners and Losers From This Week 0:55:55 2019-10-12
Episode 690 Scott Adams: Ukraine, China, Iran, California, and Where is Hunter? 0:51:40 2019-10-11
Episode 689 Scott Adams: Ukraine, China, California, and Other Basket Cases 0:54:25 2019-10-10
Episode 688 Scott Adams: California Becoming a Third World Country, Kurds, Bill Gates Saving the World 1:01:51 2019-10-09
Episode 687 Scott Adams: Kurds and South Park 0:54:57 2019-10-08
Episode 686 Scott Adams: Kurds in the Way, The Palace Coup, the 3rd Whistleblower 0:58:32 2019-10-07
Episode 685 Scott Adams: AOC and the Parody Inversion, Biden’s Declining Brain, Outrage Theater 0:49:59 2019-10-06
Episode 684 Scott Adams: Biden, Pillaging, Pelosi’s Boss, Failed Whataboutism 0:54:12 2019-10-05
Episode 683 Scott Adams: AOC Eating Babies, Impeachment Theatre 0:50:35 2019-10-04
Episode 682 Scott Adams: Trump Campaign Ads, Chinese Tainted Pork, Subjective Reality, Citizen Participation 1:02:05 2019-10-03
Episode 681 Scott Adams: Frickin’ Alligators and Snakes in Border Moats, Leg Shooting, Kamala’s New Staff 0:55:13 2019-10-02
Episode 680 Scott Adams: Word-News (Not World News), Gangster Dog Whistles, Hillary’s Odds, China 0:50:05 2019-10-01
Episode 679 Scott Adams: Presidential Tweet Persuasion, Ukraine and More 1:05:06 2019-09-30
Episode 678 Scott Adams: PART2 Taking Guest Calls on Any Topic. Critics Welcome 0:32:46 2019-09-29
Episode 678 Scott Adams: PART1 Taking Guest Calls on Any Topic. Critics Welcome 0:45:06 2019-09-29
Episode 677 Scott Adams: China, Ukraine HOAXES, Climate Solutions and More 0:42:55 2019-09-28
Episode 676 Scott Adams: Ukraine, Persuasion Power of “Grifter”, How All This is Bad For Children 0:32:17 2019-09-27
Episode 675 Scott Adams: Ukraine Persuasion, How to Know Who is Right 0:44:05 2019-09-26
Episode 674 Scott Adams: PART2 Impeachment, Defamation, the Panopticon 0:44:12 2019-09-25
Episode 674 Scott Adams: PART1 Talking With China Expert, Brian Kennedy 0:39:07 2019-09-25
Episode 673 Scott Adams: Climate Kids, Trolls, #ChiNazis, Bad Customer Experiences 0:49:06 2019-09-24
Episode 672 Scott Adams: Jake Tapper Drawing Dilbert This Week, the “Worse Than Watergate” guy, Ukraine 0:45:48 2019-09-23
Episode 671 Scott Adams: 3D Printed Guns, Invisible Biden Support, The Singularity and Delicious Coffee 0:36:52 2019-09-22
Episode 670 Scott Adams: Sipping & Talking Biden, Brownface, Children in Charge of Big Decisions 0:52:18 2019-09-21
Episode 669 Scott Adams: Have Coffee With Me While I Solve Healthcare, Immigration, Climate Change 0:40:38 2019-09-20
Episode 668 Scott Adams: Let’s Experience the Best Simultaneous Sip of All Time and Hilarious News 1:03:13 2019-09-19
Episode 667 Scott Adams: How to Save the World. Literally. In Only Two Minutes 0:10:03 2019-09-18
Episode 666 Scott Adams: Coffee…NOW! 0:55:27 2019-09-18
Episode 665 Scott Adams: The Guy Who Saved the Planet, #TwitterPhilanthropy, Pancakes, Iran 1:00:32 2019-09-17
Episode 664 Scott Adams: Join Me With Dr. Shiva Now to Talk About Vaccinations 1:03:45 2019-09-16
Episode 663 Scott Adams: The Simultaneous Sip Waits For No One. Unless you see it on Replay 1:03:42 2019-09-15
Episode 662 Scott Adams: Join Me For Coffee and Fun News Analysis 1:00:45 2019-09-14
Episode 661 Scott Adams: Democrats and Bad Arguments 1:04:28 2019-09-13
Episode 660 Scott Adams: The Most Excellent Coffee With Scott Adams Since Yesterday. Join Me! 0:54:01 2019-09-12
Episode 659 Scott Adams: Coffee Time! 0:36:01 2019-09-11
Episode 658 Scott Adams: Oops, I’m Late. Coffee Time! 0:30:55 2019-09-10
Episode 657 Scott Adams: Hey, I’m Late, Grab Coffee 0:46:28 2019-09-09
Episode 656 Scott Adams: All the Crazy People on Twitter Today, Hong Kong, Science 0:41:02 2019-09-08
Episode 655 Scott Adams: #Decoupling, Rehab, Food and Healthcare, More Fun Than it Sounds 0:29:15 2019-09-07
Episode 654 Scott Adams: The Most Eclectic and Interesting Content of All Time 0:50:11 2019-09-06
Episode 653 Scott Adams: Climate Change Debate Winners and Losers, Hong Kong 1:04:10 2019-09-05
Episode 652 Scott Adams: Bad Gun Control Arguments and Hollywood Blacklisting 0:39:05 2019-09-04
Episode 650 Scott Adams: China, Hurricanes and More 0:34:50 2019-09-03
Episode 651 Scott Adams: Suggesting a New Approach to Gun Safety Using a Credit Score Approach 0:06:25 2019-09-03
Episode 649 Scott Adams: Debra Messing, Straight Pride Parade and Some Other Things 0:45:20 2019-09-02
Episode 648 Scott Adams: Gun Crimes, #FentanylChina 0:48:40 2019-09-01
Episode 647 Scott Adams: #FentanylChina Doing too Little, Outrage Theatre, Biden’s Brain 1:02:50 2019-08-31
Episode 593 Scott Adams: PART 2of2 Census Controversy, Conspiracy Theories, Social Media Summit at WH 0:36:06 2019-07-10
Episode 593 Scott Adams: PART 1of2 Census Controversy, Conspiracy Theories, Social Media Summit at WH 0:45:00 2019-07-10
Episode 592 Scott Adams: Let’s Talk About the UK Ambassador, Tom Steyer 0:56:17 2019-07-09
Episode 591 Scott Adams: Antifa’s Diversity Problem, Equal pay for Soccer Players, Slaughter Meter 1:01:23 2019-07-08
Episode 590 Scott Adams: The Periscope That Will Forever Change the Way You See Reality 0:48:22 2019-07-07
Episode 589 Scott Adams: The Truth About UFOs, Campaign Strategy, Biden Gaffes, Dignity, Character 0:37:38 2019-07-06
Episode 588 Scott Adams: Independence Day, Earthquakes, Immigration, Biden’s Bullies 1:04:48 2019-07-05
Episode 587 Scott Adams: Happy President Trump Day, TDS, Portland and B*tCh*te 0:31:21 2019-07-04
Episode 586 Scott Adams: Answering the Dumbest Questions About Antifa as a Sporting Event 0:40:41 2019-07-03
Episode 585 Scott Adams: Revising My Opinion of Antifa. You Should Too. 2019-07-02
Episode 516 Scott Adams: The World’s Dumbest Tweet AOC, It’s a Doozy 0:15:16 2019-05-02
Episode 515 Scott Adams: Barr, Climate Change Totally Solved, Fine People “Truthers” 0:55:04 2019-05-02
Episode 514 Scott Adams: My Hot Take on Barr 0:08:43 2019-05-01
Episode 513 Scott Adams: PART 2, Barr, Biden, Bullsh*t, Nuclear Power, Jobs 0:38:54 2019-05-01
Episode 513 Scott Adams: PART 1, Barr, Biden, Bullsh*t, Nuclear Power, Jobs 0:45:07 2019-05-01
Episode 512 Scott Adams: PART 2, Chris Cuomo Continues Promoting Debunked “Fine People” HOAX 0:14:46 2019-04-30
Episode 512 Scott Adams: PART 1 Pro-Nuclear Environmentalist and Expert Michael Shellenberger 0:57:16 2019-04-30
Episode 511 Scott Adams: Political Lies, Mass Hysteria, All the Racist Comments, Dopamine 0:45:51 2019-04-29
Episode 510 Scott Adams: All the HOAXES Pretending to be News 2019-04-28
Episode 475 Scott Adams Part1: Obstructing Hoaxes, Biden and Bernie, Healthcare, Russia, Hamas 0:45:14 2019-03-31
Episode 474 Scott Adams: Trump Solving Climate Change, Mueller TDS, Creepy Joe 0:47:57 2019-03-30
Episode 473 Scott Adams: All the “Ridiculous Bullsh*t” in the News Today 0:55:17 2019-03-29
Episode 472 Scott Adams: Biden, Hoaxes, Suing Facebook for Discrimination and CNN Ratings 0:51:26 2019-03-28
Episode 471b Scott Adams: Continuation of Episode 471a 0:31:15 2019-03-27
Episode 471a Scott Adams: Healthcare, Socialism, Biden, Smollett, Climate Change, Venezuela 0:27:44 2019-03-27
Episode 470 Scott Adams: How to Open a Childproof Container Using a Saw 0:03:07 2019-03-26
Episode 469 Scott Adams: Why Chuck Schumer Must Resign Before He Starts a Race War 0:40:10 2019-03-26
Episode 468 Scott Adams: Avenatti, Charlie Brown, Exoneration 0:35:56 2019-03-25
Episode 467 Scott Adams: Enjoying the Full-Bodied Flavor of Coffee and Exoneration. Mmmm…Exoneration. Join Me! 0:50:22 2019-03-25
Episode 466 Scott Adams: Watching the Reporting of the Mueller Report 0:17:08 2019-03-24
Episode 465 Scott Adams: All the Hoaxes are Being Revealed at the Same Time 0:33:58 2019-03-24
Episode 464 Scott Adams: A Lesson on How to Answer Press Questions, aka Media Training 0:24:23 2019-03-23
Episode 463 Scott Adams: Sheepinions, Hallucinations, Fake News, Traitors, Conflaters 0:52:58 2019-03-23
Episode 462 Scott Adams: The Mueller Witch Hunt is Evolving Into an “IF” Hunt 0:24:36 2019-03-22
Episode 461 Scott Adams: How to Make Money Using the Interface by WhenHub App 0:16:31 2019-03-22
Episode 460 Scott Adams: False Memories, Russian Collusion, 2020 Forecast, Climate Change Strategy 1:02:32 2019-03-22
Episode 459 Scott Adams: Talking With Writer, Boxer, Brilliant Guy @EdLatimore on Success 1:01:03 2019-03-21
Episode 458 Scott Adams: New Climate Change Challenge, Mr. Kellyanne Conway, and More 0:52:24 2019-03-20
Episode 457 Scott Adams: Offering to Publicly Deprogram Anti-Trumpers Suffering TDS While You Watch 0:51:10 2019-03-19
Episode 444 Scott Adams: Sports Are Broken, Trump’s Best Week Ever, Moderate Bernie 0:56:59 2019-03-10
Episode 443 Scott Adams: Checking Your Gullibility Scorecard 0:54:58 2019-03-09
Episode 442 Scott Adams: Scott Takes Your Questions 1:04:15 2019-03-08
Episode 441 Scott Adams: Omar, Fine People, Vaccinations, Fathers, Food Equality, Border, Ivanka, Laws 0:50:42 2019-03-07
Episode 440 Scott Adams: Weirdo, UBI, Omar, GND, Climate Change Confusion 0:56:38 2019-03-06
Episode 439 PART2 Scott Adams: Talking to Dr. Shiva About Climate Change 0:27:48 2019-03-05
Episode 439 PART1 Scott Adams: Talking to Dr. Shiva About Climate Change 0:44:50 2019-03-05
Episode 438 Scott Adams: Persuasion Scorecard For Politics so Far This Year. Who is Winning? 0:56:29 2019-03-04
Episode 437 Scott Adams: A Potential System for Fixing Urban Blight 0:08:28 2019-03-03
Episode 436 Scott Adams: Free Speech on Campus, a Patreon Replacement, Trump’s Speech, Healthcare 0:38:23 2019-03-03
Episode 435 Scott Adams: The “Nearly News” Headlines 0:36:55 2019-03-02
Episode 434 Scott Adams: LoserThink in the News, From Warmbier to Black Friends, to TDS, to Climate Change 1:05:46 2019-03-01
Episode 433 Scott Adams: Cohen, North Korea, and Coffee 0:50:58 2019-02-28
Episode 432 Scott Adams: CNN Opening Capone’s Vault (Cohen Testimony), Climate Hijinx 0:49:11 2019-02-27
Episode 431 Scott Adams: Update on War With the Enemy of the People 0:37:44 2019-02-26
Episode 430 Scott Adams: Racist Spike Lee, CNN Starting Nuclear Wars, Climate Science and Immoral Children 0:26:30 2019-02-25
Episode 429 Scott Adams: A Possible Path Out of TDS Forming in the Zeitgeist, Catholic Church, Climate Debate 0:52:36 2019-02-24
Episode 428 Scott Adams: Eating Salad With a Comb, Syria Non-Withdrawals, The Gaffe Deficit and more 0:37:24 2019-02-23
Episode 427 Scott Adams: Putting the Phoney Debate Over “Socialism” in Context For the First Time 0:17:39 2019-02-22
Episode 426 Scott Adams: Talking About Stuff. I Can Think of No Reason You Would Want to Listen 0:34:25 2019-02-22
Episode 425 Scott Adams: The TDS WMD Heading Our Way, Smollet and Rats 0:40:09 2019-02-21
Episode 424 Scott Adams: Bombshell Fake News, Unwitting Russian Assets, a Solution for Climate Change 0:43:38 2019-02-20
Episode 423 Scott Adams: Scott Solves the Climate Debate and Saves the World (Really) 2019-02-19
Episode 422 Scott Adams: I Predict That Fake News Will Destroy all Life on Earth. With Coffee 0:30:16 2019-02-19
Episode 421 Scott Adams: (Part 2) Scott Induces Cognitive Dissonance in Guest Callers Opposing Emergency Border Security Funding 2019-02-18
Episode 421 Scott Adams: (Part 1) Scott Induces Cognitive Dissonance in Guest Callers Opposing Emergency Border Security Funding 2019-02-18
Episode 419 Scott Adams: (Part 2) How to Spot a Hoax, Distinguish Good News From Bad and See the Future 2019-02-17
Episode 419 Scott Adams: (Part1) How to Spot a Hoax, Distinguish Good News From Bad and See the Future 2019-02-17
Episode 418 Scott Adams: The Three Pillars of TDS 0:42:05 2019-02-16
Episode 417 Scott Adams: Was Live 2019-02-15
Episode 416 Scott Adams: Border Funding and Emergencies. Fun! 2019-02-14
Episode 415 Scott Adams: Omar Versus Trump, Manafort, Spartacus 0:31:40 2019-02-14
Episode 414 Scott Adams: The Mueller Non-Report, Wall Funding, Russian Oligarchs, GND Vote 2019-02-13
Episode 413 Scott Adams: (Part 2) Talking to @Naval Ravikant About All the Important Stuff 2019-02-12
Episode 413 Scott Adams: (Part 1) Talking to @Naval Ravikant About All the Important Stuff 2019-02-12
Episode 412 Scott Adams: Border Funding, Weed, #40YearsofFailure, Apologies 0:54:55 2019-02-12
Episode 410 Scott Adams: Green New Deal (GND), Universal Basic Income (UBI), Trump Tweets 1:03:37 2019-02-10
Episode 409 Scott Adams: The News is Becoming Friendlier to President Trump Lately 1:01:09 2019-02-09
Episode 408 Scott Adams: The Tale of Three Hoaxes, Most Recently about Candace Owens 0:15:19 2019-02-08
Episode 407 Scott Adams: Warren’s Apology Tour, Bezos Exposing Pecker, Healthcare, Green New Deal 0:45:49 2019-02-08
Episode 406 Scott Adams: Trump Investigation TDS, Political Myths, Joy Behar’s Racism, and Virginia 0:51:00 2019-02-07
Episode 405 Scott Adams: The State of the Union 0:45:39 2019-02-06
Episode 404 Scott Adams: The SOTU, President’s Schedule, Healthcare, Conspiracy Theories 0:49:04 2019-02-05
Episode 403 Scott Adams: The Border “Emergency” and the SOTU, Climate Bubbles, and Hoaxed 0:48:43 2019-02-04
Episode 402 Scott Adams: Reviewing the New Mike Cernovich Film Hoaxed 0:07:46 2019-02-03
Episode 401 Scott Adams: Proposal to End the Border Wall Impasse and Confession to Being my own Deep Fake 0:51:11 2019-02-03
Episode 400 Scott Adams: Northam, Russia, Spartacus 0:48:47 2019-02-02
Episode 399 Scott Adams: Sharing a Simultaneous Sip Before the Airport 2019-02-01
Episode 398 Scott Adams: Reframing Healthcare as a Question of Systems Versus Goals 0:08:00 2019-01-31
Episode 397 Scott Adams: Fake News, Climatesplaining, Intel Agency Mistakes, Howard Schultz 0:50:25 2019-01-31
Episode 396 Scott Adams: Weather, Border Barriers, Schultz, Kamala, Crime 1:02:46 2019-01-30
Episode 395 Scott Adams: Creepy Kamala, Healthcare, Manchin’s Brilliance, Climate Change 0:44:17 2019-01-29
Episode 394 Scott Adams: Kamala Hires the Mole, Tom Brokaw, Border Security, Taliban 0:38:42 2019-01-28
Episode 393 Scott Adams: Democrats Once Again Winning the Game No One Was Playing 2019-01-27
Episode 392 Scott Adams: Dale Celebrates Pelosi Stunning Victory in Fifth Inning 2019-01-26
Episode 391 Scott Adams: Who Won the Border Security Negotiations, Because no one Else is Getting it Right 2019-01-25
Episode 390 Scott Adams: Roger Stone and the Newest White House Mind-Reading Traitor 2019-01-25
Episode 389 Scott Adams: The Future of Online Education with VR, Apps and Hollywood Teams 0:17:21 2019-01-24
Episode 388 Scott Adams: SOTU, Venezuela, North Korea 0:19:41 2019-01-24
Episode 387 Scott Adams: President Trump’s Tweet Saying he Would Wait to do the State of the Union 0:10:57 2019-01-24
Episode 386 Scott Adams: The Giant Rip in the Fabric of Reality, Kamala Harris, Dale 1:09:05 2019-01-23
Episode 385 Scott Adams: My Apology for Saying Toddlers are not as Wise as Adults, and Other Nonsense 0:41:18 2019-01-22
Episode 384 Scott Adams: The Covington Kids, Kamala Harris and Fake News in General 1:07:20 2019-01-21
Episode 383 Scott Adams: My Apology for Believing @CNN About the Covington Catholic Boys Fake News 2019-01-20
Episode 381 Scott Adams: Buzzfeed, Wall Negotiations, Needle Parks, Cartel Support for the Dems, Open Borders 0:47:30 2019-01-19
Episode 380 Scott Adams: Cohen, Beto, Ohr, Kim, Pelosi, Heller 0:42:28 2019-01-18
Episode 379 Scott Adams: Solving the Border Funding Problem and Opening Government in 48 Hours 0:09:18 2019-01-17
Episode 378 Scott Adams: Pelosi’s SOTU Strategic Blunder 0:05:02 2019-01-17
Episode 377 Scott Adams: How CNN Creates Bad News so They Can Report it 0:52:52 2019-01-17
Episode 376 Scott Adams: Kamala Harris, Some Fake News You Think is Real, and Climate Update 2019-01-16
Episode 375 Scott Adams: Putin Puppets CNN and Max Boot Doing Russia’s Bidding by Destabilizing the U.S. 2019-01-15
Episode 374 Scott Adams: Russia, DeBlaisio, Gabbard, Jeff Bozo, FBI 2019-01-14
Episode 373 Scott Adams: The Turley Hypothesis, CNN’s Border Story 2019-01-13
Episode 372 Scott Adams: Quick Tutorial on Using Engineering to Take Politics Out of the Wall 2019-01-12
Episode 371 Scott Adams: The FBI, H1B VISAs, Steve King, Terrorist Deprogramming and Climate of Course 2019-01-12
Episode 370 Scott Adams: Dear Diary, RPOS, Climate Change Persuasion 2019-01-11
Episode 369 Scott Adams: Whiteboard Discussion of Border Persuasion 2019-01-10
Episode 368 Scott Adams: Keep me Company During Power Outage. Ask Me Anything 2019-01-09
Episode 367 Scott Adams: President Trump’s Speech, Pelosi and Schumer’s Taxidermist, CNN Mind Reading, CO2 2019-01-09
Episode 366 Scott Adams: Wears a Pope Hat and Evaluates the Morality of Your Walls 2019-01-08
Episode 365 Scott Adams: Brandon Darby Talks About Border Situation 2019-01-08
Episode 364 Scott Adams: RPOS, The Steel Barrier and Climate Persuasion 2019-01-07
Episode 363 Scott Adams: Sonic Weapon Hysteria, Climate Change and Dancing AOC 2019-01-06
Episode 362 Scott Adams: AOC Derangement Syndrome, Shutdown Persuasion, Wall Funding, and Karate 2019-01-05
Episode 361 Scott Adams: Impeachment, The #Wence, Socialism, Syria, Kevin Hart, Worst Climate Arguments 2019-01-04
Episode 360 Scott Adams: Romney, Trump’s Press Conference, Arctic Ice and Nuclear Power 2019-01-03
Episode 359 Scott Adams: AOC, AGW, TDS, Ye, and Coffee 2019-01-02
Episode 358 Scott Adams: Breaking Down the Climate Change Debate 2019-01-01
Episode 357 Scott Adams: Explaining the Syria Withdrawal in a Way CNN Will Not Understand 2018-12-31
Episode 356 Scott Adams: China Trade, Louis C.K., Walls and Climate Debate 2018-12-31
Episode 355 Scott Adams: China Trade, AOC, Government by Torture, Climate Change Challenge 2018-12-30
Episode 354 Scott Adams: Climate Change, AOC Sexism, Sonic Weapons, Syria and Open Borders 2018-12-29
Episode 353 Scott Adams: Bone Spurs, Unstable World, Khashoggi, Other Fake News 2018-12-28
Episode 352 Scott Adams: The Fence-Wall, Reid Hoffman, Visiting the Troops, Stock Market 2018-12-27
Episode 351 Scott Adams: Gaslighting…and a New Microphone 2018-12-26
Episode 350 Scott Adams: Socialism, Mexico Paying for the Fence-Wall 0:08:21 2018-12-26
Episode 349 Scott Adams: Merry Christmas, The Economy and End of Wars 1:00:08 2018-12-25
Episode 348-3 Scott Adams: Mattis, Trumps Successes 2018-12-24
Episode 348-1 Scott Adams: #RacistGoogle 0:06:28 2018-12-24
Episode 347 Scott Adams: Comparing Tweets by AOC and POTUS, Talk About Mattis, 2020, Blight Ideas 0:25:40 2018-12-23
Episode 346 Scott Adams: How to Support My Periscopes Without Patreon and Fix the Whole World Too 0:22:09 2018-12-22
Episode 345 Scott Adams: The Steel Slat Barrier, Google Images Update, and Syria 0:33:41 2018-12-22
Episode 344 Scott Adams: The Wence Funding, Kurds in the Way, Mattis, Gatwick Drones 0:39:31 2018-12-21
Episode 343 Scott Adams: Part 2, Climate Change and Leaving Patreon 0:16:36 2018-12-20
Episode 343 Scott Adams: Part 1 of 2 Syria, The Wence, AOC Complains About Fake News 2018-12-20
Episode 342 Scott Adams: Flynn, The Wence, Trump Charity, Sargon and Patreon, Climate 0:58:03 2018-12-19
Episode 341 Scott Adams: CNN is Creating News out of Nothing 0:47:27 2018-12-18
Episode 340 Scott Adams: Our Useless Congress, Climate Hoax, Flynn Pardon, Wall Funding 0:45:51 2018-12-17
Episode 339 Scott Adams: Fixing Immigration, CO2, Beto, Loserthink and Hyperbole 0:33:54 2018-12-16
Episode 338 Scott Adams: Imaginary Presidential Risk, LBGTQ Under Trump, Inauguration Expenses 0:51:14 2018-12-15
Episode 337 Scott Adams: Mika’s Apology, China, Google, and my Plan for Border Funding 0:41:19 2018-12-14
Episode 336 Scott Adams: How Google is Ruining my Life for Political Reason. Are You Next? 0:12:26 2018-12-13
Episode 335 Scott Adams: Paying for the Wall, The Cohen Nothing and White Supremacists 0:25:56 2018-12-13
Episode 334 Scott Adams: Wondering if we got Everything Wrong About Russia 0:37:23 2018-12-12
Episode 333 Scott Adams: The Trump/Schumer/Pelosi Meeting, Cohen, and “Manhood” 0:33:28 2018-12-12
Episode 332 Scott Adams: Wondering Why Wall Funding Can’t be Negotiated in Public 0:13:16 2018-12-11
Episode 331 Scott Adams: The New Standard of Justice, Time, Climate Models, Fentanyl 0:44:03 2018-12-11
Episode 330 Scott Adams: The Two Mueller Movies, With Delicious Coffee 0:51:24 2018-12-09
Episode 329 Scott Adams: Modern Presidential Tweets, Mueller Porn Updates 1:00:18 2018-12-08
Episode 328 Scott Adams: The End of War, Kevin Hart, Mueller Porn Update and Facebook 0:26:02 2018-12-07
Episode 327 Scott Adams: The Arrest of Huawei CFO, My Mueller Prediction 0:17:36 2018-12-06
Episode 326 Scott Adams: China, Mass Migration, Peak Climate Change, Fusion Power, Misandry 0:23:30 2018-12-05
Episode 325 Scott Adams: Dale Reads “MuellerPorn” on, Healthcare, France, Wall Funding, #MeToo 2018-12-04
Episode 324 Scott Adams: Trade Deals with China, and Nothing Else Interesting 0:36:50 2018-12-03
Episode 323 Scott Adams: Colorizing a Dilbert Comic on a Wacom Cintiq 0:55:51 2018-12-02
Episode 322 Scott Adams: Huge News on #FentanylChina, Trade, Neil DeGrasse Tyson 0:38:15 2018-12-02
Episode 321 Scott Adams: Migration, China, Dogs That Don’t Bark, Soros 0:55:41 2018-12-01
Episode 320 Scott Adams: In the Wrong Time Zone Talking About Trump’s Pardon Talk, His Jail Tweet 0:37:46 2018-11-29
Episode 319 Scott Adams: False Memories, Chinese Re-Education Camps, Facebook Racists 0:34:28 2018-11-28
Episode 318 Scott Adams: The Steep Drop in Racism, Climate Change Reporting and Human Shields 0:49:11 2018-11-27
Episode 317 Scott Adams: Lying Pictures, Chinese Super-Babies, Senator Hyde-Smith 0:42:32 2018-11-26
Episode 316 Scott Adams: Teaches the First Class of Troll College 0:25:07 2018-11-25
Episode 315 Scott Adams: Why Healthcare Costs Could Fall by 75%. With Whiteboard 0:13:35 2018-11-24
Episode 314 Scott Adams: The New and Hilarious Climate Change Report, Schumer’s SCOTUS tweet 0:55:16 2018-11-24
Episode 313 Scott Adams: Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Clinton, China 0:50:29 2018-11-23
Episode 312 Scott Adams: Enjoying Thanksgiving Coffee With You 0:04:37 2018-11-22
Episode 311 Scott Adams: Morality Halfpinions, CNN Mind-Reading, Fiction, and Fires 0:29:06 2018-11-21
Episode 310 Scott Adams: The Difference Between the Child Frame and Leadership Using Saudi Incident 0:14:30 2018-11-20
Episode 308 Scott Adams: Little Adam Schmitt, Decorum, Iran, AOC 0:14:56 2018-11-19
Episode 307 Scott Adams: Facebook Election Influence, AOC, Swalwell, Creepy Joe, Kirsten Powers 0:37:42 2018-11-18
Episode 305 Scott Adams: Swalwell Derangement Syndrome, CIA Leaks, Pelosi Votes 0:50:51 2018-11-17
Episode 304 Scott Adams: The Psychic News Network 0:41:21 2018-11-16
Episode 303 Scott Adams: Talking About Robots and AI Because it Must be 4:20 Somewhere 0:13:53 2018-11-15
Episode 302 Scott Adams: Bipartisanship Blooming, Facebook, Monkey Attacks, Much More 0:40:44 2018-11-15
Episode 301 Scott Adams: FOXNews Supporting CNN on Acosta Lawsuit is Brilliant But Looks Stupid to You 0:08:15 2018-11-14
Episode 300 Scott Adams: Why You Shouldn’t Piss Off The First Lady and Anti-Pelosi Democrats 0:54:43 2018-11-14
Episode 299 Scott Adams: Something Big Might be Happening in the Middle East 0:22:00 2018-11-13
Episode 298 Scott Adams: CNN Teaming up With White Supremacists, Anti-Science Democrats, Macron 0:52:21 2018-11-13
Episode 297 Scott Adams: The 2020 Competition, North Korea, Lawyers Against Trump 1:03:31 2018-11-12
Episode 295 Scott Adams: The Smokey View From My Side 2018-11-11
Episode 296 Scott Adams: Wildfires, The Tucker Test, Forgotten Black Voters, SNL, The Abortion Ad, Broward 0:58:45 2018-11-11
Episode 294 Scott Adams: Enemy of the People, Wildfires, Tweets, and Whitaker 1:03:46 2018-11-11
Episode 293 Scott Adams: Antifa Terrorists, Caravan, Guns, Healthcare, Mueller 0:43:18 2018-11-09
Episode 292 Scott Adams: The National Temperature, Jim Acostya, RBG, the Shooting 0:40:56 2018-11-08
Episode 291 Scott Adams: Why You Can’t Tell Good News From Bad 0:34:59 2018-11-07
Episode 290 Scott Adams: Watching CNN Discover the Worst Case Scenario Develop 0:13:53 2018-11-06
Episode 289 Scott Adams: Checking in With You on the Vote Count 0:09:49 2018-11-06
Episode 288 Scott Adams: Elections, Alien Probes, Racist Ads 0:26:02 2018-11-06
Episode 287 Scott Adams: What the NYT Got Wrong About #JobsNotMobs, Polls, Midterms 1:02:57 2018-11-05
Episode 286 Scott Adams: Framing the Political Divide 0:23:05 2018-11-04
Episode 285 Scott Adams: Flag Persuasion and How to do it Right. Starts at Midnight 0:10:12 2018-11-03
Episode 284 Scott Adams: How the Country is Divided by its Common Hatred of Hitler, Punchy Baldwin 0:42:47 2018-11-03
Episode 283 Scott Adams: The Dumbest Voters in the Midterm Elections 2018-11-02
Episode 282 Scott Adams: Roger Stone, the “Racist” Ad, Birth Right Executive Orders, Midterms 0:30:30 2018-11-01
Episode 281 Scott Adams: Kanye, Jon Stewart, Trump’s Latest Ad and the Coming Insanity 0:41:45 2018-11-01
Episode 280 Scott Adams: Hillary’s “Joke” and my Awkward Meeting With Diamond and Silk 0:14:30 2018-10-30
Episode 279 Scott Adams: Domestic Terror and Who Does It 0:53:15 2018-10-29
Episode 278 Scott Adams: How the Latest News Will Influence the Midterms 0:42:59 2018-10-28
Episode 277 Scott Adams: CNN’s Clever Persuasion That is Working 2018-10-27
Episode 276 Scott Adams: The Nutty Bomber, Megyn Kelly, and Midterms 0:44:40 2018-10-27
Episode 275 Scott Adams: The Bomber Suspect. How Was My Prediction? 0:14:37 2018-10-26
Episode 274 Scott Adams: The Mad Bomber and Soros 0:35:38 2018-10-26
Episode 273 Scott Adams: Border Expert Brandon Darby About the Caravan 0:47:26 2018-10-26
Episode 272 Scott Adams: Talking About Bombs 0:45:38 2018-10-25
Episode 271 Scott Adams: Saudi Alibis, Soros, Caravans, #FentanylChina, Fake News 0:58:00 2018-10-24
Episode 270 Scott Adams: Caravans, Khashoggi, Avenatti 0:55:26 2018-10-23
Episode 269 Scott Adams: Saudi Excuses, Blue Checks, Opioids 0:57:40 2018-10-22
Episode 268 Scott Adams: Saudi Halfpinions, Russian Missile Deals, and Midterms 0:37:19 2018-10-21
Episode 267 Scott Adams: Saudi Excuses, #JobsNotMobs, Voter Turnout 0:58:45 2018-10-20
Episode 266 Scott Adams: How to Solve the Middle East, #jobsNotMobs and Midterm Turnout 0:21:58 2018-10-19
Episode 265 Scott Adams: Saudi Arabia, Bill Gates Solving Climate Change 0:31:28 2018-10-18
Episode 264 Scott Adams: Dr. Shiva – U.S. Senate Candidate Running Against Warren 0:50:49 2018-10-17
Episode 263 Scott Adams: Explaining the Khashoggi Situation 0:20:31 2018-10-16
Episode 262 Scott Adams: Scott Interrogates Dale With a Bone Saw, Checks His DNA 0:27:58 2018-10-16
Episode 261 Scott Adams: Warren’s DNA test, Khashoggi, Climate Change 0:19:09 2018-10-15
Episode 260 Scott Adams: The President’s Portfolio, a Systems Idea 0:30:49 2018-10-14
Episode 259 Scott Adams: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Weed 0:41:20 2018-10-13
Episode 258 Scott Adams: Kanye is Using Systems over Goals to Solve Problems 0:10:11 2018-10-12
Episode 257 Scott Adams: The Kanye Meeting, 13th Amendment and Turkey 0:41:43 2018-10-12
Episode 256 Scott Adams: Kanye and President Trump 0:15:52 2018-10-11
Episode 255 Scott Adams: Trump’s Moral Code, the Two Movies, Angry Dems, Walls 2018-10-11
Episode 254 Scott Adams: Nuclear Power, Kanye, Cultural Gravity 0:41:27 2018-10-10
Episode 253 Scott Adams: A Persuasion Lesson While Persuading You to Try the Interface App 0:36:42 2018-10-09
Episode 252 Scott Adams: Israeli Bots, Ye, North Korea, #FentanylChina, Colbert 0:54:32 2018-10-09
Episode 251 Scott Adams: North Korea, Climate Change, Guilty Until Innocent 1:01:56 2018-10-08
Episode 250 Scott Adams: Civil Unrest, North Korea and Rehab City 0:49:39 2018-10-07
Episode 249 Scott Adams: The Kavanaugh Future 2018-10-06
Episode 248 Scott Adams: Senator Collins’ speech 0:10:09 2018-10-05
Episode 247 Scott Adams: Biased Judges, Amy Schumer, Soros 0:45:47 2018-10-05
Episode 246 Scott Adams: The FBI Report, Bullies and Male Privilege 0:45:38 2018-10-04
Episode 245 Scott Adams: Asking Your Opinion on the Title of my Next Book 0:40:47 2018-10-03
Episode 244 Scott Adams: Kavanaugh, Taxes, Chinese Fentanyl, the Anti-Male Party 0:53:17 2018-10-03
Episode 243 Scott Adams: Chinese Fentanyl, Proxy Revenge, Hypnosis and Memory, Abortion 0:46:35 2018-10-02
Episode 242 Scott Adams: Fentanyl, Flake, Canada and Other Stuff 2018-10-01
Episode 241 Scott Adams: Temperament, False Accusations, Voting Persuasion and Ye 0:51:59 2018-09-30
Episode 240 Scott Adams: Why Do We Punish Imaginary People for Crimes of Imaginary People? 1:00:18 2018-09-29
Episode 239 Scott Adams: The Kavanaugh One-Week Delay 0:22:53 2018-09-28
Episode 238 Scott Adams: False Memories, Kavanaugh and Confirmation 0:45:23 2018-09-28
Episode 237 Scott Adams: Talking About Kavanaugh 0:39:52 2018-09-27
Episode 236 Scott Adams: President Trump’s Press Conference and Confirmation Prediction 0:31:42 2018-09-26
Episode 235 Scott Adams: Kavanaugh, Corroboration, Korea 0:42:08 2018-09-26
Episode 234 Scott Adams: Kavanaugh and Iran 2018-09-25
Episode 233 Scott Adams: Kavanaugh’s Virgin Card and Trump’s Great Week 0:27:38 2018-09-24
Episode 232 Scott Adams: The Battle of the Sexes, 2018 0:43:38 2018-09-24
Episode 231 Scott Adams: Dr. Ford, Unbiased News and the Democrat Brand 2018-09-23
Episode 230 Scott Adams: James Woods, Rosenstein, Ellison and Kavanaugh 0:53:17 2018-09-22
Episode 229 Scott Adams: Can’t Wait to Talk About Rod Rosenstein 0:31:01 2018-09-21
Episode 228 Scott Adams: Kavanaugh and Coffee 2018-09-21
Episode 227 Scott Adams: Kavanaugh, Healthcare by Innovation 0:40:53 2018-09-20
Episode 226 Scott Adams: North Korea, Crooked’s Tweets, Hoaxes Versus Witch Hunts 0:17:04 2018-09-19
Episode 225 Scott Adams: Prediction Versus Reality and Facts Don’t Matter 0:22:08 2018-09-18
Episode 224 Scott Adams: False Memories, Kavanaugh, Peacocks, Lie Detectors, The Simulation 0:53:20 2018-09-17
Episode 223 Scott Adams: How Opinions Get Assigned to You. Whiteboard! 2018-09-16
Episode 222 Scott Adams: The Anti-Trumper Ammo Problem 0:37:22 2018-09-16
Episode 221 Scott Adams: Woodward’s Bombshell, Low-Information Voters 0:55:51 2018-09-15
Episode 220 Scott Adams: Puerto Rico, Creepy Porn Lawyer and Other Disasters 0:42:53 2018-09-14
Episode 219 Scott Adams: Google, Woodward, Jamie Dimon, Norm McDonald 2018-09-13
Episode 218 Scott Adams: How to Get Paid as Citizen Video Journalist Using the Interface by WhenHub App 2018-09-12
Episode 217 Scott Adams: Our Last Human President, the PLO Momentum, Florence 0:46:12 2018-09-12
Episode 216 Scott Adams: The Tucker Carlson Diversity Question and Presidential Popularity 0:33:43 2018-09-11
Episode 215 Scott Adams: Nike, Socialism, and Tyrants Versus Moles 0:59:24 2018-09-10
Episode 214 Scott Adams: Drawing Dilbert While Testing Camera Setup 2018-09-09
Episode 213 Scott Adams: The White House Mole, North Korea, Garbage 2018-09-09
Episode 212 Scott Adams: Nike, Dark and the WH Mole Hunt 0:22:14 2018-09-08
Episode 211 Scott Adams: White House Moles, Spartacus and Prison 0:46:50 2018-09-07
Episode 210 Scott Adams: Talking to Dr. Shiva About How to Lower Healthcare Costs 0:56:34 2018-09-07
Episode 209 Scott Adams: Nike, The WH Traitor-Mole, the Woodward Book and Twitter 1:05:33 2018-09-06
Episode 208 Scott Adams: Socialism, Woodward’s Book, Nike, Airplane Fear Persuasion 0:44:29 2018-09-05
Episode 207 Scott Adams: Nike, The Upcoming False Flag Attack in Syria, Jeff Sessions 2018-09-04
Episode 206 Scott Adams: Music as a Drug, My Immortality, BLM’s Bad Strategy, PragerU, Monkeying Up 0:50:20 2018-09-03
Episode 205 Scott Adams: How President Trump Became the Main Theme of McCain’s Funeral 1:04:16 2018-09-02
Episode 204 Scott Adams: Off the Record Comments and How Tech Giants Already Control the Country 0:47:48 2018-09-01
Episode 203 Scott Adams: Kanye’s Idea of Teaching the Black Community to Think Like Rich People 0:21:13 2018-08-31
Episode 202 Scott Adams: Crypto Exchange CEO Valentin Preobrazhenskiy About the “WHEN” token 0:11:04 2018-08-31
Episode 201 Scott Adams: Healthcare Costs, Weed, Criticizing the Press, Google Mind Control and Dancing 0:30:25 2018-08-31
Episode 200 Scott Adams: DeSantis is Being so Inarticulate He Monkeyed up His Campaign 0:59:35 2018-08-30
Episode 199 Scott Adams: Jeffrey Toobin’s TDS and Whatnot 0:29:39 2018-08-29
Episode 198 Scott Adams: Flag-Lowering, Chinese Hacking, NAFTA and Google Searches 0:38:04 2018-08-28
Episode 197 Scott Adams: My John McCain Story 0:23:11 2018-08-27
Episode 196 Scott Adams: President Trump’s Mutually Assured Destruction Strategy 0:44:43 2018-08-26
Episode 195 Scott Adams: Twitter, NK, Prison Reform, Mob Boss, Impeachment Porn 0:39:05 2018-08-25
Episode 194 Scott Adams: Appearing on Fox & Friends, the Bigfoot Test, the Insanity Inversion, Congress 0:34:17 2018-08-24
Episode 193 Scott Adams: Talking to Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai (Running Against Elizabeth Warren) About Immigration, Education and Innovation 0:58:02 2018-08-23
Episode 192 Scott Adams: Talking About the “Worse Than Watergate” Guy 0:43:53 2018-08-22
Episode 191 Scott Adams: Talking About Cohen, Manafort 0:18:34 2018-08-21
Episode 190 Scott Adams: Who is Crazier, President Trump or his Critics? 0:33:27 2018-08-21
Episode 189 Scott Adams: Some Ideas and Tour of Scott’s Home 0:40:45 2018-08-20
Episode 188 Scott Adams: The Anti-Trump Loop Pause 0:37:51 2018-08-20
Episode 187 Scott Adams: Have We Reached Peak Trump Derangement Syndrome? 0:40:10 2018-08-19
Episode 186 Scott Adams: The Manafort Jury, “Punishing” Brennan, Black Support for Trump 0:31:01 2018-08-18
Episode 185 Scott Adams: Cancelled Military Parades, Joke Experts and Opioid Lawsuits 0:24:21 2018-08-17
Episode 184 Scott Adams: Predicting The Manafort Verdict Using the Persuasion Filter 0:16:48 2018-08-17
Episode 183 Scott Adams: CIA Directors Who Can’t Recognize Jokes, RBS Scumbags 0:34:20 2018-08-16
Episode 182 Scott Adams: John Brennan Losing His Security Clearance While Sipping the Tears of His Critics 0:25:29 2018-08-15
Episode 181 Scott Adams: Dogs, Enemies of the People, Proving Negatives, Embassy Mass Hysteria 0:55:50 2018-08-15
Episode 180 Scott Adams: At Greg Gutfeld’s Book Signing in SF 2018-08-14
Episode 179 Scott Adams: Talking to Greg Gutfeld for Two Minutes 2018-08-14
Episode 178 Scott Adams: Amarosa, Because There is no Other News 0:20:14 2018-08-14
Episode 175 Scott Adams: The Russian Puppets Called Antifa, and Whoa Nellie 0:28:25 2018-08-12
Episode 174 Scott Adams: The 48-Hour Rule, Charlottesville, Prison Reform and CNN’s Swastika Get 1:00:52 2018-08-11
Episode 173 Scott Adams: Kanye on Kimmel, The Makeup Artist Mug Shot, BLM Not Voting, and Urban Ideas 2018-08-10
Episode 172 Scott Adams: How to Know the Truth About Q 0:38:59 2018-08-09
Episode 171 Scott Adams: Bill Pulte Talks About Helping Urban Areas 0:28:06 2018-08-08
Episode 170 Scott Adams: Founder Chez Darji Explains Crypto Exchanges, Wallets and Interface App by WhenHub 0:15:38 2018-08-07
Episode 169 Scott Adams: Blight Authority, Antigua, Police Shootings, InfoWars 0:48:03 2018-08-07
Episode 168 Scott Adams: The Enemy of the People, Q, and LeBron 0:20:12 2018-08-06
Episode 167 Scott Adams: Q, Racism, LeBron and Slow News August 0:36:03 2018-08-05
Episode 166 Scott Adams: Hawk Newsome on the Agape March for Love, Food equality and More 0:39:20 2018-08-04
Episode 165 Scott Adams: Meeting President Trump (without details of course), Don Lemon Tweet 2018-08-04
Episode 164 Scott Adams: Healthcare, North Korea, Noam Chomsky, Climate Change 0:31:07 2018-08-02
Episode 163 Scott Adams: Apologists, CNN in Cages 2018-08-01
Episode 162 Scott Adams: North Korea, Iran, Twitter, Healthcare, 3D Guns 0:41:30 2018-07-31
Episode 161 Scott Adams: Fake News, Dalai Lama, Healthcare and Optimism 0:41:48 2018-07-30
Episode 160 Scott Adams: Moving Goalposts, Economic success, The Love March and 4D Chess With 3D Coffee 1:02:36 2018-07-29
Episode 159 Scott Adams: Wondering about Shadow Banning 0:48:02 2018-07-28
Episode 158 Scott Adams: The Good News Breaking Out Everywhere 0:38:53 2018-07-27
Episode 157 Scott Adams: Cohen, EU Trade, Shadow Banning 0:45:07 2018-07-26
Episode 156: Scott Adams Talks About Gaslighting, the Dossier, the Cohen Tapes 0:29:34 2018-07-25
Episode 155 Scott Adams: President Trump Using His Success to Divert Attention From His Smart Moves 0:41:29 2018-07-24
Episode 154: Scott Adams Talks About the Newest Reason to Love Rand Paul 2018-07-23
Episode 153: Scott Adams Talks About President Trump’s ALL-CAPS Tweet to Iran 2018-07-23
Episode 152: Scott Adams Talks About Putin, Lying and Carter Page 2018-07-22
Episode 151: Scott Adams Doesn’t Know Why Putin Would Meddle in our Election 2018-07-20
Episode 150 Scott Adams: The Next Putin Summit 0:33:58 2018-07-20
Episode 149 Scott Adams: How the White House is Executing a Brutally Effective High Ground Persuasion Play 2018-07-20
Episode 148: Scott Adams Debunks the Fake News That President Trump Believes Putin Over His Own Intelligence Services 0:10:51 2018-07-19
Episode 147: The Two Movies About Russia, the Military Parade, and Hatred of Success 2018-07-19
Episode 146: Scott Adams Explains the Potential Good News About Russia 0:41:16 2018-07-18
Episode 145: Breaking: “Wouldn’t” is the New Rosie O’Donnell Play. Or is it? 2018-07-17
Episode 144: The Time President Trump Made the Press Compare Brennan and Clapper to Putin 0:50:31 2018-07-17
Episode 143: Trump/Putin Press Conference 0:44:51 2018-07-16
Episode 142: Talking about Russia 0:20:31 2018-07-16
Episode 141: Trump Derangement Syndrome, Mind-Reading, Climate Change and Racism 0:36:49 2018-07-15
Episode 140: Trump’s UK visit, Russian Hackers and the Republican Brand 0:43:11 2018-07-14
Episode 132: The End of White Supremacists, #WalkAway and Conspiracy Theories 2018-07-08
Episode 131: North Korea, MAGA Hat-Grabbers and Mueller 0:58:49 2018-07-07
Episode 130: The Zombie Apocalypse (Democrats), Rocket man and coffee 0:36:15 2018-07-06
Episode 129: Putin, Animals Attack, Michael Cohen and Coffee 0:46:11 2018-07-05
Episode 128: Why Trump Derangement Syndrome is so Strong 0:34:37 2018-07-04
Episode 127: Oprah, Optimism, North Korea and Supreme Court Picks, Debating Dale 0:29:57 2018-07-03
Episode 126: Dre Baldwin, Expert on Discipline, Building Confidence, and Mental Toughness 0:43:31 2018-07-02
Episode 125: The Protest That Was More of a Costume Party 2018-07-01
Episode 124: Children in Cages (I.e. Democrats), New Master Persuader, socialism, NK and More 0:34:29 2018-06-30
Episode 123: Lancaster Tasing Incident 0:11:56 2018-06-29
Episode 122: Civil War, #Walkaway, The Weed Poison Pill, Mike Lee, Eliminating ICE 0:50:41 2018-06-29
Episode 121: How to Avoid Angry Mobs of Democrats and Not Sell Past the Close 0:37:40 2018-06-28
Episode 120 – The Travel Ban, GOP Video Ad, Netanyahu Videos, Melanie and More 0:29:10 2018-06-27
Episode 119: Scott Adams Presents a TDS Defense for Peter Strzok (pro bono) 0:16:37 2018-06-26
Episode 118: The “Fake” Racist Story, Analogies, Strzok and Immigrant Kids Without Phones 0:43:24 2018-06-26
Episode 117: Reducing Bias, Eating at the Red Hen and Midterm Turnout 1:00:51 2018-06-25
Episode 116: Facts are not Influencing the Immigration Debate 0:39:29 2018-06-24
Episode 115: How to Solve Immigration, and Lots More 0:21:48 2018-06-23
Episode 114: Resisters versus Producers, Fake Pictures and Donny Deutsch 0:30:27 2018-06-22
Episode 113: How Trump Handles the Children on CNN 0:47:24 2018-06-21
Episode 112: New Executive Order to Keep Families Together 0:18:45 2018-06-20
Episode 111: (Part 2of2) Analogies are Destroying the Country 0:33:43 2018-06-20
Episode 111: (Part 1of2) Analogies are Destroying the Country 0:39:36 2018-06-20
Episode 110: How the King and Queen are Sacrificing the Pawns 2018-06-19
Episode 109: How to Fix the Border “Cages” Situation Using Psychology 0:48:24 2018-06-18
Episode 108: What the Pundits Get Wrong About North Korea Pre-Deal 0:10:55 2018-06-17
Episode 107: The Holocaust Movie Half the Country is Experiencing 0:59:59 2018-06-17
Episode 106: The Children in Cages 0:52:36 2018-06-16
Episode 105: Immigrant Kids, OIG Report, Being Friends With Chairman Kim 0:48:53 2018-06-15
Episode 104: Propaganda Videos, Peace with NK and Racism 0:51:15 2018-06-14
Episode 103: WAKE UP, PUNCHY! 0:30:40 2018-06-13
Episode 102: Who “Won” the Singapore Summit? 0:13:56 2018-06-12
Episode 101: Video That President Trump Shared With Chairman Kim, Wow! 0:18:07 2018-06-12
Episode 100: Singapore Summit Progress 0:24:25 2018-06-12
Episode 99: Unfair Trade and Bad News Coverage While Drinking Tiny European Coffee 0:23:19 2018-06-11
Episode 98: Israel offer to Iran, How Meek and Mild Will Inherit Canada 0:38:54 2018-06-10
Episode 92: How to End Racism 0:32:09 2018-06-03
Episode 91: Bill Pulte, Founder of Blight Authority, Solutions for Urban Decay/Crime 2018-06-02
Episode 90: Introducing The Summer of Love 2018 0:43:00 2018-06-01
Episode 89: Compare the “Racist Dog Whistle” Filter to “If All You Have is a Hammer” 0:24:00 2018-05-31
Episode 88: Donovan Loomis in South Korea 0:44:46 2018-05-31
Episode 87: Roseanne’s Ambien Defense 0:26:15 2018-05-30
Episode 86: Portal to Hell in my Twitter Feed and Roseanne 1:03:30 2018-05-30
Episode 85: The Party of Hate 2018-05-29
Episode 84: The New Democrat LKS for Trump 0:18:11 2018-05-28
Episode 83: “Word Salad” tell for Cognitive Dissonance on CNN Today 0:08:31 2018-05-27
Episode 82: Using Persuasion to Prevent Police From Beating Your Ass 0:41:32 2018-05-27
Episode 81: How to Spot Cognitive Dissonance 0:24:14 2018-05-26
Episode 80: North Korea, ZTE and What’s Next 0:44:46 2018-05-26
Episode 79: North Korea and Unusually Delicious Coffee 0:28:50 2018-05-25
Episode 78: Scott and Dale Talk About CNN’s Worst Day Ever 0:18:02 2018-05-24
Episode 77: North Korea Walk-Away and SPYGATE 0:46:11 2018-05-24
Episode 76: SPYGATE, Iran and MS-13 0:48:17 2018-05-23
Episode 75: “Obstructing Justice” is thinking past the sale, plus Iran and North Korea 0:39:57 2018-05-22
Episode 74: A Lesson in Positive Persuasion and Strategy 2018-05-21
Episode 72: Causes of School Shootings, Terrorism, Fake News, Plus Hypnotism 0:54:18 2018-05-20
Episode 71: How to Spot Cognitive Dissonance in the Media 0:53:41 2018-05-19
Episode 70: Guns, Video Games, Babies and Other Disturbing Topics 2018-05-18
Episode 69: How to Guide a Victim out of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) 0:44:42 2018-05-17
Episode 68: Laurel, Yanny, Cillizza, Kim and Hamas 2018-05-16
Episode 67: North Korea Walks From Negotiating Table. Who Saw That Coming? 0:12:50 2018-05-15
Episode 66: The Mental Problem that is the Middle East 0:14:14 2018-05-15
Episode 65: Politics is an Insult Contest and Only One Player Knows the Rules 0:21:21 2018-05-14
Episode 64: The Middle East is a Mental Problem, Not a Real Estate Problem 0:39:45 2018-05-14
Episode 63: Scott Explains How Jokes Work Because Half the Country is Confused 0:45:17 2018-05-13
Episode 62: Khomenie Reads Fire and Fury, the Meaning? 0:15:24 2018-05-12
Episode 61: Black Lives Matter GNY Leader Hawk Newsome 1:16:00 2018-05-12
Episode 60: Ego and Morality 0:29:22 2018-05-11
Episode 59: Tasteless Jokes and Iran 0:30:35 2018-05-10
Episode 58: How Chris Hayes escaped the TDS prison…For now 0:18:26 2018-05-10
Episode 57: CNN’s Coverage of North Korea and Israel’s War with Iran 0:35:00 2018-05-10
Episode 56: New CNN Midterm Election Poll 0:13:43 2018-05-10
Episode 55: Structural Racism Plus Iran 0:36:42 2018-05-10
pisode 34: why Kanye And John Legend are watching different movies 0:27:33 2018-04-26
Episode 33: Hate versus ideas and the illusion driving hate. With coffee. 0:56:08 2018-04-26
Episode 32: That big rip in reality you just saw from President Trump and Kanye. 2018-04-26
Episode 31: Joel Pollack to explain the Iranian nuke deal. With delicious coffee. 0:35:24 2018-04-26
Episode 30: Scott Adams shows you some fake news about himself from Business Insider (short) 0:04:12 2018-04-26
Episode 29: Scott Adams clears away the fog of fake news about himself using nothing but words and coffee. 1:05:07 2018-04-26
Episode 28: Scott Adams is having a strange day. Come join me. 0:16:02 2018-04-26
Episode 27: BREAKING presidential spelling errors doom humanity. Featuring coffee and Dale. 0:16:07 2018-04-23
Episode 24: President Trump’s tweet war with Russia 0:13:09 2018-04-11
Episode 23: Scott Adams critiques Zuckerberg’s testimony 0:06:24 2018-04-11
Episode 22: Trump’s personal attorney’s office raided by FBI 0:20:36 2018-04-09
Episode 21: Predicting the U.S. response to the Syrian chemical attack 0:23:37 2018-04-09
Episode 20: Syria chemical attack and Tony Robbins’ apology 0:33:26 2018-04-09
Episode 18: The difference between the problem and the solution 2018-04-08
Episode 19: how is abusing the Post Office (economically speaking) 0:07:53 2018-04-08
Episode 17: The CNN method for making news with nothing but your face 0:31:37 2018-04-08
Episode 16: California the S***Hole, the war on billionaires, North Korea progress 2018-04-08
Episode 15: Updates on the imaginary news 0:23:03 2018-04-08
Episode 14: How Trump Derangement Syndrome turns small stories into big ones 0:23:46 2018-04-08
Episode 13: YouTube shooter,, trade war, and overcoming social anxiety 0:58:34 2018-04-04
Episode 12: The Immigrant Caravan, a Theoretical DACA Deal, and why it is a Good Week for President Trump 2018-04-03
Episode 11: The Climate Trial, Sinclair Broadcasting, and presidential priorities 2018-04-03
Episode 10: Facebook gets the sh*##hole treatment from the media 0:09:03 2018-03-30
Episode 9: Repealing 2nd Amendment, Ann Coulter’s Persuasion, and 2018 midterms 0:36:04 2018-03-29
Episode 8: About Roseanne, North Korea, and CNN 0:40:29 2018-03-29
Episode 7: President Trump’s rising popularity, North Korean train, and gullible kids 0:39:37 2018-03-27
Episode 6: Using Persuasion Tools to Pitch Your Startup 0:29:10 2018-03-26
Episode 5: Expelling Russians, Stormy Daniels, Wall funding 0:21:05 2018-03-26
Episode 4: Budget deficits, The Wall funding, and midterm election prediction 0:36:16 2018-03-25
Episode 3: About John Bolton, the Omnibus budget deal, CNN, and other disasters 0:40:04 2018-03-24
Episode 2: Why Biden Shouldn’t Act Like Trump 2018-03-24
Episode 1: Using Persuasion to Reduce Future Opioid Addiction 0:18:03 2018-03-24